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The Vicksburg weekly herald. [volume] (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1864-1867, June 02, 1866, Image 3

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ff,l.e f.,-r;ii of Aftican i!wj
: h ev:r J to tliis '"7
u'.iit wi,.- It Hie tntiup. hypo
. : al Paiii.- s of Xw ttj' J
;.... '-.lactJ Lii.o tli ewiau '
i.,,' fi f nif" t'-i ft a
ft. It-wr.s i--. ;v 'if ftk HJ
-r ' ' e tVfTO to the
, . ;.irt.'i.,- . jS I HX. It
it&t'MtTy wl.iiout Liase liumaue
jwtdsrchd fetawfclch ehar-
airiMl ', :t miUU'r. uJ bter
1 ivri of slavery Vhfcu PariUft ln
' ttatwx Lu jut awept away.
-PUTery awoBg tfcs mwrU fanaU
j, ., whtte'eaw.ia fruin tfl peril i of
' Ue and lamlLuf at "Plymontli
eiFiUaed world must mr
ifrd as a great calamity,' made
f ) nejfro"kiii for ptora humane
I udaga to Dahomey nd Eraav
J ' Ha, i ,
TV'e ajjiw with the Stray lo
raid, that Buleaa somelhiifg If
Uly"iloBa'-to purge theFrew-J
i 1 iU rean, wu uau eiavui j
j moot revolting forms re-citab-1
it the Booth by thote New
... .. 4..II 1 .1 .
and parsons who harefar forty
. Im n thaddinr crocodile teen
ii Uiq; f rbntfi of tjiejof r.
. ,o weak-minded and fanatical
riutoudatof Hie Freadmin'i
il i i to fituiWhrfr way-Into this
irtme it- New Siigjafttl,4uriug
war; I irnlHlicdhOfdmT qt chap-
i wb ,whn;tlte mr ended,
need t mi the w retched "frecd
i likoc !Jtcry?44iJoraiii npoii
ial of lerriiirt. The recent rc-
. of i FeJeral ifajof-Gciiftral,
i) U hi 'iMlf.'a uegropfiiliit, and
inmndi I irtgfo troop during
war, i owt that these Puritan
i-hwl ire aow precisely what
were rhen they enslaved In
, bun id Quakers, andimport
egroe in lCi. Tliey have ap
,irlatl into themselves South-
lauta ionamid are in a hun-
drvi ailroi'. wart re-enslaving- the
,T r .dun j." They "manag, upon
ore nr Uxt aud another to stock
their - lantatlons with "freodincn,"
wl o . t nothing but mouldy gov--rnri
nt rations and ' "ebndcnincd
' ecH. ng" wbklf their Puritan mas
ters 'teal from the government
tort"). The brute, Fitz, with whose
evil deed our readers are familiar,
was merely a type of his class. All
over the Southern Stateslhero are,
doubtless, just such monsters, who
are teaching: the "freedmeu" the
dlBeronre between ''Puritan slave
ry, an euforoed by torture, fines,
balls and cfiains, and imprisonment,
and the old patriarchal system
which has Junt been swept away.
The wretches who are doing this
dirty work, art in- no instance the
soldiers who exposed their lives in
a locir and terrible strumrle to rc-
tuie the Union. ?You wilt," says
?hilrivlnj" no-roes upon r'nDta-
l(ieff',SUicn nor
ihA serviceat aud tha
-. : ni'siiinen to tlt highest
v. All that disreputable worft
ID ten 10 inu cttiiiiiiK, nvpucuiirai,
Whining scamps, who roll wptbo
whiten of their eyes in holy horror
before New Engluud audiences
about the sthof" slavery, the bru
tality of slave owners and the mis
amble condition of the bondman;
and yet no sooner are the shackles
knocked from the limbs of the slave,
and lie becomes a freedtnau, thau
thev ii izu that moment to-fotc feint
back Into a bondage mora hideous
than ever. Thus have the. New
Ei ..fond Puritans of 1806 emulated
Mm tuidid example of their fore
latiici. iu 1620 and restored slavery
in the South In a more detestable
tonu than over."
"''heW-aa rths ftaatfe.'
ti. uinond is begirt with au ar
my o1 ufuderate dead. The hal-lo'ift-.i
prcclnots of our cemeteries
an i. idcred still more sacred by
th -ii .uvea to lie eouutsd by tens
sr in
ai I
VI tl
o 1
t..udt of martyred, heroes ;
im were bloody baille-flclds
:c were thejuoit ciawded
.i... The dead of both-arc
in Hollywood and Uok-
Not alone the fallen of
ii are buried, here. " Your
id lout, brave and chivalrous
whom we, too learn to love
idc by side with ours. The
proportiou of your best aud
young men, cheered by
jsingg and strengthened by
yers, came to Virginia to
I'oureommon cause.
li ! how many of thorn fell
o-lieltls or died in hospitals,
i ms of disease engendered
xposures of arduous cam-
1 no country upon whose
i ' onor shall be inscribed the
a. .f the Confederate dead.
'i Im i d for and with their eauae.
'1 ..r courage aud dcvutlou ob
I dii ' t..e plaudits of admiring na
t u lint it. is the recollection of
t. sli - title ins, their patlonee, and
ti 'i iiiiUinoly end ; that moat ten
I i'l endeura tlieir memory to us.
1 i ;, they left us the the guardian
l ij. oftheir gravel. It Is a grate-(iJ-crvli,
cue alike to them and
tr i.'ielr Kuriving friends. Let us
kor greeo the torf above their
tevli and build monuments to mftrk
forj; iterations yet to come the place
of tii"ir repose. . . ,
A Miciety has been formed in the
ity of Richmond entitled "Tle
Jli-mrrial Aasoeiation."
':'he objects of this society are to
collett funds to be applied in en
ele lnj(, arranging, returning, and
otlicrwiso the placing In order, the
Tares of the ConfederaU dead tii
lerrod hi the cemeteries of ftich
jnoud, so that the names of our fall
en soldiers, .may be permanently
preserved from oblivion, and their
ust resting-places saved from the
slightest appearanee, of neglect or
want of care. -1 "" ' '
'All persons who make donations
for the purpose of carrying out the
objects of this Society are enrolled
a members of the same..
We would respectfully aoggest to
Ua lull.. t tl.. Oni.tk rnnn . ...
" n hi, wwiw iwmiu pu
Hilary locieUes, co-operating with
s ia carrying out the objects above
atatcd. As soon as such societies
are formed, It la hoped that they
Will correspond with, this Ansooia-J
uoo. Letters may be addresttd amil
eniitrlbutlonsKentte. ' ' v "
. ., -1 "1. President -All
ftonthoro papers are request
ed to insert .and call attention to
the above anpoiri. - "
, ..j. ....
l- t H.W who
' J- s trip Cn-Ar-V
" n tie Mi'-i,Jrip5,
iOMV p'.int, that
' t! funiHT.fctui,. are
pot ;aa of I. ,.i U in cal
tlvatioft,. iHft.l;, s'- "yiel in
ffnrtSi of aifavcrage crop.
.On ,.. .,,iipji, between llele-M-d
i! Arkii-j, the sjrvrw are
Inei - - : nd .n, and tlit frecd
men : r-welU VAqw Mem
phis aud jui.iibi?c Vlckburg, the
indications are not flattering. Oor
iuforauait U travelling for the pur
pose specially of informing hiiumlf,
and gives his opinion" that the yield
will not wxeeed one-Uiird of seasons
before the warr -"-
vt Ceops Uromrhont Tennessee
art repmentod as very backward,
wheat-wi IV bwrelv mveh half an
average yields " .-.nm . ... ,
aewa rom Um Interior ol,
orgia represent, everything pcr
tainiagloftrmlBg mtarestai having
been nearly rained by the late heavy
rail. The wheat crop ;r a faitnre
on accoiHtt of rast Ureat deititu
Uon prevails, and hundreds of fami
lies are, destitute of food. ' '
is A" gentleman from Hed rhre'r
aays the kte floods 'In Uiat rejoin
w so'SBdikn that mneh ntcrcltan
dlse . waitiug removal, waa damaged
and swept way 1v the rapid ruo
wv :r.. lafopie liiotanecs the
and mftiiy" foundation were re
mored. Many rattle were ovorrid.
den by the floods and dioa nn.l nr
4rieti,toi,1fl,o1)high(j juj .nd
. . mK.
wmnHtuf.; Wwstroni .ml .
' Ll ,J 'arawK'T or M$r&iTt ' f !
Hirnua AHirtTCoiiiiM ,
! S ,he sl oT Mliii.U,ul. I
HaMOMnf "ttr "Mllt '
i. Ho.se. . . ,, :; ., ., . .
i.iL"T arrgMnl that may h.n Lee.
hlttMTtoln forrtoo tlio iHtvl ntl n-iMr
ln pUntatlant on nvU- BmH.' rlvlii. to
Mr. K. 8. Birnl ud hl rn uorttMnth. ex.
eliuinpriTllmorgUuiliif Ihr ration n .rfl
I SirU rate, nra lira.
VJ nniUH.
II. Prartotuto Uw4hstnria( of ihr .
T,ffn' "f "f 4n. muife.. nu
wUltjc niadawberoLylht Frrlini!n rum rail
wnwtln of th prlrlli'sc of Innlnr i huir
" Uiiini on Um iiliinUUam (r l
MUbbinciui,utkoynia,yuiui boii ul
rMtanwiw, Qioprlrcchirjwl ftiruld work
tmnm Kculatod whnllr ami miini i .
eurrrai awkat ram aal aoUrelr nnUltil
by any moaouoir of thr naino.
j7 uniarai aujor (,. Til. J . H oo.1
i ail.AET KLDKllNiK.
Aetlaf Aolntant Ailjulant Urarial.
JkS-tt ,. . and A. A. U.
ra, Wajlaaia artua B,s
111 pieuarad only lot ay lKilliaaa par
IHno. and are Uia unlv nalu ami fttm-.um
Mlcln for foinalm extant.
i9 But IriSa With Tour health and
ebaaaaaddaaceBaiia lanUciaa. wlilrh lu
liuaara UoiiKlit, anil 111 roouaunend, beiug
(raarantof Ibeirpmtwrtlw.
l'hay ara aoartautaura tat all (bone painful
and duaarau ilituntwi towhicil tha acaala
oontllluuon auttjaot. Thry m)arale all
axaaaa, aau ramuva all otMinirtionn : Tbcy
UnaaMi Iba dubUltalail ana) dcllraifi. nd
by rnfidatlaf and atrcnitbauiac tba ayttaia
W baa of bcalUi la muiml t. th chwba,
waaJntnai of Um nihw and tlralx relieved,
aad all aba Indmuuaa of Narroiia IMiilitr
Baaun-ed. Voauiihia, WUa,olajiolheriUionlii
M K Ithont taeui.
Try Urti. ne arvwnllnr lo dlraetion. Knil
b eaafiaeett that Mnv are tha Liirr'i
raiMia. ( ; !.'
am iorvaa. lvmiow'S Hrsno Pti.uk
Tkm mtuam akhr. I'mm Al u, ham iv t Uhm
L"' s"rta by 11 ilras-ttt-.
rip - nAi'romrrrr''. M rnvn
. TI1K QUSEII mr .
Mia. Wlailaw Qnaea Hale Kaitnrar la
Qt'kUi, uol only la namti, but la airtaat.
IS la (ha baas Hlr Haatorar tvai
Aa InfulHlile asarouaaBd rasasarsa ol
W Hair If faithfully .Milled.
If I Hair Srt '
(t aMa dirartlr nnnn tha mota T the b. Ir
ebanalof (ray bair to iu ortgutal lll.(ij..ri
amunc ureiautura decay and falliMi hiI
of tha hair; eradicating acarf and daadrus,
sad enrlnr all humon ol the train.
uill ehanva rfnr aad ararr bair to ion and
It UaiarU a delightful frag ranc to tba
la short if Tea with to iwiuia vanr b.iir.
at la youth, and retain It tbraab lUa, tut
lb It par bottle Sold by ail Druggtttt.
, 1AB. alONIGAL.
atCUba Ueaeral Aaeot, tie Urleanj.
Tllia well known WATKRISfG PL.At.IC,
aiUiaUid tu Ikitrtourt iMHintr, N'a., m
Una aad In full view of lh Vl'rrfnln and
Iteineaaee lUtlraad, will be opened Sw the
reon10! of vlmtore imi the 1st .lime.
reiaoat noai im nontuern enu Tin the
waraf KriMol. will reach ihe Hunnm with
out "bang of nan, the train itoiila( tin.
mniiataiy opjiotiie nr apnnjpi.
Tka iiDdenlanart (fentertr of Richmond,
Ukaaplruure la Informing hi frieailt anil
Uia public that he hat remored to tlili plaru
wiuiHie inteaueaai roaaiug it nit ierma-
neut reldenre. and will iaro neither
tranhle or expenae tn reader It pleataitt and
aaraealila to hit gnete
There are KIV t tiULPIIUtt SPHlNii.s. the
Bcdieinal qnaliUn of hlrta are to grurrally
and favoralily known It l dretnetl unncra
inr to tpeak of their Tlrtuea.
tnena oeiiring m me tue juiexuanr or
Alum Water eon ho rtirnliUeil with Hu m.
A FINK HAND will be la atteej.moc
during the toaton.
COii. WARD, favorably known
at manager at Ibe Fauquier White Sulphur
Kprinn mr mjny inn, hu been employed,
aad will lie nluasaif to teebit frtemU.
The nrlrefbrboanl will be three dollar per
day; children and wrrantt In proportion. A
deduction or 10 per cent, will be made on all
billtfor one week. Twenty per cent on blllt
foroaeiaonth, and twenty-lire per cent on
Dim lor two raonint or ranger.
Sayia-tawtHr - lroiirletor1
A New and trand Epoch in
II. MACiiilBLIt the routHk-r or a new
Medical Hreteml llie unaiitltarlant.
wnote Taut interaal doaap eofeeblo the trom
arh and naralvae the boweU. mutt aire nra-
oMenca to the aiaa wlio roitoiea health and
aiiuetita, with from one lo two ar hit extra
nllnary Ptlln, and on ret the mint Tlralcnt
torn with box or to of air wonderful aad
all.,ieal!ni Balre. Tnet two gruat iieclika
of tbe doctor ar taut tuiierteiluig all tba
itemotypeu nmlruml of in nay. Kxtraor
diaary aaret br Minrgiel't fllla and Salra
bare apeaeii the ayea of tba pwlilla la th
IneadewsT of Uia (Mveniled) reaiodiea of
otliara, aad upon which people bar to long
muniiynctieaiiea. jiitguu i i tut ar aet at
the clatt thut are awallowed by tha doaen,
aad of which arery box full takes ereatea
aa abHiliite neceMitr tor eaMliar. One or
two of af aggiel't I'illa aufficaa to plana tba
boweliln neifert onier. toaa the awnuu-a.
areata aa aietitr and nniwe tba aplrlla
llgMand buuyanll There leo gridng, aal
ao reactive iu the anrat W omtiuari. IT
the Mrar la aifectttd. IM frmetioui mate
atoredtandif thoBrrrout tyMeM u feelde,
It kitaTlgorated. Tint mtt qnnlity make
the medicinal rary detiraWa for in waiiU at
dcilcat femutea. Ulconraa and aruptlra
diMa are literally eiUniuht by th
dulat'eetant power of kUg)al' IMtWa. Is
nra i nere tawmmni, w . "in 11,1
Bilieua, IjrtrpUe ud Uiarrhi PllU our
wbara all oibora InU. While Snr burnt.
rein, ehtlbltine, nta and ail hratlona ol
trjKt Magiiel'ehalreltinnilriiiM. Hold by
t. a) muisl, it ralto efcrret. bew Tork, tad
aliimritiM,atSer!la perbos. . '
art it '
' HAKiAWAT t--u. Areata, t iriiourf .
n. i i - 1
i MINDh COnyrf, MISS. ', J
Till Hotel It now Ta fnr the' TSMbtlnn
of CsMpnny. Hi -alreaa water
Saba bad at tat Well ajronedoliitrperml.
it glaae, atone,' or eypree tew It;
k will not atawer. Ctini (ar bonrd
gotarHMl awontng to the Uiaoa. A bawl
af Maate wtU a In aHendm. .
a . l.NMAB W1MJAMH, ratlleaT.
Tf. It tooner't Well Daily kxoaw Uneof
Hai'kt at Brramt Xtatme, on lite s J. and
f R. diitaaoeS miiat to the V ij ait
llnrkt at Clinton, on aouthern Esiinwl, S
atiln to the WU Thnaa taking rr niuto
to Vkkehurg, leae on the cart in Hie mora
lng, rnre at Hi SS1I to dinner. J. W.
, , "' ' i ' ' ' .
, 4 il'.
trv we v- : ' i
brr i. y a
Mrnat -.m t- '
now aeioe -i "
tMrn vr m-r he t-- 'I i
Uitti!h.ni i - f.-- -1
.n- :'.r
Use buftt h-nr vrr
a.4?v are m -iud.
i4 IM
vt ; v. a.
- kr ..
-r ii- Ilia
a -u'L
' iiir'.." ;.i al:
s m a.l.
ea iwit cm. i.ntruua ef tfce t'r)' pa
ut fci'tn'T't' irt..., tM i tr.rn"! ao fs-at
Um tni'-'!' -wui.-t fvi.i;-M('rn pasrt peti'
U.m..i in a bj-tt a';mi' hf stHiwimtM
ttoaa uin.ri lwoi)T loyal. m J tieramia
to wiM-nia.M.M thn paa It praUeabi
no t e pt)M-t br i.oner. ee tar, b ua
ue-M.jn.-fT jrtisNt he wtne tbsw
ti a iigjrt'w' bvinei4 the rrt---ft mmii
Cefre, hut K mel th dlffrrenr would
ntrue th I ei' to Umf ( wrsi in-.
flw-f iurroiiujirj-.g ifoaemiuiry into ar
Uxl HVct. , , i, ., mtl . . n., . f ,
Wn"ieTii, May liic.Huitlitiu- with
Ik rravHlewrt htfrrittM. ir. 1 wer. IT.
. A, rvporte Mwcenditioa af Mr.ltari. He
i.aoixhlrraNy emaariateil, the tatty llMne
haiag atauiMilbapprared, learmt Ri tkln
-lirlTellei, hie hMaw-iee am 'm&a. erf." I.
tery aofa, aad It ba but llule - imi ultr
tiiiia: a law a4 nawhwlM. ana.
qarauybi gaia u naMTnaat imguiar: ha
riirBlire a ttuiift arwat arc-cut in eomparl
Ureiy gmit watilif?n. tint aefjra 'imckly
iieranirce. anitev aaruung dm aiott earainii
prepare R-1 ; wit met o-K wing
lilaa. dTaaentir trntatoma ptimbihIv
their tMrM, followed by mriiite: earera
lariul and rranila nenralxia, erTMprlaa, I.
iitSaoiwatiett ot puenor ae-ilp aad rirhl
fade if : it auia, which uick aiiecu akertg n
e, the only twindeaciiD av aad aauaidi
through the interior of hi lun ; bit jMrveue
ti.in,l graaUT A'nuiawdt twtng .aiaoli
prixtratiil and ere-iiVttly irriiaiile; alight
noir, urmi a arriKamci rrr'40e to m
btul beaith, i'4w him mtu k Bain; th dm
cntitlo f Uiit enntion it Unit of our ll .ived.
and hating every eurnlla! aerro eKed to
cane of In. ncrvutit OM-Iliililllt)
AXhi.ha htat tnoducwl by tramp el
inacrvafcing tn ol uw tviiUaelaoa pml
"'i 1 no iitnuic urwiiim mo nnien.
riaaiihlrha)mo-lh.rariil.lT-rrat,.o him.
Mr lie via Uakaa ttiafcae Kraw-stault nuti.tr
oyer twa Itum , of uubroke .kaxpauiiia um
Mtce- nut cohflooownl Jloant hao been
ware by plariug malting u th toon tar
the eenliaelt lo walk ea to alter irou thli
touree of iUMrimea, wttbonry ti.nial tue
rrat. Ill Tilal eendtlloa in low, and he in
but MtlleTerniwraUve am-tv . liOUld ha lie
attacked br any or Ihe cwie erra of ill.
eateki hlch the ride-water r'gton of tr
giaiaare tubjmt nurgeoa Cooia entcartaiu
etloo feara (urttte isault. . t I
WtHBiiCttTOM, Mur il-The rmidentand
diOVreat mrtnhera of the cabinet wtr ter.
nadtd lliia ermiiriS Sir the National t'aioa
I luh. in retponie to tkelr eouiuliiarata the
Fretldeiit ai l ho U'mleml hit tliinkr fur the
lii'tnoutt rat Inn-, ftiirlli apprnlntloa waa pa.
riiliarly giatllyfiif . llt,M au Uiat will ut
neeeary l to perainl in the nipport and
inaiutrnaiir or eorrttcl pabteiptu. ibe
Ainerii an u0ile will Mtuty you that ;be
el work wen hate onaitaenred n rigrf -It
will pniTi to in the onil. Mi-ktr. We In,
MUiiiou. Mot.'ullaeh. and t'rederirk H anl
approved of the tmllrv ol the :ulmliiltraiioa.
Mruni. ripeed and Harlan Were aonent.
tt tMBDiiirna, May ffl -l'li debaia upon
the (kiititiitional awendmeut it u:-orr-lnx
In the Menatr.
In the lieu a bill woi pmiiou'd to e .trml
Ibe KrrabMn'i Bureau for Um-e yenra.
WisMlxnTox, May !.- The tereaad to
the rmlrient and the evrhn dulivernd
haee elletted mauy eamracnt. 'Mlun. Ho.
Lnlloch aad liennlwo cordially eiidorml the
I'tmldent. air Htnatuu ronnlilrred the reron
itrttrMMi aecttnM ditquulirrliig the ioiitUern
it leplorul.le, ami n lliout Jiutlceer wltdom
Mera. rtpeed and llarltu denineil toapcak
ii miwra iwitrciivcir illtcOlirUfcllU aau tun
t'eruey denouaret Nnrctary McCulbxh'
tpeucb at briitnl. iiml at the cndorteinciil of .
tyrant hy a ntiereilliou oBicial at the direr,
tion of the Preniiluut.
Thedrpartiucnuof Torth Carolina, South
tarolltia, iurRla. uad Alabama are iIImou.
tinned. Tlie tarallna" form one department,
rouimandi-d by Uen. ttleklea.
ol. Whltrbwn h relievol of the charge of
Uie frredinen x hureau, aud hl tueeeatre are
Uen. Aayoraud It J. bcott.
(.corgia and Alab-uu.i eoaiuin the idber
department, mnma.dcd by Oin.C. Ii. Wixalt,
with Tllton and hwajna In eharue or the
freed mm bureau. ,
WAtlllxoraa, Mny j-Tbo Xuw Turk
Buuk Statewaut lHw n decrcau in deoca
Ittnf eight and a half million ilellan. "
Cherlri O'Couaar ami Ueorge Shea retu"ned
to.Vuw ork Uu ov.nlug. i her report Mr.
Iavit ia letter health than fhev lial antirl.
puttxl. Ileli in full imwoxlou oj hit fwultioa
ami allr to trli imptrnrne or the ltue in
volved in hit trial. They will ilemawl Im
meillate I rial, and If tha Gnrvrnmrnt ak for
paetnonemenl, they will demand hu Imuie
diaie release, unVrlnir full la I lie auiouul ol
eiu.tiiai,iM. ,
Xaw Vosg, Mar Su'.-totton -uict at WSH
lioldtf',. .. ..
Lieut. General Sooft diaj thit morning.
The .Winner Ua i. ha. arrived with Uvcr.
p Oldau-s of the IStb. ,.
louoii. after miuc fluHuaUoot, eluatil at
weekminotntiona. 1
ile of ine week amfnrnltid to Sn.nuu balei
oa fridailya,tMi;rloiilngdutl aud UBehauged.
Xaw Von, May SIHh.-Tlie Pertia from
Liverpool, ha nmrrd. r
'ChoPanletulitiillngieeiirlUoij wore gi'iie
rallr itu proved but .till heavy utoaiant
oeiitinueaad it It nwrad there are more to
fallow. Ihe weakly raaarn. of the Beak el
buglaad, U twl exUaordmary in lit btnlorv
ami .how anlBrraatii. of prlTawadrauoaa fnr
the week arer ten million pound.. The Hunk
had availed Iter If of the liberty give itfto ex
ceed ll charter. , ,
Kurupcaa llank of London railed I Jabi ti
tle, one million pound, tterling. Cotton
dull, weak tlt;t aatunlay. 9,01x1 Middling
I'planilia. .
nar ainiottoeinmenceil. Vrnuce. England
uuil UuMia,uoacertiug maanrc. for L'ongrt
with Utile houet ol a pacific remit. Ia the
Home of LarJi., Clareadou admittail, ounfl
deuHal communication, patting, and ev-
Kmu-I hl mnvlrtloii. that thtro were so
oie of their paetacatloa.
AVinixt.Tox, Mny x.-ScnaW, thtTUil.
Colorado bill patted over the veto, ami re
oonttrncuoa reMlulioaa taken up. Mr.
John.ou, moved Iu .trike out thlnl ter lion
ilnlniiM hl.uig rebelii, agreed to, rea B. nayt
none. Hoiim liiii to rontiiiuc, improve and
amend titer rreilmen'. Hureau, patted Teat Ml
nay. H. Lar;; niimliviaof f tnian. reported
muring in the direction of Canada. -crecr
attending the miirement., indioalw
'uilneu of an important rharactur. -
Mr. t ooper ttaU that Prcttdent Davit m
f: lured mi luu phyMrally. that helannnlde
b taki- bit arrnntnmed walk acrrt the plat
w bout lying down lo rati ereral timet.
'ie .teamtllill I'liinn irom f.lvenwMil tir.
ri d at quanuitlne with 4U patKngen.
II, re were :l dcith. from rholera ou the
In ., and 1ft cam-) are still almard. .
i-T. Ifii. mr SI. The np;-eal of Urcrkln
rlu ;e I Hi old Baaeol Aemiily waa laid
o and the rqwrton Ihe liiil'villu Prr
lyt ry debated, lireehinridgi will urge hit
aph -al no further, the Akemlpy having de
c Ucl that the Hynnd of bcniucky ar only
r 'iiondenu, lhu preventrng liiin'lioin iuu-1-
uing tunfeilemhia. . i .
Sin- Voaic, May an.-CoH" hae'n ileeli
lung tcndenryJJa io,
hiIU Ibtc ' ' .
l liuMupninMtonrt nf New York have de
cided Hut the couviekiou of eivl inn by
court ui.irtul in time of pcare, I. illc-al and
E VoRg, noon. May I on on .hill aid
Unnhnngrd. , .
tinld W;c '
There were two deflthvfromchnlci'3 reiorl
ad yettenlay. , - ... )
VAnr:..ri M.ij 11 -II i. .aid Hut ll
Rertrtnrv ' Tieiwn v Hiuiort Will show the
total ..il" oi uiaiiy amianun of sold, itt
Lai'.i- , Ihi tnonlh, Nona Mdd in March nr
tpril UIIHcr ait-.
The I omul at Livtrnnol fa forme the Ktnle
liepartmeat of the thifimerfl of Ib.uia buth
el. American wheat end U t) tat-kt of Prrnch
Sour from Liverieol to Smw York, thit belnu
the lint tdupment of wheal from that port;
and lb Srt -hipwent of Sour from Kurow
to America.
In the Henate, Chandler lutrotluceil a lull
ameiulatory lo the currency Art. which pro-vi.li-.
lor the 1-tu stiuniiiu)hNion,n. not
toexceed al,iin,u) per month for tlx month,
after the pa.naira of th art, and K iuo.iiuu
monthly tliureaiter, and allowa all Mate
Hanki (n good ttaadlng b beeome National
Bank!, the) entire amount given them not to
xreed rOiMtMm. It alt amcn.lt th old
law requiring ine annxtor sew lorn, rhiia.
drltmia and Hoaton. to keep en hand ou-
aiurthlhcagfrrKate amount or alrrulntion
and iMtxnlta, and ttridet out the exemption
af llank. from Htute tnx.
Seorctary Mct.'ullocb ttatet in a letter to
Senator Nhermnn, that the .tntionaldebi re-di-rmahle
next year, will he IKl,IMI.4ll Ihe
hulmu e of unpaid rlnlmt lo ktntei lor wur
exienr. It I-J,-.'H,1. Ten million yearly
It rr.iuire.1 to pay jfuarnnteed oon.Uonlhe
I'acillc lullrnail. fb Military. Naval. Pay
and Itouuty Lmltaa ut. Ala, amoanbi lo iS,.
lut.m. .1 ..
- nr. Vnaa, May SI. Sweatieyi Feaiam
apiieartohaT taken th Seld. Many trala
lumUare arriving at Hulltlo. Clraviaod and
ollierclllea on thoCanadian line. Tn moy.
batatkUiaeilatbreatningaMltnila. .
Cotbni dull, . .
Ucrrtio. . Y May l.-Notwllk dandlng
Ibe Ttgilane af th aiithirrlUM, mi ral rug.
menu of r eulam. Including th tnpt fnnn
Imlianu, Keutuuay aad apiwe, erotiail
here latt Bight in eanal beau drawn by luge,
and eaptwrud Kurt brie, la UtetiKttml are
reported aiarcbing toward Hit Intm-inraad
otlierh.llee tovariout ? t. . The touiant
lay Pltiliugh V udeiiwr urum iont a
frtlerute wiH oommund tMr cuvairy, and
Uiat the blew will to alruck aon prubabijr
nSuuda-.; ,
Sew To. May 1-Tbar waa partial
kolWav ber ttMiay, owing t llie fiinvral of
iiaa.mmtt. . - .
t'oatoa il e ' - - C
bM4la " '' - - -l" '.
V. ,,- ' ., .
aaauiorox, Mar Sty-Xrt. Iiarh) haa bift
lo rejoia her hnlnd at yoetiwt Monro.
Ueru.iirUir wathajtcaed by mleieet from
Ir. C"""r, tiiat Mr. i'lt waa rrduoadia
tuch ph j! irJ profaUvs that he ia unaui to
take hit dmiy waikt tunu th plat of th
,;--'' t
:.i. ;
ri i
IV f
e J
i ifi.K-tlt.' -
''Wxe fi.- Tits.
CuioraiutaiH lau
Iu tfc -ii..ie lb
- ever Uw fivapicui't
veto. . , ., . . ... . . . I
'lb rx-r'ijiistrnc.i5. -,u mmdutlen wai Uicn
eaawirraeil. Ji." avned to trikrollt the
thiid Hclrae wi. n diiraurhitc tfie Cib-fetirrat-,
until i?ti. aad til rtHm a a.
L.lri' kn uuiby a uaaiiimua vote bcvirkl1
rV'f-w af ia n-.. 'Uae cucub. . Tiny ek
V u : d arsjn ho .1 iuuI .late vOi. tliat
,bD had leeo membert of the (nirimta
c'ipgrr-14, or aau ia iegiiatu or v.iiciui
eiM'.era, or took pmrt ia the uuurreciiou, or
tve aid aud eommrt thereto. iin( mav,
twavur, raaiava tuck ditahUity uy a tw
lird vol, . - ,. : ' , ' i ,
' lu Hi iteae lb bill t conliHue la' Atrea,'
and amrad tlie frnedmea't bureau lull, net.
f 5i);C loea. May 16-Th i.ritidvcfTV b-!
twee in ii aitn Kvien coaiiunes. mat
iU .il U..tx;rta haa had aa luiurview , with
u phetw. TU lnur ruicd lum to dia
oontUiu the movement agaiBtt Canmla.
UuUerta nulled ih.u he inbu.ird to p- ,i-t In
mtneatanl, aud be meant to flint. Su
pico" then.ankM 1Um I ihwlst for thirty
day, which hi declined to du. Te leader
a now opeai ei , rd, to each o i'cr, i
WaBMiawvaai, bf .-ba4 Htr phone If--1
ariHtiM-nl bi iMMuringUte ia l.nr Hi
rcbelkua bar tbrieiHwt kbeur rmiita. uudr
the lauettiiti. and au b ulMuiini ui tde,
tamaoaiy Uirauehlbe aetata of. Mw r
It pruvulatay mar fe''-aAt itoveto-.iim'-Uio
preeaat. g'utaMt.-bi4.iM.. .ird
for luvinuuiMil piiriHMa until it,.iy eu , t uu
diiJ.f.li"eJ. jt)tUlnil' tMroUtwtvlWk"a
the tiite aiuio be formed by eoaveatien
aaatirbmiiaBdto tb peonl avajamriu, T"
eh waoia aaeuatary lareb ratii'unn. AlW
miesaMeai maia ieui.. ku atm4du.
bua w t pMniiaieii fe ooagroMtatmi kh-'
euinieeiw.maiu iiajtii iaay per
VMMIkwv1tVal' iklt'lJmmUm
at uwwnat aBtiiau(ia uaioa . j i
Waaafixwroe.'War to.-Theaaa bl watoh
haa piiMed the kout arm taint a ptaetaleti
making the e i pert duty es eettori Sv eeiilt
per honmlr"" ' ' . m
Thegethraing atmetnamen t at aailirant at
tetnor of lnuinit raetniae baa heaaiuadt,
wro.-v o. u.3ri, vi jai.Heaipia.'W "e
, "Wr LVaria comet here to urei) thfit hir hht.
band be traruierred frmii Fortrev Monnwtu
muae uriw or liirt further aorth, vheru
were at uweuanger irom tne wuitaritretet
tuggealua by the wuruoun wh ma.lo the re.
port to the Pretidcnt ' of ImvK' heaiih tit
beinrr nrevalent at Fortrem Mr awwt ". :
The trial of Iav4a, umler the Norfolk Hi-
aicimeiiw a in uoutHirae im pr.fTnlieil until
Aaguttur September next, la cvnwiueaeor
Uietlroug nfling prevailing in Kirhatond on
Ihe .uiiioct. Muin anlmotlty preralli IrjTranl
we jury wno reiurura tnc rtnitct. and until
tlili. tulaidet Uw Auorat' General thhrkt It
bt to rie nr the trial. -
Tlir auuntel for the gorerriment will romdtt
ot JUturney uenerai Beea. Joan tt. LlltTord,
Wm. tt. Evarta aud Mujor Rentvrnl L.-ll.
Hoiu-au : the latter mprearnttug the army
iu Uie pruaaenOiui. "
WimiirmroM, May- SB. An oflloial taler
meiuag ine ueatii oi teu. mia ami ine
honors to Im paid to hit memory," hnt lieoa
l-niiod by the Liepartmenle. A large number
oi lua mm ui.Mngiiiuiou uincor. in tnc ter
Tlre have been detailed to attend the funeral
at Week 1'ointon Friday. The ibrpurtmeiiU,
the eiiuom hnutaa, aw., will all be clocd that
day a a mart, ol rvipeot to the memory ol
the dieeatail.
Uen. trt-ant aanouacet the deUi of Ueaeral
BroU in a general onier. in which he tayt:
"A. Uie vigor uf ha life, whether in pcaruor
ia war, bad Imon devoletl to the borvif c Afthe
conntry he loveil m well, ia hi. age lilt coun
try gave him in return that venerulion, rev
arunc and lac4n which in tliu higliett re.
want a nation eau give. IliMjiumory will
never lad from th mimU of tho-u who hat
revernaoail bim to long. At a mark of to
tpert, Uio ulheai. wlM wear a badge of
Dwnraiug for tit. montlit ou the lufl aiul, und
OB the hilt of the tnord."
Wxr I'oiar May an. The funuml of Uen
ScoU will Kike plar ou Fridny at the rhupcl
of the Anaaumy. ill, ruiualn. will lie,iii.
terrvd ia tu cat Poi nl oeiuctery. ,
' .'
from the Creacent, of the lHli.
FlNxllCIAL AXDUlUam-'UL SrxllAKT -
The Uakd market hateoaaidenibly fluctmitt'd
luce our lat, under uuiantly raryiugwli
vleet from the North. At the openiaK. yea
trntay,- It waa Brm-t BatdPiaJ" cTti.lug
rat.:J li.',iUJH tiibtenaliitlr it aoiddorra
to is., turn ntiiiiiy recovaicil, wiut rales or no
lacnn.lderablu amoiutu. un to lXl.Jtlls.
whleh w aia the cluemg. HUotaliooi (but evu.
W. ' . i .
iitton Tli auukel waa batter tiinniied
rSitaaday, and pruc. ivers catlcr, -Uiioat,
iioivare. diM-lotiag auy quotable variation.
.Sale amounted to ouiy I.Jou liakt, ut raU
Inclining to the inthlo figurei ofSartinlay't
iiantaliona, which ware 1t jUc. ftir onltuarv:
Wva'. tor good ordinary; Jt..i:r;c. lor low
ladling, and tuillc for widdliDg,
.MtrrkM. nn Thnrtdav Crenlnr. kfav Sith.
Hi tlm Kpliropal Methodi! Ciiureh, at til
dork hv tha Ki t. Dr. W. K. Camp. Mr.
duughtvrof the late Dr. Fraaklin White.
SHf- W tetvler ntirrouarattilationi tn tha
k ippy pair, nnd with laem long life and un
i luyeii happlaoM.
" Thcre'na Mla brond all that the miaairel
naatoiit. . ,,
Wboa two that are llak'd la nno boavenly
With heart aerer taaagiag, aad brow aever
ookl, - ....
Laroau thro' all Ub, ami lor ou till thev
die" -
Mtaaiao, on Uie to lntt, l.y laij U. v. M. It.
KtilhartoraV nt Nawmaa't Pntiil. in Carroll
I'.irltb, I .a.. Ma. Caozisa IUiitox In Mint
A.nnii Mbwiiax. . V
llarrleV),' at th mldenre of Uie Itrtde't
it ether In thit eouBtv. on Thnrndnv evening,
I av Mlh. bv the Her. K. II. u'ntbenonl.
( iptain A. .1. FLANAtiAN to Mi-uvUiIK
We n Uh IbcCnnrain ami hit fair bride a
Snxpermit pateage down the ttrnat of life,
lav it alway u Uietr lortnne taatenrelear
of thu thoaU and aniektaodt that mav neet
llioia. A ml in after year, when old 'ahMhr
Time" tkall hare placed hit teal apoa I heir
hrow, may they he able to review tba paat,
and kaow no henr that Wat tluuleirad k pun
urtcar.. t
"ilhl married IriTe! fiich heart ihtll own '
Wbei two eongeuial toul. unite, '
1 by golden chain. Inlaid with down,
lily lamp with heaven'e own tplendor
In lain."
Un Tliiinulay morning. May 10th, at the
l.tyoto Houte. MamphUK Col. KDWAIill F.
Mn.fclli.K. f PaaolacoiiBty. Miaa., lMr..
PATTIU Pt.NN. daugbuir of General lien
llliamtoa, of FayeUe county, lean.
Mtrrll, at the rmldcac of the briitc't
fitiher, May nth, by Rev. U P. Mitrrell.d. p.
KIlW A;i.l, of Vlrktbarg, to Ml" 8AI.L1E
r. at r. v m ik, vi acuu eouuty, Mil
Married, in
I Mudiaon conatv at the rial.
deneo of the h
briila'e father, im thu lTth loat..
by Kev.C.U. Andrea 1. 1 ol. X. P. jo. M.of
ei.nllower. to Mia FA VM E R1CKH, daughter
Bui.. lilckt, tUq. . ,
Marrleil. In the Bfrptiitf httrett. it Marlnti,
Ala., c Ui evening or the lith lu.t, by the
Rev. Wm, II. Mclntrwh, Mr. JAM KS TAR
daughter of Mr. haatnel M. Fawllan. all of
Morion. Ala. .. , ..i : ..... i .i
MarriiHl.a Nntrlier'.' MIm!, on th SWth of
May. In llev. Dr. Watklnt, JtiUS K. KIMv
of Wa-hingtun i-onnly. to Mr. A N.N
WAUIttS, of Adant county. ; - ,
Married, at at. Joteph't (jhurek, I'etert
burg. Vs., oa th and lilt., by th Rev.
Thiwaa MHlvee, Captain tfT iNHOPK
Pi"k.V. of MUtlMlppl, lu Ilk kUZA F.
WUY J'JC, of Pciiii-.ourg. . j , fc
' OffJITUAklT.
' DM.' In Katrhea. May Uh,' 1XM, Mrt.
MAlti.ARKT CAKtkKKT, late amuoct of
Mr. Win. II. Caraoet, in la aKh yaarofbar
ag. "
Vreqtiewrw of late have we been nailed
upon to pay a latt tribute of rcepact. to im
parled worth, but aona have to tttrml the
deentyatii tttitet of the tul, aa th tuhleet
ef tliilno rnt down in all tb vbjorof
life and fad mnturity of thanhrUtian gfire.
Through all her (latt IllBew, h evlneed me
chrWii.n imtinac and entire rr.irnai.ion to
the will of Xieavea, and anally breathed out
her pure m ik In th aoul-iu.uilalug
trtureidi of luiih.
Oil. why thoald w to pity the dealt .
WheiireaU traaelalat Itvat all tha ilia of
Ufe, .
Sol the living ruther, a ha .till are led i
. Through ma andtotrow, tronfciu, oar lad
- avrtiul v.,. .... ., .' ,, ., . f
Full ol F"cl wnHt. bar Irf waa trnVjr
eventful 'lliteoi.nl v the fmirht ail lnt t
rough kattlea, met all lltttern nmlit4, ami
at lait raw oSj raawuevwr, anmataed by the
aMWioae of tb world, liarlog the bit
eintela, which ao tnml ama't eoe). Boa
ddi'i.v'd greadrr bervitaa than i la the
hnnmnra uncimpiaiftgiT eatMrrd and ta
eri... cheerfiillr made. Having "fonghl the
gaoil M rhtof faUs," l haa gone to rervtvu
Bar rw rl an eteraai crown of glorr in the
itaavem. Mr. C. hu lart a Iwreavei hn.
btn.1,1- :e loTelyer; hint and a larwu ircl
af relativet and fMeMdi to mourn bur lire,
parauie luaa ; but In their ttnd ramewimmr
the haa a uionttaietit more diim,it io.n
bn.n or marble pointing lo the hrigui w. l
Hiuicrab haa goa. r., .. . ' . .
011, a the- retWcnc Of hit tnuUier, Id
av.iaer cocnty, oa the lath In-' . t ma-
I nation of Ibe lirala, lrr. fcl'l.t S 1 ul
.Aatr, in Ihtaad year of hit age.
' DM t YnjmoCltT,Mlu..onSuDil. la.on.
lug, t.j SDth, !!, JUMAI'liJ g, iu muuH
a.- - .- -1 ' .
.r am.t
In f "
iort e of
aid i
if-te r I .
N "'. .
the in. ' i.
Ii.!. . '
i'hi l.i
aal p -.Hit
Ne (. , .
' IMi. That fill -w
ttartof Im t 1
pl.n.of .a--1 ( i
fcutwr l Im j t i
ah.ieit.tud hit Ne
ktf irt, Ihenif
J'--. . eu, . i
Unit at lerl to
ilh in mi t
bi;;lliii . .
Mn. i .tbv
th j initial P' ' '
ra sou ate 9, i.
enw of rt
r. a. i fi.
i IV nodi.
Ui tee
, S..rih.
-tie mc .
. NO. kul tu
i) iu tquan)
I i i.li; 'avi
i tot .or'
' I aai.a Jl
.ni.i?f ol tha.
ii J ..irtli
w i ih to
u t vuode
tl it n-t
.ot to UMtWof
r '
-' 5-t Of il l 4
a NonH-Vt rait
mth sa f.-et-
m aaii tv
tl .,',
, si P V
o . I l
it aWi, f.f t oi 1 i
eoitiir.ei. i 'i'.e '- li" .
h ijiwil :ilol tlillll l
amieet'liiii. to W
Hu"tf iiietiee.-.
;ti Utii.iii
Wnsfii tigtou .1..
LKiUmtut on on.
dc-rri . i
i Hi I if I.
ed . i- :..rvi-
. ..Ti'f V
It raid, wad Nt..
IrH s lor he., i
With k'nn
Watt a tl It it.
S ' ot bei' '--aii.
Varkoi i
at the .onti At
ttr. and rittin; .
of ta tlrect ..i i
fV(. ItMtll X Wl'M
141 to plan of ).
iwli. P 't of
!TO.'9,Vil. lot
aad aaitl skh y
Cudowina o ...
tm.-i i. ..-i i,
lct Hirlwt. ' ,
irirW m .'
iMiil, tamairr .it -
.(..! ..1 tit- -
wM-wr.w i
THlC oTAVfor
J ."vii.
it-Probate Con.,
la Uie mntinr ot i
toatate- . ii,..
VW r brt
I"IH PlYlh i'
IneSthdarof .1
Ibtpetitioaof i
01 the ealnlf 01 p.
Ing for aa allott
gjloweit and coui '
a.u.i u... . ...
m - - n
Tnll. .Tar
01 aiu ciH-o
enrtof W
JWdhVof dtilyni
Ktltlon of Awoe
ruMate of B. u
"S e-f
- t- - ti
.ml 1 i leaji ll IB
c oa ki
, i ritth m
..I i ut n i
. : ...1.1 . .i..
.tK- :n ld taiinra
. ,i I i, i
-b? ..n at toe
...-. i M - -I ee t
In, I" ")r I '
( 'Y . . . I
ltf4''c:nrd to tata
'I ftr 1
1 1.
v farm. A. Ik IMS. j
Ut ol .Petar linlina,
-.na hjifreatpd in iaia
tit 3 tli. .4t. .
il o-tinnr befer
vj wnrrru coiiutv, oa
r, Uialiow nana way
ifUinu, ailmniiaaimlor
iilmiT, ' ...i d, prav
4 bit fto o m'aiunt a
irtr.ited wwnid aa lit
.r-, T!
xiox. "." a
iauota Tnpoatw blgar
itipaai. i
ici Imfore the Probate
I oimiy, MIm., on Hit
o thaw cause why the
".iau( iidiuinittralor ol
Miiu, ilwe.Tni, priiying
4 Uie aald II; 1 Tappan.
Mgrantad. ,;. ,((.;
ScHAFPrtji.tjlera. '
!,". aiuaalMug,.lrO. 1
a tale of real eft
dcreaed. thenlu
Ily onier of kw
mavis .
'lal I
'aV!V4t Hf ,,i
re . , ft i
avftiutraYtar vttl
at Man. ' r ...t
Ailniltraton', , aad
9 nainr Bptwtr of re
oiitl fi Wami OMiaty,
tun ooaat. ma hareliy
ny render their annual
.tt or IwCaro the aexv
'k aey wil Im UaaH
": 't'lu tner.i.rf.i
M ,1 PPKTL, f!W-rlT
t'di i - ...
A LL ,.tst
1 linni 'Mi
con) iu thtvr.
and areauaw
nolllle.1 tha
nroentita r
.Inly kertu tx.
will na Uie
unut-vaititoit, u t j
. y CITATION. " ' ,' i
To all part lea lnt.w-n( fa tad Onal'tetrWt
meiit.f :itgatatii 1'rlra, adminiitralMx
of Iheotlateofjntte. I'riea, diTuaiied. '
YOB ar hereby titi'd U I andeppearBe.
few uia I'mlial mtrenf VYaroia oaun
ty. on the Mil duv,f June next, Ui. tliow
cautn whr th pctituia afield ndniintttrfttetg
for auaf MUwnient, lioniautbo gruitatLi
HyT'C. rtuaaiMi)., Deputy,. t. in
i the tlatfl of Oallierlno M. Dally, rte
rcwil. havlnr Ixwi uranteil to the umr-
tinted, it the Ylsy Sena of Uw Probata t otirt
ol VYaerea eunnty. Hi-., all peraona bavlag
rliiimt avaihal the tumo are hereby uollUeil
t have them paihated awl reglateretl within
the time pretertbed by law or titer will be
forever barred; and ail itentniia Indebted to
aid cctuta lire rciiir-tvd lu tnakt Jirompt pay.
mi nt of their Uatilliauti.
w. F. D ULY.-
C1TATI0X. .4.,
TO K. fi. ta litaey.admlnlitriitor of IhaeaUla
of Muiy tdevtjn de?oted :
ritX ure lnrehy cited lo lie aud aivflear
hofnru Ihe I'mlaite Court of Warren
coutitr, Mi.-., on the nth tiny of June next,
to aiiow can- ti ay me pauiuun ! .. nniiacn,
who Ifiecurttyon tu bond of .aid ndmla
itirator.pnayiag ti- lie releaaod freni aald
bond, thoidd not be grantetl.
nyoraerot iour , ,i. u. t-UAl'l'r.t-i
itaytu . j .; - i Clerk.
a oa aa ritomtul tllltu LoukwooiLile-
ca.'eti, baring beea grimtnl to th under
tinned he the Pmt.tte Court of Warren
eouatr at the April term, litk). thereof, all
pentunt iudhtd lo tuul etute will make Im
mediate payment, and thwe having rlalint
agalivUie tnme are rrn,ulred to hare theiu
probated aad rrguutmi willtin the time pre
arrlla.il by law, or thev will lie forever
barred. M. MrlANNON.
' ' iuthOi nnd r X-Otaiip Ailm'r.
Ta State or Mi-Wiiti.) -.i.
. warn ii county, i ,, . K
W'aiTCii (piirdiit Coiirt-f.'o the Juuc
; ., '.Tenn, lSlili. :.. .
Muller A Kerttie. pl.ilniiir, i , '
Ho. 4II vt, ' . ""
Allen, Wrltrhl A Con lft.
On atkachinetit (roia the oiUve nf Cooloy
einnii, l nui oi uw i i hit m nn. mr aanti
conntv.or tie-iim of Two Uaadrad aad
Filly-Uve and W HO Unlliim, returnalile to
th .Itltie Term, laui, ti( auld Clreuik Court.
I , of ..aid pi
einiiUi, IhaTltiil
IfK rt.irhnnnt lunrd herein, nv-theauit
pminttn aifftliiat Uiederendnnra
nr beett rtolv levied oa rertnta
pmiieriyot the taut teii'iantt, aan tnetatn
nefendanta oelngnmi.n-.iiit.nte of the Mat
of MlMHiii, ao that ttaonrdlirary liroceaa of
tultYotirt cnnttoi in- aiTveu uiion inrin; tntt
la tomake kiH-ava that uoIcmi Uie aaid defend-
at. Aikaa. YV right A tt . ih appear before
taid ctntntt ton it, to lie held in and (hr the
oouiitvAi M anvn, nl luuroitrt-imnMiihereori
In thattnv of . Vlrkaborir. ou the ad Muaaar
of June next. A. I. I. aud plead, anatver,
ordemnrtn the plain UH1 taiil action, Jttdg-
nl uiim. Kill twiiiim.! ntrviu. invni.
Bad the property levie! iipou.by the Sheriff
will be Mdd lo nattily the amount of aald
yaUgaietit aad roait. - , ' '
. i laieen unfirr my uauu ami teg
U. kbit Id day of May. A. 1. I.
J .. 1 ' ' likOUOK It. MIHCHKTT, '
il it ,ift! -, . Clark Circuit Court.
H.u. u.j. i: uueinaa, atwriieya tor piaia
" ' SHEllIFFS SALE. '""
TatSTan or MiaMMirn,! ' "
i --"i wgrreat ounty. ,ii t-i"j
In Warren Circuit Court To June
j ui Term,lSCO..-:i f-
Tboma IHgby, i, ' '.."
........ - , v ttiu. a r ,..
Charlat K. Teamtw. ' . . i . .,
BY' virtue oMhe abnveaaccntlontorneiiU
reoted, I afmll cXtow to pnl.llc tale, at
doer at ti" iwiirt-hote. In the city of
Yiekaburg, wiiltiu the hoqra prewibeil by
law, to the hitte-t bidder,. fnrra-h, oa 'tlt
Sr- Maadn? i 'the Jinn'TMinof theCla-ult
Court of Vi unm eonuty, utiiig the , ,,, r.
lltli Day oi Juno, A. D. 18CC, ,
all the right, title, ant intjeidtf thedetVad-
am. cunt r. iiuiiiii. in gna u tue luituw
bigde-rilf i uroiinrtv. Ie pll .'.-n
IM Nix ll'! )imni Ml. (I? oftktJjaj1jal
pini. oi iiiiu-iva in v i:i.oiiinr
H titi itS tile pr.
ii. i autiial- to
--I im tnirnw ny. .g ioru ii'i i
party pi. an.. . .ondant. t ,
aatuvty uiaui. a. alaiaa iud
. a
ii (iiti 4ierHTBf
1 .
If I
(k.mvMi!' ' i v
f 4
SOTKX . . o .
, W.
I hg
.. .te
. tor
JM tan-vi- -.-lito awaeta. af Ibml IP
10 V' . ..only, alia... I,. tat a.e .
tnid f i ii Una tiny flmi, and t.
iss tMien iltiif ri
.i. 41
I o,
t the Traaai;
.. iiiailfyreal
mrg, kii-n. w
tor sit rr
M. 0. C
I- 'I i
t hi
1 a a
!-l "
" J
.-lll.-l 'tttfl , . -
1 linwuu. mtiei, Apwl
ie uj
'it : i,r
t mL a be fc?
toriii ute i iiHt, IVMte; 1 1 aito . . r i Ur iKoii
Of i j.t o t fa 4 1. r il IU0
em oi h .. . , k i .t t .y of
Jnae tjett A., i. t) ..niul i -M. a vor
ik-miir to pi.'fu.a ai.i.l v . jo .iat
Jli ll Will k ' 'I .1 ' . . IU
Mit prortrrir tt oe . i, im M4.oy ma'B
tta 'a drmaliit .nel . . f
WU audi r my In. l nii -e.il, thu trt any'
rnkAi.; uralay, A- n-.ime .
t.i.. n. iiuicittrr. uiet.. '
B tenia a llMiaia, Ally ler l lfl. ...
' mavn.w.w
it., .tl i Siii Mi r bT$ SALE. , ( ,
TMbnf iTi.i Maiitnsmsi . .',u0 tu .
tl ; urignCvuuty, at. , M , m .t ,
In V'irren C1rouii ConrS To Jie
,;J -ateaH j, 11(f(, 1 ' c tJ)
Waah nolUna Tl-bf WH-f -P$i
!J ' m i l c tv
iIHl i.f
.. 1. 1 i ,
, te-l w tiie-ttoit.
lit virtue oi tue above writ of t
IJ evpnaaa tif ino.nnv' I th .ii
CpMir tjlo l i r a eert
e iioaa
In ii
n H e Iwtin
i... tT hi, n.eh
. .ami rwlJIv
. i o, u.t i
tvt. lop
1, J,i
.t t .
.f I at fatt in-eauai-e No. id. oil tlie
.ri id ttf tbJ Mtv of V!eV
Wi 1 ' ' oi
:.igavteaTtMii.aieaiooni.rni i
i auawijr ' .ta-oB rteoiu atrei't.
!... n ; v . -I ti iu ' -. n.a-- ..
i ' i-d iiAitk Ij fiet ymehentu
aaHt-gi" rfu i n" . l
-I i'
1 VI
of l
, 'J
ig twin lev.au i
1 1
it ,t,fn mtt Hidtorr. in. tmt kc
1 7 tuitiiBm' eMail ami -! n, i
avi-dilhwl tj blieyiir sntrs; eounff. I-
.. ,1... J1. 11.1 .1
BtBlSn .Ttiawtnalppt, 'frjf
w anre t-uiiuty, t ,. I
I La rnirUL-'Jreuit Couv.iit Juno
In t i' I ..r''ri"t sv . , i '; , n '
Mn v
"fiiTkMairijjier.liva.. tlack.Aif'J,
' 'Kb.atiai Keae. Vt tie) )' d '
wi om
(7 . Anuover, lefadapt. ,fti.ii
41'hineut fnnn Ine niiye of laeeriteK.
ii"it,4r.;elerkSf th l.irotui (..nrlia
i.tr ttd teaiuiyuf tVarrrui tortin tern
' Bi!
of i.)iUiwnt.atiiiix hiiadred aud eijthty
do) : ratttmnBtSla the Aiiitat term, lrot
IBWltUIVIlllUMaa.1' IT ill . 4xi ..wl't ,
jt! K BthiBut . tuned herein having
iieaa uuiy irvicil uu txTinin property m
taid di'iciidtint. and tlm eanl deicmtaivt
bain a uea-ivMdtiit of Uw Mat ot klitaiv-
lipni. Ki that the erdinarv pni nt thia
court i .iinol lie tervel tton hltn. ttihi iit
make kaowa that, ualett tk Mid drfendavt,
K. Armorer, do apttear Mir9aiih ciramM
ootirt. on ihcliratdavof Ilia next term tlini.
of, totmhrhUn and lar (lie comity of War
ren, at the eourt hotiaa Uieritif, In the city or
Icktherf, Ml Uie M Monday of June neit,
A ll. IN, and plead, natwer or ileiunrto
the iilalntlff't laid action. Jutlgiucnt Haul
wiilltamidentd againat him, nnd the prop
erty levied naliy the .beriif of Warivn roiui.
tr will be Wtd, to aaUlfV plaintiff t demand
Slleuta., 'r - - . ., i
(iivra underlay hand and eal,lhi tbiilielh
f'iAB.1 ihtyof April. la.
. i , HtetHiur; k. wH.CHKrr.Ja...
' 11. S. llitek.ify.foi' Pltlt . i, in) in .
" V .'bHEUIKF'fi SALK. f
' AaMKM COI NTV. I i t
InWnrruu CAiruU Court, 4U)
Term, lWt. ..
J. M. ,.T)wcm. i tluanli.iu, Ar ... . .
. . - 'v.. ' .
Wm.' BavVl-'.-H.Uutliiit Ha l
. and Ui i hen no tuamtanili, Ad-i
iMt H fit.
mlnilnafir of l. A, ( iiiueron,
' deceased: A'
Y virtue ol Uwabave egenitien to ai dl-
I s rectal. I thai! expo. lo public talc at
Uu) doorol th Court-Houau lit the city of
VlikanUig, Withlu tlie hour- precribed by
law. to tha hlgbett bidder for cah, on the
hrtt Tueailny ol the .! line term of the Circuit
Court of Warren county biiig the l itb day
or tititie, A. 1 1. icajo, uu inn riunt uiea-aiia
Interett of the Uelrinlunt-, William and
Cltirolliu Rawlt-iu and to tho following d
aeribed real citato, to. wit: Lot 2, and 4,
Beeording to the divltioii tboreol' iietwcen th
heirtof The Jut CUudltii Ha win, in tb 8.
W:ouarteriTf et:.Sll, T. II 11. il esit, contain,
lag tventy-twu acre.. -The .ajn hirrfhg
boun levied upo at the prufierty of Ui tw
fl a-luntji. William and Clnudint KaTilt, to
aatitl'y idaintirrt cluim aaacuet. .
i; ., . i... M. HttA.NNOX,
majJ-nUi Sheriff of Warren ( o.
LETTER of adminiitratton upon lb
ettalc ol MtMt 11. bleed ilecraaed, were
grauted to the under.iguvit by tho Probate
Court of Warren I ounty, at the Mav term A.
1. 1WW thereof, ull iiereeoa indebted to taid
eetate nrohereiiv uutiilrdto make liumcdlnt
payment, nnd tho-e having i lulnit aguintt
the tame wdl haw them probated and regia
torvd within tlie time prrterllied lay law, or
they will be banvil.
miiyxx-wSw MARY M. stKKIC Adin'x
TUK tiBiler-igniil. ii'lmiiiiatratt'K' of the
ettnteof tflllliim ll. AiwimmI, decented,
haa nir-teBterl a Anal account nf bur admin-
Htniion en .aid mute to tlie I'rolialu Court
of Warren eruintafMlatiulmii. mid will, at
tlm next June ten thereof upply foi' tta au
dition and ailnwaune. .
oARAH A. K. ti ARLAN1F, Ailm X.
May Wh, A. It. IHSJ. myll).wt-
"Watihlpffton County. :
To all twraniiK having rlftiiiiHagaiiiat
ibe estate or Henry Joiiu.iou, tic
, ueusotl. , . .. , , ,
WIIKRKAo. nt the Octotw'r torra, A. D.
IMV1. of tho l'nioiitn Court oL.Wa.h-
inKtoa cotiBly, lettert tc.tamantary of th
liwt will and tetilniiieut of lieury Johuaon,
deeeaard, were grauteit lo the nhdertlgncd:
Now, therefore, yon arc riiiueated to exhibit
your elakmt againat tlm cute of tab! te. tu
tor, and linve them regiatereil. In the manner
and within the ti um prescribed by law, or
thy will lforevor liarred.
a. .i .luiianva. r-xivuvrix. xc.
Nl'OKST A Ykitiicn. Atty'. moySivTt
, . JiOTICE. . . , ,,
To all .croni having r.laiint againtt theJ
own t .tf iinMtii wtaiuani, iiawum :
TETTERS of Adminiatrafion nn aaid et
A tot having been grunted to the uador-
aTgned at Uie March term. A. II. 1U. of tba
Probate Ceurt o Wanhiugton county. Milt.,
yen ate herehy-. TTnuii-nl to exhibit veur
laimt againtt taid ealaie. aad have Ultra
regiatereu. in rue maitner nnu vtiiuin me
time nrt filled bv law. r 'her will be jr.
arret-barred. f.KOIiilK It. Ill NT, Adm'r.
Nugiwt A Ycrger,.-ol i. , ioaylfI-w7w
To all txjnetit having elaimt againtt Ihe
eatate of William ituul, deeaaawlr
L VOTERS Teatameatory of tha I tut will
uad tea lament of William Hunt, do.
ceaaed, hnvUig bean granted to the under
ilgncd at the Biiriik toiu, A. I. Haiti, of the
Probate Court of Wathlngton Couutv. Ml.-
tiaalppl, you are hereby ren.uircd to exhibit
your claima againat the eatata of auii tetta
tor. and have them regbitered iu the manner
aau witblu the lime praaerlbed by law, or
or Uaoj will lie forever barred. '
-t. H. lit i. .
'- 1 ' " : VY. K. HI NT,
i . , ' a Kxeeutort.
Nugent A Yerger, Hol't, inuy-T-wTw
I NOTICE. ' . , '
WIIKUKAH Uttcrt nr Admlui.lrullon
of tiieeatnto or WHIhiro Pirkelt, de
eetweil. were g mated to tho nmieralaod at
the laat April term of the Proliau t ourt el
Ilollvnr ceiialy, titula of Miatia.lppi: Now
all iierMin. having clalmt araliitt (be eatato
of the rtoeaxieat are heresy rcnijrnd to ex-
uiiiii tac tame, auiy pronautt uai regi.tered
within thu time timmrlbeil br law. or the
tame will Im debarred.
feni:ww EU.A PICKKtr Aiim
,JUSal- P03LET, :V-:.
Fi i itrsL N a e h i I g 1 8,
' Stallaitry & Portabli s;
"' riTM 1 1 in, cinr ptiic 7
it,. titvttiiJai v 0,1 ii '1U.UU a
k nrrWBouoHT irom head ar.ocn,
WtsJ Vitrklif Maehiaprr
1 - 'AND BnAFmG. :
i Wroiiahb lrow Pip and Wttliiif.
- ii. . tatH'Cocfcs,.Jio1i '-
jUi- , F" J"i ' j "i 'tr
ni';--,'.Va-ra.A2jcKirt . ,
f.-n'v OU . Weil Suliierr - (
I UW'WntV'lhK-lidlVe'nreuirt1lll I
I tpecify tbeilmhlnery llieyaeed.
--all 11..4
i t
or At
,i iri, i-
a I
'f li
ii U th ' t raj
: sin f Ao
natte no
' f t, m... 4
I'1 r tndattii Allot
MTi, i. i ine -roimtu t.onn or fnaaipie
na outiv, nn iM.i.ma ituleiiied to taid eitnt
v-tH make limnriiwt pariuent. atrnl ihuaL
having cLuua avaiuat tiuti ai4t 'i hu.,
the.nino IMubateil ami lirirl- ia I
time rirmrrihedliylii oi -rti
. tt.aiwvJ. p. it, V , a'. '
;. .-. " i .wi
V f,- XlaCv 1a- t Li
--tl.,... ..... .A.M.
71"!' K (e beeahT ten i ' t -li-.a or
it a i ! i r b i-,, , ii iv in
J..ut ia.i nay oi r t, ikis f the
Itrat part, Tfui. S. VSoml, tin. tea, f ia
atww 'Wtaodiee- .ofj laakb. of
the tft.i i t -il e m. r .rti at pub. I
."ii:iajiir axawwo ucl .'inartet
"M'.. K i " l"' lif ' '
.Ou.iiHiu).,, lite ;!t,(!4yjof JuJ;
ka, at 1 a'e)nnh.rvif " Alt, at aartt n
I' '"' mwt'"i "I lawl and p! it latlou. )-'
. - nr .mar ef : ,iiil gajig
nl it. -. awd muo i . iH-alaviT lie.
I"'1' -.: lu ao'.ib.wett iiiae.B;
tit at--, on Nonv.i; tttew'. hi fit errtJon iB,
i, whrfnrf . eleien, and
.. -n No. Uiiiwa. eu-cpt it.
ill. ttimoj .. A i.m un ....
of u.ii.nt. hgrw, eaca, euttie, and plaataUca
li.i.,o eta now ea wid plan ..imp "
uor,i.ea.aoaMitpjt.t MW1T.
' aiijiiJ.Bu .
tl n Truatof.
( i
Si i i, CMarle ttrtet. ,
,t - . ' v
WILCOX eiBBry-io-J t..;
jt:. L; t'fiKWtSG MACtttNES
j Aro SuiKirlriv tu -All Qlhers!
,, J.-.- , . . ill y,. !
"ltd. TaotmaeriorUy or their ermthroctloa.il
Ski. llicir mittelnai luoitea; hanliy percept-'
l,.-. n l,v iWHi l .
3d. Their atlliiy, performing all blade of
wwiag in the nrnufit and ilrongett manner
ll h. 1 ho ncuiiic cannot lie t wrong. hBf
aVt-not break, aa dootaert.
nth. They do no get aal of repair, or re.'
BienU. " .'. ' "-
. UUi. Their eauaaniy, earth eg not momihaa
oae li.tll tin price id Inferior machine.
'ih Their popidnrliT, whleh ia Utebtel ra,
diriitton of their worth t the nra now ilia.
iKTied or rewllly In evrr city in Knroie, tu-per-ollng
every sewing machine hitherto In
ue. . , i. .. ..
sUi. They perform Uiolr work with regular.
My and illoniitli, wilhout a fabie ttltrh or
break, mi frequent with other, aad tun be
HteanirMl and titnde to work by a chikl.
Kitccil. but atrial of iikmi Imatitirul and
dliipla dewing Marbinea. In- naarlaee tlie
iiimk.kepileal of t heir nuirlunty over all
"ou rs uiaiiiiMHianrcu. ) ,.-
PleaM call nnd tee tlirni in lull nperation.
iwyS-nsiin . Tliiiyl doiir aovve Caaai at.
Ha. Lakimgau'S aurvapartlla tjta-
imtintl, bir the apeedy aad irmaat,nt cure
of Liver Complaint, HeToTula, or Klag-aKrll,
Oyepeiaiia, Dropt, Notnalg.a, Kplloitx) , hry
tlielaa,8t. Afttboay'a Fire, Pimrdce.Pnatulee
Dkmchca, MolUi, Tutaorn, Halt ktlictue, Ulcer
and Sons, Rhoumatltm, Pain la tbtjotomaeb,
Side and ttowefc, Uenerai UobUlty. t'torie
li lee ration, Syphlli and Monsarlal Ulaeato,
aad all coraplatnU aritlng fromar retulUug
in Impare bloofT i ,
It 1 aewUe IAt arreruaM of any other Sana
parllla CompouBd la tb atarket. aid it in
dorwd ivy Uw medleai laeuKy a tb teal aad
eAaajvaf Blood PuriOar nteat Prtae 1 iwr
boVU. Prepired by Dr. M. Bi KKKJIITS
Ckemlat, Melrote, Mate. .
tkaT Da. LaagogAn'S iDdbw TcgeUbl
P ulmoulc Syrup caricoughl, Co Ida, Whoop.
Ing Coagh, Croup, Aithnu, Catarrh, Bmn-
ehltlt, rain In the Side, 51gbl Hwualt
Hmmeoeis to which pnhllo tpakert and
thigvft are llible. Coaattmptluu, In IU early
ttoget, aail all Slitaitt ot tb Thmat and
l.anga. - '
ladnrted by tba hlghett rbadleal authority.
clm-gyaaea nf every Uouomlnatlotv authorx,
mil ton, profateort la our varkMa lhga, and
by axaay of oar mott eminent puhlt aun.
pntaiiuag aecpfam. It M adapted to every
age, aad may lie atod wlthowt ItAf of the
daagerout reiulu which follow tit tue of
many of tb Coagh, preparation! ef which
opium aod lpeaetr tb baa, (lire It a
trier. Price W cent and tl per butt:. Dr.
K. It K.MOirrS, Proprietor, Melroae, Matt
.. !Alr.hHiuaT'OrtentalllaArltoalvrer
provea lleelf th only rel labia Bettwreg ol
Grey sod Faaed Hair to Us ariinal, co'or.
' IteonUlritseiUierolt, akhoivwuyoUer
Ihjurf ont Mbitano. '
ft rtraatei the rajp, givet the hair a rick
and floaty gpimarane, ami praamtal lit lux
uriant growth. 1 "
It U teleBtl Scatty preptred. and hrtndorted
by the nwat tminent medieal authority.
It Isaxqiihutoly perfumed, will not ttala or
oil Uw iaeat fabric, and li lndlipeniable to
tb toilet of every lady aad (eaUctna. riiiy
Motbtv. ...,, . ij . - ,
Price 71) eeatt per Bottle. .. .
Pnpared by Dr. I. B. bjXUillf 6, Ckemlit.
Melrote, Man. .
Dr. KifTOSTS Hair Dm. tug, a vege
table preparatiea for beaattfying and pr
atatliigtbe luauriant growth of th hair.
It prevenU th bair from falling of or
turning gray.
It rumorca daudrutT, cleantet Ihe ikltv
eara ooitous hcailache, and all the die.
treating affeeUoaa Induced by th at of otty
or alvoboUo Hair Dretaingm. .,.
It invigorating propertltf laaars linn
riant look, lacliaed to cart, and by Ut per
abtcnt uie tho bair It rattorod hi bald heailt
whcnaucharetultlt poatlbl. :
It It aplondlilty iierfurnoil, will hot trtaln or
oil the tkln br any article of apparel, aud It
universally approred eapeelally by adhn
and children, liuy no tbcr. ' '
" Pric 71 raaU pr BotU. ' .' ' '
Preiiared by Dr. M.B. BUflOnTS, USeaLUt
Mrliweo. Matt. , . vr '.
ISsT Dr. Haraav'g ItetivrBtivt,- bur Ut
poady our or Dyaaatary, Colcra, Cholera
Murtmt, Dlarrhew, Cbroaiu Diarrku a, Dyv
pepida, and all forma or newel t'oitiilalnli o,
childruB aud adult. .. ...
Tba beat Propanatloa extant hr ChlldreB
teething. MoHiertihnaUdglHi it a trial.
A ear ranedy tor Kidney Complaint, ao
matter of how loagttandlng. . .H .
. As Infallible eure fog all ilolkat dltonlert
nsallar to female. ... ,., ,, t,
JHmtf etyrtoli atafafae a tpatua. Jav
UpmbU ta eeary famUf. ' t , . , )( ,
"Price 73 cnu per Bottle. k 7. ;
'' Dr. B. B. BXIUUT8, Proprtotor, MeHroas
Mam. - ' , . -
V. .... i a , , .. . J
iff' '' v '!
-Th trade tupplled by HA BD A WAT.
A CO., TIektbnrf, at Proprletor'i ratoe. ,
Baraea, Ward A Co, A genu, New Orleans,'
f btpaeB A Keaklrt, Memphlt.
i lr.BaratACo,NewYork. ' t '
Mua-tawAwir ' "'" ' , i '
J HATE a few more of teat lo '
, Vf E E K 8 C.ll A tj M 1IPIS
whieh I will Mil very low ie 'elot eat.
IT t warraat tbtifi to "be the genuine
aei.1.' - '.-'t . "
... 1 . MAX KTJKSHV' 'Ajjent. "I
. .. 7"" ' w i-rwwii, wmi mf uad ui
a.hUV i." ?"9 " T!le,
Jwrth of Tib . So, twfw mm, eawtainmg
ruil'Bkiii la..,iw,,ljn,U)ll"1;
'" "" vau lt ail Hi-, j, lig. M-a
. ,ff. -V .
..f r -
PT MMInf''
li.ll, IMfl,lta.tHlttVW (FT tl ' M Ft t i- r
r. ea kiiHn Mrtif-m-
WU.ntm in Vi', M.'Uritf- " t t ;
ikiii kjhsataft. .miM - ' tnr :
f. JUiii," vMI UHtfikti titnif
ll'l A'.
- A Itt am a i. Miuei i'f
tinienii-. of llBLaaaLo'ii ft.' 1
M i:Mt' Will lie oomaritn tt
Am T 1 .r Imi-it lainiet 1,
' ' . . ti " i i '' j- I
of th
1 rl
"-!'. ll. t
n ... u-e list SH.n.ii a r
H vtid g'v tr aa and e
, and auaoiu )oa tltrp a
. I' ;! ".' . .I1.-,' a IKktUi.! .'
' - .t4Tt-BiV finui jj M' V 1
- ; i i T; nt y
Ti g aoak Csii tSsAvT s.r
ermiilati. tot aawv ilntifirta
I ae 1; ..i.a tioLb'M t-xraaur aeiiULT
and Iartte)vi7iiliu.-a rt aanir
a It Aoni
. 4 ' .' " a. AM,r,
WS tiioav r Ux i a-". -., ..r!re.
for, th irervom and .nonot i-
jaMUaiely aawdt BuiaS j w w.r Hevaf
aud larauvgii boas tA tan . .
, i i, k I , h vf 1 11 A
ft vaa -r -.wi r i w....v'4kX
' , "ii., vT" v r . axv.-!.
Ma-K). Yiiritii Vft! .a . ra.
Il'"l"tlll ai4 a 'a XI BAPT b' I
Hai.aani.iia kjtvataT bi.Tsw'T '
ttPU x.-tt cj:.. ,r,Tf '1 "U'l
"la'tivrT. ij ft, , v. r i
V y -. V-'f
;-.., 1 ,j w g- .,., a.w ., ...
llaLamiLi.'g Krraarv- Brcno aud lii
rauvin Hon Wa.u eiitet tecrvi anddeliraai
dtaerdcria, liaUtiiwirtaw atiitunnwae,
little or iidohange in du;. ao UM'onvamieiMV
and Mapoiiire. It tl tii. ataul la taete awl
ettor. Immediate in it. i s . on r.-. c...
-all laln.-utia pr3. ua, . u. ,
V iti.it i .a- ijjtcr.ua, .i, . -..Mt-
' . ' , . ,i
' ',il ' ir ,1 r ''i f ft
s .'j r ''t ,., .;f . , i
' i I
TRALt lilt til,' ;
' ' A f arwil Nnnt'tt. '" '1
HRLMilf)t.l)'S Wff CFXTa ATHB
- ' A U AVmI Bleed fwrtitrr
Both era prr;ared aocorllng to NnvmM af
Pharmacy at .1 CkutlilTnd ar tb Mott
artirt that can be male. . -
FIXJEBmilACtBirLliP, 'i
For Wrakueta aritlng ?f mm Indierretioa.
Thtexhaii.ted power -of Matnr which ar
accompanied by ao many alarming tvinn.
toatt, among which wMI be Coaml ludiinoti.
Uon tw KmiHiob, Lorn of Memory, Wakelul
Beat, llorrwr of lilirate, or Forehndtnga ef
Bvili to fatav Cnlverar.l I attitude, Pmstrat
. aud laubillty o eatev Into the eninr
cilia of toclelw at. , , y .
TbeCon.timtirm , rmria aV Ud with Orgaa.
to Wrakneet, riulrr th aid af Mi-dli ln tn
trengthen and invlm.rabF theiratein, whbb
HKLilHDI.ICM KX'I H, ! III . kill i.
iJ-.iaid.y doe. If no treaunaat f tubmllteili
Cxuiauiuptlou ur laauity u.uet.
Ia affcetiuna iwtullar tn "Flat!. a. " It
unequalled lay any other nreparaUon, ae ia
Chlomwtor Reteatioa, PaWbineHt, or hup
preuloa of C'uttomary Evaciiatiuni, L'lce.
rated or Hchlrrn. Hut of the II tenia; and all
complaint! ianident to the aex, whetkar
rl.ing fmm hnliita nf dlulpaUon. Iinprn.
dene in, or I he driila or change ia life.
Wlllrailloally extermrnato from th tyttem
al'f"aarblng Iroin HabiU of Dlttlpallou
at lltli eiie.c, llule or ua ehaarb iu diet,
Bo tncouvenieiice or cxpaaurai notaphnely
tuvwraeding tin te unplcatant and daugerout
remedial, Cofia.bit, and Moreury, la ail thea
r,.:.- . ':, . - i,'
Ia all Disrates of the organi, wl elher g
lating iu Malo"or"FeataIe,"flrnm whatever
cant originating, and no matter bow ioug
tlaading. It it pleatwat la taato and odor
"Imaaciitl" ia arUon, and mora atrea lk
eniag thaa any of the paaparatioai of Bark
oriroa. n T
Tlioae .uleriog from Brokea Dewa or Dell
eato CMnttltatloaa, prouur th remedy at
The reader matt be aware that however
light may Im the attack of the above dlaeatat,
It la oartatn to afreet hu Bodily Health, atoalai
Powen, aud iiapplueat.
All tho above diteatea reniilr Ihe aid af a
diuretic. ,
. ra tbi oatAT DimttTio.' . :
Tor pnrlfylng Hi blood, removing ail rhroa
lo eonttitutlonal di'eaaa arialagfron aa Im.
pure utato of tlie blood, aad the only reliable
and effectual known remedy for th ear or
SerolUla, Hcald Head, SaltBheBm, Paint aad
Swelling, or tha Boaet, UlcwraMoa of th
Throat and Lag, litoiuhat, Pimphn) ou the
Faea, Tetter, brrtipelat, and all tealy erup
tioot of the tkia, '
Mot a few of the wont dltonlert that a Sam
Bank ind ariec from the rirrrupttoa that aoea.
mulaualu the blood, Of all Ihe diacovene
that bar beeu made to purge itout, noaa eaa
eiinal inetieet HKI.MHol.D") COMPOCMl
eleaaae aail renovalca the blood, InHila lb
vigor of health Into the ayttenx. and purge
ont th humor which uuktf ili.etu. It
timuiaaet tta heaiMir Itinrmtrtt of to body,
and exneli the iii-i rdrr. e)tt grow and rta
kle In th hlood. ttuch a remedy that could
lie relied on, haa long been aotight Kir, ami
now, for th drat time, the yubue have on
ob which they van depend. Out tpac here
doea not adant of oartilkutet to tbow It ef.
focu, but the trial of a tingle bottle will tbow
the tick that It haa virtuea tuniaialug ear
thing they have ever taken. '
Two UldMMianrul of the Extract af tana.
Barilla added to a piut of water it equal lo
lb Litbua Diet Drink, aud one hottiett hilly
eqnal lo a gallon of thu yrupertiaraapanlla.
or the decoctloB a lujiiaily made. . .
BrvT-l'tieae Kxtracta have been admitted
tu u.e iBUie United stale, army, and are ali
In very ireneritl ut la all tlm hii hoh.
T.'ilNS thnniirliout the land, at well aa in
Privauipnwticea, and are oon.Ulared aa ia
Taluable remediee.
i From IMtiicnaatory af tb iritltat Matei i
See Profttaaor Dewee't yalaable worka euj
tte Prw'tice of Phi-Mr. ' - 1
Me reraarka mad lir tha lata -lH. .i 1
Dr. Phyalc, of Philadrfphia. ' . (
be remarkt mai hr ihe Ut amebraled p
Dr. Phytic, ef Philadelphia, t - 1
be reutiarke m.m be bti KphraHa '
M lwwi.ll, a eelettr,il lMnxieien and Mna. I
kerof th Boyal lidinorninnrnoni. IrwUmi. i
aad puhli.lwd la the TranaarliouA id Uia 1
axinj wdyuciTi't JiuMiut. . , "
Hre kiitiirol .rai'-.c ..l vlw ..Ml.li.hnjl J
by rV-nnulin 'i HA4 krliuw'ur atotal
Cullegoir Hurgr..!.. . . . ,( , -
be m.t ot u. U NUn.i!.r.'t Wortt af
Madkkwt. , .. ..
. EX11-' r f . , t . '
e-- j." " AfU.UA.k ' i .
-- vtSu'id hit all VrKitiitt " .
PBiS('iPAi,rn':?-. "'
- - Mil maoiiBtk
VBUO, A.HU1U,- XL fi-
' , BtM atsoaowAT.
i fgSaid'waoh. - ' '
. . n-v r. - . .
f - x r - -. - o "
artotv ' : v. .(
Aa.i uy all wo4! ! r l lirogtt
l ! .
" tf"
' . ,
... -
' i t
M 1
Jwt"j ' - . J, ,-Vi
. r'k - '. , ;,
1 " .. . it.'.""
note h taal! talauh i ..-.'..'
" n "' j", ,. ii .'r f
a uTfHl iv. , "ie t id a aaietm
hHhaevr banaei, riedtoUie pi.
i if
vt la,
dl' oa to
Wee, f 1 I rjitgtl ut
-lenaad, rVra
., , w '
ti Mtt tn-Hi(th aad .
a i.u . .sa. to i
fnigo-j 1. 1,
i i ""i i
e i f i-r
, Wbot.
b g i
j if tc
a d in
-.'-AW -
Ti l
i !
,fra (itarrit! ilH(H--(
hitdiaaef ti' , u
aeatleriavalifirtlha!.,. .; ia,
Tttti Who auret otVath bt ti-j ,a
'Ibair water, aaib. : V J"nf ,
v ... .. ', it v '- . .
AU wbatlra ikmalajnoai dlrtrlrt, bd ar
-. .,. . . . t. . fc ... .
Mildeot to mlatiaatlvaBMitoot, will Sad'oos
"it , .. ! tf.,'. .,
f IU ir oh vatiiahle Itwlca ar I Inviger .mt
(j -.r ,4 0 i.nj .11 ft
a . -. . t .
"! ' !'.. i. ,T'l -' ttT,
, i 't- rt ti j ii 4 r 1 1
CT ni'-'-.t- -i
HUKWliHi.wUi H
Jill k ." t- ,.'Wt I'll ,:
' ' tm riHii'vf hn t;:
1 !M',rPr
Arrack fiub
ui uie
.1 . '"
Ess' Kfat , Pcacti,
1 I .if. ...I 1.1. I. . I
' . 'tO.a-.HUil.'.'fi ; -
' fi g,'' ; "! .' irf, -it) ''
r. (..-,
ea rbwIBi''iaa7i'il
- '. . aiu .
-i I''' ... :() ,-,f- VI. .M1, ,
. " ' "tj"j!"1j:W i.itr
aligattal taargnttoai laet evet
The i
a atai taittlBetir tbsa'aaf
ataadydrit ta tfatwaU. ,:n.ii ?i
eve i' i ...a" ;ut; iw.i i ii'j.
aftj , t," '.-fil J, ;;! ii;
.It '...I
' : . i : " , ','. i. " :, tmi
' - ' 'm. f
- " .' 'p.'
I- V., ,ivi,', . 1,1 I ',j .. '
'i .-t-T'":.. 'f T.;.,.. f a;"
,. ... ',! '. ti.."t ", - .ti ii" .-:
,. . -i ( -rt j- .. ,v ,''
'.. ' ift Vl!!i.m.. , I.
leho nn:ri.
' ' !-
. '', li''!j-!J ki,
. , ... 'i.v .. ..! ,
. . ( !
' Alto an haad mi kaautaafaird ta onier.
1 " . i. , , " i
j ' i - i a ..c i
V tt: 'w '
S'l Ui'DBT KIBiKr. 1 ' '
a ,'.l t 'i. ' " l- I -w .... .
,' '.; - ,t-t t . ii ; ,. . .
ri E v;
! at .1 .. ;
, - ' i
. .- K, ...
y o
HI r
"4 wh
C. A.
i Uk AT. J . .. .
a. a. t. a,ua.ta A til.'i""
" . I "Ti
-. -itjff - . ., ..
i waan ..,
.' :taTvA 't ;t, LtM:.
1 VtlJ . fjjilj- , 'f l,lv
'.- ' U.f ,'"f:HJ'la-j
i. " '.' V) 0.V V.'
il "it. cr-teiliilv. th I'
iL .ffit,- f,I..!.'! hii-rf! j':
j Sl'i-uiw.t. ....... t . .j .
" i .

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