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Justice Brown Announces He
Will Render Decision Ten
Days Hence.
fV r. Batchelor Closes For Defense
In Three and Half Hours, and Cap
tain Berkeley Speaks Four Hour* In
Closing for the Commonwealth?Ac?
cused Leave For Homes.
After sitting for ten davs- hearing
evidence for "ight dujs and listening
to argument by ooWMktl lur two days
?Police Justice Brown now has the
insurance cause under advisement.
He will render his decision Wednes
day morning. June If, and all of the
iwenty-lhroe members and officers' of
ibe Southeastern Underwriters' As
social ion who aro charged with unlaw
fully conspiring to fix and control
rates for insurance in Newport News,
have departed (or their homes, their
bonds Bivtag been continued for their
re-appearance on the 2!?th.
The hearing of this case which the
peoplo ot Newport News hto so great
ly interested came to a close last
night a few minutes after 10 o'clock,
with counsel and court thoroughly
worn out. Commonwealth's Attorney
Berkeley was so unwell whon court
reconvened for the night session that,
with the court's pel lilies Ion, ho re?
mained seated while delivering the
rreater part of his closing argument.
Mr. Lett, w ho began speaking Friday
evening, concluded yeeierday morning
and was followed by Mr. Batch etor,
who spoke lor three hours and a half,
closing for ihe defense. Captain
Berkeley spike two hours In the af
ternoon and two hours last night,
(loeitiK for the commonwealth.
Mr. Lett Resumes Argument.
When Justice Browi convened court
promptly mi 16 o'clock yesterday morn
mg. Attorney Ii. M. Let) resumed his)
argument. Mr. Lett began by roaU'
ing from Dish >p on the common/!aw
as applying to monopolies. Mr. jjeshop
says that there Is no lack ojreomuion
law to control monopolicspVbut that
it is Iho lion cMiii!i in df the exist?
ing laws that allows (Jto monopolies
to run unchecked fon/lhe ' public are
?vor disposed to altow themselves to
he cheated."
Mr. Lett declared that the State'
has add c unruled that iabor unions
cannot pxJdL Labor unions can exist,
but they catinot conspire to Injure
the business of a person. Comhina
siotis thai control trade- and Increase
prices of public necessities are
against the law, he said. The injury
to the public is the controlling fac?
tor. It is a criminal offense if a per
son control the prime necessities of
i'fe. be that jierson benovelent or
Gist of Offense.
Reading from Reich on conspira?
cies. Mr. Lett showed that this
author holds that combinations of
persons to control prices is lilt gal.
Tbe gist of lhe offense In this case
It the conspiracy to control prices.
The ?ipefker declared (hat the con
tcnteon 01 the commonwealth as laid ;
t'own is that the line of cleavage In'
Y irginia is the line set down In the
( rump and Everett Waddy cases in
ihe Virginia Supreme Court and not
ihe lines laid down In the Kentucky;
:t surance case cited by tbe defense j
Friday afternoon.
Mr. Lett read from the Crump case.'
which was a case of alleged "boycott"
fn Richmond. This ease sets f?rrth
that a conspiracy to injure a person
is Indictable and that the law of Lord
dansb-'id's time is good law tndav.
The execution of the matter may be
indifferent, continued Mr. Lett, but the
conspiracy is ii legal and criminal. It
the combination has a tendency to
< pores- the public and hurt Individ?
uals by raising rates R is Illegal, t
Line of Demarkation Clear.
Rt ading from tbe Kentucky ease.
Mr. Lett quoted the Judge who ren
drr-^d the decision for the court in
that case: "We conclude that by the
common law of Kentucky it is not an
?.??'?:? offense to combine to con?
trol rate? of fire insurance." Justice
Brown asked if there was the same
? 1 ?
The June Bride
Wousd Appreciate Any of The
Fei lowing:
'common law In Kentucky as In Vlr
i mi l. and Captain Berkeley replied
tint It was n?>i the same and he re
tcrrrd the court and the defense lo
certain statutes. Mr. Lett said hej
didn't caro whether the same com
nion law applied In bofh states or not.
The Virginia vaunt have decided these |
points, declared the siieaker. In the(
Crump case, the Kverelt. Waddy case
and In the rase of the two Justices
who coimplr-'d together to put a man
:u i.thro. Besides these Virginia cases.'
he saul that the Huohanan case and (
other caae-s have decided the same,
l>olnt. "All a* dottlre on the one hand
Is the Crump case and Kverctt Wad I
I'cy case as a line of debarkation," |
continued Mr. Lett. "The line Is
clearly drawn by Bishop and Whar
Ion. I
"Now my friendB say that the In-,
"iirance association was Invited back
after an absence from the Stale of
four years. They were kicked over,
the fence in Virginia and remained on
Ihr outskirts for four years, but some?
how they have thrown their provls
Ions over the lelicc Jurt an steadily I
w hile I hoy wero on the outside. It is
a well denned principle that where
statutes are appealed the common law
rises again."
Coerce Municipality.
Turning his attention directly to
the association. Mr. Lett declared'
that they blacklist companies that,
won't abide by their rate? and refuse
lo give (host; com | tan lea any rclnsur
iu.ee. "They say to tho outside com?
panies that If you won't use our rates
ve won't re-Insure for you. They say
to tho agents If you don't use our
mies we won't allow you to handle
tho busWd emipanles. They have an
understanding with the agents that
rot more than fifteen pare aal com?
mission Is to be received by rtie
ao nts In violation of the statute of
Virginia, which prohibit* them from
making any agreement about com
missions with the agents. They will
coerce taa municipality lo levy what
taxis trtey dottlre and not what taxes
the municipality doslrtjn I say they
tombinc against the city, combine
auainst the noti board companies, com?
bine againut the agents and combine
an, i fehl iiio sanata,
"Insuriince Is an absolute necessity.'
Mr. Leatty sat on the stand there and
told you how the homcu of the poor
people of this city are mortgaged and
how those people who arc trying to
pay for their homes must carry fire
insurance to pTOtecl the mortgage.
We say Unit this combination works
hy coercion in all four brauche??It |
is an agreement to maintain a
iiono|?ily of a necessity; it uses,
mpsjss amounting to a boycott and ,
hlsjeklists to carry out ils end; it has
*rl evil purpose and docs thing preju?
dicial to public- policy and Iba proimil '
cation of the pink slip shows malice
snd evil intent. Had they Impos. <! a J
percent increase on our city that might J
have been airbill and might have
shown no marfoe^Wlt fne ion percent
Increase shows malice and lot Mr.
Ha'cheior do all the figuring he can,
he will not be able to explain or Ilguro
their increase of profits away.
Sought to Penalize City.
"I say that the purpose was evil.
They were not socking to protect
'hemselves. but to penalize the ein of
Newport News. When Eddie Ford
told Mr. Harris that he hoped the
association would not penalize the
city. Mr. Harris mnde no reply, but
Wean hack to Richmond and sent this
flip, No. It.*.. They tell you that
there'll be a ten paeeefll decrease in
premiums collected this year. Why?
Because its oppressive? because its
Injurious--because its against publl ?
liolicy. These men knew when they
imposed that penalty that the poor
man would have to pay It. My Idea
o! the men In this Insurance associa?
tion is that they have bei-n so ac?
customed to getting the last i>enny
out of the people's pixkcts that they
do it with a smile."
In concluding. Mr. Lett said that
when this association combined to
control rat.e it acted illegally?that
the associations acts by coercion and
that's Illegal and that It is against
public policy and acts with malice.
Mr. Batchelor Sarcastic.
In opening the closing argument
for the defense. Mr. Batchelor said
that the Prophet Joel, who is spoken!
of in the Bible, said lhat "young tiicu|
see vis I ins and old men dream
dreams." "Our young friend Stuart!
has been dreaming dreams and our]
old friend Lett (I use the term old In
order to complete the c imparlsonl bj
dreaming dreams. Our young friend
iterkeiey is w-r-ng -n.it?.. not from
the usual cause attendant uiion the
an -ing of makes, bu; he see* them
nevertheless. They are cradling in the
jury box. We don't see th m.
"This whole prosccutl >n was the
outgrowth of a hasty dct rminstion
fhat seised the public when conservs j
tism iotvt control, passion ran rampant!
t?nd reason was d<throned. The com
miinlty has cooled down. Our friends!
have u ?t cooled down yet because
they are in the heat of the fray.
Fortunately my friend Baad snd my?
self were busy with other things'
rnd did not attend the indignation
meetinKs where public sentiment was!
so wrought up shout this matter." 1
Care Has Grown Serious.
Mr. Batrheior dttlarrd that this
<as?? ha* its sertoaa ahne and Justice!
Prown remarked thst a thing which,
might be funny in Its youager days
becaiOe serious ss t: became older
Afcntlnued on Third Page >
Kept The King At Home
"Foi*ehg past year we hare kept
the Ring of all laxative*--Pr. King's
New Lifo Pili*- in our home aad
they have proved a blessing to all mir
family.'' writes Paul Maibulka, of
Buffalo. N T. Besy. bat sure remedv
for all Stomach. Liver ana Kidney
troubles. Only lie at All Drag
Go with the Jaalors no th?lr Moon
Kcht Excursion Tuesday. June 21st
Distinguished People to Partie
ipate in Great Gathering at
Virginia Beach.
Subjects of Interest to be Discussed
by Men and Wcmfn of National
Prominence ? Newport News
Churches W.H Send Large Dele?
Newport News will send a large
delegation to tho third amiual Vir
Mtila Baptist encampment, which be?
gins at Virgins Beach Tuesday. The
encampment will continue for tin
uays, closing ou Thursday. June oil,
and hundreds of liapiisis fro all sec
tlons of the State are expected to at
Tho first liapiist encampment of
Ihe State was held al Itui kroe Beach
and proved a complete saccess. These
in charge of the arraligt units f ir lie
meeting this year say that (his en?
campment will be by far the best yet
held. An unusually good program has
been prepared and besides enjoying
all the pleasures to be found at the
;anious ocean resort, those In at
lendaucc will hear many interesting
and Instructive address*.? by promi?
nent preachers from this and other
Tidewater Virginia Baptists will he
well represented at the encampment
and the up-state Baptists will go to
the beach in large numbers to com
blue the pleasures of ten days at the
seaside with the enjoyment of the
addresses by some of the foremost dl
rhaea of America.
Following Is the complete program
lor the encampment:
Tuesday, June 21.
7:00 p. ni.?Sunset Service, Hev.
Sparks W Melton. 1> I).
8:00 p. m.?Praise and Prayer.
8:30 p. m ?"The Annals . of tbe
iMnce," Hev. J. J. Taylor,
D. Dj
Wednesday, June 22.
9:00 a. m.?ITaise and Prayer.
S: 15 a. m?"The Mission of the
Teacher.' Mrs. A. L. Wil?
10:00 a. m.?"An Ideal Sinday
School," C. E- Crossland.
10:45 a. m ? "The & Y. P. U.-dtl
Function," Rev. Thomas J.
11:30 a. m.?"The Mind of the Mas?
ter," Rev. J. J. Taylor. ?. U
12:13 p. m.?Sermon, Rev. Lcn ti.
Brougiiton. D. D.
5:30 p. ui?Conference of Pastors.
7:00 p. m?Sunset Service, Rev.
Ryland Knight. I) D.
8:00 p. m.?Praise and Prayer
8:30 p. m.?'Down in the Uumpa,'
Rev. Len U. Broughton. U.
Thursday, June 23.
9:00 a ra ?Praise and Prayer.
9:15 a. m.?"Equipment?Organiza?
tion?Grading and Meth?
ods," Miss A L Williams
10:00 s. m.?"Our Curriculum and
Method," Mr. C E oross.
10:45 s. m ?"The B. Y. P V-?fX*
Motto," Rev. Thomas j.
11:30 a. m.? The Method of tbe Mas?
ter." Rev. J j Taylor. 1?.
12:15 p. m?Sermon. Rev. i>cn ti.
Unmghjon. n. D
5:30 p m? Conference <f Superin?
tend, nts snd other Officers.
7:00 p. m.?Sunset Service. Key.
Geo. W. McDaniei. r> n
8:0? p m.?Prs.se snd Prayer.
8:30 p m? Tw?ntieU> Century
Ch-trch," Rev Len J.
Broughton. I>. IX
Friday, June 24.
9:00 s. m - Praise and Prayer
9.1."? s. m?"Lesson Onstr f-ticn No
1." Miss A I. Williams.
1? 00 a m The Worker s Pro.cs.
sinnsl Br.ipmewt." C. kt
Cros eland.
10:45 a. ? ? "The B T P. 0 ? Its
Methods." Rev Thema?, j
II 30 a ? - Some Servants of the
Master." Ree J j Taylor.
O n
12:15 p m - The Output of the H.
T. P. C." Rr?. George
5 3? p m - Conference of Moment
ary Workers.
7 nn p m-Bonnet gervb-e Res. W.
U Ball
?:*? p m -**r???r and Prayer.
v ??? p m - Tb' IVstin% of ?? ? r t
St-s ton
l> 1>
Saturday Jene 2%.
> ? i m Pri ?e and Preyer
111 a. m - Le-son OoaMrwrtK-n No
2." Miss A L William?
N no a. ? - The Feretghtrd Kaeday
,iiehool r K t^-oe.isne
la 45 a m The Hun* mtrnd-et s
Norm.' Rev. Thomas J
12:15 p. m.?"Tbe Divided Kingdom.'
Rev. W. J McGiotbim, U
5:30 p. m.?Conference of K:' in< nt
ary Workera.
7:00 p. IB.?Sunset Service, Rev. Iii.
L. Or to
8:00 p. in.?Ifalu and Prayer.
8.30 p. b.?"Tent 0? Among the
HoK UIIU!.?? Rev. W. Q
Taylor. U. U.
Sunday, June 26.
9:30 a. m.? Sunday school.
10: a. m.?"Tli" DilltMMItfM of the
Sunday School." N. B.
Brought on
11:00 a. m-Sermon. Rev. W. J Mo
Gothlin, I). D.
4:00 p. m.?'Missionary Mas? Meet?
ing. Speakers, J T. Hen?
derson. W. W. Hamilton.
7:00 p. m ? Model B. Y 1'. U. Ses?
sion. Led by K I) Foster.
s M p. ni.?Praise and I'rayer.
|:M p. ajjUt awrBOB, Rev. B. 1). Gray,
D. I>
Monday, June 27.
9:00 a. m.?i'riise and I'rayer.
9:1% a. m?"The Child in Our
ItMat." M ss A. L. Wil?
10:00 a. m.?"Building I'p the Sunday
School." Mr. Arthur Fl 'k"
10:45 a. m.?"Christian Stewardship,1
J. T lit nderson.
11:30 a. m.?"The Rattle of the S. b*
for the Children," Prot, m.
L. Middleton.
112:15 p. m.?"The Early Prophets,,
Rev. ?/. J. McGlothlin. I).
5:30 p. ni.?. .inference of Intermed?
iate olid Advamed Work?
7.00 p. m.?Sunset Sei".ce, Rev. U.
T. Wilson. I). D.
8:00 p. m.?Praise and Prayer
8:30 p. m.?"The South in Soll?; and
Story.*1 Rev. John Rc-ioti
Straton. I). I).
Tuesday, June 28.
j 9:00 a. m.?Praise and Prayer,
j 9:15 a. m.?"The Beginners Period."
Miss A. L. Williams.
10:00 a. m? "('.ratling the Bctiool,'
Arthur Flake.
10:45 a. m.?"Home Missions," Kev.
B. n day. n. D.
11:30 a. m.?"The Country Sunday
School ? lts Field and Op?
portunity," Prof. E. L. Mid
12:15 p. m.?"ladah Aione," Rev. W.
J. McGlothlin. D- D.
5:30 p. m.?Conference on Home De?
partment ami Cr idle Roll.
7:00 p. m.??'inset Servae. IV v. Hi.
Pemll 'ton Jones, D. 1).
8:00 p. m.?Praise and Prayer.
8:30 p. m.? The I'ps and l>owns or
Life." Rt v. II. M. Whartoli,
D. JJ.
Wednesday, June 29.
9:00 a. m.?Piaise and Prayer.
9:15 a. m.?"The Primary Period,"
Mits A. U Williams.
10:00 a. m?"Organizing the School,'
Mr. Arthur Hake.
10.45 a. m.?"M'ssions in Argentina,'
Rev. J. L. Hart.
11:30 a. m.?"Pastoral Leadership in
tbe S. S ." Rev. T. Clagelt
Skinner. P. D.
12:15 p. m.?"Ciptivity in a Btraage
Land." Rev. W. J. MeGlotn
lin. D. D
5:30 p. m.?e"enference of B. Y. V.
I*. Wotkers.
7:00 p m ?Sunset Service. Kev. T.
Clagett Skinner. D. 1>.
8:00 a, m -Praise and I'rayer.
S.3U p. m ?"On Horse Btck in the
Holy Land.' Rev. H. M.
W barton. D. D.
Thursday, June 30.
9 00 a m.?Praise and Priycr.
9:13 a. m?"The Junior I*ertod,
Miss A. L- Williams.
lo.no a. ni --"Organising the Classes,"
I'oldcnt F. W. Boats-right.
11:30 a sj ?"Religion in Educat.on.
Pre.-ident W. L Potent.
12:15 p ni?"A New Beginning,
Rev W. J McGlothlin. L>?U
? :;u p. m Conference of Adult
I'.ible Class Workers
7:00 p m Sunset Service, Rev. W.
\V llitni'tna, n D.
8:00 p m?Praise and Prayer.
8:30 p. m ?"The Biological Reyoiu
t on." President W L Po
S.UO p m ?Clr .ins Exrrcisos of tne
Note?The i;3ii conferences will he
under the direction of Sunday School
|S-cretjty .It .,epb T WatU.
Mb* Anna Jtenv.lle is Tistting rela?
tives in St rsntoc. Pa.
Miss Frames B.ojOJ is wilt Pave
today for bt r home la Roelmg i;n'-n,
Va. to t-pend the sagssscr holidays.
Mise Id i HasaHl left yesterday for
Norfolk ?b?r? *be will speed a wert
with friend, sud relatives
Miss H?7.1 Wearer. Who fcu been
v.dttatg rriatives sa Lancaster, r*
has 111 ni a* d house. Her grandi it he
accompanied her hcae sad will spend
tbe nummer here.
Mr snd Vrs G?orsT GnnaMg of
I easadi a. N J . who harr hem visitm*
frteada end n th s city, have
? ret dmed home
Mr. and Urs Thnmas B Jriass re
nrned yesterday froB their weddinc
?rip to Lyachbars- Roaaohe aad
Watt, Doxey & Watt
The Busy Store
Watt, Doxey & Watt
Au exdunive novelty fabric, with the
h-auty and rough character of high
prieedi baportod Kamin Liurtns, but
perfect in laundering qualities.
floAb you have a firm,
lfi'l)?^OTHet,0,lg d0th' Wit1'
in y .g f^LVJIIrrough yarns run
uing botli ways, Ideal for two-piece
and shirtwaist suits, separat? skirts,
?papa, waists, boys' and girls', and
ohildreo*l dresres, black, white and the
popular oolofk?; 87 inches wide.... 29c
Curtains and Draperies
The special sale of Curtains
and Draperies continues another
week. Lace Curtains. Set in: Cur?
tains. Summer Portieres. Couch
Covers. Figured Scrim and all
kinds of Draperies at very special
low prices.
White Waists
Some wonderful values in tine
Lawn Waists. One style has
square Dutch neck, embroidered in
light blue, pink or black. The
float pleats are ajao cm.iroidered
in colors. Another model has
round Dutch collar, embroidered
In colors, with pleated lront.
White Dress Skirts
Made of good, strong material ?
neatly trimmed; cut extra full.
White Dresa Skirts
One style plain tailored and trim
need with straps and pearl but?
tons?another is full pleated, ex?
tra good values,
Urrssin; Sarques
Lawn Dressing Saequcs. in n. at
figured and lloral patterns.
Children's Rompers
Put your child in a Komper and
turn him loose. They are ser?
viceable, comfortable and always
look neat?sizes t! months to ">
Black Brilliantine
Mohair Weave?Silk lustre finish,
50c, 69c and $1.10
Cream Sicilian
Mohair Weave?also has a pretty
lustre linish?44 inches wide,
Black Taffeta
36 inches wide: quality always
the same; rich black,
79c and $1.00
Crash Suiting:
Crash and Homespun SuI'lnus
are in strong demand Shis season.
They come in the natural shades
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One of the new weaves for cool
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liest six cord Sewing Cat tea, for
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Juno Dress Shields
Contains no rubber?soft and
white; proof agaiust perspiration.
It is odorless and. can he washed
in warm water and Irefeed when
dry. Trimmed With lace,
Kleinert's Gem
A featle-rwt bjhl shield that will
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women out of l.ntiu; offeis shad
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25, 30 to 39c
Kleanwell Tooth
The Braak that holds its bristles,
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This is a fine Swiss IdBefJ Fab
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Mcnnen's Talcum
See ?haw case display in front of
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quirements of a toilet and face
White Waisting
Pretty sheer plaids?neat checks
checks and strii>es,
Watt, Doxey & Watt
2909-11 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia.
iiiehmond. They aro at home to
their trientls at the Warwiek hotel.
Mrs. A. C. Shoaff is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. I). S. Craw
lord, in ItYanoke.
Miss Rena Xachman is visiting rela
tives !n Baltimore.
Mr. md Mrs. J. p. Fitzslmmons. of
Man-field. Oiho. who were calieU
h. :. by the death of Mr. F.tssimmons'
fath> r, liave returned to their home.
Mrc. D R. MeXej and daughter.
BBbj Vitginia. of Baltimore, visited
friends in this city last week.
BBm Mary P. Farthing is the gue ;t
of M.ss FJi/zibeth Curtis. 11.'? Thtrty
lc rrh street.
Mr. and Mrs E. M Braxton on bn
Boulevard, have as their gu-st, Mis
W C. Marshall, of Staunton.
K-\ Th'-ma, lwr.-t has returned
from Al.xandrit. Va . where he at?
tendee! ih?? common? cuit'nl exorcise ot
the Virginia Epi-'copal Thoologual
Mrs J. T. Wtiktey. of Xorfolk, is
spending 1 week with b< r parents, Mr
and Mrs A. B. Cos, in East Enu
The Misses Dav.s. on Twenty
eighth stteet. have as their ?uest.
lie < i-.sin M.ss lira. - I?w...?
Mr and Mrs Wslter Orubbs. o;
Camden. N. J.. sre the goeet3 of Mrs.
Cnibh* per?TiU. Mr. sad Mrs Evan.-.
22? Tweafv-aiath street
Mi?? Mary Thornss who has been
visltinc ifr aister. Mrs M. C V:n
ton on Huntington avenue, has re
turned to her home in Norfofk
Miss Mints Greene, who has been
?Kiting restive* hi Mac*bunt tas
Dainty Things
Successors to 1. K fc?mihi
Jeweler* and Silversmtths. 2711 Washington Ave Newport News
Southern exposure. Suitable for
two icentlem?-n. Kvery conven?
ience. Wry moderate rent.
JOHN VIHEY. Proprietor
2606 Washington Ave.
aa auMe It possible for
to enjoy nood health. It
the same for you coostt
ndiseathm. ?-arge bos If*'
All druaaists J. C OOTcBCCH * CO.'
or by mail, direct fewta BUM IS COM
1ANV. Waxblnttoa. U. C.
I hlt^W %tt ,-i^"S? Urn
Blue Mountain. Md. and return P m
Blue Ridmr. Ta.. aad return . ..hI..V>
WM Mar. Md.. and return.H'*
Also Special Rate* to other Mary
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Niagara Kalls. N. Y. and mem. Ill
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aad return.f?.eo
All tlrkets on sale on special dates
lor further informal:<>ti rail oo
f. B. BRAOti. Msrnt

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