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®ht Cmtrr
Thursday Muruing. March 15. 1883.
••mlmliilhr hi|rtnni •*••• *•'l
•<t from an? imrt f ihr i.imtily. N cnnumiilr ' n*
l rl*l Miil*a a c*u|iMiilfal f>y llir rwl imtm* of tir
Local Department.
Noti< k toSTOt KIIOLKKHX —Tha annual
meeting (if the stockholders of ilio Bald
Eagl • Valley Railroad Company in rIW
for Tu<Mda, A| r I 10, lh*, at I'.' o'clock,
V. v.. at INU South-lib street, Philadelphia,
I'ii. Election lor President and Pirect'Ts
Mtnn day and place.
l|.3t. Aumm Hewhon, Sre.
Lamb street sewerr may suffer in the
Last Saturday'■ Swa had an ovwdorr j
id Wigglo*.
A giaid farm can b • l> ugbt ' *•', tine
0 vears. Sec another column.
-—-The general impression provnilf- thai
no nn re Lamb street sowers ripair
5 lift
Phili T . ■ * W • hs' i
do about it ?
, f nUTh ** frt" . ' • • f i'l►'
Gnacine they live there.
—The auction nr.'l ■ ;i • I'uil
ipsburg Library A--m in'. . v Sit • Ist.
• hould bo we!! attend.si
A number of our \ t-ange* . rue 1
dre"cd in the somhlsnc" of erudition, they
are wrapped in the f.tti * 'niter Ktcnr '.
A new line of 'print; glove*, ii. 1
thread arid *iik. tie usquetaire and Fo-tor 1
lacing glove.*, I.ynn A Co
—The last Friday evening festival of ,
the Preibyti rinn La.|ic' Mite S , lety
netted the managers son, 'thin; over ?'•<>
—I- .ik Haven was 1-* ■ s'..w and will
not got tli II C., C. A W . railroad
shops. Bellefonta should r rotlt by le i 'is. |
ter - misfortune.
—Our spicy little exchange tin- .V- in
of D'-nver, Mo, ha* enti red its :<rd v..1
time. Glad to see it thrive, and I 'pen
may grow fst.
—Mr J |) Parsons, of .luiiar,, is tie
person who know where ti. warm •[ t i
n-cording to the ilepublienn Oh. W--11, w-
SUppo e its all right
—The petition asking c i ril t-i-mpel
non-ri-idcot i!r*itn-*n t<- take out I s ---ti
in urd-r toearrv on hu- ; ' -n th • bor
ough should he sign,.,! fv all.
—The Albania Ti • I'll '.ilg a'o.lg a
little Is ami f.ir ■ ■fie- nan- le. 1,.,, k Haven
nun f.-r tie* I) a -.-ratic n 'minati-'O f. - 1
Slate Trcatir-r fe *t summer.
—K"V. l)r. Clare and R-v John II- wilt,
ret I .r-, respectively "f the Ph | -bur,.- '
an-l Belief.-r.t e E,-io-op*l church"*, ex
chnng--d pulpits on Sunday las'.
—Mr Adam Y'eariek expaa t* to more
to Howard next month Hi# residence
hero will In occupied by Mr J..bn **
Yearii k, tit present residing r.car Z-.-n.
—\\ a-hit gt. -n J-'hi'tn, aiohr-j ,t i - |
!"ti of the p!a'j died, Wednesday even- <
lug. of last w—k, and hi- remain* were
Interred, with appropriate 0.-r'-tiinti ••*, on .
Sunday. I ,
—We had the pleasure of meeting i ur
fr i or., J. >| •. A H -\ fkMfl • r of I - rr.
township, on Monday. "Reed lonlr* well
and i* the mini' Jolly good fallow km
year* ago.
Mr. Rush Larimer, on* <.| the pnw
prietor* uf th> extensive and popular K i-h
H"U-P livery Mabls*#, ha* hwn filtering
with quinxv sine* it Saturday, at times
being quito ill.
I lie IIMI, biggest and nicest tock of
ctrpet*, oil cloth* etc., kept in Cenlre
county can now be found at the Bew
Hire. 10 f.
—lt U reported that Col. Jame* Mllit.
ken baa bought the Linn street residence
of Dr. Th'ie. K Have*, furniture and all,
and that the Doctor expect* to travel in
Kurope for awhile.
Mr*. Joe \V Furey, who had been
viiting for a week or more among Hit
blersburg friend*, wa brought homo by
Mr. Furey la*l Friday. Doublleaa Joe
found living alone unendurable.
—Mr John I. Kurt*, the teller at the
Centre County batik, entertained a num
ber ol hi* friend*, .Saturday evening. The
affair i* highly poken of and 11 one more
feather in the i ap of our hoapitabla and
jiopular friend.
Among the many good fellow* em
ployed at the gins* work** Mr. Frank
W'e-eott *tand* high. He a *hort time :
ago fav< r*-d the DKMCII*T witli a call,
and will IMI welcome whenever he choose* J
to repeat it.
Boy*, do net forge*, to attend the 1
•'B"ok R-eeptlon" of the Boy*' Branch i
next Monday evening. Ymi should have !
a public library of your ovro and we tru*t .
enough inu-resl in the matter may be
aroused to mull in euring for you a nice
—Our in*litute resulted in wakit.g up
many of our people to a more at-llse inter
*•l in the w> Ifare of llet schools; and
many of the leat her- a'p introducing (tetter
ntethiel* and showing * more earnest pirit i
In their work.— BUPT WoLr, in J'a. School
Dr. tl K. Hoy took in Philadelphia,
from Friday until ruvsday, or at leart a
portion of it that we tormina ia dearer
to him than ail the ro-t put together.
Dou. know* "what having a real good "time
meant, and we are pleaeed to etatw that hU
axp* elation* were fully rualin*d. '
| —The oilier day Mr. Cha* F C-aik re. j
i oeivi-d an excellent photograph of M .
ilm Montgomery, of Wuusau, Wo., a
former llollrfonia young uinti. We an- !
lloiiiu c with pleasure that Mr Mnqtgom- |
i 1 ery is meeting with much success in his t
' 1 western home.
I— Mr John il I'luniuier, superinteri- j
dent of the I*. B U motive power depart
j merit, Alloona, was ill town latter part of
I last week. The fact that one of our most I
j vivacious and popular young Indie* nmnop.
' olixi-d nearly all his time ami attention
may be somewhat significant, and the l)s: \
mos'kat will not berlow to tender congrat- '
; illations w hen the tirn come*
i —New styles furniluro cretonnes, ul
' Lyon A Co *.
—Our thank* are due ll.ui. IL-nrv Meyer-, -
member of iho legislature, for n copy of
; "•rnull'r Hand Book. Mr Meyer i rapid
ly ta'cotllllig one of the inust popular rep
re*entatives at tie- Slate capital, and r> fl.-ete
mi, h credit on hi* iniotitiu iit*. 11.- is
■id to lie one of the hardest working men
n uie floor, and no bill, howi vt-r uniin
ortaut, tail* to receive his attention.
Lyon A I'*, will open a lug line of
nfli * ami boy *' boots and shoes, this week.
—On Friday evening f->iislnn* Cmn- ,
on? di rv, K T , elm-ted the following
•111 er* F.iiiinerit Corniiiander, Rev John 1
Hewitt ; Genernli*-imn, W. F. Reta-r ,
Captain General, J. C. Harper , Recorder,
George II Weaver; Trea*urer. J,,|in I*
11-irri* ; Truiloe-, Robert Mi Knight, H
Stitger and I) 7. Kline. Tim term ot '
office la*l one year.
—All new sty les of lai ••* at Ly on A Co'*.
We are p'.cao-d to note tliHt M,-*rs.
II K Hick* ami John Gritfiith liavi lea--
■ 1 the old Bellefonlo Foundry for ten
years, and will throw more life into the
• - Inbli'hnu-nl in on, wi-.k than it km w
in one v• ur before Tin-y will mak- and
-ell castings of all kind* and run a tir*l
• las* black-mith shop in c-inioallon with
the f .indry . tlur hat* are, ff, gentlcnis-n i
A new lino of cor*eU, jut iipencd at
Ly on A (,'o's.
\\ It ll fill cere regr,.| ill,. |>|y. , n,t ri -
rd* the death -f V| „j |).,s i I 11. .gh.i t
1.-w l-t wil, Pa . whiitl .a-1 urri-ii at io
ii-.ine N\ i dm-sday i-\.T,u,g, 7th in-lai '
II" wo in the neighborllo-al of Sij \ ■ r .r- ol
•g. and known in tbi* coiii.iv. 'l h.-
(iraetli. fli* j ioft--i. n. that ■ -f -ti'\• -. - r
i Il IV il -Tg ill-'i-r, gave S 111 an ev I. r-| Vi
knowhi'g - f laud li'G. ir, ..-r,tr-l I'-ni
•\ ivaiiia, and lo- wa- an imp. riant witi .-..
Hi I -arty i-v.-ry --i tinertl i a*.- In- -I in i-i|f
curie l.ir forty years. To the relative.
Ihe dei i-a*i -I we lender the losri-fe,' mm- ,
( athy of iiianr I'-nlre roiuitv fio- I- ai I |
*itn tl.ein tru*l h- mat r.-.l in peace.
Jut ojm nnj a new line of handsom*- I
• iiibrmderie* at l.miiA
—Til" P.-imsy Iva'iia rvtaU. Teacher* A*
•ocintl -n wii. ii., I it* n. t se-sion at Wil
liani.(Kirt, Jniy 1 II and 111 II is -x
--|"-et>d that every county wi.l !• ri j r-.
•••riled ".onu-thiiig that lia n-v •* •* , urr.d
in the history ol the A*s>* ialion " \\
ii*m'[-rt ha* ta-cn -eb-ci. i mainly ihn ugli
me influence of a r.li,|.-nl of tlial plai e,
\l r (.'ha* \S Scot I, g, ro-ra! agi| t I -
I'-nn-j Ivania, for Met.r- Iri-.m, Blake,
man, Taylor A Co , 1,.., k publi.t .
er., New York, who Mill be J 'cased to
• xteiid any < -urte.y I-. I. |-nw. rt" tea, ti
er* and other* while in our pb-wtant tn-igh
I la.rmg itty.
Xew print*, near gingham*, n*w dres
goods at Lyon Js Co 1 *
—Th* Wntrhman la -1 week emitted a
little of it* old-time venom, when it re,
] ferred U the Buffalo Run railroad a* th-
| a*t ' heme of a few *|MY'ijlalor* We are
not aware that any of the mono-d men
connected with the hutinea* department of
our eteemed contemporary have heen |o
llcited to •üb-erihe to the fund that Belle,
fonte mut rai if the road I* to |w> built,
and are c inipletely at a IOM to understand
it> position, unlaw* a spirit of general cu*--
cdr.es. I* actuating it The ll'ripAinni ai*V
as well know now a* any "tier time that
$lO 000 are wanted and must be rai-ed l>v
l|e||fcntP The company can stand tin
gentlemanly <lig of thl* kind if the other
fellows can.
Have you been to the great bargain
aale at the R.-e Hive, if not gel there aa
soon aa you can. lOtf.
—As a matter of nils-rest to our reader*
we inas-rt the oath taken by all State and
county i fßcer* before they enter upon their
dlltie* "
• I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I
Will -Upport, Stfiey and defend theConll
tut ism ol l h-■ I" oiled Stale*, and the Con
stitution of this Commonwealth, and U<at
I will di-charge the dutis-* of ins office
with fidelity ; that I have not paid or t on
tribute*), or t.rotiii-ed to pay or contribute,
s tther <l*r>etiy or indtricilv, anv m<>tisi or
oih'-r valuahts- thing. t* prta-nrs mi te-n,-
iiiatton or eleciiisn. (<>r ap|iiiittiieni ) ex
cept tor neeso-arv atisf profe r exps'iise*
expressly aulfmrird bv law ; that I have
tint knowingly vioiat>-d any election law of
litis Commonw-alth, or pr*w-nr-al it to tes
done I,* other* in my le-hnlf; that I will
not kn-swtiigly rwrlvr. dirsa tly or indirsa <-
Iv.aoy money* or other valuable thing*
for th>< |a-rf">rmaricM or mm performance of
any act or duty |-riaitittig to mv s ffl-e,
other than Ihu compensation allowed by
—The lateal novelty at an unheard of
•acrifloe, change,.hie O toman V.drei
in all ahadea at 9-i eenta |er yarsl, coat,
RI.BO to imimri —nt the One Puce Be#
Hive Storea, Tliia bargain nut |soa!ttV- j
ly never he duplicated. lOtf. I
FAHMKIO,.— By buying a Inrga Invoice
<if Suitlh llfrut Chilled I IHu-h, thereby snv-
I ing money in tho purs-hii*.) mid csuriiig a
i cheap riilu nf freight, I urn übln U Mill
j them li you much lower thin season.
|l*Ki tho (Jeceiv <1 ill (ho plow. Therenr
I imitation* on the mxrk.'l ; every one i
j stenciled South llrwl C.iil'eil oh tile beam.
1 I havu no ugciils ; uhl going to give you
| what I would pay Hg.-nU. Po-pai,* will ho
di-trihuled throughout the county. Write
I for circular*. Ituspectfully,
11. K. 111. KH,
II if. Il'inlware Mini Stove llcalcr.
TIIKS AS NOW —The editor of tin* lie
pub! if mi (iinnfellnti.il, published at Win
chester, \a , (let. In, I KI if, add loses his
I patrons, thus :
irafT'Suh-criher* to the Coti-W-ilaliori.
B*X*" - h ore paper* are forwarded by the
CsaV" dll'ir H private post, are earnestly re- j
| B*a)r-piesle,l to pay their respcftiVH *uh. I
Co/- ription in one month from lliis day.
Produce hearing an el-client price, the
false | redicliona of our enemies p. th'- con
trary notwithstanding, it is fully h"|-d
that thi* nolle* Will he punctually attend
ed to, and that on application in four or
; 'ice weel, from this time, no one will ray
'T 11A \ K NO ,I.N at."
SI-KINO Mills, March 13, 'H3.
KIIITUHS LIT MHI HAT tlriiltnnen I'hil '
year the "Big Hotel will he a temperance
house, no intoxicating drinks eo|d <>n the
l premises, and the hail will be free for I•■(• ,
lures and gatherings of temperate e people; j
this place is a good field for leni|>eran.
work, and flow is tin- lime to form tern-
I --rani e clubs, associations, etc
The license es pi res on April 1, and will
not he asked for again during the next four
years. | found the bar detrimental to the
house and family during last year ai -J
shall try to do better Without it hereafter. ;
Yours, respectfully.
• ir.o II NASH
HE.XTII or M io N * -W \ s; Ttrr.s
It is with r-nl sorrow tint ar" in- ••
the death of Ms Nancv S Tuten, mother
of K T Tutefi. K-q ,-dttor of th • It'll '
• n't /('. ihlienn 11-r h-aii, w'. h w •
• piite 5i,,1.1- ii, -m i urr- lat'i >■ . ,k,\\ ■
ries.lav morning, March 1! sh-- having
he. n ill ~i,|j H -ti -rt time II- rpf >n so
pr.it -tiro • 1 the ,|i-...... rt'i organic t* j 1 -.-
of tin- he.irt a* 1 iv -r
Til" d-. a-.il wa fe.ru at If. —ri N
II . April I I liOi I . .. had I .r>-. a
'. .11 .dI h> 1 .1" >1 \..1 '< 1 •-• - age Phi .
tl.e .I..light-r . l-ss. an t I'sin-i a Sin-.11-.
.!• I)...ring, fin <• t i |> .he ws
lllarri. 1 to (lasts rt f' T It-I ."f ('a' 1 ' -lg--
Mss 11-r hllsl sf- I dual Ss-.J ■ T IR.'rf,
age.l -I"> year- h-avi - g .sun < hiidr.-n, Is -
i .ns a I live daughter-. i. • the j. i.
this mr-iag. On • <-f th. lot in in
fat . \ . the -tirvn ing < hi! lr-i , th' -ugh Un
kind 1 are and I- v.-t.-d allent' n of this ,
II st ' vi- g of mothers, r-.-iv.-i an ,-v.
. eIS.-nl pras lical . duration 1 * • f them, '
f. lw ird T T it- r., an-l M -• f. th-r I'
T n. are hnw ir. H 1.-f-.ntr, a' .1 sr.* . on
vul.cd with gri. f |.y th- heavy band of
sfllnti.-n 'aid upon then If I•-t T .'.en.
an. tin r s. n, is also we'l kn.>wtt her. .
A'l-'r tl.e d- alh "f her hushar I. Mf •
Tuten m-.v •d. w• h hr .I. id*. -r ,to M - -it
Vernon, N II . wfo re she had up to this
time reid.-d She had h-ng (■ . n a in- in
t r of the fifth."l" x . hnri h, and her . ■
n-nj lea a Christian wa- 1-r ,-h i an-l true
one which all h< r a-.rrowing family .an
•als-ly f-.||ow At the time of her d--alh,
Mrs. Tuten and Miss K-ther w-re go.-t*
at her inn s re-i fs-neo in this I HO We
sincerely sympathise with mt l-r--ib<-r
Prayers will he said at Mi T iten s I,inn
•treet residence, this afternra-n at 3 o'c -a k, j
after whi- b the fun.-ral coft-y will <)• - '
part, on the 6 o il.ak train, for M -nt
Vem-.n, N II . where the remains will fie
laid to rest with f filling leremonies We
trust the Journey- may tie safely made and !
the grief of our friends fe- assuage.) in the
satisfaction of knowing that though dead j
she still Itretb.
"Young men lured n bv the faWe
• mil" and kindn of a man who hat told
himelf. 'til Kn<i IH1V. t' aian for paltry
; pelf, are being fatally dmlml. N'trr
1 were lmr to lnlefully dwi'fl"l and to
I brilliantly illuminated at now \ content
1 •r"tn to be waiting l-wtwoon wbitkey tell
er to *• which im ran betray th mot
tul to the |awor of hil. " —Ct.Atnx, the
Rt'llidiinl' correspondent of the I'htlipt.
burg Jfumat, write to that paper, at quot- ,
rd, anil "xjx*"i! It ignorance concerning
the t object ll' <|or not tjienk the tru II
The hoti-U ol 11-lli'foiiie arn conduct id •
nearly in accordance with the najuire
nn nt of law governing the rale ol liquor*
a it it |<olble to conduct them. The fact ,
that "Claire" doe* not vi-il the placet in
quiwllon, except to t"lleil faVure for him
telf or others, delrm tt from the effect ol |
hi i hihli-h prattle Kvid"litlv newt item*
were tcarce, It he ileal ret to internet him- |
tell 111 the pretenl popular move foi C'on- j
•lilutiotial Prohibition..why don't bo coma '
out boldly, ray to, and hoi retort to the
littlenoet of anor.ymout corratpundctica.

Mr. ■ - Oerberlck, of Manfleld.
Ohio, a nephew of our friend, Mr. C. T.
Oerberlck, of ihtt place, vitiod the family
of the latter lal week. 111 addition to
heing an exceedingly handtoine and enter,
taming geiithonan, Mr. O i an expert
viollnl.t, having taken a two year't cour*e
at tedpnig, Oermany. During hit ►ly
to re a great many of our |tenpl had the
I pleanur* of attuning to hit piayin g.
To M M. B. 011 Ilor Birthday.
A turd MKM* OVM lift* tiioauUll*#
Ami I|H4 vx if lin hiy fur,
"Slkfjf trill liatr 4 IdrtlidA/
lln TliunnU) nrkl I lwr."
And I t-|.lit*4 id llic ihiaNMir*
Tlitl i* hill** lime, jiiiti krmw,
To ||f'l ll|* m <!m'l|l |n. 111,
M> bill II U fd'l Miflilfi* l ,
llt wl l#- |'( Alalia la fis-nk)-,
ll' I*ll I mlm ill **N4> ,
\\ 11N114't NT I M M lit to fltdUfit lillll
T.I at |n *1 it it uiid htfudy.
And •"iio liinrq will. Ma nntira
I l"'tT kin'f* * liNt ! ds,
llh || K .s Mkr o< k**i
I crliH|> foi a inll" ot iwo-
AH i Htffi i'"|' h -it of i* t'! ti
A II N ■ H li ra# l nil |sN 1
Atnl li . t' yi'i liiin itirti-i)
)• in y |rr y In iiti-
But li. T t - lrH%rl Till* tim
II I wlil|> IiiHi nil ill" *-
And entry my n i) l*t nta)i*
Though |lr ||UU|l| ill |I|N duj
ii <1 wialif • f i all tliitJK* ran lily,
Atfl uiofp f ■! lli" lliliijt dltiniv
Tl.Nl N I 4*l i NO' *' tl II Diss* I. 'lll - 111 I* *1
till Ihc • dining jiNfi u*> alilii'
4 It, lit f ■ i*i Mn* itiy n I*- t a!
Wtil Ii fis r ulilla iliatl
A iitifi i i thr |
Tli# ibellH fit } M fcfi ■ 5 ui#
Wl.srs i -a. I I ( ..-or.
WHlla His . -I. (fill t ,
htiad kf'i In Uti hti|(i'-. * lilt###
Ttf t .ftbd.>a of tlir wu:
- tli# *' r h>■ h Biak" na > ll#r
w • *illl ' * j ffct sit ftiiri|r,
' iiiit.njj ia' !t #rif N M:< Ntsgf)
AA jib C 1 l'l*#iil| on lit tifi^t.
llh kll)#. All* F M
Miss .lennie llsrei in Philadelphia.
; —The A' ' w ill te t t. - fMUad p-lay
arid ro. Hepuhfmn next v,.-ek.
si(rf-e, 1, f.y I ngr- - small I' .rtin on the
Tariff hi 1 . :. an in-id" pa,-
The an.l ial I all of I .mpal.V ' l! of
this j la.i' will I e v, n March -
—NI - Jam-s O llri fi has j trial one
more table in | '-ji- .n mi n i I r ti
Aii'il' r rt.resUr.g ("inmiin .o t) -- r>
from .1 .hri I. Witigale, I' I' *• , pi h
found . '• an .ri-id" pa •"
\lr.. K(' Hii hards s'-P rday 'art<-J
'..r I'hl laifot pi a. where si <X|.-. t* I v •
Ii relative, an i fr J• f-r • ri e tune
Xka/" I r I) vs ( • i.i \\ ■ I! . lief 1 -of,
At II if I. rig t- u \' I a r|. ' .1
• en!.!" . f ellso .- of Hi .n. i d In -,
w.th <|ires
M r f) M Wag I r ' r. iver-d suf
f- is is• IV l" le- alo. 1., a". Ito the hu'l
to-ss of |i. rni-r. lit e . 'a 1 . no-fit Hi
sof Mr Win N Wagner. s va • f.'
j -<.
- a 111 *1 aV . -W a f---i.ier tof I't
alelphia, whose wife and ■ hi! i w re so
. ruhy a -no '.•■.) •ya -I mi. • t:■ - n th* i b
.ii *tanl, •''■ t m r*n a . n . . fP'fv ut
Mi to n. 11 i . II My
' - The Phil. ! ph'e /' ' • ..j 111 a
siti-.n n th .-nails'. ■ ir. of the
w r.d tiial flo i.-it a | *|e-r . f it. id •
. i .ij. i nt-rj ii.l .Mirii g en- 'gy sti l
in .| i tan i iiar-o l- r to-s-d h- je- pi attain.
—hi r \\ 11 Fri k *ej re-entif.g \f...-s
A'!■ n Pev i-A *s >ii, Itallim-r. Md , d-a -
*-r# in i--a.h makers g.Kfs, etc, was in
p.wn lately and trav.- e.| hastily -r. r rsr
tain |"li..f,s of ouri ounly. making plenty
of friends and se|, r.g h>ls of g si- where,
.sir t,.. weni.
—Mr Han Mead, wt-- r-pot' awl; .-
has b.—n an Important in-mh rof the flush
h iie s . apable .-pi | m-nl. on Satutday
g est-. I'llila le |-hia, where we under*land
h<- has se. ure<l a lu< ralive at. I pl-a-ant sit
uation. The lest wisp... of many I', ile
f-.nte frt'-nds will an-, mpany him.
j —A \oiing man nann-d "shafi-r er,t.rel
' the store of Br. J K Marn, at Mndisoti
hurg, some time ago and appropriated
about fit worth of j-i-tage stamps The of
1H- tats ot ihe 1' t) >fej anno nl sent Mi-rs.
i.l W S|a>ce and Wm Coats, of Pitts
hurgh, to arrmt him. and at a preliminary
hearing hereon Tin—lay evening, he was
held ur.d- r lasll t- attend the C S. s..urt
at William-port nest m -nth
—The lecture, Y M C. A. Practirwl
Talks. No. 4, on "Oar Rye*,' by Ir. T
U ll.yes ,on Tuesday evening, was prob
ably the most bcn-fli ial of the series. Dr.
Hayes i thoroughly aequainP-d with that
sutij.i t and a most entertaining and agr. -
able talker. Ahssul one hundred persons
attended, all of whom are unanimous in
dsa laring themselves greatly benefited.
—On Tuesday evening Mr. Henry
Hoffman, of ea>t I.amh street, celebrated
the faird anniversary of his birth, in a most
I befitting and pleasant manner. A num
ber of the p.-rsor,al friends of the family
aa.emhlml at his r.-si-lence at 7 o'clock and
were Invited to partake of a sumptuous
. supper, elegantly gmt. n up, tastefully serv
ed and greatly .-nj >yed by all. AfP-r Pa.
Miss I.ulu Her per enli-rtaimd the gne.p.
with v.a-al and Instrumental music. Mr j
lioffmati was the recipient ot a number of j
i (Mstly presents, among oilier* a handi"ime t i
heavy pair of solid go'd glasses. We wi.h :
Mr. 11., his estimable lady and happv fam
ily many morn seasons of the same kind
of enjoyment and satisfaction, and trust
: each succeeding birthday may find them
surrounded hv hisstsof admiring friends.
A CAHI —Any person desiring to eg
yasse their property P> public sale, and •
needing an auctioneer for that purjewe, :
wilt do well P. employ .JOHN H. LOISO, a,
Curtln township. He has had nlnw y<mr- .
rxjierlence and Is very moderate in his ,
charges. Ills address Is Lungville, 0--ntre
county. ' ®-3w. I
April Juroru.
Following will be lound C'omplrle list
■ f tlio I trend and Trav. r-e jurors drawn
f>r the fourth Monday of April :
Vi.uk.l Itsr.li 11-egg Wm. S' s.il 51.,,.
..Nr 11 • - 11 M nt* Mi— l ij H••* W ¥ ig a* a
Jl* C#r w f npi ihi mt, \ m hlmk"f M
v dlnl Hru.g.r UliidMtil 1 ' ••.sir. ta . * I i,j u ,
lh M lw. IV . frr .|. A , I.eal I !!*,„#•
J II Htirvrf 1'1.1..'* \\ Ml.lll f 11411 II .nr.|
♦*l AA'ltl AA sikr-r tli 4 A ih> gy
'I M \|. Maker I.t re- r|j J \\ l| -r . I t|,f
AA in Hi . r * f „| I. |> ,
I, VI M.. rlt .r 'lofji.ti .1 || < i 11 h , | 4
.1 -1,1 Ml 4 ||. ... , I f,. x l| ..r . e
J. 11. Hnl-I. I. I Ml,ll,<ll*. , | (Jilflitk Ittg #
'I It A A KII- K .11 ll'ilt- Ih f WKk
•/ IMH UAA- • . k irvM |t|).
I Bsill* Ml| *l • I ill, a.ur fc - ).'■ ll* |W 11 *f. -ii i r
, I'hll'l < flili Iriyneli I * I .|,l^,i,
|4j.'i F Ile r A 11* I r I, k 4,..r| „ |*t|f I *|l.l|f |{
j 4' N l'" ri, If* I I f*|'| ||| / .I-tline If. ||| m\ hiiyy
I *Uk III* t II *t m-1 In I' JHI S-e K' \ - It .y .
I V\ 111 •# Ie I 11- 1, f, 4 Ilk t lit < ,1, I , It
1 J* VsilmM I l|er- • ilfllll' I I Its-llwf. ~,'*
j IV.-f r ikn ~ • Mu-rly i 111, ... - i .• ,
, 111 .. , g 1 •• 11. . r | ■
i Ail l.iii II it*, r -j ring I In, It g i u Ii
)r, li|.W lit I e . I „|. - .| IJ. , I 41 f.
i '• ' A| | ..f .'.*• Af AA • -%ri l| •♦ •
. llidll | -i. IM| I. 'ii \l llflk f I 111 ,t
J*1Kll• lei . i-4 t | tbttrg 4dnn> Willi r•. Miiitlxtrß
I lutl'l Itn kis 4 uri.r* I. At I ok. It ivi.alsi, .
-I 'till 'I > •lfr^ l - J . |, S, ff |t t gm
AA in. W ilkfjf Mil#4Hif|C •' '•! -t r llmix .
lit A A KKH sft'Kcit-e *J| AA yv I
. I Hill II WNI ! IMP At II V Ik. 11 • I A{ e >ll
• 'f AJ I .* J-, It | - I,'l|S| II t|. # f 'h It, J, f,, I .
' A| 11. , . | f ~ \\ |l 11 k, It , r
■ I*l.i!ij. H|N*fi# U"Tlh i-I - -i....
, .• Ilati' ... k Ii . i I -f x., II
14 11 I i'i| % •. s. I,a •-g AA ft, 4 •< t.lnil | I'. |
y F Mill 111 h mil Fsint C All e ||all|. •
-I A| K • i'l. fi ! Htlf"r ll'li r| llMse I ,
' ' 11*1*1) It gg4 •,- | M '' H •*)!••-
lUr It. f -.t K It- *ll •' MiM.l ( ts
,< f AA A yi • r Ibi firf w It, .• AA ri},
ilrr> A! |. w. 1 Mntion J- • m ♦ A|. ,ef M| . 4
•ir-' I I 1t,.-til k. J . , A; .r. II fn ,
AA It *1 •t-f f I'm ft, |*x ') Ai 411 •, s AA n! k' r
- e Is. • \V*lk* f ' ',Tv Hi;*-I
II ir, *r, |{ • .*r'i tt u< It yt} A1 *-ih
1 'I, It.w wIU Af wll, A| . * .g,
I ' 'k- N. (Utfe ' ' - ,1 ■ I't, uig
AA IU- r I -f. r, Af J At M t . , .
I IMiJ H*Ti I 1.1.,..%, tie. Jo'l Klin. Mmrwm
•1.51.f, I* .11• r J },, it** • % f'.fUi-i
D M I . s'l I 'e Me I • . H . ...
• ll "Hi! fl | j-el ur. AA 4
.UrH Kf itikf Mil Jcsrl *4|full A4 4 • f
Bont Bukltiti Powder.
I M r-lktr II NO MSI-I Is I 711 g OOV.
r.KN VI K N | , || | Ml"7
llr f!wa --1 ft I, ... 11 I fl, \f a
•VI - I 1 iii.-t f - t;,- i, \crnn-.-nt, t-s
--r— >ry rns-1 r- rtn •t>•-,! - g expari
mcnts a t<-the nips-*' , \<-f t-,k
-:.g p- 1 -r lit I. t -t, v, ie lfis-1..
to d- t- rn ine what hfsf.J- an- th* rn-"t
■ in in- a! t . UK-, ar >1 a- !t ■ir up ity
■ its t' •• * 1- axet.ing ', ■ t- ts w,-r.
-11 reeled ols-ly t • ao-rta" th- available
gas ,-f ■ h ; .wdi r llr I. v. , r. p .rt
gt* e the folio S .1. ■■
\st,r ,f *lt A|t*r It
Hat It.fc' I* - '• ' I . #.we
I'*. .1, t s 'I v (t. f
Ii I f-nx I*** 14* j e l o •
'***< I u • s
. i. iH-rl
I i, .1 . is . sic f
4•,N• ' Wf M -
1i, ' • sbs.rt wr4,.f,l I ; ■ k
r *' i ;

K 4 t".t • A 4 - . ' -4 miu* ••* i "N |T
|c< Us e S
'llu k „. w . , .... *Ui
In hi, r ; -V It,-- fl . ru.lo If- I.ii-l
lay S
' 1 f-gar'j ail a ,m p w |-s a' v- y ur
w no I'l -,ha',- sr. 1 Tufts* Aci-1
p.w-1- rs ile-fa'e it. r g. p-o fr,,-'y in
p-o | ,king. ~r under i-,n < -
main -late- ~i!f r.l tor r.i n
lit II A M :i the for,t •(i \ ,-n • i t
f fl frn.l, afi • a . ar-f .1 a' 1 • ah-.rat- , v
i-r tision --I If - vs* , flaking l' tad* I*
oi - -miner, e r-| ft'ai p. the f>..-rnti.- R.i
in f-i\ -r of th-- If al brand.
Snlo Heg|,tcvr.
It i* imp-riant that proper puh-i. ty t-e
gi, -fi | ibllc ,al--,, aid we .hall anr-.-un. e
l'i th s eolum. , free -f s Harg.- tf-"*e (. r
which tin hilts haw la*s*n printed at tl.e
HrVJ-a KAI • ffi .
Tl A| St > . " —4l tl.e II . Im-'f ft Aft'lih'l
K'Mf'ft, l| ni *N*t "I IV- •Ir • -tit >t< 1' - e ,lgi i s
till#- rN.A. I, '-e
tmi II-h** '• e * 4tM ll' !*••# f *i
i 'tn *fii list , <1 r *
I*l t• \ Mill '• 11 -4tl #tl t iln : H'l I.S' S f.17 1
► tl# f |.f.|f'|A In*N '1 Nsfh Kffltft 'I- 4 4WS-..1
ik .tiM r4 t,wh*Nit r*wilttti<i t*i;# J. I fjiNf kI,
!'.• i 44tt r 4i I 'I tk t i
I'l*!,*! Mllnt / 4 lis ,r*.-ir|,re oheffifl* VMI
• 1 I.i n l y J" ? A Nir ' k lit* M Urai ir*i| '*-•
t i,t# 1r J ■fi (NiltU. Anfli nwf iAkk il . m 4
r M
—fast scrap iron wanted for the ca-b
or in exchange for Hardware af 11. K
HICK S ' II stnw sr AM. STOV, "*TO*r. tf
Wilton, Mi Farlane A l'o , rail alien
lion to iho only reliable It-ady Mixed
Faint in the market Th" Pioneer Pr.-
pared Pa'** is not -nix -uperior to any
lb-a.lv Mixed Paint ~-t,| but rivals pure
white lead in its sm.e.thness in working
and du'kbiHly Thi paint is guaranteed
by the manufacturer, h--t to crack or peel
within three years. The guarantee is not
only good f..r repia. ;t the paint but it
will be put on tf it should crack or peel
within the lime spes ifl.-d. It will 1* Pi
your Interest to call and see Wilson, Mc-
Farlane A Co . before purchasing either
whi'e lead or any other Ib-adv Milsd
—ln IX-mi.reef Monthly) .4 lnpntin for
Mars h we fln-l a great variety id interest
ing article*. Among ihee are "Life in
.I he ilia, k Fores*,'' "Hnri Kgnault,"
'{Ja-tr-.nomi. Oosslp," " Antique n..,"
, ' Trawling and Other Mal'ers, and'l he
llr dner Valley." -Irnnv June continues
i her pleas int articles, ' l!w We Live in
N'-w York," and Carlotia P-rry furnish.*
an ex.-ellent story, "llow I F--und My
Freedom Mrs Alexander's serial, "The
Admiral's Ward," keeps up iU Interest;
and "Current Topics" is both entertain
ing a..d Instructive. Every dep.rtmeflt fs
! replese with useful and entertaining read
! ing, and the illustrations ara r- markahly
g.ed. the frontispiece being a fine sles-l
engraving after the much admired paint*
ing "Wilting," by the artist Metxmasher.
A* a family mags sine, /Vm-.-csfs fulfills
| evary requirawaot.
Nori K rrfin having R. R
fi'ine fnU ntul |i li'jrrn) h [Mile* f,r !•,
<*ill pfimti' k'li'J m wriU.ni |irii|wil nf the
k<rid. qiiHntiiy. | r>'> nr.i j-, .j|,i ~i ],.|iv<-rv
ni'irin tli>* Him' thi* I! <1 K .nit. w.-.ti-rri
K l( , wi'hin itnnv in
R II Jf'U'V tfhltr,
ar \\ W Ha>Kir. I. •. k Havi r,.
H If
Siiii" nimli' l'i .'"ir a i rn i.aur" fur
/' ■ t>, ifnif i
.Mus H.'iCIKMV .V < " T . ~r
Rllll.lll - 1)1- K. 1)1 A 111 I > R<-
*r nf ih<- -nitr i.' jii i.(j. i. . in.
llll'Mi <l|kh.i- r i.'' , - . R iri..',
I'ritiarv or J,i\. i I ..■>. • ||,i t r.
lit \i f.,r a iitiii* mm! hi i ■ . , i, • i, ,
' Wiir-i- hl'.i-f w•• . 1 ' • II
RlllT., Ui-. •. I i.i i . ti nt v. jr.-lj
ili'l |M rnm|i-1.l . i .in .ii |i
■ml nil i ... 11,., n .. ,i< .
IIHIIV ihul it ti-v. rti i if| • 11-i.i
—*'-t ki tup irwi <"m ik'l for fb* mh
•ir io |.ir II Iwari-ht I] K
Hl' K Ha <1 •< in* mi.l —■" iv m - ir- , if,
I I' I)iiic !.m' - , ■ R I) |{
K Co Hut. ( ■ ; i. -. i ii,. it ,ui.
mure ar.'l Ibi" I: ~J !■ r v. *►, hi d
|.revioti.ly hln , j tt'.',. •! ,u in i
mid, M.I I) . K I-,| j | hvk vn>i I I i
"fil* fl'ill !m 1.1 /', j,ft ii'Va.'. |i Ii M-'f HI.,
►••ii. II- Ijni] iJ.j.l.ifii : rm Tbrrmt,
a'.cj it n. w well. A !• r wyn !(. it t.at rr,-
lirely rel . i •.d., •in u,. h*ad
wliii'h bti -I'l • f i V trr i! n I. r
.It . I C'l.r t... .Ma i.r.i, I ui rn r t .
enyihii.jf in mi , i !-■ ti.nt I'lif u,-* . u-i
v'i"it ralttlHi'iini My w .- i► r,. *a t.*-
ifttf ■ A'k •• I)-. -t ! - -,i ■
'I • ! I.lfe, m i tf , ,
brink. 1! 2i
Wai.m iLin II i r. i.u lt
'•ii'.ui'!;, dift'-r-nt 'r. , . .ti ■. It i. h
■ ir *. *ti-', HI ! - - bum' i'
ii h (M-rt.-i t \-j i - I'."'. •. r I'
win immediate, v ft. • t l.tl t II i"

,r. ' I j-ii)i|, • v. v'i..!i v. i .r.
in InII.-it iiflT It .t in ar vII ■ r n.-r

i-hI, bihJ N IfHIM i.f ; -.i r |,i | ntnlioiii
' nii* •. f;i*. It w;l iti h i v'" HyM - (h'lim
nir in b feu ,!hv * !►. i'.-fi,* v ■>*
•i.wn A-k M.ur dmev t it. Knit.
•m m i- w rr'• . ! - , > hln ' A (
MI„.I.W|M AC I . •• "* mc
11, AIM ..'nl •- ' < U
\ f'itßD m T'lK I*l 'I I. 'if'
ivm (}. i. rum..it , • - t
IImIIm(..|.! HI .! I i * * M.li r. i. ' h

I .< li.v.- alwut* 1.-,t t) • I--. % • 't'-ty
Hll'f Ml t 111, -t, !,!.••• I.f K t. '"f •'
n . h|. k-| lin a r.l- .nM 'l.,|. Tm l,i
• till v > ! t • . , J r M ! 'I. !
II "t mt'i) I' 1 ..mi. till BL'" mid mrk hi
in (.lain fl.'iir— mil l ll 1.,u —'
~n..., mad li-.jiM 1., i, u ■ lb" I'Mir-'tift."' ">
ili |ni)ilti . whi. Ii h* I ■ ,• ill" khlh t>"-
■ .-! ■ • th-in I r. im . i ...
i.ll'tl, wh i t|fl-.|.t J.. H'. i Jll I'll 111, -
• |"l| !lt fIH dl'\ >l"d I' M .Ht I .lir W.H-k- 111
i.i! i v* ti , in (> - wr ! • ia[ . m- i - --m
li"l 1." I-- of th- It Mo. IV
K r v> I'V Kin - - • r.i
i , K.< It * I .1. Ml I I K- •* 11.
>1... I ikH to.
M iVKR-Oe Mi. • 1x •I • • . i
II !•< If • .1 II M , I • 'II
Brlli-li.tili Grain Muikn.
IK, if W V| , ■
( 'twiwi *l* "I I. 10 • i.
Ml.ml— A fall#-, |*
f ei " ** ■........ 1
U tiMt. %. I *
| .if—*fl, ))( l'lekl< i ... •*'
Out*. |f f-ii.hr- .... . . ..... 4.)
ImiM f*r i n*-
i i %-r >W,i, |H j'.Gfid ...
| .if mh K-nii ' , I I Ik '• f 4'l
ri!#f . (Jhi|iti<l, |.t t<© ... P 4# J
Profiilnt) MurUt. I
C - •m'M) ♦ > Hrotbr*.
A||i|N.4ri<4. |rr |Mruw! V' I
0 ' f?1* rlfli} r 10
' n

' ■
1' I uth'l 4
,i mi-inainiin ... . m. h 1'
\ftr Ailvrrti** 999i'ftt*.
Notice. J
ft*ri nf %
lr ** • ** In it fl
I ccnul* In the m*tnr <T
i,| fw ui- c*w l j.lim ib i f M J tw<k r ■
t. Mr-p ft > *"*."\ lrk i. *p4iin f-r
\ 1
frw I *nd • filif U ffMhtfl "I tl • t'f !■ • ' blrk*|
Ik. | . i .. • • m i .i: -t m | • 11 . *u-- • I • • I
nfltHi-d k r|itn)tif 2 tk inld M
lk t • Ih- % i' * r ibn #f * •r
--ltinff lit# Nf nii| iH* ll i 4 * m i4 't#c#niwrt
RctiinwWf Ihir It* b 'wt 404
M#h f., pHtP* t. ' tn I#hm* fwliHr.i:
nut •! b# l' fnit'lkwlinii ii • k<r
lln*# t*'•• |4 rl< !♦# fit*t 4*i -f *1 !• m ()4
D-i rt*Y. lit tbf fnrni frnfw Uw rwnnti
JlM*# * m ri us r f ( H
Ih#irokiw. n. i*. Vm.bY.IKM
At ifcat T ll VK H. >Y Ht • btif , |> H
T J.4if 'nwn t -iintf of (Vnn# nod
Hi # IVime* 'riH
V D hflHd tbf !VT lh kb 'f Vn|i,
mU M V'<n ••!>* pro*.W (It# f) t4nf'
l i I < • W]l HMMHA r WWHI|I e v***
n|t In mW OnM "w h- 4'b M.ntUj tA H|.*4l I'M,
• i*f •!*• f*n#, t nny %m H*%-~ obi tl#
i ( ■•!' Hl#* ••* Hdl 4-y t •dfnini*' **
J•/**• liny (Pf -1 nit < ( t t*t •t t<* fen* rf**d
•I. t *. tn irps. HtMl K'fvf nt to Vnmi
i.trwf)|. ' rOtrf • wnoft nrI (. jrun !• Sl.1 fc t4
ami ••# Imri 4 4 t nrt* aid |inn.l" <l •")
•# |-rltm t, lb# (•i.fttii < t •'rf--#i4. ar'tdl-'U)*
*4 trrk 3* I*7* bviM t. i t- **l *t.o b #• +* f
) nr n it. ib# c tdd il *l*
Jw • I b< i*ivC C
AttfO* T J tl-HVI ~f O'fktfv f.
Nn 18.81-BI B*aw will ll 'W I Srw,
CIKHf Mil* CM .*. Wwf4. Ml r " Mlwt.
• Ma>-M IwM Kb* —*!..iH f.|r l*Hi
ti oai, eVßM*t*>i *•. !■*• tri i-*r iwjwi ntc
In w Ml| t ;•* ml Mißal liiviii |.w . itb
ib' |*|. |,.lj cßiik CnU .A Iminr ."
i oaa u MaM abate Pl-aawt Obji. 11*

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