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<EI)r (fcntrr £lcmocnil.
SlllJGEttT \ FOKSTKR, Editors.
tehc iSrntrc
Terms 51.60 per Annum, in Advance.
t. T. BHUGERT and R. H. FORSTER. Editora.
Thursday Morning, September 30,1880.
Democratic National Ticket.
ICR *!•* fßnnnißT,
\V I L.L.L A>l 11. RNTILISLI, of Indiana.
T R.>l#rt R. UTISN, ! Ilenry R. Parla,
) William 11. I'lajfool, ii>r*E A. Port.
I Julin rlnla, AL>rM M BT-olon,
S IMwin A. PUB, John P. Linton,
■ John M. Campbell, LOLUI *. Miller.
I oilliea Itallett, John O. Sußton,
[ John Moffet, L alrin M IBIW.-R,
I Kilward Walden, JAM™ A. J. Hll.'liauan,
F Nathan I' Jamee, rhrlatn|dier Maueo,
I Heorgr Filbert. lt..L.ert M.OII-on,
I Jamee O MeSpurraii. William 11. Ihmlap,
| Alfred J. Martin, llarry W. Wilia.n,
I A lam lleringer, SAMUEL llrltttth,
I Kranklin Turner. J Bow Thotnpaon.
J Patrl KJ. lilrmliißham,
Democratic State Ticket.
llßiiltOK A. JKSKB, of Jelferaon County.
RoIIKRT I'. DKCUEBT.of Philadelphia.
Democratic County Ticket.
MR roaoßßaa,
lion ANHRKW <<• ITRTIN, of Centre T'ouufy.
Hon J. I'. ORPIIART. of IWllefonte,
Hon. W A Ml'lilt AY. of llarrle.
WILLIAM C. IIRISLK, of Ilellefonte.
roR ort'STT ai RVEMR.
Onrtin Nominated.
At the last moment of making up i
j our issue for this week, we have the
I gratifying intelligence that the con
[ fercc* of the 20th District, which met
f at Lock Haven, have again placed in
I nomination our honored and distin
| gushed fellow townsman, ANDREW < i.
ICL UTIN, as the Democratic cundidate
I for Congress. Our ticket is now full'
and we go into the contest with full
assurance of its entire success in the
election of every one named upon it. |
ONE of the "Hoppers" at the New-
York meeting last week was General
f Daniel E. Sickle*, who lost a leg at
[ Gettysburg, oil the second day of the
[ battle, while in command of the 3d
I cor|is. In a speech announcing his
| intention to support Hancock he said
| that "Gettysburg deserves to name a
| President, nnd that Hancock impcr-
F somites Gettysburg."
j anon, has been nominated as the Dcm
| ocratic caudidate for Congress in the
: district composed of the counties of
! Dauphin, Lebanon and Northumbcr
t land. He is a lawyer of fine ability
i ami deserved popularity. His oppo
i nent is .Samuel Parr, the Cameron ring
i candidate of Dauphin. It will be a
lively contest and Maj. Weidmaus
[ nomination means business.
CONK LINO'S great effort in New
| York does not seem to have met the
I hopes of his jiarty. Instead of con
[ ciliating the feuds of factions, the im-
I perious Senator only raisetl the
[ "bloody shirt" at the South, and then
[ rushed like a mad bull at the Hayes
[ administration and the members of
the party who sympathised with it.
They are not at all pleased, and vote
i the "great effort" a great failure so
far as any practical advantages to the
party are to be considered.
SENATOR BAYARD, in his great
speech in New York, last week, refer
red to the large amount of Southern
claims passed and {mid during the
Republican control of Congress. He
spoke with the authority of his posi
tion and experience as a member of
the Finance Committee of the .Senate,
that of the more than $100,000,000 of
these claims the greater part have
passed into the pockets of New York
capitalists and speculators of the Re
publican faith. This depletion of the
Treasury ceased when the Democracy
got control of Congress, and the elec
tion of Hancock will give the specu
lators no hope of a revival of the ne
farious business carried on so success
fully under the Republican Congress.
Rebel Claims Again.
: "Nonntor Edmunds, spunking for |
1 Northern i{<*|iulilicans nnd taxpayers, !
says ii means that the claims (rebel war
claims) will he paid, and that there is
no Constitutional bar to their payment."
ltelUfonte Republican.
Thou Senator Edmunds and his .
I Ucpublican associates in Congress
must have been most prodigious blun- i
| derers when they drafted the fourth |
section of the fourteenth amendment to j
the Constitution of the I'nited States, i
In that section of the Constitution it
is provided that "neither the United !
State* nor any State nhall n**ume or
\ pay any debt or obligation incurred in i
aid of inmirrection or rebellion agaimt
the I nited State *, or claim for the lo*■<
| or emancipation of any clave, but nil j
*uch debt*, obligation* and claim* "hall
Sbe held illegal and void." This is part
| of the fundamental law of the land, 1
1 recognized as such by every depart
ment of the government and accepted
by every shade of political opinion In
| the country. When adopted it was
intended as a bar to the payment of j
• rebel claims, nnd if it fails to meet j
that purpose, a heavy load of respon- I
sibility rests upon those who were in- (
i strunieutal in placing it upon the j
j statute hook. With Democrats there
is no difficulty about its proper con
| struction. They know what it means,
! and stand hv it in letter and spirit.
The platform of the party accepts it
j and General Hancock Explicitly re
: cognises it in his letter of acceptance
when he says, "the thirteenth, four
i teenth and fifteenth amendments to
the Constitution of the I nited Slates,
embodying the results of the war, arc
inviolable." Iu the late admirable
letter written by General Hancock to |
Mr. Theodore Cook, of Cincinnati, he
| also gives the public his |>o*ition upon
j this question in words, clear, incisive I
and unmistakeable, and disposes of the
i false aud fliinsv charge that he would
| favor the payment of rebel war claims
in tbe event of his election to the
Presidency. He places himself square
ly before the people ujMin this issue, !
and the plighted word of the stainless
soldier will lie accepted its an ample j
guarantee for a faithful adherence to
every pledge he makes. Hut read the 1
letter of Gen. Hancock, nnd then say
whether this "bugbear," as he fitly j
terms it, should not in the future IK?
permitted to sleep in silence.
TIIE Hancock and English demon
stration of the united Democracy of
New York, on Thursday evening last,
was grand and imposing in every <
sense, affording the most gratifying
evidence that the people of the Empire
State are fully alive to the important
results in the present struggle for hou ;
est government. The immense mas." i
of enthusiastic Democracy it brought j
together; the great purpose had in S
view; the magnificent spectacle of I
50,000 freemen in torch-light proces
sion, and the eharacter of the states
men present to defend the principles
of Democracy and the return of our
Government to its original simplicity
and excellence, inspires the hope that
the reign of fraud is about to be driv
en to the rear. Amongst the long list
of speakers we notice Senators Bay
ard, Wallace, Hill, Randall, Gov.
Ilolliday, of Virginia, Gov. Phelps,
of Missouri, Daniel Dougherty and
many others of equal eminence who
spoke from twelve different platforms
erected to accommodate tbe immeuse
crowd who participated in the meet
It is not at all likely that the Repub
licans will desire to have any more
letters from Gen. Hancock. Those
they have already called out are very
unsatisfactory, very! The last is a
squelcher upon the Rebel claim
song of the De Goiyer orators and
will necessitate a review of their cam
paign notes. It will be found in our
columns, and is respectfully referred
to our friends, Beaver, Love and
Is Ho Fit for President V
No satisfactory attempt has been !
made by Gen. Garfield to relieve his j
reputation from the grave charge
| of official and moral delinquencies
| which now overshadows it. Their j
J gravity are certainly not such as to j
| he viewed with indifference by honest
voters, unless blinded and besotted by
partisan prejudice of the most dense
J and impenetrable character. The >
; Credit Mohilier swindle and the De j
, Goiyer fraud cannot hut startle an hou- :
! est man when called u|x>n to endorse j
Mr. Garfield as a proper person to
place at the head of the Government, j
When to these serious charges of loose
morality, to say the least of them,
preferred and sustained by indubitable j
testimony of his own party friends I
■ both iu Congress and in his Congres- |
sionul district, is supplemented his !
connection with the Presidential fraud
j of I*7o-7, such an endorsement can 1
j only be accounted for on the ground
i that party prejudice overrules honest
Ijudgment. The prominent part the
Republican candidate took in making
up the false returns in Lmisiana, and
I then as a judge in the electoral com
mission voting to stifle investigation
and perpetuate the fraud in Washing
ton, could ii<>t fail to strike even a
prejudiced mind as an net of question
able propriety. But to one endowed
by proper moral conception and a de
cent respect for honorable conduct the
disgraceful act presents a very differ
ent aspect. Gen. Garfield knew the
fraud was committed. Wenuse he on* i
a jiarty to it, hut when he got himself
| placed upon the Electoral Commission
under oath to investigate, and then
1 voted with the majority to accept the
j false returns without investigation, he
committed a crime thai hi* partisan*
have failed to justify or defend, for the
; reaon that it is indefensible. The
question is therefore pertinent, is such
a man fit to lie President of the I'nited
States ?
THE fact is undisputed that Gen.
; Garfield isamemlicrofthe British Free
Trade ('obden t'luh and was made such
for his speech in favor of the British
Tariff System, and his uniform oppo
sition to the American System. We
have heretofore referred to his vote*
in CougrcK* to reduce the duties on
, iron and roal ami other products of
I Pennsylvania, and it is probably per
tinent to inquire what assurances
I our manufacturers hn>-e that he ha*
| changed his views since hi* nomina
tion for President? He is supported
in the West a* a Free Trader on his
public record, and the mere assertion
of irresponsible *|>eker* should not
lie taken on trust that he is not still in
i full acoord with that system, in the
| absence of authoritative evidence
i from Garfield himself. A letter from
| Garfield is in order. If acconqienied
by his correspondence with theCobden
Club it will furnish very interesting
reading hereabouts.
TIIE Republicans had a big blow out
in Philadelphia on last •Saturday even
ing. Their procession is said to hnx-e
been the largest ever witnessed in that
city. Well they knew what |was re
quired of them. They had the ex
ample of the great Democratic dem
onstration of the previous week before
them and know just what would be
necessary to beat that grand out-pour
ing of the Hancock and English
masses. With 19,000 office-holders—
National, Htate and City—-to start with
it was not such n big thing after all to
swell their number up to 82,000 as
they claim to have done. The speak
ing on the occasion amounted to noth
ing. Blaine met with an exceedingly
cool reception, induced, probably, by
his recent failure in Maine, while
Btockett Mathews, the Baltimore
blatherskite, lost his temper because a
few inconsiderate Democrats had the
temerity to cheer for Hancock, and he
made a silly exhibition of himself by
getting into a wrangle with the crowd.
Taken altogether the Democrats lost
nothing by the display.
TUB question as to whether the
property qualification required to ob
tain a vote under the luws of Rhode
Island, applied to all eiti/.ens who did
not possess a freehold estute, or is con
fined only to those of foreign birth,
was submitted to the Attorney Gener
al of that Htute by Mr. VVeller of
Washington. The following is his
PROVIDKNCK, If. 1.,. Sept. 10, IHSO. J
If. I IFsttsr, Ay
DKARHIU.—Your* of tbo 7th Inst. i at
hand 1 have ju*t replied to n letter of
Mr. Gleason requesting the same informa
tion, and will, therefore, only *av in reply
to voura that A FOREIGN ItGI'N CITI
ZEN' of our State M t'ST OWN REAL
VOTE, ami that a NATIVE BORN
SAML'KI. P. COLT, A'T Att'y Gen.
The existence ami enforcement of
this odious system of proscription, if
uppliod to all alike, native and foreign
born citizen, would still lie a blot
ujHiti free government, but where ,-ucli
a law is enacted and enforced to ostra
cise our Irish and German citizens it
is simply infamous ami would not he
tolerated in any State in the l uion
not controlled by the Republican
party. Rut the sentiment which ap
proves such laws is not confined alone
to Rhode Island. It prevades the
Republican party in all States where
the political opinions of the voter does
not accord strictly with that party,
which is the party of proscription and
SIJO'K some of our Republican
friends linve become so enamored of
the opinions of Judge Jeremiah S.
Black, we call their attention to the
late letter of this distinguished man
to the Democracy at their monster
meeting held in the city of New
York last week. While the judge
still believe* that Garfield is a very
good sort of a man in the walks of
private life, he proves conclusively
the |ioiiticai career of the Republican
candidate for President has been one
of tergiversation, inconsistency ami
even dishonor; that he is a man total.
Iv devoid of the coinage of his con
victions; that he has ever been the
willing tool of the party machine;
and that by his elevation to the Pres
idency the worst elements of radical
ism would continue to dominate in the
affairs of state. Such a man is unfit
for the Chief Magistracy of a free
people and the country will so decide
in emphatic tones on the second day of
November next.
SOME people are amusing themselves
making cabinet* for the incoming Pres
ident. The Washington Pott takes a
a hand in the amuscineut and an
nounces the following as its view of an
ideal Democratic cabinet:
Serrrtary of Stair —Jcrcminh S. lllnrk,
of iVnnsylvanis.
Srrrrtary of the Treasury —Samuel J.
Tililcn, ot New York,
Ss.-rttary of War —Geo. It. McClellan,
of New Jersey.
Srrrrtary of Iftr A 'ary —Tho*. A. Ilen
dricks, of Indiana
Srrrelary of thr Inlrrivr —Allen G.
Thurman, of Ohio.
P'ttmnaUr (fenrral —John R. Gordon,
of Georgia.
Aitornry Urneral —Benjamin F. Hutler,
of Ma*achusetU.
This ideal would not be had a* a
reality. It would certainly display
an array of ability which could not
be exceeded by any Government upon
the earth. Bui. Gen. Hancock, who
will hnvc tho selection, will please him
self, and the distinguished men be
call* to his cabinet will be entirely
satisfactory to the people.
IIOXKKT people will not fail to rec
ollect, with proud satisfaction, iu cast
ing their votes on the 2d of November
that no bribes or fraud or pcijury
overshadows the fair fame of Gen.
Winfield Scott Hancock. They need
not heed the contrast between him and
his competitor, if their consciences
will allow them to evade it.
IT is said the Republicans are about
to "change horses crossing the stream,"
by deposing Marshal Jewell, chairman
of the National Committee. It won't
help them. They are doomed and no
other leader can erase the "hand writ
ing on the wall."
'I IIK Hon. Francis Jordan, of Har
rixburg, Secretary of State under (lov.
Geary, recently made a characteristic
speech which was published in the
Trfrgrnph of that city. Mr. Jordan in
social life in an esteemed and honorable
man, but as a partisan, like his candi
date for President, is reckless and un
truthful, and acts upon the principle
that any act is justifiable, however
dishonorable, in aid of his party.
This is Garfield morality, and seems to
be fully adopted by Mr. Jordan in the
extract of his speech we here reproduce
—not on account of its importance, as
any school-boy in tbc country can
detect the lie, but to show the mean
ness of the opposition to Gen. Han
cock :
Colonel Jordan Mid "At Gettysburg
shortly ufU-r In- came on the field, Han
cock became subordinate to General
Sloeum, and by an accident in a cannonade
in the third day's tight, Hancock was
wounded by a hall striking him on the
hack, which compelled him to go to the
hospital where ho remained a disabled
man, thus doing no lighting during the
hottest part of l'icketl's charge, the re
pulse of which virtually decided the battle.
And yet it is claimed Hancock fought the
battle of Gettysburg. History as given
in the testimony of soldiers who were near
Hancock in that momentous struggle saw
be took no part in it during the critical
period of the third day, when the victory
was won."
The mendacity of Mr. Jordan's
effort to misrepresent Gen. Hancock in
the battle of Gettysburg was fullv
exposed by Mr. Ovid F. Johnson, in a
brilliant speech at a mass meeting in
Harri-burg on Monday last, in which
he read letters from Surgeon Recti,
who extracted the ball wbirli caused
liim to fall at the close of the battle
and in the hour of victory—from Col.
Mitchell, who remained with him on
the field of battle until the la-t moment
of the fight on the Jd of July—and
from Gen. St. ( lair Mulhollund, who
was also present and is amazed that
Mr. Jordan would so falsify history,
and pronounces his statements u- ab
solutely false.
ItepiiMlran Kxtravagancr.
rrtitn fbe fb t II hrtifs Ul.
No record shows plainer the extrava
gance of the Republican* than their
course in this State for the twenty years
they have been in power. The official
figures prove, that in this time, the or
dinary expenses of the State govern
ment have been incrcioed from >.'<79,•
074, the last year the iiemocrats weie
in jKwer, to i1,332.3H.'i, the last year of
lUrtranfl's administration. In this
(line the salaries ot the Stale officers,
of every description, have been increas
ed—from Governor down to tide water.
We nmne a few of the offices, below, to
show the increase ; and for purposes of
comparison will take the year 1k59, the
last of Governor Packer, and 1X79, the
last of Governor llartranft. in this
time not only have salaries of all kinds
been raised, sometimes ax much as two
or three per cent., but all exjienses, in
cidental to the conduct of the State
government, have been correspondingly
increased. I.et the tax payers look at
these figurea:
law. ins.
foUrr of (lotfntnr
fw ?. *?? of ( Mfnm- nwMkllh
An litr General 1,7 m v
Attornrj ........ 4,111)
Adjutant Gevts-ntJ .........
Put# Trwmmn 1,5*........
Governor# PrnAl*- jvw retnry Duo .\t4)
C\*r% And Hire to HUG
And lx|flnp|tU .... A.fU) *i.Mt
Odk ami Mam hiin lllm In Audi
tor Gonem!* omm *,700 H. 400
CWk Him In Adj t UefiT# Ofllf#... 11.000
Clrrk And Muk'i lllrv la Mwnl
lV|Htrtmrnl. ... .7,900 k.lllfi
U/hiUUn 1 I'xKHfii ""—-541.701)
Pnldir riiul n*.... MIMAAI
latin* <| 125.) 4*,(wi
Printing Uflalativa Ra.xml :i,f? ... 3A,/**4
These figures are a sample of the in
crease in salaries and expenses of all
kinds since the itepubiicans came into
power. The Stale government has be
come a very expensive affair instead of
the inexpensive thing of 1859, in Dem
ocratic hand*. These officials render
no more, nor better service than when
their salaries were much lover. The
money, every cent of it, comes from the
pockets of the people, in some shape.
Has the wages of the tailoring man,
mechanic, or the return of the farmer
for hi* toil, been increased in proportion
to the pay of oificesholders ? They have
not. Thus it haa always been with the
Republican party. When they get into
[tower they consider offices places of
money-making instead of public trusts,
hence increase the salaries as well as
create new offices. All parties should
unite and turn out of power the party
which thus violate* their faith with the
On Thursday '.ast, the centennial an
niversary of tha capture of John
Andre was commemorated at Tarry
town, N. Y., with great rejoicing. EX
GOT. Tilden and Channeey M. Depew
were present and discoursed on the
moral of that notable event.
Grant Weidnian, of Lebanon county,
was nominated for Congress last Friday
by the Democrats of the Fourth Penn
sylvania district.
TERMS: $1.50 per Annum, In Advance.
KcHUßLicix Cotwrr CONVKSTIOK.—
The "forlorn hope" of Centre county
assembled in convention in the Court
House on Tuesday last, arid gave undoubt
ed evidence of the demoralisation existing
in their rank* by the character of their
proceeding*, it has been an open secret
for some time that the party exebwjuor
has been in a depleted condition for weeks
past—in fact ever since theyexauited them
selves on their torch-light parade in Au
gut. Their aim consequently was to
nominate a ticket which would at least
have a financial statu*. But in So doing
thev have sacrificed everything else, —es-
|.ally all claims to popular support. For
Congress they recommended Daniel lib<ada
K-q. t whose chief claim to sup|iort is that
he i* President of the Belicfonte and Snow
Shoe Bail road Company, and a liberal cit
izen whose purse strings bang somewhat
loosely und would be liable to become even
more elastic if touched with the doubtful
compliment of a Congressional recommen
dation. As a politician he has always been
a bitter and uncompromising partisan, and
the Democrats for whom he has voted even
in local contests are few and far between.
If numinaled in the district, which is
hardly probable, he would be about as easy
a man to beat a any in the district, having
no strength whatever outside of his own
party, and hit connection with a railroad
corporation tending to alienate the labor
ing men in hit own party.
Not satisfied, however, with this slap at
the people in their fight again*t oorporo
tions and monojiolies, they next nominat
ed a* one of their candidates for the legis
lature John P. Harris, who will be known
to the citixens of our county more protni
ricnlly a* the Ua*hier of the Fir hi Sato rial
Hnnk of ItrUrfonte. What he has ever
done to better the interest* of the masses,
or to benefit the laboring and voting class
es we are at loss to know ' What special
qualification* be would bring into tbo con
test which the people of Pennsylvania are
now waging again*! the corporations and
monopolies which are yearly trying to
swallow up that virtuous liody known as
the Pennsylvania Legislature, we are un
able to divine ' Where he would stand
in the contest between the j*eople and the
.Standard Oil Companies,on the $4,000,000
steal of the Penn'a. Railroad Co., and the
store-order system, does any laboring man
or mechanic doubt. Hi* voice on all oc
casions would be. for the corporations and
monopolies and against the people. The
other candidate nominated for Assembly
was W. J. Thompson, of Potter township,
a storekeeper and capitalist, who likewise
is able to do hi* little mite towards giving
the ticket a financial status.
For District Attorney they also attempt
ed to nominate John B. I.inn, Esq., in the
vain expectation that he would give their
treasury another little "boost," but for
some unaccountable reason this part of the
slate was smashed. 8. D. Ray, Esq., a
young lawyer, who is clearly ineligible,
(even if there was the shadow of a shade
of a chance of hi* election), as be was only
admitted to practice last May, and the law
requires that he should hare been a prac
ticing attorney for one year, carried off the
The ticket was completed by the nomi
nation of Joseph Devling for County
Surveyer—the Ixwt nomination on the
entire ticket, and the only concession in
the entire programme to the "bone and
sinew " and the "hardy sons of toil" about
whom we hear Republican orators contin
ually prating.
Bucli is the work of the Republican
county convention t Can you laboring men
of Centre county support it * Is there any
concession or hope or promise of anxiety
for your interests In it? Or i* it a plain
bid for the financial aid and support of the
money hags and corporations of Centra
county ? We fear tbe Bellefonte managers
have overshot the mark, and while tickling
the purses of monied men have thrown
| away and alienated the votes of the masses.
—The funeral cortege which proceeded
from the depot at this place yesterday
morning to the Hebrew burial ground was
for the little two-year-old child of Mr.
Ferdinaod Loeb, of Hunbury, whose re
mains were brought to this place for in
—We have the finest stock of suits in
black diagonal, blue check and other dark
good, heavy winter su.U. We can ehow
you the largest and best stock In the
county and guarantee them 20 per cent,
cheaper than any other house.
L*o* A Co.
—Tbo front window of Harry J. Lind
say * cigar store has been ornamented with
fancy letters explaining the business trans
acted within.
—■Get a durable, substantial business
suit at the Philadelphia Branch.

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