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®IJJC (Centre Alk Clemocrut.
S.T. SIIKJKUTiV K. 1.. OKV IS. Editors.
VOL. 5.
She Crolw groumrat.
T.rmi SI.AO per Annum in Ailvnnoe,
Thursday Mortiine, September 6, 1883.
FOR AI'DITOR I i F.N Fit A 1,,
of Warren County.
of Bradford County.
Dr. J. It. SMITH,
of Ferguson Township.
of Ilellefonle.
of Bellefoute.
THK legislature of New Hampshire
has passed a compulsory education bill.
The wisdom of regulating family af
fairs by statute may have the appear
ance of wholesome legislation iu New
England, but it does not strike us as a
precedent worthy of imitation else
in mind that they must be registered ou
or before the 6th of September. At
tention to this may save trouble at a
later date. Democratic committees
should cxamiue the registry carefully
and not sutler a single v-te to be lost
by inattention.
THE civil service reform, it is ex
pected will be sufficient to protect all
honest competent employees of the
government who attend to the duties
for which they are employed, hut when
the time comes to enforce the order
"turn the rascals out" the procession
will be large and impossing, but sad
and subdued.
THE Republicans ought not to forget
that all the grave charges preferred
against Dorsey their great leader, were
occurrences that transpired previous
to his cordial and enthusiastic endorse
ment, by Arthur, Grantand other par
ty lights. The party workers were
dirty then ; they are so now and ('oop- ;
er, at least, is in need of ooip.
THE evidence of the truth of the
Dorsey disclosures accumulates, says
the N. Sun. Congressman Bel ford
confirms the statement that General i
Garfield was forced to make resorts
on the Collector of the port of New
York under a telegraphic threat that
the Stanley Matthews bargain would
be revealed unless the appointment was
promptly made.
Gov. BUTLER, of Massachusetts, is
doing a little junketting at his own ex
pense. He is out in a yacht in pur
suit of recreation and in n!:!.. This is
somewhat of an improvement on the
administration pleasure parties where j
the President and Cabinet do their
junketting in the government vessels at
the government expoose, including
their daughters, their sisters, their cous
ins and their aunts.
CAIT. RAMSEY, who has charge of
jheN avy .School at Annapolis, is mak- i
ing commendable efforts to abolish the
system of baring, and has appointed a
court to try the Cadets who have en
gaged in the vulgar amusement, with
a view to their dismissal. The gov
ernment pays for the education of gen
tlemen —not blackguards, and Capt.
Ramsey is perfectly right in raising
the standard of revolt against a prac
l("' so entirely objectionable.
' T*IIK Democratic Convention of
t Berks county have enthusiastically
t endorsed Gov. Pattison's appointment
of au Orphans' Court Judge, by nomi
nating Judge Hwartz, the appointee,
for the samo office, on the first ballot,
f For this appointment the Governor
was much censured by the Philadel
phia 'fime*, whose editor can now re
peat wjth great propriety the (iconic
Utter written on another occasion;
"Dear Governor, you were right
nd I was wrong, A. K. MRCL.URE."
Indignation Mooting.
The good people of Pennsvalley
showed that the spirit of subjection to
the unmitigated wrongs practiced upon
them the Pennsylvania Railroad would
have an end at least in that important
quarter of our county. For years i
these people have suffered ail
the wrong and indignity that I
a heartless, sellish and rapacious
monopoly has in its powei to inflict. ;
When the project of building the road
through the valley was first mooted
the public spirit of its citizens gave it !
most enthusiastic welcome, and this
j generous feeling lias been most basely I
most meanly taken advantage of. The
people graded the road, gave the right
of way gladly and the five valley town
j ships subscribed two hundred thous- ,
and dollars of their own money, and
for what? For a road built only half,
way to its destination, stopping at a j
point where it does the least good, j
where a great hulk of the wheat can
not be delivered except at heavy ex
pense and where not a pound of Iron
ore can he hauled without pecuniary
loss to the operator for a road that ha*
developed nothing and has tariffed 1
freight so frightfully as to stop any
thing but the most necessary business
enterprises. For miles their farms ,
have been cut up by an unsightly track {
'■ unironed and a burden. If the monop
oly is not above the law, if the old
commonwealth can still protect her ■
citizens, let us have justice. The in
dignation meeting la.-t week was the !
right step —but let it be followed by
measures still more active : if the cor- j
poratiou can rob us of hundred <>f
i thousands and break its own contracts,
we want to know it. We claim thatlhe ,
Penna. R. R., no longer owns the
Lewi-burg & Tyrone R. R., let the
-tatc put up the property at public
rale and there will be plenty of pur
chases.- for it. Thank Heaven other
road- are coming into our county, and
are willing and anxious to dispute
with the old company for the carry
ing trade of these wide and fertile val
leys. They will all find us friends,
they can't lie worse than what we have ;
THE Cameronian shisters of the
Pennsylvania criatc have the nppor*
tionment gerrymander passed ten years
ago. It is their real ultimatum and ■
suits the boss. What does constitu
tional perjury signify if they can
maintain au unjust advantage and
| continue to dominate and rob the peo
| pie of the state?

THE Republican officials in the en
joyment of the largest salaries seem ,
to be a very modest, conscientious cla-s
of men. and of course can discover
nothing wrong or dishonorable in
junkitting round the country in gov
ernment vessels and palace cars at
public expense. The country may
derive some benefit by the President's
inspection of the Yellowstone Park
and the trout streams on the public
domain iu the west, but it is difficult
to see the advantages to be derived
from placing a government vessel- in
possession of his daughter and her
friends to luxuriate ou the Atlantic •
coast. The glory of the navy was
sufficiently established without this,
when his Secretary, the high-toned
Chandler, put the Talapoosa in motion
as a pleasure boat for himself and
friends. But when the President, and
indeed all the cabinet, arc absent seek i
ing enjoyment we must not find fault i
with Chandlor. This absence from
public duty at public expense is an i
institution of the Republican party, I
and had its beginning in the Grant i
administration as an annual event, is I
swelling each year to formidable pro- I
portions. In former administrations i
when the Democracy held the eon- t
trolling influence in the government <
of the country, such abuse of public f
trust was not allowable, if even thought i
of, but they were probably bebiud the i
age of improvement and would now t
be called "old fogy." t
Arbitration Rejected.
i Every concession offered, and every
j proposition made by the House of
Representatives, looking to legislation
j in favor of a fair and honest appor
tionment of the state into ( ongres
i sional, Senatorial and Representative
i districts are met by the Republi-
I can majority in the Senate by ultima
tum, and dismissed without cotisidera
| tion. The object of this is too ap
parent to di cieve any one. Their re
j fusnl to legislate with the House is
| because of fear that the " grand old
party " may possibly lose some of the
J unfair advantages possessed undt r the
; infamous gerrymander of the present
law enacted ten years ago. The last
proposition passed by the House to
| submit the subject to twelve distin
guished representative men of the
state —six Republicans and six Dem
j crats t > draft and agree upon bills to
be submitted to the legislature, was re
jected by the Senate as soon as it
n-aehed that body, Nothing but "ul
timatum or gerrymander " will suit
Cooper, Stewart, V Co. Well, the
Democratic members of the House
1 have nothing with which to reproach
themselves. They have made all prop
i er concession—every possible effort to
, obtain an apportionment fair to all,
1 as demanded by the constitution. They
' cannot, they dare not go beyond that,
and whether they adjourn now >r n< xt
i year, the responsibility, a* well a- the
1 costs of a protracted ion rest* upon
the Republican obstructionist*, and
they will In- so adjudged by the peo
HON. < H A EI.I -S. Wol ii, ii a let
ter says that "the mission of the Inde
pendent TteptlhTTeaff f* ftf T.tv''
sey, ami Mag.-e - * candidate for
State Treasurer. Thu mission is a
good one, made abundantly apparent
bv the revolutionary and outrageous
disregard of constitutional responsi
bility of the Cameron majority, as ex
hibited in the Senate during the regu
lar and extra sc*-ion of the legislature.
Ik-sides, this i- no time t > prorate a
slave of the bosses—an adherent of the
British army over a high-toned, re
putable and competent citizen, such a*
the Hon. Joseph Powell the Demo
cratic candidate for State Treasurer.
THIS is the way the ra-eals do it.
The fact, it is said, has leaked out thnt
in the frequent breaking up of contra
band stills in the mountains of North
Carolina the same old still was used
every time. This is what accounts for
the remarkable activity of the revenue
officers and the expense of collecting
the whisky tax in a certain districts of
North Carolina. A reward of fifty
dollars is allowed for every seizure of
an alleged illicit still, and it is repor
ted that some revenue officers put up
old stills in remote recesses of the Blue
Ridge in order to pounce upon them
and recover the reward. When an old
still has served its purpose iu one lo
cality it is removed to another, and
the game is repeated. In these raids
it is observed that nothing is seized
but the old still, which has become
considerably battered in its frequent
journeying* in the Blue Ridge. It is
not surpri-ing that in this Blue Ridge
district the cost of collecting the whis
key tax amounts to nearly as much as
the revenue.
THE New York World says: The
m-xt House ol Representatives will in
stitute searching inquiries into the
scandals which have been developed
tlirough recent Republican quarrels,
aud into the unpunished crimes of Re
publican officials. The alleged pay
ment of money to control apfkointmcnta
to the (Supreme Court of the United
States, the Roach contract, the Ott
man compromise, the entire conduct of
the Department of Justice, the alleged
omission and suppression of names in
Star Route prosecution, the official
robberies under Tom Brady and the
mysteries of the Treasury Department
will all be investigated to satisfy the
the public mind as to the truth.

'I ho IleHpoiiHibility of tho Somite
; ! Tho republican members of the sen-
I ate, says the Hani-burg I'utriot, have
• tuken a position on ground that is
liable at any time to cave in and bury
- them.
Their professed ami v<-iy evident
object is to defeat the purpose for
which the extra .e.—ion was called.
They do not care by what means this ,
is accomplished, nor do they c are for j
the violation of their oaths ami consti
' tuliouul obligations.
I The republican members of the sen
ate do not < xpcct to be held in any
' ; way rc-ponsible for tln-ir notions be
i cause they claim to be virtually in the j
| minority iu the government. The !
1 ground they take is that the democrat- :
ic party, being accredited with the
• governor and a majority in the lower
• j house of the legislature, will of cour-c
1 be held responsible for the failure to
' make apportionment- and for the ex
: pense ol the extra session.
Their defense, of course, is very
j plausible, and they have great hope
| tiint it will bejel, hut it will be knock
ed from under them by the jteople.
The nias-e - of voters in Pennsylvania
are not so ignorant a- the astute re
publican senators suppo-e. When a
fair pre-entation of the case i- made
they will be- eomj>elled to recognize
this fact. Although the administra
tion and the lower house of the- legis
lature are elemocrntic, the- democrats
arc prevented from cairving out the
provisions of thu constitute -n by the
, re publican majority in the si nate.
The governor's desire iu c alling the- j
special -i *sion wa- to have the- require
ment* e.f the i n-tituti u in regard to
vr>nrtf -wtweot executed The d*inn- 1
crats in the- legislature have made
every reasonable effort to accomplish
this by making the nu -t liberal e on
ct-.-ion, pa-dug republican bill- and
offering all sort* of inducements.
They have been bl- • -k< <1 at every
step by the- senate's obstinate
refusal te> le-gi-late. Tho people
arc not so blind that they cannot !
see why the senate pursues this course-;
m ither are they so hasty a- to refuse
credit to the democrats for an earnest
and determined . flort to secure to them
their rights.
It i- said Se natnr Agnew announce
that he will take- no coni|>ensation for
the oxtrn session. That certainly in
dicate* one gleam of hone-sty remain
ing, for having refused to perform the
duty required of him by the constitu- |
tion, he has not entitled hirn-clf to i
compensation. But how about his
oath ? Is perjury commendable in
Republican circle.*?
A STENCH. iiAniie report of the pro
; ceeelings of the lnle Democratic state
convention is leiiig printed aid will
soon be published under the direction
jof the state committee. Copies of the !
pamphlet will be sent to all the dele- {
gates of the convention and substi
tutes, i se far as their addresses have j
j been furnished,) to the members of the
state committee and to the chairmen
of the county committees. Other j
copies will be furnished upon applica
tion to the chairman of the slate com
mittee upon enclosing a three cent
AFTER Sept. 1, tho headquarters of
I the Democratic state committee for
the present campaign will he perma
nently located in rooms No. 7 and 9,
at the Girard house, Philadelphia, the
same as were occupied last year and
by Col. McC'lurc iu the Curtiu-Lincoln
campaign of 1860. The clerical work
of the committee has been vigorously
prosecuted since the opening of the
year and is much further nn than at
the corresponding stage of last year's
campaign. The work of the organisa
tion will he somewhat simplified this
year by reason of the fact that there
is no election for nor complications
over members of the legislature and ,
congressmen. The efforts of the state <
committee will be concentrated upon j
getting out the full Democratic vote, i
I HI. Democratic legislature of Geor
gin recently apportioned the state in
t igre-ional district*. Of the ten
district* they gave six to the Repub
licans, provided they receiver] the
' negro vote.
RI.I i iiiii.M. to the notorious use of
immense sums of money in Republi
can campaigns, especially in 18*0, the
New ork Hi raid say that "when
reformers like Mr. Richard .Smith
want £>o,ooo for a single state, 'two
thirds of it to be reserved for use on
election day,' what the Jay Hubbelb,
Fosters and News of the party will do
: needs no explanation."
JITH.K SMITH makes a handsome
Judge, that was the verdict of the gen
, i ral court room last week, and a good
; one, we shall add for our part. What
more do we need when usefulness is j
combined with Judicial beauty. We
I eel assured thnt this will be the vir
lect of ('• ntre county by a large ma
jority. <fur candidate ha- been test
id, Democrats, and lias proved his
< HAIRMAN COOPER, having i--ued
his circular demanding contributions
t i the bo-- campaign funds, will ci
|K-ct more prompt attention to his
mandates, than he is willing to bestow
ujMjn the mandate- of the constitution
>f the state. Hubbell's collectors who
are out of engagement now, are so jK-r
--uaive in setting before the trembling
employee- <>f government the danger of
hesitation, may 1m used to advantage.
GIU.-HAM ON TRIAL. A certain
p -toffin- iusjieetor named Giddings,
who i- a -vmpathizer with Mahone,
projsjsed to stump the state of Vir
ginia iu the interest of the Repudia
• tor's lielcct in violation of the civil
service rub s. He was called to ac
r unt hv the I'ostmaster General and
warned that if he did so, dismissal
would follow. The office holder, how
ever, presuming doubtless upon the
power of Mahone to make thing- right
with the I'residcnt, disregarded the j
warning of his chief, persisted, and is ,
now upon the stump talking up the
Mahone interest* in the Republican
party. It will be interesting to know
what Mr. Gresham will do about it,
or bow far he will allow himself to be
bo—cd by the Virginia boss, or defied
by bis subordinate.
< )NE of the points of objection urged
by the Republicans, through Chair
man Cooper last year against the elec
tion of (iov. I'attison, was that he was
I horn in Maryland, although he came
with his father to reside in Pennsyl
vania when a very small boy. Now
under the lend of the same Chairman
! CiKipcr, they favor the election of
I.ivsev, the Republican candidate for
State Treasurer, who was horn and
raised in England and served a* a sol
! dier in the British army. If it was
crime in the Democracy a year ago to
prefer a citizen born in our neighbor
ing state of Maryland, what is it to
the Republicans this year, when they
ask the people to vote for a candidate
born in England, and comes to them
as an ex-soldier of British govern
ment ? If the logic of Chairman
Cooper and the g. o. p. wa* correct a
year ago, ha* it lost any force this
year? Our intelligent Irish citizens
will answer this question.
The It K. Meeting
T(# railroad meeting held at Meyer's
hotel, in Centre Hall, on Thursday after,
noon, 30th nit., was largely attended by
stockholders from the valley and Helle
fonte. The meeting was organized by
electing tho following officers :
President —Frederick Kurtz.
Secretary —Geo. M. Boa!.
Cpoo request, the object of the meet
ing was stated in a brief address by the
cbsirmsn who proceeded to give a hie
lory ol the transactions between the
railroad company and the stockholders;
the promises of the former to build the i
roed if the townships subscribed the I
slock apportioned to them respectively ; i
that the townships of Miles, llaines, i
Penn,Oregg. Potter and IlAria respond
ed bv subscribing and paying upwards 1
of $300,000; thst in addition the com l
pany demanded tbe right of way, which <
was alao giveo, and the lands taken,
and now for ten years the company had
TKH.MN: per Annum,in Advance.
failed to come up to itn promise* ; the
i purpose of the meeting being to again
t urge the company to do us justice, and
in case of failure to seek what legal
remedy might be left for u. On motion
of Mr. I. Hess, n committee of five, to
draft resolutions expressive of the sense
of the meeting, was appointed by the
chair as follows: I). Hess, L. Rhone,
Oeo. \\. f arnpbei], John Arney and
Wrn. A. Boal. In the absence of the
; committee, remarks were made by Hon.
Samuel Gilhland, fol. las. Milliken,
and Hale, Sr., and others.
The committee rejerted the following
preamble and resolution l :
WHEREAS, The I'ennsylvania railroad
I company, through its agents: at various
times, urged upon the people of J'enns
valley to subscribe slock for the grading
of the Lewiaburg, Gentre and Spruce
''reek railroad, agreeing on its part to
construct and complete the said road
within five years, as stipulated by the
charter ; and
WIIEREAS, The said company did.
through its agent", demand and receive
for this purpose from Haines township,
i <HJOO; from Miles township, $20,000;
from i'enn township, sto,ooo ; from
Harris township, $.lO GOO; from I'otter
township. #i >,OOO. and from 'iregg town
ship, $-10,000, and in addition demand
and receive a guarantee of right of way
at additional heavy expense to the cili
/.ens of the said townships, and has
taken pos"ession of valuable farm lands
for its road bed, and now for a period
of ten years or more, has left said road
uncompleted, contrary to its pledges,
and after calling from us the stock and
taking possession of the land ; there
Av.. 'I, That we, the stockholders of
said road in Tennsvalley, after submit
ting to tbis wrong for over ten years, do
hereby request of the Pennsylvania
railroad company the fulfillment on its
part of the stipulations w:th us by the
completion of the Lewisburg and Tyrone
U. It,, without further delay ; which we
are entitled to by every principle of
honor and justice.
'•/, That having patiently sub
milled to a repeated violation of prom
iso* in years pa"t, we request the exten
sion of the road aforesaid from Spring
Mills, its present terrninu, to Lemont,
at which point the road Las been graded
by the people according to contract.
/A '. -/, That justice and honor dc
mand of the I'enn'a R. If. Company
prompt action to this request for our
road by an early completion of the said
road an'l that a further refusal to do
j,istice to its shareholders is a gross in
utice to the people who have fulfilled
their part of the contract.
J! '. t/, That a committee of five
stockholders be elected by this meeting
to consult with Strickland Kneass, tlis-
President of otir road, and the Board of
iiirectors of the I'ennsylvania railroad
company for an early completion of said
lirtohti. That the said committee 1<
instructed to report through the press
or at another meeting, if deemed neces
sary, the result of their labors and what
further action tnay be necessary on the
part of stockholders and land owners
should thi our appeal for justice meet
with no favorable response from the
Penn'a K. If. Company.
Tho resolutions were discusssed by
ex-Senator Alexander, J. L. Spangler,
fudge 'rvis. General Beaver, L. Rhone,
Colonel Milliken and others, all of the
speakers endorsing the resolutions, and
expressing themselves warmly in favor
of the completion of the road ; and dis
approving of the injustice done the peo
pie by the Penn'a If, If. in not fulfilling
its promises. The resolutions after a
full and free discussion, on motion of
•lodge < >rvis, were unanimously adopted.
In accordance with the resolution to
appoint a committee to meet the Poatd
of Pirector* of the Penn'a U. If., the
following gentlemen were appointed by
the meeting : Ssm'l Gilliland. Fred
j Kurt*. L. Rhone, John I. Thompson
and Wm. McFarlane. The original re
solution called for a committeeof three
which, on motion of Judge Orvis,
increased to five The best feeling pre
vailed and the action is full of promise
that good results will follow the mission
of the last named committee, tin mo
lion adjourned.
Governor Curtin was invited to be
present. The following letter explains
his absence and his feelings :
BR M.E POSTS, Aug. 24. lßft.;.
DAXIRL HISS, KSI. TV.jr Air • —1 leave
home on my way to the Pacific coast on
Wednesday and cannot be at the meet
ing called in the interest of the railroad
from Mpring Mills to this place, 1 have
not failed to press upon the authorities
in the Penn'a R. R. C-o. the justice and
policy of finishing the road. My itu
preasion is, from all that occurred at the
fast meeting on the subject in l'biladel
phia, that the Penn'a R. R. Co. really
designs to build the road and without
unreasonabledelay. The meetingabould
present the facts fairly and deliberately v
and the injustice done those who pawl
their money on promisee not fulfilled,
would he so apparent that it will greatly
assist in hastening final action.
1 am quite sure that tho miious *f
Rellefonteare generally anxious to have
the road finished and will unite with the
valley in any effort to accomplish it.
Yours truly.
NO. Xk

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