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VOL. 5.
%\\t Centre jPrmortai
Term* ll.SOpsr Annum.ln Advnnoe
8. T. SHUGERT & J. R VAN ORMtR, Editor..
Thursday Moraine, May 24, 1883.
Oontro County Democratic Com
mittee for 1883.
H.llofontr NW. .. J. M K'.iclilln. IHIi-font*.
S. W. ('lis*. Sinlili .... •'
W. W. * A >L CJmOlon...
H.orsni boro. tri'. Lftthi>r ....llwr<1.
MilMt>ur( •' Jsinr. P Join-. Ml'sjl""*
Milllinm " yl' Mil—-r ... Milll.. in.
PhlliMtmrffl W. C.O. llrrlmgrr... PhlLl-l-ura
!2 W. Sol Schmidt
-• ;i W A. V. nsrprotsr....
Cnlontlll. b.n>. I' 4. M-Kon.LI Plrmlnf.
Rentier two mm. UW llcMer..t.t..
Boss* >*!> Fmnk T AJsm* Mllwl-'iris
Burn.ld. t*p Henry Mrrkir I'ln Ql.au.
Coll.*. twp John*nof ■ • Icm nt
Curtln Iwp. .. . John MrOln.ker llninoU.
v,.ronton O.l' J. T MHVrinu-k SUP .disss.
.. >• |> i. W VV.ilkir H.<k Sprlnir..
Orcsit R.l' J.hn ('.linn Spring M Ilia.
\ p. wLam V inm i Mills
ILilnes K' LII Bl'iwr W.wlwsril
\V p On.. Bower Asrtin.l.urg.
lI.If Moon iwp. J H U" Storm.!..n
Hani. iwp I> *' M.'jr.i ,H.il.l""g
Howard iwp J..hn 111. tin 1|,.n1.
Huston t*p. J din (J Mile. Julian
Lll-rty twp. James I' l.inn Rl.nehard.
Marion iwp. J J II i ••• t*lkr.
Mile, twp. Elll.KSl.afer Ma.lio,l.urc.
Patton twp. Agnew Seller. Jr Fllmore
Pent. twp. P 11. Stov.-r ......Colmrn
Potter VP. l> J Meier Centre 11.11
i. s p. Samnel Slack TIIWJTIII.
Ru-li VP William Cull.n Phillpaloirg
up J T Kverljr Sandy Rnige
Snow Shoe twp Win R ll.yne. 50... Sao.
spring fP B 1 M 3 1p.11.f nl-
Tailor twp. Ileplmrn 111 .wer. K.onl.r
I'II lon twp S K Rinerirk Heß>|..g
Walker twp JiWftptl Em-rick llulrlrr.l org
Worth iwp. M s SpOi P. tl Malil U
Ch .tiniiAJi.
W. MILIS WkLiii,
family sailed for Kurope on Saturday
TOLEDO, Ohio, was visited by a
snowstorm on Monday last, which It'll i
to the depth of three inches.
THE joint resolution parsed in the
House of Representatives la-t week to
adjourn on the 6th of June, has been
concurred in by the Senate.
GEN. CHALMERS of Miss., and a 1
Memphis editor are talking of fight
ing a duel, but it will probably end in
talk. Instead of plugging each other,
they have got into a discussion as to ]
which should be the challenging party.
THE anti-free pass bill which recent- j
ly passed the S*nate, met with little
favor in the House on Monday last on
a motion to make its consideration a
special order for Wednesday. The
motion was voted down without a
said that the millionaire desired to ally
his magnificent yacht to a Boston
club, and for that purpose applied for
admission to membership, and that hi"
application was rejected. It would
appear from this that grent wealth is
uot always a winning card outside of ,
Wall street.
A CRAZY lawyer in Washington is
threatening to kill Judge Wylie who
is trying the star route cases. If such
a termination were given to these trials,
it would call to mind unpleasantly the
manner of obtaining a succession in
the Presidential office. Prudence would
seem to demand the restraint of the
demented lawyer.
WALTER EVANS, of Kentucky, has
been ap|ioinled by the President Com
missioner of Internal Revenue, made
vacant by the resignation of Commis
sioner Kaum a few weeks ago. He is
represented as a lawyer of ability and
a gentleman qualified to make a suc
cessful administration of the office.
He sports a "306" Grant medal, and
of course is a stalwart politician.
THE Allegheny coal miners have
filed their petition in court under the
Wallace arbitratuMi act, and the coal
operators having since agreed to join
in the proceedings we may soon expert
a test of the efficacy of the new law
in settling disagreements between the
employers and employed. If thi law
results in a satisfactory settlement of
difficulties, to avoid the disastrous
strikes alike injurious to the workmen
aod employers, which we believe it
will, it will certainly be a subject for
public congratulation, and a proud
feather in the cap of the distinguished
author of the law.
Cot.. MCCH RE of the Philadelphia
Time*, ever since the appointment of
Mr. Cassidy us Attorney General, has
waged war upen Gov. Pattison, in the
Time*, and out of it, not at all partic
ular in statements, as to the amount f
truth or fiction upon which they are
founded. He occasionally gets into
u hole and flounders in dirt that would
nauseate uny other person. Some
time ago the Time* got up a desperate
warfare between the Governor and
Senator fox and other leading Demo
cratic member* of the legislature
which was to smash the administration
and leave the Governor destitute of
support. It was proved to lie a canard
made out of the whole cloth. But
still the enterprise of the Timet must
he onward, and there is to he no let
up on the work of misrepresenting the
acts of tho Governor, that might have
the effect of satisfying the public that
the Democratic Govcru- r committed a
fatal error in choosing fassidv tor a
counsellor instead of Meflure. The
latest is in the shape of an interview,
published in the New York Herald in
which the Governor is ebnrgcd with
unfaithfulness to his reform pledges
and censured for appointing an Inde
pendent Republican to the Recorder
ship of Philadelphia, privious to leg
islative action for the repeal of the
: offensive law extending the operations
'of that office. Here also, the editor of
i the Time* g - iuto muddy water, no
I doubt from a defective memory of the
! fact that the Governor acted upon his
advice and retained the evidence in his
' |K>ssesioii. That evidence is produced
i in the small, but conclusive note ap-
I peuded:
77/ K 77 MES.
J'hilndelphia, Sov. 20.
' J/t/ /'car (i'tv. :
I'pon mUrlion I think van icrf
right in the tuggeel ion to appoint a
I Hteot </' r at MM & an /M AMMMMMN
' A' / it is wrong in eugge.fing delay for
I legitlatire action. I write merely to
*ay that upon full con*idrration I think
! your *ugi/e*linn • utterly right.
)'our* lie.
.1. K. Sl-Clure.
Tin, Grand Uxlge of the I. C). O.
F. of Pennsylvania, had tlu-ir annual
session at Harrisburg last week, alxiut
seven hundred delegate- lieing pn -ent.
j The G. Secretary and <l. Treasurer's
j reports show the older in a highly
prosperous condition. The number of
| initiations during the year has been
I 7,310; admitted bv card, 7*3; rein
stated, **o ; deceased during the year,
1,010; withdrawn by card, 10*; sua
j [tended, 4,651; expelled, 43 ; present
| membership, *0,3*9; inciease during
| the year, 2.555; number of working
lodges, *O5; members relcived, 11,335;
widows and families relieved, 9,267;
amount paid for relief, $371,577. The
Treasurer reports a balance ou hand
of $ 11,5*5.
The Committee on Election reported
that Dr. C. N. Hicknk, of
was elected Grand Master; George
Hawks, of Philadelphia, Deputy
Grand Master ; Dr. Vnrnarsdalen, of
Chester, Grand Warden ; James B.
i Nicholson, of Philadelphia, Grand
-Secretary; M. Richards Mucklc, of
Philadelphia, Grand Treasurer. Mr
Muckle was also chosen Grand Repre
sentative to tho Sovereign Grand
Lodge of the United States.
ANOTHER of those terrible cyclones
which have been so frequent of late,
swept and devastated some of our
western towns on Friday last, carry
ing death and destruction of property
in the line of its march to hundreds
of people. The tornado traversed the
Lake country of Wisconsin and Illi
nois, destroying dwelling houses, fac
tories, barns, bridges, and indeed every
thing in its course. At Racine, Wis.,
over one hundred buildings were blown
down, and the deaths given at twenty
fivo with over one hundred injured,
while in all the towns in the line of
the storm the destruction aod lose of
life seem to have been prqgortiqpately
Tho Coffoo Pot Lio.
A letter from the Hon. J. W. Fisher
appears in the I larrishurg I'at riot of
Thursday Inst, addressed to Senator
Wallace, adding his testimony to the
entire falsity of the "coffee pot" story
lis charged upon Senator Wallace.
Fisher was one of the committee of
the Senate appointed to investigate the
Senatorial contest in I*6*. when the
slanderous story was hatched up
against the Senat< r, anil it is probably
to his credit that after fourteen years
have elapsed, lie volunteers an oppor
tune statement to disprove a base and
unmanly slander his party has been
i fulminating in every political contest
since. Ile knew it was ail unmitigated
lie from the first,as applied toSenator
Wallace or his political friends, nnn
j at the same time also knew that the
alleged fraud, trifling in it* r> •nil a*
determining a true election, wits made
in the interest of the party in which
lie trained, and used by the committee
• as an excuse tor the commi-sion of a
great wrong ami a shntueh -- fraud
! upon the rights of the people and the
i Senator duly elected on that occasion.
It was an easy matter lor him to ac
quit Senator Wallace of any agency
in the dirty job, because In- knew from
- whom it carne, aud it it were ns cosy
for the -Fudge toclcar his own -kirt o'
i the fraudulent bu-im-* in which he
acted a part, tin- occasion would have
1 ! furnished the opportunity. Hi- knowl
edge of the manner in which the conldt
was determined, and the consideration
that procured the decision would make
1 interesting reading even at this luie
day. Judge Fisher's h-ttcr i hereap
! pendeil :
I ''urvr.svr. Wvomniit Territory. May
7. lsS.7. lion. It m. A. ii'ithre, .Senate,
, llimi • > ur-j, / j Pf ! e-
By the n'wp| ,-r* of Pennsylvania that
you have seen proper it this l*l- day to
deny that old, old story sl-out the ue
of aomelHidy r (Tee pot to color certain
fraudulent naturalization paper* to to
u*ed in the political campaign of I* 7
in Pennsylvania. So long time hue
j elapsed ailice 1 heard anything of that
• tory that 1 had forgotten all al-out it.
j Put e it ha* Been revived I feel called
on By a enso of duty to give you a lair
and candid statement of wliat I know
about the matter.
At the meeting of the legislature in
.January, lsf.s, a contest arose between
' olonel It ißinson, of .tiiniala. and Mr.
>hugart, of Centre, as to which of the
two w entitled to a seat a* senator
from that senatorial district. A corn
mittee wo* appointed in Ihe manner
provided By 11, and it so happened
that I was one of that committee. After
the appointment of that eonimittee we
met srwl proceeded to take a large
amount of testimony. Among other
thing* brought to our attention was the
matter of "doctored naturalisation pa
per*," and I remember that the proof*
were quite clear that there had Been
considerable crookedness. Yet there
was not one particle of evidence which,
in the slightest degree, implicated you.
and although I heard all the evidence <
and much talk outside of the case, I
never heard one word that showed that
you had any agency in procuring fraud
ulent papers or using them after they
had Been procured. I make tbi* state
ment without being asked to do so and
without any consultation on the subject,
j but simply from a sense of duly in con
trndirting, so far as my knowledge ex
: tends, a story which 1 think never had
any foundation in fact, and one which
; ha* Been too long used to do injury to
|an innocent man. 1 am as sound aHe
| publican as I ever wn, but I do not be
lieve, and never did believe in libel or
slander to advance a cause or injure a
• political opponent.
You are at liberty to make any use of
this you see proper.
# Very respectfully yours,
THE outlook for a settlement of ex
isting trouble* between the iron manu- 1
facturer* and workmen at Pittsburgh'
gives no promise of a favorable result.
A general shut down of the mills on
the Ist of Juno is believed to be in
' evitable. Unlike the sensible coal
operators, the iron workers do not
seem to favor arbitration.
mi '
NONE hut "advanced thinkers" in
rcgurd to the sanctity of u constitu
tional oath, says the Philadelphia
j Ilccord, could support the Apportion
ment bill of the Senate. The Consti
tution provides that districts shall be
of compact and contiguous territory
and a* marly equal in population us
may be. The Senate bill is a viola
tion of all these provisions. As has
bi-i-ii shown by the figures before tin-
Senate, it e*tubli*hes one ratio for the
Republicans and another ratio for tin-
Democrats. In making this odious
1 distinction among citizens who are en
! titled to equal politieal rights the bill
iis an act ol incivisin. It i- put b fore
! the legislature with all it- iniquity in
the (ear that the Democrat- might be
induced t i accept one iuiquitou
iu the di-ire to get rid of the prt-seiit
gerrymander ami avoid the neees-ity
of an extra session. It' tic- bill could
be pa--ed it would In-a comprehen-iv<
act i-t' legislative perjury. Rut the
fact that it canm t be pa--' d, un l i
only designed to cover as great an
iniquity, r.ggravate* instead of h— cu
the crime of supporting it.
THE New Turk Nun, referring to a
rcrnaik of Talrnage that T'ihien "i
-otie of the candidate* :-r the I'r< -i
-deticy," says ; "To put it quite mildlv,
( Tulinage lie-." (Quoting the letter of
Mr. IT I*l • o t- the Cincinnati < inven
tion declining the nomination 1 r Pre
sident, the Sun says nothing ha- "hap
pened since tb-e word- were written
which authorize- Mr. Talrnage ■ r any
other |>< r-oii to impute to him a pur
pose of attempting to obtain in l vS 4,
an honor which he declined f• -r such
reason* in I**o," and continuing, the
Sun further remark* "it Mr. T'dden
now thought ltint*ell physically rapa.
ble ot enduring the labors which the
Presidency impo-ithe nomination
would lx- ppsstd upon him with n de
gree of unanimity and devotion w. rthy
of hi* genius ami hi* service. Rut
there is not the slightest evidence of
any such thought or willingnc-s ou hi
its. II ATTON', editor of the Washing
ton 11 ■) .- *7 . who kindly consent* to
hold the offi. - of Kirl A*isint Post
master <o>neral in ad lition, has come to
the defense of Mshone'a system of a*
*esments in Norfolk county. Virginia.
He ssy* it is not against the is. tie
cause tliis enactment is not jet in tirce, !
and will not Be until the lt of July.
Before winch time the assessment may
Be levied and collected and the money
expended, so th *t tho Virginia Boss
mav snap' his finger* and a*k : "What
are you going to do about it?" This i*
an elevated order of morality, and it is
gratifying to know that it lis* Been an
nounced By a high officer of the govern
ment. — Plnl.t. Tiotn,
In view of the Inw smarted by Con- '
gre* nnil the nth - promunlgatcd by
: the administration under that Inw. a
decent self respect of the President and
Postmaster General, and for the credit
of the administration, there ought to
lie a new incumbent in tho office of
First Asitnt Postmaster General, j
without any delay.
Ex SENATOR CONE LINO is not alone
among Republicans in predicting the
success of the Democrat* in the next
Presidential election. The country
has expressed its verdict in favor of
the return of the Democrats to power, j
The Democrats elected Tildcn. They
have revolutionized Congress. In the
last general election aud in the spring
elections they swept everything before
them. There is no question as to their
power to elect the next President. The
question is as to their power to seeure
the result of a popular verdict.
THE prohibition bill was finally de
feated in the Senate on Friday last,
on third reading, by a vote of 21 to 20,
lacking fivo votes of the necessary
number for its passage. In the House
Lamlis's hill to prohibit political or
ganizations or their members from
paying the taxes of voters, and also
forbidding voters to accept tax re
ceipt* from such sources, passed second
Civil Henlce In Virginia.
In iiin message to uongrciis lad I>e
cember, I'rpilileht Arthur rna.le em
phatic txpri-Kkion of a <l.-ire thai con-
I rrc-H hhuiil'i provide needful legislation
for the reformation of admitted abuse*
l in the civil service. When the message
" u written, ami lor many month* prior
Jto that (late, the worst abuaea of the
civil service were universally known to
I have been ami to be those perpetrated
in Virginia under the rule of Mabone.
It waa believed, therefore, that the Pre
aider,t, having been admonished by the
results of the then recent election*, had
determined to put a stop, *o fur as lay
in hia power, to the high-handed out
rages of the Virginia boa*. And al
though this belief wan discredited by
the Washington organ of th<- Adminis
iralion and National organ of M ihone
istn, whi. h still a- -• rt< I that "the whole
weight of the A d in; nis t rat ion had been
and would be thrown in favor of Ma
hone, it was ettil beli. veil that the
career of the co-ruptionist and trickster
-•f \ irginia was about to be checked.
I his belief was so strong that it was not
greatly -htken by the course of the An*
ministration organ which pers -tenll)
continued to mssr at civil service re
form ami supp irt Ikis* Male ne. Thai
this hope has not been i-ll!ied .- TlOtO
riou'. an i no inleli gent rnsti now at
tempts to a-n-rt that there lias beet,
••ven i pr.-l. i. i• id ref 111 in \ rgin i
ll has been the custom of 7 J' '
in making acru-itions against tlie op
pos.t; n, t, c,l Ji-preservatives anu
leading M'-publ ,-anunto court t >t< atif >
I bus we | roved gross corruption in th<
federal Ol'i < -;ll M.' b by Hubbel.
and burrows. In like manner we cit>
the et i i.-nce of ex 1 ingn-sunui I'.-zen
dorf, an ol I an I honored Ri | ut i can
a man who w a* working 'or l .arfieid an t
Arthur, while Mahone. It 1 llet.erger \
Co., were claiming to be haling sup
porter* of Hancock and Knglish—l
testily a* to the present condition ol
*!T*ir* in l.is State. In an open letter
to the President Mr. It. /.-iidorf say#
At no time in the history oi the poli
t:c ~{ Virginia since the war has the
op- i . sham' hil Violation of law anu
i m-y t < en so flagrant a since the
advent "I th< unwarranted political
powi-r g ant. 1 by the Administration
to Senator Mahone. I'u'lie rffice is
made a subject of farter and ale f o
the control of j>ower, and political
bribery and corruption stalk openly
through the various 'iovernmenl de
partments ;n my section of Virginia
fiie public business i< peglected. and
pilbiic money used t > | ay political car.
vassers, in order that the politiiai
schemes of Senator Mshono may le
advanced and all this i* done under
the guise of friendship for the Admin
istratcn, which pica receives indorse
mrnt, from the fact that since your Ad
ministration came into power Senator
Mahone has been the sole d sj enser o'
political J atrnnage in the State, and ap
! plies the headsman's axe as unsparingly
as did Robespierre in the days of the
Krench revolution.
These general allegations Mr. Pesen
dorf supports with a bill of particulars
giving names, dates, facta and figures,
and building up a case too strong to b
ignored, too solid to bo overturned, too
shameful to admit of any other treat
mont than immediate relorrn.— H'isA
j I •■jton Pout,
Tiif. Washington monument at the
National capital, the foundation stone
of which we believe waa laid in the
fall of lk-10, by President Zachary
Taylor, has now reached an altitude
of 340 feet, and when completed a* it
ia believed it will be in IBH.I, will ex
ceed in height any structure of the
Kind ever erected by man—reaching
rrtO feet of stone work and fifty-live
feet of glass. Its progress was inter
; ropted by the war, but will now be
pressed to completion under appro
| priations of the government.
Pim.ADF.i.niiA is gradually gather
ing in her wandering thieves. Pbipps,
the Almshouse thief, was, after much
effort, restored by Canada to be tried
fir forgery, the smallest, perhaps, of
his offences, of which he has been con
victed by a jury but ia not yet sen
tenced. And now Morrill, the ex
auditor of the (as Trust, has been
raptured and placed in prison to ac
count, in due time, for about 8100,000
of the city funds.
TKKMS: $1..J0 per Ann urn, in Advance.
NO. 21.
I in. Philadelphia Inquirer has thin
to cay :
It would seem a* if President Arthur
owed it not only 10 the Republican par
: iy. whose acknowledged chief In* i*. hut
>n himself, to announce. dissolution of
, the political partnership which exists
between the administration and the
! Virginia P'*adjuteri, and indirectly,
| net ween the President and Senator
j Mahone.
Would the /m/utrer extend the ad
vice to the Republican Senate?
RKIM M.P AN i'acilication in New
York does not seem to amount to a
j_'rat hooin and it is said the commit
to*)* selected to bring it about have not
Ixcii able to arrive at any satisfactory
result. The state organization is in
the hands of the stalwarts and the
half-breeds, who com|K*e the Republi
can majority, stand ujnin their dignity
and curse Conkling for his speech and
(surrenderof political control to the
| Democracy.
\\ M. H. \*ANI)KRIIII.T added a very
important link to hi- railroad chain
last week, by the purchase of a con
trolling interest in the Pittsburgh and
Lake l.rie railroad. He also secured
the passage of all the m-oessary bills
iu the legislature of this State, to
a< iiitate the construction of his west*
•*rii railroad between llarrisburg and
Pittsburgh, which includes one repeal*
i ng the ad limiting the amount of
apiialto St per mile. The
ar of this great railroad magnate
i seems to he onward.
Tin notable celebration of the
urtli if July this year, will take
place at Monticello, Virginia, over the
grave of Thomas Jefferson. On that
K'casi u the monument erected at the
>st <)f the I nited States, to the
memory of the great author of the
Declaration of Independence, will be
unveiled, commemorating the 107 th
•irthday of a great nation and the
oih anniversary of the death of him
who contributed so much to make
glorious the be-t government upon the
IT IS apparent that the national ad
ministration are preparing to make a
onsidcrable reduction of office-holders
m the revenue service. A large num
' r of th(.c officers who were proba
cy retained for party purposes, and
not that they were needed to collect
the revenue, can be dispensed with
without detriment to the public inter
<t. Public attention having been
pretty generally directed to this fact
the administration, as a matter of
prudence, will doubtless anticipate the
notion upon the subject which will be
demanded of the next congress
Gov. FOSTER, of Ohio, who is a
candidate for I*. 8. Senator from that
Nate, according to Gen. Ileatty, has
an eye to business, also, in bis efforts
for the opportunity to acquire glory
in statesmanship. He has a man
travelling through the State ostensibly
to sell patent heel taps. The business
carries him into every county aud leg
islative district where there is any
chance of sending men to the legisla
ture in Foster's interest. It is under
stood the patent is a taking institution
and promises to grow into a flourish
ing industry in Republican trade.
WRITING of Mabone's assessment
and bull dozing course in the Virginia
campaign, the editor of the New York
W orld asks a pertinent question : "Is
Mahone the culpable party? Cer
tainly not. The leader of the Vir
ginia Republicans, ex-Congressman
Dezendorf, asserts that these arts are
•lone in the name of President Arthur,"
and under the sanction of an admin
istration which has just promulgated
its civil service rules. If Mr. Dcaen
dorf and his friends are honest in their
denunciation of these practices they
can easily correct the evil. Let them
help elect sound, trustworth Democrats
to their local offices, and they will
dispose of Mahone and give the Na
tional administration such a rebuke as
they seem to believe it deserves."

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