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iTh* Dailtj press.
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til Twenty-afth itreet by tba
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Entered at the Newport Newa, Va.,|
Pestofflce sa Second-Class Matter.
Tl'r-gDAY. NOVEMBER 2?. 1910.
An Interview given out by Con?
gressman Carter Glass in Wa- hington
yesterday seems to practically settle
the question of whether or not Sena?
tor Swjnson, now serving the unex
plred term of the lato Senator Daniel,
will have oppoeRtosj when he offers
for the nomination for election t
serve the full term nixt year. WhUe
Mr Glass made no formal announce
ment. he admitted that he was very
probable that he would enter th
field. It is e\|Mcted that this
mission will be followed by a similar
one .'mm Congressman William A
Join's, who if. being urged to become
? candidate against Senator Martin
Tans it seems that The hope of the
Danville Register that the two Vir
Kinia senators will succeed them
selves without the formality of a pri
mary. will not be realized. The Reg
later recently expressed tbls hope,
saying, in effect, that Senator Martin
ought to be re-elected because he was
chosen for s? naior In a Democratic
primary In which the voters gave full
and free expression of their will
This does not appeal to us at' a
reason why ST.itor Martin should be
given the Democatic nomination for
the senate next year without opposi?
tion. If a majority at the Democrats
wanted Senator Martin to represent
them in the upper branch of the na?
tional legislature at the time of tbe
last primary, of course he was tbe
roan for the place and it wa> rl^ht
and proper thai the Democratic ma?
jority elect him wit limit question,
but that was five or six years ago.
Who . an say that the Democrats of
the State have not (hanged their
minds? Because a man is the choice
of the people today is no sign that
he will be their choice five years
hence. Otherwise there would be no
occasion for holding elections at etat
ed Intervals.
Twenty-four persons, most of 'hem
women and girts lost their lives, and
many more were terribly injured in
a Are that destroyed a large factory
building at Newark. N J. several
days ago. An invesiigation Is not
beinc conducted by a coroner's Jury,
sad the county prosecutor Is quoted
as saying the: if It develop* that
there baa been any official negligence
"the prosecution will be moot blue1
l*rot"^utioue for official necligrr.ee
are alright: if any official neglected
his duty and thereby contributed to
the horror ;.:4his tragedy, he should
he severely punished. He deserves
punishment, and an example mad- of
him might s-r-.e -to wsm others. But
the roost bitter prosecution of the
ejasnaaeat will not bring hack' to lire
?me of the twenty-four innocents who
perished, nor alia; the sufferings of
thane who anfforrd Injury
The tisse to tee that bntMlacs are]
properly constructed and equipped
with adequate safeguards against are.
and avenues of escape in case of *re 1
ta when buildings are being construct
ed Aad la canes where bonnet hare
hsjea bum before the adaption of
penile safety taws,
stseald are to it 'hat tl
alterations aad additions are srad*
wttbout waltlnc for sn awftd tragvdv
to rewind theo that the laws air on
Use bo*> and are net being complied
II is said that there are a a a snail
of bnisdlnaa in Newport Mews that
?re mr* ^(uii>prd ?trh Bre escape* et
by law. Now is raw ttsee for
ackern-ess to see to at thai
at ap aad that
city a sin saajoi ms
fk*s regard are nosa^iisd with so the
Jr':.t Why wait tor a traced* to re
aasan mi that Bran I
'and laws violated? An Investigation,
i followed by the punishment of offend
' lug property owners, would be held
j AFTKR a fire. Why not hold it
? UKKOKK a tiro occurs.
Advocsles of prohibition must lind
little satisfaction In the annual sta
sjggd of the internal revenue bure
as to the msnufacture and sale
li.rior ritiures just giseSJ out by the
I bureau for the year coding June 3?,
191". Know that the uaiion's re<-ord
for that time in ihe fnattei of dls
tilled Ifjsjti wax m.ooe.noo gallons
or 3o.()'M),0O0 gallons in excess of the
(luantlty for the preeedlng year. Of
fermented liquors there we're jn.ts:.,
177 gallons, an inerease of omi.iiiiO
gallons tfver the record for the pre
cediiiK year.
This* In spite of the waxe of pr<r
hibitiou that has been sweeping over
the country. In many mates the ?ale
of Intoxicating liquors of any kind
is prohibited by law. and even where
State wide prohibition do?* not j>r<
vail local option, lawn prohibit th
sale of liijnor in many counties am
cities. Au?l yet. thirty million more
gaJions of distilled spirits, and MSB,
(Khl moie gallon*- of fermented liquor
were consumed last year than were
sejsjgsjSMi the year before.
Prohibition surely sei ms to ha?
made a poor Job of prohibiting.
(Continued From Second rage)
whin iie was suspended for another
art While Cafhler J. A. Willett was
considering the man - r of dismissing
him entirely, employes of the batik
discovered thn' Nock was short In liIf
account*, it is alleged The l>ank <f
flciais made a very quiet invest!
lien of the mttter and notified the
bonding compatiiea?the National
Baretj ('? unpan v and the Kmpire State
Bonding Company?and they sent ex
geAtg iure to examine the young man'):
accounts. In the meantime. Nock got
wind of the matter and suddenly dis
Marne?. Miss Oser.
A lew weeks nricr to that Jlm>'
Nock married Miss Oser in Jersey
Citv X. J. The young woman wav.
visiting relatives |n New York s'atc
and Nock left here to Join her. the [
marriage having been arrangrd be?
tween tbem beforehand They re
turned here is man and wife and the!
bride's family r?fured to see her or |
communicate with her. It is paid.
After his disappearance nothing wa>-|
hrar.i from N< rk until early !a?t N> 1
vcirbrr. Then The Pailv Pres? re
reiv t\ n b ng'hy communication w rit
ten by him to explain how he had |
?'lost'- the ml?s'ng nion?v. The com
n-.i'iiic'tlou was mailed in this citv
bvt at that time Xotk was in Oetrcit
and I; ^evidently had vbecn rent
some relative er friend here who
mailed it to this panier.
Says He Was Robbed.
In bis et inrlunicit ion. which covered !
several typewritten i ages. Nock said |
that he had been held tu> and robbe*'
about 4 o'clock in lie aftemouu noatj
J Rt yne; s store. Washington avnnej
and Twenty-fifth r-treet. while rn ni?|
way ti the expn s* othVe with HH
itkiii' \ in a satchel. He -aid thtt twaJ
Ken h< M him up and relieved him apl
the money. Hi- reported if. hef
claimed, to Patrclman Robins, w be
wa?- t.t?lw*a block or two iway ?t the
time, ken did not make anv repon to]
the i>SRk. ?
As a matter auf fact, the bank offi
dais way. \? k allege! ??? <"ilation?
extended cent a period <T rbcul two
years Tbey were carefuii^ "coven J
up" h> the auditor who was generally
regarded a< an excellent book keep* r.
Koefc probably will be brought back
here within a fear weeks As be is
charged wih violating ib.- Fnited
Stste* law* no requisition w'll be nee.
11 aBrj to njeve him from Petr it tc |
CANTON. OHIO. Nov. Jjt? Three
l?errons were killed and two badlv
hurt when a Wheeling A l.ake Krtej
train struck a crowded surrey short
ly before * o'clock tonight at thr|
Maine atennc ? rowsing
The deed Mr*. Joseph Meverw
Morri* Reos. 14; Ja? ob Ress. IC .
Miss Fanale.R. Mayer?. Internally
ia/orcd. but will Brokenly recover, i
wa? to have marled Morrv Ress on
?anuarv |. The party was on it* way
from North Canton to the city There
are no t?te* or wattbmrn at t!;e
MapV- tveoer ernaagoa
Beco-res Member J> W?f>mfcr so?
ciety of Descendants
i sir a?i Nasal ri??
l're>td<at Tsfi i ?laniard tax -bara<
tci of the i?larhm rather* at ib?" e?e?
entb annual boeowrt of ff? Pori. t? I
Ma.'ffcwrr l^odaat. ia Ihr D,?r?ci
of Columbia tonhrht. the oni<ia? br>
tssg he rrlehrittrn of th* Jn?nh anni
verenry of the steaine of ih. rotnpwe'.
rate ?ah n of the Maya* ?< i
Presters* Taft, it w ? n-eetlv
haarned, la a dsorragset mi n asn la
f>?-?e. ?*? of the rdlartsn*. ?h resae
? I Vtaiftewrr aed o crtig^ve of
Bmejh?is?la? traf una>rid him te he
?r. Oaten: o( saw tecaj ?ortet? snnaer
Ar?wrtete fewtNe Heavy R f*K.?a.
aw late rnr?e* ?seten Orne*. tnssia.es
tee of 'he rvtlats.
This is How They Staad in Today s Count
T. C. OAR8T . 728
L. E. GROSECLOtE .?. 620
T. J. TAYLOR. . 598
VV. G. STARR. 662
L. T. WILSON.>... 564
J. T. RIDDICK . . 5S8
JOS. FRIOLI.?. 422
A. C. KARKAU . 614
T. H. 8CHVVARTZ.rf. 611
E. T. WELLFORO . 510
Clip this Coupon, bring to our More and it will count two
(2) votes with every 25c cash purthese hi "Your Favorite Miuls
bar1 Ooateel f
Nam* of Minister .
Walt, Doxey & Watt Watt, Dnxey & Watt
Ciddlcdv ?links
Kverybotiy knows tlie famous j;aiue of Tiddlcdy Winks, played
by old ami yuunj;. The i>opulai family game can be played by two.
three, four, file or six player*.
10c, 15c, 25c and 50c
13909 il Washington Ave. Newport News, Yiit/iuia
.and. ?
Newport News Wine & Liquor
Co s Lunch Counter.
?or. 25 h Street and Washington Avenue.
After l)rc niber I?t, we will he abl t to enppty
Mohja'A Uyeters in hulk, 35c ;i iart
?Will MaKe Address to Annual
Social Session?Toasts
Are Prepared.
Former Governor Andrew Jackson
Mintage* yesterday wlrtd President
S. Otis illand. of Use Qbanaber of Com
OMTce, taWt ass will attvtfd the aunuaAj
;-.ela! sessiotttf the chamber <..( Com?
merce at the Warwick hotel Tuesdav
night and on "The Gpmmercial
Relations Sotth America will Rear
To Sou h? Atlantic States Upen the
:*omi letii.u of the Panama Canai
Mr Montague ha* recently made two
trips to South America, anj his ad
rtrese I? expected to prove of great
interest and ef prsrtitsl value.
The enteita ntuent <ominle>i? of the
fhsrober met last night and made par.
;'al atranuetrents frr the social ses
rJcaj Besides Governor M' ntaguc
r"'>rmcf Mayor 8. R. Huxso? ?ill ad
drest the srssica. telling: of some of
the s-hiSTements at the Chamber al
Ccoimerce. As Governor Mann can
cor attend.' IJ? utenarat-'iovenior I
T-ykr Eltyson vary probabt? will re
spend to the toast "Virginia..'
The cote ml; tee yesterday wireo
Rasa. Harry St r.eorge Tucker st
?Varhinaton nrcmg him to attend and
deliver as s<:drc. Mr Turfc-r ha?
e-v re\ replied, but it is expert ? d thai
be will he here.
PTevdem Stevens, of the rheeav
r? *ke At Ohio, ?in b? unabb ha at
fad a* he Is la the West on hoat
news and will n't return to R:cnatond
before seat week.
Seven officers from Fort \|orirre.
and fear from the Nsti-ms! SoMl-r*
Hc.aa>. Hawpt<*i have a Trat? .t iav*
ta lone to attend thr-anclel ?ensl.t
sStd several ef the prrtessors ?f lb*
Hamotoi. Xoejjaal a At;
> * ? <.
MiassasaMstts Gets Wadded.
?9jw A?m u?~t Pr. a?i
?he Mianeaivtlfs BatwhaJi Onb c
Am?-rV?t! Aaeorlstion inday nun
**? l*mm. Weddel! pk?> d)
with Newark tht? v?tr. aw' ws> ne
rnraed to *: Lams* at the east of t*>.
laat in? II Kern*.
Census Bureau Announces In?
crease^ Seventeen Per
Cent in Population, ?
iBr Associated Pres?)
With an actual population of 5.638^41
and a sain tu the last ten Mar- ?>'
almost 17 per cent, as "shown by t.V>
announcement today of the result c'
the recent census. Illinois is assured oC
toniinuance as ,-ihe third state of the
I'nion. Only New York and Hennsyt
vania outrank huf while Ohio. siiiefc
occupied fuutth 'place, falls siu-ost a
million below
The increa-? ;t: Illinois is M>m< ?
wiiat greater than that of BJt* middle
Western ~hose population so
far have been announced. ^
The ann<iun< ement far Illinois
merely ? t../.?-< the fact that tl.e
greater pains are in the eitle*.
m the xi:."4! addition; to the pop
alaejaatef that state 4M,7es were ir
t'hicaao slom < hlcaas? is shown to
S) abot:; w.(-fifths of the state
imputation. t-".iriy-n!ne of the 182
counties of the stste sjhowed decree set
In population riuriag the past ten
years, wl.ile > *enty other rnnntle*
showed gain* of less than 2.een dor
ran: the decadi The toes in no in
nance ex<<n-ded "..Od*.
The crate shoi id gain a* least four
congressmen if ?he proposed new ap
iKN-tionnent las shoaM he based a*
at preseat.
"la Dowlai? Sooth Weans, a hont
Bf>e?-i rear* if" famtlsw wate atnrfcefi
? tv???ai? by ? onaatae known s? cK?
erb. IWieve us., .i m the mm* teenW?
dassai 7 ii' - -1 i net I know ef. ae
d i'eKr? a.i ??-??ugh roor bedr ??..
mak-s row .tf? ea snterwo. fwasp to
mit of the issi liun end raw feet ea d e
mtilme ror-., . ?^ra saterfchsg too
at the aacw i tv | knew a dsjsjas
fsm<:*s thai ? m, ecVrbsd.
"The drwtr^, -i^i tbetr heat bot ibeir
ii mi ill is wer? -r aw ?rast wheter**
Thee, the fan- ? tried e ' b? neat ?ne
waa i?r.'ed f?- .- . mMtm for ha* rerrs**
tSJIve. hv r-ntnw ws* r jl
tars stiH Aa e lesVeeaort thrr
wee. sdr?M i T , frwasd he raw the
?Viran ftir-l m I eSS abed se 1*0
?? -v?. a? r fmm feret^^'
w?h <~ii'irurt Sr?p. rVaaejpwwt e*d R?
ssdrent thm -m^ wws leail lt-1 seal
ehe rwawft *?, , t^fmrt rvee at aal
esse? TV-w. rftaja, iesa W. Bert*
?V. Cba-ego. i.i sw ja, isaa -
Weil Known Friend of Hampton
Institution, From Philadelphia,
Delivers Two Address.
_ ?
<Hy W. A. Aery I
Or Talcutt Williams, or J/biladel
l>hia. the well known journalist, who
hag be<>n one of Hampton's roost de
?voted and helpful friends, spoke twice
on Sunday at the Normal school.
At 11: ;!0 a. m. he spoke in the Arm
atrong Memorial church on the sub
jeci cf "The Armor of Light.'' and at
C>:.'lo p. in. he addressed the Hampton
student V. M. C A. en the application
j of knowledge to the solution of negro
j church problems.
Dr. Williams referred in his morn?
ing address to the importance cf Ad?
vent S'inday in the Christian year an
a time consecrated to iho death, resur
lection and coming cf Christ. He
spoke from these words: "(Jive us
grace to cast away the works of dark?
ness and putjm the armor of light.'1
Dr. Williams pointed out clesrly that
truthfulness was an imi>or<ant ele?
ment in the armer cf I'gfct?tntthfui
1 ners.-wh'ch prompts a anna fe t*? 11 the
tiulh S'h" n do other aMfl knows the!
facts. *
"To Trust Men."
He said: "To trusi men Is to en?
circle them with the sen .:- o: light
Men dad with responsibility often de.
velop extraordinary o'^wers. Who can
be dishonest in miking chance with;
a blind man7 The armor of light must
shed Its radiance t |>on,others, and in
turn tad:ance will be shed upan our
selves. The mau who gives, comes
to love."
Dr. Williams repeated the Russiar
ctory which tells of Cod's receptloi;
to a'! the virtues, and dt Gsd's discov.
erj that two vlrtnen?gratitude and
chati y ? needed to be introduced be?
cause on earth they had never met.
To the armor of light Dr. Williams
would add, for the upbuildnrg of
Christi-n character, the perpetual de?
sire to pour forth deeds cf service
The speaker referred to the fact that
all ships carry the signal "Nqt under
Control,*' and declared that many good
Seen whose Urea are full of righteous?
ness* and whose lives are given to
good deeds, e; giit frequently when
j they appear at the breakfast t'blc
fly the signal. "Not under* con
! trcl." To self control . Dr. Williams
j added the determination that iight
? should fall on every act. He urgefl
also, that men add "Divine light and
I the consciousness of divine presence"
( should put on. He decl:red that tnr
Ifa the armer of light which they
Master brought light, not when he
! raised l^a/arus from the dead, n'i'
?ii"n he uttered the Beetitaslea. ar.i
Sri he drove the money changers
from the temple, but*when be took
two of his ohr.'sen ccApanions tD the .
mountain for prayer. Then a new
radiatire came upon Him snd His fsce
wee transfigured. Dr. Williams said
that lt'en could not forge the armor
of light unless they obtain tire spirt:
cf Oed. studied God's work, and ex?
ercised dally yearning for the c jm
panienship of the spirit.
Y. M. C A. Meeting.
At the Y. M. C A. meeting. Dr. Wil
liams urgei the students to go out
trcin Hampton and rais? the standard
or Bible study and Sunday (febco!
w>rk. ife emphasized the Importance
of Sund2y ?chool as a great schorl In
speaking and a e~hcol which opens
the window of the study cf other
races.. He urged the yoing men <to
voke : ?#??' ? religicn and morality in
the chur?. He referred to 'he eight
million negroes in America as the van
ccard of the Christaas among the eci
ored races cf the earth
Prof. Jone?. Mr. Etheridge and Mia.
Campbell at Hampton College.
A concert, which Is es|>eeied tn
orove a rare musical treat. vwill !>:?
given in 'lie assembly ball of Ham,
? .ii College Frida v evening by Prof.
William Jones, the mnsical dirsct.e
of the school. Miss Campi>ell and
Mr Ktneridge. of Norfolk, will assist
Prof Jone and a program of epoch
?rcrit will be given Mira Fit. nett,
ihe principal rf 'be <-fHege. said ye*
terdav that muaie-lovlng folk and all
friends ot the college are fnvHed to
at'end 'he eoncer*. for which there
will he no admission fee.
Phoebus and (
A Great
f i
We have Just received an Im?
mense shipment of the latest
novelties in pictures. Including
the Christy, Gibson, and, iu
tact, all the best artists on the
market. We invite you to
?um? in and tee the pictures.
Better have t^em put aside
now for that
Christmas Gift
You Expect to Make.
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Stationery Co.
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Under Augusta Hotel.
Trade Follows
The Light
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an outdoor
~*- 1
and so gain an invaluable point
of contact with the buying pub
The supremacy of the QAM
ARC LAMP as an exterior il?
luminator of the shop windo.v
has ever remained unchalleng?
ed; the soft, diffusive brillii:i
cy and remarkable intensity of
its light make this lamp an es?
sential reuui^itc of successful
window display.
As your experience h:?s
'.aulht you. there is no form,
of advertising mo:c resultful
than an attractive and inviting
display, and your advertising,
appropriation should certainly
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Gas Arc Lamp
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Sottdfc am4 *na* Uwswta .. 1t7,J"7 72 ??rphas r?od . M.
Bjm.K aVjMd.ng. M.000 CO Urv1lv:d*d OVoffta . ?1 ?V? 02
C?mh and d wo from Ban tu *i:,0*2J)4 Ofv)0?atMf. ?or?on
Depoatta .?*.V?.1#?*2
Tola* .?1.77V085??
Your attention Is Invited to this Statement and
your account Is de ?Ired. X A X X
* l_ kXHaaCLX.

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