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cm ir invest
in us owk bonds
Finance Committee Recom
mends Use of Sinking Fund
For the Purpose.
C. N. Wive. Representing Chamber
of Commerce, Asks That City Con?
tribute Half of Sum Needed for
New Institution?Changes In Jurti
J cial Circuits Costly to Newport News
* By a unanimous vote of th<? mem
bars present, the nuance committee
of the city council recommended
that the council invest part of the
sinkhig funj of the city in purchasing
?MM worth of Newport News 4J per
cent, bonds at their market value of
101. The offe. oi the sale of $6,000 of
the bonds to the city was made by
Kaatabrook & Company, of Baltimore,
and the Third and Fifth National
Hank, of Cincinnati, offered to sell the
city ihe remaining $!><*) worth.
Chairman Caleb ?. West brougb:
the matter to (he attention of the
committee and stated that by buying
in theto bonds the city would save
about three |>er cent on its Invest?
ment. He deelsred that he wanted
to see the city start (lie now fiscal
year by buying In some of Ihn city
bcnde with part of the cash In the
sinking rund. The bonds which are
offered to the city mature In 1929.
Judge Robinson's Salary.
The finance committee held a buiv
regular meeting last night and manv
natters were disposed of in record
breaking time. Cltv Clerk Jlitdglns
I resented the committee with a copy
c( the new act of the legislature re?
lating to the payment of the salaries
id circuit Judges. This copy came
from the State auditor, who Informed
the city clerk that Newport News'
annual proportion of the salary of
Judge Clarence W. Robinson is $627.80.
Up to this time the city has been pay?
ing Judge Robln.on $287.28 as Its
portion of his salary. The city's por?
tion is now increased $340.52 per
annum because of the creation of a
new judicial circut In Accomac and
Northampton counties. Hereafter
the city will pay the judge a total
of $1.127.30 per annum. Oesides pay?
ing its regular proportion of the judge's
salary, the city supplements the
salary of $.">i?0 annually.
After a brief discussion, the commit
lee recommended to the council that
*250 be appropriated for the State
summer normal school, which Is to be
held here this summer. The request
tor this appropriation was made by
Chairman George Nelms Wise, of the
Chamber of Commerce committee on
legislation and taxation. Mr. Wise
informed Hie committee that $500 is
needed for the school, but that the
Chamber had appropriated $125 and
the Merchants' Association had given
$125 of the total.
Tfie committee recommended for
payment the bill covering the coats
In the annexation rases, amounting
to $106X0. The monthly bill of the
city sergeant for the city jail, amount
lug to about $105. was ordered paid.
Finances In Good" Shape.
City Auditor J W Read reported to
the committee that there was a cash
balanc > on hand in the city's treasury
of $.>n.403.54 on June L The city
auditor estimates that at the close of
?he present fiscal year on June $0.
there will be a balance of $46,000 in
round figures.
On Juno 1. 1909. there was a balance
of $76.671 21. or $26.217 79 more than
tbe balance on the same date this
year. However, during the present
year the extra-ordinary expanses of
?be city, including street paving, ap?
propriations for schools and the pur?
chase of a Ore truck, amounted to
$?2.463.2:?. During 19??9 there were
no such extra-ordinary expenses so
tfcat a net gain of $%.24.V32 is shown
for the present fiscal year over the
past fiscal year.
Large Balance Next Year.
City A od - er Read estimate* that
the total Income of the city for ihn
Bicycles I
A Week!
.'?min. fiscal year will be $199,501.68
on a municipal levy of $1.06. The etrj
timated expenses for the rear aa|
Khown by the budget without any of
the curtailmentM provided for by the
tetrenchment commute* la $156,792.2?.
Tnta would leave a balance of $38,
N09.68. The council will have to ap
I ropriate about $12,000 for tne schools
and several thousand dollars probab?
ly will be spent for other incidental*
during the year, \fter deducting these
expenses, it is estimated that the city
? ill have a balance of more than $70,
?"?> at the end of the next fiscal year.
Following the meeting of the fi?
nance committee, the Are department
and water committee held a special
meeting and recommended to the
<ouncit that $1,225 be appropriated
with which to have a new boiler in?
stalled in the Are engine at the cen?
tral Are station. The old holler Is
almost completed worked out end
the engine is of little service in lta
present condition. It will have to be
sent to the IjaPrance Fire Engin?
factory to have the boiler la
Miss Ada May Read, daughter ot
i Mr. John Henry Rend, of this city,
, 3nd Mr John VVIlmer Case>, of Wll
j ltnmaburg, will be married tomorrow
afternoon at 4:'.10 o'clock at the home
of the bride's sister, Mrs. W. J.
j Knight. 2408 Chestnut avenue. A
number of the friends and relatives
of both families will arr.ve here this
morning to attend the wedding.
Miss Road has lived iu this city a
I number of years and is popular with
a host of friends. She is a native
j of Lursv. Vs. Mr. Casey is a well
known young bn.mess man of Wl
liimsburg. Mr. and Mrs.. Casey are
to make their home in the old Capi?
tal Clt-y.
Cel. and Mrs. Dennebam Cameron
and the Misses Cameron, of Raieigh,
X. C, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs
Frederick Palen. in North End. They
are here to attend tae Mordecal-Walk
cr wedding tomorrow.
Mrs. William P. Reynolds, of Lew
Ist, n. Pa., is vis.ting her father. Mr.
J. H. Read, in Bast End 8he is here
to attend the marriage of her s)9ter,
j Miss Ad* Mav Read, to Mr. J. Wtl
j mer Casey tomorrow.
j Miss Lucy C-.irtls, daughter of City
j Treasurer J. M. Curtis, hss returned
jfiom Richmond, where she graduated
this year from the Woman's College.
The Misses Reinhart, on Jefferson
avenue, have as tb_e.r guest, their
[cousin, Miss Katherine Rlnehsrt, ol
j Philadelphia.
Miss Beatrice Stone has returned
from Lynchburg and Roanoke, where
she visited relatives.
Miss Rlolse Goodman, who has been
visiting in Bs It more and Washington,
has returned home.
The Misses Msrsble. on Jefferson
! avenue, hsve aa their guest, their
cousin. Ml*/ Bertha Marable. of H i ? ?
I mond.
Miss Miry Rhodes has returned
from a visit to relatives in Norfolk
and Portsmouth.
Miss Mildred Walker, of Mecklen?
burg, 's visiting her cousins, the
Misses Walker, on Huntington ave?
The Misses Ifinman, on Twenty
flftb street have as their guests, their
cousins. Mrs. R. D Aldridge and Miss
Mary Hitanio, *jf Richmond.
Miss Rowsg Evans, who has been
spending two weeks with relatives in
Gordonsvllle. hss returned to her
home In this city.
Mr snd Mrs H M Pelts have re?
turned from New Yo:k. where she
spent two weeks.
Mrs L. J Carter, cf rnsrlottesvllks.
hi the guest of her daughter Mrs K.
W. Powell, on Twenty n ath street.
Mrs Mary C. Reynolds and dsugh
ter. Miss Margaret, hsve returaed
{from s visit to relatives la vv? invas?
ion. N. C
Mr Frank CurtK who is attending
the IfalvetwHy of Virginia, has re?
turned home to rprnd the summer
with his father. City Ttaftaniwr J. M.
M-s i?an!e Hanewrs a4r*d ts veers,
wtaw of T. C Hancock, died Pen dar
morning at 10 20 s'clock at aar ens!
dasjrs on Orswnerter s ran as. Meeri
ssne after a ksng Obsaas wtth toner
cemsts The funeral took piano yea
tarday sfrernooa at 3 o'clock from
the rsMdssjco. Mav H. "W. Du niter
fins I at of the Orant Metkosltsn church.
' tan aw1 even an "
In Ornealawa
Kant Tne *?<**, At Hoesa.
Tor tan past year we have kept
the King of all laxatives?Dr. Kings
New Life Pitts?la our bosae amfl
? hey have proved a blessing to all oar
family, writes PnnJ Mathafka. of
Buffalo N T. Easy, bat aura re med v
for an moanaeh, Urse and Ridnev
trwawas. Only Pt it ill Drug
Jnot Try O ft 11
Camssjis Call W. >
Insurance Paper Discusses
Local Situation.
Correspondent Intimstes That Suc?
cess of Prosecution Will Cause
Members of Trust to Withdraw
from State.
The Insurance Herald, an iosur-|
ance paper published in Atlanta, da ,
the home of the Southeastern Under?
writers' Assoc.ation, prints the ?ol
lowiiiK under a Newport News "date
"That those of the .executive com?
mittee of the Southeastern Under?
writers' Association and of the Vir?
ginia committee wno' were arrested
and placed under bond at Hot
Springs, Vs., on May 18 for an al?
leged conspiracy to fix fiie insurance
rate will have to appear at Newport
News in person on June 8 seems as?
sured, unless some totally unloosed
for change comes over the spirit ot
the Commonwealth's Attorney Berkc
ley the eases against the undcrwrit
ers will certainly be called on that
date and for the alleged conspirators
to forfeit their bonds will only serve
to more deeply Impress Attorney
Berkeley with the single idea that be
Is the one and only champion of the
most righteous cause, that of punish
ing the :nsuranee companies tor pre?
suming to control the price of their
own product. The fact that tne
Chamber of Commerce and city coun?
cil and the Merchants Board ofj
Trade, having had nothing to do m
the Inception of the prosecution Of
this case against the underwriter
appears to have no weight with, wttb
whatsoever. He Is in the limelight
now, and means to stay there until
the last 'flicker' He Is handling nis
case against the insurance men with
all the seeming Interest of a child
w.th a new toy. It is by long oddo
the best thing that ever came his
ws}, and he will make the most of it.
Encouraging insurgents.
"It is understood that the leading
local fire Insurance sgeuts ot New
pott News are not in sympathy with
the movement against the underwrit?
ers but for the first suggestion of an
attack, and that they are still behind
the firing line 'encouraging the in?
surgents to give the companies hell.
It will be Interesting to note whetn
ed or not any of these enemies .<>
their own profession will have the
courage to come out In the open and
shew their colors on the day vhe
members of the committee ore
brought into court. There hss been
a suggestion advanced here to make
public the names of those agema,
who are respons.ble for the trouble
and expense the companies ire nm
compelled to stand for, so that .he
Insurers may known whene to piare
the blame for any incovenlence they
may possible experience !n sec "in;
Ore tnsursnce In the futuie. On toe
other hand It I* suggested that this
would appear as a retaliatory step on
the part of the companies, besides 3;v
peering as sn adm.sslon that they
have in the past allowed themselves
to be represented by 'birds of ill
omen, who befoul their own nests ' it
la beginning to be understood here
thst. come what may. there will be
no retraction from the recent ten
per rent Increase In rates without a
corresponding teduction in city li?
cense and taxes. The more intelligent
Insurers do not ask ror It and WtU
not expect it. even if the local courts
should decide the case unfavorably to
the compiniee."
As to the Conference.
Under s Richmond date line. Tne
Insurance Herald prints the follow
"At the conference here las: week
between colonel Joseph Mutton., otate
insurance commissloter, and the Are
underwriters and others interested in
the Newport News rontroversv rtttie
rosjld be accomplished, although toe
efforts of Colonel Rut ton to act as
mediator or arbitrator were filly ap?
The people of Newport News are
depending upon a construction of the
com mou law to wtn their coat eat ma
J while the underwrite? contend thai
they rennet be eipeMed to operate
thetr bus I arm at a loss AIT they nek
is that sound hustae.ts principle*.'
auch as are appttrsble to every ->m
aaerclal ltae. shsli be given 1? their|
Nothing wortb? of special notej
can be gttacred by your correspond
eat through ttrrervlewi with the ur
oerwrlters. but many of the repreeee
sat ves of the large esi.a-sas mtiir-sm.j
who carry big Maes ef m?ai*ae?.|
are exercised ewer the cweapltcated'
sttuatloa. and express thv-msstvesj
'. They re?tue sad openly ataewj
that if the anthortMe? of Newport
News snn the fr snrSBce LrlmgWlSgj
ere its Mr to withdraw from the seats
If they remain, it is rhtmeg they aranj
be forced to laeresse rotes elsewhere
to ??waMse matters under the lew of
marge and j
sgainst those cities where the taxes
i are low and sgaln lay.ng themselves
ujion to criminal charges. The> thwk
the companies are Justified in raising
the rates wheiever taxes are too
"The suggestion of several of the
business men I tbst every policy
should show * ii 'ts face Just what
proiwrtlon of the premium 1? absorb?
ed for taxes w.th a provision tor *>
reduction in the premium whenever
the tax rate is lowered.
??These commends and suggestions
i inning from men outside of insurance
business und connected with large
und sound business interest show
that the action of the Southeastern
Underwriters' Association In rais.ng
rates at Newport News meets with
approval rather than condemnation
by those who look beyond the end ol
their noses.''
Nearly tlOO in Fines Collected In One
Day?Fourteen Prisoners
Many offenders ngaliuf "the peace
snd dignity of the Commonwealth
paid toll to the city in the police court
yesterday morning, nearly $inu ?
tines being collected. This is an
unusually big days business bj ready
cash go far as the police court is con?
Justice Brown had n rather Urge
docket yesterday and besides the
many flues which were imposed and
paid, fourteen offenders were given
Into the keeping of Citv Sergeant C.
W. Muglcr for various terms, ; ragtag
in dutat on from one to six months
Robert Dugan, the one-legged man
who gave the officers 8uch a battle
Saturday night, went back Iii detaull
of a bond of |2M for six months.
John iNoland. alias Monk, a negro
faced Justice Brown yesterday on
the charge of selling licucr without
a license. His place in Hockettg was
raided Sunday by Patrolmen Prict
I and Pearson and the officers broughl
many bottle, both empty and "leaded
to court as evidence against the tic
gro. After bearing some of the tes?
timony. Justice Brown continue,] tin
case until this morning, when addi
tlonal witnesses will be heard.
Well Known Citizen of Smithfiel:
?Sjaana Away After Long lllneis.
R. A. Edwards. 59 years of age, n
iwe'l known citizen of Smlthfleld. died
'at n o'clock at his home, after a tin
gering illness. Sir. Edwards Is sur?
vived hv his widow, who was Mist
Eva Parket; one daughter, Mrs
Heniy Bear, of Shenandoah Jun lion
Vs., and one son. Robert A. Elward^
Jr. Mrs. Edwards is a sister of Mrs
James L Street and Mrs. J. Herberl
Cooke, of this city.
Funeral services were condur
yesterday morning at 11:30 o'clock
in Smithfield The body was lnterrec
in Ivy Hill cemetery, Smlthfleld.
Cook With Gas.
Nej.-n Accused of Stealing Quantity
of Clothes.
Charged with grand larceny
Charles Hyland, a negro, wag arrested
last night by Patrolmen Price and
Pearson and locked up at the station
house to await a hearing before Jus
tire Brown in the police court this
morning. The negro is alleged tr
have stolen a large quantity of -lotn
ing from several other negroes in
Rocket ts Saturday night. Part of ttif
clothes were pawned. -
A rVastng Seme of Health and
Strength Renewed and of
Ease and Comfort
follows fhc use of S^ nip- ->f Fi_% .tr..?
Elixir of Senna, M it acts gently oa
the ki'-ncvs. Iirrr arwi hnweK cleans?
ing" the sTtdem effectually, when con?
stipated", or hi lamas, and dispels colds
?nd headaches.
To jrt its HcnHsciaJ effects, dinars
boj the frmuiBc, nanasfarturod by
th? Californ^ Fig Sjrrnp Co.
"My fotherh?haansssstaisi fciansiii
hnadastfse for the ksst tmwnty fire year*and
never sonant any relief nsrHl b* began
takasg www < uusSa Bssci be ha*
began tan-tag Caassawts ha aas arver had
the headache Tnry hsrs entirely ctnrH
haw Caaosms <So what yaw fwaesnssswd
thess to do. I srfll gfva yon the r*~<-B*r?
of asrag hw nassss."??. at. tacksoc
We have a beautiful line
of sample planus that were
on exhibit at the Piano Deal
era and Mfg Convention at
Richmond, May 16 to 21at.
You are cordially Invited
to, call and see the latest
styles aim inakc?. Remem?
ber That These Were the
Ones Shown at Richmond.
If You Missed This Great
Display We Still Can Show
You Many of Them.
Cltz 'Phone No. 90. Next to High School, No. 227 Thirty-first St.
Capital Dry Goods House
2910-2912 Washington Avenue
MERCERIZED FRENCH BATISTE?4.". Inches wide, with splen
dld'Silk finish; 29c value. White Sale Price, yard .'.-24c
ENGLISH MERCERIZED BATISTE?16 inches wide; beautiful
lustrous finish: regular We quality. White Sale Price, yard.39c
45 INCH PERSIAN LAWN -Kxira line quality. White Sale Price:
2".c GRADF. FOR. YARD .21c
40c GRADE FOR. YARD .29c
36 INCH FLAXON LAWN?Rest goods made. White Sale Price:
19c grade for, yard.16c
3ic GRADK FOR, YARD .29c
How Much Have You
Saved the Last Year?
When you see a good thing take it. Now Is the time to start a sav
lags account. Prospects wer? never bi tter.
Put Your Savings Into a Home
Buy a lot while they are cheap. Build your home. The money yon
save laying rent will pay for your home, ?
We have lots for sale or lease in all parts of the city. OUR TERMS |
ARE EASY. Call at our office and talk it over.
"Schmelz Brothers, Bankers"
Stands for
Satisfactory Service
Four Per Cent, Interest
Tho Largest and Strongest Bank In the City
Are men noted for their business ability and experience and the lead?
ing citizens of Newport Newa
T. M. Benson, D. 8. Jones. H. E. Parker, L. P. Stearnee,
A. C. Gerrctt. A. B. Mallett, Erase Peyser. W. B. Vest,
E. T. Ivy, 4. A. Mass e, Edwin Phillipe: Geo. B. West.
Citizens & Marine Bank
Newport Newst V?.
? *
Ample Guarantee!
The resources at the FIRST NATIONAL BANK, of Newport
Wesse, ere ample guarantee ?f Its Financial strengtb Tour account
aad baaklag lusts see miHsd.
The First National Bank
Untted States Dip estuary. Newport News, vs
CAPITAL, S10O\0S0; gUR?LUg4100.000.
Cradtjate : Opticians
imiwhamendg-M. Rswsun ar?s.v?
For Ladies.
which insures against slipping
at the heel, bulging at the sides.
Makes the foot look small and
dainty. Carried In welts and
turns Tat. colt, Demi and
Russian can. Any width you
you desire.
?^26th St. A Washington Ave.
A Pleasant Surprise
That's what you've got coming
when you get your first month's gaa
bill for cooking and lightning.
We venture tbe opinion tuat It will
not bo one-half as large as you ex?
pected it would be.
If you think that gas is too ex?
pensive for you to use for cooking
why not satisfy yourself on that
We'll charge you nothing for tell?
ing you about what the amount of
gas you'd likely use would cost you
each month Just think of the com?
fort you're missing by not having a
gas range.
Newport News
Gas Co.
Office Cor. 31st. and Washington
avenue. Both phones No. 34. New?
port News. Vs.
And Storage Co.
Successor to
to An EN6INE
t cord Pmm Wood $1.75
i cord Mlxod Wood $1.80
i cord Oak 'Vood $1.85
Mo Extra cnarge for Splitting.
All coal wen screened and kept an
Oer abasia, both wood and ooal being
delivers* perfectly dry.
38th St. and C. A C fty
?ell Phone eg Citr. 'Pwons ton.
We have accepted tse agency for
IVORY Wall Platter
and have a swpo'y r*edy foe da
livery at an attractive pr.ee.
and Huntington Ava.

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