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i o allittrsma interfiled t,i the I
hei rd-laments of J.ihu d ,d ti, iy 'ttkm.. .
YOU r." h-r-ny cit.d l. be an.l' irvpi-ir before tins
I'n.b.te Cool if tfilki.iom crwutv m '
IVednesd.iy, the third day of the next February
ter n, therco:., iS4--in( 1,111 uinl .,o,., Mttew -cans-,
wliv I'm fn'lowi ig describe 1 HQ-a w p.ir.:rl of Laud
slioul I n 1' li- s il.l,' in wn: V 1 1 ti ml .r-. nulit, t'i'c
"n l claim wf'ic'i joiirt Alkins a nl ,m' Atk.i s, rc-vt--'
Under the ol twen'v-oue y-ars, have. 111 and to t.i"
Ct-clni 1 lri-1 pi-en or parcel of Lt:tt aituite, lym"' and
beini in said H'llkinnun county, on, Hi.' wat.r of L'a.
111 irn creek, anl b .iri$ I hi Soma, psrt ' a ,rlm trael
of la-iil oriJin .llv granted ly I lis Spiiumh iovi nuienl
ii one irilti.nn Viiu-iliin, an I by the imhI V iiitden "ran
ted nd o-inrtinii-d to ll'illum Ogib-n, and hv In" said
It', Ilium Oilim lo his son Isaac O'.'di n, (.ilia Isaac
.E, O'li-n,) l I.. it will und testament tinted the SJnd
d-iy of June, A D ,111, and recorded in t i -Probata
Clerk V ..lli. e of said Wilkinson count v, iu.i'oi.k ft a. 4,
p. 177 4- 17. , r ,
1 itn-'S, the iltinm.ni e e hakci iimakt,
Judge of nitl Probate Court, at ttin L'onrt
liuusa of (aid counlv, the 'Uiid Monday of
Dec, Tuber, A, I. 1J43 ,...,.,., ,,-, , . .1 ., .
. .JOHN C, ALliXAN! ER, idirk,
A . ' By F. OoNann. d o. s
Issued this ljth day of D ember, A. D. I ' ;. &i.
ICJTht. Free Trader will ptiMish weekly, for six
weeks, and present aec't to Meesce. Gokdom & PoT.
Amite ('oonit. ) " "'" ' '
To William C Bulger, Guardian Uhlem ol Thenphilus
C. Norwoud and ,larlha J. Norwood, minor children
of .lames M, Norwood, deceased Greeting: ,; J
"STOU are hereby cited to be end appear before the
' Ja. Probate Court of Aiiiiib County, on the Fourth
Monday ol January net, and Shewem-ne. ' if any you
can, why the followi ig Rh iI Eatute belonging to eaid
deoeaaed, ahoul'l not bn ordurtd to be aold, or the IbU
lowing poitiiiiM.tiieri'ol, to wit: . "1 A lot bf panel of land
di'acrib'd u fitowat toniinin;:iiw at (lie aoiitliwesterril
j i-t . m -. i . ' 1
corner 01 101 tiu iiure, 111 nvnRia no. am,, iiicnee on a
ItraigM line on the ' anuthern bniindary of aaid lot rua
naterly lortylive feet aix mhe( thence run ion a right
line norlli, to, the northecHi bnirndary of 1)t No.' one,
thunce along aanl nniih.ru ho'iiid.iiy went to .the north
went corner of lot iSo. oof. llieiite -uniili in a Un to
the plaee of In winning, 'which'aaid lota or pircVf of
land are in square Pio. aix, on the' plan ol ilie. town of
Liiberty--Also iota No. 4nr'&nd two, in square No
seven, in the town of Liinrly Also lot ISo. lour, in
square No. one; in the tpwn ol'.Lilwri'y-r-Ala lot No.
three, in squnre No. one, in the, towrj ol (liaity Also
a part of lot No. four, in Squ ire No. t. n, .and dnapribed
as follows, beginning at the norilieiiat orocr of lot No.
four, and running south with1 Utbad striift 'fiftyatKree
foot to n stake, thence west acmes anid lot to a stake
on the western boundary, thenee north to the hnrthWcst
Corner of said lot, thence eut to the pl.iee of beginning
Also the southeast quarter of section twenty-one, in
townsliip two, il range live, ' eugi ;nii the east half of
the soiitliweat qunrter or s 'ction 'iWttdty-one, in township
two, ol range Hvb, east' AM th west'liarf of the SWiith
west quart- r of section t!Hythres,) in loonabip four,
of range five, east. " ln v,. , , l,lr .ni.,".i
And. it id lunh ;r ordered n the CourJ, Uiat tbis cita
tion be puldished in'the Li'ierty Advocate, and Wood,
ville Itepublican, the time pruscribed bjf'taVj'
. , ir.toi. -e n'
ITNESS the Hon, J.Wai.a.
Jil'Uc of ilie l'rnhotR ('piul ol said Coon
ly, ilie Fourth Monday of NoVember,,A.
D., 1843. ' - " '-
..-j u,vt 'injisu hi 'I
lasued 7ili December, 1843, - i'l u,' '"'
. ' ' . S. R.DAV13, Clk.
.'..'-i 4 .i '',. NEW-. Flltvi.'.!".?' . ';;' ,
fBTlfl !C undersigned having purchased oP'MrVW. 0
M. Rodney, his uniiro. ovkol-UU L)6.t tort Ad
am, will continue hi 1. 1.0 fee at the same stand; under
the firm of E, K. Vloialami Si Co. We, intend kaupinu
on ban I a guod snpjilV h " ' r ,
. DR Y GO ODS;";"5
Huts, Boots, Shoes, ' trIrdwar'iCreckery' Groceries
(-i. Jro, .A I -will atieniMt'ihe. fiUimgit, uonrtntsaien'
ttlld Km wrlmj; Uuiiim.. - - - r-'."' -'
Auv nuaiuua entrpsied totliem will leoeive 'prompt
atlention. ' 1 1 " H; P. VIOIIKLANO,,
Fort Adams, , .Time Sr,'4T f 8 ''""' 1
1 , -i .1 a 1 ."li' ' " ' ij "it
!Ol 1"
' - MiV tiWPU. I , . ... .... , .. ,
TJOW opening, a haniliouie a-do'lincut of si aao'nuble
1 dry goods, coifti(hsfin; iii'pnrt ef bleacbeil and bro,
slurtm and slieetinsa, Una clulha, plf id lincisevs, ker-
S"ys. HhhiiIb, piinla,. iliBHaia" Iriiup r afid ahtetinfis,
Chine chus.ins and deUiuea, Irihh lliieii, kid gloves, hn-,
en cambrick hadkfa, etcn Wc.f 'ta whiif't the auention.ii
my customers and the public teueiaily is iiivited,., 1
- " '. , : ,'...,, (..VV.-U. JHUiSLEv
Sept 2-2, 1943 40;'. . ,, ...t m 4
Hainh TasBT,! (nMriiftrppnsilt lh t'ott' Office:)
fglll'li Uildfesijjufrl THi(il'lVilllf (jiftf 'initite. 16.
the public thnj lltfji''bHVe gnue jnl'ulie cash
trade, with ibe nMejiiH'u nuplyin their lite uda
and cusiiiiners 'uf.JVoiiiJville iiiid. at viciutty) at
the luwrst pussiblu mt, 'i'iiV have jiwl
ceived an entire new stock uf mfirclmndiKB, con
gisliog of lry g'oodri,' lendy ni'idf tlothtnj,;, hnta,
boutM, shoes, btoguiii", Indies fine sluies, &.0,
. nu'SCHWAftlZ & DANIEL.
- VVr.ndville.'J.in. ;t '- "
. : " u 'NOTltE. ' , , ..
IT the next PcbfrJary term, (1841,) of the Probate
i. Court of Witkinaoti counly, the niidersiind, Ad
miniatratnr and Adniinistralrixiul' VViLuaH fcvawaaT,
deceased, will present theit. accounts with said estate
lor final ietllemi'iit and allowance. V n .
JOHN'M. CUKK1ER,. Adm'r. . .
KRANCKS M.' CURRIhR, Adini'. "
December H.HWI3.M !!.''.
f'f . ft We
STOLEN' from tlli iutiscriber about the lt mst., at
. hit Usee Tract plantation out ol bis gin house, a
pair ol paten) i)leceadring 600 lb., .n i.
The abovrt teward will be given lor pie; conviction of
the tliinf and a reuaonal'lyj'j;,w..il(l.lu uny-wie wlw will
deliver the barttnesa toliim or itituiui hun nh.-re he rhiv
find Ihem. ' i ' '' '- '' H. OSVVA'-b. -
IJecam.ier 83, iMi, ' " "" 1 ':' " " " v '"
Per ship t.oiiiHia',' froiu New, otli , , ;,. ,,.
150 pr. hiatiketa, " ,
120 cotton and wnllcn uiideri t-hirts, large
asaortnieol la kfilU and binnkel shnwis, pluid silk
cravat, Freiictl"mufiii de' Tai ties', ' ribbons,' la
res, colored and iilaVk1Mks i"Ap B"ei!
fl.innl, Icb ini Hod eiik hunueis, sod velvet and
willow b lets, silk velvet, black and coloted kid
glove, bed bliinketn, bl iCk bidiiif cloths, a jatge
-MDiiriiiie.nl TiPc.issuiisi'ex, wuistcd and nieitn
cul'd alocktiiesi timtena & gloveri lor ladies add I
misses, ol all deciiptiii. ' .C'heHp for cash.
. ;' KaNN ,ty J AK.0B1. ,.
Sept. 23.' 1543-40.; ' ;tV v
: Har4vrerCullery;,&c.
KICIlA.KpriliLMt)NTaO V1lUV, No 11, Charlre
atreit, it w (.)ileaa, are now tcceiving a very
tkieniive adiliUnii Ui til' ir; toi ol forvfcn Sr' Vomtalit
IlnUwire cuHlety.i, tic, making their- esoitment as
coniilrtM, i'Mi nmvu and chiap u can.be" loand In tlie
!?oiilliein tuunUy, lo the efaimnution ot which, purciiu
Strra are invited. R. &. M.' haV.-'cdnttanily on ha ml a
heavy atock ol itetdmi tngliih TeiiucMtt Iron,' plow
moulila, nails, bo-a, aoa. Jog trace chums,1 dtop and
buckshot, ppie uleitched wuilnr sperm end whale oils,
II isoed oil, turpi nli.ie, white lead, la, ropes, t tarreu
ratlin hooka U hirtets, 'mill and erind stones, black-
t imi In' plantation ant! ctupentersMonts, in jjreal variety,
. a lare asaoitment ot riottoware castuii'S, plows, etc
Oe'tn'ier 7, IS43--42 Ct h n . ' is
itT NINti .VV AiUiLfe, jut received k tor aale,by
81ATR OF MlSSIS-iPr-f.
co. no. .7 J. fcacNDss,
lor in- DK.N PAL OPe.il A'l 1 .-, pmr,
iiiTitus (he attention of the crtierta of VVilliiii, .,; r
....-. ,
- Wholt? p"!? r:S f i-f-td, mourfptj upon Hurt ?
or parts ol s .-r r--ify fitted t; ttie iihh ,
f Hptt'd (08 ! fju: putt's oi' ru . i.;, sn'i su
t fi'M si raiornl f.Th in h n4 ; will h
: at J. U. Ts.v.HRKia'S, .
D, L.
S u r rr e o n ,
4 . H
(or I. ATCHSI.) - , is. !
a n-iileille, and can ba found 'J a
Y "5 AS returned '
ii A. Mr. Jmj. i
ii Mr. Jko. t Thkbukl's. ... . :
Those whistling hit service will please apply as er-
y as possible, as the leng'U of hit sWy will be ancetUiii.
He relets to , , ,
Dr. fiam'l. A, Cartwiight- S . . ... ,
" ThiKtle,
- " Lawrence,
- "--Stone, -1 , ,
: Martin.' ' '
t.V.-.n , -MeOanieT,'' "' 1
Major Feltua, " ' 1
j Judge Mnses Lirldell
Nov.. 18,- 84X 48. :" lt'
j. Woadvilla.
J Nf . i ; I .
- Surcreon Dentist,1'; '
1 Woui.O' raspeclfutljf apprian the inhabitants of
VVilkinnort County, of his return (9 oodVilltV
aa also of his inlenlion of remnitiing permanently
amonl ihem. ' 1 I lis room are as, heretofore., at
Mr C C. West's, where he may be limnd al all
time, rxcepl when nriifessinnally engnged ele
wl,cie, and then a note lelt with the above named
genlleman, will meet with the earliest and most
prompt ailention.' r ' ' .- ' .
li RS. B R k iF R u, t'pickneyo
II. IN. martin.
" I C; H. Stone,
-'":; TiQ. Brown,
Revs Wm. C-Crane,
R. L, Stantom
C. C. Wsst, Ei,. jW i
W.Mi II A HE Y, EsO.li hi
f i
, t mndville,- Oct 19,; 1843.
A CARD, :V "V.;
; cotton. : rACTons-,
. Ml) -
' i I i i Jv""'l t'n'-lrt.,
' , JVew-Obleans.
y t , .COPARTOERSllie, NOTICE, i i r
,TUE undersigned have this. day formed a Copart
nership under the firm of "VVilliam Davidson ft Co-,"
for tl e transaction of a Ootton Factoraae and Commit-
j siop, business in the City of New-Oilcans Oliiee, Wo.
bi vMi otteat,! .no'iMi's i
. ' VM.-. DAVIDSON,,
Nov. , 1843. , ... v JOHN PARKISON.
Comiiiision 'Merchants,
" 'Clinton; La..
V 7HO will 'at all times pay a fait price for cot
w v . and make liberal kdvancrs On cotton Shipped
by them. They have for sale bagging, ropo, twine',
bacon, sugar, coffee,-salt, flour whiskey, a large a abut
ment ol bar iron, castings, stoneware, nails, windiw
r-.1.-'' - ' . , '
fBMIE pndertigned Commitsioneie appointed by the
JEL - Ilonoiable Probate Court of Wilkinson county, at
the October Term thereof, rl 843, to-, receive and eia
inine, clutinn sgaiast .the Estsie of W sioht B. Oas,
deceased, reported Insolvent, will meet at the Store of
Meaars. E. F. Moreland ti Co., t Fort-Adams, on the
First SATURDAY in eavh nionlbj Inr th ensuing six
months, for the purpose aforesaid At the expiration of
which time the Uomnnssioii!- will make their teporu
.VI. O. ROJNEY, " l
F. MOUfc.LAND, CemmVi.
HNSA DOttciEY, ) -, A
,.. i. JOHNSA
Fort Adamt, October iO, 1843. 44
rilllE aubtenhers hava associated themaelves togeth
M. er nr the purpose ol transacting a . ,
General Commission -
tv,:t ' and' ' :,r "
in this place, under th firm and style of ALLliSOiN tf
HOL VIKS. 1 hey are prepared to make advances, and
to furnish Ihe necessaiy plantation supplies for all cotton
shippedto Hewitt, Heiaa 4- lo, N. Or leant. They will
keep on hand all kinds ol Wetter n Product, Groctriti,
Ktgr Linity, Bagging, Ropt, and Twins, winch Uiey
will sell on reasonabla terms.' ' '
i.l iotvt :" " -" J. O. AL,L.ISjri,
!...,,... ....-,- .It I. ,, JOHN UOLMIiS.
' Bayou Sara, August 1, 1843 12 Jm
; notice.. ;' . .' ....
fEHE undersigned Coministionert of Insolvency on
XL th eataU ol Matlitw 'N. Brandon, dee'd., ap
pointed at Hie September term of the Hon; the Probate
Court of W ilkin-on county, will ; meet on lbs firal fcut
lirduy in each month, lor Ilie next ensuing six months,
at Finckney'ville, in the county' of Wilkinson, lor the
purpose of receiving ' and exumining Hit claims of laid
creditors of e nd em ale
no. .. o ', 1 I .f i ...... -
SF.MPLE, ,.-,. , ;
.KEARV, , SCommfa.
. f . a I ". !
- ' ' 'NATHAN
October 14. iaS.. ' ' 43.
; , , Trustee's Sale. ';
IS J Y, virtue of a certain Deed of Trust made and ea
HM ecuted to the underlined Trustee, by C, A.
Thornton,' for the use and binelil of S. Gvl hoVnton,
bearing dute on the Sth day of December, 1840, and
duly recorded m the Clerk's Office of the Probate Ceuit
of Wilkinson county, Mississippi, in Book M. st piges
801 4- 202, tp.. secure, the payment of certain sums there
in particularly sat forth aud tptcihed, 1 shall proceed to
sell to the highest bidden lor cash, before the court
house (loot In Woedville, -Wilkinson county, Missis
sippi, on the 20th day of February, 1844, the PLANTA
TION on which said C. A, Thornton now resides, sit
uated in said county and tin' , on the water ol Bayou
Sara, and bouaded on the nor ih and east ,by the lands
of A. C. Dunhar, south by said Bayou Sara creek and
land belonging to J. W, Leathi rman, and on the west
by the lands ot F. Davis, contnining '.Mi acres, more
or less; for more particular description of said land
reference miy be made to Said deed of trnot. I here
are upwards of 400 seres of the tract cleared and now
undor cultivation, with dwelling house, gin, mill snd all
necessary outbuildings attached. The land it produc
tive and well watered, snd will be exhibited to any one
desirous of purchasing prior to day ol eula. Selling aa
Trustee, I will convey such title anly a is vested in
nia by Baid deed of oust, , j
" ' W. 11. DILLINGHAM, Trustee.
'"August 18, 1843.' 9-33 ,'
AT the next Februaty Term, 1641, of the Probate
Court of Wilkinson county, I will offur the f uar
dian'hip accounts of Eleanor Law, deceased, ss late
guardian of Margaret LawJ to iid Court, fur final set
Ueinont. . ... -1 - V '
H AUVEY M, LAW,'. Adm'r. of Elcanot L.
Dwcmbcr 10, )643, '63 " "
-1 i
I i.e. 1 . IN I'iiiiiaiice, oi
a D 'lK t', in tlir
Kit, et i !. ,1 Supetior Com t i-l
r r r a A
..; ...,e.y (,f ibe Stal t.f M.S9IHiip)l,- ill ilie
" - : ? c:,;'- (o inc if itfiied 11 tJIiei III' of
W: .-, , Ciiiut' , I vi i 1 on th ihuil Tue-j.
1 y o' J ttiu.iry ti, .!, !Si, (it bt i.tiie 10 U
liay .of ;!io onm!i,) piinecj t teil at i!te
Ci iJi iIHia !e r lit the tov 11 of Woodville,
10 the tiigheet !, ! I. i, on cied t, of nix
inotil ; 1.1 1 e pure lib i f or pun ha-iets In give,
bond nd cecurity, beaiing ii 1 . rest ct eigln
per ten), accoidmjj to ili eiaiuie, nil tnp
fallowing desoiibed Lti'iil, leiienienis nml
liereditniiieiitg with ilii npimiienaiici 8 in lite
County of Wilkinson 'nnd S n'e of Mississip
pi, siiu itc in the. town i f Fori Ad m nml
adjoining thereto, Lot No. 5, Bixly feet oil
front 8ire'; with a depth of one Inn died nini
nineiy-eiglit leet, "mid . L"t N. 7, tiftn e mm,
on satne sneei, itineiy tune feel depth. Al
so, the undivided hilf (file filiowitif Imn
and pons uf lnU, accniding to l't pl.iii of
said towri,iio-wit;' 'the undivided northern
half of tola ler! & elevehj of lo'S feveniem',
thirteen, 'nfneicen, I wenty-une, twenij-live,
iweoty-seven, twenty-nine & fof'J', northern
hnlf of forty. foul, southern hdf ol loity the,
nonheti) hnlf of forty-six of lot fift)-fuiir,
siityfifty-eighi',' s:kty-tvi o, sixty four, aix
six,' seventy, t-eveniy-one, eeveoty-two, t-ev-emy-six,
BeventvneTe nj Beveuty-eiubt, eih.
ty-s woi 'eighty-three, egUj-ti U', eigh'.ev
en, eighiy-eigliti ek-lity-tnne Si nii.ey three,
and ot n pstrel ol l.iml adjoiun g said 'o.vn
nmiibi'ied hir'ety-fivej Containing lnriy-tx
49-100 ncies, mre or les Sold lo smisfy
. .. . . . 1
the Decree in the above stnled cn.-e Mile
within the bott'8 preiirribeii by Inw.
1 i ; " HEN. F. I1ERBKUT, CommV
in ibis esse tnd Sbeiiffi'if WilkitiHiin county.
VVoodvtlle, Uec. H, 1843. SU
BY virtue of an order nude al the October term
of the Probate Court of W ilkinson roualy, the
undersigned Administrator of John Woodsides, iiecM.,
will offer lor Sale, on a credit of twelve months, to the
highest bidder, at' the Court-house door, in t'o,Hlville,
- Or Tuesday the 23ti day of Junuaru, 1844,
th following described tracts ol land, lying in Wilkin
son county, belonging to said John W oodanles, dee'd.,
to wit: Lot No. One, of Fractional Section Thirty-eight,
in TownaipTwo, of Range Three Weat, and boundeo
as follows: On th North by land of Thomas Wood
side; On the South by lands of Robert Woodsnle-j
On the Estt h lunils of Dr. D. Holt and on tha West
by lands ol Henry Thome, ' '. . i
Also one other (toct or pared of land, being the
West part of Fractional Section Twenty-live, and Frac
tional Section Thirty-nine, of Township Two,- Kane
Three Weil, both tract or parcels containing two
hundred end forty acres. Purchaser or purchasers te
quired togiv bond and security avcordiu; to law.
. . 8AMUEL DAWSON, Administrator..
.December 9, 1843. i 'i 61 t-d-s. ;
W9 ROVED in more thnn 1500 cases lo be in
s fallible, lb oiilv cnrtaiii VVnriii-1)estrfi iniv
tl 'j'. ... j-.',, , . 1 "
Alf1ieiii 111 null, mijl Ar thi. iironliiul li .piivhiv
ever lnude for dispelling the various kinds ol
, , 1 "
worm that sn frequently and distressingly aiiliov
ooin cnuuren and uduit. AJany diseases uun
from worms, and occasion lung and intense suf
fering, and even death, without their ever being
suspected; grown person are very often aflbcted
with them, and are doctored for various complaints
without any benefit: while one dose of these Lo
zenges would speedily cure Ihem. They are an
infallible remedy,-and so pleasant to the tusle
that children will take them as a common pepper
mint Luzenge. i ' .' , 1
Read the following letters:
New Yotk, September 13, 1841,
'Dear Doctor -According to your request, we
have used your. Lozenges in several i uses ol
worms, and found them uniformly succcssful.--VYe
have no difficulty in getting children to lake
them as they ate perfectly pleasant. We shall
use them whenever occasion otTerH, believing'
them to be the best vermifuge medicine, in use.
t Jiave also used your , Cough Lozenges v ty
extensively, and tind them fully to answer Ihe
purpose you recommend them fur. We bi youi
respectfully. ' - ' . '
" Z.V01IAR1A11 B. LANK, m d,
. . -rW,.K. PLKASANT, w. p.
GRELN H. ItAHRV, i, d. , .
Mr. VVilliam II. Hopewell, East llrondwny,
gave Ibem to his child,' and they brought awuy
tha worms by hundreds.
Parents should always keep, thene Lnzenrje
id the hou-e, fur they ure the best 111. illrliie thnt
can be administered , to children hQlu-ied wub
worms. Children will take tin to as readily as
the roost' delicious etigur candy
These Luzenges.are put up neatly in boxes-
price 25 cenla a box. " , . -
These valuable Lozenges are for sale at til
store of Weed & Oooiley, west side of the 1'ol.lic
Square, at Woodville, Miss., and at Ft. Adiiin-,
by John Timon. Also, Dr. I lull's cough syr'ipi,
which is the best medicine forcouglix, cold, con
sumption, lightness of the chest, Sic. These are
confidently recommended by the medical fneulty
as the best mediciuelii the world, lot the above
named complaints. ' Ft ice 25 cents a lu x. 1 '
' Cj-For aula at Ft. Adams, by John Timon;
! ' l'fbf '""7 !843-' ' ' ' " " V
50 RV.W Alt D i, .,
,p-i .
m f -,
UaNAVVAY from the subset iber
on the 26th dy of Deceit ber, 1842,
Negro boy SAA1, ged 35 yenrs, yel
low coniplenon, 5 feet 1 1 inches high.
i he above reward will be paid lor ttie
- -y delivery uf Sam to the subscriber, or
at the Jail H" m tvoodville, Bit.
Nov. 25. 1843.-
49. "
' N O To the Jail of Wilkinson county. Mi., as a
V , runaway, a W-gio lellow whoaays hi. iiHine
i .'I I is JOStPlI. and says he belongs lo 11. M.
' f - Landry, living on Bayou Lafourche, in Lou-
.V -) isiana. Said boy i about SUyeais old, 6 Icet
' ' s or 4 inches high had on when commuted,
. isn old pair of uottonade pantaloons, and an
old caasinst roundabout, nd cotton shhl. Said bfcy
hss some marks of the whip on bis thighs. The own
er of the ubove described boy is hereby requested lo
forward, prove property, psy chsrges, snd take
him away, or h will be dealt with as the law directs.
,. M. OVERMAN, Jailor, to.
' Nov. 5, 134II.'
4iUG K, by the bariel or retail, and for sale b)
3 , Ux. Ik 13.) . J. SAUNDER
1 ' nit of iiis
Auveiiibsr iciiu,
dcr-tyi c.l Commi
iioner to tei I (I.e. ,.e'.i ! ..--
lute of 1 1 i try l,nw, dtn-'d., I on
Tuesday t l!it 2Zrd day bf. January, 1S4I,
("ex',) between ihe liottrs of 1 2 uVloi'k, M.,
and 4 o'clock, p. m , of Bttul day, i ibe Court
house door in the town of W.oodvaie, ptocetd
'o eell to i lit. highest bidJet, on a credit of
One, Tv n, mid 'I'luee 'yenta, the follow
desnibfd finds of land, lyirg ond bfii g in
WilkinHtin loutoy, -Ore lifict, beiiig- ilie
.iitltli Ens! qinntei nfgeiliuu No. 2G.iu town
hip No 2, Rai'gn No. 1, La-t, of the ba-i
niendtiin, diipi o,-eil to contiitti one hurdied
mid sixiy acres.; The other tiaci, . being the
Sotnh west qiinrler til tnction.N". 20, in
to iitdiip N.j. 2, lange No. I, Knst of the b--K
lueiiiltrtii, suppoBi-d to I'oot'iin one bundled
and six'y acies. The purcluiget or pun'ba
eis t give bond and good seruiitv, ncrnrd
lo ltt'. I will at s lid s de co .vey sucb
lit e a 18 in nie vew'ed h ai d pp miuieni.
J. N. D(3W I Y. tiiiiiiiiissioi.ei.
Dt. 9, 1313, 51- 3
III) Francis (iddart, Esqmrt, Judge of i'robates
of the County uf II ilkinson
IWOTICE i hereby ntveti, that nil Application
to me, by Ellen U. Moore, who chuins en
iinilividflil third part of thnl ttacl of L'iikI lying
and being in he Gminiy (if dkiimun, hi in the
smith part ut the south---! q'lniier seciimi 37.
in town-hip 2, uf laiijje 2 eM,' eni.lnliiiliu S3 II-
cie. Alio, twi fuuiih pit of the inlniii'a of
sutd quHitei sei'tmn, ( (iniiiiniti 6 ncte ench
the said tract ol In, id eoniniiiiiiy one liumlied and
live aeies Hnd (hit sunn which- was puicha-ed
limn Daniel Wondaid nud wife, bv Pelei Smith,
i, A,.A i ., , , .. .,v
hv. fleert lifni ioj tlnln he 2d inv ol tNovenilier,
1S3G nnd of which the smd IVtrr Smilhdiid
seized nnd possessed, 1 have n'linir.i'cd Jnlm A.
Scutl, illintn Tiutiei mid Cam. C Weal eoni-liiis-liiiier
to divide Ihe said tiat-t ot bind into e
qoal hnre or pnrt: And unless p- per ubjec
tnina am staled In me, at Ihe Court hoiife in
Wuodville, on the 12'h dny ol February next, Ihe
said John A. Scott, William Tigner and t'uiu O.
Weal will then he appointed ( iminiiisioiiers to
nink partition of the fnid hinds, pU'Siniiit to on
act eniiiled "un ac( roncernimf ilie puititinn of
binds, held by cupnrCeners, joint tenants and ten
ant in Common." .'.
Given under my hand this 7th dny of Decem
ber, A. D., 1843.
' ,. . , .. FRANCIS GILD ART,
51 Judge of Probates.
" ' 1 NOTICE., , ;
A T the September term IH43, of the Probate court
Xm. ol .W ilkinsorr county, the undemigned Comuiis
sioneis Were further slloweil to postpone their report
on the Estate of George E. Frazier reported to be in
solvent, till the November term of the Ptobale court ot
said county. ' The cnnimiaaionera will meet at the office
of Gordon if Posey, on the Jirst Tuesday in November,
I34J. ,
M.'.IOHN L.'WALL," H' Vi"
JOHN B. TllfcRREL, Comm's.
. ' W. S. BRADSTRKliT, )
M'oodville,' Reptember 16,184339. , -
ICyThe Commissioner of insolvency on the Estate
1 of George F.. Fraaier, dee'd, Have-been allowed a fur-
o .. . ' ' .
I thcr tune till the neit June Term ('944) of the Probate
Court ot Wilkinson county, to make their report And
Ihev will rn
uaey, ill Wooirvilln. on Ilie ttiat I ucsday In evely
one In meet t tli ..I' Q,.r,l,.n h
month, until that lime, for tlio purpose of examining
claims against said estate. ('
' f I , ,1 '. "J. B. THEflftKL, ' ' B
. W. S. BRADSTREET,- ) rj '
Nov. 18, 1843. 48. ... . . . , . i :. i--i "
"H" ETTERS of Administration having been granted
MJ to the undersigned at the November term, 1843,
of the Probate Court of Wilkinson county, on the estate
of Saruh L. R' iley, dee'd., notice isgiveu to ll persons
indebted lo said deceased, to make limn 'iliate payment,
and those having claims to present litem as prescribed
by law, or they will be barred
Nov. 18, 184349
"IT ETTERS of Administration having bcen-'granled
Li J In II... in,, I... ci. nn tha , nl,:le ,.l V m Mel'rn.
ry, dee'd., at Ihe November term of the Probate Court
ot W iikmson County, notice is heri by eiven to ell per -
..... -. . . '
Sims indebted to said deceased lo make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims to prchtnl them, as pie
serbed by law, or they will lie baried.
Nov. 18. 1843,' 48 . ' - ' i
Til 11QT ll' Il ClI V ' "" ' ' '
lllUat CL3 O ll,..
t .' 1 1 'i-
EY viitiie of a ceilniii Dted of .Trust; nrnde
and executed ' to Ihe Undersigned , 1 1'todee,
by Knheit Welchy and Vi ife, for the und and ben-
efit of Win. IL Davis, bearing dure October 8'h,
A. D.. 1839, and dulv recorded in Ih'a tick's
ntr .. , , ,i ,
Olfice ..I the Protmle Court of U tlkn.son oiinfy,
.UisiMppl, In- not l., pageoia ano oia, io.
enire the pavmeut id certain sums Hieiem put
liculiirly set for'h and spetified,' 1 shall proceed
i sell to the highest bidder, f ir rush, before the
CuiiiI house door, in Woodville, 'Wilkinson coun
ty, Mi-i.-iaiipi, on Tuediy, the 9ih dy ol Junu
Hiy, 1 "44. the followtng desi-ribed 1, noils, to wit ;
The Suiuli-Entd O'lailer ol the Isouih-vve.-l quar-
ter 'of Section No. 36.' Township ihiee, Rat.ge
one west, containing 40 1 1 -100 aCte and tho
K..iilh-aul niiml.l .it'lbu N nrl h.ll I'.l iillirl.r nf
See.ioi. X,,. 36. ' T..wnhii N... 3. ltHnire.me
w t n y
west,, cotitaiuing 4U ll-tuu acres also me.
North-eil qiiMiter of ihe Somi1i-wbi quutter of !
Section 36, in lownslnp 3, Kmige one west,
contatninjf 40 11-100 acres ninkuij in all one
bundled and twenty acres nnd thiriv-ibree hun
d edihs of ail a"te being the same bind on vhich
the Haul Welch bus r,sidcd f r stmie years punt,
about seven miles fiom Woodville, on the upper
Natchez road. . Selling as trustee, I will convey
auch title only as is vested in tnti by enid deed of
Trust. '' " ; ' ! "
' 'December' 2, 1S43. 50
ffllllE undersigned has just received and ofl'ers
for sale, a large asurlmeut of Spring and
Summer goods consisting in part of the following:
Fine Mulius of difi'e rent colors,
Calicoes, Ginghfims, &c,
' Ready made clothing, , - ,
Hals, shoes, boot, &c,
Ladies' bonnets, I
Cultonades, . r . '-
Shirts (linen nnd cotton bosoms.) 1
All of which will ha sold very low for cash.
Main-si. March 11, 1843, 12
IrjM'FF, by th bottle, ounce, or pound, for site
tO bv J. Sojict.
j'll - ILI C
3. 4 nii.t a
l ti .
X' i i- f
i, 4 ami 5-4
r ,rr J l
I ne 4I1 iilnis, t
1 II1 A H (
h.Mi-' Cila'-'l ll!.,V
toiiH'll R!. ti.lO i. V'
h.ik'ln, i i'e tami.
& PM-y collen hojie,
ito-e, ealnili rn lo
I. ...-,, t .Me liolli-, ,
iiuwered s'is li.lli'i
bl i k silk t iim,
tier ahiria, line
" e i i i, ,
k I oul .r I I ,
Ilk ,"l I,
i 1 1 I in I i I ,
Mrnvv hi.no. fa of i
s fii,0 asortmetit ol cn.il , piinlaionliK,
shirlli, IiiiIh. I'.ii n. fitle h ... . bunts, tve
IVccmlier t, 1 I .
DliY COOI JI M ( ';,
To the Lad.t and 0'hlt, 1 1 .-i v
r It'llii.r;.
all of vou like In l.uve i.,jt:t
Goods, t lollnii;', en l
1 t
Iml. Ol ,
you hihIi lo K't tin 111 al veij reS"m,i.:
prices, at eiir Kmporiinn (Main tre t, r
ttie I oi-l Olhce) where w e cih r to 611 ci
line al a v- ry small pioliL
We have, in addition to Our former otoi-k t'un'li
the wholi seaann on hand the toMowin:
Fine French 'Muslins, different o '0 r'o a ,J
EnMinb Calicoes, heautilul pelbses; While .laneit
end Muslins, Swiss Mull, Bishops Lawn, Liim. Cam
bric, G inuliam, all colours, Linen Cauil nc ii.irmkei
chiefs snd L inen do; Fine Irish and Ho'l nd Lmi
Cotton and Linen Ch' eks; Vo:k Mill, l'..wei l...nm,
Long Cloth, coloured Cumtiric, CoUnnaduB striped, i,e.
Ste Also, a lull assortment ot Summer Cloitiinr.
Linen bosomed Calico and Striped Mint; Silk, b
ver and Straw liats, ; Hnya Fine Mraw Hats, a toil
suppy of i en's, Boys, Youths and Cbildiens' Itiogans.
We srish our Irieuds, fj-toiners, and the tihlic g' 11
erally will call, price our Mork and we hope they w I
fiii'l out tliut we ure willing to sell great baiams ttt
our store. N. li- 't erms OA StJ !
April li IS43. - is
. . . : UK. HULL'S
Vegetable Fever and Jigue and Jluli-Fevtr :
; ''" PI LIS, '-
TE proprietor of these justly celebrated Tills (fronj
the experience ot the lust thiee years) tcels himself lui
ly suthorned in asserting and warranting his pills to
be the must innocent and perfectly efficient remedy ever '
offered to the public, snd is really what it purports to
be, a certain, speedy and permanent cure for all cases
whatever of ague and fever or chills and fever. Such .
has been its very great success in ell those district of
country when it lias been uBtd, tiiut it has supplanted
almost every other icinedy and by it unilornj certain
ty in curing this very disagreeable and sometimes u.s
treasing disease, ha gained the entire confidence of
the public and approbation of tha medical faculty.:
Indeed many of the moat piominent and distinguished
practitioners, in various parts ot tha buuthern and
Western country, have such ronhdenca in it superiur
efficacy, that they gwe it a decided preference over a .
other remedies, and uniformly prescribe in their prac,
tics for this disease. The superiority which is claimed
for this medicine over all others, is, that, independent
of it being a speedv and certain cure, it is ihe most
perfectly innocent remedy known. . "
InlanU, females, and persons of the most delicate'
constitutions, may take it without the least fear of any
unpleaaant effect, and will find their general Kaiih and
vigor restored by its use. ,
- Uriiti 1 1HUATES. - . - ' V
. , s. , JStvt urlrans, Fob. 83, I841. .
Oear Sir After my compliments to you, 1 will in
foim you that I have fully tested yonr pills, and find"
them to answer the purpose designedin no rasa have
to send me fiesh supply as soon a possible.
Your obedient servn't." ' S. BLACK,
' " Mr Oriu; Dec. 10 I84I.I;-' .
This is to certify that 1 have used Dr. Hull's Vege-'
table Ague Medicine in my practice fortho last einb-"
teen nioiitlii. ' I hate prescribed it extensively in chills'
and fever, snd have never known It to fail to perform
a enre uie nrsi uay.
1 1 have also prescribed it in billioust typhus, nervous'
1 Bnd eongestive fevers, and have truly found it the most
I vaiuaoiePnneoy lorttie cureol levers, thatl have ever
; n01 offerred to the public. 1 dv Ihcrcfore recom-
, "r"" " F'" mooring uiioer lever, as a sale
, nd effectual remedy.-' J A.S. DUPONT, M. D.
MvHle, Ma. Jancarv I. 1841.
This i to certify, that I have used Dr. riuli'a Vega
table Ague Medicine in my family in a number of cas-
e of chill and lever, snd it has never failed to perforin -a
cure immediately. I do therefore recommend il to
H persons afflicted with chills and level, as a safe and
1 Certain reilieOV ItU the cure ol lliat IliiMl
1 distase, as aiy knowledge of the medicine is not con-
"' fined to what it lias done in my faintly, 1 have seen Ilia '
' I r :L i.. . - - i.
food effects of it in a number of cases ot my neighMra.
JAMb-9 UOyAN, M. D.
r i Mobile, Ma. January id tell.
-Thi it to certify, that we have travelled much over
this and the adjoining States, and have heard mucli e:;d
.1 l- ti. .in- a. .... aiu,K... : ,k- i
ul ' lucumire iii oil MH Ol
fevers. Wa hava k nnwn u nanil -ii rmi n...
ol tai lever, and have never known it fail to - -
' 'ct a cure immediately. We have alto particularly iso-
j liccd jls edict in great many caaes of billious and t
! ";,er nd the " in "hie we hav ,
7wn us"1' u h" neve' faiUi c"Vcl "
i horief time thnn any medicine wo have ever known.
Wfl ((o thn e(.ommclld it lo UlOBe ll)t)Hn tm.
der fever, aancffecmsl remedy fur tha coreof tlialdoi
Pant: Smith, fcaq. , Rlooile. Ala.,
. James E. Likely, . do do . .
.. i, t S. B. Lancaster, .VI, D. do . do .
4 , .. . , . A. S. Laae, M. D, , do i do; q
:, ; E. A. Smith, (Drugyis't,)do do
These popular pills are for sule at v, L. Collins
store in Woodville, sole sent for the place. Price
o iW one dollar per box. One box is sufficient to cur
twoor three cases of chills and fever,
Woodville, Misap. May Sth I84S8. .-
TS.T. TKV .. 11 1 tf
, i m-9t i nil list it
t Jt' 4111 t WW litt
CS1HE undersigned have just received a f.
JL sortment of goods, suitable tor the si
sisting in pan of the following:
Dnrk prints, fine French muslin do lames,
red flannel, blue and black sarcatsiuns, (dan
Kentucky jeans, shawls, bleached and u n iea
tings and sheeting,, cotton ciluois, 1
nen,!innen diapers, lawns, cnecka, ln:d Inkn
flannel, haadsome ieen and blsek Fr m" t
velvet, merino and wnrxti-d stoikm , inn i
Also, a large srtment of shoes tr laiiu-s
tlernen; a 6tu) ciioice of ready made clyiliiny;, li
estc, all of which Will ba sold atv rv i.iw
C.-U only, by S1 MuAi - A I
November 4, IS 13 ' , i
lute and
i lindneys
hd shir
I h lin
, cotton
.is, black
. etc.
and gen
ius, boots,
l en for
fJIHE wei! known character ol tnese
-64- ed many sputiou article. to he
tho gfiiuinf. Tins is therelore to 1 u
not ta purchase ixcfpl from the ij
They ara a certain cure for chilis s,,;i
fever, snd in fact for almost all lunn 1
be bo'ii 'Sit at the store of !' . L
ly outhorixed agent for I! 1 , e
jOT. '
June 3, 184524,
f2ALERATU.S, lor Lde, bv
J Feb. 2S.
a. id can
t'.e 011-
i uce 1 1 '.a par
J. bsCHDt.

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