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Jljr <£mt democrat
SH IK J KIM A VAN OHM KU. Kill tor*.
vol. :>.
flit Cfivtw Jirmocrat
?ertn* 81.50 or Annum.ln ArtvAnee
H. T. SNUOERT & J R VAN ORM O. Editor.
Thursday Morning. March 15. IPB3.
Contra County Djmocrattc Com
mittee for 1383.
lUill.but* S w J M Krirhtinr Usll.-r..iil
.. s \V. C!W. Sltlllll
llaw.nl . Howard.
M.lMi.nrf • J.Hi-. I* J.'ii.-. ... .
a. •• f 1
PbiSi*wtmry IW. ■ .0. IIMIMI*- I luli|-t-wr
•j \v. At! .®tiuntli
ft w %. \ •• •
VaMwM* UM. . v J >■ LO.O-i.i n '
~ , Win Mil- li.lki.ni-.
.., In I'taliW 1 All*lß. . \| 11, - M'..
hl.ru.lda Iw(' II- ry M••• k" fill- I.kill,
l ..11. *o IW||. ji.l.ii It . Um.uii
l-.lrtill Iwi- J" 1 "' M ' II "*'
VZSLi o y JTM■ -> V gut. J
\ b 1. \V. M*ik. I i.l 1. -I 'I"
H |>" J..111. I'. lli . -prim Milk.
■ J(.|> Wm I— fMW* M '"*
lists xt 8. I' I. I M ... \\...p...|
w t Uw n-.wr. Aswwsbwr*.
tuir Moon t.f .1 II ... 111.
ll.irk <|- "• W *V"
UuWWHI twp I..lnii;i'nn HoWSM.
liKtnii tw,. J-I n Mil-. ■■ -I'll
1.11 •• v t*; Jam-* I*. I.mu '
" I it • ti ■ I■ I J. H*>J . I W. • r
Wil -up KIM- K H*ti
-*;.. > ... A*'— --ll'".Jr. liliii.tr.--
Pma lP ■ y ii/i
Cottar N i ...8 J S" 2J* V B '
V I', SAltl l'l HN. i. 1 tl-u ) * III*-
I.ilah N. P. ...... VlUnm rl|o Pliili|"'ur*
;> IT KvtHjfi -♦I. •! • K
Hump Mm ta ... *■ n n-i J*"*'-
s n t- •' 'W..-I lk,kf..t.t-
Tojtof i'i. Mi fly i B-owrr. -I - •
1,,'.. tw,. h K. fm-r.. I
M...r I. ,V i:n.. II I. II
WonT ;•' .... M s •• "
V. V i bit*.
Tin: t '.iiuiuitteo of ilit- 11• n-• did
not seem to be iiiiprs."eil with the tie
n—ity of up|iro|iriniiiik glut), 000 l
r .vur the expense" I >r eiit-atiipmeiii
onrptwes of the NAIHIIIHI liuariN
I'm-v rep-irteil Hpiiin.-t it. HIOI tin y <lil
LEE l!;C 11-pro TTLIO foil I OPT I i tne
■•eat of more—mm U'chariUon ( .t
South ('.iroliii.i. it now lor JI
; •ft place in the 1) ■{• irsneiiu at Wa-h
iilgViU. ill- pen-le <!V the
-o:itHit h" serv-.t a- u wa'.euinan n:
iln- C'jpitiil.
• IVi notice 11 (oil was report—l in
the .Senate the hiy, afli nativi fy,
•ir.,vnliuif for the t - ni'li-ln u til ill a
-ieutific iltural st \tiou nt ami in
''omie rtiiiu .villi the >i lie College,
:mt upprojiriatioo per year
tor five jr-ars thwri-t'or.
* THE tliversitv ot our dim* e mnf
he M-eti in the fuel that the oraujte
tree- in New Orleans are in lull bloom,
ami corn a font high in tieor
gia, while in Maine they r.joi.-e in
three feet of the "hi-autiful snow," ami
all the aecnnipanying luxuries.
I'KOK. WIUOINS was bailly left in
I the storm he predicted so con
fidently. Hut old March, as if in
j sympathy for the wounded feelings of
I the "Canada Prophet," ha. been stir
ring up the angry elements pretty
generally all around during the la.t
Tift: GliiU COM ISO ! Two hundred
girls sailed from Limerick, Ireland,
cm the 8:h inst, for the United State.
Tlier are to locale in New flani|wihire.
No doubt the Limerick boys will fol
low in clue time. \Ve yet have room
I for *ll the girls and hoys of Ireland.
Let them come.
THE interminable star-route trials
still occupy the attention of Judge
NVyley's court at Washington. The
prosecution have got through with
that side of the case-, ami the defense
are now presenting the other side. It
■ will doubt less be many weeks before a
7 ' verdict i. reached.
[i WE omitted to mention (list our
e genial friend Georg'- I). Herbert, late
of the Pliiladt-lphia Times, has IH-CII
associated in the tali tori I corps of the
iliirrisburg J'rtrio'. This pa|ier lias
been enlarged and greatly improved,
and uudouhtedly •lands in the head |
rank of the daily news journals of the
state ami will nol lose in interi-M by
the a,ive energy and Hhility of Mr,
Ilerliert. The P-ilrivt, the central
organ of the I) -iiiocratic party—gives .
the news a* t lly ami as earlv a* anv
other d. I y —lieuiiih-d ir # and -honld (
receive the (arms' support of IXinn
er* ts. j
N rmnl Schools.
The Dovlcslovvu Ihm'irrut, spenking
of the appropriations to N< rtunl
.(•liools, r< fleets the seuiiinents of nine
tenths of the people of the State when
it says, "They sin uhl he aholishvcl,
and ihe lax-payers no longer he called
upon to | >nv for their support. They
arc outside of, and beyond the com
mon school system. hen common
schools were established, marly half a
century ago,nothing was contemplated
bc-vond providing the children of the
Comniuuwealth with the rudiments of
an education at the expense of the
taxpayers. These schools were estab
lished in the intertst of poor men, who
could Dot afford to pay for the educa
tion of their own children. Normal
' i schools have been engrafted oil the
common school system, to enable those
who ort able to pay, to git a classical
education for their children at reduced
rules. It i. an outrage to a-kthe tax
pavers to support thei schools. Nor
mal schools have broken up all, or
m arly all. 11• • academies and hoarding
-chtMil. in the State, for private enter
prise cannot compote, successfully,
with the State in running sclusils. In
Normal schools, tuition is fn-e ; the
scholars only pay their board ; hence
the acndi-iiiy and private sel |. are
underbid. If a parent wish his child
' roll to re-1 ;vo a higher o m-a ion than
they can g< t at the public sohoois, h
-lioiild have lit. privil. g>-of sending
ilit-ni where In- pha-os, ami il.e iipia!
piivihgcot paving th- bill- from bl
own junket. Need vie repeat that it
i- gro-s iiijii.-tice to risk the tax |.a\e,-
to jay sm-li lolls am! -npi ori such
schools? It i< now lime to call a
"bait in th- niu'ier ot luxmg lie
p. ople to a-sist in -giving n oias-i mI
e.lueH'iou to ion children of ilosn- rich
ii, ugli I j. iv 'o ii lh- ni.- I x -. I!v
Mjij.ropreilioii t r llir-e folate Imorilirg
- !i . -i. old ri!n-d and th-t
-ii'iuld is- thrown upoo their own n -
s..urcr, and fhu p!ai*e upon the sann
f.sitii g .is the aeadeiuv and ordinar'
Isiard tig s- j, rmal eh<" l nre
it soi e -in h ' i v |.i,111-."
TIIE New York •*' -111-: "We
can r it aav the second -• .-ion of tlis*
Forty-,.evt nih t ongr> via- nim-h
more ere limbic than the first. The
la-l Liver and Hurt- r HiSI iva- not so
large a the former one,hut rni- passed
by an inc<riigil.le majority of the
Hn'B-e in the fiiee of the existence <d
a large unexp- nded balance from the
appropriations of Inst year. .Ml the
appropriation* of thi. session have
I been characterized by the same reck
less and squandering sjiirit which
finally brought so many statesmen to
grief last fall. Taxation has only
la-en reduced to the extent of dimin*
j ishing the internal revenue by about
840,<fO0,(HXI, but the burdensome and
costly machinery for collecting it, ami
the political ami partisan efficacy of
that machinery remain the same. Tin
same number of office holders will con
tinue to diaw salaries ami work for
the g< HM I of the pnrty, and this is the
whole of the story. The end of this
Uotigri ss has left the country in as
great a need of an lumest and deter
j mined baud of reformers in Congress
as did the end of the first session."
JAMES S NAOI.EY, President of the
National Union League of the United
Slates, has called a meeting of the
executive committee at Pliiladel|diiH
; for the '24tli of March, for the (impose
of adopting inea'tiri-s to harmonize
the warring tactions of the Hepuhlicau
party in the various .Stales, and jair
| Ocularly ill Pennsylvania, This is
i prejm.r.lory to the cani|>nign of ]HH |,
! and it ,r "dl require huge labor on jiart
I of the H-iigue, aideil by MII the bosses
1 of the "grnn'l o|il jiarty," to convince
i tlie |ieople that th r.K'ltfrs who
plundered the public Isiof?,; who have
defrtimled the |uihlie treasttry on al
j leg'd Itarlior improvements ; who have
j oppressed tlie public by taxes, and re
fused at the Inst moment of their
j power to mitigate the oppressing by
the r|eal of tn-jimi tax laws.lare
bki.i.ki-onti: pa., Thursday. march i:. i*ki.
A ppor.lonmont.
; ' Tiic Harri-lnng I'atriaf, dim-insuit;
1 j ilit- duty 'if iln* Legislature in t-otincc
• ' ti<nt wiili tin- it|>| >(>ni<>t)nit'tit nf tins
• Siuti; into Si'tiatnrinl ami r>-|>rt -'-nla
, i tivu dialriulf, say.-: "I In- t'■ t.-l i t ti
l lion of l'i titihylvnuia provide* (Article
; Section 1M that the general [bum
lilv "iiumoliatclv after t-Ht-lt I iiili-il
i Stute* decennial census *hu!l uppor
i tint) tin- •late into senatorial utnl raj,*
] rcFi'htaiiw district*."
The Ucpu idieim legislature of
f failed t<> oliey tin- mandate of the <■"•
■ gtitution and to all tippea unices the
fit-I Ml l>licull members of the |r-j--nt
i |I-j*i^-liitiir- are resolved to re|*eat the
. derelietioti ol the former hotly, livery
| effort of the Democrat* during the
i. prt -<-nt *e*sinn of the legislature to
[, | ruinate tin- consideration of appor
| lioninent hill* lia-t bei n tin thy oh
| ' structive and dilatory tattie* on the
. ' part of the Kv publican*. Tlie latter
seem* to regard the mandatory pro*
r vision ot the coniilitutioii with indilh r
, i nee and contempt. ly refusing to
apportion the state into .senatorial and
legislative distiuts the legislature
, would not only disregard the plain
nijuireinent of the lundauicntit! law,
luil would he doing gross injustice to
thosr loealitiis which have increased
in p'-puluii-'ii duriiig ' • past nine
ymrs. The legislature therefore ran
-0 t nfioid to adjourn without ri npp- r
tinning the state into seuntoriul and
; repr-eula'ive di-triels. The I--|M,H
. -ilnliiy for the di la) which lw* at
i ti-ndtil tin-i on-i'h rat ion of apportion
. on ot hills will la- pluei'd w iii-i i- it
i tN'louga. 'toe J'-10 it* if tbcIIOUM
i have iiertnrmed ilnir duly in prr-ent*
. ii gto th.il body tin- m ccasurv no asurt a
I to eoure |o the | *op|e of the state n
i proper fi press-mat ion ill the legisla
ure. It thoe in-aoin s an- not no
-1 j-I aide to th-- Ih-puiilaiis thiviaii
jin po-e aim i-dim tit- and • the senate
is Republican the lull* can lie cnt to
a i oiniiittee o! e •• fi r-r - •. lint no
giii.d reji- n is di' triiihle, not evn
> it :n a II -puldii en | lint ■ f vi--w, wh\
it"- eonsidi-rnti-it of tho*e niaHrc
-hollld le- di la* -i|.
IVrliap* tlt - io-pnhiii-aiii of the leg
islature are so imum n d of the tactics
>1 their hrethr-n HI roiigns* on T lie
in itf hill, that thiyme. II to put off
the apportion until lulls until the Inst
' day of tin- se-ion and then cur-e .-ach
other tor aliowmg them to pass at all-
If that i mil tin ir reason for < hstruct
uig the consideration of thoe hills it
is something, in the classic langunge
of Dundreary. that "no tollnh ever
ean find out."
, As interesting eutertaiumeut was
j given in the hall of the House of Rep
resentative* last week hy a delegation
of Indian girls mid boys from the
Carlisle training sehool. It is said
■ lhee juvenile s.ivig-s cxli hit very
■ j commendable progress in education
' and culture, ami furnish gom! evidence
that the Government, after a century
of error, has at length hit tifmnat lca-t
one pra<- ical measure towards the
civilization of the Indian ami to pre
pare him for usefulness as a citizen.
Hy educating the young, who will soon
lie the controlling influence in the
several tribes, the government is prob
ably doing the work which is to solve
sati-latorily the difficult problem of
j the century "what i In lie done with
, the Indian ?"
SFCRKTAUV FOI.OKU is now l uveal l
gating what is called (ho "Treasury
Granite King" under cliargi* preferred
eil against supervising Architect Hill.
I'l he charge la that Architect Hill w*
in collusion with granite men to make
money illegally out of the granite con
tracts with the Government. Among
the prominent pien, who are interested i
in granite quarries, and supposed to la- 1
in cahoot with Hill, are ex .Secretar
Itiaiue, Ciov. Hen Huiler, and Sena
tor* H: le and Itollina i f New Hnnip J
•hire. If these compote the "ring" it (
is certainly a very strong nne ami ,
w.uild he likely to have their track.* (
toil well covered, to fl-nr exposure ui* I
tier ordinary investigation. 11
Postal Notes,
j flic law authorizing tlie issue of
| ihri-e-ceiit "postal tioti-" will go into
effect alioul Septeml-er I. I**3, or t no
earlier date if tin tieccsssty engraving
and printing ran he sooner done. The
Washington eoriespoiident of the New
Aot k Tn'.\n ■ suyx tin; pn.'.al note is
about as large as a greenback. At the
I right hand are two column* giving the
months of the year and the dates of
twelve tears, liegirining with the pre*
ent. At the left hand are three col
IIIIIIIS ol figure*. One, representing
dollars, is numbered up to I ; the second,
representing dimes, u numbered up to
: the third, it-presenting cents, is also
numbered up to y. and each aeries ends
with a cipher Ihe note is or sum:
ie-s than five dollar-. The postmaster
at the office issuing the no'e wiil punch
the month and the yesr. the number of
dollnrs, is uin I er of dunes and liunil i-r
of rents in ih'-ir respective colutniis.
thus pu-veutiiig ant alteration ol the
amount or date, i'.v this system the
postal notes can bn issued !>.r ai.i suru
from one c. Nt up to £1 l->. In buying
a post 11 note no wr-tten | plication will
be necesssiy. The note w ill lie bought
like u postage stamp and will he |>nta
tde to the bearer at any time wriihui
three ru >nths from the 1■ at day of the
month "f issue. The body of the note
is a lorm stating the . IV. .. at which it
is issued and the office to which it is
sent. When pa.d tin- person oltiaining
I nr.ient | wis nis sign itute uj >n tl.i
Ii is not claim'-I that the p< t-.l note
'uini.lo s l In- r ire- e|<-in< i- - 'hi unit
i lire petal order i. a m use, where
wril'ei | pin si nis m le and -.her
itie sender - li.ilie is j i.valelt fOr oar d e'i
'o lie- office w here lli mo r .s to be
paid , hilt It s t**d)eved tli-1 lis c< u
seiiiem e I" all risi'ii a' p< oj w- II I i
o sieal .s to render lire n-rr< asp in
ss-cui n v of Mil! ng on) if'ai <-• . ft i
exi eetid that it will l.sk" the plac- tor
iransnii-sfoii of m'-fl' T through th•
insns of the old ffci w ii-.i rum ncy
■since thst was withdrawn there has
l-en i.o ss'e snd agrresble way of iranv
milling I is!! elms etc; ty | n-tsge
stamp . wliirh are not regarded w.tli
i .vor as iurrem v, or by the rurubet~.me
pioces- of ihe postal order.
A *ti commentary on the fallibility
>f human judgment is contained in a
press te'.egr >iii front Michigan, which
' it- s ih -t "a life convio' n-tme
I 'urn has jut Hern p.irdnned out of the
s j rion, where be has neen con
lined lwentv-riin* years lor th" mur>ler
of a man nama-i Kstabrtok in Si. Joseph
co-.inly in 1&j3," <od ad-fs ihsl "there
is little doubt that I turn is cniirely in
nocent of nv connection with the tnur
der. Not many years ago Uovcrnor
lUker of In-liunn, pardon.- i a convicl
who was serving n life sentence lor tnur
der. The pardon was granted tiecause
Ihe "murdered man had been disco-. •
ered in good health and w enjoying,
as ,-t huge jok , the idea thai Ins "mur
derer." who, hy (he way. had never in
jured him, was shut up at hard work
! for life. There are m-my other known
instance# of similar mistake*. In some
cases the death penally has been in
j dieted on persons sub*e<picntiy proven j
to have been innocent. For instance,
a telegram from Middle burg, fa., pub.
lished yesterday , says of a man who was
lianged a year ago : "There ia a general j
impression that fie died innocent." It !
is probable that a good many mistaken
conviction* occur that are never shown
to be error*. Of course it is not |>o**ible
to get at the facta and to ex|>oae and
refine falsehood in all cases, but the
wrong of an unjust conviction ia ao
awful and irremediable that court# and
juries cannot lie too careful. There is
aciual guilt enough to punish without
involving the innocent in the penalties
of cnoie
The Mew IVn*loa Art,
WasHtßorov, M fob s.—The following
circul r b • • ean issued by the Com
•iiisaio i' r f Pension* and approved hy
the Secret ry of the Interior :
The l-|!o*ing regu afton* are pre
aerib-d for he purpose of carrying into
effect A- speedily a* possible, the pro
vision* of Ibe Act of Congress, approved ,
March 3, 1*1)3. mmeasing to S3O per
month the ansion* ol those who have
lost a leg A or alove the knee, or an
arm at or Above the elbow, and of those
who hav-> ao disabled At to he in- 1
cap citat'd I- r performing any manual '
labor, but not ao touch ao a* to eeqjir* I
reguiar personal aid and attendance,
who are now receiving H pension st die
C f'te of |l'l per moritli, and to .*i't j ,< r
j inonih the pensions of those who have
( one tind, or one f,,oi or t.e-n 10-nlly
t ' or permanently disaMed in the same, or
ot her wise o disabled a.- to render their
f : incapacity to perform manual labor
< rjoivalent to 111 v 10-s of A hn-l or fool,
stid now receiving |IB per month. In
ssniueh as the -aci act has immediate
( '-fleet upon sijcfi admitted eases a- have
'"-en adjudicated at the rate of ?_'} arol
J t l i per month reApectively.no formal
{ application by the benefie;r> is ne
ressary to he made oilier than to for
( ward to the < onimissioner of Pensions
( the pension certificsie, accornpanii d hy
t * teller slating in the handwriting of
Ihe pensioner his pi< -ent |-o-t-l!lce ad
dress. As Ms 111 a* possible after I fie
reccifit of the pension certificate afore
said, the I'omn tssioner will re iAS tie to
Iniri a new cerlifi'-ate for tin- new rate,
and will for *sid the .s;ue to lbe proper
. pension agent t-> in.cnU the nam- of
, '"eh pemnmei --ti the roll t the in
( creased ra'c, and t-i makr lo the pen
. -doner the pi pi r p ivuieit In Ihe cue
I of ampul : .11 the I . r- !|C .te will here
, issued wuhout any lurtiier medical ex
animation. I n<- intervention of n
agent or at torn c > in such s<l mitt ed c.ii •
( AS sr.* Hlft-i leri hy thi- i-.ct, I > iog unri*
ccssAry, will r.ot i„- t e. ognireij
J HE Innlth <d S< uator J. I>. ( anii--
r in i- -aid to I-- much more - rimi-li
impaircsl than i- g.-us r.i.'i -ujipi.-e.l
that he sutlers with :i jmiulul di-a-c,
greatly aggravated by i g.tct and the
use of njiiate* t , allay pain, tl at will
ri <| uir•- <h In ,IK ai d sue - --1 ~ surgical
treatment nmke .vn i, >**il,li
Ihe S.-nau-r i k utidoubtciiv v-rv ill,
but w tru-t hi- comiitioti i- not
m rious us de-c rib. I, and tliat rest and
quiet from the exciieuipnt ot bis ardu
ous .mat rial dutie- will sufli icntly
recruit hi* strength to undergo the
n|eniti >h without danger
Hy later report- w<- learn that an
opeialion hi* been snccejufullv per
formes), and that the S nalnr'* restora
tion to hcal'h is a-sure I. The disea-c
h> *uflcrs| with ws- fi-tula.
fill: Washington lirriexc and Kr
aminrr, speaking of tlie late Congre-s.
characterizes it mildlv thus; "This
dead Congress has had no jwrallcl in
the history of the countrv. It will
have no Mteoewor like unto it. The
filiate obtained a K.'publican majority
by a disgraceful bargain with Mahunc
and the rcpudiator- of honest con
tract A. The Hon-"- began by a tiade
!etwev n Kohooti and Ksifer, by which
the control of the legislation was
placet! at the mercy of the tm>at cor
rupt ami unscrupulous ring that ever
walked outside the wal! of a peniten
tiary. Patriotism and virtue were
subjects of ridicule and the treasury
has I teen depleted and the sacred right
of the people hartvred away in the !
open market.
, Too LATE! It was our cnterpris ,
ingandgenerally wide-awake friend* of
Lock Haven, thi- time, who allowed
! the golden moment* to *ii|i hy them j
i unheeded. They were anxious to have
the machine shop* of the S. \V. Hail
way erected at thnt place, hut were
tardy in raising the neces*ai vsubscrip
tion required for that purjsie. In the
mean time, the little town nf Jerecy
Shore quietly went to work and secur
ed the prize, and when our Lick Hav
en friend* apjieared, cash in hand, to
elaim the reward, were informed that
they were late—the letting was made
and the prize awarded to the little
lival down the river.
_ i
THE trial of Duke* for the murder
ofNutt, is now going on at Union
town. Some damaging testimony
against Duke* is given, and if not sat- '
iklaetorily explained will show a pre
paration ami premeditation for the
art, that will not IM* healthy in the de
fence. Whether this man is prnonc- *
ed guilty of murder or acquitted on
the plea of self defence, his own letter
to hi* victim, now published, should
be sufficient forever to prevent him t
taking a seat iu the legislature c*f j
Pennsylvania. i
I Kit MS : 51..-.0 |kt Aii ii lint, in A'l i H uri'.
J HI; Legislative committee investi
gatii.g tin* management of the Dix
mout Asylum at Pittsburg lias been
put in |i-nesiuu of very damaging
testimony against the officials of that
, institution. Their treatment of the
un fortunate in mater, according to the
evidence has beeu very hrutal and d<--
"TV' the reverent cnndenination, if
■ not u prompt ditmisal.
I Tilt. New York Kvening I'ost.l liep.)
thinks that < nngre--, in passing the
tariff hill. <j• -tied the |mpular will "ex
, pressed with rare distinctness and
force. I hey only defied the popular
r will in failing to clear the deck of a
reasonable amount of the exuberances
and relieving the people of unneces
sary tax oppression.
IIIJ fi inoerat- and Greeobacker
o! Michigan have agn-ed to pool their
i sues. I'.acb party with a separate
organization claiming different views,
have nominated half the state tickit
and roten- a fusion to win. The con
•d'tency of the arrangement is not to
he admired, but it it please* the Micbi
gatidt r-. |. i them IK- happy in their
own way.
A -I.S SAT I<>\ lot: Hi.AIM;—A
sensnti. |, H | report ha- been sss-ut out
tr in \\ shingtnu that an attempt was
made t. a-sassinate the 'Tlurned
Knight by shooting into a carriage
m which he MH* returning from a
night session at the Capitol. Mr
Blaine himself treats the affair lightly
and sa*' he is satisfied that no shot
w.i- fired into the carriage while he
occupied it.
A BILL introduced in the New York
legislature to preserve the puritv of
■ lections, makes it a felony to receive
>r pay money for votes ; it fiocs aud
impris in offetider- and deprives them
<>l the right to vote or hold office for
H term <>t years. Ihe enactment of
stringent lav.s f..r the protection of the
'oil' t i all right enough, hut it is of
little value if the law i allowed to
become a dead l iter, as is too gener
ally the case, lajtli in New York and
I KI A H Movi rt. SO long under sen
'ence <>f death for participation with
'wo others in the murder of John
Kintzler ami wife, in Snyder eountv,
w h executed on Kiiilav last at Middle
burg. lii associates ( . re fiung some
time ago. but Moyer ha made a brave
light for life and when all efl -rts have
luilod to ohtaiu from the Governor
and pardon-board a reversal of the
sentence, he confesses his guilt and
expiates the crime with apparent in
UIKMIC Island was married at Stanton,
Va , last week to Mrs. Dora Inez Cal
vert, in forty-eight hours after the
bride s divorce from her former hut-
I band. The bride who, is described as
an attractive lady, is a native of Con
necticut, but for rnanv years has re
sided in West Virginia. The Gov
ernor s ex|>erience in a former mar
riage did not deter him in taking
chances for better agreement in a new
THE family of Joseph A. SEEDS, the
heroic engineer who perished on the
Pennsylvania railroad last October, in
j the successful effort to save the lives
|of three hundred endangered passen
gers, is said to he in a condition of
altsolutc de titution. Judging by the
last niimial report of the grewt Penn.
sylvania corporation it would seem as
if this ought not to be. The onmpauy
is certainly able to keep the family
from starving until the public has time
to organize measures for their relief.—
IPtisAinyfen /W.
We know not what foundation there
is for the above, hut it is not like the
great corporation to neglect the family
of a brave official in the manner de
scribed. I<et inquiry be made.
cooviuocd thai the Presidency was be
yond his reach and seen red a mora val
uable prize—a good wile.
NO. 11.

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