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Steamer lexas Din Sunday
With Litfhtften Passengers.
Straithfi?n, Under Charter to Load
Coal Here, ,li Being Held at Old
Point for Fwe Daya?Newt of the
A telegram was imV Ived at Hie
local oltiee of Fiirness. Withy ??
Company, Ltd., yesterday aMsralai
announcing that the Danish steamer
Texas, of the ryde Line, was pick ed
u| by wireless by the Cape Race s'a
tion yesterday saftraiat* The Texas
t> ported that she was then ll'o miles
oft* ?Cape Race and that she would
arrive at this oort Sunday.
Kightcen passengers are aboard the
Texas and will uisetnbark at this
part They are as follows: Wor\
Newport Newa?Mrs. Anna Kristine
Hansen. Mrs. Kristine'Svetidsen. Kn
gineer Keahart h over. Baalneer Adolf
I-"< chardf. and Mil man Oneseu. a tail?
or; for Oulfport. Miss Henry Ed?
ward. Stickler. Astria Stickler. Val-j
bor? Marie Stickler and Mrs. Klis ?
Sthkler; for New York ? Petria Aaroc.
a trainman. Ballolf Stom. and Fred?
erick Hansen; for Brooklyn? Iven
S \ ensnigsen: for Portsmouth. Va.j
Joseph Kejelsen. a machinist; fori
Philadelphia?oie A. Hseneaa, a sail?
or, .lohn V. .fensen. Knit M. Kris
tensen and Jolan A. Tatlinicm. sail?
ors, are coming on the Texas to join]
the steamer Yitalia at Hampton'
Besides the passengers, the Texas
is bringing about 1 ."?."?00 tons of im?
port freight to discharge here. Her
cargo lathaiag paper and wood pulp.
After discharging she will load ex?
ports here for Havana. Cuba, anl
Vera Cruz. Mexico.
Straithfilin Held in Quarantine.
The British steamer Strathtilin.
which is under charter to load a full
cargo of coal here tor Manila. P. I.,
is being held in quarantine at Old
Point for live days. The vessel ar?
rived yesterday morning from Santos.
which i s a Qoaraatiaahla port. The'
Strathlilin is the first foreign steamer]
hound here to be held in quarantine
::t Old Point since early in the sum-:
mer when the Harley arrived from
South America with a number of thej
members of her crew sick.
Bringing China Clay.
The British steamer Bolivians, of
the Fuiness-Withy Line, steamed
lrom Poway, Kngland. on September
C, for this port via "''hiiadelphia. She
U bringing china clay to discharge
here before loading ex|>orts for the
return trip to Kngland.
Powhatan Due Next Week.
The British stamer Powhatan. of
the Kurness Withy Line, is due here
next week from Charleston, S. C, to
load exports for Norfolk.
One Vessel Arrives.
Only one vessel came into i?nrt:
yesterday, that being the C. rman
steam, r Numantla. Captain Molchin.
swroate from New Orleans for Ham?
burg. She took a supply of fuel coal
and proi ceded.
Thursday, September 8, 1910.
Steamer Numantia (Gcr.l. Mol-;
rhin. New Orleans?to Chesapeake m\
Ohio Coal I Coke Company for bunk?
er coal. ?
Steamer Ranger (Massachusetts;
training ship) Low. Bristol. R. I.
Simmer Numantla fOer.l. Mol-|
chin. Hamburg?Chesapeake & Ohio|
Coal * Coke Company.
St'amer Numaotia (Oer.l. Ham
Schooners Klizabeth Palmer for]
P.jston; Marguerite for Providence.
Weather at Cape Henry.
CAPE HKNRY. YA.. September 8.
Thers'a Nothing Too Good for
Our Customers?That's
Why We Use
In onr Finishing Department
Highest priced paper we can
Wp Give th* B??t Poo
iiMe Print from Every
2909 Wdihinrtai. Ive. I
?Clear. wind northwest, twelve
mile . smooth sea.
Calendar for Today.
Sun rises . ?> :4I a. m.
Sun sets . H:L':i p. m.
High water ...l:uT a. m.. l.::7 p. m.
Low water ....7:Ik a. m., I:H p. to.
Vessel Has Massachusetts Naval Ca?
dets Aboard?Discharged Engi?
neer Makes Complaint.
With several hundred cadets of the
Mass?! liuse'tH naval militia on board,
the tra wing ship Kang< r. formerly a
.raiser of the tjojtod States navy.
CUM Into this port ycsteniav morn
IB| and droppeii anchor in the harbor
off OM Dominion pier A. The Hani;
er will remain hen several days and
the cadets will he gvon shore leave
at this port.
This is the annual cruise of the
Massachusetts naval reserves. The
Ranger Is detailed by thm naw d? ?
partmen.1 for their use aim the crafI
is in charge of Captain Low, a re?
tired naval officer.
Kng'neer Rndolpii Schefschek. who
was discharged from the Kanter at
Bristol and hfoafUl here by that veo
sel. complained * to Cniied States
Shipping Commissioner J. K. II. Stu?
art yesterday mornint; thqt the offi?
cers ot the Kanter would not pay
him his transportation hack to Mos
'on. He said that be wa.-< discharged
at Rtistoi kaream. be com idjjined
about the bread given him to eat.
He says that he asked the officers
to put him ashore at that port, but
they refused, bringing him here.
Captain Stuart advistd BehOfBChet
to go, to Itoston and appeal to the
commissioner of the state for the
amount of his transportation.
Comeiander de Steiguer Issues Im?
portant Notice to Mariners.
The following notice to mariners
relative bo the changing of the buoys
in Hampton Roads has been issued
lowing changes in buoyage were
made August :il to September :id:
Horseshoe Shoal Itiioy. 4. from a
first class nun to a first class tall typ.
nun buoy.
Crumps Bank Buoy. .", from a sec
ond class can to a first class tall
type can buoy.
Crumps Bank Buoy. 7. from a sec
I ond dass can to a first class tall
;t)pe can buoy.
I Horseshoe Shoal Buoy, 0, from a
. second class nun to a first class tall
'type nun buoy; had been found miss
i ing.
Willoughby Bank Buoy. !?. from a
I second class can, to a first class tall
j type can buoy.
t Horseshoe Shoal Buoy. S. from a
second class nun to a first class tall
type mm buoy.
W. C, 1. U. Holds Meeting m
Second Baptist Church.
Mrs. C. W. Betts Chosen President of
Association for Coming Year?Many
Newport News Women Are Named
?Encouraging Reports.
With many delegates in attendance
the Woman's Christian Temi?erance
Cnlon c f War? rk and Elizabeth VMf
counties, held its .iiinual convention in
the Second Baptist churrh yesterday
morning Delegates were present,
! from the local unions in this ci y.
Hampton, phewbtis. Elizabeth City
county and Warwick county and en?
couraging re;>oits were received from
all of the unions represented.
The following officers were chosen
for the bi-counly convention durm?
the comma year:
President-Mrs C. W. Betts, of
Vice pres dent?Mrs T. G. Chewn
ing. rf Newport News
Secretary?Mr? Driver, of Newpor"
1 Corrlhponding secretary ? Mrs.
( line, of Newport News.
Treasurer - Mrs J. W. Eubank, ol
Newport News.
Following the election of the r-mnty
convention c fflcers the H-imptcn ana
Maiv L. Wells unions selected off. ers
as follows:
Hampton Cnion: ?
President - Mrs Prank Walker
View-pr?* dent-Mrs C W Heft?.
Secretary?Mrs. Amelia Colgan
Treasurer?Mrs C H. DeYarmette
Mary W Wells I'aioa. of Newport
New?: ?
Presidcn ?Mrs J w Eubank*
Vk-c-president? Mrs T O Chewn
Secretary?Mrs Cime
Traaaiirer?Mrs Devi*
Mesdamew C W Rett.?. J V hs?
hank Fr.-irk WaRter. T J CVwning.
snd Davis were elect, d rWeestc? to
the Vira nia State ronveation nf the
W C T I". In Portsmouth on Sep?
tember ?*. :7. 2? and ?
The reports received showed that
the rnion here is doing fine work ??
the Raflors Rest and that lbs Himn
ion iinloa is 4"<ng rood work at the
National Soldiers Hoaje.
Mrs R*tts. the new preskfVn?. has
named the list nf ?n s--rlnto-.de*'? for:
ike varbaaa aVpartmeote J
Jity Health Board to Have
Dodgers Distributed.
Public Will be Instructed How to Pre.
vent Dangerous Malady?Wan*
Sewer Lajd on Oak Avenue?Adopt
State Board's Rules.
A camp.Tgn uf cduru: inn atn.mg the
?s?ffet ?f this city for the arevea
tlon' of typhoid fever is M be Jnau
gum ci! at once by the ciiy board o!
health. This was decided u|h>h !?'?-"
uigln bj the city board of health at
its regular meeting in the city ball.
It was decided m (tririt SjMsJ dodger*
laaliasllag (lie public what to do to
prevent typhoid. These dodgers arlll
be distributed within the next tew
aroeks mmi cue win be put igte iterj
home in the city.
Only three aSSWhsil of the board -
Ur. Aaton Jcffer\, the ci'y health "fti
cer; l)r. J. W Ayier, the city physi?
cian aiui Secretary oi the board, and
R. C Xorsewotthy--were present las'
night, but a baity session was held, a
number of impoitant matters being
discussed. The board unanimously
voted to recommend to the city coun?
cil that the city adopt .sections H ami
29 of the regulations of 'he State
boat(| of health relative to dry
closets, their construction and loca?
tion. These rules are verj stringent
and Dr. Jeffery wants to see them cn
loreed here.
The peard also recommended to the
comic l that au apacapriaUea be ruade
with which to construct a sewer on
Twenty-fifth street between t'hestnut
avenue and Oak avenue and along Oak
avenue to connect with the sewer
main in Powell Heights. There is "o
sewer in that section now ami 'he
heal h officer believes that one is
absolutely necessary.
This matter was brought up in tue
council this year and a conti act be?
tween the city and the Powell Trust
Company, Inc. was drawn up, but
never signed because the council ob?
jected to some of the provisions put
in the contract by 'he trust company.
On motion of Mr. Norseworthy, the
board recommended to the counet'
that $loo he appropriated for the ??c
re'ary of the board for his work in
the pitst and the future.
Prince a Good Shot.
KxCrown Prince Ceorge, of Servia,
once shot a pair of pearl pendants
from a woman's ears at a distance of
in pastes. His aim was so true ihat
the bullets merely severed the wire
OB which the pearls were suspended
and the gems dropped on the woman's
shoulders and then to the floor unin?
jured. The two shots were tired in
quick succession, without a tremor
or the part of the wearer of the gems
at whose request the Prince had con.
sented eo exhibit his skill. Prince
George is one of lhe most famous
hunters of Kurope. and has often
shown examples j)i bis skill with a
ritte before crowned beads of oilier
Wells Resigns as President.
(By Asaoc nerd fi?.a?)
RICHMOND. VA.. Sept. 8 ? Jake
Wells has tendered his resignation as
president of the Virginia league. A
meeting of the directors will be held
in about two weeks when it is likely
a successor 'o Mr. Wells will be
chosen, or a committee appointed to
make such choice.
Hogan- Phut makes ye swally all
your dinner in 'wo minutes. Grogan?
Are yez atln' on a'bef.
Grogan?It's for the fcood av me
ryspepsy, Moike. Sur'? the dtcther
tculd me o :ist an hr?iir after stin'.
and how els.- am Oi goin' to get the
hour to rist in onb-ss Oi a<e like the
devil??London Tdeas.
Adele?Why :s it that you never
?it on the front seat with Harry when
he takes you out automobiling?
Estelle?What s the use He has
?. use ".k-.th bands tc steer 'he ma?
chine.?Montreii S'ar
Antiseptic Cleansing is Best
Accomplished by the
Ctiticura Remedies.
CrenpMe local and roraUtntVmal
trea'rornt for dsdr-ming. detijitatma
omen ?-.inVr roav to
found '<c. page 5 of the
"\ c n.iilH.n? from whK-h
wrmpffl ahnot the
? uticara Ointment.
The purr rwwKgmrltV.
vet effective pe .par?
ties of the CjtV-urt
fV*p. Ointment, aar}
PUb. commend t hrn
to ?fm e.p*maJlr motkm. fnr pr*
irrnn?. ponfvin? ?rvl l^autifring the
skin.areJp hsir. and hands f.ir the trrat
Amhalancr. -t ali W. P.. Rnnee.
Jost Try O. B. U,
A Legend
Copyright, WO. by AmtT'.rnn Frees
lu tlio year A. D. 879 at a Maying
party In Suffold county. Kiiglanil, a
youug Saxon yeoman saw a ?jirl dtine
iug with others about I ssAgpaaa So
graceful was she, hat eyes wero so
blue, her bulr, glistening In the sun?
light and tossed about ?Ith every step,
was so fair, so happy "as her smile, so
niefbdlous her laughter, (bat the young
man was euraptured
John Boylnu waa a strapping youth
who could send an arrow Into tho
fore of an apple et yards and had
already borne a pike hi the cause of
bis king, Kdinond, against the Panes,
having l>een with his sovereign on the
fatal day wheu be was defeated and
his reign cume to an and John's fa?
ther bud since died aad left him pos?
session of the farm, ~ 'l'llllgg of Mn)
acres In land, with luany cows, sheep.
Dtga and other cattle. Ills mother had
ItUed before bis father, and ha bad no
1 brother- or sisters.
And so It was that when .lohn saw
the graceful Et.'ielredn dam-lug about
the Maypole he bethought himself bow
Inippy ha would be If be might take
' her home to live with bias. Straight
way he went to her father and said to
I "1 wish your daughter to wife. 1
have my own farm and cattle, but I
have no one to milk the cows or to
keep me company when I have done
uiy work or to have n cure of my es
tale when I have gone Into the forest
to bunt or am called uihui by my lord
to do battle. I therefore pray you to
give tne your daughter."
! So tho father, knowing of John's
wealth, called his dnughti-r and, point?
ing to the young mun. v ho was at the
, time leaning on bis bow, said to her:
This man bus his own farm und bis
cows und bis sheep and bis pigs, but
, he has no wife to milk the cows or
, have a cure of the sheep or feed bis
pigs when be Is lu tin- forest bunting
or doing- service In war for his suzc
rain. Therefore he has asked me for
you to be his wire, aad you will get
ready fog the wedding."
Kthelredn knew this to be a com?
mand, and any command from her
father she would uot think of disobey?
ing. She cast only one shy glance at
John when the word wife was spoken,
tind. seeing the tall, well formed young
man looking kindly upon her. sbe gave
him her heart at once and went away
to begin her preparations for the wed?
ding. ,
I It was but on few weeks after this
that n bridal party, of which John und
ntbelreda were the principal figures.
I left the church wheiv they had been
married and started for John's home.
To reach it they were obliged to pass
1 over a bridge across n small stream
called Goldbrook This they did. mak
| ing merry the while, though when
they were halfway over John stopped,
nnd a shudder paaeed over bis stalwart
frame. But whatever the cause he
conquered It and passed on with the
same light step .is l*.-fore.
The wedding was celebrated with
feasting and dan. Inc. the singing Of
minstrels and gnmcs. all of which wero
customary at weddings In that day.
after wblcb the bride and groom went
back to John's farm.
Never did it appear that a newly
married couple would be happier. But
they had not been together a week
before a band of robbers ran off with
the best of John's cows. Then In the
summer, during I thunderstorm, the
lightning struck the bouse and well
nigh demolished it. In the autumn a
snowstorm such as had never been
known before In England covered
John's sheep, and very few came out
aiire. The next spring a baby was
born to the con pie. but It died a few
hours after Its I rth. aud Its mother
went with It.
Then John went out to Goldbrook
stream and cut an inscription on the
keystone to this . ffect.'
"In "the year of our Ixird STO King
Edmond. having 1-cen defeated by the
Danes, hid In the branches of the oak
tree standing . lose by this bridge.
There be naetaed during the day and
at nightfall cam- down from the tree
and bid biros.c'f under this bridge over
Goldbrook st ream That night a wed?
ding party passed over the bridse
The moon shone down, from the hear
ens. One of ihr ?iirong ewpled Its rays
shining on the king's polder, spur. and.
going down under the bridge, they saw
htm croocblnc there. He was deitr
ered to bis ct-s. who. lending him
to the tree in '-ich be had bidden
during the <L - 'led him full of sr
rewe. Bis body waa bora* to Bury
gf Edmonds and 'aterred there "
That dtsron? ?? busband, having
finished this ln<- r;ption. wrote beneath
It ha large letters:
?"Cursed Be tl Wedding Party That
Passes This Rndsw." e
Whether John placet] the record of
the event on tr bridge hi not certain
It la there lad after ten centuries
bare rwursed at I It No part of the
cwrae M to be ??- ? It baa been band
ed down by II P?0.
Certain It ?? 'no wedding party
will crows <;- ""?k hetdgw. prefer
ring to go by ? -rr-altona route
Standing In Ce center of an open
Sehl, oa the sr- I where grew the tree |
la which King I tan ad too refuge. I?
UM efceTksk erected to hla meaw-ry.
England ts f of tbewe old tra ,
tsfcloas. manr <' beta like thin handed
dowa from I **t aaii-d.rkag the
? sanierst by * lam I . whist) gave
the*) Jx.:r p.- 1 sovereign.
Wall, Doxey A Wall I Walt, Doxey & Wall
* I ?
School Opens Monday
(let your School Bags hcre;alf the want?
ed initials, navy or black, complete with
rings.50 cents
Watt, Doxey & Watt
1909-11 Washington Ava.
.?ewport News, Va.
If you ?aal your Shirt, and CoUara to hs.k new.
:its da your latmdrv srork.
Dan'! throw away tn.it last winter's hm anal It
>:its. where it can ha faaofatad und realocked, Ufa
? it look like on,, of the NL'W CALL BLOCKS,
Now is the time to ret out y?,ur Pall and Winter Suits
? them ikmtorku
We hlivc Just IStHir d the service of an expert cle
hoahelraaa, Mr Abe Bets burg, of Boston, who win
of our Cleaning and Repairing department. K\ery
1 guaranteed to lie pi . in flrsl daas <ouditioii.
iteii. Ml; en.
1110 Washington A\
?dttatrssm ^torr
Good to Eat
We also carry
Pure Olive Oil
in glasses and cans
WHY Insult Your
Friend and Fool
Hy giving imitation cat glas-: (Jlaw that it*
praMrsj to nliape and then jMiiishrd w no
wm oat glasa than mercerized cotton id silk.
Look for the Name
Kor <aV only at FL0RY-R0Y ALL CO., Inc.
Sncoessow to J. R Si raci r
Maryland Will Send Delegates.
1 By aaaaaSaaaj preset
WASHINGTON. I). C. Sept. a.?
The executive committee t.f the Mas
tifarturers' Association of "ttal'lmore
i.nsnimoti?!\ \ei?l -.?dsv to .end oel
ecstes to the Atlantic conference of
the Southern Commercial Con?r#-??
on October T. Go?ernor ("rother? has
>u. IT d. legate* froas the state
of Msrvland
\V.a* not oalv bmucht the fond* and
drugs of thi? country up a hlar.er
?tat'dard of purity, bot If has elim
aai'.d the harmful medir.nea sr*ia
nh?l ills country was SuueVdL
i.e. however a- Lydll
C Ptakaam s Vegetable Componnd.
purely a mot.-, and herb* product, will
continue its beneficial sort amone
a omen
Graduate ; Opticians
UBTwsaty aura St. S da saw Ifsws.
ra-rlaces -Call W. | Roane.
Steamers leere Moedaye
Thursdays and
I .ears
Thursdays sad
PrelcM received and (letTrere? datlj
st C m O Twenir-tfctrd. Street (at
Iowa 1 statioa. Office River Road.
James W. McCarrtc*,
Fast Trains to Richmond and the
; I i I've N>wiMirt News lii:t>5 a. m,
' mni I <'"> P- m. daily.
Local Trams to Richmond
6 oo a. m . |:M p. m. dally.
Tralus arrive Newport Now* 10:00
a m, lu,;|u a. m, 5:3? p. in. aod
7 2o p. m.
Steamer Service for Norfolk.
Leave Newport Newa 10:36 a. m.
am' 5.35 p. in. dally.
Old Dominion Line
Daily Service
Steamer leaves Norfolk, (foot of
CfcfBB st.) 7:00 p. m. dally eicept
i-unday for New York direct.
leaves Pier "A" 8.3?) every even'tit,
pa. ecitacrx only. Siop at liaremout
(? land or receive passengers on
FWY. JameH River Dhv Lino for
I! climond ami all James River land
ngs. Steam, r leaves Newport News
rueoda/e, Thursdays and Saturdays
st 1:11 a. m. for Richmond. Leaves
Nt wport Nave Monday, Wednesday
?tit? Friday at .r> p. in. for NorfoU
and Old Polat.
"BMITHjnBLD" leaves Pier "A"
dally except Sunday 9: no a. m. for
Norfolk, and 4:30 p. m. for Smith
held. Orracoke leaves pier "A" dally
except Sunday 9 a. no. (or Smithfleld
nnd :! p. m. for Norfolk.
All freight received and delivered
at Pier A, foot of Twenty-fifth street.
Acting Agent,
Newport News.
In effect Monday, May 29th, 1910.
Subject to change without notice.
|f.:00 a. m, ?7:00. 8:20, 9:35, 10:50,
IL':o.', p. m.. 1:20, 2 35. 3:50, 6:05,
J?:M, 7 .t:., ;?.sr., iO:f.o p. m.
?8:00 a m., 7:15, 8:45, 10:00, 11:15,
12:30 p. m., 1:45, 3:00, 4:15, 6:30,
iff, 8 00, 10:00, 11:15 p. m.
* I Hies not run on Sundays. a
iTJie Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
(Schedule Kffectlv.? Nov. 1. 1908.) "
The New and Powerful Iron Palace
INQTON and NORFOLK will leave
I daily as follows:
Lv. Portsmouth . *5:00 p. m.
Lv. Norfolk ..'. ?6:00 p. m.
Lv. Old Point . ?7:00 p. m.
[Ar. Washington . ?7:00 a. m.
Wash.. B. ft O. Ry..?? 9:00 a. m.
Ar. Phil., B. ft O. Ry... .??11:50 a. m.
Ar. N. Y., B. ft O. Ry...?* 2:10 p m.
l.v. Wash., Penn. Ry_**7:M a. m.
Ar N Y.. Penn. Ry.??lila p. m.
Il.v. Wash, Penn. Ry_?? 8:00 a. m,
Ar. N. Y. Penn. Ry. ...??10:40 a. m.
I v. BT Y.. B. ft O. Ry....?11:50 a ra,
l.v. Phila.. B. ft O. Ry...* 2:17 p. m.
Ar. Wash.. R. ft O. Ry...* 5:20 p. m.
Lv. N. Y., Penn. Ry.?12:55 p. m.
Ar. Wash.. Pena. Ry_?? 8:16 p. at.
Ar. Wash . Penn, Ry.! ?:22 p. m.
Lv. Phila., Penn. Ry.?3:20 p. m.
Ar. Wash., Penn. Ry.? 6:22 p. m.
Lv. Washington .*C:44 p. at.
Ar. Old Point Comfort ...?7:00 a, m.
Ar. Norfolk .?8:00 a. at.
?Daily. ??Daily except Suaday.
I Sunday only. * a
For information apply to
J N. SMITH. Agent. 1'nioti Ticket
office. Cham be rl in Hotel, Old Polau
P. M. PRTTCHARD. Gen. Ageat.
Agent, corner Granby and Plums
streets. Norfolk, Va?
M. ft M. Transportation Co.
Paasengers and Freight.
Newport Newa to Baltimore.
Daily KxS/pt Twaday C p. at.
Fares S3 00 Owe V?oy?M Round
Trip?Including Stateroom Berth.
Tickets to Af! feints. >
Norfolk te aVtetort. r
Daily except Thursdays 7 p. a. *
Norfolk to Prov?denoe.
Frery Moa_ Th?r, and Sat, 7 a,, as.
First class fare te
Boston. Provfdenew
One way . $U.mf f 12.0a
trip . 22.00 2? aa
rata and State
For tickets aad further
apply to F B BRAGG. Agent.
Newport News, Va.
Past eteaa>er nisuNunKT
Ptar A every Moaoay. Wednesday aad
(.Vidar " s m ? - Peie-shurg acd

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