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$7.50 Silk
Petticoats, $4.49
Make no mistake and liny one of tin- I'ettie oat <
at this pi ire. The so are not like tin- majority ol I', t
tie. ats sold al about this |M ice. The- Silks ate d. ?
.ideelly heiter. Iicavv, roft, all pure Silk Taffeta
made os|m elully for PetUeeatn. Those have Beep
wide Iohbob trimmed wiih line dueter nboprln*
tin ks and etc. All the loading shades and black.
$7.*.n Petlieciats.$4.49
Sale of
Plates I?. eorat.il Patterns ? medium size and all
perfect These come in three patterns; sell lor 19e
each. Si.e. ial. 8c
Willow Clothes lla-k -ts a sarge size and a bar?
gain. These are extn heavy and strong; sell for
11.1?. Special . 95c
Per fee th a Oil Heaters, with 4-(|iiart Ilrass Tank
and new devices which make this Heater b"tter
than ever and pcsitivtly smokeless The price this
season is (beaper than ever, ar .$3.98
Individual Covered Roasters -suitable for two
birds. These are fin.? and give perfec t satisfaction.
Spec ial. each . 10c
Soup and Dinner i'latt-s. all sound and jierfect. in
three designs. These are very cheap; sell for 10c.
Special, each . 8c
Red R"ll Toilet Paper?a good, useful size and a
large size roll; sell lor ."?<?. Special, three rolls
for . 10C
Old Mill Soap?a gcvni nuality and a large cake;
rWgBbar Ic value. Special, three for. 10c
Meyers' Pros. Metal Polish ?a half-pint size and
extra hue quality; sells lor 15c Special, two lor 25c
llltie Knatfrsnled Sink Strain-jrs?wUl stand or hang
up; worth 19c. Special prie e. each. 10c
(lalvanized Coal Hods?a good, heavy one and a
good size. Special .25c
Coveird Roasters?a good, large size with inter?
locking handles; regular 2">c. Special. 21c
Hlue Enameled Sauce Hans white lined with long
or round handles. These are regular table size; sell
for BB& Special .,. 39c
Dlue Dish Pans?white lined; a good large size
and all perfect; sell for He, Special.33c
Men's Underwear
As a special value for the opening of the Fall Sea?
son we bare the best garments ever shown in :1ns
city at the price.
Light. Medium and Heavy weight Woo! Vuderwear
?In ai! sizes, both Shirts and Drawers, at pt r gar
men; . $1.00
We are showing a complete line of Men's Fall and
Winter Cnderwear, in both Cotton and Wool; all the
different weights at from i9c to.$2.50
Just received one shipment of Sixty Pall Suits from a leading maotifacturer of New ,ork at about lull
Hie manufacturer's price, and will put lliem on sale Mondn, ai an evlraordiiiary reduction. These suits
are all made well, the material extra fine quality and workmanship Guaranteed In this lot there are oat)
one and two of a kind; in plain and fancy leaves. The styles and models are of the latest designs,
lined with guaranteed satin. Coats are plain, mannish tailored, skirts made plain and faicy.
We Have Made This Special Purchase of Suits Into J Lots
$20.00 Fall Suit
$22.50 Fall Suit
$25.00 Fall Suit
$ 18.50
This $125
This beautiful Hudson Seal Coat is
full fifty-two inches long, just as il?
lustrated. Made from choicest select
skins; a very stylist model with shawl
collar and cuffs, lined with brocade
satin and trimmed with beautiful but?
tons. This is a very finely made
garment and stylish.
This $45
only $37.50
A practical and inevpenstve garment
just as illustrated, is full fifty-two
inches long, suitable for street or
automobile wear; made of select skins,
all first quality, and a very full and
silky fur, with a deep shawl collar
and cuffs lined throughout with broc?
ade satin.
$100 Fur Coat, $85
Ladies' Poa] Shin Coat ? madv' of select skins; .">2
it-, lies long, lined wish Hroeade Satin. This Coat
will only be offered for a short while at Ulis juice.
$75.00 Fur Coat, $55 '?0
Ladles' I'oiiy-Skln Coat ?ft im lies long lined with
guniaiiiced Satin; Ins shawl collar and (tiffs and
trim unit with beatitit'il buttons; well made and a
stylish iii.xi I >
$3.95 Silk
Petticoats, $2.98
This Otter is tor Monday Only
litre is a set vie. iihlc Silk Petticoat. II iIooh not
lighlliillv be-long to ihe J'.'.tts class, but will bo so
n aik. il Monday. Tiic-?- Petticoats uro made ol good
BBBlIt] Itla. k Silk Ttfata with a wide Silk flounce
ami l.ep dirt ruin.'. ?iW I11loa!s Monday. $2.93
Specie Is From Our Do?
mestic Department
Kxtra heavy Mink Towels-20x40 Inches; would
be Sjued value if sold at 1 Are marked for Mon?
day's selling at . 12Jc
He'il Spre-ads made full size, for double beds;
closely w oven and in tine pal terns. I sual price Is
$1."." Monday at only . $1.15
Hed Spreads extra large size, heavy quality; sold
hs a apaeM bargain at II.2.Y Are BT lead for Miiti
day's sidling at only . 95c
Rogau Kngllsh Long Cloth- ten yards to a piece;
regular St.nil value. Special . 75c
II. D T. Sheets -made eif exlra good qualify Mus
iin; size 72x90?double bed size; .".Or value. Spe?
cial . 44c
lto\al Mine Sheets made of extra heavy Muslin:
torn si\?ii In i-hes; regular price He. Special
prn e . 69c each
Pillow Covers made of the same- material at only,
each . ISO
Silks for Fall and Winter
39c SYLKO SILK. 2Sc.
This is a new Silk in the market. Comes In solid
colors; soft. beautiful shades in itajsli effects; a
splendid fabric for c veiling wear; also in some
shades, dark ? nongli for street wear.
We have every shade Including c ream, white and
Ma. k This is 39c value, at. ji*r yard.25c
We are showing all the season's newest and most
attractive shades in these two popular weaves ill
two grades; at. |>er yard . 25c and 39c
39c TO $1 00 COLORED SILKS at 59c.
An extra spee-lal offering of 10 pieces of Persian
?tripe and linn Silk; also two pieces of yard-wide
Taffeta; regular II ou value. Special . 59c
Fall and Winter Wear for Man
The Imperial Shirt?made of go.Hl qualify Madras;
some are in fancies and others are plain white
with plaited fronts. All siiecially priced at 50c each
Men's Madras Shirts?made of extra line quality
material; some also in fine Pcreralcs. plain and fan?
cy colors, stripes and dots; usually sold at ILM.
Are ,,ow speeiaJi) prlceej at only .$1.00 each.
We are now showing a very attractive iine of
Men's and Hoys' Pajamas and iSight Shirts?in both
fluting Flannels and Muslins, at from 50c to $3.00
One lot of Men's Half Hose, in plain colors; also
son e embroidered In dots and siri|ien; worth lac to
IPc a pair; to close out the line, siiecially priced at
2 pairs for . 25e
Jefferson in Collision With
N. Y. P. & N. Barse.
Steamer Has Big Hole Smashed In
Starboard Bow and Is Compelled M
Give Lip Voyage to New York ?
Biame Not Fixed.
With a large hole in her starboard
bow. the O'd Hominion Line steam *}
Jefferson arrived at this port yester?
day morning from Norfolk and pro
ee "ded to the shipyard to undergo re?
pairs. The steamer was damaged In
a nllision Friday nisht with the Ne v
Torts. Philadelphia and Norfolk Rail
wipt parrte No 4 near Cranky Island
lisht. a abort distance o'it?a-d tri m
Lambert ? Point.
\\ h :i the collision occurred, ?he
Jefferson was oMfbound for New Tork
with a reteral <-ariro and fifty pas
?enters. As the result of the injury
received in the accident she was cim
P*JM ?o retnrn to Norfo'k and di?
< barge her freight and pa.?se*>g, ,
Some of the pa?*-eng--s went to New I
Vork vcverday by -all. while others
reft on the regular Old Dominion
pner last sight
C '-- Not Vet Pined
S?o far aa could he ascr~ta!ne1
last nleht the stearrboat Inanectors
hare not \-t sncceeded in living tbe
Harre for ihm rolli'lon. Captain 1 K.
1 w.i wh-i was la command of the
j. ffi -?or and the flr?t officer, who
t*?? in the pt'ot bouse with the ouar
.rrrpa;'<- der tare that :he Jefferson
ton* the ?'arboard co-iree ottt through
the ct-snnel The tgfj towing the
. r nward hound for Norfolk tl?o
mimtrrri a starboard roor?e and both
roe r?earner and the tor ?Irnalled
tfa*ar n-wc"** bv wfctatle*. For some
rraa-m. the harge which was being
towt-d by the tug. veered off her
course going toward 'he steamer am:
the collision resulted.
The barge hit the steamer a glanc?
ing blow on her starboard bow.
sma. hing a tug hole in the hull near
the watcrline and denting a numhpr
of the shell plates forward of amid
shins. The barge escaped with but
little damage.
Recently Overhauled Here.
The Jefferson ?TfTTy recently com?
pleted a thorough overhauling at the
shipyard here, bein;- out of commis
sion several weeks It will require
ten days or more to make the neces?
sary repairs at the shipyard.
This is the third accident of this
character which has napj?ened ott
Craney Island light in the past few
years, the Old Dominion steamer
Hamilton having her Ikvw s'ove lr
several years ago in a collision with
a C # O. barge atiTT 'he N Y. P #?
X. steamer Maryland being damaged
In a collision with a mud scow. |
Saturday. October 2*. *9i0.
Schooner Wfi'iem U Douglass. Mc?
Lean. Dosten-to White Oak Coal
t ompany in ballast
S< hooner Prescott Palrrcr. Carlisle.
Booten?to Chesapeake * Ohio Coal.
Sr Coke Cornpanv in ballast
S? hooner ller^v o. thrown. Ihinton 1
Boston?to George P. Wart.-n Conl
t'orrpany in balle?t
S< hooner Dorothy Fairer H?rdlnr.
Barge Ohio for RontOW
Weather at Cape Henry.
C 4 PK HKNBT. VA.. Oct.
Clenr. Wind we?t. thir.-v mil- s.
ate sea.
Calendar 'or Today
Sun risen . ... * N a m
Pun sets . PcM p. tr
Utah wst/r . v ??. a. m . v M p m.!
Irfiw water .... I: IT a. m . 2 X3 p. m. j
Calendar ?or Monday
Sun risen. .~.. ? a w
S?tn seat . ?:*? p. m
High water ?t .U a. as., 9.19 p. ?
Low water_2:3C a. in, 3:13 p. m.
High Wind Sweeps Harbor.
An uniisnallv stiff westerly gale
swept this harbor all day yesterday,
kicking up a heavy sea and making
the handling of shipping in the har?
bor exceedingly difficult. Several
schooners were docked at the piers
during the day. but the Chesapeake
A Ohio- tugs had a hard time of it
handling the i raff. So far as report?
ed no damage was caused to shipping
by the wind. -
Three Schooners Arrive.
Three big schooners, the Williim
L. Douglass. l'resc;>:t Paimer and
Henry O. Itarrett. came into pott yes?
terday from Itoston. The o ssels lo t
Rost on within a ~w hours of each
?other -in October 23 and arrived here
almost together.
Hallowe'en party.
A Hallow.'tn partv was giv- n by
Mirses Alma Smith. Ruth Powell aad
!.< ui-e Clark at t h-?ir home in Bas.
Knd Friday night The house waa
tastet deer rated with rrcpe paper,
lanterns. pumpkins and ai'umn
pavrs. the color schom.* hri-g yel?
low snd b!aek After tb. gu?*t? on
' marked games mere played and later
ds'nty refreshments were served.
Trues present included Mi seas Panne'
Riehlrdeun. Alberta Richardson. Flor
itir" Richard?-n. Margcerlte WiNon
Mary Weav.-r. Marx Kvans. Acnes
? l^avy. H? ten Peak Alma Smith.
Ruth avtmel) and Umisc Clark. Me Mia.
M'ch?U. Ned ?Clark. Goodwin Moss.
I nwod Wlggin?. Harrv Smith. Harry
Sh.rmar.. Frr. ft Pradner and Cliff
Pow. II. The ch-peron.->? were Mrs J.
X Clark and Mr? w T Moes
Small Boy? Are Fined.
Richard Richards. ' I**-" Shell an>!
Henry Anderson, small white hoys.
ra"-<t i?-,. It-.:wr: !n -he po?c
couri ves^erdiy mo-nlng on therhxrre
of vlolatlne the curfew ordinance
Richards was fined B>. but Ih?
re?*? of the other two were eontln
tied until Monday as their pn ents
were not In court in l?w?fc aCT ibem
Mr. M RMinkowltr ha? rr-nrned
frnw I' c.: net n W Va. where h -
has t-een , t Meg bis Se ns for the
past ??et?
Luthoran Church to Celebrate
"Reformation Day."
Rev. E. T. Wellford. D- D-. and Rev.
Lloyd T. w Isen. 0. D.. to Continue
Series of Senror? Tonight?Rev. L.
B. Betty Heie,
"R? format.or i-a>" will be onset v
ed at the Tritti-y l.ttberaa church
day, the past >r. lt<-\ A. CT* Karkaii.
preaching- an i p**" orate s? rmon this
m->:ni tg ai il o clock), end 'he- Sun?
day m he I h< Idine a arformat ,n(1 and
home mission can led tonight at V
. clock !.? ritbttfrtlr* three
a? follows: "I tharT the Hymn
Writer. H A Utk?*: "leather, the
Tear! er."" W T Stsnffer. r.nd "Lnth
Kcv. A. C Kart . ;
aft, the |?na< her
There will he I
re'vier? hy th
On ?>ctoher .'.1
nai'rd the now
the fimr of he
? nie re. and ?tt
al music st both
rch choir
ilt. Martin Luther
n< ns as thesis to
He ca-irrh in Wit
hat act bexan the
th* church of the
which nltintateiv
irate esfstenee .<f
rh. All of the
? f the not M will
inaiversar, of the
Trm.tv Methodist.
her ?.
m..nd - '
Taalfh- nt S o'eaack, R? v
G Stnrr. ?. D. the pastor. w.Il prea? h '
at Trinity church, speaking on 'he
subject, "Were Storms a Part of the
Plan of Cod in the Morning of the |
Wcrld?" The Sunday school meets st ?
9:30 a. m and at tue same hour j
Judge T J Harham will meet the
Men's Hiblo class in the auditorium '
cf the church.
Fi rat Presbyterian.
1 P."\ K. T Wellford, I), p.. pastor
?f the pisi Presbyterian church, will
continue bis series of apecia] ser-1
mttis this evening on "What Do the1
Pres! yterians Believe." tsking as his j
rubjfct. "Prov drnct The pastor'
will preach this morning at n o'clock
on "Soul saving The SunJay school
and Bible classes meet at *:.10 a. m 1
The mil! weekly prayer service will |
K- held Wednesday evening at 7:30
Newport News Baptist.
' After the ]1 o'clock service at the,
Newport News Baptist church tbli'
morning seventeen candidates will j
tv baptized. These candidates pro
| fefaed faith a- the recent evangelistic
j services it tbe North Newport News
! M *-f n. ? ??! ? d to Km IJoyd T
,' Wilvir I? l>. pis'or f 'h.' Newport
I News cbitrrh. ltr Wilson will pre%fh
I thi? morning on "<}od C-nimandins
[ H.s l.ove. ' and tonight at $ o'clock
{ the pastor will eontln ie hi? serm >n?
ton the series of "The last Things '
I speaking on be subject. "A Conarid
!.?>??? : A??>de and Omdiii-n c.'
thi >.>?',!- of thj? Dead Between Desth
and the Reanrreetiun " The choir of!
the oh'rob wii| rrnd?r rpeeial mnalc J
st both services. The Sunday school,
rr -?-t? s- the usual honr thi? atorn.rg.
St Paul'r Episcopal.
Rev TVma? r Darst, the rector.!
will preach at St Paul's Hpbaropal |
church tod.-<v ?t it a m. and T:.ta p. i
m The Sunds? ' *?oi will meet at '
ft 4'. a m . and the Bible ctasse? for j
men will assemble at in o'clock
Vinceefa Cathcite
ibrvtcea will be rMd at S Vit
ernt? raibolir chnrrh lodav at 'he
! nsual hont?, conducted hv the reeter.
R. v Phtber Jrsepb PrtnO.
Grace Method at.
i A service in the Trter^ of the
? i Hibl. dar? wiu be Dell
or the Grace Methodist church to?
night at 7::;o < 'clock. The program
will kg as follows:
I 'lit by i 'iiKri'gatlon.
I'rayer. bv Su|.erinien.Lent T. M.
?C!.i - i'rok.cs.s." bj M. H Tay?
' Song, by the Class
"Sunday School Athletics." by W
W Ho well
S' b et-on, bv Class Quartette.
Reeitatl' n. by B B. Bradley.
"Rerommendationa," by Chester
Song, by Class.
Addresr bv pastor. H W Dunk
Song, by he C: ngngation.
I The pastor. Rev. H W Ounkley.
w ill preai h this morning at II o'clock
I and the Sun-lay * hool wll) be held at
I f :M a. m The Rcarbuds wit] onld
their annual raKy at 3 p re , and th
, Kpworth league will hold services at
I 6:40 p. m.
C?>*ary Baptist.
j Rev. J II. T-rry. paster of the Cil?
iary Ha;'tist < hur. h. announces bis
BBfsjei i for iod.iv aa follows: n g.
m . "C?-."<tia? <; vlng:'' g p. as , Joy
Am'it.g th.- Auel? Immediately aft.
? , l ? .-venina service there wilt be
1j.|!i m nt :'ie rhorch. The Sandsy
BB? oi w II meet at the usual hour
tai- mcrning
Church of Christ.
R. sular se-v ices will U- he|<| at the
T. eaty f??ch s* reet Church of Christ
.cday, the i'-Mot. Res. U B. Gro?.
BAM . iireaihfnc at || a. m . and 7 4?
p. m. The Sunday ?ch ?d meets at
> 4S a m and the mid week prayer
aai Ilia wll kg h. Id W- dnesday . \er
Msg at 7 40 o'clock
Cnestnut Avenue Methodist.
;.. : m i., rjt . I.ter
Ike S win preach at
t: ? ' he-mut All?I M. dt ?I st chereh
th s ev-ning ai 7 to o'clock The
pastor. Rm Trsvis J. Tsylor. wilt i
occupy tv palrd: st 11 o'-ksek 'eta
rri -n.ns ?nd the Sundav school will j
ater-t at ?ja a. m.
HIicevsoee Ai/eeue MetHod st. ,
Tue pastor. Res T. S Taylor, will
pmrh gt the Cottoawood Angoe
Methodist chnr.h tonight at 7:3d
Seconc Baptist
Services will h? held at the Second
Itaptist church r.-.'ay ai II a. m . and
8 p. rn. The Sunday school meets at
9:30 o'clock this morning.
Tabernacle Baptist.
Rev T. C. Cochran. of Baltimore.
wfH occupy the pulpit of the Taher
aactfl Baptist church today at it a.
m . rnd 8 p. m. The S>.nda> school
will meet at the regular hour this
Eaat End Christian.
Revival services will be held at the
Ka.?t Knd Christian church tonight at
? :io o'clock, conducted by the pas?
tor. Rev 3d. W Butler. The pastor
will preach this morning at 11 o'clock.
Baptism will h/? administered at the
I close of the evening service. The
j Sunday school meets at 9:30 a m.
Friends' Church.
i Rev. C. A. Ruane. pastor of the
Friends' church, w II conduct a spe?
cial revival service tonight at J :*?
o'clock, preaching ca the subject,
' Whai Is God a Attitnde Towarda
Siar* The pastor also will occupy
his pulpit this morning st It o'clock
snd a song and praise service win he
h.-ld si 3 p m . and the Sunday schon]
will meet at i:3? a a
Second Presbyterian.
Rev P. R. Hend.erlite. the pastor,
will conduct regular arrwice* at tba
Second Presbyterian church today.
I preaching at II a. m . and g p. m. The
Bioday school Is to nrst nt m:V> a. m.
Grace Ecscoca'
The rect< r. Rev R H. Wright, will
occupy the pnipl of the ?ra.e V- tn
odiat church today at 11 a m . and t
p nt. The Sunda, school aeeau fst
the usual hour this morning.

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