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only newspaper published
Newport News that receives I
full news service of the As
dated Press.
VOL. XV. NO. 212
Repot. Says This is What In?
vestigating BoarH Found on
North Dakota.
f)fftcers Spend Day on Orcadnaught
Examining Fire Room in Which
Fatal Accident Occurred and Hear?
ing witnesses?One Man Probably
Drowned In Compartment.
(By Staff Cot respondent).
9.?According to a report from a r<
liable source the t?oard of inqni t y.
c i nsisting of ('apt. C. A. Cote, senior
officer; fleuls?1 Oimmiiilii c. V.
Pi ice and I jeiitcnant-i'ommandcr A.
.M. Proctor, which today begin a
searching inquiry into the full Oil
blaze on the battleship North Dako?
ta found hafhc toed lag of the fire
ii om had put out Of commission four
of the big boilers on the battleship and
that the vessel will havo to undergo
extensive repairs. The botird had
nothing to give out for publication
and the officers of the fleet declined
to discuss I he probable outcome of
the inquiry, claiming that no one e n
anticipate the findings of (he board,
an,) that the real cause of the acci?
dent is yet rnknown.
The inquiry was started early today
and. it is said, th'tt several wi'nesses
Iren hoard on the North Dakota. As
(he, w ???r}^iif cleaning up the ships was
In progress and the board of Inquiry
was sitting on, the North Dakota no
one was permitted to go on boird the
ship. Pumps were working all day
pumping the water from the engine
room and. it is said that the rocm was
cleared sufficiently to satisfy the
board that the boilers are seriously
Only One Drowned.
Another fact, wcrnrding tc reliable
reports, brought out is tha- only one
coal passer, Joseph Streit, lost his life
by drowning in the engine r< om and
it is declare^ that the unfortunate
seaman was dying before 'he water
wa* pumpe,] in. Tt is further asserted
tha' Seamen Schmidt and OIlBMMe
h->d been taken from the bl^zin? fire
room before the wafer was turned in
and that there is no truth in the re
por's y.-n: out from Norfolk to the
effect that all hrrc of the dead sailor ;
^.^c^ifioed their lives in order to pre?
vent an explosion. The men were
pi lled from th,. engine room in a dy?
ing condition.
May Make Report Today.
Two wotk of the board of inquiry
probably will be forwardo.i to Wash
ingt'n, ei'her tod'-y or tomorrow.
Tb/- battleships are expected to re?
turn o the Southern Drill Grounds
Snud.n -and M am be that the txmrd
wffl n<>t Ale its findings with the sec
rdaiy of the navy for several dtys
y.t. The investigation was com?
merced this morning and it ??' re?
ported at 1 o'clock that 'he officer;;
comprising* the hoard had lefl the
North Dakoti for the nneotoiit to
confer with AdmUral Schtoeder
ft was also given out that th"
bo/Pew of the hree dead seamen hid
been rent to the morgue in the Prrts
mouth navy yard, and that they will
ton>v be forwarded to the home* ef
the dead ?ailors for burial.
Wounded Fanng Well.
?It was s?id that the noun-led sailrr?
ate geltins along nie bj and tlrtt all
will recover Chief Machine F. W
Andrews is the most seriously injured
but he was said to be rently nj-ely
onA th.ro is f-sson to kawR he will
f? n recover
Target practice will begin among
the ?hip* of 'be fleet on the Southern
twill f.rm-nds Mortda-. mornlnc and
will I'si for fen dsya. The war de?
partment has detailed, a larre numW
of ofneer. to or ox in the j'nnnds on
Monday to witness the lareet Pri-tjeo
Tb? following nwVers are de.ic
n?ied to wttne*, the target" practice
IXit Kdwtn R RabMT ordnance
d^*i1mewi; l>"l ? ol Charles J
HailoT. ontwi srtilierT eorps Ma)
Jon? I. llayden. eotrt artillery corps
rat.? fharle- II MeVII. coast artil
W? corps: Tap! .loweph P T'ayey.
genoral .in*, 'apt John?ni ?le?f*.
fc. |.P*< ???' w ,; y ??
rnSMt artltVrr enrps. f'*!" Jo*" W
Gnlick. etw?u sr' "?'? ciarh "'
Hawrs aaawsd wHI pr.wwd to
fWrt Mnaroe. September II
Re stnemg Oeder
Kverrthmg waa wnrhleg smooth! i
tm Ifen North Dakota todav i-nil visi?
tors to (Mil Point would never have
'h< light that CM yesterday the ?Inj?
was the neue of an appall u<i tragedy
from 'he geiieial appea:an.v of the
) men Mul oflieers Of the vessel. The
j seamen seemed to he thoroughly ui.ve
I to the. necessity of jiuttlng the North
Dakota back in ci ndition for the mr
J ket practice work and the sciubmng
I of the- vi-ssol <otlld be seen irutll the
wharf he'e.
The < tf.ccts and men trom tbe o her
ships of the Itect coming aslyue to lay
declined te talk of the North Dak >t.t j
echtemt, all of them declaring mat"
the facts will be brought out when
the bcari of inquiry completes its
The men of 'he North Dakota hie
Ji ud in their praise < I Hear Amniral
BeatOB Si breeder, who returned to
the burning vessel on the tome r
Yaiikti a yesterday
R chmond Republicans Elect Dele
gates to Convention tonight.
RICH MONT), VA*. Sept. *).?Mi<:b in
'teresi is man Tested by the Republi?
cans of Kichmoiui in the mass ,-on
resttcg to be heb! in Uelvidere h ill
tomorrow night at s o't^oek.
At this ?eating eighteen delegates
and alternates will be < b eted to the
district convention, which mees in
Thompson's ball, this city, Monday,
Sept IL'. The- district convention will
nominate a candidate UJ oppose .lohn|
Lamb for congress. Many names
have been mentioned as prohible can?
didates hut it :s difficult to ascertain
in advance of the convention who will
he selected.
Replies to'Opponents of "New
Forrrer President Declares Additional
Power to the Government is Neces?
sary in Order to Master Aggrega?
tions of Rich People.
Otf Asso< latcd rressl
CINCINNATI. OHIO. Sept ft.??n>
President Ronei Ifll defended his doc?
trine cf "new nationalism'' in a
s|M-cch ?t the Ohio Valley Exposition
here today.
Colonel Roosevelt\s. day in Cin -in
nati was one of the quie'est which be
hna had on his Western tour. At h:.;
own request the pnirtam hid hcen
made simple.
Defends "New Nationalist."
Colon? I Ro-KM'velt, in defend in
"new nationalist!.,' ? replied to those
?Ali?. o|i|xise his plan <f increasing the
I?wer of the cciitnl government f r
Hie purpese o[ dealing, with couWia
tion, ibe con tri 1 of oorjKjratiMis ami
e?thi r questi" us which he believes vi'
?ally concern the future <>t the nation
'They say, 'do not give the govern?
ment tf ? much jKiwer,'" be said.
"Ceii iiih not 1 don't want to Rive
the government anv more power than
i> necessary. Yen would not hav
to have so much power In the national
gevornmen- if yon were gsssgsfeg witn
individuals, none of whom was very
rich, but when you get ?n aggrega?
tion of rich individuals ym must ma
ter them thr- ugh th.. ^'ivernm?*nt
Gives Individual a Chance.
"Some people will sny that is in
lerlerence with individuslirm. It is
not It is giving the individual a
chance The individual has no. rharto.
i! yrvj permit a busines> mon?q>o|y H
Im , stahlishe.j er p? rmit it U> devebqi
sc that a single man is pMPeVtg I
against it or ran l>e crushed by it.
"I am w>? sneaking m fertility t-.
c<>ri>orgtn ns ("ol'Kiel H"- ' \ ? '?
'innen" "I rec< cn*/e the :??-d of th.
gregt i-i-rpcfsition as n nVeeeenry in?
strument in mtst'-rn individual item
Onr nnejdition* ?r> new and we Mm
, ? mf
hot ai>o we n<-.-d aeoOiT fhjng. ?n1
thai Is the c mplete control by the
l?<-rd" 'hroogh the goTernment of tee
egrporaf lone * <sj
Form*r Governor Dead.
? Mr Asw?-*?t?d reset
M'?\T<;'?MKKt . ALA. Bepf *
fjeneral W C Ovles died here to la>
He ?j fornvrlv governor r?f AI?
bams and , te.miii'St Coef"dera'<
t. -.r^r t^r.er.il <iai? ? * ?I o a
f< ? n:? I ? ongr. mat. ?;?'! i ;<r-- -?-M
nvmre-r ?f .he Chicago Chrrsmui:.?
Park ''nnnl-H"l D"r lig the So-:i
isb Aerb-an war fee) tu a brigadier
Democrats and Insurgent
Make Report on Ballin
ger Findings.
-? f
Unusual Prcceedmgs Take Plac?
When Minority Members of Com
mittee Organize Their Own Body and
Pioceed to Business?High Prais
Heapcd Upon Pinchot and Glavis.
il'.y Assoclati-d rrm?i
MINNBAPOLIfl, Minn Beat '.'
'That Richard a. I!all:n::<r has not
MM true I? I ha trust repoaad in him
as secretary of the interior; that he
la not deserving of public i taMi|ifi r
at,(I that he should In- requeBted by
the proper authorities to resign his
office." ,
The foregoing stints ftp the Unding-:
or the four Hi mocratic momliers of
the BatUnger-Pinchol oongresaional
Inveatigatiag commutes which Were
made public today.
The Ivcpuhlii an member* issued no
report of any" kind bearing u|hui tht
An independent report was given
out by Mr. Madison, the taaUIgOBI
Republican, from Kansas which de
cjarea also that Mr. i'.all inner ihtmH
"nol be retained; that he was an tin
faithful trustee of the .people's inter
est and enemy of conservation and
(bat the charges of (itffnrd Pinchot
should bo sustained a
These findings will be minted and
filed with congress.
The Democratic report is signed hi
Senators Duncan I'. Pletcher. of
Florida, and William B. Purcell, of
North Dakota, and Representatives
Ollie M. James, of Kentucky and
James M. Craham. of Illinois. It
The Report.
"That there was no conspiracy
BgaJaM Mr. P.allinger.
"Thai Oifford Pint hot and L. R.
Gloria, wen- faithful trustees of the ?
poopl. s interests.
"That Mr. liallfnger's conduct on
certain occasions was intended to
have effect of deceiviug the Praal
dent. x . *
'Tliat Mr. Ilallinger's action in
having 'clear listed' the so-called Cun
n:ngham Ala.-ka coal lands and order
lag Haw patented showed bad fai'h.
"Thar he advocated a bill to vali?
date Alaska coal claims alleged to ho
"That his action in acting as attor?
ney in cas.s iiending in the land ot
ioa while be was commissioner MM
: ?prehenslble.
"That he hel|m d to force the Cun?
ningham coal claims to a hearing he
tore th. goreraaeajjl was ready i<>
"That he encouraged insubordina?
tion in reclamation service
Numerous official acts of Mr. Hal
linger are attacked.
High praise is given Oirtord Pin
i hot. former ? hi* f forester, and I.. K.
fllavis. form? r chief of field division
<?f the pen- ral land office.
Madison's Findings.
Mr. Madison's conclusions are:
"That the charges of Messrs. Ola
vis and Pinchot should he sutsained.
"That Mr. Halting! r has been un?
faithful to the public Interests'.
"That in the matter of the Cun?
ningham coal lands be was not a
fa thfnl trustee of the people's inter
"That with reaard to the reclama
tfo service he has taken arlion tend
inc toward* its dlsintecrslion "
Secretary Italbncer's action in re
storing water |>ower sites without in
?option to wl'hdraw is also crificrcd
alorg with his conservation iiollcy.
among cyber tha nes.
Unusual Proceedings.
The decision of the four nomoora
tic members sad Mr Madison to
make the reiiorts public followed a
session which was unnsual.
Three Repul.l car. mrmlKSena
tor Sutherland ..' I'tah. Roprr cn'a
Cvc M> Call of Massachusetts and
Denbv of Michigan, refused to alt? nd
the m.eline. Finallv the chairman
of the InimniitT himself. Senator
Nelson, of Minnevoia. left the cowl
miner room and failed to rrtnm
Chairman N?l"m :*v> nofiee tba<
a meet ins <r?>.il?t lw hebt la ("blearo
pe?t Tii'-ndav The Dem.wraM
members adjourned to meet agatn in
Washinrion on I*-? ember 3#
Representative fttlie M. Jam*"*, of
K-ntinkt. ?nc of the Ibmorrstic
f.rrhrr- ?nnontin d tbal all ' So
licmorra'-' ?'?iH rrfn.e to attend
the swriifr of which Senator Nelson
1 as riven not tee. The Re>nb? can
will then be in the same position
thai the i' ........ r member* and
Mr Madison found themselves tot to?
A rrsolatton adopted bv ?h.- Dem
ck rat ant Mr Madiso? pens satdj for
fCuadaaaad -w faarrth PhajM
, Richmond Justice -msci Upon
Men That Civil Ls* it Supreire
in Vlrg.ma.
Rl IIMOND. VA.. B< i t :i Privates
. Etat* I onhart. BJeorge Campbell,
' Prank Scruggs and H rr) Meredith, of
I Company P. First Virginia lafaatrj
i r?'g ineiit, were each and all land $1"
i i(l police twirl Maty li>r tiling their
riles from the ggggOWi -.trect car
, in Droatl afreet last Monday atmning
while intnia lag from the ahnm hatth
a: the fair giounds.
Fach of the men, with Ike cM-eption
I of Meredith, pleaded guilty ga ch re?
ed, and Meredith tod.i. admitted when
under oath that he had ti:ed his rifle
like the rent
Justice CrutcbOeld < xptalned in
passing sentence ;h:n be had no de?
sire, ? > he harsh or unduly llgld in h:s
riling hj reason of the lact that M -
Jer Lawn nee T. Pr < ? In C mmanil
i f the battaltaa, had promised y enter
day that the four men under a'rest
should be promptly tried hj a milltarj
Kinn justice cratch fl eld said, how?
ever, that he desired o impress it up
o'i the minds of bbth privaten !ti the
r nks und offict is, mounted or mi.
mounted, that .the civil lawa of Vir?
ginia are supreme In the state, so
li ng as til.- commonwealth is not un?
der martial r'.le.
Body of Dead Woman is Ex
amined?Ethel Leneve Se?
cures Counsel.
illy Assouiate.i '- r :?> ,
LONDON, Sept. Arthur Newton.
a uneel for Dr. Haw ley h. Crippen,
who is on trial here charged with tour,
dating his wife, known on the stage
as Belle Etaore, was toaay eagragad '?
defend Etna I CL.r" i eneve. Crl]ip-.-n'?
typiyt, who uis i is on trial as an as
eeaeory nftet the fact. This will ? ti
able closer co-? pcrntion between 'he
accaaed, who herttafota ha<i not heen
permitted to cot -ult with one another.
Another itep In the trial of the
prisoners was known today when two
pallmfciglaia, engaged h] the defense,
raaaiaad the hod] eaearthed in enp
peal eeHar in HilMrap Creneoat, i^>n
Soieitor N> \< I ? cxjieots to receive
lepcrts from tbeaa pathology's for
vs.- as the has - of his cross-exam.na?
tion of the gotten ex|K-rts when the
trial is continued next w. ?ii.? - la?..
An analy ist !-? :as !?en retatn-d by
he ?Niens. ? wsijgit. the aliened
finding of poison In the body.
The engageni. .t of exiK-r's ti .~on
tuaratl aeMei offor.-d in a triil by
officials of tb< . ? :nf office Is unusual
Kngland and indicates that the
; ttial of Dr. Cri'ipen and M??* ssggssga
; is pfcefj to hecoesa as f*m< us as was
Hie l-:ng "has. after them and their
I dr aaaMt aaptare.
: I
Meet in Salisbuy, Md., Law?
yer's Office and Woman
Fires Fatal Shot.
? Mrs. Ann'?
and kill? I I
son. in the t
tf.rney I..
sertcd h's ??
two month
live with an'
win had bim
bnt a r.? gag
learned thai
h.g t?i loa??
worn an
ami d
Lw?y to have I
I offer ' >'
Th. ii
I ft om and aT
band in
an hoo?
fs' v - ? 11
Cm t.
t I
of agrvnp
MAKYI.AMi Sept. 9.
li. Hudson today <?ho:
unhand. Tob'as Hud
? I ere. of States'* ig,
I. I. Itailev. Iloo-on do
iit?- in Cambridcc. Md..
? and fame here to
? r woman. Mis Hud
af ?-?ied on Wednesday
it km wm< ? Ifei-'ed.
nweeegy Mrs. Hudson
h?t?band wa- ?.r. ;>ar
Salisbury with the oth?r
?in based a rcv?d\< -
State? Attorney Bsi
? I lioeoaatd com? to hH
? renee.
went into a biet,
x few minutes of sr.
Hnrl.-on stan
when Mrs I lud-on
? r and shot her hut?
-nrda. death result inr
had heen twice di
left her second bus
husband e
v it he Large
x. I? Q_ H*T* *
i^rire|in-al ronditiori
sol and Norths,**:
M-|M<r.ets The er*-r?1
e|> will be renn,?er
rdsaavy sense of ggnl
? ill he eggy large 1
i waa aaadw fo4a? gp
r. of ihe l^pnrtw r>'
Kerry Boat Sinks to ihe Bot?
tom Midway of Lake
When Steamer le Known to be Doom
ed the Captain Make* Great Race
for Shoal Water, But the Fight it
Loat?Many Perton? Are Seen
Struggling For Life.
(Hy lullMils' Pr.fi?)
U'DINOTON, MICH., Sept. !?.
Thirty lives wen lost today VMM
Pera Manpiotlc ear ferry No. is.
bound from Ludtngtou to Milwaukee
UeUl In Ihe bottom of l..ii .? Michigan
hall way at loss the lake. The dead
Bctude captain Peter Kilty, of Lud
Mi?ton; S F. Zfi/.panke. of Chicago,
purser and wireless operator whose
signals of distress brought assistance
to the sinking steamer, ami two mem
hers of the erew ot oar ferry No. 17.
I who lost their lives in an effort to
I resetu* the erew of No. IS. Kli Col
! bean, of Saginaw. Mi<ii* a member
of the crew of No. l.v. would make
I a thirty -first vblim. but it is helieveu
j l hat he w as not on board w hen No.
II set out from here last night on
her fatal flip.
Names of Persons Lost.
The dead:
Pot- is Kilty, of Ludingtnn. rapfain.
Joseph ..'ezinzkl. mate, of Mauiio
W. II liiowne. second mate, of
S. F. i,ezpanko. purser. Worcester.
K. R. Leidsam. ebjef cngluoer,, or
Ciialtnur Rosecrans. assistant engl
l:eer of Norlhport. Mich.
Paul Tennere. second assistant on
giticet. 1 mtington.
I'nl-nou n oiler. Norwegian.
A I. Maekav. steward. Westficld
jN. Y.
W. II Cummins, Webster and IIa)
stead slreet. Chicago.
John Scliraufuagal, cook. Milwau
N. [.. Hetrand. passenger. Ludlng-1
j ton.
I Michael llaythalcr. fireman. Forest
I Ville. Ml. II.
Samuel iWni. liio. fireman, River
. Mourg. da, N. I
W. Parker, fireman. Marine City,
j I'nknown fireman.
Mis Marion Turner. Cabin maid.!
i lisatloi.ilMi
Peter Hire, watchman. Ltidington.
I'nkn'iwn lookout,
j file I'.akk'ti. wloclsman. Ludlng
' ton.
i' -< 'h ssawiass, -eewwircr. Ludmg-j
' ton.
Two stowaways Tom Kelly and |
brother. Detroit.
Frank Warner. "( hirago Frank
porter. Chicago
Jacobson, seaman, residence ul
I'h-rVs J. nsen oin r. I.udington.
Joe l'i to; on wat. timati. .-'eamerj
No. IT.
Jam"!, Jaiohscn. rubber, steamer
No. IT. Ludingtoii.
Thirty five Survive.
The steamship comimny issued a
i li.^t of nS names 01 survivors of thcj
wr.-. k all morul>crs of the crew, and'
most of inem were brought here to !
nicht i n Pere Mari|iielte car ferrv
No 17.
Kight bridles were recovered. six;
1 t . m_- brought here on car ferry No j
' 17. and two !.?inc taken to Mtlwau
: kee on car ferry No. 2". The bodies
't were recovered. s;x being brought
? re ..n car f.-rry No. 17. and twoi
Iw-'nr taken ?<> Milwaukee on car fer I
rj No ".<?. The bodies brought hen- j
were those of Captain Kilty. Purser
Zcaimnke. St ward Mack. W. II. Cum
min W. Ii l-rrard and Mrs. Marion]
I Turner. Ore <? '!?? bodies taken to
! Milwaukee was that of Ma'e lAreph
t Itrezinski 'i be oiher was reported 1
I to be that of Joseph Kooh. bat as
' ' < ?<? i~ a Jam' s Koob in Ihe list of!
:. ? . i .e-e rloufii h . - arisr n In P .
sard to the stmM body lakea to I
Miiw.mkcr K<??b dor ?; not appear in.
?.?m-h';. <omiM?nVs '--t dead
Story o? Accident.
J The -tor> of th. loss of ear ferry >
I IVre Marntsette N ? lv rrHisllln'es ]
'. the most tragic and ibnllng rhapter
v.- ?ritten in 'he history nf ihe]
iMk. Mi'htcan marine
I .? ng 1. oiinct'Wi lasf nicht at i
II ? o'rVwk. wfb a fasr hart arts?
. ? ,| ,T -< J*i col. 1 -s'- >.n dole lire
trrry marie rood weather for flve!
hfsarn on \" M'iwsukee >
At 4 .in o r lork word was sent to Cap i
With full r.mOde
.'?be stability aad seaworthiness
l.rall the te'rran ?ar f?T*v aa<
I ItearS it bis Ship With all peert
I KHohoycaa. on ib? W nwowsta
The (.feaaror's pump, were t
I? tin Ii fnllaal mpirltj ami all the
? vpedlcnts known in a skilled ami re
sotmelul mariner wen resorted i?>.
lim in ineM i>r ?ear) effmt the bar
rlhle fH< i ilHwiti il upon the t aiitain
Hint all mi hoard thai tin hon' tu
gradually, but surely HinkiiiK
An effort ?ns made to run a Hum
her of ni'ltoad cars overboard and
Hins" lighten the load and gain a tew
precious minuics With great dilti
cully nine cars were dropped off the
stern of No. Is, but this gave the
vessel oal] slight suit leinpurHry re?
lief. The ship was doomed Ye",
notwithstanding this apparent fuel
Mid in hope of saving both crew ami
craft, the captain crowded his sup
port ba 'he utmost limit hoping to
leaib shoal water. The effort was
Witness Horrible Scene.
At 7:110 o'ciink this morning time
dum when the boat's buoyancy was
no longer sufficient to sustain It Sud
ilcnl v w it hunt w in ning, and before
the horrified gaxc of liftv men on
board ferry No. 17. which hud Jus*
arrived, on the scene, In response to
a distress signal, the gieat black how
of the ship rose high in the air. the
stern settled swiftly toward lliw hot
li m and with a roar and crash like
an explosion. Um ship shot downward
and was lost to view
The hotrilied onlookers on steamer
No. 17 stood for a moment speech
less still pet rilled There whs among
the surging seas a half hundred of
their fellow beings struggling for
their lives AitAn Ising cries for help
was heard above the sea All was
confusion. indescribable terror and
i haos. In a twinkling 27 lives were
snuffed mit and sixty strong men
vere precipitated Into a death trap
as cruel as it was hopeless. Irresist
ably drawn by a tremendous suction,
a score of men could be seen speed
Itig toward the awful vorlex of th ?
sinking steamer's revolving wheels,
wh'i h sealed their doom.
The cause of the disaster Is. and
will always remain, a mystery.
Solicitor General Passes Away
in Boston.
Death Removes Prospective Candidate
For One of Vacancies on the United
States Supreme Court Bench?Blood
Clot Forms in the Heart.
Omt Aeeeesatei rises)
IIOSTON. MASS . Sept y -Solicitor
Ceneral l.loyd Whr.tton Buwots. aged
it, lifelong; friend of ??resident Taft,
died at Hotel Touralne In this city
teday. Death came suddenly, the re?
sult of (arise thrombus, which ended
an Bheeasj of a in' nth due to an attack
of l.r< ncbltis. The death of Mr. Bow?
els, v. ho relinquished an extraoidinar
Bf remunerative pestion as railroad
counsel to take up Uie duties of so?
licitor general on March 22, 1909, at
?he instance <f President Taft, re
moves i iMasWsCtive cannidate tor
on.- ( f the vacancies on I be Supreme
Court iH-ncb.
Dr. Frederick Coggeshall, who has
attended Mr. [towers her", >jid today
that the |ie>ticnt had a good ni*ht s
rest, ate a good brtakast today anil
? s i h.i :mg che. : fully ? ith hia w iff
and son w b-n suddenly he step|?ed
alking. and a moment inter was .b ad
I>: oggeshall s,.rd by automobil"
to the Intel oti a telephone summons
to discover that Mr Hewers ahd died
iii5tstitly of a blood clot in the heart
Dr CWersball said thai the original
illness or Mr Powers, whlh cyvk the
form of a violent cold, wa* due to
overwork The coid attacked him at
Gloucester, whence Mr Bowers had
com- from Chicago, his home citv M
s|K-nd the semmer Totntolitis do
velr red and to secure expert medical
assistance. Mr Bowers wa.< brought
to Horton \n abscess on one of the
n iL necessitated an op?rv'ion. the
effects of whPh Dr fcgrr :shn:1 says
was too sr?erc lor his wish system
lo thtow off
Taft Intended "> Appoint Him.
BKVKRI.V. MASS Sept ?.?The
sudden pnstong away of Solicitor tlen
? ml IJo?d W Itow.r- made the day
a *ad one at Purge** Point.
The President 1 trtbote was as fol?
"I am greatly distressed at the
d. sth of IJovd Bowers, the vsnltcitor
Ml* record la the sedsrttor
mat raTs <*o> r* one thai hm? rare
I- ' ? an r>ecn e^nnlkwt He ???
mm\ ? ' 'he ftrst half 4ueia lawyers
re* th? hlghenf aMMy in this ronnlrv
It wns my nnrarwe 'n harr ai?po:nted
htss a yim'tre of the ??unrrme Court
if opT".rt.inti? offerer! His death 1 a
great oer?o?al b?rraveww>n? to rn
?f.l ? I...? ??. ilie .minirt whi.-h
rely those who knew his ahtlitr. his
hii.>i - harar??r. hia wonderful power
of application and his broad and gen
eroos mind, ran appreciate.
snerally fair Saturday and
day; pooler Saturday; mod
t north winds, becoming
t and variable,
--?en- --"- ? ~ ~ ~
linois Legislator is Found Not
Guilty in Connection With
Bribery Charge.
- %
Oemccratic Legislative Leader,
Charged With Corruption in the
Election of United States Senator
Lorimer, Receives Great Ovation
When Verd'ct Is Announced.
nty Aeeeelatsd i're>?s)
Mril'Aflo, ILL.. Sept. 9?Attorney
Loo o.N.'i! Brow?, of Ottawa, in..
Democratic legislative loader. charg
ed with hril'i ' v in eonneotlon with
the election i I William Lorimer. of
Cliray.o, to the ?Bltad State* senate,
was acquitted hy a jury In Indue
to^irjse Kersten's division of tho
criminal court today. The Jury,
which took tight ballots, was out
twenty-one hours. On the first bal?
lot It stood 8 to 4 for acoolttal. The
llnal Juror standing out f <f convic?
tion was won over to sign tit" verdict
I Of. nceiulttal at 2:3f. o'clock In 'he af?
ternoon. The verdict was returned
in open court a few minutes befo'e 3
Verdict Is Cheered. ,
Immediately Ihe court room was In
an tipton: It was ten minutes be?
fore bailiffs stn|i|ied the cheering.
BroWM was at luncheon when In
l or in ? d that a verdict had been
reached. He reached the court In
time to hear the verdict. His eyea
tilled with (ears as the clerk of th?
court nnisbed reading. A second lat?
er he threw bis arms around Attor?
ney Chaiics BrDetain, a counsel for
Iba defense. Browne was then holet
i d to the shoulders f>f friends and
rallied out of the court room smld
handshaking and cheering.
Browne appeared as greatly pleas?
ed as though he had been completely
absolved of further trouble In relation
Ihe vexing subject of Senator
Lorimer's election. Apparently be
l ad forgotten, for the time, that ho
If under indictment on the same
charge and will have to face trial at
Springfield, in Sangamon county.
State's Attorney Put OuL
State's Attorney it'symiR Was evi?
dently put out at the verdict. At first
he refused to talk. Later he said:
"The verdict speaks for itself; the
public knows the e*idenee. I pre
si nte/d the evidence and did every?
thing that a public proseculor could
do The state of lIlQols will reap
Ihe benefit of ihe prosecution regard?
less of the verdict."
The verdict in the Browne case
came as a dramatic aftermath to
fsterdav s -ensational Incident be
toraea Colon .? 1 Roosevelt and Senator
Lorimer regarding the Hamilton Club
Yacht Selected for Races.
fBy Assnotatefl Pr?s?l
MARION. MASS . Sept. I.?One of
three leoals. which will rcproRo^i
Arne r c.i in the German-American r:-?n
der yacbj saoea at Kiel next Jnno.
was selected today by the rommttten
which' bad charge of, the elimination
trials in Buzzard's Ray The yacht
is the Reaver, osw d by (rt-orge Dab
ney. which was one of the contestants
I in the' recent Spanish-American sondep
j y ?cht races off Marblebead.
Mayor Dies Suddenly.
(By Associated Press)
Mayer Prank P O'Brien, of Birming?
ham. Ala died suddenly early today
at (be Burn Brae private hospital St
Mnsdown. Pa., near here. Death waa
to apoplexy. Mapor O'Brien, ac
ce rding to a physician of the Inflrm
ry, came to the tnstlu'jon abont a
month ago. suffering from nervous?
ness and a general breakdown doe to
Enforce Child Labor Law.
RICHMOND, VA . Sept 9 -The
state hnreau of labor baa siarto^ an
active campaign to abolish the prac?
tice of parents' vrelating the law bT
falsely stattag the age* of their cell
dien In order that tbev may be ??>
pleiyod in faetfViea contrary to law
Yesterday, ihronah lb* etPm-ta of
the departm-n'. two lawMnsaat? w?r?
bronchi in b? I he grand Jwry sit Hag
in Danville aad the rases will
hoard n' tt Wedne?.da\
ll't'llM'iSP. VA . Sept ? -
\ Wat de. of Ricbasoad.
pr??sident of the Virginia
Ina Pbo?..craph?"rs' A*"orl?Tfoe
the rloeiaa seasloa of thw'r
in the jeaVrnca hbtei today
Ashevilla ft. C wi
aegt aaaaal me-.'ing

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