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AT (he nexl Ftbuiary tei ; f '
Court of Wilkinson county it, i
Guardian of Amanda C, Ail ,!,!.
A. Coon, will present his accounts v
wur.ls for final settlement eml t," .-.-mh:..
Dec. 27, 1843.
Wilkinson County. l :..t.-ui. '
To all persons interested ti Hi i h i , . ,
and heitdilamenls oj J n o v
YOU are hereby citid to 1 i a ! i
. Probate Court of ll-t'.kmso.i enm-tv -
Wednesday, the third day of 1 1 a t
term, thereof, 1844 :iml thru amrti.rrn .,ew cam.,.,,
why tlio following described pie, o or j ...n I ,.t . and
oliouM not be sold, to wit: 'i i1 nun
and claim which John Aikiits ami 'arv A'!,:, - uumus
under the age oi twenty-oi c ji i " Ijn n i t t1
certain tract, piece or pari" I ol Im 1 ,t i," nod
being in said irilkin.-o.ii county, on vav VtM.. t! a.
marts creek, and being lh boutu part ! a iliun soiel
of land originally grant i l l.yli.e t-- immsi jiov. ..men!
to one William Vauolc'i, and by the .m! V iiii:,.:. n - 'mi.
tea anu conuim -.i in it uii.-t:tt o..ovn. ami l'v l:ie na:
William OjIll.il Id his f..:n t U h. ( ,laiie
E, Ogdeii,) liy la.-t will ami ii-plainem dated ihe 2 nd :
day of June, A P. 1811, uud r.-c : . i ; ii m the i'r,,! nic j
Clerk's cilice off aid MY.kisi i i in , n Pi ik I,
pages 177 .y 17:
r If itnebS, the Honorable 1 UANC1S CilDakt, j
L S ' Jndge-of sanl Probate Ooui t, ot tliu Uuin-t-!
1 '1 house nl 'said conntv, the 2nd Monday of
v Lee. mbcr, A. u. Id43. -.,-,.',.'
J..".,. ...' JOHN C... ALEXANDER, clerk,
. ., .... . ... l'y 1'. Conrad, d. c, i
"Issued thUlllh day of Dt eonibtr, A. l. 1H43. . . 52.
SCPTlm Free Traih r will pubiisn .weekly, for an
weeks, and present aec't to Mentis, Gukdoh v Poser.
1 orim
' at J.
Mown In.'
T 1
. M innie :;i
' ire, as inc.
. t o
1)1 .. i
:.:' KITCHEZ.)
1 . ' ' til
i il " Ht .
ti; i f.n i w,.l pi
eng'h ,,f in.; stay
A. .iltlllr ill, j
t I f ( 1!. ,1
1l f i I at I
N ov.
' Molie.
" Martin,
" Me.Diinul,
Major h rllin
1", I -4
I il
v osiWiiie.
Surgeon Dentist,
'if,ii!y nppriiii! the, inhlitit
u nl i ' i
ft, ;ti He t i M.
I'joinl'i Lr t hot i '
' t rum ritnet; tvnl
t li'.')- t
i - ti c ,i t i. i
j hi, ilia uif.hviiii
i titu! r-nrts cf I. -t
;;itl town, to wit:
I liulf u! lot a ti'n & t
i lliii !''n, niucircti,
! I i
. I Hi.
i S II
S. I
''''' " Hi o; j -'
. 1 . i . 1 I IT.-, j -
! - . j- -.:f f.
it. t f , I. f- i)
' ' ' 'V ' ' '
i lnt'ttr, ; li the 'v- -
I f i , 't'l
II the I lhi 1 'I "
n ti . .1 , - . .. I . .. .
. .nlj1 M' 1
5, I , ' t ( a I
1 ()! HI e lllll ill t r! !!.!
in! Lr t f ..i. t , hi ti e Ii mil,
:V i ! 0 li'i't (!i'il!i,
nil! i f ire, liilhiwii.o
aicniilii r- III I'h; ,l,m ,,(
'lie it'- t(! 'il IKtlliem
' t',' ' ! ! fi:vni!e( i),
v:rnty-tfl, ( went .live
I !
!)'. 1
' TIJK STATli OF MlSelaSUTI, j. , , ,
, - .. t. ,. Amite Countt..... - - - '
To AVilliam C Cutler, Guardian ad litem ol Theopltilua
B. Norwood and iMa.-tlia J, Norwood, minor il.ildren
of Jaines M. Jsorwood, deceased 0'retin:. .
YOU uro hereby cited to bo and appear before th
Probate Court of Amite ( 'omify, orTtlie Fourth
Monday ot January nt, and shew cause if any you
cani why I'm) following Heal Katatn belonging to i"aid
deceased, slioulti nut be ordered- to be cold, or the (ol
lowing po'.ti.ms thereof, to wit: A lot or panel ofland
dcsciiiii-d as I'oUowk, cviiimen. ing at the southwestern
corner of lot No three, in fijiuro No. six, thence on a
straight lino on the southern boundary of said lot rua
easterly lorty livo feet six inches, thence run on a right
line north -to the northern boundary of lot No. one,
thence along said northern boundary west to tlio north
west corner of lot No, one, llitm e south on a hno to
' the place of bepjnninz, which said lots or parce's of
land are in square No. six, on the plan of the tow n nl
Liberty--Al!o lots No. one and two, in square No.
seven, in the tow n of Liberty Also lot No. four, in
'square No. one; in the ir.-vn of LiV ri' y A!?o lot No.
three, in square No. one, in the tow n ol I.itieity Alf.0
. a part of lot No. four, in i-.:ni.ue No. ten, an. I ih -er-hed
as follow h, l.:.j';:in in": :.t the northeast corner o !..t No.
four," anil iuiinnii.r outi. with 1 Iron. I street liity..!hi e
feet to a stake, thence west acros-i wid lot to a stake
on the Western boundary, thenee north to the northwest
corner of said lot, thence east to the place of beginning
Also the southeast quarter of section twenly-one, in
township two, of range live, east and the east half of
the pouthw tat. quarter of o-ctiort twenty-one, in township
two, of range live, cast Also tin: went hull ol the smith
west quartir of section thirty-three, in township four,
of range five, eat. -
And it is further order 1 !v the Court, that this cita
tion be published in toe Liberty Advocate, and Wood,
villa Keoubliean, the time proscribed by law.
j$: WITNESS' the Hon. Join Walker,
t Judge of tho Probate Court of said Coun
5 2 ty, the Fourth Monday of November, A,
'i.D t( ri !-ii,ii!y nnpritii! the, nir,Rliitit of
W . ; ... e 1 ... . .
i li.-iii.uii c ninny, Ol ins reiutll 10 ' riivnic,
as also of his intention ul' renmininfj permanently
nmnrwsl tlieni. His rnf.tii-. tire as bcrelofore, at
Plr (!. West's-, where he inny be found ru nii
lime. except when profets.Moniilly cnaoed else
wWie, ami tlien a note left with the nbove nameil
gentleman,' will meet with the eailifBt and inn.-,t
prompt attention.
. ., - . gi?&zkE!mcp& ' .. .,
Drs. BitAnpiinD, Pinckneijn
il. IN. iMaRTIN,
" " C. H. Stone, Woodvilh
T. C. ISrown,
Revs Wm, C. Crane,
It. L, ."'tantom
C. C. Wf.st, Fq,
Wm. Halsey, Fsa:
I) aodvule. Oct. IS, 1S43.
Issued 7th December, 1S41."
S. R." DAVIS -nik.
- v -. ;N.RVV FIRM. . . , - ;
rHIHE undersigned having purchased of Mr.AV. O
JL. Rodney, his entire stock of GOODS at i'ort Ad.
ame, will continue- business at the same stand under
the firm of E. V. Morcland & Co. We intend keeping
on han I a good supply of
Hats, BootsShoes, Hardware,., Crockery, Groceries
tfC. SfC. And will attend to the Storage. Coiunnsiiou
and Forwarding Business. . . ., ,, ff .
Any business entrusted to them will recuivo prompt
attention. .. . - .- -. E. F. MORLLAND, .
,, ... - w . .. , .. J. J. CUA-MUERS.
Fort Adama, June 27, 1843 83 -
-.- NEW GOODS. . ' . - '
T3J0W opening, a handsome assortment of seasonable
INI dry goods, consisting in part of bleached and Jim.
shirtings and Blicelings, long ciotns, puna iiiiumjs, i.n
seys, flannels, prints, Russia -diapers and sbtctin'j,
- Chine chusana and delaines, Irish linen, hid glove.--, I. li
en enmbrick hadkfs, etc., etc., to which the attention of
my customers and the public generally is invited.
.... . W.T1. NOBLE.
Sept 22, 134340. " " ;
MAINE street, nearly opposite the. 1'ost 0ice.)
THIIIE undersigned reapcntl'ully pive notice lo
the public, that they have pone inlo the cash
trade, with the intention of supplying Iheir friends
and customers of Woodville mid its vicinity, al
the lowest possible mtes, 'J'hey have just ie
ceived at) entire new stock of merchundixe, con
Bisting of dry goods, tcitdy tn ulo clothing, huts,
boots, shoes, btognit't. Indies line shoes, Sic.
W'oodville, Jan. IS 43. -- ---;
Per ship Louista, from New oik
150 pr. blankets,; ' '
; 120 cotton and wollcti tindi r --IiiitJ, a 1 r
assortment of knilt and blunhcl s'nuwU, pl.nd nib
cravats, French muslin do lumes, ribbons, lu
ces, colored and black silks lor (ileuses, gauze,
flannel, leghorn and silk bonnets, mid velvet ni.d
willow bonnets, silk velvet, ulecn. nod colored lad
gloves, bed blankets, black biuad i. ';,!.-. it l.tij'e
assortment of cassiinorei, worsted nmJ ti;otino
colM stockings, iniltens k gloves lor Indies ond
misses,;of all descriptions. Cheap lor cash.
r ), A ,. J VM.ISI.
Sept. 23, 134340.
At Messrs, Kami i- Jacobt't old aland, one door
, i above, Schwartz cy Daniel.
G R E A T ,15 A Ii li A 1 N fcJ !
fSllE undersigned have just lcccived the In
e. ol. taatii-strtct., .
' THE undersigned have this day formed a Copart
nership under the firm of "William Davidson 4c Co.,"
for the transaction of a Cotton Factorage and Comrnis.
sionbusinfM in Ilia City of New-Orleans Ollico, No.
81, Canal Sheet. ..
' Nov. I, 1841 JOHN l'AUKISON.
,- ' GU.Y & HARRIS. "
"Commission Merchants,
Clinton, La.,
1 iTH0 will at all times pay a fair price for cotton.
W W .,.anil .make liberal adviiiic.-a on cotton shipped
by thcin. -They have for sale bagging, rope, twine,
bacon, sugar, coffee, salt, flour whiskey, a large nssmt
nient of bar iron, castings, stone ware, nails, wind w
glass, paint, Oct. 81, -4M4.
FT iK undersigned Coiniinsionera appointed by the
.t- Honorable i'robute Court of VVilkinon county, at
the October, Term thereof, 1 S Jit, to receive and em
mine claims against tite Estate of Wiught Ii. Cbr,
deceased, reportej Insolvent, will meet at the falore of
Messrs. F. F. Moreland Xt Co., ai Fort-Adinns, on the
First SATURDAY in each month for the eiisuin ix
months, for tho purpose aforesaid At the expiration of
which time the Commissioners will make their report.
F., F. MORKLAND, CowmVa.
Fort-Adams, October 20,l8-t3. 44
ffiYilG suhscribi-rs liavo associated themselves toetb
JL er for the purposo of transacting a .
General Commission
F 0 It W A R D I N G 1$ U 8 I N E S S ,
in this place, under the linn and style of ALLISON Sf
IIOLMliS. 'I'hey are piepared to make advances, and
to furnish the necessary plantation supplies for all cotton
ahippedto Hewitt, Horun if Co., N. Orleans, They will
keep on hand all kinds ol W estern Produce, Groceries,
JW.irro Liilsey, Bn?'ri"g-, Royi, nni Twine, which they
will sell on reasonable terms. .
" ' IU, on Para. .W-n-t I, 1843 3j 3m - :
" " ,' NOTICE. ,.
fflU-i umlir.-ieni d Commissioners of Insolvency on
.L the estate of Miithew N. Brandon, dee'd., ap
pointed at the .ieptemtwr tetin of the lion, the Probate
Court of Wilkinson county, will meet on the first Kat
uidav in each month, lor the next ensuing six months,
at Pi'm-Unej ville, hi the county of Wilkinson, (or the
purpose of receiving and examining the claims of said
creditors of said estate. ' '
rohf.iit si'.::rr.!i. )
IHIfill M. K F. A It V, ' J Commr's.
f: r 14, I 1. i:.
'I1! I t i !TMle.
twcnly-pevcii, twciHy-twiie & fny, isoi'ibc
half ot fony-foui, .su.itlicni h.ill'nr f o. t y th t:s
tioniiom half of forly-six of luls (ii't -.,,ur,
sisty, fifty-eight, sixiy.fVM), sixty fi.,ur,. nixiy.
six, oevetiiy, scvctit) onv, cv et.t -two, sev-
eitty-8'.s, seveiiit -seven, tseventv-t 11. t, etijli.
.') iV;i, icis G
rvnt F i
1-1 I
ty-'wo, ctw
iy-tlirec, e'gi.ty-futi', eigltiy.ev-
iluurt, Ksquirt, Jude of 'coiuo
V.minlit cf 11 j , , .i, ; s.i it
s ,i.. irv Olr i,,,:t (in I.iHiiieiltlon
J to (lit-, !y (,'. rii,..re, wlin ('l:ii:o3 tin
imdiviilml thin! .;nt of th-tt t-:t of 1,-nnl I
aw! being in the C.nmty o! Vi ai.iiisi.iii, t; i,ia t,
South purl of tl... smit'i-iasl quarter of swtion ,
in lonosliip 2, of rtinoe 2 west, cunls:.ii( L-
cies. Also, two f.milh pails of the hiiliiiico ol
said quartet section, Cni.toinii: 20 iti ifj e.i. h
the Mild tract of 1 mil fonlniiiiioi one iineihe
tlVO IH-re.S- lirrl tl..' sarnrt which v;:s omei.
y'B'X ! lini.i Daniel U anil inl .,.i,l nil'., bo t,.l. H,;,k
hv iho.il I ilia ,i:,ii. il, 0,1 ', !o ,.f .W.,.,,,.1,...'
,"., , . . , , , , ' "" ' lice im
tB.io nun ol wi.icn lli.i surd 1 e i. r oinilli (lit d ;
st-r,ecl una po-scs -.eil, I have nnnii ...-ed .iohii .1. ml
or of
en, eihty-etght, cis lit y time & iin-fiy tliiee,
nlnl ol a (Mirer I of land tuljoininjr said town
iniiiitiett'a iittieiy-itve, com at ti it iy iiun
49-100 noes, mote or le.-ss. Sold io s-aiisfy
tlw D.'icree iti the above stuletl ctise le
within the hoti's pre.scrilied by law, ,
.T-T TS T,.rk,ii,.-(r., n .
t II. -V l 11 . , i II t I .unoiV i ... .. tv n ... . .
' , V i ocoii, Miiuam I mnet una Onto c-. est com-
in tins esse tii'tl b'lentl ol Wilkinson coontv. I inisi,.iiir i. il. .i,i ...,.rt ',.,,.( ;,.
50 j n.,il shares or imrts: Ami ui.h :J n-. in-r olnnc
ri j
i !:
ieacy. that
or this
i ill i
t'u in
Woodville, Dec. 2, 1813.
Y virtue of a cerium i
be ;
I'd I .
lor til
(' l " I
I of 1 rust made
IrniH, hv
. ht ol (I. Th
ill i I r, Is
r ot tin 1 n 1 it
, 1 1, in 1 1 n
' ' It i II r
I snail iiiot-e
1 i
Fne French Muslin, Eiurhsh h,,,, Jacot.
and plaid and striped Muolm, boj n,
Mustiu do., fine now fashion Hoiioeu1, stravv k uiu
miss stiaw bonnets, French Guoihaim,, Lumen I
ask, a eood assortment of Irish i.m..n, i-invt-n
and, Linen Blan Linen, do Cult .
Musquito netting. Also, a tine .
gentlemen's Shoes, do miss e
assoitment of Spiing Clothing, I
will be sold for nothing else hut
May 13, 1843.
on k 1
ie e : ..
I I T I.
(I i kd
01 s iiKinson i-ii.
2 )l 2 I' ( .
i tn i' r' v
il to 'll III I t II 1 , t r , I, b
i e or i n i ! i i ii
I in, o i tl e 2(1th lil" .
llt)M on win h -in! t i I i
lliti-d 111 Saul ctlllntV and fa: lit.-, on the V-,
iri, and hooniled on toe norm and e;..
C Dunlur, lull h i i 1 i '
1,0 ' n i t t A i 1 r i n
, toe in s I t D im- i i I
or less;' for more paiticicar Ot-s,:r; - mm
n ferenee mav he inaii-i to said oe. f oi
are upwards o! tut an' s ri the ti e i el
under cultivation, w no .. ,nn house, ;:
i m i t ' I '
live and well waiio.it, and wi
liesifous of ourchasttiir prior t
nd c :
t . i
ii nfon,
I. and
i t
.1 to
f.V virtue of an order made at the October term
of tho I'robate Court of Wilkinson county, the
undesigned Administrator of John Woodsides, dee'd.,
will offer for Sale, on a credit of twelve mouth, to the
liieheat bidder, at Ihe Court-bouso door, in M'oodville, I
On Tuesday the 23 J day of January, 1844,'
the following described tracts ot land, lying in Wilkin- ;
ton county, belonging to Baid John Woodsnles, dee'd,, ;
to w it: Lot No. One, of Fractional Section Thii tv-oirht,
in T'ownsipTwo, of 1X11040 Three Wrst, and bouudeo
as follows: On the North by lands of Thomas Wood
sides; On the South by lands of Robert Woodsidei;
On the East by lands of Dr. D. Holt and on the West
by lands of Henry Thorns. . -
Also one other tract or parer 1 of land, being the
West part of Fractional Section Twenty-live, and Frac
tional Section Tliiny-nine, of Township Two, Ran:;e
Three West, both tracts or paicls -containing two
hundred and forty acres, l'urehaser or porch isi-rs re
quired lo give bond nod security neeordiii-' to law.
' ' SAMUICL DA WS0, AiiiTii.ii.oiator.
IVc-mber 0, If 13. 51 t-tba.
hulias " '""
ffUOl'LD in. more limn 1500 cases to be in
' -fallible, iife (inly t'i'iliiiti V:rOc-lt stioying
riedicioe in use, and are the gieatcft discomtv
evi r mnde fur diselling the VHiioos ltii.d-t of
worms that so fieqiienlly tit.d (!isircssitily otuioy
both children and ndtilts. fttaiiy i!;.ieh-'s iuise
from wortiis, and occa.-ioii long end it:tense suf
fering, and even death, withoitt tli.-ir ever Ik ing
suspected; grown persons me veiy b fieri' tifilic'cd
wit'n the 111, and are doctored li.r vnrnnis ciitiliiitils
ivifhotit nriy horitfn: while une dose of llioe ,o
Zrng'.i would ypeidily cine tl t 111. 'I !:cy fire mi
ioi'iillihln rrtnedy, ntid so pica -ant to ihe t-'rie
llinl children will tako tbetii 11s
mint L.iZen.'f.
Head the follow ing Ie Herts:
New Yoik, September 13, 1841,'
Pear Doctor Accoivino to your r rjuesl, we
have used your Lozenges in several ( uses of
worms," and fotiiid litem ntiifoi inly socc. liil.--Wn
htive no diilicully in gelling children to take
them as they nte perfectly plensmit. We thn
use'them whenevei' occiiskmi ofi'crs, ' believing
them to be tlio best vermifuge int'dicine in use.
We have also i.sed your Cough Lozenges very
extensively, and find them fully to nnswir the
purpose you recommend tiu'in for. We am youis
ZACUAIilAH 11. LANF. m d,
W. V.. I'LKASANT, m. d.
Tilr. William IL UopewoH, East liroadway,
gave them to liis child, nod t!;ey broughi nsiiv
the worms by hundreds.
Parents should uhvays keep these Lo.etiaes
io i!)m iiiuise, for they are tho bes-l tnediriiio that
ran be tuhiiintslored to clnld'cn iiftiii ted wish
in. us ore snoot: to me, at mo V..0111I House in
Woodville, on tho 12th day ol Fchiunty next, the
-said John A. Hcolt, William Tinner ntid C'ttto (.J.
West will then be appointed Commissioners to
make pirtilion til" the said lauds, pursuant loan
act entitled "an net concernim; the pattilion of
lands, held by cnpiiiceiteis, joint tenants ind ten
ants in common. "
Given under my hand this 7lh day of Decem
ber, A. I) 1813.
51 Judge of I'robutts.
f T tho September, term -18:, of the Probate cmnt
XaA. of W ilkiii.ion county, the uudeisigui d Coiiiinis.
sioueis wete tuitlicr allowed to postpone tin ir rcpoil
0:1 the Estate of tieorgf K. F'lazh-r repotted to be in
solvent, tut the November term of tho Piobalo court of
said county. The commissioners will meet at ihe ollu e
of Gordon Posey, on the first Tuesday in November,
II IH I 111
constitution.-!. !-
unpleasant cu t . at
,ul rcstuled bv it
hear Sir v . .
form vou tiiat t b.,
them to answer flu
thev fnh il !,..! t !
t ) ill a In 1 1
'i Otir o've:
i.y kiuuv n.
d persons of to
e it without the
- 'il lllld their "e
1 I
Ni ( I
ty teste,.!
I Ills IS to ( e
table Ague Medicine 111
teen inoiUhs. 1 I
and fever, -and
a cure the. In it ...
I have also pi
and ciKi'-e.nivo 1
valuable reiuiilv i
known of;, rre'! t.
mend ;t to all pi 1
and ciiclu.il r. u
I 1 I,..
( 1
d Or.
1 ' ' i
t-l is It
lull's Vr
my practice lor the hi ,t c, .,
e prescribed it extensively m e? -
1 I 11 0 i 1 I I to per'
'tii n tv, 1 1,1
.-, rod have truly Ininni it (he n...
n re fr 1 vtrS) ti,,, j, mo fs
I-ii1 .... I do toe,! tore reeon
to 0.
1 I I 1 1 ,
1. Jiiiii.arv I ,
JOHN B. Til Kit it EL, Co-
.Woodville, September 10, lb43 30.
ICTThe t'oiinitissioiiers of Insolvency on the Lstate
of George K. Frazii r, dee'if, bavo t.een allowed a !ur
tlier tune till the next June Term S 1 4 ) of the Probate
Couit of Wilkinson county, to make Iheir report Anil
1 hey will coiiliniine to meet at th4 offi'-e of ti union N.
Posey, j,, Wooilville, -on the first Tuesday in ev. r,
i iio:itli, until that lime, for the purpose of eA-arnui!.:.'
cii'.lils M2ailist cal.i est,. to.
. -- - ; J B. TtlERRFL, '
- W S. RftADST
a common pepper-
Nov. 18,IS13.
LL', )
I.. ' '
TltEET, ) -cj
f !-:TTEI'.S of Administration having been granted j
-U.A to the u nd' rsigned al tiin.Novimber term, 1 84.3, '
of th" i'liiliiite. t.'oui l of Wilkinson county, on the es.'.ite 1
of -..tal. L. Ilrdey, d. c'd., notice is given to nil persuiia
in ' 'Mi 1 to s ii.) ih r. ,0, d, to make imundiati: payne ;-,;,
anil thi su having claiiiu lo present them as prescribed
bylaw, or thev will be barred. . - - - j
B. ii. WILLIAMS, AdiuV.
Nov, 18, lPI3.--.1-f i
1 table A uo Medicine 111 inv luionv in ,i.,
I ea of chills and fever, r.n-.l it !.; (,. v..r r.;i,., .0 ,,ei.i-..t, .
a 1 1 oh t j lot 11 in 1 1
all pi-n ons nflbcteo with chills and leve, rs a S -e '
c 1 ri 11 v I r tl a cur tin ,
.oibuise. rsiov knowledge ol tin- inciin-im: is r..t p.,-,'!
lined to what it lias done in my family, 1 have seen the
food, iliecta of it 111 a number ot cases of my neigMwa-
i ... , -,- J.lAtt-.-- HOi.VA.V. i. I).
, Jio'me, .J:a. Janiiary 3d 1 s.J t
I Tins is to ifi 1 1: v . tiiat n-n li;u c tim "f i ., h ov-r
tin . ,!u. a dj 01 ni 11 g flutes, and have heiird much 0 ne
i 111 lavor 01 Dr. t: oil' i-ue ate
1 levers. -Voliava kuuwii 11 un-.d
j of chills and lever, and have never .n
..-i t a cure niiuieibatoly. W e have also pa. -o. -.. ' -.
I lit 1 in its 1 at ma. Y c... 01 !
ot' I 1 a 111 tin in iny t
j knmm it used, 11 nas never failed 0. eilec! n .,:
: shniiri lime than any medicine we have en r k
j 'W do therefore reeoiiime 1 t 1 I
: dor fever, a an effectual remedy for the cure of tl
sdso, Sam: Smith, tisn. Mobile
' Jaines E. Likely. - do
" S. U. Lancaster. M. D. do
A. S. Lane. M.l. .1 1
in in Hie
treat man
ia el-
V tio-
i!y tn
1 1
worms, t i ildn-ti will lake them tin
tlio most delicious" sugar candy.
These Lozenges are put-up neatly
price 25 cents a box.
Thcse'vuluable Lozenges nre for sale nt the
store of Weed $ Coolicv, west side of the' l'l;li
Square, of Woodville, W iss.. and at Ft. Ar'ami,
by John Timoii. . Also, Dr. IIiiII'h ouh sviup,
vi!.;i ii is the best medicine bu coughs, colds, ran
oiinptiiio, lightness of ifiti -1 best, Sec. 'I i ,.
coofideolly .oend. 4 by the medic:,! i '.c,hy
0-; l!ic Li-. 1 ii-i!ii:ine in the vvoiIJ, fur .0 hm . ;.
named cntnplaiiils. Uric i; 25 cents a l-ox.
t-F"or salt' el Ft. A da 11 w, by Jehu Tin
i ci.
ff KTTERS of Aihiiinisliaiioii having been rallied
xt-A tn Ihe imitnisigni d on the 1 stale of W'rn. Mef'rr,
ry, d.!..',!., a. tho No', en. her firm of the Probate Couit.
ol V. 1 Ik 1 iisiuti (.'ounfy, notice is bcribv eivc-n to all ar
sons indebted to said deceased lo make immediate pay
ment, eiii.! those bnviiig chums to present them, as pte-si-r,bi
d bylaw, or tliev will lie baiird,
" DAVID ClII'ilAuli, AdmV.
Nov. 18, ti 1.!, 4i
viitue of a certiiii) Di ed of Trust nimj.i ;
5nd executed to the undersigned Tii'sit r.'
by itobeit W rich, lind wt.'i', f'. lite use mid ben-'
1 fit of Wm. i!. Diiv s, l i aring (i.iie October K1I1, 1 '
A. D., 1839,. ami duly rccnrdcil in the, Clink's i
Office 1 ft'te I'r ibiile ('otirt'ol Wilkinson county, !
jilisisisipui, in Book I., tinge 618 and 019, to:
seeiire the payment i f ceilaiu sinus therein par
ticularly .sr! fi.r'h and spi-enied, (sIihII procied
to st II to li.f login st bidder, for cash, before the
Com! h ose door, in Woodville, Wilkinson cruiti
ly, ."'is.i-si:,pi, mi Tuesday, liie !);h d.y of Jai.11
nry, 1C11, Ihii fullmvjii" il- -cii: i ! Lands, low it:
Ti-e Ssiwth-East auaiter ' f ii t-i.ulh-w 11 uuar-
, b. A. Smith. (ituinst,)do
j tlioao popular pills are lor saie til V. L. CM..
! store in Woodville, sole agent for the piuC.. 1
: o ily one dollar per bos. On I s s 1 I ,
two or three cases of chills ond lever
i Woodville, Missp. May 9tli 1842.
! ' NOTICE. ' -
I r3r,P' lindcisJgneil Fxecut. r " t 1 tw la Ii
j . 1 lament of Margaret 1a r
; sen I his accounts, us such Im, i ni.ir. Id i,o 1 .
i ! Court of Wilkinson County, tisj u vt I
1 f.r tiiidl sctilenieiil and allownncn.
j . - - . , ' - . Jo H c I
18, ! S 13. 4
i ilii COUI . I; O: io.i.ii
stitution is very thru,, .
hcahli, the lor.iii.i,, H ,
coiiiiooi! itioa and -iir.
dt'd. 't he year wall be
tfions of ttvent3r-two wi:
i.-.iis; the iiist : !'-.-: ...u .
-.1 i. j
S I li
ve lor
I, ...al ae
uo allor
t'.M) ces.
in .1 mii
id July.
ii! t
if Section Im
2iJ, T
01. wesl, tnnlnitiiiig 4 0 11-ltiiJ acre
. iitli-i-iis! I' l.ii ii r tif 1 Im Nrih-vt !
e, 1 or
s-nnd tl,
I 'r.-l I Of
; ''tioii Ni1. 38, To 'vii hip No. 3, R.ti ga one
w est, cntittiining 40 .11-1 00 acres u'sd lue :
r-.'ortlj-c.i-l qiinrler of the Soii'h-vve:it quarter of J
Section 3d, in Township 3, Hangar one west, !
iy 11, 1613.
J,:n) iu-fu mTu
WAY fun
1 be
if de
JOHNSA DORSEY returns his thanks to those
who have patroniied him during tho pa t year,
and would inform them and the public, that he s il
continues to transact a General Receiving, Foncm uiu;
ami Commisiiati uiine in Fort Adams, and hopes by
strict attention to business to merit a share ol palruii
a. ; Fort Adama, March 14th, IS43. 13
- ! 01 tin
lit' r
I II 111
ra ere. it ami 1
11 " w ' 1
... I
I al'l lanti
. -t. There I
i t and now I
11 an 1 a'l I
l to any one
1114 as
t i in
npie v He
nefi ree-
) in
U 1
W :
1),' :-
ofH.'C.lt be
, i.cd 3Q )
5 i'-et 11 iuc
d w ill be . 1
ti) Ihe stll::::.
n al;
, coiiliiiiimg ! 11-100
, I'll: '!ii-:i oii.l twenty el
il l ,' i,s 1,1 an U"e- - beil
i. i' - s I : 11 li s li ,
iihoiit s. veil i:iii,-s f i?,;;
s mulling 1:1
i'liil thiriy-lh'f-e :ti
L- s.lllle ioiliS on w hi
f.-r Si. Ml.' V. ::, :
C C X V.l
Fn-tit. branehi-s, per s- :--i
Ain-ieiit and Aioileio l:.; .
Vocal .Music,
liistimnentat and vocal irra
Irse of li.slrlltnent?.
l ba',-, ing i'.i.j p ..iiur.; in i
Water colors,
i! eigotinto k ( liil:i-e i Hi:
(. li-Oiii ilti.l Kl.iUlIiJ,. rs
) vii.-a-r
S) lift
S no
i t t
per I
! of
til p;;lt of too li
1 i
i ;e
- ei.i
,ii.-e ; or
;: tnay Cflte1
r d l-.Mind b:
- 1 li b they 1
. 010 isood
To th
riilia "
,1,1 IV ED,
V ' Ni w J lio kerel, No. 1, in barrels, halves & quar
ers. Kl,E, (NewCroje) ,, . ,
No ii A'-enis for J. U. BviWii Co. NewOrleim,
. , .,- who SHVH i,i - r ;
Li f is Ji. .ri-:L;i , , a . he belongs to
i iai'idrv, llvii .. ...i.ii Lalo'licoe, in I oij-
f-, isinna. ' ' s about 2U ycais old, o loot j
1 3 or 4 liici.c- iiir.ii- iiad on when caino:.:t, .I, i
a... ...iiii old pair of e rotoiiu.te pantaloons, ami an
old cassinet roundabout, nlnl :'- n sbiit. Said buy
ii.is some mitrks of the wh'p (el los thi-.jis. The 1 0 n- :
er of tho above detcii-ied boy 1a hei. i.y r . -, : , t- i . . I t-j'.
coioe lurward. prove pie; iiy, ,v ci,;,- uioi t .'.e
liiinawny, or bo will l.a oWt -tb ' ;. p
M. OVT.it-MAN,.lailo; I
Nov. 2S, 1349. , . U.
- (tie ,-.
... he
of I
, bv t'.i
-Cliiv'AltTZ &
by J.
.', tor sa.,:
LACK 1 ill j 0
' Feb. JS.
lit tale, by
i. SAi.ir.rs,

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