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only newspaper published In
Newport Newa that teceivee the
full newa eervice ot ine Asso
clatsd Press.
VOL. XV. NO. 120,
??id the lu.ij' iiv of the others were
Steamers Collide Ott Lake >n uu"ks at **? ,in"- ?f ewJ
; Melon. The crash awoke hiui. hi t the
,'e*sel sank before boats could In- cut
Huron and in the English
Channel?Many of
Crews Lost.
Prank H. Goodyear ia Rammed Amid
ships by the James B. Wood and
the III fated Ship Sinks Within Few
Minutes?Bkerryvors and the Ger?
man Bark J. C Vinnen Run To
get her With Fatal Results.
(By Aaaociated Frees. 1
Families and friends Ol the missing
eighteen nitinber3 of the crew of the
ill fated steamer Frank H Goodyear,
which sank yesterday morning off
Point A'Harques. Lake Huron, aft
being rammed amidships by the
stoaaasr Jeaaea B. Wood, tonight prae
tically gave up all hope of any of the
mining party having been rested
The steauier Sir Williams BtsaaBM
which was said to have picked np
some of the missing crew, passed
Detour today and made no repent of
' having any of the survivors aboard.
That the Siemens would have re?
ported otherwise is regarded as cer?
tain. She ha* not yet reached Sault
Ste Marie, and it is thought may
have be*n detained in Sailors' En?
campment channel by the blockade
there. Four of the rescued members
of thu crew have gone to the Good
year's headquarters in Cleveland, and
Mrs. Emma. Barrett, the only female
turvivor. is still in Port Huron.
Scene of Collision.
The scene of the collision was
about twenty-five miles north of i oint
A'Bargues and the tune, between ttve
and six o'clock yesterday morning. A
thick fog hung over the water. The
Goodyear, operated by Mitchell S?j
Company, of Cleveland, was coming
down from I.ake Superior, laden with
ore The Wood, owned by the Gil
whole ?im
of cars turns turtle
Several Passengers are Injured
in Wreck Near Hertford,
N. C.
(By Associated Press.)
HERTFORD. N. C, May 24.?A
Norfolk & Southern northbound train
was derailed six miles south of Hert?
ford this afternoon and twenty-five
persons Injured. Every car In the
train turned turtle, the locomotive
only .remaining on the track.
Baggaema.ster UMSO, of Norfolk; -a
child of W II. Sanderlin. of Belhaveii,
and Mrs. E. R. Conger, of Bdenton
N. C, were the cnly ones seriously
The injured were rushed on a spe?
cial triin to Norfolk for treatment in
the hospitals there. The injuries of
others were bruists. sprains and
slight cuts Physicians were rushed
immediately to the scene.
Her Fingers Blown Off.
Wl NSTON-SALEM, X. C . May 24 ?
As a result of picking at a dynamite
cap at her home here yesterday, lit?
tle Miss Bessie S.ttterfleld. a six-year
old girl, is at the hospital with her
thumb and two fingers of her left
hand blown off and her face injured.
She will recover.
House Adopts Amendment for
Securing larifl Facts.
of Appropriation
Committee Finally Gets His Meas?
ure in Shape to Stand Test of Con?
formity With Rules.
(By Associated
May 24 ?
Christ Tnansportation Company. of
Cleveland, was going up light 1 nerej Chairman Tawney
was little sea at the time and the fog
is held largely responsible for the ac?
"I was standing on deck when I
lie.,..I the alarm whistle.'" ; id one ot
the crew ot the Wood. "A moment
later the two boats crashed together.
I ran forwasd and surveyed the ex?
tent of the damajv to our boat and
then turned my attention toward the C hairman Tawney, of the house ap
Ooodyear and 1 could see that she propriations committee, today suc
BM linking fast. ueeded in framing an amendment to
Jump, Overboard. ,fle sundry civil bill providing the
"Standing amidships, on the Good- president with a fund of S2.'.0,000 for
year, were the entire crew huddled the purpose of obtaining information
close together and I sew first one and concerning price* of manufactured
then another jump overboard. Sud mtMm ? hotne ^ abroad, lna,
denly the Goodyear made a lurch to the lmt of conform! ty witn
one side and went down, leaving; e ;n?, rule* of the house,
big hole in the wafer and the suction Two prtjvlsions to accomplish this
carried many down with it. general purpose had been ruled out
Next I saw a woman come to the of order by Mr. Mann, of Illinois, in
top wtth actilkj in her ormrn Then one the chair.
of the hatches bobbed up and struck
her a? it descended. I west forced to
torn head from the sickening night.
' The fog cleared and all I could see
were small pieces of floating debris.'
First Attetr.ps.
The first proposed by Mr. Tawney
calUd for a mass of information be
yond any direct requirement of the
tariff law, while in his second amend?
ment there was a provision that the
?'resident .?hould make an investiga?
tion of sucn prices for the people
making appeals to congress.
They were out of order because
they provided for doing things not
?? ? ?peciflcally aurhorsed by law. In hi*
COWES. ISIJS OF WIGHT. May 24 third amendment Mr. Tawney so word
Twenty two BBSSBBS were drowned as ed hie amendment aa to make M ap
a result of a collision today between T*f ?wir to Information necessary for
the steamer Skerry vore aad the Oer- :b* Informant of the tariff law.
T ?T ' C V,B?1 * ? ??ric, ,?Lrtyy vole* of 110 to S3
***?***? ._, .the amendment was adopted. Just
The Skertyrore sank. Only two of ^ ,?? ,or house, bv
the crew of tke ateaasere crew were fi to IM rejected the Fltageraid
re-rued, one of who died a abort time ameodemnt reducing this amount !o
later. ' $:'.???".
The bark pet in her but later K-rt -ss ? aap
for Southampton. Apparently, she VISITS OUEcN MOTHER.
was not injnred So far a? ta known ?
there were no pas-eugerh on either Roosevelt Soends Busy Day in and
vessel About London.
- I LONDON, Mav 24?Theodore
Account of Accident. Boos* te+t spent a busy, bat qukst stay
SOITHAMPTON. Sfsvy 24 ? The His movement? vbout l/mdon were not
Oensraw berk J C Vinnen, which was mode public in advance beer* he eav
ta collision with He steamer Skerry raped the crowds la the morning B*
sore, arriwd here tonight The colli was reeetvffd m andiessre by the
sloe occurred about case o clock tfcss Queen Mother Alexandria and no
morning off Hastin?? the nicht wee esajee Raspe*** Mane, of
clear, and according to the account Buckingham Palace,
given by the oflfers of the Vinnen, comr-uned by Frederick C Sek*,* K
the Skerryrore suddenly t rnsswd tke J Cremingbass and Seth ?.ilk-r. Be
berk's bow The Vlasen streck her rutted the British mnaenm
ab-ft the saalBSanst. | ? ? >
The Skerrvvores bolbw explored DaufMem ef L-berty Adjourn
east ehe senk la a few mtsrfea Boots ROANOKR. VA . Maw 24 ?Tke
loses*** from the Vrneea aad a tenth sob.m; cneventlaa ef the Daug?
-k wse made of the waters was BJ ksra of ViN-rty wbick aset todav so
?teeaser sr*et down Tw
Ts tkat a
brred twenty-See Sftea.
Men Mysteriously Overcome
in Doctor's Office at
Scranton, Pa.
Organizer of Carnegie Trust Com-1
pany is Invited by Friend to Wit-j
ness a Chemical Experiment and;
Explosion Takes Place?He Dies
from Affect?Othere Injured.
(Ry AssoelaiMi rr?-e?.>
NIW YORK. May 24? Charles
Coulee Dickinson, organizer '-tad for?
mer precktet* of the Carnegie Tnaatl
Company, died in St. Luke's Hospital
today from *-ong.-:<tion of the hogs,
caused by the itihakitioli of a mys?
terious noxious gas in the ).4*>ratory
uf or. P. N. I-ange, at Scranton, Pa..i
on .May it;.
V V. lledgepeth. of Scran-ton, vice
president of the Tipiiecauue Insur
anee Con.|>ati>, ut whose instance Mr.
Dickinson went to w i l n c s a an exjieri
meot in the laboratory, was also se?
riously affected by the gas. as was
the exptLlmenter. Dr I-angc. itotb
are n isjrted ill. but jirobably will re
Gives Out First News.
S. C. Dickinson, <a brother ot
Charles Dickinson, gate out first news
of the mysterious tragedy tv-day.* I
He was in Jti adjoining room when
the others were :,trickcn, and was un?
affected. At first he declined to give
the name of the chemist or of the
friend who invited his brother to wit?
ness the experiment, but tonight, fear?
ful lest a rumor of suicide be given
credence, he made a full statement.
He does not know the nature of tne
experiment or exactly why his broth?
er went to witness it. and the ehar
? cter of the gas itt so baffling that
two of New Y'ork's most eminent phy?
sicians. Drs. Janeway and Delafn-ld.
could not nccount tor the effect on
Mr. Dickinson's lungs.
In de-scribing the <iccurrenres that
led up to his brother's death, S. C.
Dickinson said:
Describes Occurrences.
"I lingered in the main room ot the
laboratory." he said, "after my broth?
er 2t)d our friend went into the small
room where the chemicals were being
prepared. The chemist called out to
me to come, as they were ready. 1
started for the <-ther room and Jost
then th.Te was an explosion.
"I rutibeti in and found all three
men gapping for breath and almost
unconscious. The 'room whs filled
with a strange, stiffling gas. My
brother was taken to a hospital and
kept there over night As he did not
improve be was brought to a hosprtai
hire the next day.
The t'ise was a strange one. M>"
broth, r's lunga hecame congested just
as though be were si ffering frox
penuroonii. and his condition baffled
every treatment which physicians
could advise.
Doctors Puzzled.
"Dr. James R. K"ir .- . my brother's
physician, found himself helpinss and
he called into consideration lxrs.
JUneway and Delafleld. who were
completely isuzzbd by the features of
the c ee We even sent to the onem
| hat who perftrm^d the experiment,
who suffered only slirhtly in Ute bope
thst he could suggest an antidote, but
he could do nothing
?'My hmtber grew steadily worse
until, at 4 o'clock this rooming, he
?Med "
Mr Dickinson said that he attxt
boted hie own eweape to the fact that
be was in the muin room of the lab?
oratory, which was only partly tilled
with the gas
Mr Dickinson iss horn at Cohte
skill. N Y . and was a graduate or
the Cor ?Hl Law School
North Carolinian Made President st
Ricbn^ong Meeting.
"Wv Aesvwt-itrd IkgSjeJ
RICHMOND. \A . Mar 24?The
dketrlrt grand lodge of the order of
B'NaJ It rth. In annual wslnn her.-,
today pieced Itself on record aa pro
teeaMng against tbr ta?e and magn
tri??* c%ric%\)iv.4T*,*? of J**w#>.
Tbc irfder tod iv eke. ted the folkvw
in? oaVssa:
Marcus W Jacobe of Wiknlngton.
V C. >ri .Mali at; Ixmard Haas, of A?
kwa/v Oa. Bret vw priwlAtav., Jowepri
1? Levy of If hrrh.nd Va.. w?v-OWd
vir? president. Rev Dr Oevrne Bole
mess, of 8a vac awn Oa . 1 rotary; A
StKnherger. of DirBagpoa. AY C.
freassures Jal'is pevseeg Washing
tana, D. r aeegeouat at arms
Annapoli* Students Are Arrested for
Taking Joy Trip snd Confined
In Rooo>s.
(fly Associated Press.)
having taken a hand car lying on s|
skiing of the Maryland MouUki Hail
wuy Company'? trarks hod aataa, ?>?!
a joy riant during the m<>rmu? four|
mldtoipmen. all members of the
fourth, or freshmen class*, are con
tin. ,l <o their rotwns at Ihmuoat Hail
under close arrest tonight.
The young men. wlx -<? asunee are
withheld, ser>- taking a crosseouattry
walk in the far edge* of the Aoademy
limits, known as the SXSfwraSjSi ut
t.i!ui this in01 ntni win-it the hand
ear and its promise ot .. uwraJSsJi
outing, proved too great ;i ll lardottottl.
They were soon observed dashing
across a n'.ij. jrist Befehle of Annap
oli.s and the |iolicemen who saw them
n< tilled the railroad officials, who M
tirn, called ep Captain Bowler, super
Intetident of the acaJciuy. The
truants were overtaken St Ray Ittdge j
They will remain under arrest until
their cast's yre taken up mid dispose*!,
of by the navy <lc|>Artro'lit
Steamer Was Raked by Un?
known Schooner Monday
Night off Jersey Coast.
With her port superstructure hasty
sn ashed as a result of her collision
with an unknown schooner off Kk?
Harbor. N. J., Monday nlvhf. the Oaf
Dominion steamship Hamilton came
Ir.lo i.rri about 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon and nroceedrsl to the ship
' : ar.J lor a survey and repairs. The
lexi nt of the damage sustained by the
!l:ier will net be known until the sur?
vey at held.
The Hamilton, bound from New
York fee 'his i?ort and Norfolk, was
j in e-jips'on at M:3u o'clock. Monday
j nluiil with an unknown three masted
; schooner, the bowsprit of which raked
the Hamilton's i>ort rail and joiner
work from funnel to talfail. tore of
1 many stanchions, punctured a ho'e
in after stateroom, cracked several
'imafl8J.hU and then passed off.
Probably the Kaminski.
NEW fOUC, May 24? The vessel
In collision with the Hamilton prob?
ably was the schooner Linah C. Kam
inski. which arrived here tonight
from Savannah, minus her jibboom
an.I head sails, which were carried
away in a crash with a steamer off
: the Jersey coast last night. Captain
Pristensen. in re iiorting the collision
i with the unknown steamer bound
I south, charged that the vessel sound?
ed no whistle and gave no sign of
I her presence nnti! after the accident.
iThen. he says, the whistle was sound?
ed roniinuaily although the steamer
'continued or. her way without trying
to ascertain the damage to the
j Liquor Dealers Asssociation
Wans Campaign on Sump?
tuary Laws.
(Rv Associated Plias.)
aggressive campsign against sump?
tuary laws was pleased by the Na?
tional Wholesale Liquor Dealers As?
sociation tonight at a conference of
state presiden'* of the organization.
Previously delegates to the annual
, ronvenibm of the body had listened to
i addresses In which some urged that
I the association members had remain
I yl too long on the defensive snd thst
s firm stand should he taken for the
enactment and enforcement of regula?
tory statutes to eliminate disreputable
j saloons
I "Whiskey has no friends In public.
: and no enemies in private." said Etnil
Natan of St. Urn fa*. He added
"No greater hsrm can be done to
society than by the non-enforcement
ol any law on 'he statute books To
edwat. the people as In the scope
and danger of impending fana'lrai
legislation, this organisation must
come to i?s aid. openly and without
Par the he-o ctemwats of our mer
raatlle. commercial and prof. ??nnal
A bitter attack was made on 'be
Antl-sa'?oon league by Henry C
Mala, of Rochester. N. T.
"The league has organiTed a glran
tie system of robbery." he de, lard
"To carry it owt. crowds surrtymd sikI
Threaten legislator* and parsrt* the
streets, demanding the eeetrwrtloxi of
1 ronwrtv sod 'he -MD'ag of c .mm. r. ?
The judge* sitting ha case* Involving
the general antne. are threatened wfb
defeat at the polls af they sued for
the right* of property."
ORDERsTuf made"
in mm rates
Important Decision is Handed
Down by Interstate Com?
merce Commission.
Battle Waged by Many Trade Or
ganizationa Results In Reduction;
Called for Bewteen Cincinnati 3nv
Chattanooga and May Have Wm9>
reaching Effect.
fBy Associated rnm 1
WASHINGTON. I>. C.. May 21.?
j .MmetlM reductions upon the nottile t
id classes of freight lietweeii CiUc'n
nati. Ohio, und Chattanooga. I.tin..
were order. .1 today by the Interstate
Coniinene t 'out tit is son. The present
rates, which have been in effect many
years, were held to he unreasonable,
even m prevailing condition-; M SSwJ
of railway <i|x-r;ition. The reductions
will become effective July K.tli. next.
The reductions ordered by the com
Bxiaaln on each of the six classes of
ireight. between Cincinnati and Chat
tanoog.i. are as follows, in cents, per
hundred (?ounds:
First. 76 to 7n; second. BJ to 6i?;
third, 07 to ".3; fourth. 47 to 44; fifth.
M to IS; and sixth. M to 2?. These
rates, by order of the commission,
must remain in effect, beginning on
the l.'.th of July fur at least two years.
Roads Will Contest.
It is not only reasonably certain
that the roads will contest the com?
mission's order, but also I hat if the
rates should contiutte in effect, their
operation will r?sult in a reduction of
the sea-and-rail rates from Atlantic
ports to points of domination, in the
interior of the South.
The order of the commission was
issued in connection with an opinion
in the case of the Receivers and Ship?
pers Association of Cincinnati against
the Cincinnati. New Orleans &
Texas Pacific Railway and other In?
terstate carrers in the Smith.
Virginia Boards in Fight.
Before the final hearing of the
question involved, the Merchants As?
set iatinti of Boston, the Business
Men's Asociation of Holyoke, and
the Boards of Trade of Salem and
Springfield. Mass.. and of Fortland.
Maine.; the Trades league, of Phlla
delphia; the Merchants Association of
New York; the Chamber of Com
roerce. of Richmond. Va.; the Board
ol Trade, of Norfolk. Va.: the Cham?
ber of Commerce, of Petersburg; the
Merchants and Manufacturers Assoc?
iation of Baltimore ami the Indianap?
olis Freight Bureau became inter
In a subsequent case, brought
hv the Chicago Association of
Commerce, against the Pennsyl?
vania Company and other car
tiers, an effort was made to secure
lower rates from Chicago to points in
the Sot:th than the combination of
the local rates through Cincinnati.
In all of the cases Involved the same
Basis of Complaints.
The ba>is of the complaints was the
rates on the numbered classes of
lreight from the Central West. r*>
ported by Chicago and Cincinnati to
various points in the South were too
high, is compared with the rates upon
the same classes from points of
< rigln in the Fast to the same points
Ir the South.
It was held by the commission, in
the opinion written by Commissioner
Prouty. that it was not apparent that
rates, from the Fast discriminate
against the West, although It was con?
ceded that the rates from t incinnatl
to Chattanooga were so high a* to he
unreasonable. The commissioner adds,
however, that If distance Is to be
tsken as the standard, rates from the
tomplaining cities are much higher
than from their rival trade centers
upon the Atlantic seaboard: but
where water competition enters as a
far tor. some different basis of com
isiison than distance must be found.
Imoortant Pointe.
Three notably important points are
mad* in the opinion, aii of which are
applicable to transportation of
freight throughout the country. In
the corn mis sloe ? words, these are:
' The Rast and the West Sad a com
iron market in this section of the
Soirtn and in determining whether the
present rates from the West are
reasonable ones, the inquiry Is the
mvewient of traffic under the preeea:
rate*. The fair inference from the
tmtlmonv seems to he that the rHs
lion In rate* between the Fast aad
the Weat. which has bewn in effect for
<he last third of a century, does rot
today abnormally promote the snore
ment of traffic frtwe either section.
"Neither the Kast nor Wert has anv
rested right to sell a certain amount
re this southern terrlt >rv Fach dec
tlon is entitled to a reasonable rate
and to do what 1?'nines it can under
that rate. ,
"A railroad in entitled to a fair re?
turn upon the value of the property
eevotsd by it to the pub.*- eae. but
it is not entttkd to hsre that ameer
ty paM for by the public",
Maduon County Lad Scream* for Help
?Mother Finde Snake Under
HAHHISOMU Iti; VA . May *4 ?
1 MM) lt?<?.ird Kube, flu? year* old.
Mill of J. (J. Kube. of !{<?<? k"\ Kill).
Mulison ?-<? mty. woke \ \> lh?' house
hokl with hi* ?'K?iuh shortly befoic
daybreak, declaring tint .something
wan )>UInk him.
Mr? Kube, who was sleeping In an
Majosnsss] NBMs, went to her IIP lei
son's aid. and. to h.-r h<*-ror, found|
a t.i*e MOJ i-asiii sn.ke coiled up uu
id i- the oivit Tin- snake hud hit i
MB Um child three titm-a un t
While rhe lad's grandfather was en-|
gaged in killing the snake the nuKlie,
rutdied tor a i>h>Niilau. Dr W. J.
('rillenden, of I'uiuuviile, vrorkedl
htstd or* the Ikttle patient. nnaJly get?
ting him Wm of danger
Another child, three years old. wa.t
fits pillg In the bed. but esc-iped ue
ing bitten by the snake.
Clarence H. Mackey issues Statement
Anent Commercial Cable Co.
(S|ieeM to Dally Ptetm).
NEW YORK. May M - Clarence h.
Mackey t'Kliiy nu.dc MM following
statement in n >?.?;,t to the report in'
the l.oiuhm and Ameiieiin pa|iers
that the Commercial Cnl !?? Conip'ny
had brined an ally with Ha com p> t >
t< r>t. the Anglo An,ericin Telegraph |
j t '?? hi: i n \ :
I "The Commercial Cable never hns;
I Ltd. and MM not now and does not;
jint'-nd to have; any connection with'
I lt.? comixtltors the Anglo American;
I Telegraph Company, cither in the way.
'of controlling its slock or making any'
jttattic agreements or in any ntherl
'way. The CoinmercM Cable Com-I
|inny will continue to be independent j
jnnd MMMMtathM Just as the Postal
j Telegrai?! Cable Coni|?any and will
{continue to be ind**,><nd*tit and com
;p4'tltlve. AH rf|KittH to the contrary
l#- aaJaaJ
Appropriations by Educational
Board for School Work.
Members of General Endowment Body
Dsitr.bute Funds to Various Col?
lege? and for Agricultural Work?
Virginia Representatives present.
(By Aisvoplated Press.?
NEW YORK. May 24 ?Api>ropria |
tkms of more than $7iMl.0o0 were I
made today by the genenal .-da cat ion
bnatd lor the endowment of work ??t
varbHss coilegw and fur agricultural
work in the South. Anionk the ap?
propriations to eoNegee are:
Cenaal UniversKy. Danville, Ky.,
Tranxylvunia rnlvereHy. Lexington,
Ky.. $50.600.
In addition to the sum appropriated
for Central Cniveraltv. a like amount
w.s subsetibrd at the last meeting
of the board. In addition to these
Mim, {113J*"i was appropriated for
demonstratio? work ha agriculture m
the Sooth, under the supervision of
Dr Seaman A. Ktapp, of the I nited
States departro?nt of agriiiKure
This ? osigned to supplement the
werk of the department, especially in
states outside the ten it or v free ted
by the boil weevil, to which tire de?
partment does not extend this work.
For Secondsry Educat or..
Another appropriation made today
wast 131.450 for pmfesaors of sitotas
ary education In the Sc-uth. They
ire mesa hers of the faculties of va?
rious SU te univert.lt les who. under
salary from the board, establish hbsh
schools as. feeder* for the nntvevsWIew
Caster their direct 1.? 703 public high
school* have been ewtahrMhed in the
South within the Isst Sve years and
SIC new boilding* have bran ? Terted
at * erat of |.V*7"..7Vi
The rcnoi i education hoard has*
contributed, hi all. to 70 cc^legvw.
gifts totalhag MJM?mX Ts-swt y nine
appt)ratioo* for erdowssewts were
lorendeT'd at 'odxy's meeting. hot
no definite action was taken thereon.
TTK VrnTmber. of She hoard **?*?
were prevent at the aae*<MK wwBh or
Harry Pratt Jaosoa. pi esM.-wt M the
mtvetslty of Chleeam; Dr CarsHB *
El lot. prewidvsM-efswTtta* of Harvsrd
ralveraity. 1> Edwin A Akterman.
president of the I'aiversR* ?*? Vangrav
la Dr IfolHs B En?*!: president
of h wiptow IastHi t.. Dr WW-knaV
Mos?, of Washington, reaerwl aayssst
of the Peshodv Edacaticsi rraxl; *m
ter h Paaw Fr-derWk f Owes?, aksav
eft C, Ogden KAa D Rockefeller Jr.
A'bert Bhew. Wsikaee Bot-rVk and
Starr J Marnhy. of New Tors,
howers Wednesday; Thurs
, partly cloudy; light to
lerate variable winds, fat?
ing watt.
Provision in Railroad Bill
Draws 'Out Debate in
the Senate.
Whether the Proposed Corporation
Statute Shall Prohibit Flatly In
creases in Railway Charges is Ola
cussed at Length In Upper Branch
?Such Move Is Favorsd by Rshsis.
fBy A *?<><? i.itr.] Ptkss 1
WASHINGTON, D. C, May 24.?
Whether I he railroad bill shall pro
] iImi flatly Increases in railroad raten,
without the approval of the Interstate
Commerce Commission, or shall ex?
tend to six months, the time iu which
the commission may suspend In cress
ed rates, was the question liefore the
senate when It adjourned today. The
session -.\;is devot.d to arguments in
favor of Cummins* provision by Its
author and by Senators Horah and Dol
llver. The general contention was
that such a requirement was neces?
say for the protection of the ship?
pers. This argument was challeng?
ed by other senators anil there was
Mi n. ral debate In which Senator Cum?
mins. Dolliver. Borah. Aldrlch, Flint,
liayner. Ileyburn. William Alden
Smith. Martin. Clark, of Arkansas;
Clay and .Ion?** partloiimted.
His Suggestion Mad .
The suggest ion of the extension of
the time In which the commission
may suspend rates for Investgation,
was made by Senator Martin, In the
tourse of Mr. Cummins' speech. Hut -
^imposition was that the Cunvmiius
provision should bo amended by In?
serting a proviso requiring that "a
hnal decision shall be rendered with?
in six months from the date In whlcJjL.^
the schedule Is filed.**
It was immediately taken up by a
rum !><?'? of senators on both sides and
soon became the basis of general
cloak room discussion of that com pro-m
llll-l' w
Senator Aldrlch and hist followers
fnnotineed tin ir unwillingness to ic
cept It and Senator Driver and Cum?
mins Indicated a favorable inclination.
Senator Rayner stated openly In the
rennte his willingness to adopt the
puggestion and number of other Demo?
crats privately acquiesced in his ut
Many senators predicted its ac?
ceptance when the question cornta to
a rote.
Position of Regulars.
The regular Republicans wilt prob?
ably insist upon having the Marlin
suggestion put in a different form. As
originally made it Is in the shape of
sn amendment to the Cummins
amendment, but its acceptance in
that form would mean the ultimate
sccepiance of the Cummins provision,
as modified by Martin.
Many of them prefer It as a substi?
tute for the provision allowing a
suspension of rates for 120 days.
A part of the general understanding,
so far as there is an understanding,
is that the sections of the bill dealing
with railroad capitalisation, shall he
eliminated from the measure to save
the time that would be required to
deba'e them.
Difference of Opinion.
In so far as the Martin proviso was
diacueeed today it was considered] aa
a part of the Cummins amendment.
Much difference of opinion regard?
ing it arose aa to whether the old
rates or the new would be hi effect
after six months if the commission
failed to reach a conclusion under
It within that time.
Mr. Martin contended that the old
rates would continue, but refused to
accept i suggestion made by Mr. Ray
ner tq do away with all doubt by ex?
tending the proviso so as to declare
explicitly for the continuance of the
old rates.
The hope for a vote during the day
on the Cummins amendment, which
early In the
hy the an?
nouncement ?hat Senator I.?Polierte
wished to be heard in support of Ice
Socpeoes Meet at R*chn*ond.
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