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Ik daily press i*
newspaper publlahsd
Fport New* that reealvaa
new* aarvioa of ine /
J Press.
xv. no. ir>o.
Great Zeppelin Passenger Ves?
sel is Tern to Pieces on
Party Starts Out on Excursion Trip
in Germany and High Winds Toss
the Ship About at Their Mercy?Re
cently Bought at $137,500?Early
Part of Flight Delightful.
(By Aaaoclated Prws* >
2S.-Cok.nt Z?*ppeliuR passenger air?
ship Deutschland, the highest develop
ed of a'\ the famous aeronaut'*
models, lies tonight on top of the
Teutoburgain forest, pierced with pine
tree stems, a mass of dotl-Jted silk
and twistej aluminum.
The thirty-three person* aboard,
after a wild contest with a storm, "s
caped uninujred, climbing down a rope
ladder from the wrecked airship.
Herr Colesmcin, general manager of
the aiiship company; Chief Engineer
Duerr. of the Zepjx'lin Company, and
Captain Kannenberg, who personally
had charge of the crew of ten, and
twenty newspaper men, sailed from
D?sseldorf at 8:30 o'clock th s morn?
ing for a three hours' excursion. The
objective point was Dortmund, about
35 miles from D?sseldorf, but a hign
head wind prevailed and an effort was
made to reach Mi:nster, a garrison
town, so that a landing might be made
on parade grounds.
It was dangerous to attempt a land?
ing In an open field, be?
cause of the storm, as the metal was
likely to pound to pieces.
Motor Refuses Work.
In the high wind, one of the motors
refused to work, and the other two
were not powerful enough to make any
progress in the gale. The airship
drifted, swaying in the violent gtis.s
and sometimes leaning to an angjp
of forty degrees, and all the while the
englnemen were ,it work repairing the
disabled motor. When this was done,
all four screws were driven at their
full power, which, under normal con?
ditions, the ship was capable of at
ta ning a speed of forty miles an hour.
But the helmsman wes in ible to keep
his course, and the great craft was
swung about at tbe mercy of tbe
Coieeman did not dare to turn the
ship Around for fesT of ovei turning,
and he decided to drift in the gale
which wag now going at the rate or
fifty miles an hour toward Narbroiirk,
which is also a garrison station. Ii
he missed *hat, he would continue on
to Scnne.
Whirlwind Comes.
Suddenly he perceived a whirlwind
coming and ascended to a height ot
nea:!y f< ur thousand feet, to avoid
the worst of it. \V:th the whirlwind
came an svalnche of rain After
hilf an hour, the Deutschland came
down to permit of observations, and
It W3s seen that the Teutoborgam for?
est lav below. The forward motor
again snapped and Colesnian sent live
of the corres pond en is to the aft gon?
dola to I silav-t the vessel.
The Deutschland sank rapidly, hav?
ing lost much gas in the high alti?
tudes and dragged along the top ct
the dense forest A heavy branch of
a tree broke through the floor of tne
cibin amidships, throwing two of tne
geests to the floor. Other branches
tipped through the gas eompartments
and the whole great structure settle
down thirty or forty feet from the
"It 1? not the fauit of the Zeppelin
system." exclaimed Herr Cclesman.
?That la all right It is oar own
fanlt. and oor benxlne ran oyt.'
The airship, for which Herr Coles
aton's company bad jnst paid Si:t7-V?i
looked I he a wreck. The frames were
broken, hot the motors were not dam.
aged The silk was ripped and nai
fallen In a tern aiu on the tops or
the trees.
A rope ladder a as swung down an
every one wee mastered below an in?
jured except for a braise or two Two
native, identified the spot as near to
' Wat), ad til f, east of Oasabn ok
Maay person* of the countryside
asaot hire seen the descent and re?
port* of disaster explosion and death
ware widely spread A company as
Infantry wa* seat from Oenahnwk.
and picketed the *n ikaajs.
The disaster ocearres) at .:*?
the ore?iar The early part
wa* del ghtful. merh lite
wit hont the Jarr'.ag
Because She W.i- Not Presorted at
Court of King of Sweden. Worn
an Wants Damages.
City Associated 1'r. s-t
.NEW YORK. Juno 28 ?A his
bundle of papers, purporting to be
the compkiint in a suit for $1,000,000
damages against Theodore Roosevelt.
Robert Bacon, American ambassador
tc France; Charles Graves, American
m nister to Sweden, .ml his wile, :s
in the county clerk'; office here await.
Ing disposition. The bundle was
thiown Into the office todav bv Mrs
Ida M Vcn Claussen. alter the clerks
r<iu-al to (Be them because of ir?
regularities. Th<> attempted suit is
an outgn wth of the ref isal of Minl -'
ter Grjves 10 present Mrs. Von Clans,
sen a* 'he court of the late King Os?
car of Sweden. In l!?07. The com?
plaint begins: ?
'i hereby make formal demand Ol
the Supreme Cotrt of the Un.ted
States to procure me an honest law?
yer to plead for justice for me if the
United Slates of America h:is laws
callable to prot-vt me: if not then
the legislator mtist be appealed to.
Taft Leaves For Beverly.
/By Associate,! press)
WASHINGTON. I>. C. June 2V ?
orpsident Taft left here today to
si?erd the next thr^e or four months
at Beverly, Mass.. the present sum?
mer camp of the T'nited States.
With the President went Secretary
N?rten and Assistant Secretary Fors?
ter. Captain Archibald, with Dr. Par?
ker, his physical director; two steno
graphers and several messengers. The
rest of the White House executive
force will remain h?re during the
Nicaraguans Want Uncle Sam
Take Hand in War.
Steps Are Taken aa a Counter Move
to Offset Undesirable Impression
Likely to Result from Refusal of
Estrada to Accept Mediation.
tPy Associated Press?
WASHINGTON, D. C, June 28.?
Intervention in the Nicariguan situa?
tion came to the fore again today
when United States Consul Moffat. at
Rluefieldds. telegraphed the state de?
partment th ;t a petition, with 700 stg
natures hjd been presented to Gener?
al Eytrada, asking that the United
States intervene.
The suggest.on that the United
States intervene is taken as ? coun?
ter move, to offset the undesinble im?
pression likely to result from the re?
fusal of General Estrada -to accept
the pr< i.csal of the Caratago court to
have the warfare ended by mediation
Senor Cerea. representative of the
Madi government in this city, today
received two dispatches from Midrlx,
one denying many of the reported rhe?
tor f ; of Estrada fc.-:ces and the oth?
er telling of manifestations in de?
termination of this government to
keep them from refilling in hirm to
Americans in Nicaragua.
The first tele-tram translated, said:
?'It ij false that the revolution.sts
ore in control of Chontales. Acoyapa
Sin I'haldo in ernr power. Revolution?
ist* near A<-oya,>a in a very ?edured
n-imbor and with few supp.ies Will
soon be defeated in same way that
a revolutionary bnd wh;~h appeired
at M< mhaehs was de.-troved at Ks
calantllio with death of the chief.
Falavrt;. The entire country has
snbmitted m tho government w.th ex?
ception of Bliiefield? and Rama."
The second read:
"Government hafgiven orders to
ittop th? anti-American roantfesta
tations and has made more vigorous
the press in this particular the gov?
ernment gtarantec^ complete safety
to all Aaserican cltlxea*. Ton win
call to mind the cases of Fowler, ' an.
non and Plttmsn."
E'ected by State Tea Commission as
Espen Member
RICHMOVT). VA., ?nne lt.?The
;Jta ? ax romm.ss.on a* Its Brat
meetinc today electrd Pr. Omealan S
I'reeman as expert member of the
cmieission BN t? 'he only member
tho will receive pav and will he the
secretary of the mwmieloti
The enn?m<??km which era* earned
rv the test general aaembly to revise
he tax law* of the State and to ask ?
report sad rer- mmeodsitons to the
egislatnrw. ronvrwed In the e4Bce -*
th* er- ???. today at i* o'clock.
Preparations Going Steadily
on for the Great Bout at
Reno July 4.
Large Wagers Are Being Offered and
All Taken on the Two Priie Boxers
to Meet in Championship Contest on
Independence Day?"Battling" Nel?
son Arrives.
(lly Aai?i>olat?-<t Press)
R KNO, NKVAOA. June Mb Bweea
ins away the last lingering
fear of executive interference with
the Johnson-Jeffries battle on Juiy
Fointh. Governor Dicker-on, of .<
vadJ, arrived Unlay and personally
asstned Promoter Tex Riekard that
there was no possibility cf interven?
Governor Dickeyson said:
"The Asscciat'd Press may state
for me that the Jeffries-Johnson tight
positively will be held in Reno
the afternoon of July 4. with no inter?
ference from any one. Mr. R'ckatd.
os referee and promoter, has assured
me that the fight will be honeiitly
conducted. Beyond thi3> I have no
concern with it. I have known Mr.
Riekard for sererM years and Oia
word Is si?ffleient for me."
The honors of popular attention
among today's advices were shared
by Governor Dickersen .ind "Battling"
\e|?on, former champion lightweight.
"Bat" was the center of an interested
throng when lie went into the hotel.
Meet Riekard f*irst.
One of th? first men he met was
Tex Riekard. whose career as a tignt
promoter, began when be brought the
Dane and Joe Gins together in Gold
field several years ago.
Riekard was in an unusually cheer?
ful mood today. He declared that his
worries were over; that the fight was
going to be on schedule time. During
the night he received many me usages
from the coast which assured him of
3 good seat sale ind similar assurances
came from 3 number of unexpected
quarters. He made one trip oit to
the arena and on his return expressed
great sat sfactinn with the progress
of the work there.
Jeffries' early morning walk) out
yesterday took the enthusiastic by
surprise; so this morning nearly 400
l>eople had gathered at Moatia. They
waited patiently for Jeffries to appear
and get to work. He h^d another
trick up his sleeve, hoa-ever. and idid
not "ppear. He glanced out of j the
window, -aw the crowd and cheerfully
announced that he did not propose to
do any work todav.
Stays at Quarters.
He refused to leave his peT.-40n.il
quarters until after !> o'clock. Then
he W 1 need through the crowd nr.d
went off up the road in a cioud of
dust. Before his ret irn he had cover,
ed about seven rules of Nevadv roads,
taken mostly in short sprints. The
spectators, regretting hours of lost
sleep, were much chsgrn.ed but still
They wandered abnvt the grounds
anltir.g In the hope that Jefferles
would relent, some of them gave up.
btrt most of them remained until Jef?
frie, swinging ligh'ly along on bn toe-a
fiotted b'ok to camp. He glanced at
the lingerers and announced through
his follower* that he felt too good to
work at all today.
At J irk Johnson'n camp it was rest
day In the morning Johnson wander,
ed aronnd the resort wtifc his camp
folkwer? shooting crap* and keeping
up a running fire of hanfer wlt? every?
body in ranje.
That the men close to rhe fight?
ers are anticipating a hsrd battle was
indicated today In a aaesaage from Jim
tv?rbet: to Roger Rprwhahan. manager
cf the St. I?nis National Rasehall
team, "\jnck for hard fight. Jef
Irlee should whs." was the way Cor
i-ett expressed h*m>>rf.
Betting is Lively.
Loral betting on the ftrhi livened
op greatiy today. In in. 'V
prominent houses the following
aagers were fv?tfd
II :.oo even that Jobn?on ?;aya ten
rnajnsM. /
?S?a. to hf.ee t?at Johnson will wta.
Il.noo it. $;sa Jeffries will wia.
All the pffer? were promptly rover
Rob VeVnoa. of New Tie*, an old
friend oaJatfrtea. I. credited with the
large-t *wal warer. placed oa tk
firht. If was stated at lewTiea came
that J#>rnoa today pat op tZ sen to
%: *-fr>u to wta. a record of
'(C'T-.tlnoea or Third Pas*;
KWS. VA.. W h PNKSl)
Handsomely Gowned Woman Arrested
In New York aa an Accomplice
of Bank Looter.
illy .Asnictats.1 Pres?)
NKW YORK, June 2S.--A handsome;
young Itouniaiilan woiuan. who gives
ihe name of Mamille Webber, la,
h*M a prisoner at Kills Island an
HCCoaapitoa ol 1'aul Webl?er. a <leik
who is charged with looting a German
bank at Carlo, Egypt, of IM.BM not
long ago. Nearly 137,000 of the
money was found under a mattress In
ilie woman's room In lirooklyn today
j Webber has ilisappetnd and site re
fuses to give a duo to bis where
about s.
The pair arrived Jiere on June 16,
but, although the German consul had
turnuihed Immigration officers a de
script ion of Webber, tbcy passed in
tpeetloa safely and were swallowed up|
in the city until followed to a lirook?
lyn boarding bouse.
The woman was arrested yesterday,
but remained obdurate until today
when she broke down and revealed
tho hiding pace of the money. She Is
2S years old and handsomely gown?
j Company Will Confine vVork
to Press Dispatches as
<By Assoclate.l Prrss)
NKW VOUK. June B*.?General
Manager Brooks, of the Western
Union Telegraph Company, issued
notice today that the company would
rot furnish news bulletins, either by
special wire, by messenger or on its
t:ckers. relating to the progress of
? he Jeffries-Johnson prise tight at
Reno. Nevada on July Fourth.
Numerous applications have been
trade for such services in various
Iuris of the c-nintry. The Western
Union Company will confine itself
to handling of such messages as may
be tiled for r-gular transmission in
'he ordinary manner at Reno by press
Kssociations. by newspapers and by in
dlvldmvl*. f"? -
Explains the company's attitude,
)!r. Brooks issued I Ms statement to
"The Western Union Telegraph
Company is not in the business of
! patbering news. That is a function of
j 1 ress associations and of newspaper?.
I The telegraph company is a transmit
j ting aeenvy and as such will confin
j its activit.. in this Keno affair to the
-ransmission of news dispatches gath
ered by other agencies and iiled with
it for delivery to various points."
Case of Charging Murder Against
Carolinian is Temporarily Stop
(By Associated Press?
WARRENTON. N. C. June 2x.? Ser?
ious illness of one of the jurors in
ltd trial here of ft K Powell. Sr.. for
the murder of Chief of Police Dunn
rt Scotland Neck last March, brought
the trial to a temporary half today
snd may necessitate the summoning
at a si?. lal venire aud begin anew.
It la beli'ved that Juror Hicks, who
I was stricken today, has little chance
of recovery- 1
Witnesses for the dofense today at?
tempted to show that Powell was In
sane. One of 'hem testified thst Pow?
ell had expressed th? hope that 'agr'
cultural trimmers." which he though)
were hurricanes, would blow Scot Ian.'
Neck away.
Hatred of State Repr?sentative KP
chin was brought out. bn' the de?
fense took exception to this on the
ground that Powell was being tried
for shnorinc Officer Dunn, not Kit
T. P. Wanted at New Orleans.
tltv Aaerv-tat** Press 1
NEW ORLEANS June 2* ? Resoln
I-one were passed hy the Me-raettl ?
Club of New Orleans today inviting
former President Ro-wrvelt to riait
this city October 1?. The semtary
o? the organisation was also directed
tc lake up the matter ef < nlowel
Roosevelt's soot hem trip with the
seer-faries of ? tmltar organ i sat tons fas
Memphis. Teno.. Btre. inches* Ala
homa. Charlotte. N. C. and) RiceasoBd
Va. Mr. R ??r. >? already aaa aa aa>
gsa? vr.rt.- in Atlanta on Or:ober 17 fat
"Uncle Reams'" day.
B.sHoa MeV.c-.sr Oead.
-Rv A?.-iwlaS?d rrejwi
REVERLT. MASS.. June 2* Wil?
liam N? i)?on McVhsfcar. Prn*e*taai
Kpmcopai bishop of Rhode Inland,
oied at hi* summer home at Reverts*
Ccvw late todav efw a llngerlair ill
news. He had been bishop of
l?.:*nri since 1*-.. Ri.hop Me'
-?ss bom tn New York October 19.
1?4X He was graduated frosa Oat
?imbia Coilerne h> 1ST aad th- Oca
. ral Theolnartcsl Seminary tn IMS.
<YY. elUN? 2H 1JM0.
Searching Waters for Bodies
of Lady and Two Annapo?
lis Midshipmen.
No Witnec.es to Accident, But it (?
Believed the Young Men and Widow
Are Drowned While Bathing at
Beach?Boy? Teaching Woman to
(Tiy Aaaociateo rreaa.)
ANNAPOLIS. MI), June 2K ? More
than a score of ina-i'ii.* are tonight
ting ihe waters if the Severn
river for the bodies of Mrs Nellie ti.
Bewyer, widow ot loss ph. Rowyer, und
daitahte: in law ot Superintendent
John Hi wyer, of the naval academy,
and Midshipmen Grlshlc Thorns*, of
Colon Point, Ott, and Shciman M
Naron, of Newjsnit. R. I.
The three left the nav-il acaaemy
about 11 o'oltiek this uiorning in a
sali boat and ihe boat was fo.ind
drifting this afternoon In It were
poMon? of the clothing that had hecn
worin by member* of the party.
It Is believed that the midshipmen
(.'?ok Mrs. Itowycr to the bathing
shoie, used by the naval academy |.eo
pie. and attempted to teech her to
swim and that she getting beyond
her depth, nil (Jkresj were drowned.
All efforts to recover the bodies had
been fruitless up to a late hour to?
Miss Regular Launch.
Mrs. Itowycr and the two midship
men missed the regular launch 'h-it
goes to the bath beach, across the
tiver, and took -. hail rater boat in?
stead. Then tut j doolied htithiiig
suits, and again taking to tcelr boat,
went to a b?-sch nearer the mouth of
the river, but within sight of tne
naval academy.
While this beach is good, it na?,
treacherous spots, where the depth ot
water increases suddenly. There
were no wltneKses to what occurred,
but the discovery of the boat. In
which they hud been and that no
trace of any of the party has been
found, leads to the conviction that all
three were drowned.
Pittsburg Lady.
Mrs. Bowyer was a Miss Dean, of
Ilttsburg. Pa. Her husband, .lo.-epn
Bowyer, died a couple of yecrs ago,
and she has ever since made her
home with his parents. She was 2H
years of age.
E-ch of the midshipmen was about
2? years old and both were athletes
and members o( the academy rifle
team, with which they wen' to have
left tomorrow for Wakefteld. Mass., for
praeter, prepnrntory for the national
rifle competitions at Camp Perry,
Man Arrested at Seattle. Wann., la
Charged With Defrauding
Mary Bank*.
<T*t A??~-t?'.<1 T'l *?? 1
SEATTLE. WASH.. Jnoe 2k ?Thad
dens K. York, who was strested ye*
lerday by detective* *:io Had traced
bim all over the country by means of
a key to the knee joint of his cork
l"g. is said by th? police ti be the
Hicsi energetic forger of the decade.
York was taken just as he stepped
from the eang plank of the *feam?r
Provident from San Pranrisro.
He was arrest.d on the charge of
eVfraiidtnr a Rlama'a Palls. Oregon,
bank of f?..".??<> by forged draft*. He M
also srcu*~?l hy the detectives of hav
?ng de'rauded a Chicago bank of
t'..aa?; a Rellingkam. Wash . hank of
iK.aoo and a Seattle. Wash . bank of
ll.??. all within the last year.
To Knock Oat Prise Fiente.
I Sty A*? kited Press,
ATLANTA. Jaae 2+.?A Mil Intro?
duced lo knock oat prir - fights and
; 'ore ernte*?* of any klad ia Georgia
was tatrr-T'H-ed ,n the npper hraarh of
ihe general s??.rablv today. Roving
tontest* arc ?taged m thl* cRv
Savannah and Maorav
fa Air Over Hear.
NsTW YORK. June W -Cltf'ord H.
Harmon. In a Parman biplane, sailed
il tisaea arratssd tee ronrv at Mtneoll.
Is I tonight remaining aloft ease
hear and) tea mi* ate* covering an
Koaitna-ejT ?J mile* and ??tablisciag
what is balk-Ted to tw a new amateur
Former President at Harvard Unlvsr
' sity and Attends Class
(Mr Associated Prsss t
HOSTON. June 2t??Theodore Roose ,
veil ?tt* unahie to cnnie 10 Motion IQ
time to participate in the cut In* of hla
r'ass today hut he joined his olrl
'riends tnnlKht when the class held
its reunion At the Algernon etat here.
V small crowd was on hand at the
station when Col. Roosevelt arrived
Uoni New York at ;l p. m. and there
waa a hearty cheer.
The former presldt nr was driven to
the home of President lAiwell. uf Har?
vard University, In Cambridge.
Col. ltoosc\e!t had not been there
long before .i rennest came for him to
?|ieak to the membra of tho Harvard
Law School Alumni \. at. who
were holding their annual meeting
In (he Harvard union. He accented
and spoke MattY.
National Lawmaker Passes Away at
His New Orleana Home.
NHW ORS.KANS. LA.. June 2? ?
Un.ted Slates Senator Samuel Doug?
las MsBnery. of I.onslana, died at
his home here thin morning shortly
befrre 1U o'clock.
Senator McRnory s rtived front
I Washington yesterday morning ?uffer.
I ing from an attack of indigestion. He
I wjx Banned in a enrriage at the ran
raaal station and taken to his home ;n
Ml. Marys, where physicians were
hastily summoned. The senator ral?
lied somewhat after being treated ?nd
I showed marked Improvement ye?ter
day afternoon, l-ate list night his
condition took a turn for the worst
nnd carjdfthls mcrnlng he lapsed into
He ofed at the nge of 74 years.
Grand Jury Report Acquits New
York of Charge.
While the Investigators of Alleged
Traffic In Women Find no Organi?
zation for the Business, They Rec?
ommend Same Neeasd Remidies.
(Ttv Associated Press I
NEW YORK. June 28.?New York
city wea acq^.ti >d today of the roost
scrio is charge ever brought againsi
it. A sperlal grand jury, with Joan
D. Rockefeller. Jr.. as fcreman, hand?
ed tn Its teport after six mouths of
investigation, holding that tuere is
no organize^ trade in women here. In
other word*, the so rolled "white
slave" traffic Is a myth. Moreover,
the acqu ttai of New York is ee
peci'lly similar exoneration for ail
latge clrJea in the United States, for
It had been charged th-it through New
York, as headquarters, trade in wom?
en were carried Oi.
The re|Kirt, as presented, docs net
>eek to deny the ciidcnco that vice
flourishes and it tJises laws for 4ts
Ch of among the resolutions ape:
Remedies Needed.
That moving picture shows tend to
create evil in 'he minds of children
and should be n;est rigidly inspected.
That 12.1 "massage" and "mani?
cure" iNtrlora sre nothing more thin
disord? rly houses and should be sub?
ject to rigid regul-itioa.
That a crusade ashaald be made
against consoits of street women
Tnst there should bi a better ? iper.
via on of hotels.
That the tenement house Dws be
revi.-ed and that the nuyor appoint a
committee to ftudy social evils in thl?
and (thei countries.
The report or presentment says in
Trade Ks Form.
-While we have Toond no evidence
of anv oramf/atton in<orpora?od. or
otherwise, engaged in the traffic of
women, nor have we found rv dmce
of a?T organised traffic in women for
immoral purposes. It appears, on the
ether hand from indictments fonnd hy
rs and from the teMmtony of wit
aeswes that > traffic** is tan bodies
of woasen doe, exist aad la carried
on by individual* act rag for the..- ?w?
individual benefit and these petaoee
are known to each other aad asore er
Wa Informally associated
"We hare also fflcad :hH aa soon
as clubs, ccmpreed snalcr;. cr whoRy
of those prnatta? frwsc rtre. have n
ieted aad that rac snch <e-gaaraarion
la accept ng the pi ?wf ans?t. Jwdga
O Sufi var. la the Court of General
"Year iaw?re? to Ute asatn ewestioe
submitted tn yon ?? a merited '??ntr*
to the slender era of the rlmnes; ayea* J
city Ja the eWorld
v IR
Husband! and
j f
gun BeVyvetnj
and the OtK
Wounded Byit
(B7 Asaocld
ore man U dead,
hi ven other i? icons'
wltli more or leaa
the result of a duel
the city's most
fares aboat 8 o'clock tl
The trouble started
tween Krsnk Vienna an<:
curio, over tbe alleged
Merrurio of hl* ?''fe, VS
The two men wet?
front of a saloon at
street and Btoadwa\ wh?
revolvers and commence
each other. A number
rushed forward to separate
before tbe ehoctlng could
Viena was dead, Mere-trio
Jured oml seven stray bi
found marks in as many of
In the meantime a riot f
been turned in and police n
rroni the stations, rushed to the
It was with the titnioft d itniltyl
they were jhle to quiet the frei
mob. Apart from tbe two prluci
all the wounded will recover.
Wiralaas Mast on the Battleship is'
Put Out of Commia
NORFOLK. VA.. June 28?The Wire?
less rosst on the battleship Delaware
was struck by lightning during a
storm this afternoon and one man is
reported to have been slightly hurt.
The Delaware was loading ammuni?
tion at the time she was struck and
the shock caused soro> excitement
awr.ns the men. One man. who was
standing on deck under th6 wireleaa
mast, was knocked down auf- is report?
ed to have received some slight
The wireless rr.ast was put out of
commission, hut a new one was be?
ing installed tonight. A quantity of
powder was stored on the ship's deck
when she was struck.
.'ealousy Causes Kentucky Man to
Commit Double Crime.
i By Associated Press}
LOUISVILLE. XY.. June 28?After
-hooting his arffg to d.ath. putting one
ballet In his own body and dringtwlee
hi hi. 19-year-old son. 1. C. Btrd. %
building contractor, tonight committed
suicide by cutting his throat.
He drew the knife while his son was
grappling with him for the pistol.
Jealousy of his wife is said to hero
b?en the cause.
Mr*. Bird was 48 and her busband
Pf years old
Prisoners Take Leave of Greenville,
Va, Jail.
GREEWTLLB, VA . Jane ??Sir
negro prisoners, confined :a the cone,
ty jail, unt algal rede their enoa
by burning a hole in one of the floor
The delivery was so timed that U
men might catch s passing train,
a motored wiisana gave the aJaraa
four cf the fC eoners *gr*T
before daylight.
The two saea at large are
with felonies
Delaware en Trial Run T9SM>
VORr*OL*Tu t/A . Jaae U.?TQ
tow Wteraoea an the hie* tht
hattreswrp Dataware, the Brat AaaeeV
ran "rt i aiftaaeuir win leave tao'
NrrfoRt ravy yard far a trtsl ran ?>
*cs TW Mgt .hip eras baay naarl*
ail of today taking on -<s?*aTO?AB??
and taaktnaj ready for her departx*rav
Matrix Forces Leaa.
2? -^esaeeal Dn. '.n. with lie aa*
r ptnred Petti : aro-o frw* Ute
rt* farrsja after a Jtaokocn 4et
The Rgttfip lacte.: two beam BBfJ
men oat each ?:!* wer? kiwet

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