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attlesbips and Cruisers to
Have Target Practice.
IfaBBa Thousand Jack Tars Win
I Come Ashore While Warships Are
Taking on Coal and Provisions In
Roadstesd. :,t.. ?Kl'
Aecordiag to advice? received her??
esierday frtim Nasj Knglaiui. tne
itlantlc battleship Seat, ?rhleb. is m>w
New England water?. is to come
) Hampton Hoads the latter part of
ext month for a stay of about thirty
ays. After taking OB ?oal ami pro
isions at Old Point, the Baal arlll
av?- its semi-annual target practice
nd maneuvers on the Southern drill ?
round-?, thirty-s'x miles sont h? ?
ape Henry.
Heading the ing fleet on Its return
Virginias roadstead will tie the
iant battleships D?lavais and North
lakota, the first of the American
[?readnaughts to be completed. These
eighty war craft are to be assigned
o the first division of the t!e?'t ami
this will be their first target practice.
The Helaware has onsBPlabtd her
staking down" omise anil is now at
Pfbvincetown. The North Dakota
leaves Rnttton tomorrow for her
? akin-i down" cruiRp and will return
about twority days.
Sixteen battleships, four armoreil
traisers and two s?oiif cruisers, be?
nd, m a number of auxiliary craft,
compose the Atlantic tlwt. The ves?
sels carry a total of about ln.iHM men
anil practically all of them will be
giwti shore leave while the vessels
??re in the Roads. The craft of the
fleet are: Battleship! Uelawar?. North
llskota. t'onm-i^Nout. T?rnitslana.
Vermont, Minnesota. Kansas, New
Hampshire, Virginia. Rhode Island.
Georgia. Nebraska, Mississippi, Idaho.
New ,I<?rsey and Missouri; armored
cruisers North Carolina. Montana.
Tennessee and New York, and scour
cruisers Salem and Chester.
Neil Britt, a Negro, Was Tear?
ing Out Plumbing When
Caught In the act of robbing the
house at 22G Twenty-fourth street,
Neil Rrltt. a young negro, was arrest
<?d yesterday morning at 11 o'clock by
I'atrolman K. P. Moss and locked up
?ir ?he station house on cha-ges -.f
housebreaking, trespass and lar
? ?-ny. lie wll !>f given a hearing ae>
fore Justice BeaaaBBa tn the jiolice
(ourt tomorrow morning.
When found by thp officer Hrilt
was cutting out the plumbing in the
house, which is vacant. He has cut
ont a number of lead pipes and pasad
them on the flo-ir. The pip- ara*
laken in charge By the officer and is
being held as evidence.
For soverai years the police have
had trouble with boys destroying the
1 lumbing in vacant houses and it is
proposed to make an object lesson ol
Britt. The youngsters steal the leal
llpe and sell it to junk dealers.
For Working on Sunday.
B. Smith, a white man. was sum
moned to court yesterday by Patrol?
man Messick to answer the charge
ol working on Sunday. B. A. H/iind
ley is summoned as a witness in the
Jamestown Being Repaired.
The Old Dominion steamer .lame
town is undergoing repairs at ihe
? hipyard. Captain Catherine, who
has b?een in command of the James?
town. Is now in the Prin??es8s Ann?
?\- Csptsin Tapley is on his vaca
Give Them Help and Many Newport
N*w* Peopie Will Be Happier.
"Throw Out the Ijfe L4ne"?
The kidneys n????d help.
Tbey'r?- overwork??d?can't get the
poison filtered out of the blond.
They're getting worse every min?
Will yon help them*
r??>an s Kidn?y r.I's have brought
thou sands of kidney sufferers bark
froaa the verge of despair.
W li cur? any form of kidney troa
Btra. H. S. HortoB. 1317 Twenty fifth
street, Newport New??. Va, Bay?: "I
am still willing to give r?*n ? k'i.1
ney Pills my tMBOra'BBiat Over six
rears ago they were asaai m ny home
and at ?hat 'late they effected a rare
la a aerere case of kidney tratable.
whtVh had failed to yield to other
r?edios. I aaa Had to ?ay that tae
cure has prarth-aliy bee? ,n lasaaiat
On nao ner?tea stare liV-a. in????
KidBey pills wen? prsrwrd at fetor's
draff ?lor? aad their us* wsa Isa.??
?d try areas?? b?-ticfM It would bo
laapuaaibie to say ton murh la prates
r,r this etceileat rewjedi ""
For aale by all dealer. r>rW (a
MBU Poster-BlilbBtTi Co. RnffBaO.
Sow Tort, sole affrat* for the
Pem ember the
Saturday. July 20, 1910.
Sf. uner Hennod (Vori Jmgen
si ii. l'erth Amboy ?to Chesapeake a
Ohio Coal & Coke Company m bal
Steaiuet Eniiisbiook (Hi) Joues.
Mob.u? in Cheaapeake A nain coa.
iseac? Coaayaay for Baahet coal.
Steamer Itaiia (It) Baratta, New
Orleans to Smokeless Fuel Com
pany lor basket coal.
Steamer Danubian ( llr I l'..rt
Arthur t0 CliesapcakB I ?>hi?) I'oal
Agency Coaaaaay for bunker coal.
steani??r Keaaebae, Byraaa, Bos?
ton?to White Oak Coal Company In
Bary.e Scully from Providence?to
Chieapaaki *. OUo coal ?_ 8aka
Company in ballast.
Barge Francis S. Hampshire from
i Prorlteaee la Cheaaiteake *.- Obla
Gael * ?'ok.- Coiupiuiv m ballaat,
Barge .1. I!. Thomas from ITovi
teaoc to Cheaapeake ft Ohio coal ?
| Coke Coaapaay in ballast.
Barte Annie Smith I rum Huston -
to Sniok? less Fuel Company in bal?
Barte Edith from Beaten -to New
River Coal Compnay Ip ballast.
i Barse Mora Pram Boatoo ha Man
! Hirer Coal Coeapaay la ballaat.
? Barca Beaten from Boston?to
Cheaapeake ft Ohio Coal a. Coke
Company In ballasi.
Barse Cardenas from BOBtoa ',.
[ Chesapeake ft Ohio Coal & Coke
i < oBapnny la ballast.
Barge Knickerbocker from Provi
anace to rMnoaprate ft Ohio Coal ?t
. Coke Cuiiipany in ballast
I steamer otto Bvertrap (Nor.)
Mlcbaelaea, si. Thoaaaa Pet a hat
White Coal Coaapaay.
Fit tamer r*kxaiabrooB (Br.l Ionia,'
Belfaet Cheeapeaka ft Ohio Coal
Agency Company.
Steamer Danubian i Br. i Bottrrtata
I?Cliesupeake ?t Ohio foal Ak? ncv
: Company.
Steamer Italia (lu Baratta, Genoa
'end N'apl's -BBaOkelOBa Fuel Cum
i ?,an>'- ~ ?. i - A*
j Steamers Danubian (Hr.) Rotter
('am; Otto Bverdrup (Nor.) s?.
Thomas; Italia (It.) Genoa and
Naples; Brutea <!'. S. naval rotifer*
Prorlncetoarn; Hay View for Bon
Barge Boat tie for Boston.
Calendar for Today.
Sun rises.."1:08 a. m
Sun sets .7:14 p. in
High water ...S:M a. m.. r.:?7 p. m
Low wafer ...lu:27 a. m.. 11:29 p. in
Coke for Tampico.
The Norweian steamor Herniod ar
rived yesterday from Perth Amboy.
N. J., to load a cargo of 3.500 tons ol
I coke for Tampico. "Mexico. The
cari;:) will be supplied by the Chesa
jieake & Ohio Coal & Coke Company
Three Steamers for Fuel.
Three foreign steamers arrived In
pon yesterday io load fuel coal. They
?vero the Hritish steamers Knnis
brook and Danubian and the Italian
steamer Italia. All steamed excep'
?In- Knnisbrook.
Collier Brutus Steams.
Carrying a carieo of 2.".00 tons of
roal. the I'nited Stales naval cuiller
Brutus steamed yesterday for Pro
vin.etown. Mass. The coa?wis to be
used by the ships of thl"^Atlantic
Coal for St. Themss.
The Norweian steamer Otto Beet
crup? steamed yesterday for St.
, Thomas with a cargo of about
'? 5.0OO tons of coal, supplied by the
| Berwlr.d-White Coal Mining Com
? '?any.
Nine Bargee Arrive.
Nine barges arrived in port yester
day from New England ports to load
ti 11 cargoes of cfjal. About fifte.-r
baaajee are now at this port, the Beef
being one of the largest seen here
in several years.
Steamer Kennebee Here.
The American it? amcr Kennebee
r.rriv <1 y?-?terd?ay from a Boston H
load a full cargo of coal for the re
i?irn trp to that jvirt. The Kennet.rc
.' plies regularly in ?he coal trade b.
tween New England and other ports.
Export for Glasgow.
The British steamer Kastatn
-teamed yesterday fer Norfolk, where
^he will complete a cargo of exigir'-?
i for Giasuow. The reuse! di-e harr
j ? d imports and loada?*! exporta at this
Steamer Barcelona C'ean.
The German ??e?imer Bi
clcared yesterday for Hamburg v;a
Norfolk with a parr carer? of exports
??voted here. She will complete he*
?ergo at Norfolk.
Fourteen V?atela Arrive Here to
Take o? Coal.
Ye?terday waa aoanething of a
Itatlt tay a? the ma; p-?-*?? fourtee:.
rcseela arriving to take coai. Three
-- Irsvring f?e! coel. oe
?arill take coke and the renaUnia?
j eleven nil Mad pal carro?
large? Were in ?be fleet which came
.r? eaae*B**aat fieme* berth at
?He m?) peer? i* tiled aat a aesa
I her of atadas are anrhorral ia the har
lor awaiUat their tama at the dork*
nritteh ateeaaer Rrltlsei Ban (e
on t.Ttay to
lent fact real to the aieeaat of the
Canear? ate ft Ohio Coai Aaaaacy
Ctaomr. _
Carneana Can W. C Beojss.
And Must Move Quickly!
VENTERO A Y we closed a contract for a new building to bo erected at our present
stand. The contract stipulates that the now building must bo completed within a
short space of time. This means that wo must vacato thu old store within a tow days;
0 this means, too, that we must get rid c?f a large portion of our stock before moving. To
do this means that the prices must be cut doep to aecompli?h the desired rosult. This we
have done and without mincing words over the matter we say to you that if it is your de?
sire to save money on your purchases for the next few days it's up to you to attend this
sate. That's enough; the prices will speak for themselves We urge you to come.
As an illustration we will sell any
Straw Hat in the hi use for - H
The Home Of
Swift jjjjfcg
Doctors Porter and Wood to
Preach Here.
Rev. S. L. Naff Preaches Farewell
Sermon to Congregation of Calvary
Baptist Church. Before Leaving for
His New Field.
"The Young Man Four S?iuare," is
tli?- subject announced by Rev. Lloyd
T. Wilson. I? I) aasaMt Df h<- Ncw
BS-ii Ne?*., ?:.],!!.? chur?li, tor tonlfiht
I I " ? lo? k Tins BBB<ra*Baj at 11
r. <?!,.< k tli*.- i -;???ak on ' ? ?>"
Kare Not tu Ike S?::-." Tb:s ?StU M
the pastor's last Sunday Before ti*
annual vacation a;:d l?o h s?-in.?,..ii. v. ?I|
!"? i nip? riant m..- Hi. Sued -y school
??.??i a. ni
I Hiring I)r. Wilson's
I ;l|>ii will be sirpiilird b> tbr?-- arrtl
known n ?h of whom former.
ra ut th? N'--?rM,r: News
BapOs* church. N- ai .::iii<iay. Hov.
.1 ?v I'nrt'T, !? j?. aase <>f ih<- most
BBBBBlBt n ?h'- S?-uth and
?in?> Btfja hi i la .v?w
I -he ,. tlp.t ?.f
. : I i> parta* !??;? 'his city
?.i >.ara auto ami will h?? w?-U
ceaued bark Bj k s fa* ??
tiOB. On he ??? < on?l Sunday af or.
al.s? nc. r?ev O la. ?fl
:?ton, who has b*-en secretary
of the South???-?! BasB?a?Bl ?on?, -ntion
f?r Thirty years, ai'' preo.-h s?t tae
Newport News list and ?B
la Wood, l>.
I?. a foras?i pastor of ?ke ekanvh. who
left h??r?- soi???? fifteen years aro, wtn
preach to ta* itiBsjiiaaillfBi.
Calvary *Upt??t.
ReT Samuel \, Naff, th- ?tcBBaUM
pastor of th'
? preach I ? ratos in hi-.
esssgntjsttsm ?hasaskt at * o*ch>- ?: lie
? ' yt t at 1 r o'rlock
this morning sad the Sunday a? Bo??I
?a*W ateet ii ?.ji i ai Is?fare re*
aumin? ?>ataa*ra
i ??temtaary at Mas?.
take a rest of tiro month*.
toAajr, tkc artlai |,.i-i,,r, Ras?, a ,,i
W.iit?-. praschiBf at H a. in., Bag] I
|i. m The Sndav :'< hool meet? at
9:30 a in, and Bl Usa f..:>ii hoir,
.linUi'- T. J. Barliain will ni'-et tli?'
Men'.? Bilil?- cassa ?n the auditorium
of the cliin.-h.
Thirtieth Strct Christian.
?ter. J F>iw.-.ri? o?-caajBTBs?y. p star
of tka Thi -Mi . ? ' t christ aa
chut? h, hay r?-?iuesi.-.; all the m' tub r..
ci th.- ekatrek ;?' attend the Barrios
at n o'clock this morakhj at h.? ?atk
acwack a s?cela] b tooa on Tfce s?
atat "f Enduran?- A funeral BBS?
?non will U- ]>r< a >?'??! tonight ;it s
d/i back. Th?- Baa ?:? Bskool ? ad
l:.r?:in i'.i'.l- ? ttaa* m ?et s at t:tt a.
m. am! Ika Cktfetiai Endeavor Bttk
;y will m> i t at 1:15 p. as.
(h. et mil Avenue MetBodlsl church. * CUCPPAUn flAWIQ
kaa s!i.h?..?.h r.,..ve,..i ., h,s A. bHtrTAKU UAV!!>
injuri.s of a ???.k afa >B oempy Mai DIES VERY SUDDENLY
paiprt totte] ami in- win praiafli ?hi
the following subjects: 11 a. m., ' -
? H?,w Ck??r oth.-r-": S p. in., "Cod:? Well Known Resident of City
Fri.-nd. Who Uka a Star (Mated| cumbt to Acut* AttacK of Heart
.Vin> " Tin- Sunday BCkaOj meet? at
!' :M ?i in Mr Taylor will preach
at tka <"' Ii'Ii?ai?m1 Av? i IBB) Methodist
rlit::. h thi?. ? it. : iiih.ii M :: : :'.'i o'clock.
Th? pastor ??! meet the b<iar,l of >H
raetora at the afteraaoa .servir?-.
8ue. Special Meeting to Be Held Tueaday
^^^^ Night to Select Working
_ A special meeting of the local mem
Mr A. Sh.pnard Davi?. an old and'Vrrs. ,,f ,he ,mProved **? ?*
widely known citizen of Newport
Church of Christ.
Tka ;'??.-'?.r. Re*. !.. H. <;ro.-i?-clone.
oi the Twaat] foarth ittaai Ckareh
of Christ, will praas h to his ?'ongr,
^ation uxlay on the followmp snli
;? cts: II a. BL, 'I: I \V il.l b?
Chris:'- DlatlplB, What?"; s p. m..
_ "The Saviour Poor for Our Sake." The
? ' j Sunday Beksaf BBBBtfl at !?:4."> a. m..
Trinity Lutheran. ?and 'he mid-weekly ->ray?-r si-rvii-c
i>e held at ?tie v.Ill be held Wednesday evening;. The
Trinity LatkstBB :nh t?ala\, th?*, tralnins class BBBSta s^aaSasf ev?n
)>r,s'?r. atea A i K.irkau. prea-hin-; ?no. ^^^^^
an?i I ; m The ev.-r.inir|
at I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
service will \>c ooadaetai in th?- <;?-r
man laasKBSa] 8 nday school
me?Hs a' I fcT*a Bfal t?* laBJakap
Mrs T p. m
St. Pauls Eoiscopa;.
? i kcaa atffl I
and | p m. The
> Hihi
I P IMllI.
? ?lay st II a m..
-;.Hiday school and
,t ?' M s. m.
East End Christian.
?aa ataratesk W. Hnti-r wi.iocnipT _ _
the pulp!' of the Fast Knd Christian Creenlawn cemetery
News, died very suddenly st t:M
?.'clock >?-sieriiay morninK at hl*
home. In!? Tweniy-?ourth street.
trom heart disease. Mr. Davis had
long suffered with this dlssaaa and
be was s?-iz?-d with an acute attack
st midniKht Friday night. Tliinkitii:
that the atta? k would soon [>ass off
as <>thern had don?- in the past. Mr.
Davis was not ??mcerned and a phy?
sician was not summoned until it was
Baaa that his condition was serious.
Dr. VV. .1. Knish? ?as then sent for.
I?ut arriied too late to aid the stri'k
? ? man.
The funeral will take place from
tid llaptist church this *ft?>r
noon s: ?". ?.ciock. The pastor, Rer.
j. T. Rlddick. will conduit the ser
i ici* and mtermen? will be made in
ileptasopiis has been called for Tues?
day nicht in order to make final ar?
rangement? for the ? elebration of the
iliirty-se<-oiid anniversary of tae
.'??undine, of the order. James River
Coin-lave already has appointed a
. oiiiiiiitt.-?? to act with ?-oi?nalttees
from the other two ? ??uiclave* to
.????l??ct a plac?- for ihc cclebrstloo. The
este for ?be holdin?.- of Ike eelebra
tios will be agreed noon Tuesdsy
There are throe cur. clarea of
Heptasophs In this ?ity and they
?.v;ll turn out in a body for the ?le
l.ratioii. The conclaves of Hampton,
I'hceb-ts. Norfolk and Portsmouth
will be Invited to join with them tn
th? celebration and tho erent
promises to be the i.ig^esi thing of
in kind yet attempted by ar.y order
"f this city.
church at the usual hours today.
Sunday ?-ohoo! rat?> ts at !?:3n a
Second Presbyterian.
Regular -ervii h will be iield at the
Se?und Presbyterian church todsy.
?he r-?stor. atea. P. I Hendcr?t- .
priaihinK a 11 a. m. snd X p. m
"?"he Sindav srho >l me?-;s at the
usual hour 'his morning.
^~~"" Grace Ep??copat.
Th?? rector. Rev Rofeeti H. VTrlgk?
Mr. Iiavis was s native of Vatk i
county, but had lived in this city j
for the past fifteen years. He was :
employed as assistant foreman in tbe '
?umber yard at the shipyard. Mr.
Davis la survived by his widow sn<?
two young dsugthen? snd one bob.'
Allan S. Davis. Jr.. secretary of the
city I>emocrat!e executive ?^iirmi!f??e.
H.? was a brother of Forme:
? rllmsn R. I>ee Da?rls snd Phillip T.
! Iisvis. of this ?rliy. Three ?latara ??
I Mrs. Ssllie Hsrwood. of this city;
' Mrs. C H. Payne, and Mrs. Dempney,
Give Cooking Demonstration.
At the request of s cumber of the
patrons of the schools. Miss (?enroda
Davis will give s demonstration with
the tireless cooker In ihe domestic
r.< i.-nce bsll of the High school build?
ing tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock.
S?. Vincent ? Catholic
- s irU t.- held st st Vin
cents rath. . :eh. Rev. Joseph'
Frioli. roc . r ' a.? folkiw?- First! _
?i -.ill conduct resulsr services s? ?h>- ot New York, also survive him.
?;ra??e F.p:sr.?pai ch-ircb todsy st II R I^o Dsvi* has lx?en ont of the
a m and ?? p m. The Sunday scho?>l ?ity s ?versj week* and will be unable
Second Baptise I !W*?-- ?- s V* * m ? '" n*< h h^r* ln ??:n* f<W tm* ?timuM*?
Rev J. T astof of he
pecon?! | ek an??o:iT'
11 a
m.. "T
I 8mday atknai m?ets at ?:k|
Taber-j' r Baptist.
R?-v t Y or. ?aaaBs-r as* tka
- :
SB. Il
akasw-n hr
il ?. m . m
- have be??a
Trinity _
hate si tbe Trinity
MHkiilBt ckkrok at fate aacal kawa
Friends' Church.
At the Friends- Bsteskl today,
pastor. Rev Claude A. Roene. will
preach at 11 a. m.. and x p. m. a*
i.rag snd praise service will be held;_
st a p. m.. snd ?ha. Sundsy school ( Teschers teave For Thair Hssssa
Various Parts of This ?n?
Other ktatsa.
?raking arrangeasrnta fnr the
- '.rand Camp ?v
-??t la this r'ty aa Ortrtssr
Gra<? vrt??odiBt.
?rav. Um sa M \t !?
- ? ?
m . ?n-1 'k I*-?- '? *na --*??
semble .it " ' m . are
r imiuariaaM^^^^^^^
Cheatnut ??rerna* aaathaallBt and a full atitndaarr of ike
aaaster of the ?I both caspa Is aasaaf?kw.
f**> flr.sl aaaaii>a ?V ;h? 8<-<i*?<b? |
-?' S?immer Nonral school, which h#?j
Arrangements to be Made tor Enter- tar i in .Ina*?, ended y*a> !
tsining State Grand Camp. n aste last nie* a
A spe? tal mei-rlrs of Magi mlur rnarher sf tkc saarlMra left far ?h?rfr
Csmp. No. U. Isfted Coofa^eraie haasrs aa Virglaia and oth?r .???et.
I Stiaart pib&I esaaslaatlBaa ha?r? twen bate
C?mp - votirraa*. ?-urlsr tbe i??
?ski be held a? the <Uy hall torn? r ,?? harina; tm?o? aa
Bight at * o'clock for the pair- W??dn<>??day.
was Ml and 11? of -h?*.?? t.*uh?rrs
irok . ?SB*. The "?kaaalgB,
Nui mal D to ha ?wade i" riasMnii: sad
win be la atte*>aaaM?a> aax! as*?loa.
a-4 -
Bmt T
fahas WaaswaafBaa? Avenu*,
atca-t to Watt, Oc?*y A Wat?.

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