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only newspaper published
Newport News that receives tl
full news service of the Asi
elated Press.
VOL. XV. NO. 238.
Former President Delivers
Three Speeches in Atlanta
and Receives Welcome.
Scores Opposition to His Doctrines
and Takes Fling at "Certain" News
papers?Says They Call Such Teach?
ing Anarchy, But He Says It Is
ATLANTA. OA. Oct. 8.?
Theodore Roosevelt tonight un?
claimed any responsibility (or
the tariff plank in the New
York state Republican pl.Ulonn. ?
In doing so he teplied to oriti
jetsssa which have be-n direct
w>d against him. par'iciSlarly by
some of the sugcaliod ins tr
gent Republicans Tn the Wc.<t.
to tbe effect that he talked one
kind of politics in t lit West
anil another kind ^n the Beet
This criticism was based
\ largely upon the fact that he
,^did not endoise the payne 111
, law in any of his W?sten
speeches, the tariff, plauk of the
..New York Repibiican plattonn
. "omineiided 'he bill. Colonel
,_Roosevelt made it clear in his
speech tonight that he had eat
"endorsed the ;*ivnc law and
hat h'' did not agree with the
Najw fork tariff plank
I f -
'I (By Associated Press.'
iTLANTA. OA,, Oct. 8.?Theodore
hjevelt came into Georgia today
? found awaiting him a welcome
f'h was as warm as that which he
i received in any section of the
.?utry during bis* recent travels.
his arrival in Atlanta be was
to'ed by crowds which blocked the
may, heedless of the pelting rain.
,3cheered him as he rode at the
of a parade through the busi
streets of tbe city.
Vlier in the day he s|?enl several
at Rome. Gs.. inspecting the
?a Kerry School for Poor Mont:
. toys and Gtrfcl and in speakint
,p*)tiier throng of cheering Geor
s taih
on Conserve
Jaa, ijoosevt ii bei
1"_ JA
lf*_^ i faith in tl
Jt aei Rooeeiatl made three
I i *\\ Atlanta. His first was t
;nt Southern Conservation Con
Mtti r taking dinner with May
"ox, he spoke at the I'ncle
?ay celebration which is be-'
Vo raise a fund to purchase
\nt the late Joel Chamlier
"Jthor of the I'nsjlc fteatOM
\l preserve it as a memo
1 I work. Af'er s|ieaking of
hbaseorts of Harris. Ooaoejei
\ talked on "new national ;
lalk? d to the negroes
a negro church,
on Conservation.
can bis ad
with a reit-;
tQk faith in the conscrva-i
77 - i
t"11? conservation with all:
said. "I believe that \
i"j?assod in this roimtrv ?
jWossible for reasonable
jj^'l permit the waste of
re. and notably in the
,,fol men who say that]
P* look up the natural I
r"' '-oimlry. This is just
a private individual
the farmer was en
ff.? "I1 ,h* natural re
m. when he declined
1 siKh ways that H
s for***ity. We do
? up a single re
k ntend that the r<
ed without waste
_4 o give every
pro|;er excre;sc i
I tt Is also our I
en of exception
t ability ,n our
ZtV rs which are |
Wall street |
hleh 1 have I
of anarehv
?ight of con- j
? II help the!
I. It IS pe
that in eon
so farj
as we still have power over (hem.
[ that the water power of the countr*.
I i haf?all similar powers, are used m>
Oer sueh governmental regulation as
I will allow ample protlt to tlie Man
and at the saute time guarantee the
public at large its rights.
Would Cause Revolt.
"1 think that is an essential posi?
tion for the government to take. 1
?0 im! believe that we can afford
longer to allow nun of shrewdness,
and some times with ? lack of scrup?
ulousness, to get iK)sstssion of the
Datura] rOOflBrCOa of the country, and
then treat them as purely their own
to do with as they choose. If such
a systeal of monopoly is permitted
to grow tip to any extent, sooasf at
later tka people will revolt against M
and when they revolt ac.ainst it mi
aar such cowdltieax, that rerott will
l.e ikpl to have- mixed along With
rtgateoasaasa of attitude, great un
rarataffiiiarns of attitude and then
holders of the privileges would run
great ri-ks of sulToring the effects of
an improper severity because their
predec essors had been treated with 00
improper legacy."
Coloio l Rooaavefl then spoke of the
neeeselt] < f pcwaarvi 'I the [i ?reell lie
expressed the hope that congress will!
pass the bill for the creation of the
great Appalachian forest reserve sav?
ing, that it should bo peculiarly the
work of the national government ta
see to their preservation.
"I hope, therefore." he continued.
"that your repceseatatlvoe in ooagresa
all! b? stir themse lves in this matter
"No portion of our country is go
bsg to show a greater rate of devel?
opment than the South will show in
the course of the next thirty or forty
years. 1 ask you to see fltat tin *
marvellous development of the Soutli
takc-i place in such fashion that :l
will represent not a mere exploitation
of territory, not a mere feverish
growth in wealth, luxury or a honey
combed foundation of.morality and
pood hafgaaeal. but that it will repre
tent a solid and an abiding and en
during prosperity."
Warning L Given President's
Aunt at Milbury, Mass.
Mysterious Man Unfcids What He
Claims He Hear? in Boston and
Threatens Life of Miss Torrey If
She Tells?Officers A-e at One;
fltjr Assne asps' t ress)
MILIU'KY. MASS.. Oct. X?An al?
leged scheme for the assassination of
PresMeai Taft was unfolded to Miss
Delia C Torrey, aunt of th' IVsss
Swat, by a stranger who railed at
her home today. The man. who re
fused to t;ive his name, claimed to
have overheard the plotters while hi
Baaaaak As he departed he threaten
od to return and kill Miss Torrey if
the matter got into ncwspa|>cr.s.
The man went away from Milbury
as suddenly and as mysteriously as
h<- hid come and tonight there is no
cfue to his whereabouts, although
Miss Torrey immediately re|>orted the
facts to Um HKaasry authorities and
tbey In turn asked the assistance of
the U'd'c i slcr police. The matter
has also been reported lo the secret
servier- authorities.
In te'linr of tbe man's visp Miss
ToVrcy said:
"He -old me he had !>ecn in Do-ton
ar.d had beard some men say thev
v.-.-re ro:i\L- 'o t ill tPresident arrd
be thoiieht I oucht to know about it
He did r?ot tell me bis name or leave
his card and altocether he was a
rjucec ae'inc man H< said he did no
want arything to get intfj the pairor;
aliout it and if it did he would eome
baek and k'd rn. As oon as he ha I
left I cot word to the wie? tmen for
he wa? such s oneer acting m?n ihat
1 did not know what might happen.'
Prominent Young Harnsonbug. Va .
Phya?cian P?Mt Away.
HARRISONHCRf.. VA . f*-t s Dr.
Fr'nk niatr Olhinsen. .11 ?e*rs ftM.
dt?-d tods,- of eirrbos.s of the liver
He was a native of Pennsylvania, hut
spent n-?rly al! of hi* life la Hsrri
Iii? father J H ?Vhau?cn of New
Vera rity. in ? retired general super?
intendent of th. ivnfal Ba:lrn-> |
New Jersev It s wife was Wise Vie?
ri i Payne, daughter of the late Cap
lain W W psvne. and granddaucht'-r
of Ce-nerat W H Pavae. of Waren
'<???. and grmdnleee of Cetieral Kppa
H' nton. of ft: Wot, f both of Cot
f? dr-rale fame
|Snr srvwral rears Or Otbsa'en er? a
Wai ?nreeon fer the Raltraaaso) fa
Hhkn Ra-troad and the Southern Ha-l
He I-are, three small rhlldrea
'Leu Sengte Makes 200" Miles
in I wo Hours and Half
at Philadelphia.
Diiver cf Chadwick Car Snatches All
the First Prizes by Close Margin.
Which is Run in One of Greatest |
Events in the Pennsylvania Section'
?Not a Seriofs Accident Reported
ti;> a?ni la tea ivw
PHI] APKi.P?i \. j a , Oct. I.?Lao
Sough, in a Chadwick ear, won tip I
third annual mm aalte road race oi :
the Quaker C.ty afotsr Club over ?al
\ eight uiib- eearae la Fairmont rain!
this nfteraooa ia Ihre? hours ti mm
Mies, seven S> Ioo seconds, snatching j
the I i't' r> from Ralph Mulford, a ha I
|dro\o a l.ozier, by the aarfoa BMfutJ
of |:4S-nM .sounds Tahhj l?o Hy
mel, the Axlee Indian, flu shed third|
in a Btoddard-Dayton. Hia time a
three hours, 37 Minutes, lS:W>fM ee
ouds; John Aitkeu. in a Nat.' 11.it,1
fourth in thieo hoara, IL' min;it ?-.
W:7h>l#t sec onds; W. G .lagersb.-, . I
get, driving a Mercedes, tilth, in three I
hours, 42 minutes, is I7-1M seconds: j
Harry Cobe, in a let hesa. sixth; H 11*-1
ry C. Knight, in a Weatcott, sevent :
Kues! Gllllard dl Mag a Pullmati,
eighth, anj George B, Divisoh, in an'
a|.pc i.-on. last.
SengelV. time breaks the record i t
three bocrs, 38 minutes, ."is 4-r. so.
onds, made in 1!*"S by blm. The tinie
for the 8:1-10 miles course was low?
ered from 7:41, made by Seugle lavi
I year, to 7:38. made on the twelfth lap
today by Ray Harrotin. In a Marmon
car. Harrcuu dropped out of the r. ee
on the twenty-fourth lap.
Captures B13 Prizes.
Sengle receives $j,"oo for wjnning
the race and $1.'mm? and a $)'?? cup
lor the fc?.-t time in his division. The
thirty-two cars entered were divided
into five d> vis ions, a "cording to piston
displacement. Setigb-a ear had a dis?
placement of 7"7. For making the
be st time in their respective divisions,
Mulford, Aitken. QIDiard am! VrOCOal
PaaHda receiTad 9l?99 and a $400 tap
[?ach. Paditl-i. in an fahhatDetiatt,
badtng the lichtest car (lvision w-as
stopped in the twentv-third lap. as he
was then far abe:d and trie crowd bad
I begun to surge over the course.
Today's race was one of the great
I est ever run in this vicinity, approxi?
mately a half million persons being
m.iseod aiong both s des of the eight
miles of roads thro' gh picturesque
Fairmont Park. Not a s? nous icci
dent was reported due to the- racing
machines, but there were numerous
mishaps incident to such a big gath?
The most .- erio-.is arc dent lief'-II a
Simplex car on the dauere Ip c irv"
at Sweet! r ar Ralph Deardsley, the
,' res, turning n terrific si>e< .4 ran
Into a railroad bridff''. The car ?a|
uprot. his mc-ohanieian. Clenn Eth
ridse. saeta tied fractures of Hie arm
and leg. but is not otherwise badly
hurt Hoard, by escape,! wjth severe
tri ts?.-.
Thrilling Race.
The rare for first place between
Single j>t>d Mulford was thrilling and
i-nlhie tactically cheered Mulford led
the first f? ur lai?s. when K.rvin K
Reradol a weafhy I*biladelnh 1 ama?
teur driver pass.-d him Itergdol drove
fUT.r ear. shi'h d<\eIop?i| oPC.ne
?rr itle while holftirc the Psst in the
fxtcoct.i lap. It cave r?t la trying
lo climb a hill cn 'Sol Drive and
f- --dot b--.| to declare himself ort
Th?n Mulford and ScrcV raeen The
former le.-t on the 17th. I*th and lJrth
laps, btjt h-?<t to ^t- p for s.,pp| e. anrt
Sengle rommt-O'led the nejt three by
bare mars :.* The ;:;d lap f-wnd sfnl
fern in t'o I'.id b or?e seetmd an1
he iJni.h. d the 2 Mb nine seeo?(t, in
fn ni of Sencle
Flnallv. at the halsh of the rare.
Malfvtrd passed the land ir. 2WJ.IJ-JB.
! -ip d t r< nii nJon. . I.eers and tt was
?b/rcght Ike Victory aas Mulford *
| S? pgW started in th. race Wl seconds
Vbind Mullr rd and it was thought he
| wncbt not he able -ft beat walford's
it lap- SnrWenly. however. Cie ?tarin?
swan-V slant poet and the times a'i
eowai??I ^9 e7.Bg tae vicOory gosaaj
to S?nc!?
Oeovreg to Norfolk.
MX IT'iN I) r tv-f. ? -F1r?t
tat <a V Itigan has been or
. he r,?Tr vard. Norfolk, fnt
ry doty as a wHnens asfuc
a I court mar .a!
Georgetown Team smithes Up Dishes
in Lunch Room and Grab
I My Assi? i . ,1 pres.-, i.
KALKICH. N ft. Od I a
ni.l?Georgetowa football players
who n'et lilt- A ? M eleven -lu-rc yes
Isrdjajr. played rough h< iis.> M 'he
lunch room at the tini<>it dc port bare
this morning beiere feavlaa\ smsealag
s ?nie I offer ( ups a1.: uraliliiiir ca -
ablcs on the cornier. They refuses]
tu i v damage I ilemanili d by Ihci
clerk and left seventv cent.* on Ue?l
e< unter. The pallet '.vote c illcd 111!
and the Georgen \\n ; ? I? w i ? ?''Hl to
their car.
While the Int!- b r<a?!ii pioprletot
was off reeking a ini'K'strate to gc ,
warrnttt. the car was taken mm IJ b*
l shiftrig engine. Tbe Georgetown j
naoaget mmjn the damages dennm ie<i
were exorbant and tl><- playcis n-j
fasti] (a pw> nion than seventy eckt*
far things j reiten ami eaten,
After Much Bloodshed Drama?
tic End Comes to Resisting
Arrest of Wisconsin Man
W INTER. UTS.. Oct S * If papa
conies out will you promise not to
shoot him? He is shot through the
hand and wants to surrender.'' These
. voids. s|k>ken to Sheriff Mike Mail
I den. at the edge of the clearing sur
rcuntling the besieged home, by little
j Helen, youngest daughter of John r.
Dits, bmuglifk to an end ibis alter
noon the stawaora re - i s t a nee of the
man whose stand for the last six
! years against what lie considered in
'justice, has attracted a wide-spri - is * I
j interest.
Th-2 surrender did not come, how
I ever, without death and bloodshed,
j One man is dead, four men and a
i woman are wounded and much pro|>
! erty has been destroyed,
j Dietz was injured while firing from
I the barn wl:?n a bullet went throug'i
I a crack and passed through his left
I hand Iiietz declares that the wound
j caused him to surrender. To Fat he -
Joseph Pllon. the priest who was
I largely instrumental in bringing the
j bug contest to a clos??. be whispered
I that a baby was about to be born
i to his wife wie! he feared that both
1 she and the enfant might die. The stir
lender of Diets was drainati'
j The alert lumbermen, leaning on
? their itflea at the edge of the clear?
ing and watching the windows of the
, log cabin, fl I til nil saw the flutter of
? white band kerchief at the door, then
' little Hah :i appeared and advanced
I with the cloth above Jv?r head. walk?d
to the edee of the clearing where she
announced that her father was willing
!?? surrender.
Although there is some fooling In
Winter hex aiise of the killing of Harp.
j the town is breateing easier tonight
? after the '.mc suspense and Diets Is
? in ' ? tody.
TboiiL-h Dictz has beea) involved in
; a number of difficulties on which ae
'cunts the authorities have sought
! Ms arres?. thgsTatest controversy he
j tween Dictz and tbe authorities dates
from September fi. when Dietz shot
I and serious!', wounded Mert Harrel,
! in Winter. Wis.. in a wrangle, it is
I said, over r< nt due on a school house.
Stnre the shooting IMelz has delW
the -tieritT to -< rv? a warran* on htm.
Giitibodt Princeton is Ordered
to Scene to Protect Ameri?
can Interests.
WASHIV.T'tN I?. C Oct. R. Re
> l<? inlilig to ae ai"?al from -'n Hun
Saasas aasremaasaag re the s'ate de
, penmen' the I'nitew States gunboat
Piinrciou ??. ?!;' headed l?ir A ma I
a|ii. a <? \ ?>'? -nonary ho:be?| to loot,
(after American interests. TV* Prince
: ton. i'lTttutiilni l>v Com its no er
c 'l.i ' s H l|ew - nT.fl.-r ins'rm lion<
t fr? rr Aiimr s?--r'srv of the V'avv
I Winthrop !<f n i;m'r<i for Arralap-t
at owe "'< Ir? k n :s afternoon and
should rrj'-h there in a remple of
day Ti- restart has b?en workhag
rfaWn the ?*>???' liom San Franrfcaro
the pas* ten d?v*.
Meanti-e a' \malana. General Jose
M?ne ValU'i r tbe commandant
self sppotnte,! ir. that Wland post
threw ynars ago and ton influeri'isl
tV> lbs' Vie I. ? o lie oii>t.-'| try
? he latrsi ?itii.fi is a tlrwre of In
'?test to <b- Tegncigalpa govern
meet Vaseawsarea i* credited wttk
having wide threats acadest the tor
?-.rri? r. V-ilape and ihe coat
??lls lhe-e pro' ? ???I <n Preal ,rwl !>ia
voln who i'mm i ?est to remove hon
*r?teri1a? Rm Havflri reallw d 'Ha'
?I a< ?** te rht fs? Ihe rerointioft
err spark Into s Maae aswf ton* ad
(t-tlonal ;.c i . to af? guard Ihe
?TOBKR 1910._
Valet Finds Wealthy North
Carolina -Via.) Unconscious j
in His A|wtmQnts.
bolomo" N. Cone I' Discovered With
Revolver In Hit Hand and Blood
Streaming fiom Hole In Head?
Later R:gains Faculties) and It is
Thought He Will Recover.
d'y AseeetMed Pffaaaj
CRF.L'NSitoito. N. C. Oot v Bo*
onion N < .uif. ? member (?I the mil
Ikoaalrs fossil* of thai bbBm whicn
toatreix vast industrial Interests
tiirruiKhniit thf Sunth. ami a mem her
of the Now York. 111ora)Ow1 and New
Ui leans cotton exchanges, was I mind
inn mii i ums in his bachelor a|>nr'
?Matfa at I ii'cluck this morning with
Mnos] streaming fTOal a bullet wound
lieh nid bis hft car and a revolver In
his rlgh! band.
The c in umsinnceH liulicaieil an at?
tempt to commit stunde, though his
intimate friends are of the opinion
that the pistol was discharged acci?
dentally, ihey declaring that there
was no reason for an attempt upon
1 his IRe.
He lias been a heavy dealer In spot
! cotton, but his associates refuse to
ntflrni or deny any rumors concern?
ing his recent spot transactions and
the result so far as be was cou
Mr. t'une. who was seen on the
streets as early this morning as three
o'clock, was discovered by his valet.
Dennis Slier, who went to bis apart j
I ments at the regular hour to awaken
hltn. Kmering. he discovered Mr.)
Cone, fully dressed, lying on the floor j
and in an unconscious state. He im?
mediately summoned aid and physi?
cians and the wounded man was bur-!
rled to a hospital, where the bullet
later -.van extracted. U Is said to
! night that the ChSBWBST for his re
c civ cry arc very favorable.
I i urn Mr. Cone had regained full
I possess km of his faculties, but auy
statements he has made have been
I can fully guarded
Taft is Told !>v Callers That
i There is Drift Repuhlican
Way in Ohio and New York.
RKVKRLY. MASS.. Oct. 8.?Presi?
dent Ta't received first band lnfor
^raiion today from the two political
batt'<?ft? Ids in which he is mos? deep?
ly interested. 'It to T. Kannard
brought news which the President
tOBiMrrrd a- awefewaat)) encouraging
[row Neu York state, while Carmi A.
Thompson and D A. Meridian
? brought similar tidtnes from Ohio
Mr. Bannard has '-omo to h" looked
npoa as holde?! much the ssme post
lion with President Taft that Lloyl
C Cri-oom has bad with Theodore
Mr Itannard did not ottom!'' to
minimise today the various troubles
that In-set the Repuhlican party In
N"W York, but he declared that the
, adi rs ci> teeled a decided drift to?
ward H L Stimson and the entire
j liociil.lic an ti'ket.' Mr Itannard is i
week-end guest at the summer WBfto
' Horisc.
I t'armi A Thomp?on. agin is secre?
tary of sta'e tn Ohio, and Mr. Hf>
f1 Baa, who is editor of a Itayton
j... - r i.'jfh told the President thsr
Reouhliran i.rospr-eta wre improving
I in fHiio. They nrued however, that
sriu"- si* ?Vers of national promim nee
; were nc-ded in the fitrht and ask-fl
i the Pre?lden' to use hi good office
f ii> seetirinc tliem
I John Mitch. | and James Irme-vn
i wo la??or leaders at the president
thi- afternoon and ????'-tiwscd labor
, leei-datton wi'h hin? The President
J win renew manv of the rreomaaenda
: tioes he m.',d? in his last mewsare to
' rongT'ss Principal among these ts
the so* alien workingmen's enmpcasa
?on hilt whi'ti pmvajew for the pay?
ment of itairare* to employes Iniurecrl
oc? inte?-mate railroad* ?l Is plann? d
thai the BSBSJBBJ of damage Shalt he
Sx-rt hv a lioarit of arbitral ton Ihn?
H?cinirjf? Tr.ri'tv President
Itl IM|?.\! N fj Ort ? The In
,i a.le* of William Pr?iilns J"i>?
I II as nresident of Tfinltv Ca ?
re. win take ptaeo at f o> nor*
"?'H?,. r,- |ir tfarrv Pra"
wtwwv ppi?aw0wl of the Catver?'' T
fhlraao. a''I o> liver the eongralit
? ' ? h"!' ?? ' H? d< le
12 j^AGES
LARGEST collection EVErI
In Episcopal Convention at Cincinnati
Platen Are Pled With r-undi
AW9reflating $242,110.83.
tlty Am.?Liled Pre a*)
was ?a.d tu tic the largest uillart total
ever taken up ou plates in any
Charefe IN Atuetiea an Iiil<r|ir?'t:itl.iii
by the House of |lisln>|>h upon the
(lUPflinll "Open Pul|iil" suhjeel aud {
rcfMnJ fag change' the nunc of the
i It I*N among UN most lmpott-|
iiiit in.ittei? transacted by the trien?
nial cein flit inn of the Protestant!
IfiUil ei pal church la session bete "i
aay, wiuie Uaf eoaysfattoa iniiy mi
in se: s o.i a c.immuuinii serviie eTM|
I" nig held in Christ Chnrcll, where
the dot'Hiinns were Im itig lacalTBa*I
Horn the woiir-jn's Auxiliary for the!
leaeral aUeekanery mud.
At the ceticbiMon it was announce! j
that the plates placed BfaM the laJstM
In front hi the trustees had been j
piled with funds aggregating $212,
The showing was nearly $2ii.im>(> In |
? Betas, of the eoUacttoa made at Rich
iinuul, Va . Ihne >eais ago.
In the Hoaaa of llishops this morn
lug the icply of the b.shops to the pe
t it it 'it for an interpretation of the I
interpri tatimi of the church law re?
garding the so-called "open pulpit ' j
ttaatlofa, was made in language that j
restricts the use of pulp.ts in that |
church tu regularly uidatned Kpise-?M
[ial ininlslers.
Officer it Exonerated.
mci!M().NT>. VA . Oct. X The Jury
?WOTa fcf Coroner Will am H Ti?>lor
today to inipiire Into the killing tt
tikt ??Uro Charles Johns.m. shot last
Mmiday morning by n Henrlco county
constable. I). U Temple, while the ne?
gro was attempting t.i break into the
h' in. <,f Mary Wallace, a negro worn
[an living near Hick's store in Kair
field district, declared the shooting
(justifiable and exonerated the officer
Dissatisfaction in Second Dis?
trict Over Convention Plan.
Report Says Action by Committee in
Norfolk to Select Candidate for
Congress Is Condemned and Battle
Is Or. to Replace Marten.
I RICHMOND, VA.. Oct. ?.-A ape
rial from Norfolk to the Richmond
', News Leader this afternoon, in part
1 ssys:
"Ni ither 'the- people'afMf the 'or?
ganization' are saMsftedtJlf h the plali
j fixed up by the district committee
voting three to two for the nomina?
tion of a new Democratic candidate
i foi congress In this district.
[ "The plan of a primary for October
j 14 to determine the strength of as
I i Irani* for congress, who will ther.
lave the right io apieoint. according
j to this strength, delegates of their
own iikinc to a nominating conven?
tion in Suffolk October IT. was de
i lermined by the vote of Colonel C.
; Kenton Hay. i halrman of the district
^(rmmittoe. and father-in law of I'nlt
! ed States Senator Thomas S. Martin
. "The belief that Senator Martin dt
rce?< d this move is universal. It ha*
' not pleased the "rank and file whs
here l-ren clamoring for a pnasary
j In whieh the candidates can be votes]
for directly and has not brought te
Scnamr Martin the great number of
?Viatorrats, who have alwavs opposed
him in 'bis district, hut on the eon
trary has driven them farther away
Martin Men Take Lead.
"It 1? declared that the 'playing ot
politics' by Martin men has throws
over s 'weak machine' In the Seeond
di*tr!rl 'in an effort to build np 'a
stronger one' They contend that
Senator K K Holland, aspirant foi
tnngres?. is wanted as the parti
leader in the dislrlrt. ? ? ?
"The 'entimer.t agaif?;
Martin in the district has
le*? been trifen*ifle?d and
SSlMare fa the rank and tHe.1
lore hi* friends, arc de. taring
"Ii wa? heard in manr marten to
dav that the Bevemd dbi'riet will h
r.adi ?.. .uptvM-i llenrv r Stuart ol
Rit*ael| .-onnly. fee- senator as again**
Mart in .f smart heat* Si^mp in Hie
Vieth dmrfrt this vesr for ronrre??
and if St'iari doe? not ntn then 'anv
aran io heal Martin' ma> he the rase
In E. E Mofieoer? fsebetf.
"Thai 'something drop, pear dntinf
the rm-mn of yeaaVeaaie's tsatlli I eotw
wtiitj la aWlaeetf to be r?r
isle, ahm the K K Holland lead era
who wer? elamo*-ing for a primers
?etirrelly he fjprr fbe people' aneMenl*
sweats* ? ?6. * ? , '.r'marv and
?W a remveattren Statt CrsVlBjsl DSJt
ted for what ther wanted sad Haevar
0 had tseeti depending inreft ft**
1 hack comptetery dl
lowers gunJay; Monday
loderte variable wind?.
i >.'aiifi r- v iu-ass.
Fear is Felt in Portugal Cap?
ital of General Mo/iT Against
Religious Establishments.
Tioopa Charge Upon Monastery and
One Clergyman la Killed and Oth
era Are Placed Under Arreat?Qov
ernment Make? Effort to Calm Anti?
clerical Agitation.
OIBRALT\R, Oct. ?.? It la
r< ported that the royal yacht
Amalie v ill return to Liabon
tomorio... King Manuel, the
uueen mother. Aim-lie, the dow?
ager queen and the duke of
Oporto, however will remain
an jthe guests of the govern?
ment at the governor's cottage
at Kuropa Petal An Italian
warship is expected to arrive
bore at an early date to take
the tt.iwHger queen Maiiv Pia
r.tid the Infante Affonso to italy.
(By Associated Press)
I isito.N. Oat is - The proclamation
of the republic of Portugal in betas
rcce red by the people gem-tally iu
., matter of fact way Wolle ord-v
has been, m a mea?ara restored, tiro
the fear siill ursvalls that the at
tai ks against the religion-, establlsh
nn tits may become general. The
mo.-t marked feaUana .
now i? tfryryiwti a.;, ?"
gray aneiace ag.^sle
tai A l-iilt mo:._
R? /if alter i'
fire.' PetJjj/bo,,., the
P i pert/ wks not dama,
<>f this agBd.tioa of
tn< lsures bat been Incr
? :ng parte?? neve heel
,:1 ag.lnst mara-idersj
The govegfcen' uasj
in th?P case* rj
rr.mes-rt.d has revived*
increasing the liberty ot_
A band' of revotaew*>E
today s >i.ght to eater ~
the porti guese fo
I eiutra. wh <-h also ;s
of the papal nuoelo. V
that trms were hidden^fe
The ntmcln an "P/^taV
ami refill .1 to eftojs './? W
Hi., buildhag. The in a vor
the iasurgewt* fr%ss\ making an a
i, ii finally tea auncio coaseatsaT to
admit a assail number They left af
?,r a fruit. -r-.-n
Attack Convent.
The government is making strong
effort, to oalm the asiMeierten! agi.#
? <>n The minister of the tntartar
beea torjrtnt 'be streets to w?
mohle rli^perstag maolf-stas
Prisets are set agon wherever
A few of the rhnrchee. havhag orarst
rercaraixerf ??? 'he gov^rSBBOat.
opsaad their door- *n arsseo her
t .Ha* eater" i Trfaas cowveat, i
was ocrnniel hy I.V. pert4?ao?c
?era of 'h?f -"""?? ?* wajosa .
..^ > f ;be sisters
wounded lixter the tr
,'He aaavent The ?ooade?t
ere trac-'.-r-n ?O a boero'tal 1 ?
o'hera wen akaw .1?? ta jj
rasas, ? * hatog
Aviatar B -?ks Weed la
at. Ltu-fc.
i ?toi

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