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uaiy newspaper published
Newport News that receives tl
full news service of the Aas
ciated Press.
VOL. XV. NO. 276.
rapt. Stuart Said to Haye Ad?
vised Treasury Department
of Alleged Attempt to In?
fluence Grand Jury.
When He Mentioned ' Morewitz Caae
to Two Newport News Men, Mr.
Read Declarea, He Did Not Know
They Were on Grand Jury?Matter
Was Brought to Court s Attention,
But No Indictment Was Returned.
Collector of Customs J E. B.
Stuart, according to reports that
seem to be authentic, haa written
a letter to the treasury depart?
ment askiaff for an investigation
of the charge that Fred Read, the
newly appointed collector at this
port who is now awaiting his
commission from Washington, ap?
proached and attempted to influ- <
ence members of the United
States grand jury at Norfolk
which last week indicted Harry <
A. Morewita, a young merchant
of this city, on the charge of buy?
ing goods which he knew had
been smuggled into this country.
Collector Stuart wou>d not dis?
cuss the matter last night, but it
is reported that secret service j
men are coming here from Wash?
ington tr> investigate the affair.
Fred Read, late last night, de?
nied the charge. He said that he
did speak to two Newport News
men on the (rand jury?Lane
Lacy and John P. Fratey?abo.it
the Morewitz caae, but that at
the time he did not know that
they were members of the jury.
He went on to say that the mat.
ter of his talking to the jurors
wss brought to the attention of
the grand jury and that bcdy re?
fused to indict him.
Leaked Out Yesterday. ' j
Captain Stuart is paid to have writ-i
tee the letter Monday evening, but |
the reiior; that such a communication
had been sent to the treasury depart?
ment did not rente out until yesterday
mornine and it was not until yester?
day afternoon that the fact tha; the
;rand jrrv had on lnst Thursday con
s'dtred the matter of indicting the
newly named collector became known
!-ane 1-acy. it Is said, reported the
mat er to th.- grand Jurv Thursday
morning after the jurors bad assem?
bled to return the indictment against
Morewitz. All of the evidence In the
case was henrd bv the jurv Wedn.?s
d?y but the matter of re urning the
indictment was deferred until Tburs
day morning. Three of the twenty
one Jurors wer.? excused Wednesday
night hy Judge Waddill and among
that number was J. F. Holsten, ot
this city. Mr Holston snid Us aunt
that Mr Head dil not speakjo him
ah ut 'he Morewitz case or an-, other
Created Sensation.
When Mr Larv told the members
Of the jury that he had been ap?
proached in the Morewitz matter a
la said to have created ?Ornithin ; of
a sensation In the i-ir.? 100m. Sev?
eral of the Juror* spoke- sbout the
ms ter and finally it *?* decided to
rvport the affair to Judge WfeddlH.
Accordingly, the toremeu of th.? Jnry.
whose name could not be nacertjuned
last night, informed ibe judge.
District Attomev I? U l-ewts was
told of the affair hy Judge Waddill
and he Is cabjjkto have Immediately
"\amiced Interne law to ascertain
?hether or not tfte offense was in?
dictable. He reported to the court
that he thought It was. and Jodtre
Waddill. it is said last meted the,
grand Jury to go to the bottom, of the
Some Votad to indict.
Drrtrtct Attorney Lewis went Into
the grand Jarv roam and Is said to
li e remained there throughout the
consideration of the matter by 'he
Jirors It M said that tbdjfe was a
Uvelv diacnasaoa of the emeatios of
retorninit a? indictment, sowie of the
Juror, aaeekag is fsjcr of it nad
some against V Tie ?nellv was
taken and als or seven of 'he Jurors
*r* reported to have ret^d for sa ia
dirtmeat Twelve cf the r-trtTee-i
SMe* werr necessary for nn tedict
meet aad "not a true btti was re?
CHleeter Stnart was a wftneas he
for- the grand Jerv is the Mars wits
case and ahsn before the t?a? Jery
which freed Morewft* Mondev It s
understood that Cap am Btrert beard
of want trtnentred hi the ?med jatr
meat relative to Mr Read and that .t
was upon that lafarann Ion that aa
he*ed 'he letter which fee Is said tJ
have written to the treasurv it'par*
Was Naturally Interested.
When old last night of the repot I
that the eolleetor hud officially potined
th;? treasury department of the affair.
Fred Read emphaticalU dealed the
charge. He declared that he vent .?>
Norfolk with Capt I. K. Williams,
the immigration inspector at this port,
land that Captain Williams vas with
him during, most of the time they
, wer.? in Norfolk. He said that he
knew Motewl'z well and was naturally
I interested to know what the granj
jury had done la his case.
He said ;that he saw i> number < f
Xcwi>ort News iieople around llaj tad
era! building and that be happened t >
say to l-ane Lacy*. ?'! hoi>e 'U"Je-'
Mara Vita ge:s out of his trouble.' ""?fr
LfCg then told my he had h.?en sum
mined to serve on the grand fmrr
?Meg was tu consider Morewitr.'a case
and that be expected to be called. I
told him that 1 did not know that, and
was sorry that I spoke (jboui It." con?
tinued Mr. R.-?ad.
In an Incidental Way.
Later Mr. Read spoke to Mt. Fia
ley. gayint^about the sanag thing that
he said to Mr. Lacy, he says. *f
that time Mr. Read says, he (nought
the jury had finished Its work. Mr
Read-declared that he spoke 'o lio'h
I men onlv *n an incidental way and
that he made absolutely no effort to
intimidate or Influence tbem In any
way. "Why you know hat I. have
too much sense to attempt to influ?
ence members of a United States
grand jury in anr case." eontinued
tb? newlv named collector.
Mr. Read went on to say that the
matter was brought to the attention
of the grand Jury and that 'hat bod/
"ffliaod to entertain it." lie said
that th?- grand jury wax tho proper
body to consider the matter, and that
after it had cleared him of any wrong
intent he thought the matter shot.Id
end there.
When first told of th ? rG'.^r. that
Captain Stuart had wgi ten th.? letter
to the treasury department. Mr. Read
said: "That was very nice of him,
wasn't .it?" He then wen- on to make
his statement
Appointed Two Weeks Ago.
Mr. Read was appointed eafjecorl
cf customs her.'' to succeed Captain
Stuart on November 5, and the an?
nouncement of tbe appointment came
frcm Washington on November 10,
two davs^afier the congressional elec?
tion. Mr. Read executsl a bond or
J? '.iMiu with he treasury departiuei t
last week and is now awai'i't.r his
commission from th? 'lepiminen' Be
the collector of the poit tit N'.-wvi
News. Until he rec*?i?-es that comnus
sion Captain Stuart erBl cominm i?
the collector.
Cotton Men Meet.
(By Associated Pres.?i
ATLANTA, GA.. Nov. 22??or.?
than 2ti0 delegites, representing ' all
of tbe cotton growing states, gath?
ered in convention here today to dis
cwss but one subject: "War on the
Boil Weevil." The delegates were
welcomed by Governor Joseph M.
Brown anil Mayor Robert F. MaddDx.
? "
Baptist Convention atRoanoke
Comes to End.
Or. W. E Hatcher la Again Elected
President of the State Orphanage at
Salem?Reporte on Foreign Mia
eione and Education Read.
'By Aaaoctated presa)
ROANOKK. VA . Nov. 22 ?The
eighty-F/?v?nth annual a ear ion of the
Virginia State Baptist Association,
which are' here laat Friday, adjourned
tonight te meet next year In Freema?
son Street church, at Norfolk:. Va.
Among the re port a read and talked
on today were tho?.'- ca foreign mis
siona. education and the ministers' re?
lief fond. The tatter showed the in?
come from all sources during the year
to be SS.M2 aad benefactions of $5,37?.
The association re elected Dr. W. R
Hatcler president of the state or?
phanage st Salem.
Last of Thomm Taking Part In Pamoua
Execution Passes Away.
<n> amsnctated free?
?The hast of those who took part la
the execution of John Brows, died
here early today at the age of S3. He
wee'Lewis P Starry, the undertake'
who marli the oo4Bn la which Brown's
body was pMcea.
Mr Starry rode In the wegen with
Brown from the >lI to the scaffold
acd delivered the body afterwards at
Harper's Perry to Mrs Brown end Dr.
MrKim. Mr Starry Heed been all
hie life
vote Per Good Rosas
< *? Associated Presen
ROANOKK. VA No*. M ? At a ape.
da i eleetaaa head lad*? hi. Vtap
county, this stale, to rote on arOaanraR
gvad .OM? hood K*ev of t7O0.?O0. tft.
prapa.itaon wan oeerwhelmhMCly rot*d
for rhe majori y In favor of It being
President Delivers Little
Speech from Pulpit in the
Historic Church.
? -
Chief Executive Will Spend Twenty
four Hour* in Old Confederate Cap?
ital?Will Address Virginia Educa?
tional Conference Thia Afternoon
and Reach Washington Tonight.
(By Associated Press)
RICHMOND. VA.. Nov. 22.-Land?
ing fro.ii the armored cruiser Tennes
i aee at Fort Monroe this afternoon,
after a flying visit to the isthmus of
Panama, President Taft came to Rich?
mond tonight to be the guest of the
citisens of the old Confederate capi?
tal for 24 hours.
Mr. Taft dined at the Westmore?
land Club and later held an informal
reception at the Commonwealth Club.
lie ia ( topping tonight a't the Jeffer?
son Hotel. Tomorrow the President
will breakfast with Governor Mann at
the executive mansion, will be enter?
tained at luncheon and will speak in .
the afternoon to the Virginia Educa-1
tional conference. The President will
reach Washington's t 8:3.* o'clock to- ?
morrow night.
Stops at Williamsburg.
On his way to Richmond this af ?
ternoon. Mr. Taft stopped for helf an
hour at William.-burg to visit the old
'William A Mary College and the Hru
ton parish church which dates back
to 1632. From the pulpit of the his?
toric church be made a little speech
in which be declared that the making
of the constitution and the making of
the nation were indelibly linked with
the men who lived in Williamsburg
and otheee parts of Virginia.
"The men who lived in Williams
burg and all through Virginia." said
the President." fought the early fights
with the old governors, that those of j
IM in Ohio hardly knew were fought, j
and yet were the real bases for the |
successful struggles that came later." J
Charles P. Taft, the President's |
brother who accompanied him to Pan?
ama, left the party here and continued
on to his home in Cincinnati.
Salute at Fort Monroe.
The? cruiser Tenntsree. convoyed
by the Montana, passed in the Virgi?
nia Olpes shortly before 9 o'clock this
morning and came to anchor off the
government dock at Fort Monroe, a
little more than two hours later. As
the big gray cruisers steamed slowly
by tee fortress, a presidential salute
of 21 guns boomed from cannon on
tbe ramparts. The President remain?
ed aboard tbe Tennessee until after
three o'clock in the afternoon. Both
the Tennessee and the .Montana sa?
luted Mr Taft as he was piped over
the side and his blue ensign fluttered
down from tbe main truck of tbe ftag
- Bin where, for the pa-dative davs it
had flown as the symbol "of the high
est executive authority of tbe United
Landing at Fort Monroe, the Presl-j
dent found eight com panics of coast,
artillery lined up in drees parade to
greet him. while the saluting cannon
roared another tribute from across
the ancienjt moat surrounding the
fortret-s. ,
Meeta "Oeecon" at Old Point.
The bine flag of the sen was replac?
ed by the nrmy's presidential flsg of
red as th*- artillerymen marched in
es? ort of the President from the dock
to the railway station A company
of Richmond citizens went to Fort
Monroe to meet the President. One
of the Bret the President greeted wat
Major J. C. Hemuhill. forsserly of
Charleston, but now of Richniejnd.
"PSvacon." said the Presides* to the
veteran -editor. "Charleston doe< not
seem tbe snme wlthont you "
The "deacon" replied that the Rich?
mond folks were just like Charleston
hems, "oaty a little more to."
Others in tbe Richmond party were
Mayor Richardson. Lieutenant Gover?
ns EUyeon. Ex-Governor A. J. Moav
tagwe. George W. Stevens, president
af the Chesapeake at Ohio Railway:
N. W. Wood, presideat. and W. T.
Debaev. secretary of the chamber of
eosaaaerce:' Colonel Barton H Grwa>
dv. Eppa Hanion. Jr.. WiUkass H.
Whit?. preetjfJMt of the Richmond
Fredericksbcflsj * Potomac Railroad,
aad Judge R. R Prentice.
Fame** Heese Seils Cheap
?Mr Aaaoc-it-1 fVam
KFW YORK. Nor 22.?On a bid of
tLi*". TheXHrertor Oeaeiai. a fasaows
satllon. wBa seid tcdav at the aec
eJd day s session of the Old Glory
home sale at Mediana Beware Gar?
The low price brought we* the sen
aatksa of the dar Oedy a few ream
ago The Director Genera; was bought
for the Clalbern,* Farms of TCentockv
for 11! OS*, aad It haul been expected
rktt he wonld arise at least tlAjBM.
Fraak Mct"".ou4. of Day on. a. was the
Norfolk Wife Murderer Taken to Rich?
mond To Be Electrocuted
December 8.
NORFOLK, V4L. Ncv It Guards
arrived from Richmond toda? to take
10 the penitentiary .lohn .1 smyih.the
I artender who killed his wtfe and
litttokglrl Home time ago, the latter
helns shot while endeavoring to ?av.*
h.u- mother I'nlcas the governor ex
tends the clemency that ha.s been
aalted Suivth will be sagflwtal.al l>e
eember 8.
He was given- opportunity yester?
day to B4M for lb.' last time his three j
surviving eh_?lrrn. The meeting oc?
curred In the*iirivate oillee i f Sheriff,
l.uwler. with the latter present. The!
father tondled his children th > entire
time he was- with them The chil?
dren, ten. robbed pLMully (bough, ao
far as is known, Ignoram o( the fate
that awai'.'d the father, smvth told
the children to always remember their
ataahnf tad to live for cue another.
He again told the It-year old boy to
always write to bia slaters and to aid
them 8ud care for them when he gr/*w
to he a l:Ig bay. Up to this time
Suivth. who is a Catholic in religious
faitb. has not gone to confession,
though he has been visited by a prleat.
Smyths two daughters will be cared
for at St. Marv'a orphan asylum,
where th?y have been .-once their
mother and elder slater were killed
Little Willie Smyth will be sent to l
Catholic orphanage In Rcauoke.
Cleveland Tailor's Wife and
Two Children are Crush?
ed to Death.
(By Associated Press)
CLEVELAND O.. Nov. 22 ?The I
wife of Simou Frutkin, tailor, his two
two small children and a servant werel
crushed to dea'h by Ifen collapse, of j
a new concrete mercantile building at j
Lorain avenue and West Thirtieth ]
street tonight. Ah explosion of un?
known origin is believed to have j
careed the disaster
Frutkin was badly injured. A baby
was saved by tue strength, of a bureau
under which it had rolled and which
supported a weight of many tons un?
til rescuers found the little cne, crow
iti;' and unharmed. Frutkln's little
tailor shop stood e^xt to the big con?
crete structure. He was at work In
tka 'rent room, while Mrs. Frutkin.
with the children, was asleep in a tied
room in the rear. There came from
the building next door a. tremendous
crash: the huge wall that overhung
their fragile home groaned and then
aettled to the ?sartn. burying the tail?
or's home end his shop beneath It
Tb.3 new building, which wa? wholly
deetroyed. was being erected by a
large furniture eebcern, to replace one
destroyed by fire five months ago. It
had not yet been occupied.
Furn'ture, which was stored in a
completed portion of the building, wag
found a block away.
President Will Be Treated To Special
Virginia Diaries at Governor's
Manaten Thie Morning.
(By Associated Preen
RICHMOND. VA . Ncv. J2 - G N
Cook, chief of the pamnnkv trib^ of
Indians, brongh- to QuiatmSI Mann to?
day the annual tribute th. Amui
keya are pleased to pay to the gov?
ernor of Virginia The tribute this
time consisted mi partridges and wild
decks The Indian said that they baa
told bim the gr ?;. father in Washing?
ton would pay a visit to Richmond
and would breakfast t morrow with
rh? little father here.
The game, he thought, therefore
would be the rorrwt thing at thia
June-.f. His gift. Vith Other rhinca.
will be ?great, at the presidential
breakfaai at the g tbernat rial man
a ion and anotb.-r delicacv that will be
rffeeed >o tempi the appetite of Mr
TJat will he bernertvg rabbit a Vir?
ginia rarebit
Annual Conference Ooeeas Seasean at
(B? .**??-???? J Pvam
RICHMOND VV. Mew. 2t?The
Virginia Sta e Bdi^ ?tioaatl Conference
of isle began have this- eft-raoon with
the opening meeting of the ancual
convention of the State Teachers' Ae
soriettos. The
re be htrgr
bers of the
generalK will be addreaaed hv
t Taf !? morrca affearnooa in
the dty auditor m
WMh mere than tea eahngares hi a>
of the Stat. t?r
having k>'
of th* drainage ot
in Morth Cai
i>reaid# t ? 'm
H. C.
r, NOVEMBER 23, 1910*
[Situation in Mexico Becomes
More Serious Than Has
Been for Several Years. ?
Fighting Between the Government j
Force? and Revolutionists Con?
tinues and Many Are Killed On j
Both Sides?Interior of Republic la |
Befning With Reoetloue Spirit
MEXICO CITY. Not. 22.?
l-< .nt- found in the house
of a revolutionary are said 'o
have revealed a conspiracy for
th?- wholesale assassination of
prominent government official*.
Including foreign Minister Creel,
Vlce-Presld.?nt Corral and other
prominent Mexicans, among
them Editor Spindola, owner of
El lmparclal.
Miguel S. Macedor, sub-secre?
tary of the government, was
also listed fur death. President
Diaz was to he taken, but his
llf.? was spaaed because of bis
past services to the country.
The bodies of those killed were
to be suspended from electric
light wires in the streets, the
I i:ilding of K! Impart ial aas to
hav.? been destroyed with dyna?
(By Associated IT, as)
A high officer, who. by virtue of his
position. Is in close-touch wdth the
revolutionary movement In Mexico,
tonight said that fighting wa- going
on in Cleutugas. a large and prosper?
ous city just below Monclova. That
is ibe home of Don Carransea. broth?
er of the candidate for governor of
Coahutia. in opposition to the admin?
istration candidate. It ia a etrong
i bold of the revolutionists.
This man. whose information can
unt he questioned, but whose position
prohibits publication of his name, aid
the sifiation in Mexico Is now more
serious than at any other time dur?
ing the last few years. He dec'ared
i the excitement on the border was
J notbiiiK compared to what it would be
if all were known of the situation in
I the interior. He said thaf officers and
j citizen of Ciudad Perflrio IMas were
! e\|>erting very worst at any time.
Citizens Are Armed
Thev were scouring the snrround
ing country, not for ievolutionists, but
for their friends snd relatives and
bringing them into the city.fjome for
protection, but moretor the purpose
of arming and assitttng ka tae
tense tt Ciudad Perftrto Dins. Local
merchants snd citizens generally were
j armed and used as patrols, 'the town!
I etas under absolute* military central]
and all communication with this side'
' wa> prohibited after dark,
i The passenger train from the
I south, which is supposed to bare left
' Torreron yesterday afternoon, one not
! arrived in Dias, though it was dee
there st 11 o'clock this morning.
Railroad officers say they do not
know where the tratn l> Residents
of Eagle Psss. who have relatives ia
Torreron and other points down the
Mexican* line, hare not been able to
get word from them for three'day*.
Troop L. Third I'nited Blatea e*v-|
slrv. under command of Lieutenant
Bristol arrived in hag}. Pass tonight
and ne;an unloading.
?elan of Diaz Over.
A high Mexican officer today said
hai It was bis opinion that the Diaz I
reign in over In the fr efforts to
procure mere help in Ciudad Perlftrio
I Has one Aenerican ia business there
was required to report for doty aad
help patrol I'pon explaining that he
was not a rlthfn of M. xVa the re
Despite nllthe efforts made to eep
tore revolutionists all escaped esceft
a Mexican or two. octa-loen?r fcaaajrd
in MB.
Another Mexican troop has
be? n ordered to Cuetro CietMKw.
Wewt Urauowti. a New OrmasMj
bimiaeas sat Who reached here from J
Torreron. confirmed the report of
clash between f ?d*rnl soldier a and |
rrvoietfc?nkst> Taw
fnrces ajpperewtly
the rebels leraded Gomes Pnhaetal
and Lsrdn Whec he left . orrem? |
the re be Hi had not advaacet ea tl
towa hat were asomentarily expert ad I
The rebel- a. S o'clock Movtdar!
LI van ssi ky 'shot down!
Ing V
from there had been sein fh rt-take
tmV tovti. Torreron is practically un?
der martial law and everything la
?hut tight.'*
Amerirana are In no dander, said
Mr llvaudais. and foreign Invent
men (a will ha protein d
[lituated at Taxae Border.
IJMR1H). TKXAS. Nov. 12.
P very tii lag is quiet and tranquil in
the enframe In tbia city, notwith?
standing an undercurrent of Intense
internen in the possible outcome ot
ibe situation in Mexico, which h now
iu the acute stage of a atruKKle be?
tween the government and antl-gov
ernajgVt forces at various points
throughout the republic. So far aa
local oonditlone are concerned there
Is very little fear of an outbreak ofj
any kind. The I'nhed Slates govern?
ment .ias an increased force hen- and |
the State Hangera are alto on th.
ground In aplte of the general bel'etj
thai their eervlcos will not be needed
Sheriff Amador Sanohcs. of Webb]
county, expreaaed great surprise to?
day, when the State Rangers appear
ad upon the *< m?*. m
lie gave It aV his opinion that hlal
own tune- were adequate to cope
with any disturbance that might]
arise In this county.
Totirlatc Step at Border.
One effect of the rumors of overt
acts committed by the revolutionists
at polnta throughout the republic, is
to prevent many persons who are en
route to Mexico from cmt slug the
border. Laredo hotels and boarding i
houses are now filled with people who I
had started to Mexico from all |iartsj
of the United States, but. who. on |
reac.htug the frontier and hearing thej
alarming reports which have 1? ga 111 j
circulating, have considered It desiru
ble to await the time when conditions j
are more settled before resianlug j
their journey.
Several Killed In Battle.
Reports which were current la^t
night of flghtiug In Gomex Palaclo
and Torreron. Mexico, are In pan
confirmed by Mexn-an officiate, aud
army ortlcora etationed in Neuvo I .an
do. It is admitted that In battle
between the insurrectionists and tho
Mexican troops at both places several
deaths resulted, the loss of life being
eveaJj divided on*r>oth sides, ll la
generally unoerstood that the govern?
ment torcea succeeded lit quelling the
disturbances at both places.
Kejiorls current yesterday were 10
the elect that Torreron had fallen
into the hands of the revolutkonh is.
This la denied by army ufflcera In
Neuvo Laredo who claim to be In
touch- with the situation.
The army officers admit that the
most hitter struggle occurred at
Gomex Palaaio. which la only four
miles north of Torreron. In what is
known as the famoua Laguna cotton!
district. ?At Gomex Palaclo it la ack-|
nowledged aeveral deaths occurred on j
both aides.
26 Mile Line of Troops.
It can be elated, on what ta con-1
aidered good authority, that the Mex-|
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Kansas Sends Only Solid Dele?
gation to Congress,
All Southern Ceminonwealthe and
One Northern S?ata Will Have Solid;
Democratic Bodiea?Majority Over
Republicans Will be S3
'Bv Associate* ?rote?
ThV Democratic representation In the;
next nouae will be 127 <u against IS*
Republicans and one Soeialiat. accord-1
hag to the roster of the house pub?
lished today. These figures give the
Demo-rat a a majority of 63 and a
plurality of ?4
Aceordlng to thlt publication. Kan?
aan ia the only stare of size which
hga a solid Republican delegation. A
number, however, centals only one
Democrat, among the*? thn a included
being lews. Minnesota California and
AR tie Southern state* have solid
Democratic delegations except Mary?
land. Virginia. Kentucky aad Tennes?
see Marylaad and Virgioia each
have one Republican, while Tennessee
lead Kentucky each have two mem
here if that party CV-redn is the
only Northern state
tlrely by Democrats.
but I
?s?vTrvmorrata oat af It
TTl'.ootK baa eleven Deevecrate
hat membership of tV Mas>arhn? tra
4 oat if 14. Milbigen ; east ad U. New
Jersey T oaa ?f lfi Mew Tea* SS oti?
of 37 Ohio It east of ?.
reale I oat af ft Mwaaarfb deieaa
tton const*** of 13 Demorraie and;
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American Wife-Murderer Dies
on tne fallows in
Condemned Man Spende Half Hour
With Ethel Leneve, Under Eye* of
Officer*, on Lett Day?Sketch of
Man Whoae Senaatlonal Crime and
Flight Attracted World'* Attention.
(737 Aaaoeiatad Praea-i
LONDON. Nov. 23.-9:02 A. M.
(4:02 A. M. Eactern Tim*).?Grippen
Oleom Hang* Over City.
LONDON. N< v. 2:1?8:30 A. M. (:!:-<)
X \1 Kastern Tim.-i Tbc uc rniug
of the day aet for Pr. Crippeh's exe?
cution afforded the gloomiest possible
? citing.
A dense fog overhung the city and
traffic wa? at a standstill.
At 8:.10 o'clock the offl i.il expecta?
tion was that the hanging -u ild tak-i
idacejfefccut 9 o'clock.
Tnapfog enwrapped comp! ely the
walla of the prison, where small
si imps of loungers of the lower class.
Including, many women- aknu bed
tHetttig, awaiting tidings from he
Sketch of His Career.
The execution of Dr. Ilawley Har
vi i (.Tippen in London today com?
pleted the criminal records ot one of
the moat sensational of recent mur?
der cases, fjhe brutality of the crime
committed by a man who had been
known as of a gentle and kindly na?
ture, the murderers spectacular flight
to his native land and the fact Jfca*
ibe case against the doctor was pure?
ly circumstantial combined to make
the tragedy of absorbing interest not
only In England where the murder
was done, but as well lit America,
where both Crippen and his wife wire
Crippen, 'light In figure, was Just
past fifty years of ago. He was born
in Michigan and after studvlng medi?
cine practiced in the Catted States
and Canada- in l:??>?> be married Cora
Mackamotaki of Brooklyn a vaude?
ville actress whose stage name was
Belle El more. They removed to Lon?
don where the doctor engaged iu den?
tal manufacture. Soon there wat do?
mestic infelicity due ' Crippen alleged
to the attentions his wife received
and Canada In 190C be married Cora
Leneve a prepossessing woman now
i about 27 years of age entered Crip
pen's employ as a typist. She tym
pathized with the doctor and the two
' fell in iove. Meantime Crippen and
I hfs wife were estranged.
Dteapeerance of Wife.
Nearly a year ago Miss Lenef*.
I feeling her oosition keenly became
' im pat!- nt with the situation. About
I the same time the doctor w? in need
' of money. Mrs. Crippen e'isappeared
: suddenly last February. Her husband
I Inserted a death notice in that sneers
i saying that she had succumbed to aa
[ illnets while visiting" in California.
' Actress friends of Mrs. Crippen per
' snailed the Scotland Yard to make
i an investigation and the police ofB
I rials interviewed Crippen on July 12.
' He threw the pafsee off the scent btit
on the 'allowing day fled from London
In company with Mies Lenare who
! ?ras dbguised aa a boy. Subsequently
their presence on board the steamer
Mamtrose was made known to Scot?
land Yard, through wireless rnee
saffes and aa the Mont rote was ap?
proaching the harbor of Quebec Crip?
pen nnd MMs Leneve were arrested.
I This was est July 31
In the meantime the police had ne?
tted the Cstepen hevme in Hilldror.
Crescent and la -the cellar unear*bed
narta of a woman ; body The medi?
cal experts who examined these
parts were sever able -anatoacieally
Mo prove that they ware from the
body of Belle El more Nevertheless
! the Je-T that beard the Crippen case
; were satlsffsl that they were.
CHppew Indicted.
Crippen* was indicted nnd convicted
i af the ?lasier of has wife the evi?
dence meradlng te? Ussony that he had
which he diimisahirsl the ho4v He
was ??teoced to a* hanr.ee oo Nor.
a. bet secured s stay of execution na?
til today Aa appeal oe his behalf
ease denied by fee Criminal Court af
Appeal? snd s ,?<|sJm? for ? reprieve
tw rvfatrt***! by Mo***? *TW*?r,?t4%ry
r> urchin
Ml'? Leneve wee Indicted and
fat t. But was accented.
Miss towove's Fare wan Viett.
LONDOM, Mew tsV?AM arsaors
tkans bars heea made for ?he hatte
baff ef Or Mswte? H^crtnpea trawwr
row sjuialaB wtihta the gloomy^waJt*
fConfmeed aa TT*4rd Paajaj

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