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only newspaper published
1 Newport News that receives
I full news service of the A
ciated Press.
VOL. XV. NO. 'Ill
Father Vaughn Touches 01
Patriotism in Speech at Eu?
charistie Congress.
extraordinary Demonstration Takes
Place at Foot of Mount Royal,
Where Meeting Opens?Gathering
of Body May be Held in United
States in 1913.
? By Aw.culw! Press)
MONTH KAI . Sept. |0 .--Announce
tneut was made today that the next
Kucharistie Congress will bo bald, Mi
Vienua, Austria. There |g a pOOal
hility tlut the peiuiaiK-nt eomiui tee
of the eoagroaa may ba aohM lo hold
its .yeesions in the Inited States in
1913. Cardinal QlbOOBI has beei I
potent advocate of the AicrWaa
The fifth day of the congress OfjoB
ed with an extraordinary dOOaOBotTO
kn at Ihe foot of Mount Royal. A
pontiBc-:! mass was said at a re
pository built near the base of the
mountain, with Arehbishop Fa: ley. "i
New York, as celebrant. Fully 75,000
peo|ile were assembled long i>. f. re
the eerooaosUoa began. The cardinal
legJte, Vincent Vantieiclli, and Aseli
bishop O'Cfnnell preachy] sermon?.
Club Gives Reception.
In the aflat BO? the Catholic Club
of NVw York gave a teception In hon?
or of the three princes of 'he church.
Several thoi sand persons passed Car?
dinals Yaliuetelli. Login- and dibboim.
In the evening the final public meet?
ing was held at Notre Dame, with
Judge O Sullivan, of New York, nid
Father Vaughn, ol Ijondon, the chief
F.: ther Vaughn's remarks were
chiefly devotional, but in closing he
atopoaod that the assemblage should
?oaf a aneoaaeja to King Qeorge V. He
His Tribute to King.
"This evening I have spoken as a
0? iiolic to my f. liww Cothatlia, but
I cannot help reminding the whop
world lhat in the measure in which
we are true to the church we shall be,
loy.| to our country, so tonight let afl
send a message 10 our beloved an 1
tevered king. Ceorge V. assuring him
that among al! ihe subjee's of his
world wide empire he has nope more
tiue mere loyal or more devoted than
Ca holies whose patriotism is set In
the root of their religion."
The message was sent.
sergeanT Mdgers
interrupts a game
J. W. Hohbs, Proprietor of
Lyndhurst Hotel, and Four
Others Arrested.
J W Hobbs, proprietor of the I.yn
burst hotel. Huntington aoojBsao and
Tbirtj f- urth ?treei; C K? Johnson, a
carpenter; C T Peifaier, a rivefr:
H. V. I>rii, a bia- ksmihb. "^d P. H.
Furlong, who gave lit* aajajajaajsjsj as
"laborer." were arrest ?>d at :: ?> > I. . ?
this nn.rniiig at the I.yndhurst on th ?
rbarge or unlawful gaming Th?- ne-n
wete taken to th*- htation Mats) and
at a fc.tc honr had o?? aaawjajfaM in
raining their refc-aae oo bowd
Patrolman Boswell. who was on th"
Huntingun av.-nue. M, aanaoaaoof
that a gaa*e wo? la progrea* in a
roonn.ver to* l.yndhur*t rafr He r.
parted bis sn?i>k-.*-a* to ?T *?'
Bridget* and. tier ."?rmt a warrant
la the name ?f P. H Furlong. "??
rergeant pro? o?l*d to tb. . ac?
companied by Patn-tmen tViiWHi.
Fi her and Tilchman. Kntering the
building, the w-rg.ant. held up by oi>
of the rlfrm. poked hin head throiich
a iraiteowi an_ clsarrved a gsn>? ?!
tftaw poker kn foal Idao' This r-^
f.irmance of ft nrs*- put an abrupt end
lo the ft*m* ano the door was open
M iipoo demand
*ft?"r tbe prisotirrs had b*en cow
reved to the statiow Driver Parti??
mad* aa oatra Trip to bam tb? pomr
table aod other paraphernalia to ibe
i W.lliamsburg Man Who Wa? Charg*
With Grave Crime.
Pays Fine.
jury in the trial of JoiUi CloVW
charged with attempted criminal M
satil! upon Mrs. Chattet E Carey H
the Bichl of Aug. IS, and which hai
In en in progress in tho circuit sour
sinco Wednesday, ended mal n.elit ii
I verdict Unding the BcetlSed guilty ol
plain assault and llxin;; his lino Hi
Tke <nse was given to the jur\
I about 7 o'tlock. and alter adjoiiriiiuv
[ lor SB peer, court reconvened at about
! !? In thirty two minutes the jury re
j turned the verdict as follows:
"We. the jury, do not lind the pr s
j oner guilty of a felony as charged,
but do find him guilty of assauii and
liv the pnealtj at |St fine."
in atecharging the arrnacd. the
court told Um t t>at lie had beea treat
ed liniently by the jury, probably be.
cause of his previous good character
and because lie was under the intlu
ence of liquor on tue night of the as?
The court admonished him not to
again appear B? fore him on a criminal
charge, and hoped this would be a
lesson to the Bel used.
Annual Convention cf Underwriters
Closes at Detroit.
I By JUaoesated Press*
DETROIT, MICH., Sept. 10.?Tke
I National Assix ia ion of Life I'ndwirt
ers closed its aiiniul convention here
with a hancpiet tonight At the final
l-usiiies.-, session Chicago was select?
ed as the convention city for 1911.
Tin- loih wing officers were elected:
11. J. Powell, Luiisville. BfOaMeat,
and N I). S Sills, Richmond, Va ,
Ordered to Fort Monroe.
WASHINGTON, I) C, Sept. 10 ?
Second Lift tl?I Julian S Ha', her.
01 jst artillery coips. Is attached to
the One Hundredth and Eighteenth
in J and ordered to Fort BfOBWOe,
for a <ourse of instruction.
Transfer in Navy.
WASHINGTON. I) C, Sept. 10 ?
i rhief OarpeaMr T. It. Casey has aeea
I ih taehed from duty as inspector of
cellulose, Owe?harg, Ky . and order?
ed to the navy ya:d, Norfolk, Va.
Memphis Doctor's Wife Se?
verely Wounds Her "Affinity."
Well Known Lady Throughout South
Claims She Had Furnished Man
Money and He Had Agreed to Mar
ry Her After She Obtained Divorce.
<r.v AsaweSBtaf iv.-s'i
LOS ANGELES ("AI... Sept. 1? ?
Mrs. William Kranss. wife of Dr.
Krauss. said to be a well known edu
<ator and physician of Men^diis.
Tenn.. shot and severely wounded
Franklin II. Griffith, a mining broker
here today Mrs Krauss charges that
Griffith obtained money from )i'-r and
was to keep a promise of marriage.
Mrs. Krauss shot at Griffith three
l.mes with a revolver, one of the hup
' passing throttcii his r'ght forearm.
Mrs. Krauss is in pit.
Failed to Keep Promise.
She has known Griffith for several
years ami. according to her story, had
advanced him considerable BBBBM1 'or
:he pur< hase of mining stock, which
she said, she afterward found to be
worthless She alleres that Griffith
had promised to marry her as ?um
as she was able fo obtain a divorce
from Dr. Krauss. but that ulfiniaielv
he had refus? d to do so. or make a
return of the money she had ad
Woman Wed Known In South.
MEMPHIS. TENN . Sept. 1? - Mr?.
William Krauss. who shot and wound?
ed Franklin It. Griffith, of L>? An
Bjataa, is widely known throughou' The
South. She was wife of Dr Kraus?.
? not. d bacreroloKist of Memphis
Mrs. Kraus? and h?-r hu?hand !.sv<
Hred eistet for some time, having
? igned an agreement The coupl. ng
ii red in a court trial at Vicksbure.
Miss., several month* ago when Mrs.
Kraus? broorhf ?nii charging l?r
Krau?? wl'h non support The nam<
of Griffith was brought Into the case.
A divorce suit, heotigh' by Mrs
Kran??, is now on G.e docket of ?
Mrs Kraus? was formerlv Mi??
llai?v Turner ?nd Is a niece of form- -
Governor Torney, of Tennessee.
Sent to Norfolk
<SpeeM tn Dally Pre**).
WASHINGTON D C. ?ept 1*?
Li? ?neonat Commander L A Bo-'
s ick. has bee., nraWeJ o the ?avy
yard, Norfolk. Va
Withdraws from the Racf
to Succeed Himself as
State's Chief Executive Is-.uc, Ssnte
men! and Says He ?VIII Not be an
Obstacle in the Way of Democratic
Success at Polls in November?Will
Suftcrt the Nominee.
(Bf A*s...- ? i ? ? . Ik ssi
NA8HVIL4JC. ii:\.\ . Sept. to -
' Qovetaor M u Patu i ,,n. tonight
withdrew fr im Ik* ra< ?? to su< ct?d
biiiist ir as governor ci T< imhw, i u.
governor was the iioinin.,. <,f the
I regalar faction el fcke Dwincfkllr
i |i riy and has been biuerly oovneood
I by lh<- independent slati wide proln
: bit ion Ixniocrais. who bj rfratltnm
' with lhe RepohUcaao, elected a state
; judiciary last month, dr fantlkjo, a ticket
; lor wbii-h Qoveroor Patteraoo made
i a oeosoot for.
I Qoooraor Poftomoo, in kia addrrai
I ??onoocllll his Withdrawal, dedans
he will not be an ukototlti in the way
of his party's OOCCeOa al the polls, nor
will hi- willingly contribute in any
j w.ty to the peoaibJUti of Use toceeok
' of the RepohlieoM in loaaooaoo. Ho
withdraws in the interest ol harm' nv
laud tiiat Demccr itic facti- Iis may ?et
i togi User to prevent lhe loss of the
i si-te in Xovember.
Will Support Nominee,
lie makes reforeBce to interference
of a Kepiihib an I'r-.-itb iit in TOsMMsV
[ see. In an interview following the
' issuance of the statement. fiovernor
? Patterson declared 'hit he has no
j personal preferooee n the onftot of a
j pooooeiotic nominee and that he will
I take the stump for him, whoever toe
I n y I.e.
Patterson's rs Uttcal career hss been
j i stcrniy ene, includ i'' g his defeat or
; tonner Senat? t- K \v Qiiausck, for
I the ;;ii!m material noniination in a sen
aatiMne] campaign, followed by IfM
j killing Of O rmack here by the COoOV
! <?: s, their trial which a:traet.-d nation
j wiile attention and PnthMOoa *i pardon
I of 1? B. Cooi>er. within a few minutes
' after his conviction was sustained try
the Si prerae Court
Issues Statement.
Oevernor Patterson gave the Asso
j elated Press lhe following signed
, statement tonight :
j "To (he Hnr? ims of Tennessee;
'i Imimif a candidate for governor
1 for the third term contrary to my
I personal wishes. A large majority of
i my friends in their pari.il judgement.
IboMeoed I could eortasoRr win where
j others might fail, and that f owed an
; obligation to them, the party ; nri the
ideas which I reprcs.-nt*d, an(l I yield
! ed my judgement and inclination OTflU
I rtluctatue Since then conditions
I have arisen which neither 'hey nor
i I could fcresee. whi.~h jppcar to mak"
my eaid'dacy an injustice both to
I them and the IVmocraflc |>irtT.
"W in ? the opposition to me ea>
surre d the shape of a icfi-sal to enter
a prima-y (Ml by the state *xe
1 rntive ri inmitn . I pr'^Ksed. i* nnv
j gentleman woojj offer any objection
I to me. fo -liow him to seleet his own
' metne^l and time of nomination w|tn
i an e?jird division of officer* of elw
Itfen There ?31 - >i. and could not
be. the ^lightest ?tri!??? fo reft** tkia
if :he party was to OTeaoffOOj ji* organ
t7at'?n and r?' d-onteirrate into
sehi-ni. ami *i. bat the -opo
?Pinn was icj.'-t.Ml
"| was d?-olar..| the nemtne* for
pr verror. without nppf sltion. and
sln.-?? th*n I hav? offen-d to yield snv
I norair.atior ?o a- to est ?n-w wb"fh
er } was the ch'-ic.. rf the maJoMtv,
believing that all men wIV lov*d fi'r
d.abng wruld rf-ornlr* tb?> right f>f
ti- mTority to rule, and n-d permit
? h*-ir personal ?pWn to orerrtd* all
?be ohrtrws rnt*? of JtWicr i .1 ;.a"*
Basest Appeals Made
"But lo rke minds ' f my noceneroo?
opponent* all things were flvi as
mean* It tbe end of lilt political d*
?tniry?n H ilts and unnatural |*oJ?"
ral coalitiows were forming and k<d
Iw-ea f?mr?d to bring thin about The
k?sest app?-'.? were made and
fot|lc?t skSlxters cirmla ed Even then
I d'd not believe that anv cooslOV-'a Me
fv ratwr of rvwormts on id ke kefrnr
<it from ih?ir altegHw-e. hut 'ha*
time woafj rf Men asp*riti?-? and i"ad
tr.<-iw back to a ju?K nfMlratloo of
thetr rww duties ajaj th~ pligh in
whkh ihe rtfainal fo4W of thetr load
\>\~\ \.. SUN OA V,
i t1 would HM TM Ihi party eng iiu
? tat?,
"SM*I) ?1?, w lien : , ic.rs of my w itli
draa ii were given enrroBcy. i proaspi
h tlctliotl tlit'lll. and la gnlBg so n
?as tuy wish to hi m. mi part] rathei
than my n?n aaahitioa
Would Save Party.
"NOW I >.cetiis K flam Ilia! my opiu
ion. shared by fl lends was not Just I
{ lied and <>iat the roatlnued appeal!
jt> |i.iss;< n and eredulttj hare found
j a lodgtm nt which neither tact not
, BCtl laaloB dag ? hang.- and thai BO
? l< ng as I remain .1 . aadnlate .1 cog
sideiaiiie ihuiiImt of Deeaocrats atfjl
"o! aatHato with Um tarty, Mai while
sot large ooaaBgantively, Ii [? taoaga
to ini|>e;ii Dataacratli aucceea .n No
Viub.r I don't wi-h it aafaj I thai mv
: des're lot office Is responsible for this
..minion or as tonlahlag an excuse
'11 endorse a RafMblh-aa candidate by
the Mri alhd indepi n.leiit Democratic
c invention seen t.. BO lo Id |g Nash
rille 1
My conclusion i.s Ihj4 I ran best
.-en,. m\ party und ata e in this einer
geaca by rataatatity dotag what my
e?:. mies have so persistent I v stated. I
Botlfy both the ata.loeutlre com
aUttee ami Baa kniependeol Democrat
le commit **? thai l am BO longer a
1 aadldate for governor
Hope for Succese.
"In taking this step, our port*
BhOOhJ Ii"! Im' left without 1 capable
lead et, and I hope that ?ith h rnnei
mi aettoa another candidate, arhollj
BB thy) otioiiable, niav he aaaseg Bad
sub a iditfirm adopted aa will in
?ore party co-opei. ion .mil ?atHOB
It m? 111,1 be an oaatlxed evil and
a reproach to Tenie ssee for the Re
potllcaa party fj gu| niitrol of ..ur
(tale governm? nt and it la tQIiIBHJ
mi, at this time atkea the country is
aroused Bad aha battle is on be*weaa
Bpa Bal interests and poptilai tights.
"It is scarcely ballrTahhn that a dis
credited Repaathaii Preeede*) should
j attempt to control yie politics of a
! Democratic sta'e n? r any man calling
himself a Democrat could lend hi.i
j dishonorable . id to its consummation.
"Our state sh >ul,| be gi.verlu d B]
j its fi lends aod B0l IIa enea?eu; by
the |, ;ty that . epresents its credit
I and iiitel??, n. ??. the ediica ion of Its
pet pie and that in the |?ast has stood
I for Its voaaeB, its homes and its very
! cIvillsBtion. I have been an eathus
' last OB the possibilities "f our state
1 and the Sot lb They can be realized
in loy: Ity and blghmlBdedneas and
1 never in dish valty and Fordid l>ur
I |hs?s.
' W;:h all my haart and aoal 1 have
,combaiic?l im ?!? ranee and fnatici.cm
which have Si red and blistered
they have touched, and hope to lean
? < in people 011 >.f the b?!gs ai d miie of
< rror late Which designing and vicious
BMB have leg them.
Not Ashamed cf His Acts.
"I have aever performed a public
! act of which I am ashamed and
every MM wai for the good of 'he
si te J ha-, e . xtended I.cy to the
hetpleaa, and twseg the state as best
1 could, whi!.- a stcrm or hate and
j viiii|h-rat'on rased about me. 1 have
1 advance,! :he . a-ise of education and
have stood f. ; th<*e things, 'hat arej
j worth while a ?I enduring to a com
'? monwealth. When pr< hihition was
j first raised ? s an issue I optxised "
1 without the consent ef the pe< pie. and
, foresaw the innumerable^ 'rain of evils
which would I "ow its enactment, the
gfaaaaMBsaaa, ?iiich would come 'he
'. ho|ie that u aid l?e aff IBM for the
den'.igegu.. le ply his tr gal
"Hiring mv remaining serice ds
governor I will continue to act as in
1 the past Bad OB myretirmint to pri
' Bgge life I 1 ? look BB k ui?on my
j record with 1 ? de, for there is not a
j bk>t or a ata 1 aanuj i
'To my II.-amis of fr:?nds who
haee never f.iVered in their allegiance.
gggj who ??; sent the conservative
? ititeiiship ot the slate. 1 send from
my heart .1 n .-svag. ,,f thanks and
g.?cd will
(Sign etil
South Car / ii Man Commits Suicide
,n N-w York Hotel.
,|-v \ ?rf>|*?eg |-r.
NEW WORK, Sept in ?Samuel V
In? s. aged heag ot the firm of
Make. Inn- v ?*o. of .'harle<ton. S
<*. ahhalaaaa. "d n-tall shoe dealers,
?bot n,| k blmsetf In bis room
, ii - House ?arl> ?'?lav
? The no r< ha* ???? danose'ej lying m ;
. t.^i wi n M in ta?< side of Bis
Ih-ad s ? Bf iav near hj
I Mr Ii*?,- heee with his broth
lor frcm ihr <tow In wadergn today
! an X-r?v ?> "; "on 'or who* was
? ssid to In minor afferHoa His
ihr. th<r d that the merchant BB>
[do?MedU ieg over 'be examins
ffoa wh:. h *as to undergo t. In.
C^r ? Meets Sept. ?4
.-or tat~l Pr?s?l
I I-M I: IASS. ?ep? lfl- Aeall
m?? rg In two maalbs o:
I Piestdeni Tan ? cabinet h ? bewn "em
lout and "le-ahres will tenort t
I heir rhRg Wssbington on Septem
I her 21.
PTKMKKk !l 1910
Senatoi Would Quit Orgaoizj
lion on Account of the
Roosevelt Incident
I Action is R' i.lt nf Illinois L'wmaliir
Beoiy Bjned from Banquet at the
Command of Former President?
Ci rrespondrnce Reveals Fact That
He Was tu h<- GueM of Honor.
(By lawsli il PrNst)
CHICAGO, HAS, boo* in A terse
i da of i. siKii:ii ton from tin Hamilton
? rli h, of which he lias tu et, a BMMsV
! Imt many wars, was the unswei made
I hen- t< da> kf I"rii:. ?l states Sen itor
' Will' ? ii i.orimer to the Bet tea or
I tke <iui>. aad ?*r.-si.i. tr Joka 11 it.n
ten in withdrawing his invitation to
I the Booaevell bamiuot bora Thursday
; night The imitation was withdrawn
I at the ileinand of Colonel Hoosevclt.
who ref aOOd to attend a h:i:n|uet at
I which Sena or IjDllBHI also aftM a
: paeat
May Not Accept It.
While Senator l.eritnor urged Hint
hi laaliaalsua bo accentediaosnodjtsto
ly, it is .'aid loniglit that Hie sen i
tor's Meashi on too etok hoard, of gov?
ern, la prohabh w ill ri fuse to vote
for the jerep: Hiiro.
?|. f . 'her w ith the resignation today
[ news of eorrcsn uid. nee from Presl
denl Bitten to Senator l>irimer do
relcaed, showing that the Junior III!
nois senator was to have been g e st
:.f honor and il *-is the hope of the
dob ?<! asake 'he dinner notable as a
harmonious OCCOpsOO, where all po?
tions of tko Rrpokliesa party had
broke,, iMn d logelhrr.
Hid Three Invitations.
At loasl thn-e Invitations were sent
I orinn r. Hhrk urging hlui to attend
the banquet ai'.J t> the lav of these
was hi-- oeoptance After this, on the
dav or the kawaw t, came tka sudden
re, all of the invitation
The n< t, of r. sign tion was writ?
ten after u conference I f the senator
with a ? ? and a'
first was aoWcwod *? Old he followed
kf a numb, r < f his admirers In the
rliih I ter it was decidi J kf his
friends to lefuse to 000004 the resig
nai.i n
State Campaign Closes andj
Both Democrats and Repub?
licans Claim Victory.
? Hv Assort., t.-t ?? ?*>
I'liIITI ANH. MAINK. Sept iii?A|
large qnesUoii mark symbolizes the!
potM 1 situa'ion in Maine at the,
<kse ,J the state campaign tonight
F. r weeks both Ui?_- Republican par y.
which is in power, and tire Jlemc.raM
P_Tt>. have engaged in ?fTorts M
arouse the state, aud Oie final rallies
? ?re held tonight with both sides e\ j
pressing confid. rce that siirceaa will
rest with them when the hallos ire
ountr-d M< ndaj, night.
The ii-.al candidates are the present
governor. I! ? Fernakl. o.' |*orllind.
I. ad'i.g 'he Her,.?iblie.ii.^nrt I'm! r
?< k \V l" .:si??I. mavor of Aug is'a.
keadi::g ib.- IH-mocratw- ticket. Tfce
voters < t the stale ...so wi'l eh e fonr
stale ar ditors. four . ?>nsrres..men.
? oui.ty < m. ? rs ard ?i'l inrne a sue
I nl?ed States seaator Eo?
cene Halo While :he motes* for
r rnnr is fir-t in imer?sl. it b ,s n
rrrat roirrin >??.??: hat for e<>n?"T'-?s
in two di?lrl. ts in the Kir-t dtatrir:
A her C Hinds ?.f Portland wko
vat h. bind Hal< for | dos'n years as I
a parli?m-r :.-?r an. is battling ag.inat
Will.am iMimoil. of Brun?wick, a for?
mer ? heriff <f i"umbor|and .-onntv lo
the Seeiir.i district C? tipnem?,
r Ssary. of Can o?. .* Ighting
, second ?*rin aaalrs l>iale| I" M
Ik tk kftsB claim ti have mode a
wlrni ig light, hnf c|o?r potltbal ob?
server* kHieve that gwarvv'a na-cea
? m< ? ii? r 1,1. > <?' Hind?
The nero s-ra ? par It concede toe
rei ir . ' I , ntr- re. ?> F^.v.it. C Pur
W-=gk. lo tfce Third dl?trwt. ?nj Prank I
K. Onerosoy, io ike Foork.
r.guies by Recent qeniui Show? In
tieate for the City of Over
Hundred Thousand.
W ASH i NGTON. n C, Sopt I"
Tie i* i.iii.ition hi Unsinn, Maas., t?
1 M I.h5, au Increase i>f IsV.nM, ,ir ihi.
per ni. um ci ui|i.in,| with tfMLMJ III
Tohighl 's u Ii Ii' i Ii ? in. Ii t iMIrti ||,is
inn tin' iif Ii rliy in pi in, ,,| psastJa
Hon in Mio lulled Stales \ ,|,, id.
ago St I UM Ii null aukisl Moston Ii v
? Iii? U.'?i; :uid UJM present BBSjasM
b au s Si I?. ns :,h. ad hv HI,441
I b. r,. ^ s Ml ?lichl etUM in IlM
rat? ii propre? in Um two dt loo, st
I ? ?Ii? Ini itii o tr< in IBM o l:i|ii he
iuu IH 4 and lloston l? almg Iba! by
two Ii-Ulli- ,,r OM jivr ei nt
Ii .st. n s |mi|,iiI.iiioii twoiitN years
ago wa 11S 477 Tlio lOcrCQOO fioni
MM 10 II. was II-'.II". ?>r l'.'i I p?ff
Suivivor? of Famous Body Hold Re
union at Herndon, Va.
iMv A??..?.-Iiii<h1 Pruni
ItBSNDON, va. si'i>t in afoaaya
Guerrillorus. marly IM strong, sur
survivors of the famous In ?I y whoso
h ri> att.i. kg on I'nIon ranks formed
a ; ? ,n i lat f, ktttro of the Civil wnr.
i a'ti lulo.I their aiinii>l reunion hi re to
dav Cob in I .lohn S Mushy, their
war commander, was absent
A dinner w.v sei m d at liarlington
Grove, followi d by a siw-wh hv ? Oar
to, of Yliglnia The officers ?"T>'
re elected and Manass m. Va , chosen
for the next meeting place
Prominent Man Panes Away ai Sum?
mer Home in New York.
III? A?n..-I.ite.l r-reoa)
LAKI I'l.A II? N Y . Sept. 10 ?
Kdgar (' Fosburgh. a well known lum?
ber merchant, of Norf' lk. Va . died
ti day at his summer place here,
gf.I nto i.nlge. ol llright's disease
Mr Fost.urgh was president of the
Fosbiirgh Lumber Company, the Ma?
rine Insurance Company, and the
N. rth fan linn Pine Association, and
was considered an uuthorlty on lum?
ber in the Sou'h.
Mr Foshurch was :,7 vears old Ills
family was with him when he died
Thousands Welcome Former
President to Pittsburg.
While Roosevelt Speak? from Rear
Platform People Jam So Close That
Officers Jump On Car to Keep Them
Back?Can Protect Himself.
IFv Ama-lttnl Pr? s?l
I PITTSHCKG. Sept. 10?The Wes
t.rn tour of Coloiu-I Thei?dore Roose
I ??-Ii was virtually concluded in Pitts
burg tonight He arrived here at
I ?".:20 o'clock ibis evening and stopped
long enough to deiner two addn
and attend an informal dinner. He
w ill be at home n Oyster Hay again
' t< morrow.
The last ilav was one of the most
?l?e< t.icular of Colonel Roosevelt'*
long trip, leaving Cincinnati in the
morning, he cut across Ohio info
West Virclms and western Penn?vl
vania. At the several short stop*
mad. . throngs were on hand to greet
him. He staved in Columbus. Ohio,
lor an hour, and left behind him some
very piain advice about the situation
wh-ch has grown out of the street car
strike there. His strong remarks
upon "lastice. law and ord< r" wee
?heered by ?II fractions In the strar
gle which has torn Columbus foe
We. V
CaMs Policemen Down.
The last of i he rear platform
st?e?-che? of the trip was made at
SfeuU-n? tile. Ohio this aflemnon So
many people tried to ret n heahne
?Mniance that the police pimped on
th? cor to ke?p them from engulfing
'he colonel.
T?>f down plense." said the C.
?>o that I can ??? th?? people 1 fl
?.. ? ' ? ?. - t.u- l rnn
Tke poiicen? n got down and the
ex President talked about hosaely vir
At l?.ndoe he spoke briefly, also
Newark. Oenr.ison and several plare*
in Ohio
r r' ^'CaT O**^"?***!* MOW**.
TV-n?aeds of PI If ?borg people ?ac
rtftVed their usual dinner honr 'hi?
? ?nine and crowded down town
s'reet. in wHrnene the distinguished
rwe*!. who had not oald Pitt?burr a
v-stf for r. ore than eight venrs.
tftWe nformsl dinner at the
Fort Plf Hotel, he w?? driven nose
'own where f?-osa an historic nnlmav
?ed aa eoeratows crowd.
insettled Sunday and Men
i, with probably ihowiri;
dsrate northeast to east
? r- i tm*m .1 i ?
Forty-five Ihousand Specta?
tors Witness Daring Flving
Feats at Boston.
Aviator Remains Above Earth Longer
Than Any One Ever Before and S?t?
Up New M-irk for Duration ?Many
Interesting Pertormancea Take
Place Between Famous Rivals.
inv eaooei itr.i i r?s?>
BOSTON, MASS. Sept 10?With
i WIM.in Wright and Oleiin II Curtis*.
I baa heOBOOt ? tivals for supremacy
j in avlatioi., both taking part in the
Mights unlay, the t:.,'niii spectators at
Iii?- BO 'mi Harvard aeto meet saw
some int .resting performances
Wright went up with W iltur Bruokina
and insisted in throwlii' bomb? at
the mini.' battleship target. I tub- Cur
lisa tried out a new bi-pla.i.-. '"The
Flying Fish.'' which belongs 10 tke
Out is* Company and Hnrgews, ot Mar
bb ln ad i' up Iss had ajb difficult) l'l
; putting the Iii plane through Ks pacta.
In an attempt to boat bis own
j ?<>rid s record for altitude or ?,!???
f.et, W alter Itrookins mounted into the
I M,ll, hiie ether of the beJVelia tl>
|.k?l fee' While the Journey did not
give loin a new mark for nit Hude, his
j team mate. Ralph John stone, in the
j MM Wilght bi plane, later went out
I frr duration and made a new ptofes
| sloual record ior this country by re
i maining two hours, three minutes flve
and two-fifths seconds iu the air. on
which Journey he coveted 62 miles,
I.7M feet.
AoetOO! ? irk whi<h Is claimed '?>
be the srorisTa record for kid equip
in il .:? r .planes, was made hv Brooking
who landed his bi plane 12 feet, one
nch from a given point in a content
for -.rcurary.
Claude Graham White was delayed
tOBBJ k] the necessity of repairing
kia F miHn bi plane which was dam?
aged in his ftnaf descent, but waa
abb- to come out in the repaired ma?
chine late in the afternoon and se?
cured p dnis for second place In alti?
tude, dura ion and distance In addi?
tion to tips, in his Blerlot monoplane,
he won first place in the speed events.
Accused Richmond Officer Brands
Adon A. Yoder as Scurrilous
Human Buzzard.
RICHMOND. VA . Sept. 10 -Police
Commissioner Chris Manning in po
1 re court this morning branded Adon
a" Yoder a "scurrilous human buz?
zard "
Police Justice Cmtrhfield also
.lashed with Lawyer Harry M. Srat'h
and had to exert himself to maintain
order in court.
The ca?e aga nst the police com?
missioner came late upon the crimi?
nal docket and the court room was
crowded when the name of Mr. Man?
ning was called.
A. A Yoder. the complaining wit?
ness, advanced to the bench and bold
a whispered consultation witk the
josfioe. It soon became evident that
he was pleading for a postponement,
which was granted, to the evideot In?
dignation of Commissioner Manning.
Lewyyer Harry Bra Ith. PoMce Com?
missioner Douglas? Oordon and otfc
in the warrant for his arreai. wkleh
was served yesterday Mr. Manning la
arr-wsrd of kavmg roterfered with
Chief of Mice Wecser to
tnat noV at from c loa lag
bowse* In Mayo street, the
Oa'e 00 the warrant be lag Job. I.
lasT'r Smith stated 'fcat Me ejt
eot wa? ore par. d to establish a eoaa
ntcte allkl. as Mr Mann lag was oat
? ? haanod 00 tke data haooOBMl
to the warraat.
Tke idea for a postponement wee
made by Toder 00 the aroeode Mat
he was iinr. presented ky roooael east
that ho desired to nave Fionas eat
weai'h s A"omev Fotkes seat far SO
he present aod conduct too pmoooB
l!oe A* Mr Folkes Is aheeot frOSO
R'ch mood today tke
ketd that It
grant the request nf fho
witness 10 this vet ma Mr

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