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" 2
. j I i' '-'4 j 7 j ,') h " i ,
i 11 A. K 1. 1 N t 1.:., i i.il . ..
yOODVILLE, (MlSSlSc!??!,) GATUi.CAY, JULY ie. 1: "
' .' A BACUiiLOl.'cS LA.Ml.i 1 ,
- ., . ... .-. ,. .
f)h, would I hail a pi rl to love; "
'''" To share thoee happy limns - '
My hliasto crown, while she Would ptove j
. ;'." The Calient of litj's fl iwers: " '
t . No more I'd trnvn. il Una lidit heart ' '
. ' ' A woman' worth might know, '
And pure affection's priceless gun -
' - ' Tlie light of love woutl show.' ' - " "' .
I'm wonry of a single life, '
Tliougli all Us juja uiii mine; ' ' ' -
t ..There's Bcnrco a p'.casnro now possessed, '
, " Out iw-lil bi made divine; 1
tfleould claim a "tuner hull," '
: ' . And need no loin,-!r rovo . " ','
To find the priaa iny heart di siri ' '
i: A gentle girl tu loji ! , " ; 1 .
Now, mnidons fair, (not yet bespoke,) f ,. ;'
,ro h Why eliould 1 longer iitrrjl , ; . , '
Ji j I'm twcnty-foei years old net month, (. y r;
..i-io And qi it-solved to imirryl , ;-. ...vi
f'' So if slhong you tents a heart,' ..I V i, e n . ' ' j.
Which might with mine accord, r . I ,.
Oh! do not let this leave you so, v. , i
s' 'But hastO to send We word - t . . ! a ..i
v u. .-. i li s ui, -'- ;'!.. i p ;r
. u. And liiat will be a nap yd.'' - " ;' -
That day I claim my belle! ' , J.", ,
'v ,And that will be a happy thonia,'
; . , On which we both may dwell; . ' ' '. ,f
. , And I will be a boppy man, ' . , I
, 1, When her aweet amilea I move; ' .' ',
. And she shall pe a hvrtpy girl ... ,. ( ( .
, She shall the girl 1 love. , ,. , , ' " -
r 'I
A' V l.C T,0 I ,
The joy bells peal a merry tune
' ' Along the evenin; air; . . , .i
The crackling bonfires turn the k'y '
All 'crimson wilb their glare; '
Bold mnsic filla the startled streets ,
AVitb mirlli-inapiring sound; '
The gaping cannon's reddening breath '
Wakes thunder-ahooia around; '
And thousand ioyful oicea cry, ' ,
"Huzzal huiinl a Victory! ; ' i"
s.i. M-i ,i . ' . '
A little girl stood at the door, V ' ' "
And with her kitten play'd,' " . , ' i
'tesi wild and frolicksome than ebe,
' That rosy pfattlini maid. ' , "
Sudden her cheek turns ghostly white;
, Her eye with fear is filled,-.. '
And rushing in oNdoora aha screams ' ' '
,. "My brother Willie's killed!" ' - " "
Aod thousand jjyful voices erv.. . . .
' "VQuazat'huual 4 Victor!"'.', ! "i ,; t
J. A ,
.U II!
' .'.t U !' - ...'' 1 '..f i ! 1 ' 1 V
A rfiother sat in thoughtful easo,
I .
!" A-knitting by thp fire, ' " .
Plying the needle'a thnfty taak
With hands that never tire..
Shs tore her few gray hairs, anil ahritk
1 : "My joy on earth is danel I , V
Obi who will lay me in my oravt7 .... ;
Ch,GO(i! my on! mvaoril"- . , .
And thousand Joyful voices cry, '
' "Nua! huiin! a Victory! 1
i I" ')'' ...! ' n :".'' i !." i..i-'t "
' A youthful wife the threshold erost'd, !
; With matron's treasure bleaaM; .f r;r j
t A. amilme infant nestling lay , , , ,
In alumber at her premt,.- , .. .,. . ,
Ehe spoke no word," she heaved no sih,
V, The widow's lain to tell; ' ' " '
' ' ' But like a corpse, nil while and alifT,
" Upon tho earth floni fell. . .
f i A ad llio'iaand joylul voices cry, . ,
,. HM77..1 l)l!7- i! a VlCtOTj!"
. An oul weak man, witli !iPil of annw,
And years three score a id ten,
' Look'd in upon Ills cal.m hosue,
' '' -' ' And Ulll."!: ii ' .V " I : !.
.' Il belp'd i...t wile, Br babe,
,! i Matron nor little mi'
tti .On" seir. -r, i.;m
', t ' ,1 to knH i,im down
"."And th...'
;'? A "iluj,i: : -
1 The Honfgonii -., -.-r i,"-.i-!.n t--fclarey,
'in llio ri
'Mr Marcy la the lusi : n m i-t .v icl who
' blame Gen. heoti forwif;; i . t t..n r. .r
V 'I'"'
did the nme
! to the State I
feecrctsry cannot hnvo foi.men i.
.Tor himsi lf, once, at tliecosl . of fifty
of Wuw Yorli
,. faithful Animal. I ho Si. Louis
. VUliiO
of the 21st lost., conliiins on extiemel
iey interest
1 the Missi.u-
ing letter from" aolifttire."'' wiittcn on
ri river anting a trip w ine new town ot yiuo.
tin tlie person of Kignor' J, Pnltii, a Piedmontese
I on wiier h ,-nHfi ui t i :i. . em ir n i i iiriie iT
1' O
i . . by birlh, music mister in' tho Infanlry band of Ihfl
s""-"6th Regiment, who was present in the battles of
the 8th and 9th of May, lie was on his way: to
w . c, i I,,,,,,, ri.,,V i ni;,.r n. r,-i
and ollicrs. , 111 . bis company wan a (Hie young ,
j l..i ; ... at it,
who fell
.! f pntlllOI Ug UClDllgol" u, iljnj' iJiuwo,
during the bombatdmeot ol the fort
. : filiitatnras: .' ' J - ' ' . i
;;! , When Bie remaitis "of ihis'callari'f soldier
ulWMd, ins pet dog,
who had tail) near the spot
' ... 4 . L "
-; - i.pWl'.ere lup aiajox was uiiiinng uitujl tic .was
i .hence, a mingled his wail witn the .nuadlo'
at .1. rrii'dh d drum. and .could not be Silenced
I the
searched evetv where for the livina fnrrrt (" his
HO I ,
''" " mastnr. and finriino' him nol'Seemi d to Biiiler
"'"j'.alayd ths mourofuTbusinesa of bis burial: fie wait-1 prelniiim, ( wry murder must -be jutilifiiibte jnr ex
IU; ... ' pd .until ,the sad tila ..were over, and'Jhen toiling j disable.- .' The ,inuTiler ia Committed, whin the
,si,.i9 biinfelf up, he laid down at the font, of the, fhg'i man in cold-hloodf adds his .weapon - to complete
f-w i-staff, updn the turf which covered the -remnins
'"'the brave' Wa'jhr, and sent forth his howl' of grief
' l,i "' utitil Ihe hearts of all who heiud him were im
j. -pressed with a fresh scnsatii.n of , sorrywi Puldi
sf v, . , intei.dsta present him lo Gen.; Brooke... j ( p, I
i i On the Dili,- Paldi having given up his hotfe to
i I en officer, was omtinted on a tiiule, and Was Bt
tending at the artillery luiin, win u a shower of
J ',, ", canister come, carrying away , his ' canteen,, gras
v E:ii his cup, sUahtly wounding hi fool, pud surl--
i " his mn'.e ofi'like tnad towards a detachment
of 'the enemy's car,ilry."-Ile io'vaiti tricifto sltip
l.is. Ii'iadlong prriprcaii, 'ir 1 ';': 1 I n-t conceive
w h it To :'(1 liim,' liejloiv'tyi'd' Cir in s)ucbvan
oiuragennaly fi a n t i jiiiauin-.r, wi.fn looking be-
nil bun the cause p. a! .ones', explaini d lh
in t h'lii been carried away byja shot!
!.. a WV.it without a rudder he was beating fast
i e lee shore; when his ruler' was foioed to shoot
a lo stop his progress.
' , .,' -i por flt Republican.
" Our broihor'a blood crieth to u
L'rnund," who murdered Charles J. 1
If wo believe tko mob that kIioh' ! "'
n the
' ' -1,"
and laid violent baud on Km, K. !'. kiubdsos,
ho, and h lon did ihp. dff.,!. ( i,i,K; liyhte
ous mnli, ihdt would ohow its honor of niutder, by
commiiiini it, r . , "
. 'jthmit .winhing. to Km ii iiiilividual respnnsU
bilily, or to palliate the crime of the one, let us, 8
a community; look to it, that we ere not guilty.--Wn
con't prove our hnndo clean by pointing to the
blood on o'lrneihbor's; hor walk fotth liylil like
toiiiicence, fur haviiig hidencd a penpe k"nt wiih
our sins.- Vinlenso is rife nmong us and we, a n
community, nre answerable. We help form every
individual among us;' the clu'Hicter sof one. i.
rnoio or lesrf, the chiirncter of nil; social responsi
bility is Vea!, it is no fiction. ' Our pregrtriousness
is hot a mete herding togeihei, but a eocinl union
-i-one of ihoughl, feoiing and churncler. Is there
one amnntu us bright in eminence or beautiful to
excellence, he is rightfully enr boast, we tnko
praise to ourselves. " The pride' we have in our
fiivorilos, is, an honest fgotidrn. But we must
eBure the slmitie ivilli ,lhe praise, , il there is a sin
I Common among us, we, are all guilty, if not cqiuvj
i-it in m nil whj yre uear cacu oiuuia uui
delilh '! J jS.'' .' . t ' ''
, Bluod sluins our linlels, et,"bury the tlt nd oul
of our sighl," and the murderer walks unwhipped
of iostice, ! i And this is not becnuse there is a-
m'on? ns one oi two men of violence, who "neith-1
DC fear God por regard , man " ; No. it ' is the
spiri we ar of these c.iimes are purs, these sins
are social sins, t I he codes we live, by, ant) hink
by,' are wrong, s Uur honoi and morals are niiHs
named. 1 Our god is Moloch, delighting in hu
man sacrifice and we" pny him worship' in poor,
hnm, brute courage. ' Xhia' is a hard nying,
and it is too easy to .prove. ' In any correct view
of society, the individual .has no right to self-
protection, save inonn exceptor' case. He yields ;
up his rnighfpf 8ttehgth, for the strorig arm ,of
deffdee he borrows, the compromise Is nothing;
in compaij-jrn with his 'great gam.' . JJul with us.
society is inlinii': , we have, voted, 'union is not
strength.' I he individual U every thing, a law un
to himself, dealb la his neighbor; We have all the
forflns of power, ordinary in the "social compact,"
the court house and the judge; the wrilleri law,
and the living ofTiceri and all we got of this para
phernalia, is tq have a few accounts poorly col
lected.' ..
When ft comes lo injuries of person and char,
.Kto.. vrb,ii .nomiv nA l.u, ahmilH h fnc.ient.
and k is dangerous to- trust pnnUhmcnt and vin-
dlcation with th. iiidivividual every man cries,!
'itaod, the ground is my own!" There is no su-..
premacy in the law, for it is. never -appealed, to, ,
and can't le until each man "puts up his swr.wd."
A civilization f trde and frame l of halo
wotth, if ft slops there; restraining no man -from
wrong-vindicaling bo rnan in' the right. '"There ,
is a wide distance in the power1 of the lw-or
rather a kicked 'and'' 'open-fcced denial of its
nuhi of restraint.' Society is set at naught, and
every man goes armed for define',, do I savt
worse-offence. 1 1 ask in the name of civilizi-
tion-Mo say nothing abeut morals and religion.
. J. . .... ... -
on the coldest and most se flush nrincinlcs ;.ot so -
Cial ordep-'What right has any mari to carry
weapons? Il is a wicked lawlessness. We have
the law, end the officers of the law, and we make
of the one a dead letter, and of the other a sina
cure. What is the meaning of this almost uni
veiBiil ctiKtom of carrying fifc-nran? It says of
him li -'it wears !' '. ;. Li u.ts his own
cniiKt" ,y .tiiut !i knows that lie caimol walk in
peace ainocg . . o tii'it ha is imprudent and .im
potent, ti pronounces those among whom he
' meeting in bunine.M ami pleasure, as daspic-
i i
-prirale-cr'i( I and cowardlyf of the
, it is a rope, i '" :. ',. t would not so
if, I would not eo belie my neigh
( vpectsin h men to, be their, own
e vin.
f man iwi Is with a violent death.
It w Gnd's truth, tSi"t "lhey that tuke the sword,
it n
C to KM
io r !
I r.-A w
v. i.. re a im . has
1 it, who
i,g the
i.r wiih
j dead,'"
i a mil.
I Ih
lie- , : ... f'ii enough;
iSii;- i but for
t , j Ol a ! i more,
- ' '. ; ir. ', with n
is f: ' -it peace with
: i r it, he who
uii'i Ywupnn n hii incipient mur
ing ir. wait to 'be templed. 'Men
s m they 'put on their clothes, and
men u
. 0
all men." .
carries n mo
derer. It is I
then go for th to business; matters f)f dllliculty
occur, and t orils of deuhil pass;' tiio h istyord
r..tt.... n.l l..li. A..;..tj :,.l..r. tenfl 'lhi.o atnnrt
,D "J"u"" ," M'1" " r""
before e,eh other armed at ail points;, tn? 0 aoe
'ft.,ulw.a i.ri1 'fKi. fiiv.fi In... ter foillu- hud ia uillen.
""" - t-h- i -
i vw oilier goes lortn me jumiitwie ueienner oi iiip
I own lie
I ' hey fl
tire both murderers,' the living and the
- dead.' Ili this Slate of thillCS. Slid with our, intei
of. Oi toilelt. How long shall Ihirse things be?
are all guilty,,, U I a part ot that se j;atiea coae n
honor" which is still in vegue amongst, us; of the
vvhii h ihe best that can be said, is ll.mt it is a maik
of high barbarism We sustain it; by our daily
walk and cuuveiationr.by vthat we say.aud by
what we do ii.tSiiy--iour viitue is cowardly and
non-commitlul we profi it up by. 'Jiurjfals forms
and false mimes; ionrjr irf not Carnage, 1 "spirit
toi UuMur epd bfii!le-foice..,i .Thera are other
;gisls, than the god jif batUes,. Mars is the last god
in our ioytholofty,f0lOn ynimim'g whit hand 1
see he blood stum, and I shrink fn m it as did
the-,Giioor. a DouH touch we in your i wicked
i. entry, ly iinplicajinn aiid false compliment, she
h' her pail in the wrong, like a d alli'vine,
i-ho cliiign to, holds up this lotion fihric of feudal
ism. .V: have 'niucj!'.' .f woman's ' riuhts,'you
may be wronged; but my fair sister, duty is but
ter than principle.
' he pulpit, ft is as tilnnt as ths gmve upon our
enb, and exitiii4? sms. It is too iiiuch oc-
(I with anliii'iatt'd sin, and ded devils to
J the present. No doubt, "tolnl rieprnvity
originnl Bin,'' are bad " ennih,', bnt! mm dr
a i
is wm
.iliiii of God, there H evil rnoiwti
4bot w, if you only hud eyes to se.o it, f. i.J cmio
life to ' speak, euonnh - for,'your deprecations,
enough for yoiir1 argniiienis'and appeal. 'm llelpl
save us from lliia liowie-knife, and pistol tiilifc
Iiob.,..1h2m ..... ... t (,. ..... . ,,
t. .l ,:.:, i u '., i ;, a...
' For the tVoocfojtle lltpnhlican. .
:...i WltKtSSON Co.JiiJv,. Hth 1810. I
' 1 ' Sciioql laws.; '',
' Dear Sir .
j ' v i : As you are charped with tha pro
secution of all anils on nrriount tf the achool binds
under a statute to (lint ieff' Ct, I hnve taken the lib
cily of propounding the folldwipj; interrogatories
in this public manner, relating lo the management
of school lands.- ilVe: think , many trnsteos , are
grnpcinft their way in - darkness and only partially
discharging their duties; This is 'all owing to
the fact that there are so many conflicting biws.'
Double arise as lo whether this or tool portion
of a law is still in force,, and diilorent trustees are
conducting the business of their office quilo diiTor
ently. '" A' ' : ' '
1st. For how tone a time aie trustees
schools and school lands electeiit ' ' '
2nd. ,Cn Ihey act, and will their acts be valid
after ths ixpiration of their term of cilice, whee
no successors aie" qualified lo ecu
"'' 3rd. In'what manner must they be qualified or
wha! is required o qualify truiitees to act after
they have been rlectcd? . , ,
4th. Haveltustees alight lo expend school funds
arising from a lease of the school land in survey
ing, clearing, building or otherwise improving the
land? . . , r , - , , I
- ' 5iht Are poor Bnd indigent children entitled
to any superior benefits of the school fund, or
does the law give, them any preferenct?
v6ih. . Does the school bill passed at the Insl ses
sion of the legislature, make void the previous
laws, before its requisitions are complied with by
the board. of police?
7lh. Can the previous trustees continue to
act wden the boards of police do hot carry out or
. pay any attention to (he WRt school bill l 1
8th. Do the school laws cease Until such time
'as the board of police choose to comply with the
, scqooI law as passed by the last legislature!
' Some of the above questions you will peiceive
'neatly alike; tut I thought it best to put them
j" h' f"m, so that full answers enuld be given
nd less ambiguity be apparent. ' Doubtless you
r we a"re flhe nHle school funds, the
We mannar tfi which lhy have been conducted,
"nd ,h! constant change made m the school kws.
rendering .1 m-xMo imfibfe to understand and
W vrith them. ell.M,k the present chool
J"w y deficient, and at some future, l.rna when
"",lab 'occasion offers, may give our objections
fulU HPng you may feel and take a deep in
" b 'rnportant subj-cl, .and lend your as-
" f 'rui,lher -ny pn ject thai may tend In
ieJ,..AM. tU JhaI .nl. nlaraala nf Umir fl alo! I .
, "'"' u"' ....- ...,v
' I have the hrmor to remain', "' A " i
' " -' Tours; $c:," :' "' '
" f. : , . - ... c.S. MAGOUN.,1
Wm." T. MartiA, E , Vist. M'y. - ...
M txicAy'v residents: ' (IV
' . ',' -., u4 l' i il n:-f. ,".' !' it -.1, i'l j
,The fil!i:-,viof tiisiory' ofMexican Presidents
u.M r.mtf r...SSi ii.rt TV. York Wivrnr. ' 1 t
Itur'b'ide K.iipnror of the i 'limited " mon'rircl.y i
iluhlishi'd alicr the eepamtiort from spam- .ex
iled, returned and shol, 1K22 f
Gen, Victoria," the first President, eleclfd,
1824, with Gen. Bravo as Vice President, who
denounced Victoria, but was beaten' surrendered
,i t, ,:t,.,t ' " ' ' 0 ' 1 " !"
Gen. Pedraza was elected .Aptjl, s1928, fever
his opponent, Gen. Guerrero, who used violence
to displace him; he was aided by a Urge force
with Santa Anna t their "head, who mfas defeated,
and made his csetifiiS; M In 1 1829 "(October,) a
mob headed by ex ' Marquis" Cadena seized the
government, und'Pediazn fled, and j
Goerrr ro whh . dertared elncted. . vith BnstFf
mente for Vice President,, . Soon afler that,liis-
InmetiLo-tt volted, civil war ensued t which ended
in the execution of Guereie in.Febiuary, 1831,
at Oajeca, leaving-- I ,-.
Busteniente' in the 'President1 Cbair,n
1832, Santa Anna marched from Vera Ortiz, la
the Capiialj'ma'de Bustarnente resign in favor , of
reorazii, men in exue in i niu'ueipiii, who re
turned and served out tha 'remainder 'of his lime
of ihe 1828 election; and then ' " l j " v '
...Satila Anna was elected in, Slay,, 1S33 laker,
prisoner atithe battle of San Jacinto in J836;'
Bustamento wais then inxde ii Frapnej but re--i
turned on heuritig'' 6f the capture of Santa Anna-
and . i . . . , . I
v fcustanient was elected. '' Siinta Anna on ob-
taiuiug, iia liberty, was in ' retirement sornei time
on lu sotalej. then look the field, against fiusta-
uieiite in 1841, and drove htrn Irom power, and
Santa- Anna -ireceme President? . in7-184lj and
beiit'deSri'oed hy.'"- rr-t ! ri.'i j !
' Gen,"Ilerrea'Vwho Senf hiriilo Havann'an ex-
He, and then Ile.rrerai 'was de'sposed by
,, Parede, who uiurped the. Presidency,
now, I64(j,iinilnary , despot, ( M',','TA
' '
- If 1ft
PopsinpNT's H. tisg. There is a ru-tiC
uBv'nn the east of Ihe fouaie of fiee-i.ih.s Wt
the' forrn'bTap aich with a large wvf pirg j W'il7of li!Ttliacs iM(i qety ei 4y llnweryl menus
on each side of ihe entrance. It was loriiieily lle hiis. tirovitli d ,f',j.iji(..r own destnicimnj J Ins
'said b'y Ihe lady of a President, while 'Occupying Jiif lo e is.judee ;li,lj,5,rjr"1-.'"'V ' 'defy n
the houie, and beilfg Congratulated ho ; hej eleva-' one to show wfiere It is ovcr'c'oloicif o( v-i-
ijon "! Uriri't now as mere is n.ucii cause ioi
. . . . ,
congratiiliitldn."' The President ol ; ih, j United
:i.iIp orllv coirtrs ie "l dhe ire a, uate, and
goes out at the ..weeping v illous "
jino d on
IcT-lbe Oregon treaty was.cet
anniversary of the battle of Waterloo.
For ths IFoodrilk Repvl'.k
' Mr. Cliitor. -
" Doubtle or ti
havn heaid of fiii wondei
, and
of your remierif
B8lun!ht,il!lt If vv
medical science and cs r my of them prfscribe
medicine in lo't all caies lic!ir the rrgnlnr
physician i s.'nt J'or, I have, thought il roiht fmt
be uninterestin.i to theni to nnderMinx! ihe doses
prescribed by this rlun of (li.i'iiii-'.
Foibes says o the intiiiilosm il d
what Dr,.
in hii( work
just published.
. -r.Lvery one has beard oftlii-i tn
ble posology, but we are inclined to
few, if any, bot the ' homoeopalliiHts
heiieve thul
or those who hnve rend li.eir books, (and only t
small number hnve,) are aware of its infiiiile and
astonishing tninuleiies.' What pluses respect
ing it, in common tnedii-.nt puil.mce, is rr,;;riJed
as a playful exaggeration of the- truth, g 'lished
good-humoredly for the nonce; hk the, oiiis iien
tul facts of the story-teller. And ii is no wnodor
that thii is so. Mero iirmginntioi), working pri
marily on its own tiound. could uever have reach
ed 'such a climux of the inaivulloiis. " Here, .as
suredly, if anywhere, the truth, if truth it be, is
I ranger .than fiction,., ., ... : , , ,
"io minute are the doses prescribed by the
Urthnemnnnic school, that lhey ars scarcely con
ceivable by tho human mind. They defy all the
powers of chemistry end physics to detect irj
them any trace of the remedial sulislances which
they profess to coniiiin, and they almost confound
arithmetic hi reckoning their amount.' , We are not
ashamed to" confess, that our ,owo powers are
inadequate to put down in figuies an ordinary
homoeopathic dose, and 'we suspect that many of
the homoeopathists tlininelve8. would find ;them
selvfS in the same predicament on .IuuIm ;Tne
following are the difi'ereut f attenuation) or doses
'Second s -
"Thitd. , : ,
"Sixth , ,. ,
"Twelvth t
' . ' -' . 'f ' . ! ",.1 -. I
-nae hur.dredih of a drop or grain.
.on len.thniisaiidth do. ' 1
. m.o tnilllnfllh Ho. '
.one billionth ' 5
one trjllionlh
one que.drillionih
one quinljllioiith
one sixtillinnth
do. ' j
di)'.(7'! " j
do. ' j
do. !
do. . I
V ' 'V- (
on. i ,
one septillionths (
one octillionlh .
"Twenty. fouith
"Twenty-seventh one noiiillionth , do.' " I
"Thittisth one decillionlh do. ","!
. ''The primary dilutions or attenuations are used
comparatively rarely,'' the higher ones, na the
sixth, twelvth, twenty-first, and thirtieth, very
commonly. It mtvy be worth a moment trouble
to try Kow far we really 'understood or compre
hend these numbers. Looking' at the first of
these, we have no difficulty. Ihe hundredth
(100th) part of a grain, la intelligible enough; tne
len-fiousaadtb (10,000th) ia comprehensible,
but begins to waver before, the , nientnl view;
while Ihe mi llimth, 1 ,000.000) part, of a ' grain
puis. OUr punier of cuiiiirhmei.iM uo il" fntK, nhd
leaves us in a chaos o uiidi lined eniilies tor iiOot
entities, we know not which'! We fancy jfiaf we
grasp the reality, and then it instantly van'whos aa
a phantom', even beyond the sphere'-' of imagina
tion ilselfi Having got so ' fiirt the' 'additional
hiihdivisions, or attenuations, scarcely' more' than
a thing, and wh-thet the ;word be a millinrih,
billionth, 'or decillionlh, the power of comprehen
sion seems Ihe 'sHtneV 'And yet the actual dij-
Jertnct between these quantifies is irr)mense,-rso
rmmense as to be almost as iiiconceivauiB , as me
actual things' themselves. . ,, -.,a ... ... . .,.,,...
; "Imagine, if i you can, a grain of ihca,; or
charcoal, or oyster-shell, (powerful remedies, ac
cording to Mabnemuan and his followers, in ibis
attenauted condition.) divided into this ' number
of parts; and one of thesdparis is hot only'! fit
and proper dose 1o beT given as a reniedy for 'se
vere' diseases, 'but is ah aient of such "potent! iti-
fluencn on the animal oonorWyf that ot do4 6T
this amount 'will continue acting for tbirty lorty.
or fifty days, and mnt not be interfered wiih by
any repetition of it, for fear of deranging or de
stroying its curative virtue! .jThue, .Hahnemann
tells" us. thai aeexlilfionlh pf a grain of, cqtboiiate
of ammonia will act benr ficinlly upwaids of thirty-six
idays; llidl ,he decilliotiln of a grain of pya'
ter-shell (cncareoY will require forly, 'fifty, .and
even more day9!fl'j(Ieqtall the good ' h ii a
paide of; thai a similar, dose of plumbago (grpph
itet) will act for at least from thirty six to forty-,
eight days; and a like dose of phrosphorus, at
least forly days.'Vt . ,. ,.-,,.,, ,.. . , (li r, j w
Such are the powerful .doses,, and thus Jong Is
their power felt, , Now while, .there 4s so 'much
qu8ckp,ry,sn many notttutns, and such art a'-,
.cumulation of systems and theories, "we ' conceive,
this decidedly the most vn To in the hands of the
ignorant and would i
ini'ind it us every j way
.Heir use, and then it
names of lh g'ent and
those using it may have
i; v nre in respecta
".. Ri ,
superior to any other
comes snnclioned !
the learned; mid if it
the consolation of knowi, ...
ble company.
te.. i- 1 Peicy's Creek, .! ,
' t i
, . C-The London '
ony ofdistiess in c.i.''!iT -on :
skilled by Gieal liiiinio, now
pBel'i policy lias obtained tin
House of Lords, 1 Were is an
'in t I
im and
jiaper of ihe 30. h, u!i.
"Meanwhile the St if.'-, suproie, r't
disable M xico rooquesi is out o(
an immense Hion aniile Navv is created bv Ih
ici'i'n frarfe',' a' a am'"U.'il tl bullion am-uiii '
!.ll ..!..- iV. i.i - A..,V...,I .Ttk... ' !
I goid? Chiintla' bHsyedV;bdimt wnnanirallv
1 III IOC .'..IH " II, '1,1 M , .'!.., ..,11, ,...., ...y...,
it en
iale-Caffi c,lA!,'declatS for.' nt!itt..es (iieut
' wtteniir;i(i.1sTther.-stifi)Hcy ,i onil is
i j . . ii
; oiawn. t
I,? -in.??
Coioji in lb.
. i '. . . i il
r i : j i rt i , , i .s tins sea .
pnp'etior tolhit ii.'fhe bo'ltoiiis e-i
river,, From a n iva'ie letter t le ,
will be noihing like an 8veiii'g"cir-p
seqnence of the heavy rains. ' ''
A H Jivir;;; ( ,: ir
Forh-y, fft v.,'ij i' f , .I (..
p'o l I. ;"
" ,
I'm . , i
attn- i c , i
Convetii.! v. i.n, s
8 or 1 ) i .'. s.
'i i ,:
ih ri- i, i i 1
, . .
Vi .. r. I'm
n n" i 1 is ry r
! i' .
tl ', ten tin' , I
lUuion 1 ,'i I . .' ir v. :.'! a
i: much v i i , i . i r , i )
fore rises. '1 h Mi"ii .. ,
ply its rilaee. ,
R. 3. W i.f" f;r n
pressure, expand.-;
per 109 ya'd, h-nce t
tt riimn 11'
CO I, (,t ,,
s i s ,
.( 0
11. 4. The latent caloric pie n o t I n
(leni'.ition, ej:u i!s the cloud, i r s t e t i
deney lo ascend, and nc.cuniiilrt " s l , J i
por tiil it falls in l iiii.
R, 6 The freezing point ir r n Ii 1,1 , t
less tlmn 3 miles elevation. ' Violent ro .f
the wind above that point carrits up t' i i . n
vapor, brings) many puliclui inh I i i , , J
they n.'.. ere, and descend, along the nmr-ui, as
hull stones. Tornados are aliva.'s of T ,i ki 1.
R. 6.- When a great area is highly charged
wiih vapor, slight distmbitig causes, auch as w
regulaiilies of dnw-poinf, occasion msi'y colooins
of ascent, and 'the force' is. thus divided, V, bn
small areas are highly c!i'i."-d, they tend t ) .a
single vent upward. 8-ich are Twnad9 J
hail siorm. : . . -., , ,,
.Barometer. Tho li.iroiiietiic Colo i -1
lowest iiv Ihe ctntcr .of a storm, and n." si'
around its herder. ,.: 4 , .
... Reasons. The ascending Column of wind in a
storm telievesithe pressure, by rapid ascent, and
by its much vapor. Its' reflux, around the bor
der, at the summit of ihe ascending column, in
creases the pressure.
Jnjerences. When lliYmercury in' tha B iro
meter suddenly rises, abuve the mem, it is in the
annulua (or Circular wave,) around a storm.
When it falls betow th meim -it i -withiu the
annutus, and the storm at band, Or -ragitrg ever
it ' f' tf aft 4aa h'I-jj ,i.t ,lt t ,..
The direction of lb wind, heing aiway to,. li8
center of distuibaoct i will wll. whethrr it.w com
ing e-vea Jhe obsej-yer; or pawing. ,ano;!if'i --: rtmio.
Hmarkt.WJHk9 direction of, r siprm's travel
will alwaya coincide with the Cirrus clouds, wbica
rarely change theii "route; jTiiey Jie m, llie high
est knowp atrntutii pf the alptosplieie. nt a height
pf 3 miles or more;, and are always frwen. '
ThiSiiUpper current js, uniformly torn, S uih-
wesi,!!! tho Sou'bnrn portinrof the Unite .Hoc
Our, great . stpims all, pursue, (his din
Small storms may have any direction, h.
lhey do not rise high enough to lie cub fly i
upper atra'.um. ' , C. G.' FOilSiSl
Tidulia, La., July 10, 1'SIC. ' " " ' "
i this
,v - j A BACKWAKD COW RIDC. ; .. ,a
..".' qjjiiiK!"a t,...i,!j (i,rr,.(.,
Dating the Revolutionary war when-a. cmP
of Ibe American army Were encauipid tirpi the
boiough el" KliHbelhtowri, J,, an officer -who
was mora a ileyotee of .Venu' !hiin.,Df,;ft"is, jaid
his addresses to a lady of ,diJiiic.tiinv whom he
was in the habit of visiling lihtly, in the " culsiva
tion of those kind feelings who it jo? e so cordially
inspires. On 'e,idi.cpvery"of a repealed absence
of the. i (Ticer, end Ihe place of interview Wiih his
dulcinea were had, some waggish (rietidj resolved
to.plriy off a hatid-Homo t'rick at his expense, which
should deter him from a repetition of ttia omoi.
eus'visiu."; " ," ' r;" xi ' ' : m
: - ..1 :. .,,! -4 ... , " . : . ,
; the . officer, it appears, rode a very Fin iM horse
of tho pony kind, which, be left, untied, ,iiii the
bridla reins over his neck, near the duor, in order
to mount ?nd ride off t without ..'d.lay ltWl busi
ness of courting and .kissing1 was over: and .thn
.horge always remaiaed until backed by ihe 'owner
..without ntteiiiiling to change his position.' On a
cciiniri very dark oij'htwlien the ifficer h d, as
usual g"ne .to pay Ins devotions to "the r.hject of
his ! flections,' nnd .'was ei.joi ing the approving
smile of 1 lie lovely Ta if one, his waggish compan
ions went privately to the domof the house where
the nlhcer wits, took his bt idle and saddle Irom
ihe hor-e which they sent away, placed the bridlti
on the tiiil!he saddle on the bach, and the crup
I "i oi i-r the horns of a qaiel idd cow v, hi ' slood
pe irnbly chewing her cud oeftr thcpOt. '' Imme
diately tiiereafler, they te fin d some (listante from
t h misc, nod separating, tiused a loud --(y of
h ii. t ii nt the eiieiny had landed, and wers
i in I tng into Ihe villane. -. , i:
Our ht ro, l.cnniig r took c '"iel from his
fears, end soiilelin " a Mistv ki-s, h" ,! out of
the doyrs with
( i 1 1 .t i -r
V-1 II It ' I
iili Ins
,,., t,,.r ,
.ball, and
1( tOWTlls
us sh'i-p spurs
, l.nvi'l out vii'v
! r i ,1
H -lie
r r 11"'! V I'ii
, I
i Is I l 1
his i
haw i
J.f. 1
II i I
HI' e
t', nn.i l
I o ,t

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