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tffl* HIm?<m pi r?.*
(Except Monday)
At the?
til Twenty-fifth street.by the
The Dally Pre., la delivered by car
lier, anywhere In the city limit, tot
10 cent, a weak. Any irregularities
reported to the office of publication,
Bill receive careful and prompt at
teatlon. Orders for delivery of the
Daily Press for either residence or
place, of business may be made bv
postal card or telephone.
(Payable Invariably In advance.)
Oae Month .60
Three Montha . 1.2:'
81a Months .I.f>0
On. Year .6.00
Jdltorlal Rooms, Uel! 'Phone No. *-?
Business Office, Bell Phone No. DO
Citizens 'Ph??ue No.181
Entered at the Newport Newa, Va
Poetofflce a. Becond-ci... Matter.
S/.Tll'DAY, Al'Ul'ST ti, MM.
While you are .pending th.
?umm.r month, out of town keep
In touch with home happening?.
Th. Daily Preaa will do thi. for
By mail to any addr... in the
United State, and Canada for 50c
p.r month.
The jeeent and patroltlc citizens of
Tennessee have tak?>n the first deeid
ed step toward ri'deeniiiiK the good
name of their State in taftRfMf the
Patterson Judiciary ticket. The
"tegular'' Democratic ticket vas de
feateil by u tt?-mi>nd? nw majority, and
this Bfvareatt] means thai Path raaa
hineilt, who has lie ii BflBllBBtod It)
aucceed himself as governor, is to be
kicked out of tb>' Baaeajtltra Baaaaioa
When pHHcison has been kfcifcBd ?'H
and the minor ohlces of the State
cleared of his underlings, natural i?ar
ty divisions, oblitciat.'d h? the ab?
normal conditions existing ?ill be re?
This p?i?er believes in party regu?
larity, bui it does u. it beiov
in sacrificing decency ?ii.l P it
to peaty regularity or
anything els?-. It is a pity that the
Democrats Bl T.nness?>e c?iuld not
puige their party crgani.ation within
the party lines. But it seems thai
Pattirson and his cohorts were
.iro'igly entrenched that nothing short
of a political revolution woild rout
them. Under such efraaBaMaaea
good ci izens, Demociats and Repub?
lican*, cannct ?lose their eye- hBM
their noses and follow th?- had of
crocks crying part? r?gulant.? -
T?nnessee normally is Democratic
by a large msjonty. and I* will con
tlnue to be Demo? rail.-, because most
ot th?? people, the white people, in
heiently beli'v in 0*9*00*0* prln
clples. Therefore the staunchs*! !Vn.
ocr?t ne?>d suff? r no uneasiness on a?'
count of the fiismn victory in Tenni *?
se?. Even should . ?fraight Republi?
can victory be s?ored In the fail elec?
tion there would be no cause for
alarm, w?- b? liev?- When the power
of the Pat te; ?.-n trib*> has been broken
Tennessee Democracy can rume to tile
front s ronger than ever after a reor?
ganization under decent leaders.
Seaator Oore. of Oklahoma, be
Baaaed the man ?bo. h* My*, offered!
him a bribe of $?.?..*oft to withdraw < i?
Baatttea to a Measure permitting tbe
payaxai a eonae-thing Hhe three mil
Um dollar, to Attorney U*Um**A
aad ?Tther. la ronnecttca with a oc
tract for tbe .ale of certain Indian
laada Tbe aaaa aaaaad U Jake I*
Haav>r.. chaaraaaa of tbe RepahNeaa
party la Ohtahoaa. The Miad
Mr ata lia. Ma. that
Cartla wer? tateretrted M th. twrpea.
Whatever auy ***? ?he i-bbK of aa
MaaaUgBdaa of Rea. or Gore', ttae
Barata, the pabWe wm aoc.p? bl. wor?
Par what bap?Bar*! The senator la a
aaaa of mi .Hub d MMgrfty aad he
la ?ata By ihMg Ma
a they ?ata aat <rae.
?. Bur., the a?alsr haew t.?
?MeMty of ?mmtrntmOom each a
?*"?'? aad It la act aataral M aap?
?Ba? Mat he b-ocM hare aa?. H a* *?
had i"1' 'l"iii<*'i tat- a?Son aha?*??**l
IXJ on i he other hand, I lie man
who gt*aa or tahea a bribe alwj'.s M
ready to He BbtB I I '-" ta
?i,-nmis aad ?er.?- attacha B?oa hat a?
?-n-.fi- :?'?? to I"' ?x"?'?ted from Mi
i This paper, i> t tarn, is aof bo ready
10 belie??* thai Vi?-? Preeldeal SSat
10:111 li.nl itII> i-olnieclloll with th.- In
.ia.in ?tala . rook??<m?sH STe know
mithin? Minait Senat..r Curlis. l?u' ta?
vieepreslil.nl has n?-v? t struck BJ as
tin? kind of :i man who wiiilil de
. iv take chance. < f w.-arin?
.trip?-., and until MOBe proof is forth
r? iiiii.K mm prefer to t???ii**v.- that
Haasoa m?-uti. n?-?i tha names althooi
warrant ami -imply to impress S< na
tor (?on?
The i.iimi aeaator'a tharaje shoahf
ba probed to the bottom From all
?vomits th? Indian lands hav proven
a prolific Said for grart and robbery.
Parlttaa aa investigation will reveai
u sHaaUos s"diy aaadlag h? afteatlOB
of the tatherttlaa
The praetlee of ti-jti? of the courts
of graatlag aa-trasaBtaal alimony i.
!,.?::.-,.,| by .1'i.lge William Cttshlni
wait, <>r the BfaaaBihnaBtti Bapreme?
Court, to be a BQtaal f.ctor in tb1
pTOBBOtlOB of the (iivrrce evil. Th"
judg?- is qiiot?d as Baying:
Without passing ixltlclaa*, tel * im?
ply .sitting ?tel 1 thlah to ba obtrloat
roml,lions. I may say that 1 think that
s M-h Uberal alimony i* an laeeBtive on
ihe part of avaricious ?aoaa? h
iliv? rce 11 Ihe co'.l'ts Wile less llbeial
in the aaaidlai of aUasaay n might
be that si nit- of tti.se persons born
In pov? rty Bad raised to ?eat!h by
raaaoa ?if marriage might not by so
anxious to s.-ver the ti?.- thai bound
I hem t<- 'he one treat whom they re
eefted aa income Oraattai thai
iivaii??? mav bad some person.-, to
marry another of th.- opposite sex be?
cause of money aiid luxury, the at t i
tuile of some ( f our courts in gt anting
un extravagant .linioiiy BBeaM to aal
II premium on divorce for such avari?
cious peraaaa.
When actresses who, by hard work,
mi-?ht earn liftv dollars a week for
a few, ?cars and who probably have
P-eil 111 one ten;h, that allowance,
are grained upwauls'of a thousand I
?aeh in alimony irom rich Irisband.*.
imlei'd it is not surprising that the di?
vorce evil 1. growing.
(Norfolk Virginian-Pilot).
The New York Kveniiig t'ost hi m
clii.ed to believe that the bankers ?>:
the country, though ihey opposed the
legislation providing for th?-ir eBtah
lit'hm. m. will mamm ?onie to favor the
pasta? savings baata. As ItlaaiialB-ii
how the system may OpatatB to tha
lootit of th?, banker., i* iiistin?'?.- IS?
bjraa thetleal eaas of a aoaaaSeee aaleh
has nine thousand dol?an? available
for dt?iM sit. A nalional or State baiiK
miglit tviy, ?*y at par, ten BsaaBBB I
dollars ol loc.il school IkiikIs. hear in?:
?tu? r. st at the rate of four ami one
half pet ceir, an?l put them up as aa?
lot the nine thousand dollar.
of government ?1? i>? s?t.s On such a
t:.ii;.-c.?::<:!! th- b.uik would rec-iv
f.uir hundred and fifty ?l?illars int.-re?:
on th.- bond., pay out two hundred
imI two dollar? and a half int?:>s:
on the government deposit, and have
two teaahad and forty-seven and a
half dollsrs left as the annual BBBaB
from s rash investment of onl? on?
thousand dollar, of it. own funds
Ohr ccntemiNirary think? most
i-oiintry hank?-*? woild be "content"
with tw?-n y-four ?nd three quarters
per cent Inter? st on ?heir fund., and
It i? right in so thinking llut wh?r,'
w?\ld ?he public come in? When
twenty-four rx-r cent Intel eat i. re?
ceiv.,1 .om? body bas to pay it That
is 100 cbviou. to admit of argument.
Equally aSetOBB 1. it that it is the
people ?ho would have to d?> the pay?
ing it may be strange, but it
the le?, the fart, '?bat it i. the public
Inte-re?' whlrli is given lea.t r-oos.d
?ratkrn in national legislation and all
too frequently ia State snd mtinirtp-l
legislation a.< well.
Reflections of a Bachelor.
If. almct a* h*rd to Inherit money
a* to marry It.
A ataa is proud to he la btttUoe-s. for
btaaaiTf la he So?, notbtng hat toe*
aaaae-y at
A man ?ant? his w'.fe f?r a pertaer
a? bridar, .0 that ?hen he's b?ate?
Be can htease It on her.
?tv la the fimlly do :
haby is ' alkie c piala Cagiish. taaeetal
ly ?hea aohody aMeiataads It.
A ?oaaaa eoiae? to thtnklna her h?s.
bawd is ?tTe? tioa.t.. ?hen he ??at? hi*
hr.-akfai' withoat frowllnt
?Ne? Y?Kk .f-re*.
A Lively CoraaM.
Sttaa A St at aid eataa essastaarjoa
?hers boy ?>ro?t.. Ubrlled aa hsv??i
1 ata Slid various laj?*rt*s. are he"?a
aasaj a. ?1.>?>>?< .
Paaal ft? saatl. scaa*. srhait mari
la lavioaiW.) -And ?hat la saajplitl
to he ?rcag ?sith y?a?
??mal (ihiaifaSH l-laaaa. bis*
Im dead??f-aaeh
Situation Still Remains Narrow
and Professional.
Attempt to Take Profit. During Last
Half Hour on Exchange Determine*
Unsound Condition and Previous
Gaina Are Wiped Out.
(By Associated Pr?as).
XKW Vc?RK. Auk. ..-The stock
?arkaij while stiii mvtam ami pi*>
f. 'si loaal batey, reftaeted a _bbm sg<
liwaalve BBOed I B the part of that ele
iii in .11 th?- speculation. Their posi
il'.n was Bdhrred to with more de?
termination iin?l was not cbBtgSd un
til the end of the session. The atti?
tude ;i .?Mimed by the proiaaaiQBBl
:rad<is was baaed oil ex|i?>ctuiion that
a large short latereat remained un
eevered ami araa la i vulnerable post
tion tVough tin- cessation of urgent
it a is nut until the last half hour
that an attemp' to take profits de?
termine,! the iiollown.-ss of the mar?
ket and wip?-d out the previous gains
New? develcpm? nts failed to show
any marked alteration In conditions
from those recently prevailing. Re?
garding the coin Crop there had been
a marked decline ,,f apprehension in
view of the amount of damage done
by the diouth. Bayera of atocha today
on the floor of the stock exchange pro?
fessed th?' belief that th.- government
crop report on Monday will provo t<:
be favorable. Weather advices today
i bowed good < ?unlit ions rtotli for corn
Bad eotMa and the bulls made us.? of
the news to push the advance in
Another BBOrBMMS accretion of casa
to New York reserves is indicated by
the preliminary estimates of the
week's CBireBcy movement. Sub
treasury operations, which include
payBMata for laapartad gold, have sup
plie?! to the banl.s o UMtOM while
Ihe inflow of cash from the interior
will sw.il the aggregate to from $1">.
"iiii.uiiu to $17,i)iiii,iiimi. There hav?
been rumors of further private settle?
ments of stock ma: kef accounts dur?
ing the week, which may affect th?
loan item, but th??re Is no expect Uion
that the d? posit item will be sufficient?
ly expanded to prevent a large in
eroaa. in the tmrfmn reserve. The
actual figure of the surplus in last
Sa urday's banfc statement air? :nl>
stood a: upwards of $17."' "
Bonds were firm. Toial sales, par
value. $!,*?>7,uoi? I'nited States bonds
vare aaohaaced bb call.
Total sales for the day were 417.J'?"
shares, including: Sugar. SnO; Tobac?
co, IM; Atlautic Coast Lin>, Ml
eh. sapaahe A Ohio, tM*i LaaNiflls
& Nashville. Mi": Norfolk A Western
7"": Reading. M.1M; Shus Sheffield,
IM; Southern Railway, Mt, pfd . 2?><
I'nion railM. 77 700: I'nited States
Steel, inl.li'": Virginia Carolina Chem
it-al. IJPM
Closing List.
Alii* Chalmers pfd.2"
,\ni -laama;.-?! Cooper. ?',:'1*
American Agru ultural. It
American U? et Sugar.U%
American Can. 5
Ame: ?can Car A Fnumiiy . 4 1??
Amer:, p OBttaB Oil.."?;
Ani.ri. an Hide A leather pfd
Am. rican lccSe<iir: i??s.18"*?
Ame-?can I i;is?..|.H %
American Ix?cnmctive.3h%
Ameriiun SmHtln-g A RcCo .. PAO
American Smelling & Refln pfd .W.%
American steel Foundries .... U\
American Sugar '{.fining.\\2\
Am? rican Tel A Tel.Vi\%
Ain-'iiian Toba. I o pH.?I
\m?r>an Wo?len.27
\ Aneccnda Mining 'o.
Atchlaon . 9C%
! Atchhcn pfd.SX'/i
I Atlantic OMBtf line.loi,
Baltimore A Ohio.00%
I b. thi?>h??m naal . . .? ..
; I'tooklvn Itapid T.anslt . 7".
Canadian Pacific.
Central l.eath-r.
Central Leather pfd.Ml
Central of N? v J-r , . ?f0
tk CO .71
v .
'"Meago Creat W-s'.ern pfd .
Chlcagr A Northwot^n . . '.41'..
Chlsa-n. M A St Pa?il.I ?111
C. C. C A S
| Calorad? Feel A Iron ..
do A Sonlhera .. . .
?latrt Gas.
I Delawar.- * Hiid.cn.
j Dearer A Rio Grand-.n%
A Rio Grand* pfd ..
? I.t*iill?-ts S*vwri'
- ',1
j G-ner.l Mix': .1 ??
. Great \'i rth*-rn pfd .
h-ra Ore C"
I DM**- Cm tal 1*.
-?Tnah Met 1?V
In'?Thorough Met pfd ..
latrraatteaal H?rv*-'er
l.'-r M.Hr.- pfd M H
Irterr.atW-rsl f*a,?*>r .ta
- ??K-ntl pun ;. ... M
! Kbbbbb COT astathirs.2*%
K?n?,. r-itT ?BBthMB pM . . . 6?
ttsilili Qaa v>\
Louisville ?v Nashville.
Minneapolis A St Louis.
??linn , St P | Sa i' St M
Mis.v.url. Kansas & Ti .
Missouri, Kansas & Texis pfd
Missouri Pa? :li. .
National piseu.t .
National Lead.
Nati Rys. of Mexico '.'?'I pfd
N.-w York Central.
. U%
. 4'?
. H%
. M
. 2*
_ .1104
New .ork, Ontario ?v Western U%
Norfolk ?v West, in.a>%
N'o'th a m.-? leaa.9mo
Norton pacific.1?*
PaeMc Mini.94%
People's (las."':>
I'lttslurg, c * St I-oiiis ... ?1
Pittsburg Coal. '?"'
Praaaad st. 11 Car.'.. ? ? U
Pullman Pala. .? Car.IM
Railway Steal spring. U%
Republic St'-.-l.?
If. public Steel pfd.U%
Rock Island CO .. .. *.??**
Rook Island Co pfd.*>[
St. l?uls A San Ft an. tBd pfd
St Louis Southwestern .
St. Louis Boathweatera pfd ??
Mi h sheffi' Id Bteel a.- Iroa .
Southern Pa, ?tie.
So: i lu m Railway.
Southern Railway pfd. ?""
Taaaeaaae Copper. --2
Texas & Paciti.-. U%
Toledo, st Louis <<;? W.st . U
Toledo, St LOUlS ? West, pfd . 4?S*-i
I'nlon Pacific.Ia-*4
I'nion Pacific pfd.;,'"*i
I'nited States Realty.M
I'nited Matea Rubber.U%
Cnlted Btates Steel .,;":-*
I'nited States Steal pfd.1144
Utah Capper.**5.
Virginia Carolina Chemical ???- f>1%
. 22
. M
. n%
Wahaah pfd. n
Western Marylaad. 424 1
Westingh.ius' Kle.tric. 57
West, rn l'ii?011. II
Wheeling & Like Brie. 5
Chicago Grain Market.
CHICAt'O. i;i.S. Aug 5 ?Groa
damage, alleged to have resulted trom|
exceearre rain- In France, turned sen-'
timent today in favor of traders who
vera Ightlng for higiier prlcaa. Up
rope n baying of futures here and at
Winnepeg was reported. The ?lose
was firm at sa adIBIM H of 1% to 1*~
A final gain of S. ta "s, was shown in
corn, and *?>, to '-ia"?? en oats. losses
of 24 to 10 formed the outcome as to
Ai tides
Bapt. .
Dec. .
May .
Sept. .
May ..
Oats? ,
Sept. .
May .
IM ?
. 41
Low Close
lot'. 4
63 %
u t
41 S
Mess Pork, per bbl.?
Sept. .. 21.47V-21.5i? 21:::, 21 4"
Oct. .. UM 2".7742u .47420.77"-?
Lard, per 100 lb*.?
Be* .. ! 1.1.0 11 .,241!.55 11...
Oct .. 11.45 11-17411.42411424
Nov .. 117741120 11.15 1115
Short Rib?, per 100 lb?.? **
Sei?t. .. 11.45 II4041I.3741141)
Oct. .. 10.97411 l?2410 ??2410.&74
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. I ?Cotton?Spot
closed luiet, 15 points higher: mld-j
dling uplands, 13*0; middling gulf.'
15.X.*.: ib lea 2.?15 bales Futures
open?'d snady and closed steady.
Open High I/?w Close
Aug .
Sept .
Oct. .
Dec .
Jan. .
Feb. .
Ma .h
June .
July .
15 .75
15.157 15?;4 ttJfl
14..12 1-i.lS. 14 2t
1.1.53 UM I*- 47 UM
_ - - i:::i
13.41 13?1 1337 13.39
13.37^13.45 13-3J 13.?
1345 13.51
13.4? 1333
13 39 13 40.
13 41
N?w York Money Market.
NKW YORK Aug 5?Mone* on
call. easy, lam per cent: ruling rate.
14: offer.d st 14 Time loans, dull
and steady: ?l.ty days. 3a3*4. and
nin. ty day?. 3\?4 P*r cent; ?'??
months. 4T-it5 per cent.
Cl?se: Prtose asarcantile pai>er. .'?4
'o ?* per ont: at-eling earbange firm.
iCon'Inued on Slxfb Pa-re 1
'?'. MM and gent'e ?*
S-nna whra a la-atirr ta ?Bt-airea.
h '
...r..,!.i. ... -?.----?? In r'. 1 - ***>\
?-fc-ial etT-vi? aiBara r-?T ?he feu*~
nae. maBafartatad by tbe Cglif?nm
Annual Meeting Held at Normal
School?Member Repapre. Re?
port of Wck,
The Virginia Negro Antl Tuber? u
lo.-i.- I,?ague held ,ts ai.n lai lut-t-liiig
at the Hampton Normal tchool thi.
w?ek, when ?frl??ata ?ere elected and
plans uiapp?-u it lor continuing the
tlghi the league is nuking against ihe
disease among the n? groes
t'a|it. Allen Washington. ?ie:i ! of,
th?? cadet aotae at the acteal, has pra-l
pared th?- following BCCOOBI ol the
m?, ling for The Dallj 1'nss:
"About | year ago iasl summer dar? !
ing the Hampton Negra Coafereaee,
then? was nraanltod a state N?sgro]
An i-Tul.? i calosls !.. ague. Since that]
time th?:.- h:.ve been meetings luid ?
in many of the ?hun-hes at which !
nines tuhercuiosis was discus.-cd by I
phyalelBBt aad la-aaraace men and1
leaders of the race. VV?? feel that 'Ills
tea been productive of good. Kich- ]
niond has d< n?? go?ul work 'long that !
line. Meetings have been held in '
most of the churches am! these people (
in.-* rui ti d m regard to tuber? ulo.'is. !
Hampton has not be?-n behind as BBt? ?
er?l meetings have been held in the :
colored (burches of Hampton and:
Phoehua, th" attendance of all have!
large, and mark'-d interest has been ?
shown. I
'Wednesday aftaroooB the election 1
Of olliiers for ihe ensuing year ?aa
held a? Hampton Institut? aad tli?- fol?
lowing <;'!ir<-rs were elected for the!
yesi: Preatdeat, Maj? ?* K k. Motos,
Hampton laatttate; Brst ?rfce-^reesdeat.
\v p. Barrett, Rlehaaead; aecond ?lea
pteaideat, Rev. A. A. Graham, I'hoe-;
bus; third vii??? pr? sident, 1. I). Bur-j
roll. at. I). Raavaoke; aecretary, tt.I
(iaivis Boweaa, M. I>. N? rfoik; aaatat.
aai aecretary, captain Altea washing- ;
toa, Haasptoa laatltate; correapoadlag]
secretary, Mary F. Clark, RU-hmoii?!: j
treasurer. Dr. P. I! t-taataey, Kich-j
mond ; executive ???imniittee, Dr. .1. J.
France, Pott-jiuoutli: piof. B. F. M --1
Williams. Portsmouth; H. L. Jackson.
Blackstone: Mag?^ie L. Walker. Kich-'
mond: Prof. R. L? I>iggs, Lynrhb'irg.i
and T. C \\'alk?'r. OftBccitater; com-!
atlttee on cons* ?tut? aa aad bylaws/
Dr. J. .1. France, W. P. Mur'.'' md
Cap'a'.n altea Wa-hington."
Brilliant Battle Expected to Occur
on Phoebus Army and Navy
Park Today.
Probably the fastest game of the
Mason will take place on the Phoebus,
Army and Navy Parai, this afternoon, j
atea Fort Monroe and Hampton
?T'abbers clash again in a league,
championship game, afalam. who has
?'one good work for the Soldiers, will;
te on the firing line for Fort Mon-j
:oe. while Armstrong will do the
flinging for Hampton. Armstrong has |
rhut the Artillerymen out three suc?
cessive ?im?s and the giui pointer??
are anxious to have s change at him
again today.
It is ?-xpected that several hundred
ttns, will go down from Hamilton be
witness the game, and some gool ?
aatnred rooting may be expected.
Japanese Gardening.
The Japanese gardener is probab- '
ly 'he most expert in the woild. His
usual plan is to build his garden so
thut the Baal -..-ii --? obtained rom
the guestroom of the house or ?he
arbor ?here is is most likely to be
spp.ec'ated. If there ar<- hills or,
mountain, in the background he gar-i
den is .-'. designed that the blTI. sre a
part of it In many esses th?- garden!
is mace to gire the i nip.-es.? ion of be-j
ing s ?ort of smpitheater or 'he
heart of a forest.
To the Japanese gard? ning 1. an
ait. fhsi aa ate paintin?; and .culp-J
lure. Hills, riv? rs. and bridges ?bow
their c, alnt? ?? terms and fancies in,
?a g.rd?n with everblcomtng flow.?r.;.
1'tnesar-? < >Dsidpr<*d the most imi?ort- j
??I of all the BBBBB in Japan. Oieat
cara Is t-hen In their pr?s?
i'tivaticn They aie giownl
d of the choice at qttatHy. j
Th.B they sre ?talked with bamboo]
?anea and sr?- beat to give all ,
M>rtia of fan-as'r ?banc*
Ihe root.? ?re th?T? twisted end tied;
in grace!..? akspes. Thi. tr*atment|
ia giv??a until the s-eveotb ?'?f
are then take? ap aad i-otted
ta s B-eat dam.aI m japan-for oddly
PSI ed p?sate and the aarda-aeT. ante
a BBmlaSty of graftiar ta all its
Tar? ajoamt la ***? Pmtm.
"Hla ta a aassar eaee
? at tease la ta? aaSdle-"
"Aad hi* ??fe ia la the saddle at
Han,. D BBB1 BaBag
to Bfarry Bagaia ?tea
It * '?? ?h? ?a -.. - a i .?
Phoebus and Old Point
Harold's - Norwegian - Kippered ? Herring
. We Insist: TRY OUR 20c COFFEE
Even the tittle children c?ti
make good pictures with a
Cheyne's Studio
49 West Queen St.. Phone 63L.
Hampton, Va.
ED. BUSH, Manager.
Phone, No. 62
Just received a lot of Old
Smithfteld Hams. Every Ham
guaranteed at 27w per lb.
Spring chicken and grown
fowl, dressed or in feathers.
We have a fine assort.-nent ot
summer drinks from 50c per
dozen to $1.25.
Our special Kecoughtan cof
ie? is a winner, 25c per lb.
Fresh raspberries
Wafer m?lions on ice.
While rebuilding goes on our busi
t ess ;roes on too; but are must have
mat* room, so we have decided to sell
all our high grade wines and liquors
at a great reduction. These good
arc ail oar high prictd regular stock.
:>o:i't take our word for it, just look
at the prlcaa. They will convince you.
Sherry wine, per quart .15*
Port, per quart .I5e
Black Berry v*lue, quar: .15c
Sweet Catawba, per quart .15c
WMakejl per quart:
Han Bfcae .85c
Oid Taylor .85c
Oscar Pepper.H5c
Piedmont .*9c
Hunter .85o
fjracfl River .85c
Bottled Deer. . 40c and f?0e per dozen.
All 10c whiskey.5c Per drink.
I. W. Harper, Glad Hand. Maryland
Club, Monticello all straight whiskey.
N. Leonard
Notice is hereby ?lv?n 'tnat after
Friday, Aug. 12, 191t), the coulions or
tU kefs sold by this company in books
<i twenty ticket, each for fifty c?*n:s.
and heretofore good for a single |ia>
sage each way on the King .--'re.?
hraneh. in the city of Hampton, within
? he city limits, will not be accepted for
rassag?? on any of the cars of th??
undersigned, or its subsidiary com?
panies. Cntil and 'ncl>.<*?Jiiig Fridav.
August 12. 1910, th???? coupons or
ticket? will be accepted but not on
Kaat Fnd cars east of Court
tilat altere nor t hereafter.
Any holders of ih*??e coupons or
Hckets may redeem the san? for
?tab. by presenting and ?urrer
them at the Merchants National!
tank. M th?? conter of King an.l .
Queen streets. Hataptq/i. VlrgMM,
? i:h?r hef??rc or *frr August 12. 191'V
at the price for which they were
By W. W. 8. B1TLKR.
m Qeaeral Manager.
Cement. Gravel, Crushed Stoac
and Building MateriaL
Hampton ?na Newport N.w*.
Hampton. 'Pt?on. %.
O.Hv.r t?nd, jto.. Anjr???t?.ra In HBr-p
tc.i or NawPOt ?*?.-?.
?.a- nt Alpha Poru?a*. Cta-at,
V>rr Bin? aten Portland aaaaeat
Ueern of T1SIT and othera will a.
ylMaril to learn that a Twenty -re
east atae ta bow a*nt vp which eaa
tains 40 tableta, foar time, the
aawaat contained la the tea cent
slie. TTSIT Is th? rair-.-Hfy wMch b%?
been making ?nch wonderfal ?rare* of
r.??.*?ip.tion, and Indigeatloa ta New
[port Sew?. SnM with a
Tier, of TISIT and others will be?_?.rmri;o, ?,- aj? dia?MM?
pleaaeil to learn thai a Twenty f.
rent ?ire is n >w put up which con | Beariw Company. V
tains 49 tableta, foar tlaaaa the
aaasaat etTwtalaed la tha tea caat
atae. TWIT O the remedy which ha?
?'<- m?k:nc ?-:?-h 9MOaaa\ r-''* M
to?ttaatitav aad tadtaMttoa la Hamr
toa. RoM with a asaaey hack nwa-aa
te- hr - t r^_r,i-?-jr-?S-rr54-z-:
RAT? DRCO 8TORI? or direct frwB g^~.^.5n_A;S?V'
D. C, wm.*^m.m?.?ij**mm?*.*r'?m??
OLD Dl. THEEl, 538 I. ?H>
:jlt-vts^&:' *? **?*

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