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only newapaper published
Newport New? that raeslvM I
full new? ??rvic? of the A?
VOL. XV. NO. 1?>2.
West Virginia Man Accused
of Assaulting and Vurdering
Soon After Arrest la Made Crowds
Gather and When the Accused is
Placed on Pullman Car They Refute
to Allow Train to Leave?Escape i?
Mad? and Chase Begin?.
(By Associated Pre??)
HI.NTON, W. VA.. Aug. 16? Direct?
ly undpr the nos?* of a lawless mob
of a thousand infuriated men, bent on
having the life of a negro, bellev??d to
be the man who assaulted and murder?
ed Mrs. LrOttle Alliss, of Qulnnement,
Sunday night, and wounded her nus
band, county officers tonight escaped
from a Pullman car. In which'hey bad
concealed the prisoner for four hours
and took to the woods with the prison?
er. As soon as the mob learned that
the prisoner had beer, carried away,
when almost within their grasp, their
anger broke out afresh.
Governor Out With Troop?.
They scattered into groups and be?
gan" searching the woods for the negro
?and the offi?-*""?"?. Tioops, accompanied
by Governor Glasscock, are on the
way frorna Charleston to prevent a
The negro was arrested* by a rail?
road detective today Immediately the
tnob began to gather and in two
jtirs it had reached proportions that
??.de the officers realize that they
unable to cope with the situa?
tion". On appeal to the governor he
ordered militai to Hinton. It wS3 after
midnight when the troops arrived.
Mob Holds Train.
Just helore dark officers attempted
to place the negro on a train to take
him awav. The mob soon learned of
this move. but allowed the Of?
ficers to get the prisoner into a
Pullman car. Then 'he rioters un.
coupled the engine, cut the air hose
and resolutely refused to allow the
train to move.
They guarded thr carnntil 9 o'clock.
when th<- guards re-aliz'ng that delay
would i?e fatal, escaped a rusr into
the woods.
The Crime.
The crime for which the negro was
wanted, occurred on Sunday night.
John Airliss and his wife were walk
ing on the railroad tracks near
Qiiinnement. W Va A negro knocked
AirllFs down Af'er kicking him into
insensib'litv the negro assaulted Mrs
Airl'ss, whVwas a bride of thaee
weeks ?n I then murdered her Airliss
recovered enough Monday morning to
tell the siory, bu' i?, ?row in a critical
Chief Eitecutive of Chile Die? From
Heart Failure.
rBj- A??o?-let?l Pree?)
LONDON. AiOt. If?? Presiden? P??dro
Montt. ot (Tille. srrtvcC st Bremen
r.v *he ?ttMunship Kaiser ****U*M
tier Grofse this morning. His death
occtitTed st 11 M o'clock ?onisM. It
wss due to s raj-rruiTenee of heart
failure, following the recent sftsck of
ai.gina vortor* from whicb be suf
Find Petrified Tortoi?*.
? (By A?e<*ctat.?d Prt-ea?.
petnfled tortol???? which may have
?????en crawling about tbe vsies fif
Virginia during the dsys of Noel?.
has been disc?w**red s? Orkney
Springs. Va? by two Washington
B?*B. Th?* ptHrined animal, which
weigh? about ?Mm p<-mr*ds. will ho
r*?-seated to tbe 8m?thsooiaa fn?t:?*i
?era Orosrn While Ftehinf.
'By ?norli?-?! Pnaei
riere??*??? aad P3mer Hem.morto. *re?t
ir? aad II reeperttvely. arms ot I'm*.
ftommorto botel proprietor, end John,
e adae year, old sob of ?"bar?es
were amarar? abito oo
trip sear bere t??otaht.
Will rit? Cairns in taantaa.
tur ?am ?et.e e -an
RTAl'NTON. VA.. A.?? 1? nootngi
?ral esperta abn mro boro In ve?** I
rating th? rmro-ta* *rb+r*t a-a*?*??* the
i ullapa? ot* ?-eret-ai mmtatsmpa. mom
p*M ftTHac fb? b?-*>? TMB math
hacia at ?roce The
Acting Consul General Report? on
Condition of William Pittman
in Nicaragua.
(By Anaoclated Pi-eea.-!
NfCW OR?.BANS, LA. Aug I?.?
William pittman. the Baatoa Body arha
was oaptiired with the troops of the
Madriz ?;<>v?-rniiient. in Nlcaiagua whil?
playing havoc in the ranks by planting
mu?? s for the iii'-urgi-n's. is well, a"d
happy, sctaoidlag to itermj smith
SB American acting < ?m-.siiI penersl Ol
Ni (??rag- a. In N?-w Orleans Smith re*
tutned today from BfBBOaft**?, n<*?-?>m
naakd by Gerloa Maitines, ?ha fig?
ured conspicuously in titling out the
Medria iMtoel Veaaa
Smith i ays 'hat lie r?iH?-d on Pitt?
man at the prison in MaiiRgia and
:old him he was willing to do ?-very
thing for him BO ???mid. He was sur?
prised la And him occiipyiti-; a toll
with a negro, als? an insurgent <?ap
tiircil ahsBBl the samt- time. Pittman,
?however, asked Smith not to have him
Smith was told by President Bfadril
that pittman woulil be Pt?/Ot?ei all 'he
privileges dee a prisoner of war, but
that he would be held In prison until
the revolution closed.
Aeroplane Rape Starts.
IBy A**'?."!?*'*-! P1W..1
AMIKNS. PRA.NCK. Aug. 16.?
An aeroplane race between Paris
and L<ondon started today when
Hubert Latham, and Motssant left
Issy, in the suburbs of Paris, an?
nouncing that they intended to fly
t<?'London with stops.
ft??EMrTinir jury
Trial of Illinois Accused Briber
is Halted.
Brought Out That Veniremen Have
Been "Approached" and Judge Dis?
misses 72 Menbcrs?Case Against
Lee C'Neil Brown? i? Held Up.
(By Aaaotnated Freea.1
CHICAGO, ILLS, Aug 16? Dc-lar
claring that neany all 'he venin-m >n
had been "approached" in connection
with the retrial of Lee O Neil Browne,
Judge Kersten today dismissed a psnel
of 72 who had been subpoeaned for
the selecting of a jury. This action
came after several day? endeavor to
g?-t a jury to try Browne, Democratic
fliinority leader of the Illinois legisla?
ture, tor giving Repr??sentavtive Ch-*rl?*-s
J White a l,rib?- to vote for William
Uirimer for Cnit?d State? s'-nator.
Judge Kerstcn pronounced the sit?
uation as "deplorable."
The veniremen were imm?diat??!?
taken to the office of State Attorney
Wayman, whe:e Judge Ker?,;,.n a?ke'i
each man bv name if he had been
called on ?y anyone in connection wi!h
his -?osiible services as a juror.-Near?
ly all answered In the affirmative.
Tbcy were instructed to report In
court tomorrow for further question?
Member? Sought Out.
Mr Wiyman made ?he assertion in
ro'ir- that he could prove by a de?
tective employed by the defense tlfit
the latter had systematically sought
out every prospective venfreman. eith?
er personally or through nr-mlx-rs of
his family
P. H. O'Dennell. of counsel for
Browne, asserted that the venirem?-n
had bon "seen" h> agents of a hid
interest but neither for the defense
nor prosecution, but some one inter?"**??
ert for political reaeoas In the downfall
of Browne.
Swan Dahlberg. member of the
panel rfafed In ronrt that he had boon
?seen" ?> some agent, whose res! p* ri
ra-o-v- he did no? know Dsblherg ***?
on on ?h's advice ?nd was In <-onse
a-|iienec bought before the judge today
to expliln why be should not be ad?
judged n contemn? of court Then
be told ai* ?tory Judge Kersten lean
eat assay his d?"*k and ?said solemn'y
"Tbe r? tot want? to know If 'bis
is coins io he a fair trial or s t rares? y
on Jos'i'-c The ult-ratx-m bas reecheO
a r?ntot wbere an iB-eestlf^ttiyB ta ee?
? ? -sir?
Ct-eatee E.c temen?.
rvnr v^ii-etBBB. wboeo BBBH was n?>t
dtociV*?'?-?! .C!T?*ai??d e-iriteiBeot ?P??r "?e
BMBel had boom taken to ?be ??ate?
*-***? r?tro TboTf. was a bnrrv
cell for ? ??enog-rapher. A nemb??r ot
Mr ay?ym?in ? -teff la??*r sal. that tbe
?enir-?m?n h?d be?-n **k?*d by "an
aa-^n: ?o ?ti'k i? out he ?roaroo I?
bell frees?-?
A ?irk r*-eei. wki'-h ?es? aath
r^Bcrt ??wr-orrow will be ornes'tamo*
f*?ujM tls-n iB-i^ethjat???
boea taJktac ?o th?ta ?Ms paaH will ?n?
dlaaslaaad also
Ex-President Writes 3. H. Hail,
of Petersburg, Anent Work
of Commercial Congress-?*.
! Ex Chief Executive o' Unite?! States
Speaks in Glowinq Terms of Wh it
He Expects in "Dixie" Land in
Years ?o Comt?Pays Glowing
Trihue to Citizens.
fBy A??,..-Mir,? r-rra* 1
NEW YORK. Auk. I?i In mipuiIBB
i.? mi Invitation to asMrajaa th?
Southern Commercial Congress at
Atlanta. in the spring ral MIL
Theodore R??oscvelt hits Jus? sent a
letter to ('liarles Hall Davis, chati
man of the rongrt'ss. at I'otcrshuri;,
Va., in part as follows:
His Letter.
August 16, 1910.
"My Dear Sir:
"It Is not possible as yet for BM
to answer definitely; hut I believe
?hat on my trip tn California, next
March, I shall pass tiiroiifijj th.> South
ern states -and I hape that it can
be arranged that the Southern Com?
mercial Congress then hold Its meet?
ing In one of the cities throucti
athich I am able to pass. If so. ft
?II be a very real pleasure to me to
De present and to ssv all that I can
in behalf of Uiis admirable move?
"Mure and more, the former mis?
understanding about the South is
tend'tig to disappear; and you and
your associates have set in motion
a force that will have to do with
the complete dissipation of this mis?
understanding. Von are working for
a stronger South; and you show
your wisdom and foresightedness in
the **sv you realize that this move?
ment for a ?tronger South, to be ef?
fective, must really mean a stronger
national cohesion, for the old South
of yesterday is being changed into
the young America of today.
Hopes for Solid South.
"Every good American must hone
to see a real solid South, in the
sense of solid business prosperity in
the South; for all good Americans
now realize f?hat the prosperity of anv
part of the country helps the pros?
perity of the whole and the pro?
ierity of the whole will grow faster
and stand on the most durabi?- foun
tl&tions only when we effectively
realize thaf.thr? words 'smith.' 'north.'
; Vast' and 'west* have only a g? oirr?p
? ?atari significance. I earnestly hope
i that the young men of the South will
? never forget the past glories of the
South, because I earnesily hope that
the young men all over America to
i day will keep ever in mind these
! glorious memories of every section
of our common country; and that
j the men of the North and of the
! Weal wttl remember the South'*
! past with the same price that the
I South itself does; for the undvlnc
| glory won by the men who so val?an :
I ly. and with such sincerity, fought
i fot thrir convictions, whether the-?
I v.ere the blue or the crav, is now a
I common periiage of all of us, wher?
ever we dwell.
Special Problema.
"This nation Is thrilling with ideals
j at this very moment; and these
i ideal* relate to e??nstruclive work
in the future. The South must do
its full share in realizne it; and from
I now on it must partielnate in full
j in the solution of all the national
problems of this age with the eourage
j that our fathers showed in ?hose
! heroit tlays to which we look back
i at mournful pride.
"The statue of fienera' I,ee. In
| ConfedaSjhtc uniform, stands in tne
halls Tf rongress today, and his
mettaory i? honored no m?vre by the
South than it :* bv ?he S??rth; and
In the North a* In the South al?ate.
I think we ?re now leamrnc to anpl?
abaao'mrlv in good faith the great
words of Tiran?*.? 'let ?a? have peoce.'
South to the Front.
"The part play???! hy the S*m?h In
the rot*?tr?i<-tivo <?tate*rp*nship of our
?.at'on during all o-ir earlier year?.
was of Incalrnlabe weicht and value.
I firmly believe ?ha? 'he time ha?,
now come when the South'* inftueai?-*'
will again be felt, no? only in com
mruc?re ?tafesmanshiti*. hut in the
f?*rv?tl?*Sf field of eon *? met Ire tMat-j
ness ende?.vor No part of otir ?eataa
try ha* ?hown * -h prnmrrmn as ?he
a? mad* in the la*t ?>
r material Un??*; and 1
the nest Jft rears will *?v? a greater
For loris ?he eya** of thi?
nation have n**n act steadily w?**i?
B arat-h i?* errat atari
rrowth From now ?ml ?h ?
will ^harr wi?h ?he we?t in
of growth Thl? lea.
? 111 tx h? ?en?*rl b?7 ?ho r>?nj>U?lon
<?' the ranami ?ainat; the Fa*? ba?
the Atlantie and th?. W
< Coot letted oa Foorth raja )
--, VA?, wKh.-NKSUAV.
Richmond Lad Ha? Narrow Escape [
From Drowning and Perpetrator
of Deed is Fined.
quiet ?eau 11 las nig inore than Hut'?'I
\ ?i'k?, the i"?!'i'f i 'st sight .ni'.-''?i)
I HwatftJ Wade ?iiul th? rebj r?-i?-1i?-?i **
I aaaaaal bumi ?>i ti>? dose ,?iii tr.m\
I droaralag *i Da?aaf JoUej the IS-year
| ..;.i srii "! I *) .!? llej of Mil wil
I llataabvrg avenue, who waa thrown!
.mu i he J.uiies river b) VVads :ui?l Mlt|
: to his fai?
Dear?) a i rest u< i h? his l&-*raat
.iii i ij.'th. i l m ?ell aad tat
! which lin.l bats earefiill. >ui.;
'. ?une un in .lusti?-a* Ci utchSeM s ? oart
-. tma Wade ?as tin. .i |M aad ?
p?it untli: UN tc?urii> fur iiim-l?
The loiley hoys ? > i ? playU?] ''I uib j
the river Iroat ?n the ? Iclaltj M th?' |
(Mil Dtinit'ii.iii tli'i-ks. \v!i. ? W.ul. en
. uiillteieil fti.'Il! .irri uling It) IK'W'V
i the vmink msn picked hmi up ami j
? threw llllll ever a II''ftJOl UBUBBfcBBaa'
I linn t\v,?:ii> taal ?f watei The ?*?*?!
| ?s un .nellUle swimmer hilt weighed j
|d?WB tf 9iJ clothes li? ?;>' virtually
? help!.mt in the de? y watt r.
President Taft Has Nothing
to Say on Outcome in
New York.
(Ily Assoelateti Press)
liKV'I-'Kl.Y. MASS., Aug. If. - Rev?
el ly ?as completel?/ upset tonight
j ?hen news tame tram New York of
I the defeat of Colonel Theodore Rot??.?
velt for temporary chairman of the
New York Republican suite conven?
tion. The fact that I.loyd C Grls
roin. chairman of the New Y'ork coun?
ty convention, had boea in confer?
ence with Mr. Taft Sunday, added to
the sensation that the despatch
Secretary Norton carried the news
to the President. Mr. Taft made no
comment for publication. There is
nothing here to indicate that he
knew of Mr. Griscotn's plan to force
s vote on Mr. Roosevelt's name.
So Jar as can be learned. Mr. Grit
eoni's talk with the President had to
do solely with the general situation
in New York state and Mr. Taft tool;
the ground that harmony ought to
be brought about if possible before
the Saratoga convention meets. The
secretary said Mr. Griscom took h
message to Col.mi 1 Roosevelt which
would ?ffet: the future relations be
iween Mr. Roosevelt and the Presi?
dent is distTiafJu i| in Heverly. Mr.
Taft has assumed the attitude thtt
any overtures, if they be necessary,i
mus; come "from she other side.' j
What effect today's developmentr]
it New Y'ork may have upon the re-j
organization plan fl??t has been in
pr?u*r. aa hare taaal of course, for ?a|
time remain a matter of ctinje. rnre.
So far as OBB Be learned there is a|
? disiiosition in i. to "Stand pat"
| ?he plans a- antr\-iced. Senator W.l
l Muray Cane, of Massachusetts, thej
.?entrai Harun? in the re-organization j
i plans, was hare late this arfernooni
and spent two hours with the Presi?
dent. The Senator was retir iont as I
ever. He would not talk ?bout bis'
visit to the President.
Situation Over Columbus!
Street Railway Strike
Does Not Improve.
<Ry AsvrstH Pr-psan
coi I'Vlii - 'HIIO. A'-a l??.?Al?
though h. .-? tfa were withdrawn
from ca:s t*arlj nnight by Mayor
Mar-half. wh. u lay deeiared thtt h**
would , .nstWe for opera
fien? d?; ^ht hy strike break
era, a? a ?ta in the state h?**!*.
with Adj ','. -? ht, ?he
?payer mil -o the state tr?*?*pe
?< cn-n lb* at night If ?he -**?at
pan*- *h.??:M ??-?-? in operating thetn
Qm**r*\ V Stearart
a?*cede ? . r?-<iu???it ?ha- 'he
cars I Incl-ysing a IBS
Ict to th ? he ?aid
We ij? 1 in I prttleetion from yrro " i
The ,.? d?~-Hr.?*d to aaaataii. I
th?* r?**. Utm eotif-rriD-?j
with V 'all. i? ?
aaiaBtid th? fa'?* wouM ?*oat|tMt?*> j
to hand; a? ptaan?*d ?and iw?*
prrml? ???'??I stf****? or !?? j
I... ...
The:. ?a . *-t?i ?t'??n ?
tot? heb * ofjrofa, j
: ?hr. d- la ?aa ?"?'" I
, ..-. \ ... ?
|'?ln*?>r1 -paty ?her 7
AUC.?M 7: 1910.
Roosevelt Loses Out for Tem?
porary Chairmanship of
New York Convention.
Republican State Committee Refuses
to Accept Former President and
Select Vice President Sherman by
Vote of 20 to lb?Teddy Declare*
Himself a Progressive.
<!:> Ax?.? t.it? ?1 t'r.??)
NKW rOMC, Au?- I?. Til.-..?!,,re ?
u?'iis?-\i-l: mat??had lUeajajUi with the!
old guard" "I tin? Kepiil'llcan party
in Now York state today and met
deettfre dOteet The it?-pubiican
.-?tat?- commit l? e. In session here, by
a rota ?il M i? IS, refused lo rccoiti
asaaid liim fi>r ti-!iu???rary chairmsn of
the stale convention which meels a'
Saratoga <m Sopirtnhi-r 1:7. InMcatl.
Vice PreoMBel Jams S. Sru-rman was
This is colonel Roaaavatte se?-ond
defeat at the hands of ihr "ni,I
guard." the tlrst having BOOO the
leyislatufes rerusil to pass the Cnl>!>
direct primary hill, althougli Mr.
Rooaeeail esp?-cial|y endorsed it
With this sethaik ?otlay. pian? for
hsrmony within the parly In the
stale ruceived a severe astasaahj an?!
as soon as Coliun 1 l'.aosevelt heard
the new? he issued a statement in
which he enrolled himself as s pro
traalre, so far as the New York state
iittiation goes. The statement was:
Hi? Statement.
"To the various persons who asked
me whether 1 would accept the posi?
tion of temporary chairman of the
state convention I said that 1 would
do so If they were sure, after know?
ing my attitude, that they d? sired
me. because my speech would be #f
such a ?harscter that it might hel;i
If the convention nominated the righ-!
kind of a man. on a clear cut. pro
?"vsKi?e platform; hut that it would
l-urt if neither the right kind of man
were nominated or platform adopted."
Although repudiated today, it does
rot necessarily mean that Col
i.ii-l Roosevelt will nn: be tem?
porary chairman aft? r all The county
Celegat?-s. themsa-lves. ?ill decide who
is |e o-?en the me?'?ing and deliver
Ihe -kevnote" spee.-h. In tho inter
val r..-|B>, ..? now and Septeniber 27.
i' is said that the stniKgle between
the organization and Roosev.ir
Hindi?-?, tones will b?- rsrr?? d into
treaty earner of the state and that
the chief issue will be at the primar
???s Mr the e!?-e?laan of regular or antl
i?iaosei.it d. hgaim ta tho
Sherman Knew Plan?. .
Whetlw-r Mr. Sherman lent hTs sup
pon to the movement which resulted
in Colonel Itooarveli's defeat has not
i?-en establish? ?| definitely. William
L. Ward, of Westehester, national
commitle^man. who was on?- of ?he
leaders in th?- ami Roosevelt < ??mblne j
is -frast-ed as having ?aid that Mr.
Sherman knew all about the plan? to
make him. ami not ?'nlonel Rnose
?elt. temp?ar?ry ?hairman. . Others
?he took i?srt in today's meet in::
were of the ?.piniiin ?hat Mr
man kn?w nothing of ?t.
"I do not know whether today'??
?.t tion bv the committee will hsv? snv
sMttet on Mr. Roosevelt's altitude I
during the ?-t?te ratr?|-aign. Mr. I
Krwieevelt s 'aa l,. a d??|erate to the I
s??t?> eonventi'm It seems to aie |
that as the only livir-i- ex-Presid??nt of
"?? l'i - * the r?*rty in hi* j
siate owes him a? leant the temporary!
"Mr Taft, ?o far as It I? known.,
?I??, no' antir |iatc ?hat Colonel Ro?iee
velt's name would be pr. sen ted ;.,
?he rotem i ?tee ?f he had known h?*
would have pr?-v?-nt.d Ihe action that
?ss? taken The choice of Vice
?nt Shertnavi can tie ?--?-?nstrue-d
as an ?ndor-ement of the Taft ad
ratio??. whBca n<-?-ded no aa?ch
end?***-*' I
He Now Untlet^-sU?**?*)*.
Caalone! Rnraiievel? look lunrhr-on I
wl?h Mr Ward ?fter th?? BjaBBdM ?
The >,rily ihme tba? i? known a? ?o
whet to- sat* to th*? na
Tla that he liuVbed and
be tt??0>n?torHl now why
Mr Ward and other meta hem of tkei
??ate ?.?mmltte? were poi arasi'?n tol
mrt-rt him until ?
-lofwl Knnastah bad iala-.B?-d
-- in ?he haekgrnand ss mmr'n'.
mm saiamthsr la the matine cami-a***-?!
I' wa? mpAt mhon he -?erc-ivcd ?he,
t-.ra which pnWtltad aaTasr.? were ??-.
inc that he ?-onwni'd to the ?trae of
?naanblp. B>Tth he aad <
l hairman Woodr?i*T have e.pretned'
BsBB) tor a tu*rB*?**-*faB*aa *?*tt|e
meat el the dssTereons bmtmreen the
?nd th? oM ?n?rd bat
?no harm-m? tslbed ?asease
?Mm? ?*??'? -on et?
Fortral Action is Taken by John H.
Farmer in Case Against Wil?
liam Hodges Mann.
ItlCllMUNH V \ Vhh h; In H
tonnai ii"< l.inui.m tiled in the law
n,| Kipiilv CoiiM toil.i'. (?.'i' ;ii"i
William Ho,],-.-, Viinii is hhiinly
' h'urii ?.?ith fWatiai n?it only the
i enhilen. .? which a prospective nein
' :iliilig at lus lu? office, repiiseii in fiitn
as a 11?.ci. lut wi'h acciptill?! H re
alaar fas frcai th. man Hierein i?
eeptliiK 'mu as a ellelil. ami ii"ln
ini: tin> . ?i.'i;.'.i . oatnv t thai boaa I
him iil 111? pinlessiouill .'Itll's atl'l
cliuiini f.iisiu. si. uliilei: 'tilliilniH lu Ml
Bllrstr-l C;.m
The coii'i'liiiiiiiiii. ta toU In pr??? toa i
l'iihlicalletis itinceriilni; Ihc . |
John II Fuller. .1 Notiov-ay coiiMy
, aivniill man ?ho su.; he wat Unan
cially vvr. .keil b; ific aliened huaiti
.r 'ai h
The retalaer nominated in the !'?? i
?a- $:,
The ilcclaiatlon was ,|m?ii 'uni
tiled l'y ?Aillisin !.. lia? ail I ?insel IBI
ilie pBBiattl in llie suit for |ia.?*M
.lainages I rought hy John II Farmer
against W UHtUB II M uni lis Ihe file <?f
action rea.l.
Leave* Southern Railway.
NKW YORK. SaS W Fairfax
Harrison. Iieretcfure irlee?pntt?*WI ?>f
Ihe Soiitlitm Rllllwi?. ?as t"il 'X el,,,'t
e,| president of th? Chit ano. Indianap?
olis A Louisville Rnllwny Company a?
n m>>c!iii>* of the boartl of diic-tor-t el
that conuianv. tailed to till the vat-in
c> cans ,| by the ilcth of I (1 11? an
Tennessee Republicans Select
Candidate for Governor.
Democratic State-wide Prohibitioniiti
Are Expected to Line-up In Oppo?
sition to Patterson?Platform De?
clares for Present Liquor Lawi.
(By A.antlated Trr?*)
Captaln 1 -enjamin W Hooper, t.-f N< *
?km t. Cooke county, was today nomi?
nate for governor of Tennesse?.' by
the Republican stale convention lui"
'I ne na:ne of Alfred A. Taylor, ot
YV shmitten couniy. was the only oth?
er Ofe | impmt** l" the convention
aud ?uini.?t!ia:ely tuU?>wiitg the an?
num;? aas Bl al the result of the first
ballot. th?> nomination was made un
?ninions The ballot stood Hooper,
::*?:'. Ta/Im, tth The convention also
endorsed ihe candidacy of B A Kalre,
independent man for ralltoad commis?
sioner iron West Tenneaaaa.
Will Get Independent Support.
The independent sf te-wide prohihl
?i'in Democrat.' who have fought C,o\
?d. R Pattemin every sf? |> ?>'
bis official career, are expc t?d to
??upport the Republican ticket as
?Kam?' the regular I>emocratlc notnl
nc**s whPh in-.-lud?' PattcrsoB fot re
e!?'t tion.
The platfonn adopted today de T'res
for n?i backward step in the prohib?
?ion laws which ?ere passed over the
? U vrntir Patterson and ea
*eits that th?- stale shoulrl be redii
trfetcd as regards congressional. Ju?
dicial and e*eei:'i?c districts. It say?
that the pr? s?nt OtUta of dis
trlciing is nothing les? ?han lai?*eny
of the eiectiv?* franchise The plat
form nlso favors contincsnre ->f lib?*ra|
federal appropriations for F?"deral ?"!?
diets al*o for ' nntrder*
Choice of P^ohlbit^rOn^atta.
Captsia Jl?io|?*'r via rae choice cl
the leader- of ?he independen? state?
wide prohihitloo 'sennit ?af the rtamo
trzSa !?ar? y whi-h recent !y elcrtcti
.ta** for stite Judicial of
? nd M the ?tandis tSvan* Sharp
'SwfftXk Man Hurt.
surr i! K v\ -!ipptng
froaat a l?->rd vnd falling
*aaiB*t 'tv' r-dge ni a HI poatnd l?|er?
.?on of C J H-ik-\
? 'hv meichani ia Saffolh. aaa
tattMd 'ilons Injir..? .?lay
iinabl?- ?e move aad la kart abo?' th*
trtate aad taarh Phyata*??as Bave ?a*-?*
id--d oa the . s-M-t a-dare af Ms
?A . m ?tot/eg Man l??**Hart?td.
| .p.; M \ a ?.,?
A speciil grand Jatrv Hi ih.
.-?tiraed ata ladt-*?
taa?a? agaiBst J-*a*ta Clowe? for attatsap1
?*d *fa*-taal n* Mm iTurle? K farm.
ttaarta aneatad ?
Partly cletttty Wednesday ?nd :
lurcdsy; light northeast to I
st winds
: 'TTkaVe* -
; Chief of lribe .Testifies in
the Indian Land Dcai
Committee Asks Witner?*, Where ***f
OOO Came from Which W?ii Placed
to His Credit l?r,rnedlately After ?ho
Attorney W?** Paid 9750.000 for Ser?
vices, But Doesn't Remember.
?By \??...-i'ii.-? Pre??.'?
si i.riii'?. ?>ki a . Amt I?.* ?Da*M
las II .l'hiisoti, ?bal of S.nun mem?
ber? of Ihe Chickasii? UiOQ, ?lid i"t
i ??member tills- bel >u- the n|>???-i il
< ?nit;i ?? AotSsl m? est la-Hi in? commit?*?"?'
when ai-ly-d how It was that he BBBJ
able to ???-posit 97MM to his js r,oii*il
crrdltes few days after Attorney Mc
Murriv h?d p-ccUed $7jn,i>nii Bfl ?t
'erne.? fee
Inhns n pieviaiisly testlll?-d ?hat he
always inn] approved of what ?re
kn< wn :?s the Mc.Mut rav ?-ontra-ts
which pro? lile for th?. sale of $:t.?,?MHi. ,
Ut worth of land b< longing to the In
dlans, giving Mc.Murray 10 per cent,
or UjUtMt In tecs.
Johns??; also" has urged other In
iliiiis in .sign the contracts. He satd
that he MB a par-icular friend of Mc
Murray's and that in what are known
as the ci'izenship caaes several years
ago. BS ippiovrd of .i contract in which
M? Murray got a ?alary of $.r>n.00i) s
year an! $2,700 a year expenses. A
short 11 in ? BftaiBBUshl he approved or
another -r.ntract on which McMutray
???|i?, t? .1. for doing the same work, a
fee cf I7S0.0O0. The lstter ton wss to
have been $l."a!Mi.t)(K?, but was etrt down
half by ?he government.
Theuqht Fee? Earned. S
Why wag It you were wllllcj to
giv?. MrMurray fTM.OOO for doing ihst
for which In- ?Iready w-a? paid a ?al?
ary?" a-<k?<! Representative C. I? m%
ler. of Minnesota.
"Hocaiise we thought he earned it."
i?-pli?-d .'h.ef Johns in.
"He kept off the roll? UN claim?
ants i a? iiro|)irty and thus saved
?is a total of flfi.lMMl.OO??. I would
have b-i-.i willing lag bftve paid him
.-.a -pat read or UMtMM."
?Too wore willing to Rive a leato
"graft money In order it say.- tHTaf.
much land. Is that ft? Now tell aS
why it is taha, a loo dR.vs after ?hat
J7.8 ??a* paid to McMiirray, you
w.re ah!e to (l?|M.-si? ?? your personal
?(-ci?i ni n a bank at irenison. Texas.
WmMA Where did you get that ?75 ,
I do net rememwr I was dealln**
incsttl- -ni*! my account vsricd. so I
do not ? ?'?nemtaer "
The .iepositing of $7?a-?<H) to >our
personal account produr-ed ?o IHtle Ibj
prcfsicti . n your mind that you din't
remembe.- When yon became chief -vf
voir trib.? isn't it a fact that your
bank a?- unt was only $??M?? ll-?w
?ben wer.- you able to dc|?osit UiMt
just a short 'line aller McMurrty got
his *M*Mt fceT
[ ?Chief Johnson insisted that he did
not remember
Johns-in occupied almost th?- entire
day on tbe stand ?Torern-v c. N.
Haskell i?x*l-*y telegraphed bis wl?lnt
nea.? to t**faaj, b?*1 be probably will
Bot be ?-?lied.
Petersburg Netjro Claim? A?setd?i*t?
Woman Tell? Di?erent Story.
PKTKRSBI'Rr?. VA . A:c 1??
Tom Snenc??r. a netj-T?? ?<e<-?ion hand
on ?he Norfolk A Westen?. Railway,
?day. at hi? home at Wsrerly, sbot
and nmbably fstsliy wounded his
wif? 3|#n??er ?sys he look the gen
to kill a hawk and the ?booting of
hi- wife ws? scelder.tsl. She. bew
a.?r In a ?worn ?ta?ement de<rlsrei?
re shot her with Infest to .-arry ?mi
a threat be bed matt?? to k'll he?-.
Zponcor I? beM to swslt the i-eitc<>s?e
ot tbe I
Staunton ?Sac-tain Oemo?a?ed.
RICH M? ?NT?. VA A or IS-Cefattle
?faeee*?, Ol .?-ttaeatne. bse b?*-B
liihBlsd of tbo oommsnti of be WefJt
A-TgTi??-! Gaanl?. roe?p-??v K. fVi-t
Rtlasi at. "aajfjaBi Ttwtaateers. by
roioeei Tb.? aaa
?miden drastic aad iBBBsial acltoa bas ^
no? boon m??1e pmhtir The adjirtSBt
reeerai ?-.?m Coi?-?t?el r-erry bar? daa
?CBSSed 'he mwtter ever tbe btBg dtS
t?ner r* <B?. bet Beftbrr
lee ?abW ** yet or Ind"??- ?hat
?h? esese of r* ajar al i? Vw has saf*
? ?? bee? raade b* (haT^M

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