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lUtiwl <w*rjr ThurwUj morning, at IU-llcfotitc, < ntr<
couuty, Pi,
TJCRMS—Cashtn %Wnnr* $1 HC
If lint |>nttl ill arivaura. 2 OC
A 11VK PATEll—<l*Yotel to the Interest* of tlu
whole |tMplo.
Payment* made within three month* will ho coti
■hlorod in advance.
No paper will he dUrontliiund until arreerageaari
|wki I except at option of publisher*.
i'aporN going out of the county must ho paid forii
Any parson procuring u ten<a*h ■ul>< rlter wll
ho eoiit a copy free of c harge.
t)ur ex totiMive circulation inakre thi* paper an un
tnu.il I y reliable and protitahle inediuiii t>ranvertiniug
We have the luoit ample factliti<-a I r .1 It WoilK
and are prepared to print all kind* of lUxki.T' > n
Programme*, Poster*, t'< •miner* ial printing, Ac., int h
finest atyle and at the loweet possible rat .
All advertUemeiita for a !•# term than three month*
SO cent* per lino for the flr*t threw inm rtion*, an I
cent* a line for each additional insertion. tfpeclal
notices one-half mor*.
Kditorial notice* l' cent* per line,
bocu. Notice*, in I". i ■ oiiinina, 10cent*per line.
A liberal discount i* made to pet-e ni alv* rtisiug h)
11# i|uarter, half year,or year,aa follow*;
srAcs oocrritp. ? i'
■ > e
Oue in h (or 1J line* tliia type) •
Two inch*-* Till
Three ii.chea I'M .
i trier •Ititttti • • i-. i
li iif column >i i • d •
1 > i
Foreign a vertiacment- m • •*• paid f r h. f. re ir.
aertioa, • x -pt -> *'.il;. v n't., t- whtu half y•.*rly
p i v loot- ..i i l\. ■ r- jnir.
P Lift t N'..th r. tt I . . each iuaertioo
It >thi iti nsert t • thai eoti.
Son the editor;*: UlUB* 15 cant*
pir line,each in-* rti n.
More Revelations.
In the Sun of to Jay Dorsey's story is
supplemented by the revelation* of n
man who was a Republican ollicehoUler
at the Font in DM). A fortnight be
fore the < >ctober election in Indiana, he
says, "I received an urgent request, or
command, to go to Indianapolis. The
summons was in writing. It was sign
ed by Senator Dorsey. I took this let
ter to my ollici.il superior and was told
by him to go.
'■When I reached Indianapolis I re
j>orted to Senator horsey, and until
three or four days before the election
worked under his directions. During
the canvass I was daily in contact with
horsey and tho other Republican man'
agers at their headquarters in the New
henison house, hor-ey was everything
in that catuaign. He thought of every
thing, cared for everything, supervised
everything, was obeyed by everybody.
When.ono day,he broke down with over
work and was sick in bed. Matters at
headquarters were in hopeless confusion.
The subordinate manngers ran around
wildly and helpless, like so many chick
ens with their heads chopped off.
" hudley and New were on ground,
but their work relatively amounted to
little, although they have'beeu uperb
ly rewarded for the work that they did.
The one trusted lieutenant of Stephen
W, Dorsey was George C. Gorham. He
was cool headed and etlicient, Nearly
every dollar of tho Indiana fund that
was paid out to local or imported agents
was paid on the order of Stephen \V.
horsey or on tho order of George
< iorham.
'•Swaim was also there during almost
all of my stay, as the personal repre
sentative of <iarfield. He was con-tant
ly ;at headquarters. lie communicated
with ' iarfield several times everyday,
by telegraph or by mail. I also wrote
frequently to Garfield to inform him a->
to the situation. This fact Swaim mtit
have discovers' 1 during one of his flying
visits to Mentor, for he afterwards
treated me with some nilkines. He
appeared to be displeased because facts
went to Mentor through another medi
um than himself.
"My particular and immediate func
tions were the organization and control
of tho parties, of strikers, repeaters
and roughs brought to Indianapolis
from the F.ast and distributed in small
gangs to different parts in the state.
Tho trick of importation ami coloniza
lion had been tried on a much larger
scale, but without success, in 1870, when
I was also in Indiana. In TSBO the
means ued to carry the state were dif
ferenl. The chief dependence was put
on Greenbacker*. not on colonists and
"In the Garfield year, I think, not
more than l."< 0 outsiders were sent to
Indiana from the east for these pur
poses. < >qb party, as 1 remember, con
sisted of A-t men from Baltimore and
Wilmington. There were gangs from
Philadelphia, Pittsburg and other east
ern cities. The imported Republicans
were letter carriers, petty office holders
and ward wotkers in the city where
they belonged. Their duties were to
intimidate Democratic voters, to brawl
create disturbances and knock men
down if necessary, to personate Demo
cratic voters and to repeat as often as
"On Wednesday evening, Ootober ft.
about dark, Senator Don Cameron ar
rived at the New Denison house, and
was immediately shown to headquarters.
He found Dorsey still confined to his
bed. Gorbam, Chauncey I. Filley, and
aorao of the lesser lieutenants were
there. Don Cameron had a small black
satchel in hia hand. I shook hands
with him.
L .'llow are tilings here?' ho asked.
>* 'Kverything looks splendid,'said I.
'Wo shall carry the state by .'l,OOO
'Well," said ho '1 have brought some
valuable reinforcements.'
rn "Senator Don Cameron's bund bug
0 contained $OO,OOO, contributed by the
° manufacturers of Pittsburg uud other
" capitalists in Pennsylvania. Ry ton
o'clock tho fact had leaked out, and
r the workers were jubilant over tho
n amount which Don < 'ameron hud ex
il traded from the iron and steel interests
a . of Pennsylvania.
j'- "The money used in the canvass was
, kept in the three drawers of a black
walnut bureau in a little back room in
* the New Denison house. This room ad
*' joined tho main dining room of the
hotel and was separated from Dorsey's
) main headquarters by one passage way.
* Tho use to which this room was put
was known only to Dorsey and two or
three of his most trusted aids. Gor
" ham had the entry to the room. Its
constant ami sole occupant was a gen
tlcman apparently about I*." years old,
nearly six feet t ill, of stout build and
j with A determined face. Ho had a
long, full beard, pretty well sprinkled
with gray. Ido not know the name of
this man. 1 never asked.
"This man was the custodian of tho
campaign funds, and at one time there
was not less than bank bills in
the three drawers of the bureau which
be guarded. The money was of nil de
nominations, from hundred dollar note
down to ones and twos. The larger
notes were in the top drawer. I saw
the money in this bureau. Tho top
drawer, when I saw it, and the middle
drawer was nearly full: the bottom
drawer, which held the fives, twos and
on<-a, was al>out half full.
"Kvery bill paid by this cashier was ■
paid on orders from Dorsey or Gorham ;
possibly there may have been payments
1 on the order of t'hauncey I. Filley or
John 'New. I saw a number of tbe-e
orders. They were tickets, or small
"lips of paper, with the amount in
figures, the name of the j.er-on who
was to receive it, and tho signature or
initials of Gorham, sometinx - of Dor
sey. Sometimes Gorham simply made
a ticket with the amount and name of
j ayee, without any -igtiaturc. Then
he would take the slip ir.to the little
room and receive the money from the
ca-hier, who would put the ticket into
the drawer as his voucher. No account"
were kept.
'•<>ne case of which 1 have personal
knowledge where money was pa. 1 to
1 buy Democratic votes wis tin Nix
hundred dollars was promised to h
Democrat in Fort Wayne, i prominent
local politii lan. for his influence in the
ward. The sale was arranged by a
special agent of the postoffiee, acting
under an allege 1 understanding with
Dorsey. This money, after having been
promised by the peeial agent t > be ib
livered to the aforesaid Democrat, wa*
I sent by another me-senger. The special
agent resented at the time what seem
ed to be a 1 vi k of conti lence in him
Among the most prominent mana
gers and agents who were cognisant of
all these facts were Marshall Dunn of
Delaware. Np"ei*| agent* Tidl all and
Henderson of the post office depart
ment, surveyor ' '.iulk and Mayor Wiegel
of Baltimore, Thomas Chappcll and
Thomas C.ivnnaugb of the treasurer d<
partment. The last named wasdepnlv
sergeant at-nrm* of the lat House. I
think lie wa* the man wb<> accompanied !
a* a guard, the money from New York
to Indianapolis. Also, Detective Me
F.lfresh and George Miller were promi
nent agents at Indianapolis."
No Defense.
State Treasurer Baily make* what he
intends to be a defense of the action of
himself nnd his Republican colleague.
Auditor General l.emon, in declining to
rail in from the banks whieh are using
tho state moneys those deposits so that
they may be invested in interest bearing
state and federal securities, in accord'
anee with the Humes bill. The treas
urer says that ho and Mr. l.emon, a
majority of the board, passed a resolu
tion, which was not printed in tho nc
count given of the board's meeting, to
the effect that "the Farmera and Me
chanic* national bank of Philadelphia,
fiscal agent of the state of Pennsylvania,
be instructed as soon as practicable to
invest $1,940,000 in state loans at a pre
miurn not exceeding the premium on
United States loans, and if the same
cannot be secured on or before the flrt
of September, to purchase $"00,000 in
United States 4 per cent, bonds and a
like amount montMy thereafter on
further failure to purchase said state
loans, until the dispottAbleaurplus in the
sinking fund is exhausted, all govern
ment loans to be registered in the name
of the sinking fund commissioners of
tho commonwealth of Pennsylvania''
And some of the newspapers which
i had been commentiJg unfavorably on
thin resolution excuses Buily and Lear
on. Not by any mean*. The qualifying
) words in tlio direction to tlio stuto's
fiscal agent uro tlio nnuko in it. Treas
> urer ltaily %nd Auditor Perioral I.onion
know very well that tlio conditions irn
; posed upon the proponed purchuso of
i stato bonds cannot tie complied with ;
• that the amount of them outstanding is
i comparatively so small, and they are
I held at such a premium that this
i amount one tenth of tlio wholo—can
not bo secured "011 or before tlio first of
i September," and that therefore the
alternative presented to the fiscal aj'Ofit
i will have to he resorted to, that is, to
invest only $200,000 per month in gov
eminent bonds, so that the hanks which
have the state moneys w ill have many
i months iii which to restore it to the
state treasury. And that is the puj*pOM
which the Republican sinking fund
commissioners have in view to make
time fur their friends to whom they
have loaned the state moneys.
If it is a good thing to invest 'Kj.tMMI
of the statu moneys in government
bonds, why not tlio entire two or three
millions, which are now lying idle? If
' all of this money of the state was eain
ing even three per cent., the interest
I would amount to ft*.o,oooayear—enough
| to pay the salaries of the grTVemor, at
torney general and secretary of state
and their assistants. Why is it not?
.inj ly I ecause the state treasurer pre
; fers to let his friend have , and they
cannot answer a quick rail' for it '1 he
stato ha* no security for tin--a funds-
I he treasurer s bonds w ill not cover the
one-fourth of them, and ho hs* loaned
millions to bank* far in e.\ce>- of their
capital -tock, for wh. h n< tlu-r he nor
the tnte has i dollar of security. let
the story of tins scandalous mismanage
i inept riti.: through the c.itiip iign /. <
.- rr ! ■ j, -r.
Stand firm for the Itiglil.
'I tie re i.ons fur ot -dience to the con
stitut ,nal mandate that this legislature
"slrril pa-- apportionment laws, are an
strong t< lay : - they were when tiov.
l'attison issued Ins proclamation, so
! universally approved, convening an ex
; tra s,-s ion. It i a question of obo l enee
to the fundamental law and of the per
petuitv of representative government.
( I f apportionment- may be denied tln
ye .r, in defiance of the ] live coin
mands of the constitution, so they may
' he next year anil the ensuing ten or
I twenty years. If the nece-iilies of the
I stalwart bosses demand the continuance
of the villainous disfranchisement of
ten year* ago after the census of IV > i,
who doubts, recalling their insulting
ultimatums at this special season, they
| will he ready for the emergency and the
! crime. They would he as fully istsfic 1
I in ignoring the census of l'.*i as they
are now in ignoring the man late of the
j constitution the state ' -hall" he appoi
toned on the ren-us of I s -'). The
next century may see representation
based on that enumeration.
Adjourning the question won't settle
the matter. The battle must he fought
out >me time, and this . the t .-*1 time.
I he people, irrespective of | arly are
waking up to the treasonable attitude
of the republican senate. Is not tla
grant violation of the constitution, in
one of its most e -ential commands
one that embraces the essence of th"
re| rescntativ e system treason to the
commonwealth ? Where is their oath
to "preserve, protect ar,d defend thi
constitution." Are they not assailing.
: outraging and destroying it ?
We repeat, if the democrat" of I'enn
•y I van i a are not prepared to yield craven
auhmi'sion to the insolent domination ,
of the stalwart < ameron bosse, they
must fight this apportionment isue to
the end. And this is the tune to make
tile battle. No engrossing question of
national or state p hlics diverts the
attention of the voters of the common ]
wealth from it. it is being taken up in 1
school districts. Mr. Lincoln's ' plain i
people" nre talking it over. The re
cord and position of the democracy
challenge investigation and discussion.
PitUlurgh Pott,
Btirrauo, N. Y„ August 16.—Captain
.). Id. llbodes, who intends swimming
tlio whirlpool rapids, arrived here last
night and went to Niagara today. Me
will look over the ground carefully, hut
will not attempt to swim for several
days, A letter has been written, by
Magistrate llill, oT Niagara Falls, Ont.,
saying the authorities will not allow
him to take to the water from the ('ana
dian shore. Rhodes has not received
the letter. Thero is some doubt as to
when the attempt will lie made, but
Rhodes convinces those who have talk
ed with him that he is in earnest.
He said: "if I fail no one need ever
hope to accomplish Uio feat, and if I I
succeed I suppose some poor fellows
will lose their lives tryiog to emulate
my swim. It's a matter of business
with me. I expect to win the prise
offered for the best life preserving
paratus, and 1 think the risk is worth
it. I bsve everything to win."
The Captain goes to the falls on the
8:15 train in the morning.— Times-Star.
The Mouse Republican*.
cooi r.a wishes hone.
i In view of the tendency of the house
republican* to take advance ground
I looking towards a conference and legis
late a* they were sent here todo, a cu
cus of tint hou o members was called
, yesterday afternoon to whip into the
traces any one who felt disposed to say
they had a conscience and an opinion
I and dared make them known. Rut Ross
t Cooper and Boss I.andis won the day_
The greut worry appeared to be how to
i overcome thehouse resolution for a free
conference of nix members to wlisch
i some republican representative* said
• ! tliey wi re willing to give their support.
There were forty nine members present
•| at tiie caucus. ' Ivor every one the whip
I , of tlio boss hovered to great effect. ' 'ne
' opinion advanced was that the republi
cans vvould lie morally hound to sup
port tlio report of any committee they
' had consented to name. J'.y a vote of
to the caucus resolved that the
' ! house republicans would not sup
' i port the resolution in any shape or form.
, The twenty member* voting to support
| the conference did so on the ground
! that serving on committee* was a legi
lator's duty, and that they would l-e in
contempt of the house by a refu-al.
They held that itwastlo .rconstitution
l al duty. I >f course the caucu mandate
1 will he obeyed by the twenty nine tnem
her voting as the 1 o* - -.id. Ltnery, of
I iwrence, proved hi* independence by
leaving as oon as he saw what the cau
cus intended doing. J.owery, of Jnd.,
favoring i conference, said he might a"
w< i| go borne after that exhibition of
the machinery of politics C'olborn fav
ore I the conference, riving that it whs
i th e only way by which to reach a con
ciu-.on and an adjournment. ' o j < r
calls the free opinions expressed by tin
hou-e rcpuhle an- insanity, and sty* it
would never do to get inlr> a conference
a- the rej uhlicans would he left. The
house, therefore, having received orders
will know how to vote this morning. It
will he interesting to note how the
twenty vote. 1 .:.
I he twenty, of course, could not ith-
I stand the ln-h of the l -e-. They wait j
jed :
Boro)*H I-alc-t is a Stunner.
Some of his sayings are epigrams. "I
don't exactly under land how any cor
niption fund could he rni'aj plied is
capital. In the matter of penonal
honor in keeping promise*, he says
"Hayes should he placed on a pedestal
of gold: Arthur on one of pewter."
That i Haves w.-i* proof of the old •
adage that there i- honor among thieves
The presidency was stolen for h.m and
lie reward* i the men who did the steal .
ing. The presidency was bought for
ParficM and \rthur. and Arthur goes
I rk on the men wliod. i the buying.
Horsey is no fool, and doubtless is a ,
much 1 ■ Iter man than the av< rage re
pill linn jolitirian "" l'sm- /
| !."> Irr.
Nothing (.allied by (ailing Names.
It is not easy to >en what ,'vn< are to
accrue to the rej uidican j arly this year
or next year by republican | apers call
ing I'atli'on an "accidental governor."
i'attis-n i-gorernor by the voir-of a
m rity of the voters of the state, and
these voters voted with a great deal of
af parent deliberation, and because they
v-ry distinctly wanted Pattiaon to le
governor, he is nl-out as far removed
from being an "accident" as he well
could bo, I 'ur esteemed contempora
j rie* ought not to waste their ammuni
tion in firing bird hot at the governor;
they will want it all when next year
they will he fight.ng under the banner j
inscribed with the legend "Reform this
year and Harmony next year.''— Phi r
| T '• "'/'-I
The Boston Ad • -fi/.r having alluded
j to "the movement to make Mr. Tilden
and Mr. Hendricks the candidate* on
the Pemorratic Presidential ticket,"
Mr. Pant, of the AV-*., pirk* up his Bos
ton contemporary in this sprightly
fashion : "Why, bless your old soul,
there is no such movement. You are
talking about a thing which has no ex
i'tcnco save in tho terrified imagination
of those who frarw.acted or a-bo justified
the electoral fraud of 137 G."
Superior Kxcellenre.
The reason* for Pmna't superior ex
cellenoe in all diseases, and its mtniut
operandi, are fully explained in Pr.
Hartman's lecture reported in bia book
on tbo "His of Life, and How to Cure
Them," from page 1 to page 10, though
the whole book should be read and stu
died to get the full value of this pat-ex
eellent remedy. These books cao be had
at all the drug store* gratis.
Pfmna is the best immediate ha pee
tor ant (Cough Medicine), that ha* yet
been compounded by physician or drug
gist. There ii nothing in medical print
that can at all compare with it. And
no less so it it the very best Tonic,
Ktimulrnt.>'#rvin. Diuretic, Alterative,
Autl Py sped tic. Appetizer, rustic,
(Blood Medicine,) Ac., A., that baa ever
been compounded by doctor or loyman.
It should, therefore, always be kept on
band for immediate use, 33 ?L
New Advert influent x.
■ 1 ir^fj
, m
Absolutely Pure.
Tbia nv u r o#vr rsrliMi a mat f j •I.
elf. .• ti* • ! . •-* rr t. •. M • . tni- *.l i
' . • ■
I -, .t< j i;• rah 11 : * )i< t :• r j. .*i iu
n I it. , 1-i Wull •!„ N V
'I ' ~
c I you Ji
Aa It U f r ft.] V.ry jd aful tltf U.f r'
W It r, t o yV i r.f th* hrr.l
X 1 > tir* v'. f.* t y.r r v . Jl
C- ijr Una r . a'' It ' .-. reft, j' I
of ,v ,* -w- nrt fn* of t in iarrlMt dloooo* •
r. • ' 7 r • • 1
0 rkWK, 11. I.I(ftIDOM Mil. MM i i Minims.
< I i V
| WKLI J. TUCILAHDHC)?* & < J • -.p- nVt
\' ( 'TH I! !.• r< v nt! it th(
At II 1 ■
j a aft.. f J fit, \% r h l| # 3-h C. ■O• .1 „ f . "
■ ' ort. < rtAl.il!:,
•> SI- I'ti.lb :,ul*.- i
iIT ST RAY. (an I t premiat -ol
1 I * • al i
■ ,
I >Y virtue of sundry wnt*- <T I it ri
Saturday. AugUßt 25, A I>. 10C3,
*ll ••• -l !• M .► f. ll* *i! .- <n. nb. i r.l
e*fD i f Ibe deft b'litlD. 1 W,t
No I
i A■ t Ut .??', It *. A • • - -al ■
| 1 * i Utftl "tin T <%MJ ' !* U't,. t t |.e , f
j .:* hi Jits fJ. ii .-v af • II tU etl'-'t. If '
ft !•"*<. It M. < N ft!
- t a line Mfftllol Willi H yir-k' etf* t D If* ! ! )■,
lof D A liff*. Ih'. ' a ! U . i"t I. ••
j \,U9 ni .1 |{ .-arwla, ti.'f . . (.g- I. : p t),
if 11 !!? it ' • 7
j f ftp 1 other Ml '. - ,h-y.*;, Uji#r it •x,
Ail ll.ftt ( rtt.. La. 1 f j /r f ... •
i' ' j
I Wit' HT.-J !h rilu I M r T, I
Iftl Mr ft! *{• 4*i •f lliei *n Wat fifty f#.t n, |
J 'lt. ll' { -Pi I TTrorfT I M nnae. th: J
a ' •*>
j i
j.Nr Ila !M" H .i 1 *]f , RftM |r t M j
• ' ■!■ ' ,
' '
! t ild t |er. f 1 ftr.-i Niagett h• 'f J
j *' fesft !'1 Ofte hftif W•e! ! t ft. ? i*r* r.f !.e^
•tg. fh'-f-.f* > a ftiiti !w< ir 4; I: ./ . U' '

i ur <t fa I *• ft 14 ft* th® j j fmriy I tadrrft J I.ur%a kt i
, Ku f-el h
So !i
; A lib Jb' ftl-t •• 4 M 1.5?e (*• i Il.t'fMl " ft -
t ftiilhftl"' niri ? f Iftrnl l r , Il.r t ,*hij
fttfcllrr. I IT ft ,f .v, kbl.Msh (I'.rMtAH
nU. I- *ri'l iaftM.rt'*df la f ..ioor. iji ft/ t r,r,.rk
( at Mi rr'ft ftp I rttontr c ILtj'h *• p ff*v* ]|; jei !
i • • tin if w•*ti j- r I i • *
fti **. • ' M !n ' - t * vrd )
. ' ' ' - -
•• ■ • - i f ... tfi' •j„ • , , affioa
I -• • ' . T • " • - I ', Sal.' ■' I- bw
! B(1lr' Mifs I I. k |afl fft Uft? • tfr. f / aft 1 enr
j tsjtftl in the DM*' "f M C..',.itr, s'tfly I*.
it * lii frurnuhfe c 4 • *;*! i ftle4 Jifttiuftrjr I<.
I tl.'- ; Sft, . r.ctftre M 'i ' rf< r.
J it Ipivait, itiMeuii] ufVfY tutl'niM
j vrift* P' .r l tftk'T, itwv- ! d aiiii 1- :)* th'
j 'l Th t .a* M'V s -
N 4
I All the r(ftM,Jit'e id u.ler .? -file !h(, r , Uhl
I at* I'a h ofth'p f. i&hbl ! the fli •! r/1 f
I iar ailnai' in tie 7 fitiiiti t>? T , * aMt of
|* • i.tr* 1 Mat- of I' n•> I- , .
ie - U*e-1 a* f J • f if ILfihhini- al |. •*{ ajjii
i*t T)*t, tfrrn -e }•} Ut 1. f J >n|h . keith N i
i tie Jw-r. f>. a ? f<*! ,ak the! aIr Ufti < f Ri'lgeftii
llbl llulO '* K 1 | I'M fr b-ifttf k 'ftt the!<••> I t
ftftflie k P I I * J'T I <• tOhtt< ttftk $ Tie,
tf.' tI; sa;. I"! J't 1 H •* P S '-2 I.
U't feff h' ! (■ ■' ff ii t- ftftft r ftl. r r r• e! t thl
old | lank rr*%rl and •:><* i! e m, * h 1 px*or*
' * Mm ftp J- Ml I' I PNNI I
£*(. ft/rua* r<*l4 Iftfl' * S T'■< k , til' rt eft(. | rifffft
ll* |er hea. | | I 1 •'k tT'n Ihfi - 4 tU-grf**
' t• ■ . • J..al I . 'ft
to ftp! k h r : dftgre* I'k t ( oo t tuftf rtaofi,
U'? - e I t *ftn>" S 4'i I* p|wr?hea t . |me
•t'imfL then . !t mete'' ***: -♦ J f, t
the ) Uftft f I" stbtitlig, < ■* ** .ting 4 I ft :. *an I 114
J.. tehee r4 ftlh 't Wt> U l ft
4v*lliiij( lioofte ah'l at*] 5e ft- <. i, iak k ' In p
t. n ftp! to !e w4I ft* the j jnrtt , I. 4 K M
Ho X
Atl tho*# to frnrt- . r j.r- a of Ut I lying •! 5 le
-ing in Pott or Towtichlp, • of < Vhtr and Stole
'■i Pennftylrftpta, l at i 1!. *. to lt
• (,• tb. r • • t.-l. V •
rer, Wr#l I t land* of r'Aii.tifl ftj ai glef ah. u*. h ith
ti Tiiaftjr nf#untftin ur d on th# Faat I t inritS* of Jem
ij.fklUn. r T.uihlng *S merr* m r or Th#fe
on er#rt#d a dnellitig honno, l*nnk bum lid other *t
The '4h#r tbefoof Ndng • tmrt of lasxl in the
tain in ijmtr.w# mm* of AUm ItMr. oontomfm *1
•* r*t m< re vf b m iLing t hi mu * Word wkk h P'imi n
P Rilrie and JftOMt V IS; h##. lon *4 IVW Rull#.
Jo bjr their deed dated the 1-th dft* of Ifrtem
t#r, )KT9 OHUfTed t'- RiiM Hue >.
ftf.M W tlhem If ttftaer, her luMd*fti34, I n deed 'tfttd
ApHI I, oonrej ed the am no h W II Ruble
heired. taken in 'm* U. ; %4 lo It nM • the
|f ■jefty ofH 11. Hold*.
N"o A,
All the right, title and lnf're#t of the TVfoi.if.(
In and to UI thai mwamfe, tenement and fgnet of .
land attnate in the lV n tigh of N e ard, honnded o®
the Noftk by land# of A. k Tirton and Mm. kinain '
Hindi, on the hot hy the Turnpike (ending to Jnr k- H
a. ut I lie. on fh k-mih by no ftHy and on the Wwl
bf lar.d# ftf S P Kiddle, now!a:ririg arrm mom of
loftft, thec ere. tod ft log dnelling otold# nod ,
<*hr onlhttildins* F-ieod. taken to oie.-ntto® nod , t
So he oudd n* lh* pn%eri# c f VUVM Lonthefft. p
All thftt t ffUin lot or fd#. e,4 gmii ftUftfti# I® .
the Boroogh f Phlhpfthwrg, I® fte (Vtinfy of C>n J
♦re. Pft. houode-t mi A—trH*4 fta folio®®, U> Wit I Bo- j
ginning a! c®f®nf f luniel fcymn -m the #dr# of the
*44 Rftilnsftd #®rr#y. thepre Booth along tho UmU- '
foftd err#y on# hundred and Mtptto feet to tho
(TM4f oM*te| Miller, thence Meat along hnmnel
Miller onoLttbdmsl feet to po#t and tftud d Choator
Munm. theme North ah eg ladf of CMont#? Mn®-
•n® oft* hundred ftnd fifteen #**! to oorner of Daniel
K,vfto, Utoto® B®t along P®hkl pnt hnadred
f"-t loth> pliv of <tu th* *4g> f i
mrvwjr and "n!afnlfg a!<ot or.< half /; , r
I mm
Alto. !• "tli' f Mori'lfc f t-r v! • r, .
ly in th* Borough of Mttllpftarg ♦>/> j umi* , f ,
' i' ' • • ■ I • • •
• wrila, IfJOtt'h ■} -U i |i ' ; . . . .
ginning at * |a*t r n< rof <I. ,f. r , ... j
ll nry wllcoi on is, oiiUx.'r - • r
Mm. r<4k/| Jfo'tli thirty fn'.r i ■ n . / /r , ,
\A..t awteft pfl -. I n j !, |U*h" •' •' • I
lit rl oim liul/< rr<, M• > < ~t . , f
Hi*-Viirlh forty I,'t ar ! .if . ... t
*.}** parthw to coritfcf of John Vmrkm th*tn i,
.1 ,n I'M fit rr r ml. fn ■ ... ',a ~.
I f. !. • l !. 1 Mm •. • ' r ■ SJ
" Wlh f'.rlT Sf4l|f<W,| • • ...... j .
J.' t , fIIWIM ' iI- • 'til • f ■.. ♦ ,
"• ' t j • • • ' ' - j •' <
r<iOtalslHf two u4 < . t, . - j Itmm , 'i
* • It&g -•
Inn I.; W A M i.
——fctf 'X • '
*i|<ul<lm num.' if, H tv f- * f .-
I. tin . •.<? I. . - , ,
A M *otv.
fto, *,
All th-'lf"t. J-Uiti fi;-l.t tit ' r. ir.f. . .
High tr*-*i |r t
■. , •
- ■ . ...
* -t fclofig MM. ! ' <t ' M • V.
th0 Ml'rtig UMf a |{. j . (J
tli*b< #• ilut.,- IVgli ■ j .
c/fifMl lit rig ' !■' ' ir I !
■ .; t
Alt all If • .r' •
I* mM l- . W • •
"*r X *ll*-} < • M . ii i!in *. j.. < . ,
• •
' "
AU •!jat ' - r, t, : ~, . . t , .
f i l. ; IlllitO )f! H It, t w ? . , •,. ■ ' ,

i ft M*t J* *ii I* j . {
|rWf *1 i i H.'li W
• . ...
A l | h| , •; .
•-• ' u
a! M-.M
f I : I* ' t i . . ,■ . . ,
'*! t. K w lVt 4 #ti :•. ■
'"> i tfwt : t
• '
u 7~ i " • '
t th j r | ! J , .*
A;: Mint M-ti. • • . . ,
•• - ,
\ . Utkl .<ll,, • ; t t , f'• 4 U a
* II, ,(>. M t, i • .
• It . I a . . . :
''Mlt V K, . ,
'' ' ,
l> 1 I" •!:• '•
.>. S 1.1 , .i ■ j. ■ . t
I I r i*ij i.f Jn : . r
Ail .rtk.r Trk * I It.: I. t | jn j
. P . ,
ll'V • ' . . !•■. . I
t Ik. ►: • v • W
tn . 1J I J rur|.. | t. II . .J
W ' h! ' • f u , . .
(1..T I. tutt> - .. !■'■J I . It. I J 1.11 \\„l
■ - .-Hi .. v . . t. ...

1■ I I-r , Ijr ■!.'■, H V ...
X li
All lh, fTTUIt) 18. .. , s , I ,4 lut.i
ii llslf it i art I . ' ■
>Miit In ■ 1.l M .t Till • ; t ,f ' y
U.il iI, lat l lal. if It .iaiß Tal r. a J l.t. ■i.
■ ••. < . M . ;■!•}• • I ai> ' I , ii
•ail la 'II ■ T
I • '
fram' ii* * lilt . i. -it.., at..i . art} t 'l.tt till.tilldiiica.
.1 • : ■
•fit I I'M a •! l>t . V.1,. 1, • all tlfl* It; ■
A I'.al VI,. .1
iwrfi aa i v, i t a: lltKinultf at a trout
111' I t at ' lltt.1) a I .v.. T 1t...... It
la 4a i f aa. LAn ■' at; !• land t W'n M K I.'.
. llf ... •,• K - v a',
' | .1 lII' Ift |J. Mi Ki ' ■
ai th . ■ rati • , • act j. a| thn
Ma', n HatT .il : J. air.i .. ..
I -l t l i 4 I*. BB ' t—<-i 'alt , ''i .
[I i'm ttaita • t !"• tf amt'ta, tkn*-i. mrtii
'' ' .
lakirc lit -. ft . ••,! af at
l 7"t, lii'fl ih m?KJ : !• i ]j
•aP I'll'- | T 'A r< w < ; :
N ,i
All tlNit wru-n V • -f rot, J In fn w
PI". 1 fA vfi| -" it*, r. Tiir* i. in,), | (
i]r I i f llrrltil Al , . . . ,|i . , ~l f . T>
rrt,u flknA r■ n}i*"U; I 4 f fimtui • |v .
■* oirg It - i n ** c - •? i, 1 • i.-t
! la* fl . M 'ff. i h |* •>' ' t I:%mt dw"|l
• - h tMt u• i ,'U't Vl-Rlk lifl ivifl.
tAt ft % 9\> -ft an ) |a. t* fr la* Uh jr.j-4tl.tof
J**. i* t,t' •
| XV
All tJ.RJ n *:■ tr' ut nf Mr I It ~f
fcr. Un 1 * iuMlr ,t, tr, f%: urc. I ~?t. .nut. ,
•.• : •
; t all'*. ' n -a*l an-l tih f-j i t. f 1 A! * tb,t. •
tat Jwi'u.w li .d <ib(-r -ut
! !lilii;c tab*n n r k ull< ;• and I }*■ .
jf ; <rty f .• **; v i
Ii It
At i -Ma . : . ' • i Ii 11,. 1 t h
f JW-'i ? ril*!. < iitfj ■ ■ Mlr MI t -uif 1 V'i i,m ,
J.-t f ii 1" %l j. j. : t ~ ),. -
r. ! 1' * 1 !ng fr to I*l t v. %' ;* t town -wr th>
hill; ih• t rth 44 ffct ;r . itKto
I jut in*.i nM th#. t- Miih ta wofct .4 M
Mini iaflil ? h t hit,, i Mill •• | m,..i n • t
t |*-U.t I r*l |*-wiirig fr, r., | •> . , M to tf.Wfi,
V •** of Pj rint *nd i. ,g tJ# rrorj, tbr-n H,
*Mftt <4 "t t- |- "■ i i' : -til I, .1
7T f-*t to jwwt. thrttct ti ifh SO' , .
it.rhoM t" |"'*t ; thtnw I* ilh 4 <M*t S|. fwta7
<fhf* t< plw• of li'f.r nivg - r talftlnc ——. lh'*t
on *•!'■ m tfpw *l-" lawthtif 1 n •*, w ill
r-4 f. t>it- *#- >t k t.hr-t.. Nodi | f M |
that - *.■,. 1 : ft;* tAlcn it mwhii. t and
14 |.i> n■] -a* ih* nrofwrt* of tnn< l F F>U-r
Ailt >* t f ■' • . t f ; *1 ?* t w*r ™
hip. . attf T,t * Fp,. h t |. \Mr ► } . Mt
f .iv tm, to tit i I .• - ■ i••v •11 .... I
nut r " ■i * 1 Mmmiwi rrgiln T _ | J
i i: . • Um 1 ■ , Marvl i i ,
thaor* ns ttpdd<* < f mj4 i 1 f* 7i 4*trt-- -• * V
210 | < h** 1 f ti of r ml, thoi.rrtal,niL ft;! 1
n*4 !'*aliic nj th* V ttii f ki f Mt*b t tivl. \ .
il*gt* U .4 r i>i jH'f 11. tint' V ?*| 'e* ♦\
II ' |wt(|,<A th-f}'' \ H ,4 ;v,ha
i a ]
t,.d kr trti * it.' I*- i} * r ■* i t* alb h ,Vgr * U
la t-W to Xorih f ?l ft Mrt'*h< r* k , th>n<*
down th nti l ll* of •. ir <-k Jt > 'loftwo* F. V t
Imi tlia . MmtNNi S. 7.' i pm |mb .ti ■ •
Mtlng MMal * *k, h. I 4 a M'| It far .1* .f
*J iHatP, 'fc' jwr. Imp |4. j -t th'iKrft ft i. t tfu . t
At PI jmr. h*p t |wi r Jin* *F lt>4 I
AA iiliMr, T flradr t!'•'* I 1 th* MMjd lit*. I arf-v
X It.J l*er**p A\ i . to .*.- ti.* * ?.
dorr*-* F 't jwr#h"t ; th*r. #. f fV*
... i -r

•totiop; th'-nr* * J | ;o |wt>ho- , tW
l-nhM with ail smff* f* th* aan-. no wf j*a.
ih roon *rort. d a hoWi*, lm •, d t,ih*r , ;ti ntldi tT
kij 14 jthn r. UiJt. 1
Sit, u
All it'.r H. I • ttllr ar„l ..... ..-.t of ll , Arfrt, ~o|
tKroa . vb 1.1. Htlltr aooih ,t. .I.iut.. t ,
Hiri. t fcntiMtolf. of Bitafc, nmnif ,4 ihii. at.,l
htalr ~f IVana . I- t.t„r,J ao.l „ , iit . , |o
•if fr fhrtvof l-rfinnlrs al t|.. „ , 1)r ,
*onlh *o,awl atrvrt*. fr>*lti<( on . r)li
a-.fi ar,d mfi.H.l a. ,TC^I
an alia,, ao.l —n n.itnl..,r4 .Va . aaoilm It,.i
Ml *. „lh Sv ,.1 altat,
'' M, at I tnttt ina la. A 1,, at, all.. ] . f.,.t .w.
•mtl-ala larr l Mot. fraa,, 4*allt n| fcA*J , h j
OIHVI OMII,iW.ga aad Ifcr o|l, lbr,a.,f %
forf'ti ■ tlfftl -ft and rwnnlog lwok foaataUr* I**l
L "VlNf ']'* '**' ••' m'tt'.toatf. Krma „ BMI .
triad At; U. ill. fI.. 14 jd „ *r, r ,4. „ 4r|l
1? 'n~ * 44 'Uj i.tprtl- .-f If 11.
Xo will be •< know,.
w *"iT
§hni* OMca, IV, Aog. , la %

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