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Statue of General Morgan
To Be Erected In Lexington, Ky.
Photo by A me Ii can Press Association
Although two jv ini off, preparations mm? well Wider wuy for tbe erection
of a beautiful ami lasting memorial to General Morgan at 1 erlagt on Kj The
Daughters of the Contodeiacv of tbat Mate ure fostering tin- move The cost
of this beautiful statue will be Jio.tiuu. of which fa.VOU la betag ralaed by the
Daughters and *to..?.?i voted by the state legtalatnre. If tin- prcacal plan* artt
to be relied on tbe statue will stand directly In froat of the Fayetta gaaastf
courthouse near the birthplace nod last rearing place of the dead war hero.
It waa recently announced that ibe an veiling of the statue will take place in
?Juno. 11112. ttm which occasion h rata lav will lie held.
A Memory of Gettysburg
(Continued From Ninth Page.)
preceded by a bombardment of ar
All during the forenoon Ibe Coined
stes were busy preparing for the
to be made by Pietett'a hri
which had come upon the Held
the day before and which had
been engaged.
Lee massed in favorable posit ioas
1S8 guns and at 1 o'clock in the alter
Jjoon the Sintis! was irfven und the
battle opened. Opposing these guns
were but 78 on the Fnion side but
tbey weit better weapons. .Much of
the Confederate metal went over tbe
Union lines, while tli dr oppoucnts
fired deliberately and selected a* tar
a?ts thoae batteries that?wcre doini
tbe grea'est damage.
General Hunt, commanding the
Union artillery, in writing ol the
scene, describes It as follows: "Ail
their bat:eries were soon covered
*JJjlth smoke, through which flashes
Were incessant, whilst the air seamed
filled with Shells, whose sharp explo
arons with the hurling of their con-'
tents, forme*! a running ac?-ouipant
raent to the dc<ju* roar at, the guns "
For an hour ami So minutes this
artillery due) lasted and then Qeaeral
Hunt, wishing to cool his guns and
replenish bis ammunition for the re
?teillng oi the charge he anticipated,
gave tbe order to cease tiring
The ^-essatlrvn ..f firing KaTe
the Confcderacs ih. impression ihat
tbe Fniou batten', had been put oal
of commission and their artiller?
teased while Picketfs brigade was
ordered lo charge. This charge, whlk
generally called Plckett'a, was mad.
?p of that commanders division, wltl
Rentier s and (iaraett * brigades Ii
front and Armistead's brigade in sup
port. WOcox's brigade of Hin? cor|B,
la echelon giiajjice; Ptchatt'a right.
*hi!l' Pettigrew s division. suppnrteo
by the brigades of Scales and Lane
and commanded by Trimble, did the
supporting on the right. ?
There were about II.'mh, men In the
Ime and as it swept out of cover
info the open it elicited crioa of a-t
The general public to know that
y am not ruanlng a 1-mnr.
?arm. but a place where you can
?rt everythlag that's GOOD TO
?AT. Von have the prlvileev
of ordering anything you want
from our bill of fare. Our treat
?sent alike to all.
?tnt-class bar attached
t?te dining room
?oar for ladies and
Maja rraaasmhli. Give
sag? aad be roaviaced. T
f>. W COBS, Proprietor.
(Formflriy Proprietor of
Thv> SUr K>,uiirnr.!
Twenty eigtits?
miration even from the opposing side.
Hunt's artillery, the disabled pieces
r. placed and with plenty of amiiiu
nition, opened upon the line as soon
as It was in view. Pirst with solid
shot, then with shell and finally. a>
the troo|>s approached, cannister was
used with dcadh . (l i t
Despite the gruelling lire the line
advanced toward the I'nion front main
lainiug practically a solid formatiot
until it readied ibe Kniinittslung road
As the separate biigades crossed ,h?
loud they lost their regularity, but
uressed forward as best ihev could.
Peltigrew's division was overwhelm
ed as it struck the Fnion line and
.'.immi prisoners and 1'. stands of colors
fell into Meade's bands.
Plckett'a men. however, then front
mg the I'nion line, continued reso
Uitely on. Garnet: f II when within
:??> yards of the Stesse wall that was
I.eld by Meade's treeaat, At thai jatu
,ure Stannard. with Ins Vermont bri
;adc. fell ujioii Picket t's flank and th?
truggl ? Isisme hand to-hand. Armi
-lead, with about I'm of his men. leap
? d into ttM I'nion defenses and Isid
his hands upon tin ir guns. He died
there, as did most of his brave follow?
I*u.kett. with a portion of his force
managed to return to the CvadbjdJtfl
fffe lines but he icft the flower of thi
Southland behind, either dead, wound
ed or prisoners, thit of four generals
and 18 field ?tiffirore. but Picket: ant
.me lieutenant colonel remained an
harmed. The charge had utterly tail
Put theng might have been a dif
erent story had Stuart been mh ccs
ul in his attempt lo get in the I'nion
?ear when the assault on the iron'
vss made.
The fortunes of war were against
he CiHiecderates for Stuart encotin
ercd Gregg and there was fought
Mag against fi.no?. one of the gr-at
MB] cavalry battles of the war. ar
rording to General Caster. St;iar
waa checked and forces) back
la spite of llcke't's repuKo
Confederate* were not be* en Kai
worth with his cavalry, was orde
a charge the Confederate line and |
id so. oid* 'o he killt-t: ,v<i
mand cut up.
The Confederatea antic i|?ated a
countercharge and all night the mer
lay on their arms but Genera! y *.|,
did ao? awnre. Thea Oeaterai Ijee call
d ha his Itaea aad conceal rated them
cn Seminary K?dg - pr?par> . rv to re
tieat'ng. Tbe retreat was nahnlid
with eseellent order and oa Jeff 7 hi<
anay reached tbe Potnmac The rtver
toeing swolb n. General Lee intreacbed
aad p-it up a froat that Mcadr did
not reature to attack. Meanwhile bis
uten built hridgee and aa the 1<
his whole armv rroseed into Vtrmi
egg estcsiie?. his pwmuer.
Arcerdiag to tbe best aatbority the |
losse* a: Gettvsbnnt were. I'nion
'..071 Wiled 14 4*7 w.mnded aad k
4M miaalag. a total of tS.ao.t <
?afierste. l^tl killed. II.Tee wemaded |
east &.lia astasias. a tots! of >e,i
The Confederate returns. hn*?. r ?r,
Jewinw!ph..e Meede reported hsTlncj
taken I2.U1 prni >n? rs while I. ?- re
Ported that 4.*0* men fell lato bis
cook With tsaa
Try G. B g.
Copyright, 1*10. by American freaa
A mau suflragctle nuil u man autl
suffrufc'i He were dbe utslut; the yuea
tlon of vote* for ?. iueu '1 he suf
frugette le<l off hv atuttuj; that women
ofteu owued property nod were en
titled to vute fut (hu?e ? ho innde the
laws aftVetliiK their Interests A
! widow, for lustuuce. hud uui even 11
husband to reprvaeul her A woman
who uilgbt bate more tiuaiuess ability
tban uiauy men?
"Wbat'a that you say about a wo?
man baring: buslueua ability?" Inter?
rupted the autl.
"I said that a woman uiljtbt"?
"Do you Include uiy wife?"
"I haven't the pleasure uf ao no
quatntance with your wife "
"If you luid you would uever have
made that statement."
"Is your wife a poor business wo?
"You Just try her lu a matter of
"Not up to that, eh?"
"I abould aay not When I married
her she bad some funds nud Instated
?a managing them herseif. I attested
a bunk account for her and IHM to
teach her bow to keep It. Bbe learned j
very quickly what the check book was
for. but the pass book battled her. I
brought down her balances for her in
the check book, so that she would
know bow much she bad In bunk.
"Oue day 1 handed her her pena, book
that had Just been balancer! at the
bank. She looked at tbe figures and
seemed very much pleased. Theo she
went off and looked at tier chock txxjk
balance. Soon after that she present?
ed uie with a fur lined coat as a ajar*
prlae. It waa not loug before she re?
ceived a surprise herself in the shape
of a notice from the bank that her nc
count was overdrawn. She crime to
me to ask what It meant. I told her. !
and she left me with a puzzled look
aa her face.
"A few daya later I received a polite
note from tbe cashier asking me If I
would kindly call at,the bank. I did
so. and he received me with a BaCBPJBr
smile. Taking me into a private od'.ee
where no one would hear, be told tue
that he had seut my * Bje notice thai
her sccount was overdrawn to the
amount of ?7350. Then he showed me
a note from her, in which she ie?ioM-d
her check on his own bank for the
amount to square rbe account
'Your wife is not used to keeping
a bank account. I take it.' be remarked
j to kindly consideration of tuy feel
I Inga.
'Ob. yes. ahc is.' I replied. 'I've
told her all about it'
" 'It can't be a mlatake of ours.'
? 'No; a mlatake of mine. I should
t have told you that she can't learn Just
how the trick Is done. I'll give you a
i check for her overdraft.'
"I wrote him a check and that even?
ing asked tuy wife bow she expected
to wipe out sn overdraft lu that era*
She was very much surprised end <iU
grnntled. I thought that I'd better
look into her check and puss books. Mi
what do you suppose I found" When
a short time before 1 bad handed her
her newly balanced pass book she Had
noticed that the balance brought down
waa $350 to her credit. Tbe balance
I bad brought down for ber lu her
check book waa $10. 'There were
checks out nut yet presented at the
bank for $340. Being a matftcmacleal
prodigy, she figured that if she tiud
$340 in tbe pass book and $10 lu her
check book she must have a balance
of $350. She at once determined. In
tbe generosity of ber dear Itiuoeent
heart, to spend It In a fur Hoed coat
for me. 1 paid for ibe coat, aud it
! furnished food tot tbe tuotba
"She was so' disgruntled at her In
I ability to icanace ber account that she
j said aba would draw oat all ber money
and give up banking. I asked her
?hat money she referred to She said
that alnce 1 bad paid tbe overdraft
there must be several hundred dollars
her credit Katber tban try to
I explain to ber tli.it tbe account nnd
I been cloaed I deposited $400 la bank,
and she drew s .heck for it. and in
this way tbe matter was settled
"Well, there wa? no more trouble
after this till one day I left her to go
en a business trip lu my check lwwk
I left a check pays Me to her order for
a blank amount duly signed, ao tint
if aha needed money she ceatd All la
the amount she required aad get It at
(be bank. During my a bo* exe ehe ran
short of money. A t in for perfumery
came In for ?625 She filled ta this
amount, drew tbe m. uey aad paid tbe
he aobmltted the cane to a
friend, who advtaed ber to write a
check for all the funds she would need
till B.j reenra. take it tu the beak, and
they, knowing aha was aay wife, would
probably cash It Instead of taking It
there herself she aeat It
-Wall, ehe got the money Kot
rhea I came back, happening la at
the bank one day. the rentier greeted
r gna. this time morn
tdJottc than before, banding aar at
tb* same time the eher* my wife aad
drawn, to which she bad* signed aay
Th? PamUd Slippart That
Are Smart This Season.
White kid sll| ; -re are nor new and
?trance accessories of the smart toilet,
but those same slippers when bund
painted In floral effects are very stun?
ning, and. what Is equally important,
they are uew.
Tbo Illustration gives one n rery
pood Idea of how charming n white
kltt slipper may lie when painted in
a fJJ?(aj*al ifeif llunnl design. Any
small blossom will serve as a motif,
and the tBSSftPg should be such as
will tone In with a certain costume or
be inconspicuous enough lo "Jibe" well
with most of the gowns lu one's ward?
Hints Worth Taking.
For Rainy Days.?A good way to
keep your skirt from getting dirty and
wet ou rainy days is to put a piece of
black elastic with book and eye on
etfds around the dips over your skirt.
Pull up the skirt ou all sides, put on
your coat, and no one will notice it.
The skirt trill stny ap nud relieve you"
of holding und crashlug it
Kor the Mattress.?When cleaning
house get a quart er of n yuni of strong
ticking and cut iimi sow double on the
sides of your mnttress for bundles.
You will find it a great help in lifting
and turning the mattress over
Keys.?Try tyiug keys to doorknobs
w it it a loop of narrow ribbon. It will
save n search for u missing key. par?
ticularly if there uro small children In
the bouse who are fond of taking keys
A Nail Uint?Nails used in bath?
rooms and hitcbeus on which damp
cloths and towels may l>e tiuug sbouiu
lie painted with white ounmel so that
they do not leave rusty marks.
For the Face ?To protect the face
when sweeping or doing other dusty
work smear cold cream on face and
neck generously and dust talcum pow- {
tier over It. This saves the pores of
the skin from getting clogged with the
Good Soap r"or Roys.?Pick up bits
of soap that are left around the
house, melt, stir In cornmeal to thick?
en and make caken of the mass When
cold this makes excellent soap for the
small boys to get dirt out of tbeir
k nucklea.
Try Them For Dinner.
F.t sirawUTiy pa'ties take one and
a half heaping mhiespoonfuls of-pow
ilcred gelatin. Iia.lt a enpful of Ooiliug
wafer, one tahlesponnful of lemon
Juloe. four ?hMespaeedMa of sugar, one j
|M.und of straw '?erries aud tbree-qnar- I
tors of a plot of whippet! cream.
IMek the strawberries and nil; so IS
srruwnrKicv eamaa.
rlent of tbem through a sieve to make
half a plot of puree Warm this porce
slightly, then add g-latin dissolved in
the boiling water <ugar and lemon
Jajtce. Allew lo cool slightly and fold
la whipped cream Divide the mix?
ture Into fresh patty cases and sot
away la a cooi pu> a Decorate with
whipped cream ami rtJM strawberries
The Ceeman G r \ Heoe Cheat.
Every Gemma gir has ? hope ehest I
This is BSV h diEeee-.t fraes (be du? ry
ehest which the Ar,..-rte? girt on l>e
eommg engaged I? . ma ?? III !n ad
vancr of her weddu < day The Uer
3ud maiden Ugin. <? eterfc her hope
cheat even before aha teerte the aaaa
to wboas she is to t- married Hue be
glas to save for her weEolnc day long
tiefere ehr w engaged Sh>- la Imbued
with a ?en?e of thnr: and ataw wltb an
*? bit loo io have a ?nrer dowry th.i*
aar met her had ' ''tew the tinman
gill begin* to .-iMie. 1 thine* when ?be
eater? ber leeo- siteallf "** an Tee
her aisaey ?? aar In laying envies for.,
her cheat With sk'i she eeahr.rfdrm
aar haWsls na eweh article ?f Kara
That by the 'late .he ie lagaafd to he
taerrKnd She Is thot'.itgtily etra!["t1?'<1
with aaodfxN of ?'le arthlen that
are use fa: at tonaetei ?lac.
This Is Our New Horm?, Corner Washington Avenue a< d
Thirtieth Street, which we will occupy on September 1
Great Removal Sale Now Going On
35 to SO Per Cent.
Saved by buying
Our Removal Sale!
35 to 50 Per Cent.
Saved by buying
Our Removal Sa It
We DID cut
Adorvn the prices
Bargains galore in every line. You will have to see
the stock to appreciate the values given.
It means dollars in your pocket; buy novy
Closed All Day Tomorrow, July 4ih
The Hotel Stenographer
on Safe and Sane Fourth
(Continued From Ninth :%g.- ?
end glory, but aren't even second
cousins twlr* removed to the Four:I:
of July.
"Then he slope end r- aches for the
Ice water. You'll always find it there
m'friend. Honest. I don't believe he
could speak without that little whit?
pltehtr at his elbow. Then he wades
dn again. After 4"? minutes of ehoieo
word pi? tnres and ?.? drinks of ire
water he's so exhausted that he has
to stop whether he wants to or not.
He dors, and the hall fairly rinrs
with applause. ex.prosr.inc the grati
l?de of the audience that the Ice
water's given out I He's safe m'friend.
and we might stretch a point and call
him sane?only It Isn't quite safe for
people ?nh>-rt to vertigo to listen to
Speskir.c of sane Fourths, however.
Nevada ? celebration this rear will be
;? safe e.ne. alnrhv alriaht: Ye-cs
Juat a* peaceable and nifty a little
p'oeram as you please. There's a
buaky and dusky person by the name
to per see. of course.
"In this true and laudable .-ndeavor
he's aided and aliened trv a likely lad
known as Jeff, who is a trifle less cn
.hnsiastfc about the safe pert of the!
affair, promising to b t loose a few o'
the skyrockets
The whole thine Is being conduct
,-d strictly according to Hoyle th
governors of several stales bar in;
lern consulted hrst before the pro
iiim was completed. Th n was quin
mixup. however, at :hl? stage, a
M.me <d> the- governors did not thin
'he celebratioa a ?afe and sane 001
and thr.a'ea<-d all sorts of things It
the fireworks were let off anywhere
near them, but all details ^jeere *"
last satisfactorily arrang-d Despite
all precautions, however, it see'cK'evi?
dent that unite a collec'ioa of shoe'
ing stars will I? un< orked and lex
loose around the rlagsld. hah? YoaicUk reaikster. laeawybTvV Jam'ewii *
never looked at the ficht in this light? ,r> tell you about the safe and sand
Of course you didn't! How could l oorth 01 Jaly baseness. Ilowsotn
y.tn. m .fVnd. whew v .u don't helWr ,w.r rom<1 aro?nd Uier this evening,
'n a safe and sane Fourth! I gyms ^.^ea ||.f
the n-x' thing vou'll be
feelings by madly discharging devil
chasers i.nd miniature galling guns Is
a primitive exhibition of caveman in?
telligence, the safe-and-saners argue.
It's all wrong they say. Sure, cele?
brate. th*y insist, but do it conserva?
tively and in a fashion that shows:
?cental exhileration as well as physi?
cal. Therefore, we have the roacher
at third base!
"No more striking instance of how
to celebrate without the aid of tire
?verbs is offered anywhere than will
be seen op every diamond In the
ounfry today?most of 'cm double
traders, too! If you don't believe it.
vatrh these lads go throuch Iheir
lughy Jtnnipg*?e-ee yah contoriioas
tr.d bow-knots?and 00me out of th**
am' Just as sane as when vbey went
into It! Aside from the interest In
'?asehell Itself, every Fourth of Jury
? ontest the country ovt r should ??
least prove that a majority of the por
ilafioa is r??n'.?n'rnr itself with a per?
fectly aaae celebra'ion of the natal
nay or American ind'peadeeee! Huh'
There's a man over at the counter
who wants to buy a cigar.
-Well. well, that's too had?hut far
be H from aw to interfere with your
of. J. Johnson who's mighty decided ia |"? wonder how
H? convi< 'Ion that the American pen?
ile ta taking an asrful chance tn toy.
?at with nr.?rracker? on the Fourth.
of casual-test are pub
give you a few more
_ In the new?.pat?rrv
Hntnan candle that f|a|.mm purse Kkewbas; yon Honest, mfrteed. I
would Pay. wouldat he as swapwiowa as you far
' When we come la fh?- sane ead of a diamond Mara! You're worse than
For purely philanthropic reasons, of,'he Fourth thi* yea.-. M me state that a wine agen: railtn? fr?r his owa
course, he's will In? to he the gnat an Ideally sane er lehret loa will he : rend aad all keyeC np to ten the
in providing another form of enter fowad aruead tar third bear line at p-tjpc*eter what he thiah? of him f?r
tarnment for the dar?warb persoa [ every ball park in the country A harte?; h aa bis wlae list hat not la
witaaastng the masJcai pay tag from ti j r->cfcle**. senseless display of patriotic Me cellar! *Tomt'~

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