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only newspaper published in
Newport Newa that receive* the
full news service of ine Asso?
ciated Press.
VOL. XV. NO. 156.
... There ma no evidence or hin, ol
Jack Johnson, the Negro, Wins1 >??>< u ??? in im pari
Reno Contest and is Proclaim?
ed Heavyweight Champion
of the World.
I ot John .on
Johnson Bfeead himself so abso?
lutely leliries' master thai experts,
such as \v. Ports tt, an Australian
p portingand ringexpert, iirltnid that
I Tommy Hm tis had put ui> a better
I hgli: against Johnson and that the
I Mac k a as only plsylng with the ''her
The end wa> swift and terrible. It
j looked as theugdh Johnson had Ih-'h
j holding htgneif under cover ail the
rest of tlie tune, and now thai hs
: had tuen und .l< tTri-in ail his vvoak
i esses, he had detesaiaed to stop i;
I ouiekly.
After Winning Twenty-two Fights, the: J-ITtics had lost the power oi <le
fcnse. A series of right and left up
Californian is Brought to His Knees peretttj delivered at Brill, seal him
ataganiag to the ropes. He turned) end
fought hack by instinct, as though
he was dying hard. ?s?
Like Hitting Punching Bag.
gle?Friends Leap Into Ring and i Willi the exception of a fen fast
' rounds^ tti. tiuhr was tame. Jeffries,
?lid norhav the i?>w. r In punch to
hurt littmdb alter he had received
l.low afu r fflow on the jaw. ami his
\ital power was ebbing. Bui ov.ti be
iore (his stag? came. Jeffries could
not reach the black. The blows, almost
all of then, landed with all tin ipaad
For the First Time and is Knocked
Down Three Times in Last Strug
Beg fc 'Stop Heavy Blows.
"I lost my fight this afternoon,
but did not have the snap of
youth I used to have. I believ?
ed in my own heart that all the
old time dash was there, but
when I started to execute, the
speed and youthful stamina
were lacking. The things I used
to ''o were impossible. Six
years ago the result would have
been different, but now?well.
I guess the public will let me
alone after this."
"I won from Mr. Jeffries be?
cause I outclassed him In every
department of the fighting
game. Before I entered the ring
I was certain I would be the vic?
tor. I never changed my rr.ind
at any time. For the next few
weeks I shall play in vaudeville.
Then I shall go to my home in
Chicago to rest. I do not think
I shall fiqht for several months
because I do not know a man
who could give me a good bat?
tle. No attention will be paid to
Sam Langford challenges by
me. I do not consider he could
give me a good fight."
taken out of them. II was like hitting
j i punching bag.
j The Jeffries crouch Bras in eyl
j oencc at times, but during most of
the licht J -flries was found standing
:;raight anil working Tith BOSS*
1 ?liiiig of his old aggressiveness.
The fifteenth round started with a
clinch, after Jeffri s had failtd to land
; on the body. JotSSOII then tore loose
; ml before the ipoctators were nrepai
i td for the tinish. be had sent Jeffries
down with lightning left and righ'
' blows tu the jaw. Jeffries reel--d and
nil hail' way through tlie ropes on
the west side of the ring. Those m ar
biln. saw that he had lost MhM of his
surroundings and the faces at" the
, ringside were a blur?his time had
tome. II? was feeling what he had
caused others to feel in the days of
his youth and power.
Johnson went over to the spot and
siood. poised over his adversary, his
body ready for a left hook- If Jef
lrics regained his feet.
Begs For Jeffries.
Jim f\iiiiett. who twice IiaTl gone
<t iwh liefere .kfTries' blows, and who
had stood in Jeffries' corner all dur?
ing this tight, telling Johnson what a
fool he was and liow he was in for
the greatest beating of his life, now
tan forward with OBbstTetched arms,
(Continued on Kourlh Page.)
Chief Justice of U. S. Supreme
Court Passes Away.
RENO, NKW. July I I 'tin Arths*
Johnson, a Texas hi-To. SOS of ai
American slave, tonight is the firs
and undisputed heavy weight champioe
utigilist of 'he world.
James J. Jifiries. of California, win
tcr of tw-.nty-;wo < hanvionsiiip tights,
the man who sever was brought to
bis km es be. re by a blow, tonight'
I assed into history BS a broken idol. I
He me; utter defeat at the hands of.
the blac k champion in the fifteenth! ???
While Jeffries was not actually DEATH COMES SUDDENLY
counted out. h< was saved only from |
this crr-.wninc itOM by tJa frieinN '
BSSSattaR Witt FeaSBsM l ot IS hi. IM Leacler ot American Judiciary Retires
tollen man aoain. and the towel wns
brought bate the ring from his comer.[
04 the end of the fifteentn round.;
Ref roe Tex RiokaHt rai-cd the black,
rrm. and the great crowd filed out.
r.lum ami silent.
D-agged to Ml Corner.
Well as Usual After Attending
Church, Though He Breathes His
Last Soon Afterwards.
ilty Ass--< i iO ?! I'r. k>>
fulfillment of an oft-expressed wish
that he might cud his long life in
the very room wrier.- his wilt brea bed
Jeffries was drag: -d to his corner.
Heeding fr >m nose and mouth, and
? dozen cuts on the face. He had a
Mack, closed eye. and swollen f-at
ues. and he held his head in his
hands dazed.
Johnson walked out of the rinc her last, six years ago. the venerable
vtthout a mark on his body, except a thief ju.-n-t of the Supreme four: of
slight rut on his lip. which was the the Cr.tt <1 State.-. Mclvill. W. Kullci.
opening of a wound, suffered in train- tiled suddenly ol loan failure early
ing. ' loday. Not only did the leader of the
Ring experts agree that n was not A.merie.in judiciary round out In- 'lav ^
? ven a championship fight. Jeffriea in the same room wlc-rc his wife had
bad a chance in the s-rond round, passed away, but it was in ihe state
perhaps, but after the- sixth it was <f In.-, nativ ityftthc s'atc he n.v.-d
plain that he was weakrncd and out v-.il <!,,- r,: long iif- ended. < "hi f
classed in every point. After the-Justice Kuller was 77 years "old
eleTenth round it was hopek.se. I With tbe Justice when be?
lt was tbe greatest defleonstration wer? hi* daughter. Mrs. Nathaniel
'he rir.g has ever seen of the failure Francis, of Washington: his grand
ot a Bghtor to "come back"' afu-r daugh<< r. Miss Ruby Krarit is. ami It- v
years of retirement. James K. Krceman. of MinneajHtlis. a
The voufh and the science of the neighbor and friend of Ute family.
Mark man made Jeffries look like a Justier Kuller hau no- shown any
green man The grea! Jeffries was symptoms of illncs*
lite a loa. I Yvsiorday be attend, d -be t hurrh '?t
Jeffries foiirh; bv instinct. It seem- I.ede?mer. tKprscnpele where Rev
ed. showing his gam n.-xs and his Mr. Kre? man conducted the seme s,
rrea' fighting heart in every round He retired last evening about the
hat he was only the shell m his o?d usual time. and. to all apiwaranre*. in
self. The old power to take a lerribl" I is c ustomary health.
* z'mm and tore in until be landed His dai.gl.ter Mrs Kann is. heard s
?a? anorkou: blow was goar. 'rail from h, r lather - room . ir!? thi
Treats Jeffriea as Joke. ';?onilng and upon answering it saw a*
irr.v ? d.
und. Johnson otcr that h? r father wa.?
. iv as ? joke. Summoning Kev. Mr. Krr
?lav fully, ward Kranci? ?? ir liitn for a ]>l
nahes of Jef when the I
t.-e. now fnek- was bvyor
tag a glow under hi? arre. again pluck Phi f .1
ing it out of the air as a man Mop? rt.tnmor re
S taseball . nt. en v < v -
Out of tbe *ea of opinions and argn
After the third t
treated his ntiponent n
He smiled and BM taxj
reg off the hear Ilk ?
fries. ?Ith a ?BfBtBjM
? KuIUr had b?-en a
t tt t<orr? n:?in for sev
He came here from
Cbtraco on fun I ? la?t. and ?inee
?hat time bad been staying at ibe
' stair. Slay." as hi* summ'r home ??
en Hie Square,
ras na Hie ?qnare
i? no dotiht af'er
Of at the fhtir.-h
the Weeaeadav af<
I be at Chicago.
tjej I
Passenger Train Crashes Into
Heavy Freight at Siding
In Ohio.
While the Freight tz Attempting to
Switch -Big Four" Flashes Arouiu
Curve at Fifty Miles an Hour and
Crash Is On?Crews Jump io Safe?
ty? Misunderstanding of Orders.
(|ty A-socliltcJ trcSKI
j MIDDLETOWN, ?>., July 4 ? Nine
teen persons were killed oufri-bt.i
'three probably f. tally hurt wad half ?I
'deceit more seriously Injcrtsj (I a,
bead-on col lb-ion between n fcebjbt]
land imsscncnf tiain on tbe C itelnnaii I
1 Hamilton &- Hay ten rain ad today/
[ Of tbe killed is w. re aaeaeBawra, the
I other vic tim being a member of tne
! train crew
I N'e: rly all of the dead and injured
l wefe freai various pans of Ohio.
I Southern people injured were: j
James I* Keaaedy, Lo*tl*vU?e, Ky.,i
j right leg and ribs broken.
W. 8. Hi lb I?. Memphis. Tenn.. back !
injured, seriously hurt
Win Utaey, llariodihari, Ky.. badi>
I burned, condition doubtful,
j A. F. Dayton, Latonia, Ky., condi
i Una serious.
j Frank Feiwirds. I.at'mia. Ky.
Scene of Wreck.
I The traii:s were the ineitinati ?ec-1
j ond M ctlon of the Twentieth Century
i Limited, on the Cleveland. Cincinnati, j
j Chicago St. I-ouis railroad I Big
Fold and the sr-cond s"otiun of a
,' fre ght train on the Cincinnati, Hamil.
i ton & Daytea road.
I The latter ?is attempting to make
la siding to give the passenger train'
[ a clear traek. when the flying limited.!
traveling EJJ miles an hour, flashed
around a curve and crashed Into ,t. j
The ? 'BtfJ Four'' t:am had been de-j
toured to -,-void a blocked tr k on1
that :<>ad at QaBea, a fi w mil- i -i>uth
of here, eaaeed by a freight wreck
earlier in the day.
*"iri.-"derstand Orders.
A misunderstanding of orders caus?
ed the disaster, which was one of the
worst th t this -eetien of the counUy
has i ver exp.ri' no d.
Pilot Eaarjaeer tjeorge Wild had re?
ceived artlen to wait at Post Town,
j a siding three miles r.<>??h of this c.ty.j
aceoiding to officials.
The fr? isht train was to have pass?
ed there but wa- late in palling out
of Viddletown. bestead o! the seven
m nut. s margin which W ild thoughtj
he h.'d reai-h Miodlctown. th.- time
w s b ss than Iva sasatetea. Tb?. flrst j
seetien ef the fr- ight had taken the.
ahjaas; here and Conductor John
Vi'i iu ? r. in o!iaie<- of the si - ond s? -
tioii. tried to reach yie BOTth ' tul Cl
the >id ng. liefere bis tra.n nad i
?tea od the snitch |>oin; the passenger
train r< midc-d the c'ir\e. -ere* ne-d oy
he tili? K1 v wooded lots on --ach side
of the tr:o '?. That eaajhne crews nad'
l:me to Jump and e--ca|Hd injiry.
Crash is Terrific
The cr.i.-h. when the tr.Uns met. wa?
ter: tic The freight made up
of g-.-ndola oar.-, fist .nr.- and box
cam. lei dad with lumber.
DfucM} In-hind tne passenger loco-.
moll c an,| in- tender was a cotnbl
i: ..- ? ., -d smoking car. fol?
lowed bv a day coach and a ?na:r
c?r. All the deal and injured wer?-(
in the ajral two ca*-*. there lie ng e.;x
j>a.-s? n?e r- in the >m< ker and 21 in
the day cow-h.
The engines tor-k-el into a mas; ot
aaesahed t-tcel aad Iron. The heavy
aaaai aay iNaajajajepai teiesniiung it.<
small, r f. How as far as th mI. r r-?
n the frcish* fr in w.re- a *tee| r-o?U
ca' and a box ca.- loaded with s:x
inch t n,!,.:- | f,? h- > \ < :i
ripped the floor cut of th?- ' imrHO>
tlcn car and t^iseed it and aha jorotne?.
live trader <P wa ?? ten font eaahanbh.
m?-nt into a r-orn BaM
Th>- timbers in the --ar follow.ng,
were* driven with tcciaV force into
t'h day cojeh. which mounted tftc
gondola rar and split ft la team
Every Seat Tern Up.
Kv-ry r?at In th s each wa? torn
f"im its fattening- :h?- r*~of w .
thrown fo one -ide and tbe hea\y
weight of masrivr tmber? hiKki wtta
awful ferce. strack ar.ott? the n?ea
and wom?n <n *h'' ? ?? ? h
Kv? ry surgeon in towa wa* ?im
i'"i>e?l to the pla:?? and eell* for as?
sistance were emt to pavton aad
ajet.ef trains trf asade up at eaeb
af these places and the injured were
?KWS. VA., n kmmj
placn! open them alld ittt) to bOBpIt'
uls in (tiUKC cities
Wronei J A Baindt ?.is -uiiunoii
t'd from Hamilton und t?'Kan .in in?
quiry Into the ?*;? isc of the wreck
Well Known and Popular
Young Hampton Man
is Dead,
K< in rt A (fott, Iwrntj seven years.
old, and MM of the ui?? -1 popular Ud
well liked yeana nil Ui Haatptoa,
dud ai : lie luuiie nl Ii.- . :. -. t'apt
tain and Mrs Virglnlu- H Holt. ID
At ?tetrad avenue, at .">;!' o'clock vs.
ttiday atteiiK on lie bad been Ml ior
MfwTll weeks trill parlhiBiUa and tu.
bcrculosi.s und to; .-ovi.o ,|a*s Ins
coiidit "ii had been seriuii
.Mr. Holt was, until Ii..? nines., be?
gan, eu.i loyed ?i the Ofl ? at the
New pel 1 News shipyard, wheie he
was held ill the b gllc.-i ' tCX in by all
?bd came in <"iiMit ? ih tutu. He
?rag i itraiiuHtc el the Hampton H gn
school aad at William Bad Mary ?'Ol?
li go.
Mr Holt was a luomV . ,ii KtT'mgii.
tan Lodge. No. 19, Knight- ?1 Pytsuaa,
and tb< , iiatioellur < emm.inder <>t
the lodge at the time al Ml doalli.
He waa a member of the cbu.r of
St. John i L']>i ri |i;>| (bleb and tdM
beleagcd to several al lae local musi?
cal mibiliallaai
Mr. Holt had a wide fatally c"'i
iie' tion being the uepii.?? of the late
.Indite QeerfB K. ivek
He i? survived by hi- parents, three
s aters and one broth-r The Utter
Me Miss Luvinia Holt. Lad] May
H<dt, Julia Holt and William Holt.
Mr IP it was a Member of the
Hampton King-, an organization com.
l?os( d of a number of w?-ll known
young acciety men in Hampton.
The complete arrangements for the
i" acre] services have not been made,
but the serv ceg will accar tomoirow
afternoon from Old St John's-Kptseo
pal church.
Fort Monroe Artilleryman
loses His Life?Body
Not Recovered
The Haily Press.
Hampton Bureau. July t.
Falling from the deck of the mine
planter (leueral Samuel M. Mills, into
Hampton (toads Sunday nieio and be?
ing unable to swim. Private William
Gardner, of the One Hundredth and
Sixty-ninth company, coast artillery
at h urt Monroe, was drown, d before
aanhatasjaa could ranaft him.
lie wa? -.'I y.-ars old at.d his home
was bj Pleasurcvnle. Pa. He ha.I
been in the arm> two year.- and wa
KefK rail* liked among Iiis i .;nira?l<
Just huw he came to fall ov.-rbtard
fr not fully known, hut Iiis comrades
are of the opinion that he made a m:.
siep i?.nd feil int:> the water. The Ml
l ad not been recovcrvd up to in
o'clock tonight.
Francis Young On vered to Police.
Has Been Arrested Several
Kranri? Young, the Bine-yea,-.old
boy. who ha.- run ..way from his bomv
on the Boulevard .. lumber of times,
was delivered to the rtation laayaj
yoterdav hi rela'.ves and PhshM
Jo- tic. itr< ?r. ??' 1' red bir. le i.I for
the St te pf' li! hoe: fer bev? at
Laurel. Va.
The youngster has b< c-j, am Med
several tares by the bxa! pasha aad
is each inst n ? '? has be?t: turned
over to the ai-tlvitles of MMmWU
t* ', r> e.nlv H< - :n?ed te live wtIB
bis relative en tu? Roaleva-d.
li?C that lliev ,i . <rt tr.Ji bini well
Little ?ran* w ims S-tith Dead
After L mm Illness
Frank Wlllian. Smith the oiice
tvrm of Mr. and Mrs. W. H Smith,
med la?i met' - ??:?? q'Hnrh afff
?ein? ill for Z~ 'tsya aPl. ?innsl
asestsngl'is TV bj felio? ?v three
war- snd "nibs m.i Burin
Ms illne?? tie ""*t railway cosn
pani-s bad i - reri te re* slowly
Beehre depart en nt |aa% special i?re
<a i??or. i nneec- s- BaffBBJ
?a the n HehsrKh'>od.
. WtJ be omducted
ban tb
Inability to Support Bride as
He Wished Cause of Young
Man's Suicide.
Or. Vanaersiice, Elizabeth City Coun?
ty CorHfi Deems Inquest Unnec
Mrs After Reading Pathetic Mes-1
sages Fjund in Room?Dead Youth.
Was Raised Here and Married.
Daspas4Mrl becacse be wa.s out ?>fi
mt rK ai d ess saaeati] taahla to pro
I yUi tin his I>ii.i? ? ot a tew months |
i in the BBJ in ?Muh he thought Ml
I should, Frank | S-ars. a well PJMI
Iyi tag asaa, committed mJc de at s*I
iiVluck Isaf Bight i>. shoetuif htaai tt|
I in tin- right (Saude, with a rsTStrSr]
at tin- home of his father. WUliaaBI
III Si-irs, on Vi liahU- HUM, K vcr-1
I view. The ball from the IS-cailDfej
Kim era*bed into his brain and lite
?a- ?MM] extinct MN his lather.!
mother and brother-, who wore at*
tr.o lid bv the sound of the shot,
eoulit gel to his side.
Whep the ;oimg man ended his
I 1 It, his wife, who was .Miss Annie
F' nimore. waa at the home of hc-r
BMSBM, Mr. and Mrs. John K. Feni
Mti en Forty-fifth street. She MB
Immediately n< titled and soon wis be.
-ill*' the lb-ad Isidy of her husband
Mr Sears' sister. Miss Anna I. Sears,
was at the Bell theater when fr.eiids
notified hi r of the tragedy
In City Dur ng Evening.
An hour Before lie ended hU life.
Mr Sears Was 'n 'his city U- bSBfB'.
ed a street car for home about *
o'eleek, arriving there alto it 8:20
o'clock. He n tired to hl.v room and
a half hour or more afterwards the
hem. hold was startled by the ret>ort
of the pstil. The par-nt- rushed to
at* ii inn to find their son lying on
th<- bed with a gaping wound in bis
light temple and the revolver laying
Bosnia h;m.
liefere end ng his life, the young
m; n wroti tw.i h tiers, one to hU
bride and tl.th?' ti.- his parents.
liOth were couched '.n affe< Initiate
terms, but in each the writer ?om
pl.ii.ei] thai he had not been abb- to
provide for his young wife a.< he
>hoiili! have and that in w h was out
of a job and could not find work.
IM) MM wire left on (lie BfSSBSf
u the room ind we-e found bv tho
parents. The one addressed to thB i
bride was |JlUI to her when she
reached the MBS*.
Irque-?t Unnecessary.
Sometime after the tragedy, trie
a-thorite. of Kliz b'-th City county
were notified and Or Vand? r.-lsre. the
county co-cner. went to the bouse
After sienins the Mil nrtd bear nT
the jitatetn.-nts of the pa-i n'?. 1W.
Vander?II'e decided tint an Iniiuest
was MMBBMary
Mr Sears and Miss Fenlmore were
?i in .? in ut two month* ?gn They
mane tie Ir h< ne in Washington,
wh.-e Mr S-w.e- employed nnt I
about a wee* age when thev re-urnen
to this ilty .Vr Sears ?~>s ab'ut r..
(<??'< old am! tin wams widow ; i
mer. g rl lw-'h MM .? h?.*t of BjMMS
I wN. etc dhSCMd by the n ws Sf the
! tragedy Xew..- of M M *r>read
rapid I v last nirht. Iieing oar-.ei from
mouth t< mouth and fla-hnl ov< r
many telephones.
Mr S i.-s was rrerer? ?n t::* city.
: atfi rd"g the city pobTie fll^'l. and
I tat. r working In ki father, but her'
shep en W ?hir.gtnn aver.ue He wa?
we|] kr< wn en the gridiron, having
played fr- a t ? mlver of year; with th.
St Vnrenf* fonthall team last foil
he rnnv.-d hj WMMBJHB D C IM
he ?cmred s good powit;on Hi re
tinted th's ?nnt.g Ii -'.v:n M. - *? n).
tvesidc* his widen- and parents Mr
Sears la snrrlve, hy Ho brothers
and one ai'tir.
Ar- nj'irert. fir the far.eraj have
, ? ? >. ? i,ir . omni. t. <! Th- !<?-*'
b?lge of BjM. of which Mr Sear* am*
a membi r w.ll attend the nervi-e* Jm
a bodv
N?o<-; Shoots Conductor.
(Bv t??nri?re?t rrssat
TAM.i LAM I.A. Jalv 4-When
"?mdiieior Boherts. of the Iron Mmn
taia Ra-lwa*- dernande?f fare of fCsna
Stetson, a m-trn near b?-re this after
tv-m. the lat'er sb-rt Bjot^n? down.
?i. ..,i.iii< ?? pmnahlv m"Tt*tlv
?-o.in^?t II. was rushed to the ral"
mad hosri's! at Maare. Arh. Sle'aon
Jasined from the tram sad he It '
?earrhed HB : i 'armr crowd ?f
?rreed < rhr TV will ha
MM bed If - sasred sreaai certain.
Partly cloudy, probably show
er? Tuesday or Wednesday;
cooler Tuesday; light to moder?
ate north to east winds.
MISSES HIS FOOTING; Manv m Killed and Seriously
Norfolk Man s Fatally Hurt
on His Way to Ocean
V tw.
\< >lir UK, VA-, Jui> 4 - With
both los.? rut i it above UM Knee as
Uhl :'Mill of a MbaBtef When he at?
tempted to hi aid an "? t-"i:i(; Ocean
Vit? < ,t yi I nU\ .ilternoon. John
hV-'ath.? I. of U] ?'h iroh street dud
la-si night at St. Vincent's ho-pital.
DltHlltntl a i I'uttiam and C H.
Viek mil MotoriifAn W S Turner.
were a r ? >.-1 < d mi ? charge of mniingj
Beat and kill.Bg Mr Kl-tath. o i Tney
were bailed tor tie i: appears aoa W
the iiollce eourt next Thur-day. j
Accoi.llug to the he.-t infix tontiot\
obtainable, Mr Kfstaeheou was on
his way to Ocean View and tried to
board an outgo Bg oar In tront of ;|u<l j
Church street, when he missed his
footing and fell beta naa UM motor
cor ami the trailer. The screams "t
WuimiJi'd?Trunlik- is Re
potted from Towns and
Cities All Over Country.
Three Hundred Sailors March Through
Streets of Norfolk Looking for
Negroes?One is Beaten Almost to
Death Against Stone Steps o? Post
office Building?Cells at Police Sta?
tions Arc Filled With Men Arretied.
(Hy Associated Press)
NORFOLK. VA.. June 4.?Jack
.he paaaen* rn-WBO saw the young johnsoIl- hy defeating Jim -effrles to
mat.M In? hold and tumble be- ,1>v wag responsible for the worst
twee,, tie , ars nfia, ted the attention rate riots this city has experienced in
of ill. < ti w and the oar - wei" hroimht many years. Hundreds of enlisted men
to a standatill ai tji Ickly as possible, from tli?_? various bnttleshlps at this
but not before the ftOWl wheels of tue ?tatloh. aided by youths, attacked
trailer had passed over the vict m s
lees Just above the knee
Still alive. Mr Hf-tathron was
taken fi< in beneath the car and hur?
ried to the St Vincent's hospital in
the psUoa patrol He was attended
by I?r MoCutily and afterwards hy
I)r Sutten and M:
theed two bonn
negroes all over the city, and tonight,
many are in llie hospitals with broken
heads and bruised bodies.
Three hutidr-.d sailors marched
through the streets hunting for
B< urues. They beat a negro almost to
tieuih against the postoflice building
and bloodstains were left on the stone
pupin , but he died work.
after the accident Practically every cell at ikjIIcc tead
I quarters and the second district ata
" ?~ ~~ |tions are tilled With negroes, sailor.;
VETERAN ANSWERS LAST CALL, j and young whlto citlsens. Police
- , Chief Kuer laic tonight requested
News Received Here ?f Death of W. MaJor L vv T- WaJJet to send ass 1st
snce, and a detachment of marines
and sailors, heavily armed, were bur
sdei to the city.
t>;!W, t~?u, 1?. ii was under control
' ling, but more trouble
is .tared. ? .
K. Keville Gleunan. city editor of
' here '
S. Smith's
News was receive
of the death of
Smith, of this i
Saturday aficrno.... .. ?- ?? . ?
Mr. Smith who is Associated
Press ,
Dally Press office, bad the Vimni?n Pilot, had his collar
i.e. ii ?all. d to Clover on account of bone'broken by being struck with a
was at the brick thrown by a negro. Mr. Glen
his father- Illness and
bedside when I he end came.
The dei eas d is survived by a
widow, who is seventy years ot aite
II.- wh- a uaISa.ii' Confederate soldier
kiid. in accordance with his dying re?
nn-.-t. he was buried in Ma t'onfed
? rate uniform with the bronze cross
al honor pinned upon his breast.
nan is now a: \\ V In cent i hospital.
1 ROAXOKK, July 4.?Six negroes
wi'h broken heads, six white men lock?
ed up and one white man. Joe Chock
icy ? i;h a bull; ? through his skull and
probably fatally wounded, is the net
i t suit ot . la.-!.- s here t'unuht follow?
ing the anaonncomenl that Jack John?
son had defeated Jeffries.
1 be trouble started when a negro,
rhu had just heard the Bewa from
I Hi i ii. said:
'? "Now I guess the white folks will
* , ' let the Begroes alone." A white man
P. V. De'jraw Iells of Extensic, 'l,; '<' ??>?-*? and the -w., dashed.
Po'ice had oMfileiilty lauding the negro
In jail, being compelled to draw their
rev civets.
Ilster a negro shot (Tioekley and
j escaped. The thief of police bad
-a!.ion- all cloned ai 9:'M. an hour
ahead of the regular closing hoar. City
Armatead said Chackley
may die ton it hi.
Rural Mail tVork.
Ir. Speech at Rale.gh the Fourth As
Bestand Pestmaster General Shows i
m Short Period of Years.
Cuts. Negro's Throat.
Wonderfu. Growth of Scrv.ce W.th- I 1 "r,'aa<os ,rokc out -??"????"*> ?*?
right on the antiouio .-meet of the
I Johaaon victory at Keno. Threw
[ negroes wire badly hurt inside of an
- ' hour after the flash of the result and
?- .... ., ._th_> i?>li? t? were called to quell sev
I'. \. KS?.II. N C July*4-Review . , ,ljs!urbancc>
in? in arejit detail the ]egi?lat;ve bui-|llp g^. n(tn(,
Bg the iei ?pastel cf tn#| Ckmrtet Williams, a negro, was a
rural fr--. <l*:verv service in this ?ttle too vociferous in announcing the
count I" V He Graw. fo i;th <? utcome on a street car and a whit*
gag p. - -; i t general, today dcciar- mac sia.-hed his throat from ear to
ed that "fi?m the viewpont <f mor'osr. The n. uro almost bled to death
ale," that service was far in advaecuj before he reached the hospital, te
of any other of the civil service, taj'^ich he aas carried.
<>rrf' r to u-s'/iin that claim fo.- c\ce!-i ~
-\\ assistant p?-imaster! R,ot Catl* ** p'??l,t,r9
c m r?! awoted -tati-r cs to show tnat PITTSBI'RG. July 4?Less than half
. ir out of 41. carrier, o?|v " b'.ur after the decision of the light
was announced, three dot calls were
had b< ? n di-mt-sed 'or cause
Mr Ib-GraW, addre.-s was deiner-J j^"' J0^0
ed be-forc the North ('ar"I:na Conven-1 f.^",^ ??
tton of Rural QMftua A*-?Tnb."*4 raried at II
h-'< ll< sop. ar.-.i a, Ibc 'cp.e-ei.ta. ' j,,,^ tne cro
of tne powtaM-ter gene ral I . >th .? tl
iacts la
M cars
agi nets
ark with their ctabe
aaage ot the ateeet
Operation Extensive. Itars. Patrolmen have been sura moated
' m- e are now in operat on t u. this district from all sect iona of the
fhroujthr.nt the fr,ite?| <J?ates 4l.es?j city.
? ral roe tos, served b. 41 "O 7 rutail ? *?
eirriers.' he saht la ewmm.ng up tae. Three Negroes Killed,
iwesent fore- eBaaged in that work.' AI'GI'STA. July 4?A race riot te
The _t gmpilaibias fee the ewtabfub ,,n i'r,*r' ? ' vaW.a. on the Caargga
I ?nd Klorrria Railroad.
i negroes are killed.
f< r th. fiscal year
ed J try 1 tain. \? $3g.a
mamlainlni: the m rvlce.
ihm I
Wen Known Cit.iea
N?>Rs,T?LK. \ K J..I? 4
R?ld one of Norfolk's beat known
rj'iSens. di"d f '. -"? ..i'rxk this
moralnv st h- home 4.>" Pembroke
? ? fo'low r.s a we-h's ll|ne-?s
?'?a-- Thr- r)' ' -"I
tad brew in failing beaPh for aoase tjme
tm*' bu? vi< only taken tl] a weed
Trouble at St.
ST. i.'H is July 4 -Rioting ra a
negro quarter of St.
street a..d Jeferaaa
ihr announceasent that Jack
waa the vic'or la the fjasia aetaa aaSat.
The police aaaliy ctabbod that
negr-srs who w -re blockrag traffic and
uiaking thrrate. '
lul* 1 a*tF
Sevstty Ar
krnes half the
?.?ierf tonight la the -aback bei f
e f<w disorderly ndahratlna gf
inson - victor/. One negro waa baaV

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