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OLUME 1, NO. b
91.00 PER YEAR
The l)ig' political rally at Glen
pocd, in the southeast part of
he county was pulled off with
out a hitch Saturday night.
U1 the candidates for county
mcl state offices that the com
nittee could'get in touch With
■eceived a personal invitation
0 be present and meet the vet _\'1
)i jive townships that cast over
1 thousand votes- Those who
ailed to take advantage of
meeting with the voters, of the
jest part of White County for
general farming, are losers as
there was a large gathering pre
sent and every candidate present
ivas given a chance to state why
re shouldbe the nominee at the
August primary.
Hon. John Vaughn piesided
as chairman and introduced the
following to the assem
bled voters; G. O. Yingling, who
believes that the best interest c
the people will be served with
him filling the Circuit Clerk’s
office; Jesse M. Pickard, who
believes that he stated several
reasons that will convince the
voters that he would be the pro
per Circuit Clerk for the next
four years.
L. T. (Buster) Bell was pre
sented next by Chairman
Vaughn and stated that he was
qualified and willing to lookaf
tes the people’s interests in the
Comtty Clerk’s office. Ira
Golden, who Tjell’eves that the
people’s best interests require
that he look after the duties of
County and Probate Clerk, was
next presented by the chair
man. Mark P. Jones was then
given a chance to explain that
he considered his qualifications
good enough to secure the en
dorsement of the voters at the
primary for Tax Collector.J. P.
Yarned was introduced as a can
didate for tax assesor of White
County and explained to the
audience tKat this important of
fice required a man of judg
ment. Sam Sloan, County
treasurer, was next presented
by chairman Vaughn as the only
candidate without opposition for
re-election and made a short talk
| to the voters promising the same
(efficent service in the future a*
in past years- The next can
didate presented was Major Wrr
H. Abington, candidate for the
! state senate. He was given
thirty minutes to explain why he
was the logical man for this im
| portant office and gave the aud
ience a good wholesome talk on
! bettering conditions in general,
land roads. After him came
State Senator G. G. McKay, of
Bald Knob, who is asking voters
to confirm, in the August prim
ary, the action of Govenor T. C.
McRae in appointing him sen
ator to fill vacancy. Mr. McKay
was given forty minutes in which
'to explain his. stand on matters
of common interest to the peo
ple of White County; the Major
bimgtc 1 was given ten minutes
for rejoinder.
All agreed that the meeting
. was a success, the large audience
I giving close attention to each
peaker; no heckling or mud
j. slinging by candidates or audi
We will say that those can
didates that missed this oppor
: tunitv to meet with the voters of
this rich agricultural section of
I the county overlooked a bet that
should have been covered, as
these voters believe in co-opera
tion and the lucky candidate to
j be selected as the choice of the
community will receive practical
ly a solid vote in Red River, Nig
ger Hill, Dogwood, Kensett and
Higginson townships.
Several voters expressed dis
appointment at Hon. J. A.
Choate not being present as they
had a desire to hem* him explain
his stand on the stock law pro
Hicks & Nichols have added to
their well equipped undertak
ing establishment a Me Cable &
Powers Motor Hearse. This
enterprising firm composed of
E. E. Hicks and W. A. Nichols
embarked in the undertaking
business three years ago.
Their conscientious personal
j service and fair dealings has won
I for them a patronage that has
j prompted them to equip them
' selves to give the public the best
| service possible. SERVICE is
I their motto.
KE1 UK 1 Ur Xtlli, v/r
Farmers &Merchants Bank
Loans and Discounts . $164,023.45
Overdrafts, good, .I.. 2,695.63
U- S. Bonds .................. 16,787.50
County Script .... L.L_582.54
Furniture and Fixtures . 3,936.78
Banking House ...i. 11,732.52
Cash and Sight Exchange .: 63,880.37
Total ’.....-.- -.$263,638- 7 9
Capital Stock ...... $ 17,500.00
Surplus, Certified, ,3 12,500.00
Undivided Profits, Net __ 108.37
Bills Payable ...:1. 39,600.00
DEPOSITS .....193,930.42
S.ate of Arkansas )
County of White \
We, A. W. Henson, Pi es., and T. J. Lowdermilk, Caslner,
CT' the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above
i statement is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.
A. W. Henson. President
T. J. Lowdermilk, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
tnis 9th day of May, 1922.
II. P. Cleveland, Notary Public.
MAJ. W. H. ABINGTON stands for efficiency and pro
Candidate for the Senate from gress. If you believe him quali
the 27th Senatorial District who fied, your support is solicited.
Bald Knob, May 6.—In order to
keep Bald Knob out in front as
the first strawberry producing
point in Arkansas, J. R. Kilman
and W. H. Nichols, two large
growers here closed a deal Tnurs
day with Louis Hubach of Jud
sonia, by which they acquire the
rights to a new variety of straw
berry propagated by Mr. Hu
bach, paying him $25 per 1000
for 30,000 plants to be delivered
this spring, and contracting for
all the plants he can grow on two
acres for delivery in 1923 at $10
per 1000. Mr. Hubach retains
the right to fruit as many plants
as he desires, but is to sell no
plants, except to Kilman &
The variety has been named
the Early Hubach. It ripens
with the Excelsor and is a larg
er, firmer, better flavored berry
that will ship well and is very
productive. Mr. Hubach has
picked 14 crates less than a third
of an acre and still has growing
berries and blooms. The 30,
000 plants will distributed,
among the growers here in small
quanity in older to get a large
acreage quickly.
A school teacher recently put
the question to a class in the
Third grade, as to how many
seasons there were in a year.
A small boy with, a keenly devel
oped commercial mind,—and un
doubtedly destined to be a mer
chant prince,— promptly replied
that there were two, “the busy
season and the dull season.”
As we are now on the thresh
old of the so-called “dull season”
we might well determine to
speed up our efforts rather than
relax, bearing in mind that apt
Fable which runs as follows:
“A naturalist divided an a
quarium with a clear glass par
tition. He put a lusty bass in one
section and minnows in the oth
The bass struck every time a
minow approached the glass par
tition. After three days of fruit
less lunging, which netted him
only bruises, he ceased his ef
forts and subsisted on the food
that was dropped in for him.
Then the Naturalist removed
the glass partition. The min
nows swam all around the bass
but he did not strike at a single
one. He had been thoroughly
Up to and including- the!
strawberry shipments of last
nig-ht there have been shipped
from White County district ’his
season 886 carloads of berries as
Bradford, . 70
Russell, 19
Bald Knob, . 185
Judsonia, .. 197 j
Searcy, .. . 28
McRae,. 208
Griffithville, .35
West Point and
Kensett,_ 14
Iligg-inson,.. 28
Garner, ,..91
Beebe, . 40 ■
Ward, ... 19;
Cabot, ... 32
TOTAL, 886 j
The only stations that are1
still shipping are Judsonia, Mc
Rae, Bald Knob, and Bradford-!
These are the figures furnished;
by Mr. John Snow, of the Bu
reau of Markets at Judsonia.
Total cars shippedthis season
in the United States, 12,572; to
tal cars shipped in Arkansas this !
season, 1,750.
The 1922 strawberry season
is practially over and while in
some ways it has been very dis
appointing on account of bad
weather condition, there is one
tact that stands but like a sore
fingure- The system of mark
eting fruit needs closer organ-,
ization. While the present
manner of each association sales
man handling the output of his
membership is a long step in ad
vance of each growers shipping
by local express.
The whole district output
should be handled by one head,
sold on the idea that business
was bad.
Moral. Take another shot at
the glass partition. You’ll
find it isn’t there.”
In conclusion, our suggestion
and advice is that we all take pot
only another, but numefdfc&v
shots at the glass partition.
who will then be able to spread
his cars, whether ten or one hun_
dPed, on themarket in such man
ner that no city receives more
than can be absorbed easily. <,
The White County Strawberry
district has developed several
salesmen who are the equal of
any in judgment and efficiency,
each capable of placing the entire
output in such a manner that the
growers would realize thous
ands of dollars more for their*
With only one man to deal
with, the buyers, whether pres
ent, or by wire would place their
orders early without the pres
ent day shopping methods that
leave both ends of the deal up in
the air often until the cars Lave
started lolling.
Another feature of the sys
tem of one selling agency is low_
ered cost which again would con
sult in. saving thousan : ’
lairs each year to the
Walter, .Wagoner and Wag
goner have completed the er
ection of a new warehouse at the
depot, to be used for the storing
of flour, feed hay, and etc.
The building stands in front
of the oid Union Warehouse, It
is 24ft. by 80 ft., and is built of
corrugated iron. It was de
signed and built by J. C. Forbes.
Gem Theatre
iiaid Knob. Ark.
Saturday* May 27
June Caprice
“ A Damsel in Distress”
There will be a how every
Thursday Night.
Tuesday, May 30
Ruth Roland
Episode No. 10.
Adventures of Bill and Bob
Pathe News
New Music Electrically
played each week
Admission 10c and 20c
Our little bank is steadily growing
_• ■ V'i
Are you listed as one to receive
credit for making this institution
grow? If not, you will make no mistake in starting
Your returns are beginning to come in
now, and we trust you will not forget •
our bank an will open an account with us,
if you haven’t already done so.
We certainly feel-snatetb^to those who
have already shown feeling toward
our bank by giving iCtheir business.
WL -r* '
Our bank is yours, therefore, make it your
loafing- place while in town.
A. 0. ADAY, Cashier
i f -*
•p •

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