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®Jw CintK
Thursday Morning, February 17, 1881.
OOMUBVOWM '• i UiMrtint B*LL tolk It
rti from any part of the omnly. No coiurimiiicatlow.
Innorlinl Utile"* mvoii|m!il* , l hy lli rwil nam* of the
Democratic County Committee.
The following parsons IIHVO been named
as members of the Democratic County
Committeo for 1881.
Ili'llrf nl.\ W W Nirlintas Rwl'llng
HellHcotr, N. Charles ScliraJer.
Hellolontr, a. W
Mllesbiir* <. I' Krwaiuer.
Millheliii 1> I. Errtw.
Unlonvllle \ Toner l-ealherw.
llostxxl li.-.r*.. YVlsUr.
I'tllllp-hiirK A. J. Oralis™.
limner Irrrjr Kris'.
Ilngx* I SIIH'S A. M, l lain.
Horiishtc Osrnr Hull.
Curtin J. IHI !.-< 1.-k-j,
College 's"' l ' IMtorf
Ksfguson, olil John T. Met ermli-k.
fan—Ml. IIS Mill" Ilk- r.
tlregg, south <"•'. Kr.iiiirtrio, 8r
lirenK, north lumen |h< k.
lUlfiuiN.it , , " '*!!.,
Ilataaa Mn*r.
Harris I' 1 '" } *■!*•.
II .t%r i .loltn A Uuiiklt*.
n.a,. '•
Liberty M. II Oar.lm r.
Marion I'rrry J owl"
\f.|,. M Seine,T K rsilsl.
" Join. Ile.-.l
iv„„ i krisS ilnnlw.
filar, north lohn Ihaaaon
Poller, south .Isn.ea M.s'llntirk.
UU.h ————
boowSluH, Ai>. I Canipbell.
apring I"hn Noll
Taylor VI llliam I,'al.lorwooJ.
\ Colon 8 K Kinert. 1..
Walksr An.i io— Hi Mullen.
tjMTarth ManUl l..h>.
Bellefonte, I'a.. Feb. I. Chairman.
Local Department.
WANTED.—An experienced dry goods j
salesman at tho Bee Hive, (rood wages i
and steady employment.
No* to the second term strides on tie .ear.
And lengthening days foretell mild spring Is near.
One .lay's warm sunshine clears Ihe froren earth
Of iee and snow, until another birth
tit the rough north whitens the softening laud.
And blnda ll.e plain* and sir,wills in winter's numbing '
l.aud. Hoam
—Valentines t.av casli for wheat at their
—Tho man or boy is sensible who spends ;
his money for clothing at the Philadelphia j
—The sweetest perfume near or far
Is that which come from the cigar
We bought of Harry Green.
—A great variety of beautiful garments
for men and boys at the Philadelphia
—Disappointed candidates for office will
find one of Harry Green'* cigars very :
—The happiest man iu town is the one
who has just bought a new suit at the
Philadelphia Branch.
—lio to Valentines' -t>res for mackerel. |
Sixty cents will buy a hit of mackerel,
weight and quality guaranteed.
—Solomon in all his glory did not look |
any neater than ho who wears clothing
from the Philadelphia Branch.
—Farmers, consult the agricultural de
partment of the DEMOCRAT this week It 1
will be found worthy your attention and
Bad cold* are dangerous, and the best
way to prevent them is to dress in the
warm clothing sold at the Philadelphia
Bellefonte will be tho point for fish
this year. Valentines have ordered about
a car load of mackerel, which will be sold j
at low prices.
—IIr. David Hershberger, an aged and
respected citi/.en of Zion, died on Friday
night last. He was in his 78th year. Hi* j
funeral took place on Tuesday at 2
o'clock p. M.
Mrs. Amelia Ounsallus, wife of Mr. j
Clarence Ounsallus, and formerly Miss ;
Zettle, of George's Valley, died in Altoona
on Saturday, the sth instant. Her remains
were brought to her maiden borne in this
county for interment.
—it is never a pleasant fact to chronicle
that business is at a "stand-still," but it i
it agreeable to be able to record that the :
old reliable grocery firm of Sechler A Co.
is at its stand still and will continuo to
stay there as long as business continue* so
brisk as at present.
—Our friends of the Millheim Band de
lighted the people of Mifflinburg, by a
concert given at Thompson's Hall in that
place on Saturday evening, the sth instant.
Mr. William Musser, of Millheim, accom
panied the Bind on thoir expedition, which
was greatly enjoyed by all.
—Mra. Mary Gibson died at her home in
Susquehanna township, Lycoming county,
on Thursday, the -Id instant. She < the
mother of the first wife of Mr. H. L. Har
vey, of Boggs township. Mrs. Gibson
was a lady of high character and respecta
bility and her death will be deeply la
—Mr. C. F. Richard, the jeweler, has
added an elegant new safe to bit already
well stocked jewelry store. The safe is
quite a costly affair, furnished with all the
modern improvements, and will render the
valuables entrusted to his care yet more
secure. Mr. Richard is not only a *kt)lfu|
jeweler, but alto has one of the most com
plete establishments in the Htste.
—Bellefonte men seem to be trump in
Pennsylvania politics. Thero t Curtin snd
Beaver both recivlng votes for U. S. Hens
tor, snd Hon. John B. Linn's nsme has
been mentioned in connection with the
position. That's a record which even the
large cities cannot show. But then It's
ever thus with everthing pertaining to our
town, and, of all the grocery stores, that
of 8. A. Brew A Hon seems to take the
lead. Whatever you desire In the grocery
line can be purchased at that store.
Tuesday'B KI.KCTIONH.—Tho following
represents tho result of tho borough and
township elections held on 'I uesday last, so
far as wo have boon able to collect thoni.
Tho borough ticket was elected by tho
fallowing majorities:
John Powers, Pom., for Burgess, 15 ;
John Hour bock, Rep., Assistant Burgess,
102; George A. Bayard, Bop., Overseer
of Poor, 117 over Kichlino and 58 over
Twitmire; David Glenn, Rep., Overseer
of Poor, 77 over Kichlino and 48 over
Twitmire; Harvey H. Bonner, Rep.,
Borough Assessor, 05; H. Durbin Gray,
Rep., Treasurer, 70; Isaac Lose, Rep.,
Constable, 101 ; George Walker, Rep.,
High t'(instable, I) plurality; S. D. Bay,
Rep., Auditor, 80.
Chief Rurgeaa Clement Dale, 125;
John Powers, lot.
As*l. tturau* J D. Roorback, i • 7;
i Herman Kobb, 75.
/'■Kir Overseer* —G- A. Bayard, 155;
David M. Glenn, 153; J. M. Keichline,
i 74 ; Henry Twitmire, 70.
.leijeur— ll. il. Ben nor, 150; H. 1.
' Stitxer, 72.
Trenailrer —H. Durbin Gray, 152 ; C. M.
Bower, 70.
(Xmahihlr — Isaac Lose, 158; Martin
Morrison, 7.1;
Ugh Conatnhle —George Walker, 125;
Henry flares, 81.
Amlitor- S. D. Ray, 152; George R.
Barrett, 70.
Judge af /'Jecilon —Daniel McGinlev,
148; W F. Reber, Hi
('■'unci/ —John Ardell, 1.55; Jno F. Pot
ter, 75 ; scattering, 1.
Inapeetor —ll C Weaver, 150; Thomas
Hbaugbenry, Jr., 70
School Director —David Butts, 162; D.
Z. Kline, so.
kimifrsfios Assessor—John H. Wolf,
150; O. L. Hoover, 80; scattering, 1
/large s*— Dale, 'l3 ; Powers, Cel.
A net. Rurgeaa —Hourbeck, 108; Robb, ■
/•..,, r Orrraeera —Glenn, t5 : Bayard, 87 :
Keichline, 125 ; Twitmire, 1 12.
.4ss.ss.ir—Benner, 100; Htiuer, 123.
Treasurer —Gray, 1 ; Bower, 135.
C main hie —Lose, 118'.; Morrison, ll*
II ih t '. i ntahlc. —Walker, 78 ; flares, PJ6.
Auditor —Ray, 00; Barrett, 128,
Juilge of Electa n — R. A. Laird, 78;
Ulir *t. Sciirock, 147.
Council, abort tern Bsrtriltl, 18'.; Walk
ev 128.
Council, long term —W T. Twitmire,
'.'llß B Met'nlfertv, 117.
Inapeetor —J, C. DfßCllbill, 86 ; John W. .
Moore, 121}.
S-h.ot Director —R. W. Gilmore, 102;
Robert H-burn, 121.
I —George W Schrock, 110; c. 1
It. Nolan, 112.
Rurge* — Dab", 60 ; Powers, 55.
.Inf. Rurgeaa Hourbeck, 73 ; Robb, 42 1
/' ,r t trrv.eera Glenn, i'.' l Bayard,'. 6; !
Twitmire, 48; Kcichlir.e, Ml.
Aa r.aor —Rentier, 7-!; Stitxer, 42.
Trcnaurer— Gray, 78 ; Bower, 37
C natable — lerse, 71 ; Morrison. 41.
High Cunatnbte Walker, 55; flares, 41.
Auditor —Bsy, 72 ; Barrett, 41
Juilge of Election — W in. Ismg, 57, N.
lNding, 17
lnapeet-r —A. Herkheinier, 72; C. Dcrr,
C uncit—C. T. Gcrberich, 57 J. S.
Henry, 45
School Director —G, G. Skinner, 55;
James Hchofield, 62.
A**e**r—Hayes C. Schroyer, 55 ; Joe.
Gross, 48.
Judge of Election —James Alexander, R.,
208; G. W. Lonebarger, I)., 141.
Inapeetor —M. Runkle, It., 205; J. II
Wetxle, D., 142
Superriaort —John Bilger, It , Ikm ; Wil
liam Houser, It , 213 ; John Sweeny, D.,
180; Daniel Lut/., D , 115.
<lea ner, i ■ the /• ~r J J. Mu'O-r, It.,
220; William Bell, R,. 1',1,5 John Barn
hart. D., 127 ; Ahram Stine, D . 142
Assessor— M. Riddle, It, 237; John
Harrison, D., 105.
! s-h I Diraetort • John Grifltk, R., 200; I
Amos Mullen, 1t.,2<>4; Michael Karstet- ,
1 ter, D., 125; Sidney Miller, I)., 12*.<; j
; Adam Haxrl, 23.
f ' natnhle —Nelson Lucas, D., 172 ; Goo. I
Miller, R , 155.
Auditor —James Curtin, R . 224 ; Perry !
fientxle, I)., 123.
T irn Clerk —Richard Miller, It., 213; j
Michael Kelley, I)., 130.
In Benner township there seems to have
been but one general ticket voted. There
were only a few scattering votes for other
parties. The following are the persons
j elected ;
Judge nj Election Adam Wagner.
; /napeetora —John Thomas, James H.
I Carson.
I Sitperciaora —F.lias Beejter, Thomas My
I tree lee rt o/ the I'oor —John LutX, Kxr*
Junttce. of the I'ener —Ahner Rider.
Assessor —H. K. Hoy
School Director n —Henry Armagast,
Robert Corl.
Conatahle —George Markle.
Auditor —Joseph Wilson.
Town Clerk James Roan.
Tnu-nihip Trenail rer —Fred Houser.
Judge of Election —p. P. Hhope, R., 141 ;
KdWard Johnson, D., 17.5.
Inapeetor George Fleck, R., 141 ;
Kmanuel Null, Jr., P., 155.
Suprrmaorn —Jacob C. Walkev, R., l'ib,
S. A Bat hurst, It ,81 ; Jaines M Lucas,
I)., 185, Ex.ekiel Confer, D., 233.
Or'eracera of I'oor —Jacob C. Walker, R.,
138, H. A. Bathurst, R., 7i; James M.
Lucas, P., 181, K/.ekiel Confer, R., 236.
Juatice of Pence— D. B. Malone, R., 142;
P. W. Barnhart, I>., 173.
Assessor—A. C. Iddings, 312.
School Direetnra —Jacob Yernell, R., 118,
I). D. Hhope, R., 125; Hunter Nicely, 1.,
12; Jerry Confer, P., 185, Lourie Hbope,
P., 186.
Omatahle —John M. Walters, R., 161 (
f)aniel F. Poor man, P., 155.
,\juiitor —Jobn M Wagner, R., 11l j
A C. Iddings, D., 201.
Tmcnahip Clerk—V. 11. Haupt, R., 151;
John A. Whitehill, P., 154.
Judge of Election —A. C. Hinton, P.,
102; H. Hilkknitter, K., 07
Inapeetor —James fiates, P., 108; N. 11.
Crissman, R , 46.
Superriaora —P. Nolan, P., 04; Jacob
Mingle, P., 102; Jobn Gunsalis, R., 75 ;
Jackson Watson, R., 82.
Oreraeera gf the Poor —Edward Poor
man, P., 118; James Watson, P., 105;
Willism (Juick, R., 50; Dr. J. P. Glenn,
R .50.
Assessor—Patrick Kelly, P., 6; G. W.
Weaver, R., 55.
Justice of the Pence —J. 11. Ilrown, 110 j
D. 11. Yeager, 60.
School IHrcctorn— Patrick Kolley, !>.,
lit! j Abel Campbell, I)., 110; .IHIIICH Pope,
D.,78; Jatne* G. Luca*, D., 100; .fas A.
Clark, K., till; C. P. Stone road, 08 ; Dr.
J, A. Thompson, (12 ; 8. Y. Luca*, (17.
Oomtable —W. It. llaynu*, D., 108;
Jesse F. Luca*, It., 68.
Awlitorn —W. M. Yeager, I)., 100; It.
B. Gilliland, D., 112; Win. S. Stewart,
It., (18 ; S. C. Boak, It., 67.
Ki.gcrioN NOTXS. — The popularity of
John Power* was well tested on last Tues
day. He made a splendid run for Chief
Burgos* of the borough, and tho Democrat*
of Bullefonto may well feel good over hi*
triumphant election, lie will make a good
officer and do credit to the position.
Hurrah, for tho Solid South I—the
South ward of the borough of Bellelonto,
we mean. The Democrats of thi* ward
came up most nobly to the work belore
them on la-t Tuesday, and for the llret
time in a number ol year* carried their
entire ticket at a municipal election. It
only show* what the Democrat* of that
ward can do at an election when they are
thoroughly united. All honor to the South
—The Democrat* came cut of the con*
test of last Tuesday in a good ileal better
condition than they did at the borough j
election one year ago, and may well con- !
gratulate themselves on the result.
—George Skinner, colored, managed to
pull through for the office of School Di- j
rector in the West ward by a majority of
four vole*, and for the first timo in the !
history of BellefonUi a colored man will sit
in the School board. Mr. Schofleld ha*
been a useful and faithful member of the
board and deserved a re-election. Tho
colored brethren, however, had to be rec- '
ognized. It was, no doubt, a bitter dose
to many of the white brethren, but they I
managed to swallow it.
ary 11, the Hon. Cam Burnside and Mr
Matthew Kiddle met In Hasg*' back par
lor Shin Bone's office) and then and there
named and nominated a lull corps of town
thip officer*, t<> serve the dear people of
Spring township for the ensuing year. On
Saturday the latter gentleman took a list
of said officers to Bellefonte, where certain
• talwart* of !<•* note were convened, and
had their work of the previous day ratified
without a dissenting voice.
That celebrated farmer. Mr Henry
Zeigler, says he i* again "|>eiicred to an
alarming extent. He thinks It would be
a good idea to buy a tra< t of land some
where an I bring over a colony of China
men to devour the troublesome creature- .
If he fail* in thi he will resort to j>oison. j
Mr. Haag I*busily engaged in prepar- j
ing hi* tobacco crop of last year for mark
et. He has "Abe'* ' sanctum in a some
what confused condition, but promises to
put it in order a. soon a* he i* through
with the tobacco.
Bob say* be don't care how much they
soil the clean floor in hi* store o long as
they buy tobacco from him ; but he con
sider* it altogether "too thin'' for them to
buy tobacco at the other lore and then
come up and give him tho benefit of the
saliva Boy*, take warning.
Siiils Boss*
The exhibition ol the Millheim liven
ing German School on Saturday evening
last was a grand succes*. Not even the
inclemency of the weather could prevent
nine.tenths ot all lower Penns Valley Irom
being present. So well wa* the effort re
ceived that upon special request the exer
cise* wilt be repeated at Centre Hall on
Saturday, the 6th proximo. The pro.
gramme i* replete with more than enough 1
to tickle the intellectual taste* of all, and
the manager, Mr. Adolph Miller, assures
us that any Bellefonlers, who may see fit
to take in the exhibition, will he pleased. |
It* novelty is sufficient to attract many. !
Kxercise* in High German ami Pennsyl- ;
vania Dutch. No Knglish.
—The flood in Spring creek last week
wa* of a very provoking description. On
Thursday aflcrao- n it rose quite rapidly,
and about 3 o'clock it invaded the com
posing room of the DIMW XAT office, leav
ing a thick coat of slimy mud to mark its
track when it retired. After falling about
two feet it remained stationary all day
Friday. A brisk shower of rain on Satur
day morning started it up again, and by
Saturday evening it had approached so
near that a #ligh' impression on the floor of
our composing room would again force it
up through the crack*. Spring creek,
when in it* normal condition, is a pretty
stream and has often attracted our admira
tion, but it* "room is far better than it*
—A Norfolk man ha* gotten up an at
tachment to gas meters which *hnw* tbe
amount duo for gas consumed, expressed in
dollars and cent*. Now if tome Inventive
genius could make an attachment to gro
cery store* for a similar purpose and would
attach one to Hechler A Co'* store, it would
be found that that firm sells an immense
amount of superior grocerina at a very
small price.
—Mr. JamesGroupoll,of Barney, Clear
field county, who recently fell and broke
his neck and afterwards had it mended in
tbe manner recorded in last week's DRWO.
CHAT, i* still improving, and is now able
to walk about hi* room. He say* he is de
termined to get well if it take* all summer.
The Osceola Reveille ha* investigates! the
matter, and maintains that the accident
wa* an actual break of the neck, and con
sequently the moet remarkable event of
tbe kind on record.
A H11.1.-OK-FAUR.—In addition to tho
other attraction* offered by Gregg Post
next week for tho entertainment and de
lectation of tho public, they will open a
restaurant which will be convenient of
access for those who shall visit the art gal
lery and fair. Tho following hill-of-faro
will show what an extensive and excellent
collection of edible* epicures will have to
select from :
Fried, escaloped, oyster pie, (tewed oys
lb>a*t turkey, roa*t chicken, roast beef,
ham sandwich, buttered roll* and bread
and butter (with coffee), chicken salad,
cold hum.
Mince jiic, pumpkin pie, lemon custard,
egg custard, peach pie, green apple pie.
Bread pudding, rice pudding, Brown
Bettie, Charlotte do Russc.
Ico cream cake, cocoanul cake, chocolate
cake, lemon cake, White Mountain cake
sponge cake, |>ouiid cuke, ginger bread,
assorted cake.
\ miii 1 In, chocolate, banana, caromel.
Coffee, lea and chocolate.
I'KRSONAI.. —The name of Mr. Joseph
1 Fttrey was announced a* one of the distin
guished guet* who tarried over Sunday at
the St. Elmo Hotel, Philadelphia
—Mr James Laurie, son of Rev. Wil- I
liain Laurie, i* filling the position of
itant Isookkccper at the extensive ma
chine shop* of Win. P Duncan A Co.
-Mr John Musser, Jr., of Pine Grove
Mill*, wa- a caller at the DEMOCRAT office j
last Friday.
Rev. John Hewitt officiated at the
services in the State College chapel or, j
Sunday afternoon.
Rev. William Laurie suffered from a
severe cold last Sunday, and wa* unable to i
hold his regular evening service.
-Mr* II W. Smith, concluded her I
popular Bible lectures in Bellefonte on ;
Friday evening, being uncx|-eclodly called
home to Philadelphia by illness in her j
Ex-Governor Curtin will deliver hi*
celebrated lecture m "Russia' In Ridge
way, Klk county, some time this winter
Hun Seth Yocum |>onl Sunday last
at his home in this place.
MM Mary Ma< Bride i* on the eve of '
departing to Washington City, expecting
to remain until after Inauguration Day.
' IRITV.—The leading attractions in this
part of the county at present are the pre
trai ted meetings.
t —Rev. J. Benson Akers, the jxipular
*nd talented M. K. divine who is laboring
. in the Penns Valley circuit, has just closed j
a protracted meeting at Spring Mills, and i
will soon commence a series of revival
service* at Centre Hall.
Rev. I'flischer, tb" Lutheran minister
at Centre Hall, ha* been holding a series of
revival meeting- in the George's Valley
c hurch, at it a mile w.uth of Spring Mills !
The interest manifested in the work was so i
great, and the attendance to large, that on j
several occasions ju>rsons were unable to
gain admittance to the church.
—The Stover Brothers have l*vn doing
good work in theupjier Kv angelical church
in Brush Valley. Seven or eight inquirers
after the "way I" be saved'' have present
ed themselves at the altar of prayer. The
meeting has been ir. progress for several
weeks, but the interest in the work does
not flag.
Rev. Boeder, of the Reformed church,
held a week of service preparatory to
. communion, during last week, in the
j church of that denomination at Farmers
—The recent rain* made thing* rather
watery for the Spring Millers. Robert
Dunc an's new store building wa* surround
' <-d by the aqueous fluid Tho building
j -land* on post* sunk into the ground on
the bank* of the creek. Tho floating ice
I tore out some of the post* and very nearly
allowed the *tore to sink into the raging
torrent. Robert felt like ringing, "Pull
for the Shore."
—The school board of Gregg township
have selected a Mr. Mtisser to teach the
two months of the unexpired term in the
Seven Mountain* school. Tho vacancy
was caused by the resignation of J. ft.
Crawford, who has left the most honorable
of professions to become a "counter hop
per." He is now serving the customer*
who go in *rowd# to Robert Duncan's store.
James is an agreeable young man, and
will, no doubt, give satisfaction to his new
—One of tho Hpeiglemyer# will open a
store, next spring, in the building former
ly occupied by Mr. Duncan. Let him
come—the more, the merrier. ,%
[We would be happy to hear from our
correspondent every week.—K.]
—The members of the N. G, of Pa. are
circulating a petition directed to the Senate
and House of Representatives, praying
those bodies to past the law now pending
which provides that they shall receive pay
for each day of actual service, Instead of
for only one day, a# Is now the case.
FOR RRRT.— -Three desirable apartment*,
eligibly located. Possession given imme
diately. Inquire at thl* office.
—On and after this date the retail price
of Imogen Cement will be $1.76 per barrel.
Let* than a barrel, 76 cent* per bushel.
(Quantity and price given on application.
This cement I* warranted. If any prove*
bad I will replace It with new.
(L2t 11. K. HICKS,
Proprietor of the Logan Cement Work*.
HT. VAI.KHTINK'S DAY.—The Hairit to
whose memory the 14tb day of nvery Feb
ruary U dedicated mu*t have boan a very
sentimental old gentleman, and at the tamo
time he doubtless had many trait* of char- !
a , 't , ' r "itnilar to a Dickens, a Thackeray or
any of tho many other person* who spend
so much tirno in cbaricaturing the peculi
ar itlo of their neighbor* Instead of hunting
out their own. Well, Kt. VnP* day ban
come and gone, and while it wa# here the
young folk* of Beliofonle (and tome of the j
old folk-, bet,)derive! much pleasure from
it. The deiire to tend and receive those '
lender or *evero missive* was more intense
than ever before. In the manufacture of i
valentine* a great amount of ingenuity and
late it ditplayed. Thote of the comic tort
are tuprcrocdy ugly and ridiculou* while
the sentimental specimen* are equally elab- !
orate and beautiful. Thoto who received
the former kind (and the number who did
not ua very tmalh, mutt not contider
that the sentiment* cxpr<#ed in the ugly
picture or in the mongrel poetry are the j
true feeling* which the tender entertain* |
for the receiver, but thote who received
|>ecimen of the iwoetly tenlimenUl kind, !
we believe . an, in a majority of instance*. :
congratulate themselves that the rote* and
angi U and word* of loving rhyme thereon
arc a correct exprettion of the entimeriU
of the tender toward the recipient, and
many a love-lorn twain limit thin a wel
come op|,ortunity to unburden hit heart of
feeling* which oiherwite might remain
hidden forever. It it true that the tender j
of a valentine especially of the comic kind
it utually tiipjMiti d to remain in c.g , but
but when thote mittive* contain d<*lara
tion* of genuine love and affection there it
alwayt a divine intuition which reveal* b>
the recipient the identity of tho (tender.
There hat been much poetry good, bad
and indifferent written about tlie day, but
we have teen nothing that more beauli
fully exprettm it> true tentiment than the
following, with which it i- deemed proper
to dote thi* brief notice
wv V AI.EMINt..
There it friot u|M>n the hair
iiatidecl neath the triowy cap,
• In her brow are line* of car*.
And the thin hand* in her lap
Are not quite to fair and fine
At they were in Add I.ang Syne,
Sweetest wife,
My valentine,
It it forty year* ago
Since i ttole wuh timid foot.
Through the lingering afterglow
P*t the oak * entwisled root,
Past the cedar and the pine,
Withing, hoping the were mine,
Pride of life,
My valentine.
Peering through the latticed pare,
Clear 1 taw my true-love t face :
Turned and left and turned again,
Lingered there, while time and place
Hallowi-d grew, for like a thrine
Seemed that thelt*r<*d hearth of thine,
lear, my wife,
My valentine.
Then I tlipfad beneath the door
Something tatin bound and white ;
It would lie upon the floor
In the moonbeam'* tender light.
That beseeching note of mine.
Suing for that heart of thine,
Sweet, my life,
My valentine
Wooing wavt, they bdl me, now
Are more tentihly arranged ;
Truth to tell, I tee not how
Love and honor hare not changed,
Still mutt man find half divine
That fair woman who thai) thine
On bit life.
Hi* valentine.
And betide our hou*ehold fire,
Dearest, ctown of all my reat,
More than ever my detire.
Sharer of my jovt and tear*,
Gratefully I • ail thee mine,
Proudly own that I am thine,
Sweetett wife,
My valentine.
PtULK SAI.M. — Messrs. D. Sharer and
C. Ifeckert, administrator* of the late John
L. Rookey, of Spring townthip, offer a
large number of the peraonal effect* be
longing to the dccea*ed at public tale, on
Friday, March 11. Among the article*
enumerated in the attractive tale bill* al
ready printed are teveral bead of young
cattle, good milk row*, wagon*, reaper*,
barnett, cultivators j interest In ssqiaratnr
and horte power, Ac. The?e article* arc in
good condition. It i* one of the be*t op
porlunitie* of the teaton.
Mr. Kmanuel Ettingcr offer* for sa'e
at the residence of John Itltner, Sr., in
Potter townthip, on Wedneiday, iMkh
9, a large amount of personal property,
among which we notiee one hore, four
cow*, wagon*, cultivator*, reaj>ers, Jkc
The tale will begin at 1 o'clock p. M.,
when and where term* will be made
—On Tbur*day, March 10, a tale will
ai*o take place at the retidence of 1) M
Weaver, one mile northwe*t of Pine
Grove Mill*, along tbe White Hall road
Three *plendid cow*, ix heed of young
cattle, one combined obampion reaper and
mower, one uiky cultivator, one gum
*pring grain drill, iity feet of belling—B
indie* wide, Ac., are upon the bill* which
adverti*e the *ale. Sale to begin at one
—A *ale of valuable real estate will take
place from the itore of J. C. Sample, at
Pine Grove Mill*, on Saturday, March 12,
at one o'clock P. M. Tbe land deecribed
for a!e 1* located about one mile oe*t of
Pine Grove Mill*, and I* bounded by the
land* of John Miett, David and Keed
Rarr, William Bloom, Mr. Arcbey and
TUMT Mountain. It contain* forty-tree
acre*, a good houM and an apple orchard.
Possession given on April 1,
Mint. Pahtinuton ;i: Don't take
any of tbo quack rottrutm, mi they aro
regimental to the human cistern ; but put
your trut In Hop Hitter*, which will cure
general dilapidation, costive habiti and
all comic disease*. They raved Isaac from
a severe extra, tof tribal fever. They are
the rir J, Inn l'num of medicine.—/foe ton
—Spring woolen* now ready. Early
order* solicit"- I. Money saved.
1# if Mon looMKHT A Co., Tailor*.
—Take your bacon, egg*, butler and
lard to Valentine*' itoroa,
Bualnea* Notice*.
W by are horse* and cattle after taking
Roberts Horn- I'owder* like a new lauri
drii-d rbirt ? He< aine tiiey look sb-ak and
At the present time when there are *o
many VortBMM linaiiient* in ibe market,
it would be well to inquire which i* the
beet Till. Will bo found in M If Hubert *
Embrocation it i* a panacea for ailment*
that ro<iiiire rubbing either on man or
heart, i'rico .'i. r > cent* per bottle.
—No more *ick chicken*. Have your
poultry and . ire them of dt*eae, bv using
* h*rt- J'ou.try I'owder. h ha* „,. v ,. r
failed to ,-ure Cholera, and all diseue* to
which low I* are subject. price 25 cent*
per package. For ,ale by all druggists.
Why do you cough when you can
find speedy r< lief in Sim * Syrup of Tar,
Wild ('harry and Horebourn/'' It i* the
most pleasant ,nd eflii a. .our remedy known
for <• .ugh*. < ids, Croup, Asthma, and all
diMMM landing to pulmonary oosaumu*
lioli. lla> bein old for over "thirty war*
and i eajic ia.lv adapted to children, a* it
d<>** not ntue ate, arid consequently it can
be used in ufii. i-nt quatititv a* t/I effect a
cure. Try one bottle and you will never
be without It Price 26c. and 60c. ( e-r hot.
tie. H.od ev .ry where A>k \ our drugcitt
lor It.
—The p i anty of M H Robert*'
I'or*e Powder, i. proving Itself in the in
.r- an-.l demand throughout ibi* State,
from the (a. ! that the public are at last
t:r. : r 001 that it it to obuil. a
pa. kage of li> r> ar.d I atlle powder which
i strictly pur and frc from such adulter
atio. s as t.ran. cake rneai, and other in
gredieiiU .a. ulat.-d to puff the anirna)
instead < f curing it of the disease it is suf
faring fr.. n . M B. Robert* Bono Po*
d-rs contain no adulteration, and are much
. heaper than any other, as but a tabic.
sp.M.nful i r- nir.-d for a dose. Ask anv
old hor*man a, to their merit*. For sale
everywhere. Price reduced to 26c. j**r
pa. kage
Forney "I rofreuu" for the Future.
With this imber, Saturday, November
Mtb, lHwi, /■ ,/rcs will iscgin its third
volume. Her.-atter it will an Inde
pendent Inn K rati, paper, retaining all
its eclectic • alures, dis< listing soci'-ty,
finance, lb oratna, railroads, and foreign
affairs. It* j. rice has been reduced to
$2 50 per annum, or 5 cent* a number.
As I hove placed all inv means in the
reorganised enterprise, and propose lode
vol.* all my time to it, I have no h.*s itation
in asking my personal and political friends
to gill- tpe tl iienefit of their prompt and
a. live Co* operation. When w. recollect
that over :<,.i**l vote* were cast for Gen
eral Hancock in the city of Philadelphia
alone, on th" 2d of November, and in
Pennsylvania *,(**, and in the country
at large al ut five million of votes, there
ought P> be a readv and liberal response to
the scheme of an independent I>.-m. ratic
w.*ekly pa( < r ■•( the highe*t class in Phil
The hour < Democratic defeat, procured
bv ..pen purchase of the suffrage, and by
deliberate intimidation of the dependent
cilir-en, shoub'. also I* the hour of Ifemn.
cralic education and preparation for the
gr.*at work of organisation and action, in
the present ar.d the future.
JoIIK W. PoßJtgy,
Editor and Proprietor of /Voireas,
7(12 Chestnut street, Philadelphia
Term* for /'repress $2.50 per year.
Single copies, 5 cent*.
To the Went and South
AII, travelers will appreciate the an
nouncement that the Pittsburgh, Cincin
nati A St l-mii* Railway Company—Pan.
Handle Rout"—will hereafter run a first
class Passenger cch from Pittsburgh to
St I-.'ui* on the Fast Kipress train leaving
Pittaburg every day at '■> 22 a. m. Sleep
ing car* will continue to run on same
train from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, Louis
ville, Indianapolis and St. L><uia, hut the
through coach to St. Louia will be a great
benefit to persons en route to Indianapolis,
Terre Haute, St. I-euis and all points West
and Southwest, who do not care to pay
the extra charge for sleeping car privt*
Hotel or sleeping cars will continue to
run on Cincinnati Express leaving Pitts
burgh at 7.62 P. M. for Cincinnati and
Is.ulsviile, and on night express leaving
Pittsburg at 12.02 a m. for Cincinnati,
Louiiville, Indianapolis and St Loui*
without change.
Passengers for the West and South will
please bear in mind the improved through
car service by the Pan* Handle Route.
To secure the advantage of quirk time,
good connections in Wnion depots, and
through car accommodation*, over one of
the best constructed and most perfectly
equipped lines, it is only necessary to ask
for and be sare that you receive tickets via.
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati A St. Loui* Rail
way—Pan Handle Route.
For time table* and information addreat
W. C. Ri *it arson, Passenger Agent,
Pittsburgh, Pa., or W I. O'HUigx, Gen
eral Passenger Agent Pan-Handle Route,
Columbus, Ohio. 4-sw.
ninni.K-r.IMWKBM*X -A lh* Prwirtertan par*
•*'. Ull'slwra. na W>4n*a*t. Iks IMb UmISSI,
hj lis*. W i. W n*kl. Mr (1 RiCll. f lsswt.ur*.
Met Mis* M 1.. Kma-snata. of kiMvij
iRIMOARIt-'ORWAN —Oa lb* IMb of Jnair,
I*SI, h R-> W M baniM*. Mr Thomas Rnjm**r4
*4 Mis* Kmm* Oenmti, *ll of Mils* Mshlß
Ovale* eeaat*
MTOVRR hl.l VKPI'I.TRR -Oa tbs .XMh nf Jsno.ry.
lbai.br 111 a M. UM*. Mr. Item H, fUnrt,
el Fsrwrf* Mills, le Mis* Mart K. Klln-felter. of
*-* i Madlsenharg.
•CIIAMP- I.KW is -Oa lbs l<h lawaal, at lb* HrMsV
hnats.br Rs i A Irtla, Mr Jaatss W. Rchasap, of
ties. a<l Ml- Rasbsl 1 Nairn. <4 Jarhanavills.
K!IW)K.-At 1-aßtsrtlhs Jaaaarr XI. |R*|, W altar
Mablea. ssa -4 •' W. A. ukl Anal. I. Rldg*
**. d asssn assbs aa4 laa Aaya.
r.RRRT -la Pan* 'owasbtm oa Raadav, tbs lJtb
lastaek Adbn. Iwbr, af*d alwßt rt itar*.

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