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HCl?;* Ilfterg !p r
(Except Monday)
At tbe?
Ill Twenty-fifth atreet.by tbe
C. E. Thacker?Editor and Publisher.
L. E. Pugh?Advertising Manager.
The Dally Press la delivered by car
rlera anywhere in tbe city limits for
10 cents a week. Any Irregularities
reported to the office of publication,
will receive careful and prompt at
tent Ion. Ordere for delivery of the
Dally Press for either residence or
places of business may be made by
postal card or telephone.
(Payable Invariably In advance.)
One Month .60
Three Months . 1.25
Six Mont ha .IM
One Year .6.00
Editorial Rooms, Mel! Phone No. M
Business oifhc. Ball Paoae No, Iii.
Citizens Phone No.l!<li
No employe of The Dally Press
Company Is authorized to contract
any obligation In tho name of the
company, or to make purchases in I
order signed by the PUBLISHER OK
Entered at the Newport News, Va.,|
Postofflce aa Second-Class Matter.
TUESDAY. MAY 17, 1!M0.
Plans of cunipiiign f r the aar that I
is to be waged against the Insurance |
Trust by the people of the city of J
Newport News arc beginning to lake
shape. The Merchants' Association,
the Chamber of Commerce, Uie
finance committee of the city council
ami Um e Meaeawealth's sttoraey are
at work, and unless all signs fail the
Trnst is going tu learn that while
Newport News is not rated as a city
of the tirst t |ag| bj insurance circles,
it belongs in the first class as h
flghtei lor the rights of Its peOffW.
It Is iini?ortant that every person
in the city who carries a dollar's
worth of tire Insurance attend t??
tend tonight's meeting of the Mer?
chants' Association. It is proposed
to list all of the insurance carried
in the city, with the view of makinn
an effort to have it placed with some
of the big Independent companies n< I
affiliated with the Southeastern Tariff
Association By attending this meet?
ing an insurer may save himself the
cost of the ten per cent increase in
rates recently announced hy the
Trust, and atAthe same time strike
a blow fur thcwoiniiiuiiity again, t the
Even if your insurance premiums
amount to only a few dollars annual?
ly, y u should attend this meeting
Every dollar diverted from eiMMMSl
leading to the treasuries of tbe com?
panies (orming the Trust is a point
scored for the city. At present some?
thing like fldO.iNHi in being paid out
annually hy the people of the city
for fire insurance, and practirally all
of thi? goes t lb. Trust. The suli
Ject has ant h?-ce thoroughly investi?
gated, bet it is bettered that a Urge
pert of this iisurMice if not practl
rally all of it. ran la placed with b>
dependent companies This would be
a bbiw worth while for no TmisI
likes to lose m ncy aad ll.'.n.noti a
year is not to be sneezed at. even by
the Southeastern Undcrwriurs' A..:-o
The mciihant* are Beet
aJeax practical liaes. proposing to di
vert iv n.sny dollais as possible from
tbe Trust and having bfl the Cham?
ber of Commerz aud the city council
tbw propoji.-d tank of bringing tb ?
Trest into court an a violator of the
Blw. Tbe Icgislati n and taxition
commit^ , of tbe (hamher alreadv hv
lavestKrating the aitaatioa. and tbe
Bnar* rnnmlllxr of the city connell
wHl meet this wee* to tn-gln Its work
la tb* meantime, r nun i aeaBh'i
Attorney Perkrlev \% looking up the
tow a tb the view of bavin*
Brers of the Trnwt and f tbe com
peat*-* composing the Association in
darted fcr forming a eonsptrary la re
at re at of trade
?Rentali, the iadfc-atkm? are that
a "pretty lively time la ahead af I
.asaraace Trust la Newport Been
He i Hoe W A Joee., j.
ejreattoa ? a* of tb? ?tr.aiaeet saea M
Til State pwwOcs today, and his record
hi a tee owe. rfcaa aad without
blesa.vh SbrmM be be ee Hevted
?eat aaB, ha ?dB Baahthisi matiaae
he arrve bk* pSBBB la She swear ehto
wed ea>ciewt meaeFt he ha? ewe* at
the past
Maa> are tree el
Mr .lines, there in a feeling among
. ananj persons m ail parts t the
First elistrlct that It la tBJM <o give
somebody else a show? Mathews
If such feeling exists, there are no
supeiflcial indications of it No popu?
lar ileniand for Mr. Jones' retire?
ment Is noticeable to the outsider,
n r to the shrewdest political obser?
vers on the Inside, his possible- oppo?
nent. MM to have been aide to de?
tect any, though it Is fairly certain
that more than one of them Is keep
lag his ear to the ground. ? Norfolk
V rglnian Pilot.
As usual, the Virginian Pilot is a
g od obse rver. As a matter of fact
there is no popular demand for the
retirement of Mr. Jones. The best
proof of this, as the Virginian Pilot
intimates, la the failure nf certain
gentlemen to see that Mr Jones had
opposition in a pr'mary this year. II
Is well known that s me Inf?lall
people outside of the First district,
and a few more of less influential
ones inside the district, would he
more than delighted to bring about
the congiessman's retirement And If
I there had In en the shadow of a doubt
?s to Mi. .1 ties' strength among his
constituents, the i'lsliict llciuoi rntie
committee would not have been call?
ed upon to declare a nominee tfttfl
time without a primer}.
It is generally admdtcd that Mr.
Jones Is stronger today through
< ut his district thCM at any time sUcO
the re districting some time ago. Cer?
tainly he is stronger in Newport
News. This city, lukewarm at best
in its filling for the First district
congressman when the lower Penin?
sula was shifted from the Second l*i
the First district, today woe Id >5iv"
Mr. Jones a majority over any unit
in the district. This,ls so not only
because Mr. JoOOl has been constati -
ly cn the alert to I ck after the in?
terests of Newport News i-t Wash?
ington, hut because **e is regarded
here as the str ngest man in the Vir-1
ginia congressional delegation.
The action of the Kll/.aheth Kiver
quarantine hoard hi abolishing State
inspection ten vessels entering N r
folk firm domestic ports, should
gre tly strengthen the position of the
delegation fmsa the loetl Chamber
id Commerce which % NM to Richmond
this week to present a resolution
asking Gototnot Mann to abolish
State inspection at this port upon all
\ es .els entering after being admitted
or inspected by the federal station at
Cd Point. It has been the ft licy of
Use executives In the past to make
regulations for Newport News so as
keep this |>ott on a fooling with Nor?
folk, and it is believed that Governor
Mann will not depart from this cus?
tom. And the delegati n should
be able to prove to the governor that
the State inspection if vessels en?
tering from foreign ports, within an
hour alter they have been inspected
st the efficient federal station, is
worse than esless.
John Escours, a Spainard. and Quan?
tity of Beer Taken to
Sergeant T. A. Mitchell and Patrol?
men Wo dward and Lattiincr raided
a boarding house conducted by Join
Ewcours. a Spaniard, at Ml Mash
ington avenue, Sunday nlsM and car?
ried the proprietor to Jail on the
charge of selling liquor wi'bont a 11
< ense -?.hont 'two d"Xen bottles ot
beer were found in the place and are
being held as exidence against the
In the police court >esterday morn?
ing. Justice Rrown continued the else
until lom??rroe morning "Ph.' place
itenrim-ted hv the- Spaniard has been
raided by the police se-v. ral times
Understood That Separation Will be
Sought on Statutory
Throuah h? r atiornev. o n Halene
lor. Mm. Mary M. Allen, who lives in
? wenty seventh street, wear West
vvrmie. has hrenicht suit In the
' leek ? office of the Corporation Court
? >r mwWrce from her husband. Temple
w Allen. While the plan.i in has not
vet filed hr-r hill n is understood that
leBdiHty la the ground on whk-h 'hr
?perattoa is sonant. Tea corespon?
dent or tore Spemeltnis W.d he ill nil
?n th.- .1.-. laration. which will he lied
within a week or ten davs. I ne mm*
t? returnable to' the third May rtiK
All has not hern well with the
Aliens for several wveks and of |a -
h. (?"'lee hair found P n?rt-???rv
'?'?rfere. N.< very !oa? ago Allen told
?>???? i?.nrr mat uc an. 1.1? mn. ?. ,
rparated several months ago hut
t?*nt a if e onrillef ton had betrn effer*
de They parted a second ttme a
month ne mnre ago and hs-.. 'nH
?on*e SmmMi on the streets sine, that
same. Last weak. Chief R<-*w,>ot?
had Aflew Iwfor, aita aatd wnrard
Htm samhaat 'reaaina sn? x*ne with
his warn <sa the street
(Continued Krom Third Page.)
are 718 people In tin- territory dlvid
id as follows: Weet of Sailer's creek
- Id, white; 64 colored; east of Salt
er's creek, 4i , white; 17u colored. It
was admitted that the count as to the
division betwteu inhabitants on the
east and those ou tbe west was|
slightly Inaccurate.
C. T. Kemp, who testified in the I
morning, was recalled. Me said hej
hud two brothers who lived In the
?Ity of New|sjrt News, one on Twen?
ty-third street and the other on Twen?
ty fourth street. In Kast Knd, and that I
hott) sent children to the North Kndj
si hool. Cross-examined, th'-' witness j
said he hau been told that these
< hlldren had been sent to uM North I
Knd school because they could not |
gel scats in the schools nearer home.
Wythe Supervisor.
Tlrunas Jones, member of the board|
of supervisors ;>f Klizahoth city conn
ty from Wythe district, testified as
to what improvements the coun?
ty had made in the terri?
tory proposed to be annexed. He
raid that he did not know of any re?
quest for improvements that had not
ban complied with, since he had been
a member of the board, except that
Of l>r. Iluxton for a better road from
his hospital. Witness knew of no
necessity or reason for the annexation
of the territory Involved. He did not
see any improvement in Cypress ave?
nue since Dr. iluxlon was said to
have spent four or five hundred dol?
lars on it.
County Assessments.
When r called to the stand County
Treasurer Johnson gave the following
Total revenue of the county for
IN*, j.vuscm. not baeta ling ?2.:t.:u
collected from miscellaneous sources;
$,'60 from oyster taxes; $sun from
liquor tax. and 1771 from capitation
The revenues of WJrtiM manisicrHI |
district are $ 1 I7.">..">'.t, divided as fol?
lows?general levy, $r>,144..'>2: roads. |
$; schools. $6,tt44.".4. The de?
linquent list has not been made up.
hut it will approximate that of IMS,
T.'1.213. thus reducing the revenue of
the district to about 112.'"mi
The total assessed valuation of the
territory promised to be annexed is
J2;!.-|.uoo. not including the railroad
proi>erty, and the revenue from this
territory is $2.1 o?.
The assesai I valuations in the
county are as follows
Wythe district .$2.t?.".1.6:t:i.72
Chesapeake district . ifiMMtM
Hampton . 1.832.li>4r.t;
Phoebus . 906.666..'in
U. S. Reservnion . .162.226.M
Total .?7.tt3f?.t?S4.:.l
The county has a bonded indebted
ness of $60.<?il'i, the bonds having been
Issued for the court house, bridge and
Doesn't Want to Come In.
W. K. Mitchell testified that h
lives on Cypress avenue near the]
Iloulevard and owns his property. He
has lived there twelve or thirteen]
years, and paid $Mf for his proi>erty.
Witness said he did n<it favor annex?
ation, as it would mean additional
taxes and he coulu not see that any
benefit lould he derived. H's section
had M need of i?oliee protection, and
he did not think the city Are pro?
tection would do any goon if the
l>eop!e in his neighborhood hal to
wait for the Kast Knd fire depart
ment to gel out there. He sends his
children to the George Wythe school |
On cross-examination it was brought ;
out that a son ot this witness is a]
member of the quartette mentioned
so ofien by witnesses ror |*>tif ioners !
in connection with objectionable
noises. He thought at least two of'
the boys had very g??>d voices.
Health Officer Plecker.
Dr. W. A. Plecker. health officer of
Klisabcth City county, testified thai
the heelth conditions in the lerrilorv
proposed to he annexed are goo.1. The
only complaints he had received had!
been concerning certain i>ools of stag?
nant water, ami that he hal called
the attention or the railroad com?
pany to the pools along Its line. He
tiled a few cases of diseases of a con-1
tagious or infecti >us character in thei
territory, and ss.d he had fumigated'
the hoiism and had taken such stops
as were necessary. He did not think]
it endangerrr!* the health of the com
munity to have sewers emptv into!
Sailers creek.
Cross-examined by Mr Ratrbelor.
Hu- w lines* aaid the county has no I
arrangement for the removal of gar-,
hage or nts.hr soil ;n the lerrilorv in
W. k Mitchell, recalled to the
stand tost in i that lb. rrsidr-n:* of
'he Roulovsrrl ?ection have a private
system of garbage removal, paving a
mar. Bj odi, each for ihe work.
County Mail Delivery.
J II In. ?Irl. rural free delivery It
?er < arr; r Mfjaj that he .I. .v. r. I
trail in tae territory proposed 10 bei
a:in. x.d ll< .aid Harry Reese a New
port X?.*? wtter carrier who hat tea
Mftd that he |,Trd on Cedar avenue
IL ?" ' rp**"" eveawa. wnanw
?xplaiaed thai any resident who paid
?1 for a reguiatim malt h.iv maid
nave the Nrnefli ?f the rural ?Torr
He start* .?,t ?? h,? j^,,,, aajgEI
5 - ' 3" ? ? hnt be msirtlmea'
Wettet until |n ... for the New York]
?tail No rrsf-lrat- weet of Kallers
creek now gets rural free del-very
1 net be ma; 1 deliver mail ia all
the territory la aai bowr aad a half!
edrflfona! M?e He eon Id not are
'hat there is anv awreaaltv for ihe
prop ?ed anaeaatma Taw nimj,
I mpex-d in he anneaed la pr anekle I
?nd n-.rt. s-t,i,<msl pol .
"??Mow '?-?-? ? T,, raajua 1
itoa of the Majest* bwtet at ?hH ttaae
*? erttaeas aaid Tt ht
Crwaaeaemmwd. taw
.be kaww n.eh.a. ef *?
The More
You ari- the easier ii will he to
suit you, because liiere arc
mighty few custom tailors who
can equal us iu Utting qualities,
and none who CM touch our
values for t,hc price.
Suits.?15.00 to $30.00
Straw llr _ 2.00 to 4.00
Low Shoes. 3.50 to 5.50
Washington Avenue,
Newport Newa, Va.
side the Majestic hotel.-as he never
had been inside the place.
Ktlwiu Curtis, deputy sheriff of
Elisabeth City county, testified that
the conditions as to law and order in
the territory propos. d to he annexed
are tool, and that the relations be?
tween the county ofticcrs and the
Newport'News police are cordial; the
county an 1 city officers train their,
bloodhounds together. He saw
netSSSlI J lor the proposed annexation.
R. K. Curtis, sheriff of Elizabeth I
City county for nearly twenty years.]
:estitled taht the order in the terri?
tory propestd to be annextd is good.
Most of the trouble comes from New?
port News, the witness said.
.ludte Scott asked. "Then the plact
should be" under ti.e control of Ncw|
port News?"
The sheriff was not cross-examined. |
Clerk of Court? Holt.
Harry Holt, clerk f Klizabeth City |
county, was the next witness. Mr.
Holt was questioned at length as tol
the development and improvement of|
?he territory proposal to be annexed,
??special attention be lag devoted
the opening of mads, etc. He said|
UM in? Kecough'aii road cost $23
134.70. There are about 44 square|
miles of territory in Klizabeth City
county, in March 1309. Sl.tl4?.-">78
the real estate valuations of Wythe
diet I kit had be.n put info Hampton:
leaving the assessed valua'ions in the
restrict $1 tin".hi; 1 Mr. Holt cited from
memory the public or quasi-public in
stitutions which have withdrawn!
lands from taxation by the county, in?
cluding the Soldiers' Home. Kort Mon
roe. the Normal school, the new col
ored I?eaf and Blind institute and|
the NtWjH-.rr News aimshouse.
Cross-examined. Mr. Holt said ht
did not believe the Normal schooll
helped the county in any way; that|
the students and teachers spend prac?
tically nothing in the county. He said I
be believ* d the money spent on and]
Irom the government reservations
practically is the mainstay of the
The witness said the county paid|
KjSM on the Kicoiightan mad; the
Slate had paid S>>.fjoA. and Messrs
Armstrong. I>ar!ing and Robinson con
trSanaad Um n -ainwer. The pmajie|
Deafness Cannot it Cured
l.T loral application*, they ? sannt rra> h tha |
,lei<H |.?i:?n i-i trcrwr. There I? on it on
??v to -nr? Ueaf .-?. a n't thai ra by reaattta
iinn*: I awaWp I'mHw ? caused by aa in
rUmet i-ovifltut.a at lha mtieoni IidIuk of Ihr I
la.* !i'?n Tnnr w ? tht* mhe I? Inflamed |
yn? bav ? rnmn:in. -..und or totperlert hmi
In?, an-! ahm Ii I? rntlrajy r??n1 drafacv i
tb<- rr-uit, ?? ?1 unir.. the tnnams>atl->i: ran <?<?'
Ulm rail ani IM? j- ha raatoted lo IU inrail |
rnwllttoi,. hrarlnr mil h. ileMrnyrU t-rr\rr
n.or laaen nil if tan arc raawd by t ai?rrh.
wat< h t? aeaWag Imii an inflamed cmel'lian or j
ihr mur?aia ?nrtarra
*f all, give ? ha- -Irrri dollars for a.ty i 1
?i 'Iraftir,. I, anMNi ... ,?| rrhi thai rani.<* '-?]
? nteil hy IIa.I ?t at?--u Cora, reu t lor ctriti
larv free
r J ? tjKvgv ,v CO . Tnlr-lo. ...
*?M l.r itniril.i- ; ..
Tal? Hall ? family ITH Kr laBllpalliia
There's no bet
tee Investment
ha the world or
any where else
than the Pntd
I'p Sloe* CeV
tin. at' * of
ute vX-MeW^rr
Rrawl or writ, for the wmt edition
- . ..???:, a "Hew to
Inc'raw ? - Mnnryi
Rawer le ? Ree Cent."
11 v in? ?long the road had paid only
$75 toward the road fund. The road
was built, the witness said, especially
for the benefit of the people living
in the territory proposed to be an?
Questioned hy Mr. Massle. the wit?
ness said the new Kecoughtati road
was not built up to the limits of the
city of Newport News because of the
annexation talk, the county not desir?
ing to improve a street that might
he taken into the city. Witness did
not remember any requests for Im?
provements in this section that had
-lot beeu complied wilh except that
ot Dr. Ruxtou fur a road. He did not
' L'elieve there was any necessity fori
I uiiiexation on the part of the city of|
' Newport News.
The bonded indebetedness of the
COeaty, Mr. Holt said, was as fol?
Bridge .$26,0001
Custom house . 8,000
Koads. 4.000
Funding . 12.000
Jail . lo.ooo
Schools .(estimated i 2.'i.000
Of the school bonds issue about
?I.-..000 were Issued to build the
Hampton High school, which formerly
was in Wythe district The county
has a sinking funu of about $ll,ow
with which it is proposed to meet the
bridge bonds as they mature.
Assessor M. A. Booker.
M. A. Booker, assessor of P.lizabctl
City county, lestitied that he has not I
yet completed the assessment for the)
year 1818, but that the average as
sessim nt of unimproved land per acre|
in the county was $2S.:to in 1881
Witness said J. 1). Lake's |
tract of ten acres near New?
port News is assessed at $1401
an acre, anu that the average assess?
ed valuation of lots in ivyton andl
Powell Heights. including marsh]
lands, is about ,100. The witness un
Ideretood that nearly hau of the land]
in the county had been laid off
town lots, and that the acreage of the
? n.iiity exclusive of the lots is about
1X8,888. On cross-examination the
witness said the Lake property was
seoeeoed at $140 and that the property
a I joining it was assessed at $1.200,
because it is laid off in lots.
This concluded the testimony forj
the defense. It was agreed that re-|
huttal evidence will be heard tomor?
row morning between 9 and 101
o'clock, and that the argument will)
begin at 10 o'clock.
Court adjourned at 7:20 o'clock.
Making Hard Fight.
I In this ease Klizabe.h City coun?
ty is making a much harder fighv
ihan it did in the proceedings recent
iv tried at Warwick. Counsel and of
ticials of the county do not seem to |
In- worried a great deal about the ter?
ritory lying between Salter's creek
and tha present limits of Newport
News, bin they are battling most
strenuously against losing the terri?
tory east of the creek.
Man Whose Skull Was Fractured by
George Chilton Thought to Have
Better Chance.
Although he has not yet passed the
langer line, physicians yesterday held
nit strong hopes for the recovery if
William T. Dixon. the collector for
M H. Morgan a Company who was
assaulted by George Chilton, a Fprt
Monroer artilleryman, last Friday af?
ternoon. It was said that the-wound- I
e,i man was getting along splendily |
ind that the chances for recovery are ]
'growing with each h ur
Mr. Dixon will have to remain in
'.he hospital sometime, owing to the
large portion of the skull bone being I
taken away and also on account tfl
the tear of a return of the brain [
Itrouble He la able to converse with j
ihis relatives and has l>een visited by |
Mrs. Dixon.
Friends of Chilton expect to make j
an effort today to get the artillery?
man out of Jail on bail. If the doc?
tors will say that Mr Dixon has got?
ten around the danger line the bail
pr hably will be permitted.
Alexandria Police Soon Learn of Mi%-|
take Made.
VJJP AwnrlaM Pres* V
For a few hours today the iiolicr- if
Alexandria. Va.. believed they hvl
captur-d a German spy laden with
important secret inf-wma'ion and hav?
ing in hie pooeeoeton plans of Ameri?
can battleships. The navy depart
?ncnt was advisri and. allhonch some
whai skrptPal. the chief of the nsvay
intelligence bureau sent Lieutenant
Coastelns to Aiexandrta to investi?
gate. He reported to the department
that the oaly papers found In the'
i?seev? :on of the man was a ropy of
he naval institute and a service
magazine which ran be |Mireba*cd *?
anv newstand The suspect was let-,
"rediatrly released
For Tender Feet.
IUI he tender feet In wane wafer to
wbtra a little ammonia hes bcea
?r?ded After drv lnc the fee; -h eiH
dusted over with lewnch* |w,wder.
i Rail water is very strengthening to
the feet.
Coo* With Gaa
A Regular Tom aV>y
was Sesle climbing trees and fenr-s.
lumping dltrbre. wbltllng. etwav.?
remag ?eratcbee. rut.
friiiscs humps, barns or scalds
s Ars lee Halve and cured
-8 Heals everything
la llceea, Kreewsa. Old Sores,
aw or PUee. Try It 18a a' Arwde
Pnarma-r c. Pete??.) Drag Co
( oofc With t.aa.
Phoebus and Old Point
Great Slaughter Sale of MILLINERY!
In order to immediately dis|x ? of the sunk of Hats. H >i;ncrs
and milllliery iu our store, we. will today begin selling the entire
?toek at Cost and Less Than Cost.
I must close up the business aud am going to retire owing to
the death of Mr. Burges.
Mrs. C. P. Burges
Proprietress of Burges Millinery Store.
ED. BUSH, Manager.
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Fine Ducks, $1.25 a pair.
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Lackey's Real Estate Directory
With Mod.;rn Conveniences.
538 Coll ge Place (K.
Queen) .$
229 Armlstead Ave . 25.00
32 N. King St.35.00
Rudds street . 35.00
Cor. Fulton and
Washington street . 16.00
.. ashington street .. 18.50
245 Carey street . 35.00
Victoria Ave . 30.00
Victoria Ave . 35.00
Without Modern Conveniences.
Klizabcth street (City
waierl .$11.00
148 B. Queen street, (CUy
water! . 7.00
312 fc.m street .11.00
413 Kim street . 6.25
256 Lee street .14.00
Fast Hampton . 9.00
Fast Hampton . 9.00
North King street... 6.00
For Sale?River Farm.
75 acres well loacted on river;
fa r house, barns and out?
buildings. Terms easy.
Newport News Ave. Lot
Price reduced for quick sale.
Buckroe Beach?Cottage locat?
ed uirectly on the wat?r front.
50 foot lot. Price, $2,100.
Newport News Ave. Home
S room dweliinc. good large
lot running through to street.
Terms $500 cash, balance long
M. 0. Lackey
8 East Queen St., AND BONDING. Hampton, Va.
Sco our line of rinnrd goods
at 9c per can Fancy 'i omatot s.
Sc can, Pats " < 3
JOHN McCAIG. Manager.
Corned B&f
The quality of pickled beef
we are putting up will please
you. It Is satisfyinc others
we know from the rrqtoif orders
wc arc rtreiving, and its a con
vrnhn* artnle of food to have
in the house at this time ns
the year when "its so hard to
get anything to eat."
The demand for 11.is article
Is snch that we have di < idc.i
to make up a hatch for Friday
and Saturday's business, only a
_ limited amount. Get your orders
la early.
Lssve Orwers at
51 Wesl Onccn Sired
take a little of our pure rye whtsger
and it will never harm you. In fact
it will do you cood whether you are
tired in body or in mind, flood thing
to hare a bottle In the house both
for social and medicinal use. If It Is
jr.od enough for doctors to n com
mend it certainly sln-u'd be good
enotich to drink.
Ihiff G?rden Imported Sherry. p??r
gal .WM
California Port. I?
Claret.*?... IM
Sweet Catawba . I *'
Blackberry .jJI
Rhine Wine, per bottle . -Oc
Vhiskics. full quarts le.ttied in twmd
Mt Vini.in.?12.
Green River.1-25
Mel wood .LSI
Overholt . LS*
Old Osr-ar Pcp|ter.- t.no
<;ingcrhelmer .1.00
Old Taylor . IM
Piedmont .1.00
OoMen Heritage . 1.0*
Duffy's Malt .**C
Paul Jones .7?C
Siralcl.t WI.li.Kirs In I. ilk. |x-r gal
Paul Jones .Ml
OW Charter .l*?
Park wood .t.n,
Hrmhle Stamp Slalcbl Gin .!*i
Hottled Heer. Ale and Porter p*"
1? Msllcn St.
Coo* With Ge*.

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