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only nowspaper published
Newport Newa that receives
full news service of me A
elated Press.
Sporting Authority Tells What
vVas the Matter vVith the
White Boxer,
Says Californian Was Whipped Be?
fore He Entered the R ng?Losses
by Betting Heavy to Sorna, and
Many Have Only Return Ticket
Left?Heaviest Individual Loss is
? $35,000 on Former Champion.
RENO, July 5.?Tex Rickard
tonight gave out an official
statement of receipts and at?
tendance at the fight. It shows
the total gate receipts totaled
$270,775. Those paid admission
numbered 15.760. All told, the
attendance is given at 18,020.
There was sold 1.258 seats at
$50: 150 at $40: 634 at $30;
1,505 at $25: 1/157 at $20; 1,706
at $15; and 9.050 at $10.
The purse, with the bonuses
given the two fighters, amount?
ed to $121,000 and Rickard fig
ured that his experience at San
Francisco cost him about $30,
000. Thus he and his partner
Cleason will %have a profit of
about $120.000.
(By AaeaaesAei neos)
RF.NO, July Jam- s J. Jeffrlaat,
win*.- e great ring career came to a
pit fill end when lie fell before Chain
-?pion Jack Johnson vest' rdav. left the
sieue of his defeat the*It'll for his
t Ifaifa ranch in Beeiltet? californ.a.
There, iu the quiet of hi- ssfafa, h<
will try to forget in the aaeeatMae ho
will apeed a lew da;..- :n San Fran?
cisco on the way, stra ghteuing out
his btuinc.;.- affiir.s
The Jeffries car was hitched .'. the
n ^ular evening train. He motoied to
Ki no from his .imp at Moan ? Springs
w th Sim Bet* r and other mWmttat
of his par'y an hour before train
time and hid himself as s<>on 3* t?os
sible from the etuMasi gAte of the
crowd that stiil thronged the streets.
Feels Terrb.'e Blow.
In his eeerj taaafci ag movement.
in bis be wed head, :u the depths ?I
hi., timbre e><s. bj lue Betve 3 rub?
bing cf am .wolle? :a<. and biack
tned eyes hi a- ajaeosl ; seas' .-hi::tk
iug in in MM pajbtk. JJtaM I showed
that his ?i< feat had <i? i-It him ? bar*
nble Meer.
Thi re wa- .silence ^s he |?assed tbe
strct.-. M< n ru.-m d from their ;:iui
M ng tables to gaze, hl;t ae word of
taunt or derision was thrown at hmi
Those who -aw that lieht, feel that
Jeffries did his best.
As Jeffries' train started west.;
vorne wh" re in the de:--ft to the east,
I hilarous band of negroes was Jo ir
n. ting to Chicago with Jack Johnson,
with tbe b:nner of the wrld s cnarc
I on floating from the ca(- window
Special tnins Ml Reno all last
nicht and all '<hI.i> tr\ t;g to g. :
n o vi.- ter.- ba> :. home Thousands
:t"?d for hciir.-. izr.,'. jn hand watt
?n~ to climber ,nto the first available
Thousands gave if up and decided
ro wait for iigh'er traffic
Gambl'og m Full Blast.
As a consequen? c. the gambling
houses were running fuli Mast to
a ght and th*>- main MMssJI prr-ented
th.- a pect if a frontier nimmst camp
at the height of a gfld strike.
A determined ??ffert sa> made by
djpsers in the fleht hc'tinc to recowp
Won At lead ecro. nt.? teere wer.
amov oho will hav<- to win hoaee for
monex The flnsnr al med it ton of
hundreds, hit bv tbe ficht and tbe
game is de.p. rate
%n air < f creat wear ine?, perirad? 4
te? cr0v.1l* todav The re?f--?tset
were rero??? ng from the famtne
Freight trains were alive with H ag?
ing hoboc-s and inlcve?. ??*?? out rd j
?OW? hv the Mate no'i-e The htr
rooms ?<rn filled ?Ith I - ?
.ronp-= The pcol room- w*rc ?et?
il ng an their bets
The belting at T"m rork*f t s "f
?Hal pool 1 Hps, was em a. heavy as
had bees etpTred Corr*-:- however.
.|--larerf h m-'ff ati?fW Tb. ta-k
of Jone* a moeev vi. ? ..ora-ipj
Heav es' ind'v duji Lee*.
The lar?T?' ladivdeat tees oe re?
cord ? ihr pool roneas owe that ear
tared by Clanuco Mr*, a California
oil operator. He b< t $:'..*..????> on Jef?
Among the sp<>. ting ayea !??!(, Mam
is not a dis.-cnt tig o|>:nioi. as to IM
justice of IM llubt'i ettdlaa
I Many have not hi:. | l> l 11 tbvil return
tickets to show lor their judgment en
the outcome, but no OM WJN1 that
Jeffries ever had a chance w th the
negro after the tight beg.o:
luiiw 100*1 ii,Kirtie aed eooiacau ?
'he ring, the te ri'ile |h>w,t it li:s
liunishiiieut. bis marveiois judgment
of dij-.tai.ee and bJi a 1 tue-1 aMSjftft]
ipiickn? e| and Ixix.ng .-kill, aic the
talk of the town .Men arc living ttie
fight over round by roead. A Msg
as the-, live they never will forgetj
the Bitfel as|? ct of JeaTrfoi at the
mercy i f the hluel; !?. BtMf in |M
Unto) nth touftd.
Wh;:' ?a.- Uke nntser Vltb Je
iries'" smue asked. A voll kftoorl
rportlng authorit>. who talked with
Jefft , s tliis morning aaewered this
get -lion.
Jeffries Knew it Before.
' He was whipped lr hue he left
Moana Springs tor the ; iiig.?.i;,\ ' ,aM
tliis man. "He felt that he was M
fall ix fi to the negro and it was too
much for hin to face Aa he hW
?ipp: oacbed, Iiis nervous COSJdlfJOfl be?
came such that his mind le t ail cou-j
trol over Iiis Body. It MgM Satui
day and ind icaf.-,i itself in v.i.ou.
'"Sunday night he did not sie? v a
wink bet walked about his room and
looked out of the ?lodOWB. ft su r i
day morning he ate i Lttle ait SI fas I
Win it he sat in the corner of the ring.
1 "hoynski, as he wtapp'd all hands,
" Why Jim. your heads are as cold
as ire and cl.mmy:' his at Bast*
thought ev< n then that he was only ,
a rtttke nervous, and th-t he would I
g< I over ,t in the fight.
"When I Bated Ii i in totlu- what He j
(Continue! on Sixth t'age.)
Says Train Dispatcher Caused;
Big Four Collision
Declares Conflicting Orders Sent Out ,
Brought Trains Together in Which
Twenty-one Persons Were Killed
and Many Others Injured.
CINCINNATI. ().. July ?!,,.. ,? ?
:n yesterday's disastrous wreck of.
Hie dig Pour New York fiver a" Mid !
C'ttown. Okie, in which more than ai
?.cor.- of lives were sacrificed, was
transferred to. Cincinnaii today. A,
staumcnt from J. W. WaA, pilot aft-]
gineer of the Hie Four pas.-t ngi r
irain. which crashed into a t'reigh" \
""afn of lh ? Cincinnaii. Hamilton A.- j
fiayton Railway. Bsaeed blame for the,
? reck Bft Train Itispatcner Smith, of!
the latt.r system, at Dayton.
In this he was |>artly ten firmed by j
K. A. QaajM, general s\ pcrintcinieiit
.i law Cincinnati. llan<ilton & I?a>tot.
Mr. liould vaii unwiiiiric ti> go fur?
ther than saying "some such reason
was n.spon-iMe for the aci ident.'
luit rairioad men ahmt the hvrad
etiarters of the two system* accep'
?c |M i x;iianatioti of Wall as cjb
lainini: the gM ot the i bbbb.
Wail's sta' ?men. follows:
Engineer's Statement.
"The engineer of the freight train
showed rr ? order No. supposed t >
have In en issued Iftcr our tram (Tlx
Pig Four, limited' left liaytoo. and
io have b? mi handed tft us at Carlisle.1
h*t?eeii l?aytoii and Midilletown. Thi
crder ga?e Hie freiuht till 1 "T to \
Brake the siding at Post Town north of!
.?tiddl r.iwn.
"Smith revoked that order so- that!
It was i.ot deliver, d to us at Carlisle
but failed to revoke the same aafi I
?ssued to the freieht. Our train was
made up some time after BBB*Mj Mg
ton and this brought iir- to Post Towr
siding earlier than 1 *>'.
"We had no warning of anvthing in
? he way and ? siaoeed mo had a clear
Exhibits Other Orders
Wall also exhibited four train or
decs, not one of which sate any ind:
? .. t.i.T v flung tiger rra-r
*A ??> i c< .itiv ???!!< r Tin, a' P ?-?
Town or anv other statfcoo Bctweeft
Itayton and Cincinnati
These orders. Wall add d were all
that he had io? guide him 'he da?
of Ike wreck.
Ixw-al offleers of the Hie Four msH
*r< not willing to aeeoun: ofrVinlly
I r ?;, ? wreet. A "mi?nnder>iiaiidtnt
of orders" ??? mentioned by some
but whom misunderstanding It wa>
they were Bot pre pared to state.
Death L.st Crows.
With th- rf? Unite 'den:iftcaiIrm d
the foar nnnam-d bodies a! Middle
toera. all ihr aine'.en deed In tha
Ipeee * ere accounted for. i w
d Frefva l>nd Round Point
? tiw and their passing made 'he
atb IH Jl Poor other* are war..
e?pect?d to survive their hurt..
College Game is Roundly De?
nounced by Speaker al Boston
tducational Meeting.
Gays the Sport Arouses Surrte Love1
cf the Sordid That Focused Inter
est at Ring in Nevada?James Y.
Joyner, o' North Carolina A Jdresses j
Gathering on Industrial Tiaming.
(i:y asentIslad Press)
BOSTON, mass . .lui;. ... Denounc
.ng 4 oil .ge football as a combination
f pure brutality and pugilism ilia:
..|>eakd to the love of tho sordid,
ia\id starx Jordan, prcMd.tr oJ Le
land Stanford University, led in the
BiMMwUon ;i.a: followed a r port made
Bill by the eomu.il'ee on in ml da
cation in public schools to the na
lional eewkcil ol education ol tbe Na?
tional Bduoatlou Association m con?
vention here. He added:
"Soiti" day tin- college presidents
rnd school heads ol this country will.j
perhaps, be called cowardly and
Lrutal because they did not put a stop;
to the dangers of football, a sport
that destroys the best thero is in
Atrerit an youth. '
The game, in- coatinned, aroused,
the same love of tb sordid that|
focused the Internal of tbe country in
a "rint; a way on; in far Nevada,
where a bljck man and a White man
were p Minding each oil: r yesterday.''
President Jordan beared the sub
Etltutlon of the Knslish eame of
At most of the eighteen dl part
no ntal Boetkagi of the coaveatloa to?
day there was at least one advocate
ol the introduction of industiial train
bag and agriculture in the secondary
Joyner on Industrial Training.
Development of I?s1aj|Ilal attacal
ion. and o! moral educalion. tbe pno
nnd public hcaliii movements, and re?
straint ol the tendency toward otios
ity anapi ainwal by Janus v. Joy
uer. of Bjfctebjb, N. c.. area Id cat ol the
National Kducation AaaocJatlon, in |
his annual address to tl.< association
In touching on hadaitlraJ education},
h j said:
"Due logical deinand of demotracj
i' a sy.-tem of education thai shall
provide eipiality of oBacatloaxal of>
Battanky for all. out oi thai logical
demand has gruvvn lbs deBaaad for in
iTaallhil or vocational educaiioii."
"It ha.- i's dangers." PTi Stteal
joymr said. "In making our Sthooil
minister to the new needs of men
ve must Bet fail to make them OaM
tinue lo minister to tbe eternal. tbo
comn on. the universal nctiis <?t men
aetaimj from their common ii.rurc. I:
would be a faial biun.lcr to i>-rn.:: in
cur sysitiu of Am--iican edXeceti >n the
establishment at:il maintenance ol sei?
are;e sy ten:.- ? v?h atioiia! or trade
schools. Such a separation would
i rovt i disintegrating teexa. For tin,
tleva'ion of the industrial masses to
their proper s.K-ial and <ivic i>lane !s
a democracy you must rend into the
industri s men-ira.no.i :ior only to
-kilful work, bfn eduea'rd also to
think, to dream, to feel, to love. ;<:
read, to lif;. You cannot measure the
greatest worth of a man :i, our dj '..?>
? rue-. by a inoii. y rend *9fWl .i:--l.:i.
ol dollars and cents."
Iii regard to the otiose t?ni!cM-v.
fresi'l'r,t Joymr said that if was
noii? abb- in elementary. ? eondary
and eoll? gc education, and . I.ro.rrti
ed. if iinehei ked. to end "in an edte -
alien et gush and dissipation." He
net' st -d ihat a fault too common
was ihat of m?kln- I he wav too i a rj
for the pupil.
"May we not expect from such
made-easy and rapid iransii methods."
he i-ontinued. "a crop of in' Iii cMial
ly spoiled children, flabby of mind,
leak of will, superficial in character.1
r-ir?!c in si liotarship._ibnnk- not I.
:ng well c\cept wh.il l.Vy i:k to do?
Should not th< v Ik- :r?:tn . ... %. I:
whafrv? r ii is ihrlr diitv t-> ?fo. nnl to
fad a stimulus if ii.'er s; >n ta-k- un
pb asant in the very jot ol nusii rins
1 err'
"A tendency to nfio-ity is noticeable
and aiaru,.:: ? -t, ... r< and
perhaps lo ,.r< ? i? training. Inrt m
lo the Influence of weal:it and 1-ixiiry
of fraternity lif -. athlei'ra and s-?f
elective ronrso?. which <?Ber ?? m,.ta
ti^ns to , :, .-?> and idleness thai air
w -II high irr,- ? , \.. nu ?k
of nnforrr. d ?l.ar.i'cr and i\< ,
Former Virginia Lady Dead.
1 XwUI'd rrra?V
ATLANTA. OA.. July ."..?Mrs I. C.
cenrtawy. wM?w of the li e Mafnr
??hn ?" foiirtn? y. f->rmer manarer ??/
? he loeaj ot?r -v of I be W. <tcm tnfon
t, |, ? a-.?. i'"ti.|.inv iiu-il ai ? r ti"?e
hrrr at 7 o'clock this erening. Her
bodv will he fakm to l^eaeTaaXarr Va
ber former beaaa, for iatei aaf L
May be Fall Bjfore Supreme:
Bench Appointments are
(Bv Associated Press)
hcvi.ki.v, u im. s. i her?
?hi no i!.-v. iDjdu. i.t.s ,n Beverly lo?
de) conci 'retail ?be s,ii?:?i!i, ' oeti ra.
canch s. CaJJeva' ut th* sanumet White
iliui , found hi thing in tin- }"i?-m
deal's attitude tu vliaLj; the state
bbmbi of yodtordaj, tliui Ootcraorl
Haghtm, hi Nee York, i.- j ei im*
tilU.g Mr. T-ft s eye to the ? xeiu?.oii j
Of ?'\ ei j l.eiia ' .
The midi istaiuimg also contieueeI
that til, preeldeat will do BOtavtngl
!? Bants dcslgadRlag 11?? ? suoct ai '"|
Chef Jeetice Puller uut? late la thai
lall A preparation tu eaii tue S1 ii;.te
in cxtrauruinary s< ssiou to itnliiinl
appointee* to the Supreme v.ourt|
lunch la ad fiats of the regular ??*s
?tea or i oagiaa* era* aagg< tod toet*}
but met with no cncouraguiieiit Tile
i..g truat ease*, ajToottag toe stand?
ard o.i and America* Tofaa. c ? am
i j;'!, are set lor re-era meal la|
Naeeaaber. The leishta of ceagreeal
'?? Kins Dei ejftbt tifth.
preetdeal Taft, in common entaI
the reaeeioiBg Jsjstieee the Hapt es*o j
Ooert, is anxious tint the three mi
. *JJh
area! this fall?the gtaaeara Oil. To
baeei and corpora!i<.ti tax? .-hall he
hand b> a full beech. Coaieqttea?yI
it is hot regarded as lik< !> that be]
will paled my man aga.n-t whom a j
gaeeiloa might arse as to pre?too*|
participation in these eases
Mr, Tar: will take a full ateaaare
Of time to consider the situ.it oa be-]
lore making up his mind as tu the
member., of the court.
Remains of Richmond Man. .Who
Di owned Sunday. Recovered.
RICHMOND, VA.. July B.? Search?
ers recovered the body of aytgjrna
Ht autigam, the young nmu who was
di'iw ned Sund' i y, early-" ihi? mortiiiir
aetV Deep Water, four miles from th s
11-autigam, who was 22 year5 old,
went to Dei p Run Saturday night
with ' "lirirl'S Cousins. Sundav ethm
friends joined the < ' uple. and Iir at*
igam sank to h:., death in sight of bis
BnUrtif, in lived Bl CM North Ihaom.
ty-eventh strict with bis ah tar. Hi
was employed at the Alneticau IrfftcO
Biotin Werks.
Accuses Negro of Steal ng and Is'
Sh^t to Dea'h.
HARRIS! iNlMltC. VA.. July .">?
Jaaaea Leo, aged sixty. paaaeepH af
Darbe* & Mil!-' feed stables, a | .-hot
Bel in.stantH killed ye-terday by Plat
it; rber, ;n Aageata eooooj aegPo, '??'','
Beeawod Huri? - of ataataaej a bugg>
BdMp and ayfca tr>:r.g t. run him :,way
from the stage* *vh*u 15 r'>.-r ?teal
ii iir .-hoi.-, at hint. On,- of the |, i
lets went th*OBBjtl Lee* heart and
afBaaach and 1 ver. lodging in the
back. It rb? was caught in the ptpaM
and turned ov. r to two |(Olic' men,
who took him to jaii.
Rural Retreat Operator Is Struck by
Tra n.
WYTHEVIi I.K VA.. Juh " M?
Nannie Waddle, iclcjihi no exch nc
??;? r.it.'r at I{nra! Ri treat, was kJssOi
by early asajth bcoad paeaeaaPer tr im
at Rural R? treat I - BsPfclttg sie
wa. going to If: work at the ' I
change atnl w w III tig on the Nor
Mi and Waatsra tra -ks. A rain and
hai! storm was .n progress an<i :t 1*
>? pixr-ed tr> t -he ilid n?n hear fh>
appn-a.-hing tfa i. She wa- knin ke;i
some dirtHi 1 ? ai ?. " tl in w n:.?
?tesh Her Bsefher Uvea in C'?"k
etls' rov<-. near \V-"icvill<-.
Rose h Dm - President.
,i:> ??! Pres?,
v HM Vil l i:. Tt W. July ? At
a a-,j< rne,| ru.f th< i?-'r,l >f
pRaMaaa ..f h- OoepPje Maspetp
S.!i..ol f.. 'i, .'.- r? ? ' " ? "<
e,| wjfh a mill-' e ? ? lam by the tr i
lets of the |?ee!????:? '-does: ut. I
w> kt rr- 1,.- , ? ?
of the sehocl II ??* dw-Med to ht
elte the iBji-itiiti .t ? tae ?II- "f 'a
??Id V.i g. r W ii ahrrrsii?. a Be?
er. - ? he* I J11-1 ? eid ot th>- *
derb It Cn:\ ? ? ? apoa.
Two V -ilictcJ.
? \ - * PVe??>
Mt>\i<;<>??i I \ . My 5 ?
Thoma J S- ? J K
? tit* 1 '? 1
isaa port
ff the el
I lot 1, wen
V. JULY <i IM".
Colonel Makes it Known Ho
' W til Support Insurgent Poin
dexter for Senate.
Secretary of the interior Seek* to Re
elect Piles, of Waih.ngton. While
the Fcrrrer President Comes Out
in Open in Favor of Man Who Is]
Working to Unseat Present Senator, j
(By AaexM kxted lYcnsi
OTttTKR BAT, July T. Thanjn'rn
l.'oovev eit made ii clear loday. not by
direct stateuteat, but by implication
><? ftror.n that i' admits of n<> mtalhy
tcrpretation. thai ho will support i
I Representative MUca I'oiude\t<r Ifthl
his ftp lit for a r>< at in the Chlted
Stat 's senate fron the State of Wash-1
I ington. They had liiBlhona togatbjocl
and a conference at Sagamor. Hill!
today and .Mr. I'olml. u< r de-pai'd
I jubilant.
In ?ndorsinj; I'oinilcx'c for the'
-tenate. Colonel Baoesyeeft pkaoaa Iilm-j
I self squarely in oppeaatioa to Hiehanr
I A. Rallinger, stscretary of the interior. |
whom Presid? nt "I aft has s ? warmly |
nefended; and it is the only stand he
nas taken hearing diieetly. or indi
rectly, on the Rallinger -Pirn-hot eon
Mr. I'oindeMer is op|>osed to S'-e
retary Ball lager from tii>i to last and
hopes to mis.-at Senator Piles, of
Washington.-who seeks another term
I r.nd who has Sec retary llalllllger's
jsiip|K>rt. The secretary ami Mr. Poin
j dexter ar. from same .1 is?ri? t
; After the conference. Mr. Polndev
I tor said:
Pomdexter Talks.
! "I found Colonel Roosevelt un?
changed. Hp is just the same as ever.
He and I iiav-- worked together al?
ways and he assured nie that we al?
ways wo:.hi work together. I am deligt
? tl with the result of the visit."
Colon ! Roosevelt spoke of his
talk with Mr Poiadrt vier in a man?
ner which showed plainly ihe pleasure
j Thich the meeting bad z',\< n him. This
I I.- what he had to say:
! "R pr< sentative PotaaVtxter and 1
went over tin- i. >T? ti< al situatiou in
the West. He assured me tha' he wa
? v hearty sympathy with mv conferva
ilon policy.
"Mr. I'oit.iietxet is a candidate- for
the Cnlted States seaota and la poll t i
i ally opposed to that wing of the par
ty headed b> Mr. Rallinger, the s-je
re-tary of the interior."
That was all the colonel wanted be?
have pm in ^notation marks. What he
-aid oili-i wise, made It quite clear (
l at he had given assurance t . Mr
j Poind \r? r :i:.i be would sup|Mirt him
in hi: attempt to unseat Senator
I'd. s.
Ballmger Wdl Stick.
Im-id. i.m (j s i re tary itallinger ami
Pr? siil-nt Taft bad a c?nfe>r? ncc- a'
Pererl y today in which they discuss
? II the r. c lam?'ton - rvicr Then Mr.
i 'tailing, r denied, with emphasis, a
lihtnor that he was to re-sign. "I am
j rot a ejuifer ami in v, r hav - been." he
Mi!.-, Poin.Ie xt, r ;s an out and out
j Insurgent, whom ;h> peeeda of the
j State or Washinet. ?, Icc'rd on a radi
| cat platform. He has beer, a firm sui>
j porter >>f R.uise veit policies, and e-s
in-cially as r. iate to conservation of
: v iora! r. - ? .i.r. ???.
j A: Inn? hron with the colonel the*'
; ?Iis? uss?-?l rh?. Itallinrer-Plnel.ot oe
i? ernre in detail in 'he course c.f the
j talk on the political status of the
Nortt.v. ?
Most S'rikirg Incdent.
I While the reneril opinion here ia{
that Colonen Boom. vlt is silTI -fee?
I :ng bis way" as regards his ultimate
i attltu?t?? toward the Taf: adirints-i
I 'ration, his *tan?l ientay is the moat!
striking Incident of his present fraane|
I Of mind. And that he will still fleht
, tor 'J. ? ei>n-. r?.? meoemest at.n i
!? inaugurated while la nAjfcre. he
n.ad.- i.lain to interviewers when Br.
t There have beea two hapociaat in
sarxaaat itaafereaeea at Sagamor?
I Hill ?bar y the cwlaawTa fxpnia. h i: I
?aaxre ore enoalos. Oaxr of the aanetj
I padsaiml of these la afangi-d for
Tax Commission Home.
BBBBBB, VA . Jtdy 5.?fWtow
I Barth 11 lire this morning IV
?Be rloas,
tee la the
State's Chief Etecuttve Succeeds the)
Late Samuel Douglas
iiiv Asset lease] Fnaa)
BATON Kol OB, |4a . Julv ... B|
i-ii ..vi rwin iiiniiK majority. Paver ads*
fared sTsmsbsj HaaaVira. was tos]** Bo*
ilan d Ike pheh ? of both house- ? >!
II*.1:1 g- licral ;t"t li.l.lv t -r
Hie M-st in ihe l iiiied Stales setuil
hfl ?aeui.t I.v the reoeal death ul
Si eater Bamu I IMadlaa McJEaaey.
faadora' elect ion to the aapjedp liu -
I.e. ii a ?,.i. conclusion v. r sine,.
Mi*t.ir McKncij ill. (I. Tomorrow Inch
..onset; ol the assembly will meet in
- BMlest :.iu! Sautters will lie lornmlh
t-'ci led. II.- will retain the i: >\crnor
sfctp until Iveeml'cr. when he willj
i r Inn c.tul go to. Washington.
Lemteaaai fror ere or I ?tahieasnsil
then kecaosCe governor and Senator
'; lioiuas (' Barrett, president pro t 'in
it tie- .-.ena'e. sueeeid-. I.iiinl'n tnoiit.
Operator in Mjny Cities Gets Term in
Sing Sing.
NKW rOatat ltd) .'? ?Willi? IM
land. a bOjrlafe ClOwk < reillted by the
pulll? with I. :tig MM Pi the cleverest
forgers in the Kit t. was tenteneed
lu te today to a tarSJ of tjot mote than
? en rears nor feea than five years tu
S tig Sing prison
I I., ugh only li >i.irs i l.l. BOPtBd
was 1. ader of a band whlrh opented
not only in New Y< rk. Ir. t kj CM a
g", fjoallsl. New Haven, Providence,
Syracuse and ether cities.
Wealthy Norfolk County Man Dies
ittv Ajsteeeasea nee*)
Noiil oi.K fetj I -Captain .lohn
?1. Wallai ??. iced It years, prominent
aa a Ukeceaafel Norfolk county truck
er. and large owner, was found dca.l
In hid early today at his home, near
Judge Pritchard Addresses Col?
ored Meeting at Durham.
North Carolina Jurist Advocates Early
Agr.cultural Training for the Blacks
and Thinks Leaving Cities Will
itty As?>,i.it.ti fceeaaj
M UHA.vt. N C, Ji.ly i.?Advocat?
ing th.- ? :rly agricultural training
of the negro in the belief that P
sreeM pie#e of itiiin.t. value to the
moral, of the colored race, and the
Ol the Pat pre to th- farm a.- ??
solution l? ge!) the question of
the present high cost or living, Cnited
Static Judge Jeter C. Pritchard. of
A h. ville. N C. made the ojieiuug
address <jf the ?uiiiur> r course of the
N..t l i.ai Religious Training School
and Chaut .iiqna for the Colored Rae?
I;, r. i-day.
Much Needed Want.
S*,ri:.g th. t the opening of this
? chool tilled a m ch BaedM want,
.lodge Prit -aard detlared that the co|.
< red man ww- essentially the leader
of his race and it was through Kim
th t hi* i-opio might In- more off. t
,velj ? ached Only full Justice here
and elsewhere be said could be done
th. nccio l>> remembering thai he
. ii;. : .-n frou [every ah- re
dependence apoB masters had render?
ed him aaadMaMssPBi without ?.! aav
Uoa ?r prcpetty. f
-The colored man is a citizen of
th. cie:ntr>. he con' nued. and wftiie
he enjoy, all the right- and tirmun:
t:t? of citizenship. Ire mu?t n ly upon
it Ii? ?ould a-complish ;he
best th ng? in our oif ireashln. I <:m
thankful to say that there has aever
bee a a tlase since tm aacipatioe. wDea
a mayoniy of the wbHe peopte of tee
Sort ft were not TTi< ndly to the n.g-o.
so fa: as h?? welfare as a ctt.?ea ta
rtHM crsed'
Baci< M farm.
Judge Pritchard advised the .-ol?ren
pevpie t" are* the farsas He seta
ear ftmad less racial antagoaism n
tbf rural district*. Has e< nfldent be?
lief was that no ci?-s cf ate* was
)?? r e r.aifd better than the farmers
The te. m ov?M <tlmoM<r mnefa of tke
rrtm Mil Herne? that car sea the on
tire race
Steamer Is Ploated.
iVr Assvw-wtee r*ra*i
NKW OvJI>:AVS. J-ly .'.?The
? '?vmer Raven, of the Norwegian r*g
? pM under rbsrte- ?f the Cnited
PruK Company. ?aJrfc went aeroind
oe the Caiamrm r-ef? off the enact
of Tocadaa. leu da*s ago. has i?a
I, piajtrd ii.HldkH to cable rdv?-o*,
reeyrred ly tke trait rmepeay here Pe*
naettled; tight to moderate,
able winds, mostly south.
Many Cities to Bar Jeflries
Jonson Fight from Canvas
In Theatres.
Secretary of Chrisitan Endeavor Be?
gins Campa gn by Wiring Rooxe
velt. Governor Hughes and Mayor
Gaynor to Enlist in the Cause?W II
Be Taken to All States in Union.
Ukf Aeaodaled i'res?i
BO0JTON, July IT DaiisallBg that
In.l. |m ii.|. nee day ?\n.s dishonored by
a prize ficht; that the moral sense of
the nation ?.is outrages), but that th:s
evij la nothing compared to the harm
which will be done by allowing cat'*
drea and women to view the reprodur.
?Jon or the Jeffr.e Johnson tight hp
' moving pictures, William S. Shaw,
general secretary of the I'nlted So?
ciety of Christian Kndenvor. In ?
rormal itotlOpiBl ion ght, announced
fin hi ginning of a campuign against
the exhihition of the pictures.
Tel.grams, calling nttention to the
ras? KOt? which followed in the wike
of ttsd flglit. were dlspatcned tonight
to former President Theodore Roose?
velt. QarerBOT Charles K. Hughes and
Mayor W J. Caynoc, of New York,
.; king theit co-operation in the move?
ment tor the suppression of the pic?
Mayor FttageraJd, of Boston, w.ll be
seen tomorrow and asked to prevent
th<- exhibition of t? tuet ires in Boa
ton. In a day or two telegrams will
l>e sent to the governors of .ill the
st.it. - making a similar ie quest. " v
No P.ctures for Baltimore.
BALTIMORE. July 3?Backed by
the authority cf the board of police
commissioners, Marshall Farnaru will
re., r. ?( May.: Ma boo I to prevntyhe
moving picture*. <?: the Joffrios-Joha
?< u light here The n.iniir says tb.lt
wita formal complaint before n ra ne
will stop the picture--.
Th.- action by the pcl'ca rommls
| sioners wjs taken tnia morning, fot
: low ng the submission by Marshall
I Fainam of r. |k)iis showing the wide
-i>-e...i noting all over the -ountry.
including Baltimore, darlag la-t night
and the freonent clashes between
I whit,.- :ind blac ks.
Take Act on at Washington.
WASHi.vnoN. July :, ?Movin*
: pb 'i r? s i f th.- ji ffrles-Johuson light
I may oc har>-< :l f:em the District ot
I Cbluabtx Police rhiet syirettter
; has afhiiwiaiad that be will do bis nt
previ e the film- f'om b?'.n-<
I sh wn h. re He fears a repetition
of -the race riots which took place -'U
lie ire. ts win i. i> became
known that the negro had aron.
WiH Be Barred at Cincinnati.
?TNCTXX ATI. OHIO, I tilg :,?Mayor
Schwab s.i ,| todav he will not allow
the Johnson-Jeffriea fight inetures to
jdhe shown in this ejt. Hi d.d.'. el
the pictures would promote r"?e
hatred and for that reason he would
bar th.-m
?? ?
None for Atlanta.
ATLANTA. CA July .V?The Jef
? rie--Johnson prire fl?nt pictures will
be l>arrei from Atlanta This an?
no r.c. mrnt w<-.* made tonight by
Mayor Maddox. Tomas-ow an eruer
prohibiting the presentation of mow?
ing lecture s of prize light* will be in?
troduced in the city council and la
expected to have little opposition.
Mayor ataxMoa. saM there wouM be
?langer of trouble between the rares
if the pe-tares were shown in At?
lanta I sincerely hope the Reno nsftt
is the lae-t ever ?tage d ~m the Cnited
Rtate*.' be added "The tight xrta
Hafnxjlegufi to say the least.'
A?<V Ccvemof for Pebearinf.
'3> A*-orlatra Preaa)
ALBANY X Y.. July ?Governor
Hughes was asked today to gtve a ro?
he^ r+ng on his action in honoring the
' xtraditir.r. to Tennessee Of H. 8bap
learls- 4m <?' ivarrark. ft. C. oa a
? -.. -iK *t i ono fm
' ? ? r It- - t - a b ?ton. Tcan .
; nd New ftrteaaa.
Endorse Folk Pee Piaalllawt.
Rv \ .- -i?e?si Pi aast
RALKIGH N C_ Jalv -The th
create enwatv convent tea of Rertfca
eonaty X. C hai endorsed
?r Kolk of Miiaxaori. fear the
eratlc nom'na'Wio far Pr. lanxaL
'at her. Henry B Folk of
was a native of Beetle eoojaTfe,
ag there ?h -a k area rx
v ears ose.

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