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only newspaper published
Newport News that receives ti
full news service of the Asi
dated Press.
VOL. XV. NO, 237._,
Establishment of Republican
Form of Government in
Portugal is Accom?
plished Fact
Damage Done to the Capital by the
Bombardment Surprisingly Slight
and it is Thought Only About Three :
Hundred Were Killed?Prepare for:
Election for Constitutional Cham?
ber?Government's Program.
PARIS. Oct. 7.-A despatch
to the Petot Parisen. from Lis- |
bon. says that the provisional
government has issued a decree i
of exile against the Portuguese \
royal family.
tBy Associated Press)
LISBON. Oct. 7.?The establish I
ment of a republic in Portugal is anj
accomplished fact. For a country!
that just passed through the throes
ot a bloody revolulijn and sustained
? bombardment, Lisbon today is in \
doudless sunshine and wears a re-!
ma:kably smiling aspect.
The Republican flag flatters on
nearly every building and from ever*"
vehicle in the streets which are
thronged, shops and offices have been
re opened and business generally has
been resumed. The only evidence of
the recent perturbations are small
bodies of troops stationed in the Man
cipal open spaces of tbe city and the
passage now and then of Red Cross'
King's Pictures Removed.
The noticeable outward signs of the|
new regime are the presence every- ]
where of the green and red flag of
the republic and the complete aaenp-1
pearance of King Manuel's portrait .
from public exhibition. In fJH. not .
a vestige is now seen of the pict/re .
jiost card portraits of the king or of ?
any other member of the royal fam-1
lly. These have given way to pie-'
tures of members of the new govern-1
n-ent and the photographic records of |
the revolution in the shape of groups j
ot armed leaders and companies of I
insurgent troops not in Action, bm
posing for the camera.
The damage done to tbe city be
the bombardment was surpcesinglv
slight. On the journey down to Lis?
bon from the frontier one heard at
each stopping of the train, blood
curdlinc tales of thousands of person*
having been killed and whole quarters
of tbe city having been devastated or
wi|ied out. The total number of kill?
ed has not yet been definitely ascer?
tained, but it probably does not ex
reed three hundred. A couple of ho?
tels near the station bear traces of
having been struck by shells and bill
let marks. There is no unusual ex?
The recent events which startled
the world are discussed by all classes
with phlegmatic calm.
Father of Two Revolutions.
The most interesting man of Por?
tugal at the present moment is the!
new president. Theophile Rrsca. who
may be satd to be the father, nor only
of this revolution, but of thst in Bra?
sil, hsving by his standing as a pro?
fessor of history and philosophy.
pared the ground for both movements*
Praga today received the correspon?
dent of the Associated- Press. He
particularly desires It to be under?
stood that the revolution had no mill
tary or personal aim. but like those
in Brasil snd Turkey was purely the
outcome of philosophical ideas. Tbe
Hragsnzs dynasty had failed to keen
abreast of modern progress, be said
sr.d has done nothing to render tie
people the power to work out their
own destinies. This revolution ws?
aimed to complete ibe realization of
rivll life nntrammeiled by prejudices
or clerical domination.
Benor Rraga sdded thst be had
everr confidence in national resource*
and was convinced thai aa honest ad
mlni'tration would suffice without ad
ventitous means to put the Nnarce?
of the country on a satisfactory foo?
tan and achieve the. moral and phv
steal improvement tbe nation so much
P^typsir*? for E'9Ct <6fi.
The government Is shoot to order
a revl?lon of the voting fists prelim!
naev to holding elections for s con
atltntlonal chamber The provisional
(OanjUaail on Third Psgw)
Former Mayor of Burkeville Will Face
New Chaiges When He Leave*
(By As? el.ired Freu?)
Richmond, v.\ . Oet 7 tM ii.am
Kby, former mayor of Burkoville, Va .
who was convicted in Philadelphia a
year ago and sentenced to a yearn
imprisonment for having blii.kmajlctl
the hie President Cassatt. of ntie
Pennsylvania Railroad, will he re?
leased October 19, and will at once
be*" rearre.sted by order of postotlire
ai.lhoiliios jn Philadelphia.
The re-are.st wijl be made and Kby
will be brought to Richmond for trial
i ii the charge of having used the
Unite*1 States mails for iiulawful par
gnash In writing threatening letters
to Mr. Cassatt.
Friend.< and relatives have raised
a fund to defend him on the ground
that the former mayor's Blind is un?
sound firm tlie persistent use of can
nnbelloe. a strange drug alleged to
haw been discovered and used by
priests in India.
Sensational Double Homicide in Dick
enson County. Va.
bristol. tens'.. Oct. 7? Excur
i ioni.-ts from Clintwood, Dickenson
eornty. Va.. today brought news of a
sensaticnal double homicide which oc?
curred eight miles southwest of Clint
Said to have been enraged with
jealousy over a woman Andrew Ball
ahnt and killed his brother, Thomas
Ball. Armed with a revolver, the bit?
ter's son appeared upon the scene
and shot and killed Andrew Ball.
Ready for Auto Race.
Fverything is in readiness for the
third annual SM mile automobile race
under the auspices of the Quaker Citv
Motor Club over the Fairmount Park
course and the start will be made at
noon tomorrow if weather conditions
He Denies all Bribery in Elec?
tion of Lorimer.
Presiding Officer of Lower House of
Legislature in Which Alleged G-aft
Was Practiced is Summoned to Tes?
tify jn the Case.
tBy Assnciit-"t Fie??>
CHICACO. II.US. Oct. 7.?With the
hearing before the senatorial mm
m'itee that is investigating the esaC
tif-n to the sena> of William Ixirimer
drawing to a close, I,ee O'Neil
Browne today conc luded his story ot
the election, told for the first time
under oath. He denied all charges of
A subpoeana was issued today tor
Speaker Edward I? Shurtleff. who pre.
sided over the session of the legis
i latnure hat elected Mr. lyorimrr. Mr.
Shuttleff is expected to testify tomor?
Every effort VM made today to div
cover the whereabouts of State Reprc
sentaiive Robert E. Wilson, alleged
d stribu or of the St. I.onls "Jsck pot. "
hut without scccess.
In his testimony today Minority
I>ead'r Browne said that he saw *Th>
! son la.-t month and that the latter
seanied to be a nervous wreck.
Sena or Frazier led in the tdB/ss-ex
smina: on of Browne today. He asked
"Old yon receive any money or any
?hing of value for your vote for Sen
ator I>irimer. or your efforts to in
Bnce other Democrats to vof,. for
"No sir." Browne replied.
''Did von receive sny money f?r
campaign purposes because of your
ante or sets*"
"Xo. not a penay"
New Yorker is Sent to Bing Sing for
Defraueixg Hank*
a>NEW YORK Oct 7 ?Adolph Roth
bar h. the hop merchant who pleaded
gutltv to having defrnuded various
hanks In V? York oat of ?3*?.n?m
was sentenced todsT f>t serve no* lees
thsn three and no* more than seven
years n Sing S'ng prison Bx fudge
Dlttenborfer. counsel for Rotbbartfc.
made a plea f??r mer<v for hb> client
"This Is the stM, "Id. vet ever new
and 'err I hie story of Wall "tree*." he
said Mv client ws? a good ~fsfa>en
nnt 1 WslI street destroy?4 him un
til-he was ?wnlloweg ap in it* maw
Ro'hherth received hts sentence
uis gIgIo ^
, glean up mew york
{Colonel Tells Southern People
He Has Tackled JoLj of
Improving His State.
Roosevelt Explains That H s -New
Nationalism" is lnt;nded tc Stay Of!
Revolution and Attacks Dishonesty
?Advocates Strong Navy to Secure
Peace?Helps Lost Boy.
(By Issjni ISlsS: Press)
K\t XVI1.LK. TKN.V. Oet 7. Tin
South today gave TheoiiosV Roosevelt
? welcome thai made him exclaim,
"great, by gcorge." Thro ighout the
first day of h.s Southern trip which
took him acres* Virginia and a pan
of Tennessee, he received great hon?
The colonel made his first sat '!i
1 and finished liteakfast and kept at it
until tow slit when his train left Km.x
ville for Atlanta. He said that he
enjoyed the whole day immensely.
The colonel talked "new national?
ism" today. He defended it from the
critic sms which have been declared
against It and said that it was not
revolutionary but rather was design?
ed to put a stop to things which
might bring cn a revolutionary move?
ment If unchecked.
The two chief seeches of the day
wer?, delivered at Bristol, Tetin.. and
at Knoxvilte. In his Itristol speech.
i the colonel defended *new na'ional
! ism," and went after the political
? bosses, saying that "hnssism was "the
negation of democracy."
Escorted by Cavalry.
Knnxville's celebration wa? held on
the grounds of the Appalachian ex|iost
! tton. where Colonel Roosevelt BpOke
I in the afternoon and again at a ban?
quet tonight.
All cf Past Tennessee poured out
I its people ind several thousand were
I present from Virginia. The Eleventh
I UaHnd States cavalry escorted Colonel
Roosevelt from the train to the expo
! sition grounds to review a floral pa?
rade. As the former president mount?
ed the steps, the band played "Ibxie
and the people cheered. The presi?
dential salnte of twenty-one g; ns was
given for him.
The colonel spoke at the ball park.
He was introduced by Captain Wil?
liams, of Knexville.
Finds Lost Boy
The colorov had barely made a flit*
start when he was interrupted by tne
sound of weeping. Some one spied
a small boy near the grandstand sob?
bing violently. The boy was led up
the steps and delivered to the colonel
who Shapped his speech. The hoy ex?
plained to him. between sobs, that he
was hag, The colonel led the sm.ill
freckeled urchin to the frcnt of the
platform, where everybody could see
"What's your name?" he asked the
"Eccles Nelson." said the hdy.
"Where torn?"
"Vnion county."
C< lore| Roosevelt shouted out the
boy's, name and ask-d if his father
was in the crowd. No one claim; .
the boy at first and the colonel shout?
ed his name again Then he saw a
han.i wagging above the heads of the
people s< me distance away.
"Come along." Colonel Roosevelt
The crowd wa? so dense that the
elder Nelson conld pot reach the plat?
form fcr severs! minutes, bit Colonel
anMsannal would not go on with his
speech until the boy was restore*! to
his father
Colonel Roesc-. it r.pened hts Sl>eect-.
by complimenting the pecple on their
Talks on "New Nationalism."
Then he discussed "new aaiional
;*tn and the navy.
"I have Jnrt ccme back from a trip
on the other s'de nf the ocean." Cot
oae! Roosevelt ccntinued. "visiting as
f-1 did several different coentrtes. there
i are two things that struck me most
forcible la the nrst place that am
I have something to learn, and la the
second. 1hs? we have something to
I le-.rn from slmost each country We
I have pbnty i f things to learn and
j pleatv of things wblch we caa lav
I prove on 1 have come in contact
I w!t? several of them and 1 am Tgag
I ed la ?'?ing to Improve my native
iertv and ?tat? of New Torh. It Is
[quite s )< h. bwt we sre sota? to do R
4 (Conttaoed on Konrth Page.)
VS. VA., SATl KT- \Y. (>(
rx-w - r' ~ ^-=sn
Annual Demonstration of Fitness for
Field Service Is Commenced
at Washington.
illy Associated I res?)
WASHINGTON. ?. C, Ocl ; In a
driving rain. Major Cent ral Leonard
Wood. < iiief of staff of tiie army, and
?"i other onlenra, started from Fori
Myer <arly today on the tiist armv
horsemanship test ot I ha year. It was
(itiicra) Wind's first ride on such a
tust in this country, tin objael of
Waich is to put officers to a physical
demonstration of their Itness for heKI
service. These annual contests were
Inaugurated by President Itoosevelt,
but since have been BMdified in a
cumin i of respect*.
Today's ride, in which yttVers sta
Hoard in this vicinity participated,
lad as i's objective a camp near
RockviUe, M"d.. thirty miles by a
nMIad about route.
Convention Works in Harmony
and Statement is Received
from Hearst.
iltv Associated Press)
NEW vohk. Ocl ".--The bade pea
e. n, e League", which nominated John
.1 Hooper, of New York, for gover?
nor, and William R. Hearst for lieu?
tenant governor ?Wedln sday uight.!
met in convention again tonight and j
completed Its ticket. A straight In-1
dependence league ticket wn- named
from top to bottom.
The convention was harmonious
and enthusiastic and the nominal ions
v ere all made unatiitnoioly.
William H. Hearst, leader of the In
depeadeace League, who arrived from
Europe today, did not attend the con?
vention, but a statement from hint
was read to the delegates by Clarence
J. Shearn. He said in part:
"I wrote lately 'my preference al?
ways fur a straight Inde|iendenr.
league ticket, but I have sacrificed
my preference whenever two progTon
s:ve tickets would men ly have dlvid
ed tbe progressive vote.'
"I say tonight that I would hove
sai rificed my preferences again if I
had felt that a straight ticket would
do not him better than divi de the pro
uressive vote.
"I believe that the |>eople generally
have come to understand the combi?
nation that exists betwaadl both of the
old parties. 011 behalf of the prlvi
'eged Interests and I helieve that your
oaaaeattoa will 1? haaitRp thanked
by all |iatriotie ciiiz< us. regardless of
party for th< opportunity that it has
given the public to repudiate a cor?
rupt political coinpacN
"I do not see l ow any honest .lef
t. i sonian Democrat couiu support
this false Democrat-, ticket.
"I do not see how any sincere pro?
gressive Ri publican can support ibis
fraudulent Republii an ticket "
lhree Cars on Southern Road
are Derailed Near City
of Ashevilk.
<Wv Assoclat-d Pressl ^
ASHf:VTLLK. N <'. Oat. 7?For the
second lime within a week passenger
train No. I1? on : ?? Murphy division
-if tie Southern Raiiwoy. coming from
Murphy to A ? w ie. was wreeke.C
this afternoon, twenty people being
ii.jured. two possibly fatally.
The wreck. ' Wh* h occurred nea
Ela. was caused by -he derailment of 1
the three coaches.
The injured!
W. R Poiiiaie. ' crokee. N C; J.
C Hampton W.? 01. svllle. N C.
slightly hurt; F M Hughes. Natha?
lie. N. C : Ii \\ 1 1 .<-i In. Itryson cm
V C: R. M l^rrf Almond. ?. C.
A K. tear. 9mm B c ; Mrs Oeorg
W Brrehn. fan'?n. N. C; Helen An
gel. Km. N. C : !.'? I Owl. Cherokee.
N C; Manuel \\ k? WhttOer. N
C; Sevier Skinv < heroe.ee> K C ;
C. W. Drnnnr Hr son City. N C:
bov; P. Henlab P-.w-li. Fla N ?
P Carv Thoma- RljaBB Clly. V C
BUhard Watts. WUmet. X. C; W. B.
Nelson, bores." ms-ier; W. Blah rip,
flarman: P. C. W <; dger. ami! ?lerk:
Josh !>rrea. port 1 r.
The Berailasent of the tare* roaches |
Is helieveu to h? ? ? been caused by j
?presdtwg of the rails.
Conaecrj.e <
* fftv Asaectst
NEW YORK Ort 7 ?The cere-1
?oa<es arewmaearlng the
tioa of Rt. Pst.-'S cathedra: were
prarti. ailv eaarhsdrd today with
hieb ma-- Thlrry-flve bun .
drwd atetrhgr? ? ?? ? reliriows order? \
in Mew Tori wer presset!. beaefwa
nearly tea th?ri?tnd lajanA.
TOBER 8, 1910.
Great Work is Planned liy the
Southern Commercial Con?
gress at Atlanta.
New Constitution Is Adopted snd
Cotrpany is to be Incorporated ta
Gather Proper Information for Busi?
ness Development and Carry Out
Vammouth Advertising Scherns.
Illy Associated frrmi) ?
ATLANTA. OA.. Oet. 7?In sober
baataaai 'biases, marly four seoro
del) i it. .. a| ointi d bjh*dxteeii bouth
era govc-iior*. today predicted an
aataatas growth in wealth and popu
letJan Bar Iks Bavlfe within the next
tin years. Itcpnsentlng the agrlcul
Intal and business Interests of every
IIttlan of Dixie, these delegates
gathered to as-list the executive torn
at It tee of the Souibern Commercial
emigres -t in arnikang out a plan for
nrnnintlBg IBs material development
ot the Sotilb.
As an aid to these objects the dele
Mtes tlrew up a new constitution for
the commercial congress which was
adopted. Its Salient features follow
New Constitution.
To promote and develop the Jnter
anas of the following sixteen states'
Alabama. Arkansas, Florida. BnOT
gia. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maryland.
.Mississippi. Missouri, North Carolina.
Oklahoma. South Carolina, Tennessee.
Texas. Virginia. West Virginia.
To collect und disseminate informa?
tion regarding the rtsources and ad?
vantages offered in these slates for
Ihn safe .'?ml profitable investment of
capital, and to urge in national gov?
ernment proper legislation for con?
servation, rlv. r and harbor impreve
ment and transportation, facilities.
To pros Ide for permanent establish?
ment ..f ihn i ommerrlal congress, en
largetni nt of it* activity, through a
11 rmaneiit endowment fund.
To Create Cgmpany.
For handling tin endowment fund
Ihn* Bant Bam Commercial Congress
C< in: any i" to be ?reated. incorjwr
ated under the laws of the District
of Columbia. A system of member
ship fans hi provided for. raugiug from
a life ?smhtrnhtg for ii.iMNi contriti
uied tdkthc endowment fund, and va
rious i-erporation memberships to
membership within reach of tniivid
uals able to contribute only small
A board of r.2 governors is created,
con* ling of the president, first and
second viet presidents and 2* others,
elected at annual meetings.
The delegates w? re in almost con?
tinuous session all day. during which
many short talks were made.
C Orosvenor Dawe. of Montgom?
ery. Ala., now managing director pi
the congress, predicted that literally
millions of people would come to the*
South within the next decade and a
K. H. Finney. of Washington, gave
facts to oemonstrale thai over eighty
per rent, of the lumber resources of
Hie South ar< owned or controlled by
nonresident capital.
Win Attract Capital.
Atherton Brownlee. of New York,
declared that by an advertising cam?
paign, such as the congress proposes.
Brazil, within the last six months,
las secured the investment of what
ultimate ly will rea. h $2n.n?hi..iO0 of
Airertcaa capital: some of It from
the South
And.' he added, it seems to me
tba' the Southern iw-ople could use
such money for development of their
own rvsowm s "
Thomas F. Field, a native t>f North
Carolina, but now a resident of Lon
i'on. F.ng.. said that abroad amnnc
those acquainted with this roajareas.
e> hi regarded as the most important
comrner. ial movement in this coun?
try since the Civil war.
B N Baker, former president of
the National Conservation Congress,
advised the delegates to start !oda/"?
n brins Inltuence *to bear upon the
Mtirifcistratioa for the build lag of the
fifteen n. w ?{ramees of the Panama
Itsl road and Steamship Company
?I < h srill touch generally at SouU?
rrn ports.
Perse*-1 Responsible for KMing in
Bichmond wanted by Police
RICHMOND. VA. Ort 7?Up to
mo* knhhf the pnfjgg bad aanntnteiy
tin clew to the ident.iv of the occw
part* of the oar whbh ran doss an!
hi let S B Brifiaa. an nsaat? of
the HoMfers' fl?sse on he Boulevard
Tuesday nicht The statement thit
the pot tee had the a ?her of the car
la Incorrect Had this been Bjj aa
arrest wowM hsv#. been msde before
this t me
AS 10 CAN?lDAft
Conmittee Appointed by the Massa?
chusetts Convention Fad to
Agree on Leadar.
(9t Associated Pr?a*i
BOSTON, MASK., Oct., i.?Masaa
cknaatta nometrala were mlit waiting
tonight fur Du- aiituiiineenieiit of a
uvular nominee for BOTalBor, At Um
convent tun of yoetordaj ami early
MBn] l '. cli il.k Bf, Mansfield, of Hos
ton. was uninitiated an a slop i_-up
inndldate with I lie understanding that
In would wiilulraw later to make way
lor a candidate to lie rtloseu by a
commit ti e, hut tonight the loaders of
(he pari? were all uncertain gs to
Iba Identity of their next atandunl
The loniinitlee of four, appointed
i>> Mi, fwTatitlan. gathered for a
setoud time this evening, but at Its
close were uppuretillv no nearer tin1
Quiet Una of a candidate than before.
The committee adjourned until to
JrVuti while Frederick \V. Mansfield
of Huston, and Clifton luring, of Med
ford. have been settled upon as th~
temporary candidates for governor
and lieutenant governor and their
names will be died with the. secretary
of state toiiiorrow, the understanding
being that they will withdraw when
the committee settles upon who shall
be thci regular candidates.
Meet Ne*t In London,
fftv Associated Preset
WASHINGTON. D. Ch Oot. 7.?
With the work of the eighth Interna?
tional Prison Congress practically
ci'in luded. delegates began leaving to?
day after the legislative body had
enoaen London for the next sMattBg
place In IMn, and had Batet ted Sir
Kvelyn Huggles. Hrlse. K. C. H.. for
the presidency "bf the congress.
Bankers Elect President.
* By Ansii'i.vtisi rrfsO
LOS A N't! RLE S. CAL. Oct 7?F O.
Watts, president of the First National
Hank, of Nashville. Tenn.. today was
aaat a| president of the American
Rankers Assor'atlon. William Living
fun. pri s(di-til or the Ulmes Savings
Hank.cf Detroit,-was lected first vice,
Wealthy Richmond Business
Man Badly Injured.
Charies Hutzler Is Dashed Consider
able Distance When Machine Strikes
j and Is Picked Up from Pavement In
Unconscious Coadition.
RICHMOND. VA . Oct. 7.?Charles
: Hutzler. one of the wealthiest and
i bert-known clttsens of Richmond, wm
, kroeked down and seriously injured
; at Tenth and Broad streets this
j morning by an automobile driven by
I Herbert K. Richardson, an employe
i of the Gordon Motor Company.
Im. Moses I>. H?ge. Jr.. and hos
I pita! phys!? tans, after an exhaustive
! examination, have decided that Mr.
Hutzler is suffering severely from in
tense nervous shock and from many
ugly bruises. The question of Inter?
nal injury is an o|?en one. Such a
< .implication may dc\elop.
Mr. Hntzler had recorered con?
sciousness at a late hour, this even
I !ng. but was still partly under the
mflnenc* of optatee given to relieve
bis sufferings. .
Driver Arrested.
I Richer.Ison was * arrested Immedi
, ataly after the accident and sent to
the Second district police station,
j where he was balled later by Lee A.
Folger. manager of the motor com
I pany. A charge of reckless driving
has been preferred against Richard
J son for the present.
It was raining hard a: the time Mr.
; Hutzler started across the streea and
I his view of oncoming vehicles Is
1 thought to have been partly obscured
by the umbrella which he carried for
i protection agalast the storm. The
force of the impact was sufficient to
?end the victim spinning through
, siiace to a snot some distance awar.
He struck the pavement with area:
force anu was knocked 'unconscious.
Tangled Up In Umbrella.
Severs! pedeatrlena. who wer?
ctossing Ter.'h street from the cite
hall, ran to the injured man's aid
Among the fir?f to reach htm was De?
le, * i ? te-^.sr- V c Bat lev T!.e
otfrer "tirVsted Mr. Hutzler from
the broken umbrella, which had be?
come twisted about bis hood and
? boulders and carried the merchant
In the office of Trea?ur?r J. M. Pace
In the elty ball. ?
According to R I. Major, a ree?r*
?rotative of the Metronotitaa Life
Insurance Company. Mr Hufgler was
,f the driver of the aufnmn
er.rVe Bailey will summon
as * ?iinrs? In pobe? eo-ir;
vN<r Is rlron a
trim, of %tt Wa?
rn the
irtly cloudy Saturday, with
vere: Sunday fair, with ris
temperature; moderate
heait wind?.
Second District Committee De?
cides on New Plan of Select?
ing Congressional Choice.
Delegates to be Chosen Will Gather at
Suffolk on October 17, Following
the Voting at Precincts Next Friday
?Four Candidates Are in the Fight
?Young Criticises Plan Adopted.
(By Associated" Pr*sa>
NORFOLK, V* . Oct 7 ? Folow.ng
a long and stormy session, the Dem?
ocratic M irrcssional committee of
the Second ciatttet late today decided
to hoi.i ? eaarnnrfcsa at Suffolk ?*
\i?n(i \. October 17, to nominate a
candidate for congrt-s. Delegates to
the convent on will he named by the
rarloaa candidates < Mowing a pn
marv to be held next Friday. Instead
of voting for delegates In :he primary _
votes will be cast for thi "andldates
lad 'hev w 1| i,-in.- the del "stes on
a basis of one delegate for every 8rty
votes cast.
It is an entirely new way of elect?
ing delegates and one which was a*"
v. rely critirlsed by William A. Yount,
who defented Harry L. Maynard In'
the primary of August tnj which was
iecktred null and void by the state
Democratic committee.
Mr Toaag declared the method of
electing delegates was not In accord?
ance with Demccratir princ.pes and
he Intimated that It was done appar?
ently In the Interest of an unnamed
The cand dates liefore the conven?
tion probably will be: William A.
Yoting. of Norfolk: Hsrry L. Ma.v
i nard, of Portsmouth; E. E Holland, of
Suffnlk. and J Peter Holland, or
Charges Are Preferred Against For?
mer Emplcye of New York
Charitable Organisation.
(Bv Associated Press!
NEW YORK. Oct. 7.?Miss Anna
Volinsky. forty years okl, was taken
in custody today charged with threat?
ening Jacob H. Schiff, the banker, and
other directors of the Mont fire Home,
a charity organization by which she
was at one time employed.
Dr. S Wachsmaan. medics! director
of the home, appeared as the com?
plainant. In h s affidavit be said that
she write threatening letters to Mr.
Schiff, Kaufmsn Mandel, and himself.
The trochie, it appears began with
the woman's belief that she was en?
titled to eomm ssions fcr work she
had done The affidavit also charged
Miss Volinsky wi'h being of unsound
, Magistrate Appleton. ^before whom
she was arraigned, committed Miss
VoHaagy Rellevue hospital for ob?
I Death Results from Shot of Henrsco
County Constable.
I RICHMOND. VA.. Oct 7? Charlea
; Johnson, the negro shot by D L. Teev
p'e. Heurx-o county constable, last
Monday morning while resisting ar
| rent, died lsst night at the colored
hospital in the city home.
Early todsy Constable Temple re?
paired to Henr co conrt house and
surrendered hlmaetf iato the hands ?*
Penuty Sheriff W. W. Sydrror. wan
i.1 seed the officer under arrest
Temple wfjf immediately taken be?
fore Judge femest Weils presiding for
Judge R Career Scott on h. Cirmlt
bench, and was adavttnd to ball la
the sum of $-eW?. Henri co Coeaty
Treasurer Henry C. Heckler
named as his bondsman
Will Meet at Chicane.
< rry aanaaanhsi pnajsaj
NEW YORK. Ort 7 ?Chb-sgn was
chosen as the place of the fourth a*-,
nnni sseeting of the Assnr stKm of
Ufe laswrance Prestd*??. at the bl
moathlv meeting of the onrsataitma
today. The meeting will he held on
* and io. g
r fHam
fSty aasnewtee
FRANKLIN. LA, Ort. 7 ?Tree ?n
dst giatiajag tan Ad?tm? fwarar Cosa-'
paay'e plant here The Inas In entt?
arn ted at ttfjm.

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