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Nswport Newa that t*Bcelvee ti
full new? service of trie Aai
elated Pre??.
Consternation is Caused h>
Raid of Reformers on Nar
ragansett Pier Club.
Constable Enter? Gaming House and
Finds Many Prominent People En
, I
gaged in Sport?Chief of Police
Enterferes in Behalf of Roulette
- |
I., Aug. ?.?It became huown to- j
night that William ivins. of j
New York; Professor Brander j
Mathena, of Columbia Qairer- j
sity, and Mrs. H t?. Dun, Of :
N> w York, were among the per- j
sons who were behind the raid j
of ihe club. Mr. Ivins said in ;
a stati-int-nt tonight
'This town is in the throes
of a gambling upklcmli which
; ha? enveloped rich and poor I
' alike The majority of the peo- j
I pie who vislt?'d the swell c-lub | J
were not summer ?esidents of j
Narragansett and Narragsnsett
Pier, but were members of au
lomoliile pai tits from N?w York
and elsewhere. And while they
gambled at the high-toned
place, their chaueurs went to
v five other . places, which are
known to existfiaud lost their
I money."
fBy ?.saoclated Pre??.!
Aug. S.?There la cmpsternation to?
night in the higher??riles of thi-^
fashionable summer resort because of
the f??ar that Constable John G.
Cross, who conducted the gambling
laid at the Narraganscrt Pier Club
house Sunday, may make public the
rames of theVmen and women promt
tient in society who were on the
premises at the iim>'. Prominent
matrons, pesonally or through emis
sarie*. have sought the officer all day
ror to give out (heir names. Con?
stable Cross, so far. has complied;
I ut he says, not because ihe ladies
have asked it.
Would Cause Pain.
"To publish these names would
iive unnecessary pain and raus.?
i.nnec?_sary embarrassment."* he
said tonighr. But if these people ap
pear in court in answer to sum?
monses which have been served on
rhem. ir will tie impossible in keep
their names from the public and
there will be a good deal of surprise
when If is learned what prominent
m?-n arid women are ?-onc-ern?>d. And
they will bave a lot of .-mbarrassing
rpireuiont? to answer, too."
CeneanMs cross said tonight tha?
he wa? being ?onsianty followed by
detective*?, whom he believes to be
in the employ of some of the society
people, pgainst whom his action was
taken and he is almost in fear of hi?
Although he succeeded tn secur?
ing hi- release when arraigned in
c ?nil today ?o answer an assaut'
charge, it was on a technicality and
he is awaiting the next mote again-.?
him There were upwards of lh.n>
*ixietv women in the crowd gathe*
ed about the roulette wheel? and
other came? of chance rhar. Ir t?
assered. were in he ?-tub house al '!>**
Mme of the raid, according ro Mr
There Ju?t for Lunch.
?? of them heve rrled to c*.
i.'_.r. ihe constable ?ays. thai ih-v i
had }\mt dropped in to the club for
luncheon, after leaving th.- hop a*
;'..c o.'-inc,. hut Mr. Cm??? declar. ? j
l.c -4v r-o *.gn? of any Innch aid;
**hM ihe - rjoriiv were gaih. > I ?'
-he ft?' hoard? when he P* I
Itnroor*. of ponsible arrears In th?
caae were curr. nr ronight and k-???
the pier alive with Interest
<-.velo*?ment(. are etpectcd within a
frhort trate.
Poi.ce Chief Er-trerferea.
A raid ?>n 8 swel'
Narragaanett i'1iil> atgeth*- p'.-r. early
yeefMrthtey. made by ive reform
era. *>***** by Con ?a Me John U
was frii?*r?ted f?v Chief of
Police lema? D. Caswell. of the?
Dartrng the rnai the chief ateefeetf
Mie arica ..i Hie laiileis. and lal.-r
? an- .-<? Hi. arree! ut Constante crus
ai:tl Qe 'ive I. I uiliiii ? ?! Wur.eslci
une ui the raid? is. .in .liai n?s of as
aaalt. HM actloa m delayiag the
raiders hi fir-.? was on (In- ground?
dial they Were raiding without war
raata, in- says.
The actloa ut the chief was m .u
reel opposition i?. an orator gives him
hj A.-sisiani Attorney General Han.?
I'. Croea, eho dlreced the ehlel in
go in ?tie asaiataaea i?i Coasteble
Crees ami the numbers >.f ihe raid
iiiK party.
Constable cross rrmslaasl mi guard
mer the gambling Instrumenta m the
ililli roOBM li"ii? I- li, i. 'elm k in I lie
i'ioriiiiig mu il aearly aoea, white
everything was dead u? oaal him lu
order Ihat (lie ma? linn-, might be
taken awaj and hMimpi
Warrants for Conatable.
All oi these 'Huns (ailtac. Chief .u
I'uiice Caawell uhlalaad a narrant
for cruss un a charge Ol a-.-aiil'.
und placed Ihe . ?stable under pu?
rest willi his own hands. As the)
left tin- building lie- gamblers COM
in.iued (u remove the state's srl
delire ut gambling, and wnliin Hrieen
minutes the rooms were us bare as
a daiu-e hall tluur.
Only Cablegrams From London
Solicitor Allowed to Reach the
Accused Wife Murderer.
IBv Associated Press )
QUEBEC, Aug. 8?Leiters and
telegrams addressed io Dr. Crippen
_re accumulating at the provincial
Jail, but he is allowed to receive or
answer uiily the cable messages from
Arthur Newton, his London attorney
? elating ro the preparation of Us u>
lense at his approaching trial, tor
Fullv a dozen letters and as many
Brteeaages have never reached thel
prisoner, beennee .laiki Maela has
adjudged, them improper to deliver,
to a man In Crippea'a situ?t ion. M ral
ot them ar? from ati?rrieys.
Inspeitor Dew returned to Quebec
today after a sight seeing trip in
Central Canada. He visited the jail
today to carry Crippen a enhts
? . but did nut see the prison
er. Like the others, the message did
not pass the censorship of ili?> jail
and its contents have not been re
PBr ihe first time since her arrest.
Miss Lea ere asked today (or sssne
tning to read. The jailor s. at her
some magazines. A fresh hatch of
magazines was alsi sent tu <"rip?.?>ii
who reads continuously.?
Will Wage Campaign to
Spread Faith in Spain.
Comrr.ittee is Named to Form Mam?
moth Manifestation Against the
Government?Carlist? Are Suspect
ed of Joining Hand? in Work.
iRv A**?w-iate<1 **?*??* t
The Catholic juntas of th-- Ilasqiie
pruviru-es decided at a meeting 'oday
to wage a bniad campaign 'in
of carboiii-s." at ,, ms nil sSJarhj r>>
>P'i.l the propaganda throughout
Opta A.- Iks fir.-t step they named
rnl ?i>n-.nii(iee to organize a
mammoth MSmtfestnltoa esjsh
government |.< rr they will
create militant j Mitas in ?,\.
vince. The CMBhit leaders BaBB b-ld
a meeting ???lay. bul behind closed
doors Th.- *ii*p:cton that th
ollc? and Osrli?.?H are working na-d
and hand h.i? increased the unej ;
?sna "f *be stitf.c
Cardlnal Merry ri. i Val the papal
secretary, ha* forwarded ??> the praa
td'-ni of the junta here, the tbiaBa of
the pope and hi? apostolic henewMMea.
There were no dlaorders of ?ny
kind fodjy About half th? aasnfeer
??f fh?.?e arresfed on Siturda
while taking part in a street dear-na
? aad shouting: "Death M
Ie>?e-i r?d?> The Ire-teen ?materai
an*J eVputJe? hare derided to *?k for
the rele?*e nf the oth?--? ?n I
teriiellare the government's apto loa *? !
MM pro?e*?:ng ?gain?? "ihe **r
tr-Sj at San Sehantlan " The
BjB**erBi?n>nt however, will tn*- -
|g .r ..,,!. r .f MM - ?**? ' if fJM
t-aeaMMg protest directed to If hv ta**
CMhette?. the aremler hOBlng ?h'-r.br
M 'he re-1 c?u?e of th.- s*i
ttttae M Um Baaajae pro*
The fee a oh ?her. who I? a reale? s
ChtheNr. irnngiMal? 'l Premier Oe
entejes aad the *r**r*n* rod? y on th**
ear we? which ?'readed their *49mt%
te seneent troahls here oa Boo ??y
Witness in Indian Land Case,
? Accuses Creager ui Solicit- ;
ing Money from McMurray, i
Declare* Had Measure Pasted
Congres* Same Result as 10 Attor-i
na-ys" Fies Would Have Been Ac
complishcd a* Matter Now Being la
vestigated by the Committee.
fBjr daairialed l*i?i 1
M? Al.l-.Si HH. OKI..*., Auk ?.-?A
charge thai OOBgreaaaiaa C E Crea
>-? r, ??i Ike Tklrd Oklakonu district,
bad toUcited "???unis' n mnaej fromi
J ? Mi Murray, hold? i of Ike Indian I
laud coatraeta Usai arc belag sub-!
Jeetod bo a aoagreaaloBal UMreatlgaUoaJ
wa: made by Jake !.. llam?n, oday. j
bed re the sat Hdl inv, -.tigating ?-?un
Brittoe a|)li?iiiil?-?l by tii?- lui is* ?,i i'i>
reaeatatlsaa Tke cka-rgc daseloaed la
coaaeetloa aitk tke Inquir? lato Brna
? tur T. P. Gore's d??lJration that li?* j
I a,) besa offered a $J.'..ihmi or $.-?ii,i"?i
brfaa te help put ikroBck** eaaasaea
iii, MeMarraj deal bj ?kkk be as-1
?eited Mc.Murray ami bla aaaociateB
wcuiti b?- able ita s? turc $ :.hihi,neu of
It ser ??-ut aa afterae**? fee in'iti?
aale of 4 r, ??.??<?? ? acras o) coal lapksli
and timber land bob belaaogiaf la the
Indians ?u this state.
Makes Countercharge.
.-"? nat'ji Gore saiil IlauiiMi had ot
fered ike bribe in M? Murray s ii?-hair
??lid OBaaBBBBBBBBB Cicagi'r also haJ ?
tt-stifieu that Haiuon Bad "sugg? sted" j
I tka? he (CvaaBBta) aafarkl asean an j
j int? rest'* in tke eoatracls II l!.- helped ?
It? r< move all opposition to tlieir ap- 1
?noval by congress and PuBldlBl Taft.
? Ap-K-aring befor?, he 1 iBBBSltlau t ? >?1 a y
HlBMB m ,<ie the coiitu? r , li'irir?''
against Creamer. He sai?i tk. ana- :
I greaaaaaa bad .-u?eit, ,* awney final I
.Mc.Murray during tk? p. inlet.? j in OBB.
greaa <>f a hill which had 1><>? n ?lrawn \
op i>\ HeMarsaj and which CraaaB)r|
ir.tn ?lue? (i *ri,is bill atorldad for tti??|
.-al,- ef 1 irfat?<? 1 ,11.Is to pri?'t,, in?
di? idiiais and for the sale of th?- mm- j
eral wealth, to the government. AI- ;
though th. Mt M'nray eaatraeis ?ra?a
nut referred to in it, the bill. Hatnoii ,
said, ?a-; so termed that Mc.Mtirr.iy j
might have he. n eii3til?-il t? put in a
claim for attorn.-ys' Pee*. The meas
ut?, keaaaai. was m*t aasastd.
War.ti Creager to Explain.
"I want Mr. Creager r?'Pal!'-tl o the)
ataad to answer th,- charges." said
ICiimn I want hin: to ,.?plain why.'
? just after he introduced that bill, he
went to Murray and. under the guise
of loans, demand?-)] from McMurrsy
laig? sums of nionev. 1 think it will
throw c? nsiderahle light on the In
'.?i si nation at Washington, if
Creager is ra called and ask?*d about
his repeat? i) demands of money trom
M Murrsy."
On being inform??,) by Congr?-s:'tiian
rilarle, t; Hurk.'. chairmsti of <he?
??ommittee. '.hat it was do ilj'tul if
???.Id b?- r??c::ll?-d. Hanion
1 awked to tie alle.wed t.> in'roduc?- wit.
r.es.-es to testify is to his char?-*?? I
?Best ?as taken under adviae- j
Indians Testify.
If was Indian Da? at (h. heirin?;. |
?-in, aadBBaa t, ?-tifie,? il.?-? h id ??en
??d the M'Murra. contrae'?; allowing I
ten per cent attor
tbey bad feeaa impatient at th? eov
ernm?n- As ?be gcTerntneBt'a ward*,
?hew ?aid they bad concluded ibey
had to a mph"? attorneys to flgbt the
tTBicrame-nt in orde-r to ????rare ?bat
ataaey ksd iV-eB a-roosised.
II wa* I? m tea? out tka'
of tbe - .1 Cnleka???? ? bsd
rigaed ?be I? prr cent a*?r?-em? nt
Tkis iseyreaeated a large portion of ?a? j
1l??.Bee tedian* la th?
. sc? nt* bad mono sason? the
radica* aad sake-d tbem to ?Kntbei
?-n?trs-f? ?n-i t? aend telegram* o
Fr?????'et Tait aakjkBK Mm to aaason I
tk*? ?ale of tke Ian I ?n a in per ?-?at.
"a?Kaa??'? ba" bants, ?as tke hard>a 1
of taos? of Ibe Indian?? ta-wtimoey
?We hive Ncoav a*ed to the 1?'
? Ander- j
? n. s Cbortam ' M?mt of tke Indias 1 ;
in ihi? ?t?te bave to par M per ?-?%?
?m ail d?l?t? and koeieaed Bsbt
kave boettse? ?o d'P?ad?Bl oa ai tee-1
v bare m bind la almost
na ?e do '?
~f>? oom areaa to aay th?
roar laad yo-j are wHltog te glee %te
tXepaapa. or lanegk M adra
:wk? va.? ti;km>ay.
-."_,"?_ ".- " . " ??--___
all the tawpari m Oklahoma ?" .. ked
Uoagresi snr-a M. i( illllei
1. - ne HUM ? ill? d ao long tor
III?' ?. MTIlIllellt, We W< Uld give .' ? I" t*
cen? ii i liai canned a .| Irk ?ate Ws
I'.-ed th.- moiiev to develop the kute"
. h which we liv?' "
1 was ei-litliated b) V Cliuate.
another Choctnw, thai it nl? land was
sold thri ugh the MeMuri >
ins ?hare ?rould be Ij.imhi with a rd
duet Ion of |5M in t-1
Soe." h" said. "| wi il.! i ether
have it..'.en while i am i ring thee
II the govgrnmi m .. and n? t
?.'.iil II wheu I ?'III ll
Singular Appearance.
A singular appearatn . was preaent.
? d U\ Charles Leaner, i-h... taw ehu,
as eaplaiu of police, bid tigui >?1 1n
?tan] a battle or the pi ins n.lia.i
nul? oae eye, thn s ol hi? Bngi
shot Off, and lus I....I ... a - COI ? red
with haltet wouada Asked aboul ihe
aeth it\ of MeMarraj s.ni i, he re
?at, .1 ti, i be had i.i approached by
W s so it, act II g ??? m Murr ? >?
ami ?uni beei indu.' i t?i sign s tete*
graiu^?he wording ol which he, hiss
self, ?9-1 ii' ' dl s heilig S
leliRiaiii a.I.lr? seil to |{i< hard C
Adanis. ' f Washington. ,, attorney
The si i.sc.iK,. i.r that telegram was
thai the Indians approved lie con?
tra?is and asked bdam? tn ..ill oa
President Tati .mil arge him to sell
Mad ?rtthoul dele]
'Win. did .vu think A : mi.- was?
why, i thought be wa? aoaashedy
with powerful iiifliien.. ??ho cobM |0
tu the Preeldeal and to rongrese mad
lell ih?m wliai was wanted We
were aol so aajjoa? to gire as I*
|h r cent, but WS thought it would lie
better to sell on thai baals than not
t. get anything at all We were M
the dark as to how Mattera Mood ta
Washington, but we thought ? ISSM
ne ii.i he shle la fix things all right,
(?th. re, from the list of the IfrtOi
Indians who signed the .antra.ts, are
to be laterrogatta tmni rroe
'.eader cf Nicaraguan Rebel? Tells
of Victorie? Won Against
(By Ass, cMted PaSBM
*>.? _en?*ral Ml as reported today
that San Abald.i. oe the north COSM
of i_ik.> Nicaragua, had been taken
I y the insurg'irs. under (?crierai
\laois and General Saenz. Two as
sauiis were mede, "n<- upon the g<>v
? rnmelit's position at San .lose and
the mher upon the city of San
Abaldo itself.
The insnrg. i its . ni uuntereil the
remnants of th. goremasent troop?
whleh had gathered at thai saM
from threvgho - the depart mini/of
( hontataa, Mi as reperta ihat a
greM ??nantit;, . i provisi ms. rifles
and ammiinitioii was captur?! and
that the eaessy, lust many killed.
Ihe losses aiming the attacking lure
were small. Oeneral Means same,
' vith this victory we have the whole
(epartmeiit (.i ChSSataSBM in our
hands and als,, a ?wit of the depart?
ment of Caaaagea and dominated by
?'iir friends. The troop? of (Jeneral
Vanuado are im? at Molacntoj river.
I'-ur hours from (l.enada."
Live Fight on Between Cities
at Chicago to Secure
Next Cenclave.
iUv AaBV**-lse?d tr*Te**?.t.
CHICA?*;?). II - . \iie S - Keen
rivalry!. ? i. Knights T'-mpI r
cenetsr? <>? i?: rterastaMrl tad
d?-l. gain n I **P .. -n.
p:> **tI \ntcP>.-\
Denver. N- S Atlantic ( t;v
and Atlanta a:- . ive]y aeeking th?
Ali ?re ferai - ?l*-*n hooae r ?
Ca*sjarai?r.s t- -act attention o
their Invitati.i ??? ii di?trihiife :.<?>?<
tk\*9 of i.r.i- I to Ik?
given v, h' ?lu r ? ?Dr
man. of X? * B, lead?
for tha
Th? \ ? .-r* 1?
eVc<*rate*i ? ... s
rice and afana - -a?*-*-*. Th**
defega'-.m '.. he? ?tita irrthns
Mfan and BBh ' th?- nation? e
a? a ? mt?te
of what B ? a"
Atlant . ? ude? the ?Mill It MB.
tag of Ut-r- amone i'? r.mrinr
of baa ta' i ih? ?ame betas;
A:l??.ta - H9*
? Vat the bos.
? ,,< | n wh ?
?? freiurc
. ..
th* fenfejfe?* *t* parad*
celcnl???-i* -h. hlrtj
AIH.UM .? uno.
! Passenger Train and Engine
Crash Together on North- j
western Pacific Road.
Head-on Collieten Take* Place at
Curve and in Addition to the Dead,
Twelve People Are Injured When'
Smoking and Baggage Car* Tel?-!
?cope?Headlets Corpse Found.
(By dsenristad l'r,??i
K?i ',' in, I'M. ?a| s Thirteen
; persons were Killed and at bast
??lye were fajares* toiiiKht whea a
paaaeagef train, boand rreaa On? Kran.
Cisca lo Saiiti Kusu. ,,n the Norm
westem i'a. Ihe railwaj was struck
by a SBeeJal loruiu.it ive Hud ,abuOse. '
j south of Ixiiaelo
.M. si ut rhoee injured were riding
j in tlie ?BBOktag 'in Tb'V were n>M
I rlenia if Patalease, Beata Boas MM
J ?ith? r Bearb} towns Several, it is !??
?pitted, w.-t?' delegates to the Mats
j . -onvi'iition if Heil Me*t> wlii.-ti up'-'s
ul Santa Ilesa tuiniriuw
The wi'.k nee erred al ? sharp
Coaductor'* Fatal Mistake.
The passenger trata was traveling
fmty miles air huur and the lu uiuo
I tree ami eafeeees aera i*Jbi at ?low
s|? i il it was. said that one of the
eoadactor? ball atada s setatake in 'us
orders and tailed 10 take .1 stalag.
.lus! before the ? 1 111 ikM the p.i.-s.-n
gera were Jerked forward bj the s?"1
i ting uf brakes, 'h?ii casse a terrhV
impact and the -.uiid of e
stermi. Th?- twi segtntM (Tabbed mm 1
I egrrn other Tin- baggage? car and the
' MiiokltiK car were telescoped
Helpless in Wrecked Car.
The thirty pans' S|i11 In ihe ?mok-I
ing <ar were eeaght ?SSOBg the brok?
en s.at?-*-_r..l spllatere-| timber? and]
those who wen- no: killed were un-?
al'ie to help ifeentseiTi B.
Beans ofthe res. aera scatters?] to
ti- :irti> houses to telephone for help.
? while others --snght to i*et the injun-d
out Bf Ihe wreck A lu-all-s. .T|. ?
was f. niel lytag by 'he side of thn
tt-.k gaatner beg] ?ran found in a
I sitlinr* position In I B?BS> B of ihe
? siiiuV<-r
Senator Bristow Scores Fram- ;
ers of the New
Tariff Law.
(By AWMicl.ited Preimi
SSettn < f he tariff law which he d> *
i?rnat?-d a? a r?pudiaiton-of ihe pledge
of !h>- Republican party, prai.se for
j Senator l_.K<>llette and ?evere con
j demiiatiou f' r O nator Aldrich. Speak- '
' er Cannon ?nd Attorney C,en?ral Wick
.'sham, were th>- principal point? of:
3n *ddr?-*s giv. n tonieht by S-r.ator
I* *ftrl*tow. of Knn*>*>*. in
1 penin g he ?ampaian of I'nlted
Staie| Se-nai.ir R M l^afull-tte for j
' primary nomination f??r r?-> lection.
Mr ltr-.-f w asserted ihat the party
pleclae re-cardiiie the tariff had h?*-?a ]
He s.*i,} ihe tariff
of tv? ing ri vi* d f' r he ben?-flt of the '
consum.-r. wa* detrimental 'n th"
Am? r,can standard of livng Con
ceming it?, lead t.i-i he *aid "it con-1
tro|i?*d a? p-?r r?*nt of the prndu Hon
bM f-Btrolled ?h.. co*t "
H. ?a I tie ?.ion ' A'dr-, h had
-, favorable ?
,?c.i>ise th?" Amfri'in
? the rubb?
id rai??*d ?'.
of Pgfefeet M the <(inma-T rhat ?'.
IpfH. *-' t HM? Bal
h'm a "II?
?-d to ?irerlfy who,
|1-. ??? rr.?'l. t., mee- th-m With
r? ?i??em??nt u* had!
.. -?:
Crop ?Condition* Bad.
<|?r ?*_w jiM T*r.?a?
A ic I
.rage tHMiMaa ?! cr? I
'?pertmewl If
!??rrvahare pnbl.?h?d "?day. ?esg
-ar*?d wi?h ? "? 4 i??? month.
.ear ago and >?: 1 <h- ar?t-ag*.
j on Alternat I he the past tea year?.
es? =
Battle*??Tp Return* from Trial Trip
Along Coast to Coaling Station
Near Newport, R. I.
Ill?/ Anat. liatax] ITCM.1
\'K\\ loll* I . It I . Ang I -I'll,, ii. -w
hat I? skip Delaware r? laiBed '?'? "i
h?i dial trip ali-iig Ike const to the
lied ford roallag ?tattoo lonlgkl iu??i
oae "t th* hai'pi? -i rrew? b* Ike ??''?
\ i?-.- aver tke .showing a?ada b) ike
hlg ligll ll It was ?...nil, ,i toaighi
tka) tke dfeadaaagfct bald at
Isfacti rj last, making m k>
ho'ir for .'I h,
?C?ptala Cterlss v fjore expr?s -i
his k- ? h pleaaara boI only oset Ike
11 uising abtllt) it ii la skip? be) ?>?<-r
ii? i Igkl Ina qua 111 bet tan el
guns Bar?- tlis li.ngt-tl niniultali? uiisly
Mu? hen th?' ?kale baiter* ?>f I laeli
and ! "i-III?-Il gnus was ?lift! ;ii BBCO
Thin as pre ase test t?i a battlsebtp'a ?>t
feaalee povar IB? bob "dreadaatigb"
uni ?\? ?leiitl?, ??inl-ss '?ports ?aid
The Delaware is a produ?-i of the
plant of Ike \?-wp.?il Ww-, Shiphuilil
lag ami Hi? Docb Coasaaaj ami u tn?
first ,,f th?- Am? i ?, in "ilrea.lnaugh ?
to he ti'iiiini.-siuii. il (Hi h'-r builder?
trial Ike -hip ajada IIJM knot:? an
Men Drmk Liquor Containing Wood
(I!v A??,,c!ntttl aflBBBI
|-|{(?VI\CI-rr(>\l N. MASS. Aug. 8.
l?serai sallan of tke kattleaklg it? -*-t
nr,. reporta?,? < litlcall? ill aboard the
hospital ship S.,':i,e ???, a result of
drinking whiskey containing wood al
t?i|i?'? and wo persons, who ar?, al?
legad to' haw sold them the liquor
BBTB BBBfl summoned to appear In
court toinoriow
The at renta; were the result of a
ri-'tl -,?.iiciii?:?-ti hv l.uiit'-nant ?-tellers,
of th. Michigan, on | h"ii-e in the ou:
-k : - ef tke !? ??us ni which :i."i quar s
?f whiskey were seized.
In Camp at Fort Monroe.
(fly A????'? lat??l Pre*?.?
NORFOLK, VA. Aug. S.?Four
j companies of coast artillery. Virginia
?oliintceis. went into ?amp at Fort
Moa rae today for tea days practice
(?rill work with regular coa?? srtlllery
iats. The hattaiou in command of
Captain ("har?n A. McLean, acting
BBSjar, was i imposed of about IT*?
, "un They were ?aken to K??rt
Monroe on the I*nit> ?1 States mill"
i ianti i? Mills.
Girl Refuses Massachusetts
Man and He Suicides.
Pleading* o' Prominent Young Bank
?r and Ccholar Fail and He Fires
Bullet Into Hi* Brain in Hotel?
Lady Hear* New* and She Faint*.
ii'v Aj-*tr>?Mai??<i frass.1
Aug. S. With a copy of Hyron
poenn?? I esid?- him. ?'.amilel Hradfonl.
?l.iral of sTaBBB?" College, direct boii
of William Bradford. Br?t governor
ot the Plymouth ?-ok-fly and a mem
l>er of the granduatton class of I9W
at Harvard, ?hot himself f?> d?*?*th a?
a anal h >tel today, beeau??? the girl
Be roee-d and who is engag?-d to
mother, had refuneO him
Hrsdfcrd ?sa 23 y??ar* old snd th??'
?ourse ?>f hi* young pa?si<>n broke
?be ?tern barrier of long generstion?
??! Puritan repra-aentatiin ?his morn?
ing ?hen he tressed the young
*.<.n.an he l??vod to break her engage?
ment to an?ather man
His pleading? wer? made at ?he
railroad ?ration here snd. ? oncipalBBg
jkts agitation at ?he young lady'? IBM
'?-adford wsikoa directly to Bj
nearby hotel. engaged a riowi and.
?*. ,nr he ??*? -ira?d. locked hin?a??IT
hin half sn hour foar akoto
v-ere heard When hotel employe?
l-roke down the door ?d the yowng
man* room, ho ?a* found lying ?as
the floor nncn?*?-w?u* fTue* a ?asasd
m hi* need The o**her thaSar abata.
tired wildly left ?heir B?aiTis aba at
lbe apartment
N'e?*?? at ?he ?h?ilns reached th?
win? ???man ?bo bad rejected him;
?and ?he fainted. Bat ?pea ifiaeasi.
?he heasrd to go to If* ad Bad** bed
?irfe at tbe hospital ?ber* be ?a
taBSja and ?here ?ke raBMSBed unul
I ? few bo?*ra hatee, area
y toa* ?o 'he ead.
? 1 Bradford, ???rood. tbe
u*'-rr and ?i-l.lt known
?aid his ?in bad toag br*aod*d ot?-t
hi* pot* adalr aad ?be famlH bad
feared ?art, a laatttt Taaag Brad
ford ?as a brilttaat ?tadeat. gal*h
Bjaj hi? four yaara coasree at Harrard
y-ar? He tke? eeter*w tb
agfaTasl s ? re. -. r-??"in
Fair Tuesday; Wedneaday,
rtly cloudy; light variable
Woodruff Says New York Re
puhiicans Will Compromise
on Primary Question.
State Chairman and Pr???id?nt Taft
Talk Over Political Situation and
Bright Pro?pect? Ar? Held Out for
Coming Election?Democratic Situ?
ation Look? Good to Opponenta.
iHv Am. ><-Ih(c<1 Pre??.-?
BEVUUUY, MASS. Auk. 8?Timo
th] I. WiMMlruff. Republican state
chairman of New York, talked poll
tics with President Taft for more
than two hours and half today. Mr.
Wuiitriilf is optlmisti.? over the out?
look in New York slate, declares that
a i oinprumise would be reached on
i In? primary i.uestiou and HiKiilflcant
I] remarked that circumstances
B*.lghI arise which would < ause him
t.. I.e a candidate to succeed himself
as sia'e i hairmaii Mr. Woodruff
baa had the job for four year?, in
; . id. nially. Mr. Woodruff produce? *i
! new gabMneliatal possibility by iu
11 hiding Charle? S. Whitman, the Me?
tric* atiorney of New York county.
e ecled on the fusion ticket las! fall.
ti the li?t of candidates he discussed
? it ti the President.
The others prominently mentioned
were Henry L_ SlImBon. ex-Cnited
States dlsirlc? allorney and Clark
Williams, superintendent of banking.
Mean? Hugh??'. Defeat.
The compromise which Mr. Wood?
ruff *?aid would be reached on the
primary nur-silon. means the defeat
?i Da i a ta nr Heghea' plan for dlrec?
nomination?. Mr. Woodruff said Jhat
rhe party leaders in the state would
pot stand for the elimination of tho
, .invention principle. He said that
PrsanflMM Tafr and Colonel Theodore
| Kms.velt wer?- in accord as to New
i York polities and that neither was
disposed to force hi? own vieWB as
ta any man er ?hing."
"The Republican party,'' ?aid Mr.
Wam?rO?, "will endorse all of Gov?
ernor Hughes' primary view? except
doing away with conventions We will
luntinue tu have conventions to
name our ? andidates for office."
A<- i iliiih' ta Mr Woodruff the Re?
publican state platform will declare
for primaries al?n* the lines of tha
M pad-Philipe ?ill which was vetoed
l>> Osan mor Hughes
Ta?? Approve? Convention?. -
.lust how far Colonel Roosevelt will
go in the coming ?ampaign in flght
I ing for the "dirtct" primary system.
las not been stated President Taft
stated his position anew today. He
also believes :u the <?invention idea
a? to ?t?te ticket?, although he prob?
ably woulo approve of a drect prim?
ary vole aa to assemblymen, oon
?rreaemec and Tniied S'.ates senator?.
Presid? nt Taft and Mr Woodruff
are old friends. They were at Yale
:?>t*ether. It was too early, Mr. Wood?
ruff ?aid. to ?peak with any degree
uf ?c? uracy about ?andidate* or (ren?
tra condition?.
"Bat I am willing to be quoted aa
tha' the condition of the
Hemorratic party in the stare, to say
the least. I? not inspiring.
"To the Republican?*'* was sug
! grated
! "Ir is not inspiring to the IVtno
II rats and therefore i*. inspiring to ae
Kepubliians. he added
Discuas Appointment?.
President Taf? also had a talk wtrh
Secrelarv of Siate Knox. A number
of minor diplomatic appointments
?v.r. d:?cu??ed. but the President has
I r-ptermiaed to defer all auch aa-s-atat
menr? until next December or inter.
The President and S**r*t*ry Kaon
?re using their good o-mcee to brtag
about aa early -?-?tttaaaent of tee
brnadary ?tapate b-Mw-e-ea BLiiisr
and IVni Tbey wnnt Chite to aee
her rood oaVee and It became knowo
today that gartest ale ta? with
Prer'l-teat Mmmtt. at Chile, en Satar
day. Pr-*?t-**--nt Taft ?w-oa*-*-?*f tha
?*ibi?c: aad ft waa amen*mw4 a* soaae
The Chf'-eea baatasnee would bb
very ?tmag wl?h OemmAo* aad M M
V pian to hare It etwirlaed la thnt
Pre??dT?ni Jloart. I? I?
ateaaiy t*mm**kr*i*4 with the sne
itria.it oeVer? at Baarlage litasB
lag rhe ?Haarioe.
W.ii Stay at B**T*-/erty UwtH Oslsfesr.
Aeeo?-drag to his preseat ptaaa tfe
Pr*ae>at saay r--aanta ta r*?W*r-*-rty ?h?
vaar eatll Orteher 15. ?tBsjl?
Ihe called ?o mmt a
the snsee tap* rro.
?teat -etvl retara ta hterwrlr tn
hare enta era? fei Oetnher.

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