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•• •■— K-»..«»:;-..,.,,-.-.. .,
- v . :#
• |
J 9
AnJrric Jack ton.
21, 1840.
phe "SecTilUN Thibckk" i* published
veekly #■* * year when paid in advance—
a I ät the end of six months, and #5 if not paid
till the expiration of the year.
•fj tl i3,jripùoo will be received for a peri
oI of le« thon sia months, fer which f*a will
be chtOfel, and Jiat invariably required to be
naif <« advance.
1 or dll persons permitting their papers to be
tined to them after the period for which they
-ribcJ shall have expired, will be held res
ale. as though they had ordered the paper
he continued.
tP i irertisements containing twelve lines or
',„«erted for One Dollar, and filly cents for
nj subséquent insertion. The number of in
sertions required, must be marked on the adver
tivewaU, otherwise they will be continued un
t I ordered oat, and charged for accordingly.—
advertisements from a distance must be acrom
. .-lie! with the cash,or asatistaclorv reference
P articles of a personal nature, whenever ad
I w i|| he charged at the rale of *2 for eve
nt tweive lines for each insertion. Political cir
I. ilars or public addresses, for the benefit of in
d ,i lu «Is or companies, will be charged as ad
vertisements. and at the same rates.


. sm<
j lmil
T |
e -e,
MISsIsaL I l- . ucek.
5791. From Jackson, by N«"» 1 "» n. L"'«'
Store, Gallatin, Knid'a Store. I iron ,urc • day
Milcoin, 11 iinhiirg, and »» avlnngr*» i, «> j^va
Nalehi X, 112 miles und b.iek, three
a «irk. t t , *nd
Iau ve Jacks on every Monday. I hu'say
nnd Saturday ai 7 n m, «rrivo at N'"« h.v
next day* b) 3 p m. mil«-,
|^*ave Natch* X every Monday, I l" lf * J
nnd Sa'urdav at 7 a in, arrive at J ickw n j
ne«t day* by 5 p m. l . . Jm
Proposal, lor two horse coach scrvici
arc invited. „
5792. Prom Jackaon, hv Rrand n. San
,lv Hill, I|iII'b<«ro', t'oiimy Line, Union,
I lei bert, Ok tible-ha. Daleville, ai.d Mingo l(>
! loom 1, to Livingston Ala., 159 m de* and
buck, three time, a wivk.
L.'uve Jackson every M«m*lay, W ednea-1
d tv, and Snlurdav at 11 n m. arrive at
Livingston next Wednesday, Friday, I
Aloiiduy by 8 a in. same
Leave L vings'011 every M <ndav, I tiurs
dav and Saturday at U a in. arme
Jackson next Wednesday, Saur Jay, and I |()
'Monday by 0 n m . . , ,
Rid, for daily service are mvitcdj 1also
for two horse coach; .1*° .or f '? J, hor '^
couch service; also to run by D Kalb, nml
.. T.ÄÄ*;
tn From Jackson, by M dwar, Can
. ÎiJw, Sorm 'field, Ol.ho.na. I lopvh
ki'r.uisvil'lc and Choctaw Agency, 10
G,lumU.', »50 m.'c .1 d back, ihrce urne
* TTsv. Jackaon every Monday, Wednea
U Leave Columbus every Monday, W edj
nrsdav, and F.idny at » P •"* ,,rr,ye 0,
Jackson in 40 hours by 7 p ».
Proposais to carry m (•« hor.c coachc.
are invited. Ilnl
5701. From Jackaon. by Clinton. Bol
FTdward, D.-p.«..nd IV.v.na. .0 \ ick,
burg, 41 mile, and back, .1* i'«** • w " k ' uo
i... j«.«»" «•?. 7»-p*
p m.
p m.
rTFo* announcing candidate, tor State or
District offices #10 will be charged-for County
On yearly advertisemenls m very liberal dis
.,.11111 will he ma'le. .
The orivilezc of annual advertisers.»limited
immediate biiMiw«», ami all auver
, n their own
tiipinenU for the benefit of other persons, seat
t Item, must be paid for by the siiuare.
y^-Riddcr* will observe, that the routes
arc III ull case, to be let to the low«*,' guar
uiiii' d proposal, ami at lb<* ch* «|>«'*t mode
of conveyance, except » hero the ,:*o nnd
weigh* of the mail«, (tvnhoiit «egard to
travel.) or the speed called 'or in tl «' sched
ules, shall, require a higher mode o'
vein no-, a id tin* the bidder, arc r««|uc*U.d
lo specify. ,
P 101*0-4 A LB f«ir carrying ih<* inatL
of I ha IJiiiod Siato, Irom
July, 1-1(5, to the 39th June, l!*30. »du
site, in Mississippi, will hi' received nt ill*'
1'oiitr.ict Ortic.« »I the I'o't Office Depart
I lie city of Washington, until
' in Of lh" TIIIKTI4.TII
till* Isl
meat, 111
NINE uglock a
d 1 y of April, l«14J, ('o he deci led by the
21 h day of May,) ou tit" routes, and in
the inaiinur and tune herein specified, to
Ull :
^U-ave 1 Vicksburg every «Lv. except Son
M Jack«>n «me day
day, nt 3 p m, erttve ul
by 7 p nt.
Proposals to carry
to carry in wagons ,
of four mile* an boor, or any b
"«ÄTSTi-to«. *
Sr;r.'nd L 'r. 0 nC n '.o 63
■& särsrfta:
Baiurdav at « a m. am*, ni Mndt.on*.Ue
next day. by 3 p m.
Leave Mndiannv.'fo ever> M J nexl
Thoreday at 0 a ro. arnve nt Jacuson u
STrïTlî " * Cek
from Ijnxtog'on
in railroad care; also
coacbe* •» •
Leave Jackson every Wednesday, Fri
day, and Sumtcy at 4 n m, arrive at Lex
ington same days by ti p m.
Leave Lexingtoo every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday at 4 a m, arrive at Jack
son same days by 0 p no.
Proposals to carry in two horse coaches
ant in vit« d; also to run by Franklin und
Montgomery, omitting Itenion; nlso to
commence the route at Canton, instead of
5797. From Hrandon, by Westville,
Javnesville, Williamsburg, ('artiste's Mill's
and Augiisia, to l-ettksville, 154) miles and
back, once a week.
Leave Brandon every Monday it 7 a si,
arrive at Leuksvillu next Thursday by 7
id m.
• ii j ni.»
Leave Urandon every Monday at 0 a in. w
, u , . . ' . „■
arrive at Raleigh warne da v by 4> p in.
■ I ... week
Leave Raleigh every J'oesiinv al 4» a ni, ,
... , J . . ..
arrive al ISriindon same d«v h> 41 p m. ...
...... ,, ... , , „ 3 1 day,
5 « 4)9. From Clinton to Brownsville, 12
miles and back, twice a week. '
I-eave Clinton every Wednesday nnd ....
Saturday at 7n m. arrive at Brownsville 1
, 7 , tl in (
. sm< jii y n .. n, ' ... , I *
oruve Brownsville every W -dnesday A- ^
Saturday al 114 n m, arr.vc at Clinton y|||e
"mih'l' V I, |, , three
5719. h non Rotons Depot to Raymond.
ü . . I r . ■
* miles nnd back, six limes a week.
Hoi,on'. Depot every day. except
Sunday a, 3 p m, arr.vc at Raymond.;.,,*
' *' .P ***' , , c
Lease Raymond every day,except Sun j,
dav, at 4 a m, arrive at Rollon's Depot
aame day* by 7 a m.
5711. From Raymond, by Ai.bi.ra,
t.nyugn, Rocky Spring«, nnd Willow
Spnag«. to Grand Gulf, 49 miles and hack, , -
Iiree times a wi i K. and
Lenve Raymond every luesdnv. Murs- ba(
day nn I Saturday at 4 a m, arrive at Grand
j lmil sun.C days by Hpm. day
Leave Grand (mil every I lesrtuy, .
T | 'ur-< 1 .r, . „.I
n, Oakland College, and Rodney, to Fay ■
e -e, 45 miles and back, three time. « week
E' ave Grand Gull every Mtwidny, Wed
m-sday, and Friday nt 41 a m. arrive nt arr
Payetio next day, by 12 m.
Ia uve Fay «le every I ue.ilav, Thiirsday ,
fin«l SnMirilny I p m, irrive nl l«r«nn
Gulf next days by « p m. . «
ma. r» ifa«~»>r
Washington, 25 miles and bark, twice a
ucek. m,
Loavn Rodney every Tuesday and Fri
day at 9 a in, arm* nt Waahmgion same „
j^va by 6 p m.
Leave Wa hm,.«n every Wrdjrjdnj , nr
*nd Sfiuirduy nt t> » m, iâfrivc at U«mIii*>
dav* by 3 p m.
5714 From Favette to Malcolm, 12
mil«-, and back, three liuu'i. a week. m,
Leave Fayette «very Monday, Wrdnc,
j and Friday at 7 a m, arrive at Mai
Jm ..me day? by 19am.
|^ nvn Malcolm every Monday, Wed- , of
„rsday and Friday at î 1 n », arrive at
* nnw . data by 2 pm.
5715, l' r „m Vickslmrg to Warrcnton, .
l(> t|| j| pa „„,1 tw i ce « w.-ek.
Vicksburg every Wednesday and
Saturday tit 3 p in, arrive at H arreuton arr
d^y, |,y 5| p «
|^ ave ' Wtirrenton every Wednesd ty and inv
I Saiuiday at 10 n in, arrive at Vicksburg
same days by 1 p ». ville,
p r „po 8 ala 10 extend route to n dlow ,, od
Spring; also for tri weekly aervice, arc in
I |() . ( ,
5716 From Vicksburg.by MilbUle. JolmsonV
Fuibornejnlle, Raiartw.»^ '° 1 '
'"Lave VU klbLrg eAry Twewhty awl Fn<Uy Hay,
4 # m a , rive a , Renton next days by If nv |j 0
J*»w, OuBvar^rtWo V^.^ikI
Caakoma, to Fommarce, 225 mde. and back. ^
[jlwe Yuba Piuiil— »■ every a«Wr
L'yYt S . m .rnve ,t Commerce next batur- ^
edj .rjmvrtad^ Hammett.fU
0, L,les and back. once. Friday .11 pm.
«mo d.y by H p m
U«- e , ery .« 6. m.ar
rive »1 Ijme', Landing '*'"?.***,* y prr ÿ an j
5 ;| 9 . From I rankhn, b *J ,ad Uck.
Att^avJHr^t- Ko.cmko. a« a**d
k ' uo ft* *7 r ; nk | 1 „ every Mondsy .1 C a m, ar
jisicisri.»-*-; >s.a "•« ,...
ii* >.! »
T-ASÄS^C"* «•««.
p m.
I-eave Lcaksviltc every Monday at 7 a
m, arrive at Dramlon next Thursday by 7
p m.
5799. From Rrnndon to Rah iqh, 35
mi'c, and back once a week.
atPSSS«® as«*
vtmeda^ byHm. Ma *Uy \Vo*~
nexl |day by L lta rout» at IWfon
rwi » »^ tr) ... two tswse
Cek 37,®^*^
lime* a week. _ Tiuol.v Tborsday,
sam» day* by I - "blbt.
I-cavc 4'oiTeevilfo
and Sunday al 3 a »,
Wedneaday. Friday,
arrive at I-cxiagtoo same
tocarry » two l-iree coacbe, ,re
I-eave Punolo every Monday at 5 a m, arrive
at Carrollton „ext day by 7 p m.
5ij3. From Carrollton, by Middletown.
Shongaloo, and Kilmicliact. to Greensboro', 64
miles and back, twice a week.
Lea» Carrollton every Mond; y and Thurs
day at I p m, arrive at Greensboro' next day
by I'd m.
Leave Greensboro'every Tuesday and Fri
day at 1 p m, arrive at Carrollton next day by
id m.
•*<24. From Grenada, by Graysport to Hope
well, 35 miles and back,once a week.
Leave Grenada every Mouday al 6
rive at lloiiewell same day by 7 p m.
Leave Hopewell every Tuesday al Ca m, ar
rive at Grenada same day by 7 pm.
Proposals to run to Houston, omitting Hope
well, arc inviled; also to end at Greensboro',
instead of the places mentioned.
*725. From < otlcevdle. by Cuddy hunk. and
Oak Grove, to Houston, 40 miles and back,
a week.
Leave Coffee v die every Friday at (i
rive at Houston next day by la in.
Leave Houston every Saturday nt 2 p m,
arrive at Cofll-eville next day bv 8 p
5720. From Collet-ville, by Ragsdale's
Sand, Oxford, nnd Wyatt, | U ||ollv
w -, . . -, . v
Springs, 61 miles and bark, three time« n
week ; Aber ville to be supplied once a week.
, ... <r 1 * , . .., . *
Lravet oHeevdlecvcrv Sunday, Wedn
... , .» -, . . • ' ,, „
day, und Friday at 4 n m, nrrive at Ho v
_. . ...
' iT.w * P . ..
.... . ° * l ,rl ' , fî < ' r > onday,
1 m
in ( i'irifvillf Kamo (Juyg by 0 p
Préposai» tu curry in two-horse coaeiics
^ |||vj „. (| ' Alter
y|||e and Wator £XTnd supply Wyatt
three limes a week from Waterford.
..... ... ... , . , ,, , , .
5« 27. I'roin l.h.irh sioo, by Ouklnn I, to
, r .... , . .
JU «•«"«nd back, twice a
, BBV< . dmtle.ton every Tue, lay and
Friday at 5 a m, arrive at Coflceville name
j, £ «
Ijr||v0 Coffireiile every Monday and
Thursday at (5 a m, arrive at Charleston
dav* bv 0 p m.
ft72H.'Fr.'«m Panola, by Belmont, Rica'*
, - r0i , K oad*. C'omo, Smn.oba, Elm G.uve.
and Hernando, to Memphis 72 miles and
ba( . k , w j PC „ wc ,.|j
,.„„„1,, Pvrrv Tuesday and Salur- < w
day al 1 p m, arrive at Memphis, next days
. ^ m
... M.hkI., ...J Fn
■ 5- -,y p' r , m Oxford l,v Sarepta to
M mi|p , lll)d b ' upk ; ,, nco ^. ck .
Leave Oxford every Monday at 6 a in,
arr i v( . a , Houston n>'Xt day bv 11 a in.
I cav«- Hmiylon every Tuesday ai 1 p nt, lia
, rriv ,, o s ,„ rd nex , day by 7 p m. ,
5730. From Oxlonl, bv and 1
« llelmont. to 1'auola, 32 m.lc, and Wek,l«»e
. ,
a Ijpivc Oifnrd every W fMPiW V at 7 a
m, arrive al Panola *am«' da v bv 7 pm.
l a, 0 | a , very Ti c-<fav at 7 a m,
„ frlV e at Oxford same day by 7 p m.
Rid, to terminate route at Relmoiit, are
, nr ,
A72l.Fr m Commerce to Ilcrnondo, »2
mi'e« and back, once a weck.
L« aie Commerce every Tuesday nt 4 p
m, arrive nt llornsndo next day by 9 am. ar
Leave Hernando ev< ry Monday at 4 p ,t
„rrive at Comm ice m xl day bv f* a m.
Proposal« for semi-w, ck.y .ervice, nl.o
, of a »Viedule, aie inviled.
5732. F.om Hernando, by ('hulahoma,
Wvatt, SB miles and back, once a week.
. Leave H«'rn*ndo every Wednesday at 5
m , rr i» 0 at Wyatt same day by 7 p m.
Wyatt every Thursday at 5 a
arr :* 0 et Hernando same day by 1 p m.
Proposal, for twice a week service an*
inv j|ed; also to extend route to Oxford.
5733. p.xjm Holly Spring*, by Hudson
ville, and Lamar, to La Grunge, 24 mile*
,, od back, three time* a week.
IyMve ||„|| ¥ Spring* every Monday.
Wednesday, and Friday at 4 a m, arrive
La Grange sum« days by 12
Iseave Lagrange every Tuesday. 1 hura
Hay, and -a«urd«y at 14 P arrive at
|j 0 || y Springs same day* by 0 p
„ ,, ( '„ rma „,own, to Memphi*
^ ^ ^ ^ limP . a ae ,. k .
L-ave H-illy Springs daily, exc-pt Sun
^ „ 4 , m , ar( ,vc at Memph« same
Memphis daily, ex^pt Sunday.
*' a . . . . ■' 0 r
am, ar
a m, ar
• r 5
• «
» *
dav, by 9 p m.
Proposal* for
al»* for tri wiwkly te>»vio«*, are invited; al
three of tho ,ix trip* calk'd it*r by
r '
four borne coach,
two or
**4> to run
the nchcjule by Hernamfo.
573'i. From Holly Spring*, by Water,
ford, Milton, and Ovpre,« Creek, to Ponto
toc 55 toil«-* and back, three limes a week
L"*ve U-illy Spring, every Monday.
Wednesday and Friday at I'd P », arrive
Pivotivuvc next day, by 6 p ro.
I-cnve Pontotoc every Tuesday. ' hur *
day and Saturday at 13 p m. arrive- at Hoi
lv Spring, next day, bv B p m.
Proposa 1 * to run by N«-w Albany, omit
ling tbe other interinediate tiffice*. will be
considered ; al«» to carry in t no boric
coacbe,- . ,
5738. From Holly Spring*, by McAr
son'a Stand, to Hernaodo, 31 rode* autl
back, once a week.
L-«ve ll dly Spriag«
at 5 a in, arriv«J at Hernando name t»y b>
" l"b*v« II «rnxnd t ever V Th iraJxv at (•
. m, arrive at H*41y Spriog,
7 Tiiipos-tl* ffir »emi weekly aervice
I'.-.m IMU M«» 'j*
,o Ripley, 39 ro.U', and back, three
Tw.' II 'tty Spring every

Thursday, and Saturday at 9J
at Ripley next day by 5i
L«o»ve Ripley every Tuesday, Friday,
•>nd Sunday at 4 p m, arrive at Holiy
Springs next day* by 2 i m.
Proposal* to carry in two or four-horse
coaches ; also to carry six times a week,
are invited.
6798. From Holly Springs, by Chulaho
ms, Adamsvdlc, and Pleasant Mount, to
lie mont, 43 nute« and back, twice a week
between Holly Springs and Chulahoma,
and once a week the residue.
Leave Holly Springs every Saturday at
f> a m, arrive at Cnulahoma same day by
12 m.
»•»« « -*»çmia same nay oyo |
674:1. From Ponli toe. by Prsirie Mount. Ab
crdeeti, Hamilton, Colbert, and »averly. to
< w ^ t mbU '' ™ aMd b>ck ' *
l*--.tve Pontotoc every TuesJay, Thursday,
stxl Saturday at 7 p a, arrive at Columhus
Proposal, to carry in two-horse eoachr* are
5744. Fr.an Ponlot««*, by Fairview. New Al
banv. ami Cotton Plant, to Itipley, to miles and
lia f*' *"* • U clnesdav at 5 a m
, r J, ve at Hi,,je y , :ime rf, y by 7 pm.
1 Urn llplpy «very Tl»urw»y al 5 am.ar
at Pontotoc same day b y7 p m._
«re invited.
574Ï From Pontotoc, by Rerlin, to 1 ulton.
«p»bock.ooo »
rivv*at Fattoa same day by 1 p m.
f*ave Fulton every Friday at 5* nt, arrive
Ä N^Ätw. as. r.e
to Jacinto, 5b mile* aod
I^svc Poototoc every WadaawCy at (> a m.
ar |^ TP j B 7mt o'every Mondiv ,'t Ba m, arrive
,t Pontotoc next d^y by 3 pm.
hici:"re a w^k' 0 *
p m, nrnv*
a in.
Leave Chulabnmn every Saturday at 1
I* m, arrive at Holly Spimgs same day by
7 pm.
Leave Holly Spring, every Tuesday at
45 a m, arrive at Relmout same day by 7
p in.
Leave Relmont every Wednesday at 5
a ni, arrive at Holly Spring, »ante day by
7 p ni.
5739. From Itiph v, by Hickory Flat.Comrr*
villc. and Rocky Fold, to Cypress Creek, 40
miles and hack, once a week.
Leave Ripley every Friday at
Cypre-s Creek same day by G p m.
Leave Cypres, Creek, every Saturday at G a
, arrive at Ripley same day by G p in.
Proposals to end at Oxibnl are invited.
5740. From Rinley, by Carrollvillc, to Fulton,
• r 5 mile, and back, once a week.
1-eavc Ripley every Friday al 7 a », arriva
at Fulton next day by 5 p m.
I-eave Fulton every Sunday at 7 a m. arrive
at Itiplev next day by 5 p in.
5741. From Jacinto, by Danville, Farming
ton, and Gravel Hill, Te-, to Purdy. 43 miles
anil back, once a week.
Leave Jacinto every Tuesday at 12 m, arrive
at Purdy next day by 5 p m.
Leave Purdy every Monday at
Jacinto next day by II am.
5742. From Lastport, by Prairie and Yellow
Creek, to Jacinto, 23 miles and back, once a
Leave Kantport every Friday at 1) p m, ar
C a m, arrive
» *
6 a m, arrive
at 5 a m. arrive
back, oocea
I-eave Fulton every Friday at l p m. arrive
al Russellville next day by 8p m.
I-eave Rustellvihc every Thursday at o a tn,
arrive al Fulton next day by 12 m.
5748. From Ab e rdeen, by Pike* die, to llous
lun, 3t) miles and back,once a week.
Leave Aberdeen every Friday at 6 a m, ar
at Houston same day by 4 p m.
I-cave llmiaton every Saturday at 6 am, ar
rive at Aberdeen tome day by 4 p in.
Proposals for .emi-weekly service are mvited.
5749. From Aberdeen, by Golloo Gut l ort,
Boland',, Van Buren. Fulton. C0U00 Ridge.
lUv Spring», and Burton'«, lo Jacinto, Ho miles
md back, twice a week between Aberdeen
and Cotton Gin Port, 12 miles, residue ooce a
I-cave Aberdeen cyery Monday and Friday
I p in, arrive at Cotton Gin Port saute days
hy i!t»*eCotU» Gin Port every Tuesday*! 5
a m. arrire at Jacinto next day by 5 P "»•
I-eave Jscinio every Kon«fn| at 5 a m, ar
rive at Cotton Gin Port next day by 5 p m.
I-rate Colton Gin Port every Monday and
Friday at 8 a w, arrive at Aberdeen same days
' VrorNwals to run only from Felton to Jacinto
*'57511. From Colbert, by Weet Point, to Sa
vannah, in Chickasaw County, and back, once
* ÂTÎh» distance is not known to tbe depart
ment. bidders ere requeued to at*4e I« t
schedule of arrival» and departure*
>y which tlwy will run ■ _. .
' 5751 From < 'olumbiw. by Plymooth Ho ko
Grove. Starkvdle, l»". 0 *«. Bpnng. J
Gret-nsburo , 6a mdcs »ud back.
r '
great Roost . to
' "T-e» v " (\ihj tn b u s every Mcmdavand-nw.
day, ,1 6 * m, arrive ,t GnwlM ***4 BjPk
by |lwvc Grce«*»boro every Tneaday Fri
day nt 1 p 1«, arrive * Colu»bu* «ext da»* by
5752. Frotrt
Springs, nnd Athens, lo
hack, twice a week. Ty,,,,-.
1-eavet olumbos *v*rv Monday nnd TTiur^
dav nt 4 * m, airiv* at Elec Ira anme day» >
Proponala to run
«^.„.IW^r* hy IWBcf-m;s.«w
Colombo, by Uafodonm-Grub
Electre, 4 j mites and
Uni. for once a week .erv.ee • re «°*
In cannnaan* at Abavdoao
Alliens and H»m.Uon. to CaWo»*^*^" r ""
the p-rt between Aberdeen and Alben» lw.ee a
5753. From
■ n
I oitttnbu. bv Deev Btook, Ma
w, ParkvvtlW.lfo Black
I Isle» tile. "9 »ilea sad back twice
Water, to
v s8 k r 'iJumhm every Tae^dav and Friday
1 arrive at Ilale.dlr «tt day
I >.ilr\ ille every Honda* and Wediw«
al Catnaaba» next da) b> 6
at 6 a m
dav at « a m, arnve
P ?;>| From C.rcomahora . fbmw.vdk, to
•<«•» aod back. *«** » ««*;
Urave 4;re»»vl«w«> eretry I r*da) at » p »,
only iron* Greensboro to
Leave Green-born' every Friday at 13 m, ar
rive at 1'00 lot or next Sunday by 4 pm.
I-eavr Fnnlotcc every Wednesday at G a m,
arrive at Grecmboru' next Friday by tUa
5756. From lamivville, by F earn » Spring an!
Pleasant Spring, to De Kalb, 4U miles aod back.
m. ar- 61
once a iverk.
Leave l»ouisville every Monday at 6 a m, ar
rive at Dc Kalb »arm- day by 8 p in.
Izrave De Kalb every Tuesday at 6 a
meat L«ui»rillc same day bv 8 p
5757. I'rum Lowisv die, by Kosciusko, WIm-cI
mg. and l*ckbari's Slwe, lo iAXington, 79
miles and back, oncea week.
I-eave Louisville every Tuesday at 5 a in, ar
rive at 1-exmgton next day by 7 p m.
Leave l-exinglon every Thursday at 5
arrive at l-ouisville next day by 7 p m.
575K From 1-ouioviUc, by Philadelphia, to
and bark, once a week.
Union, 54) miles and buck, once a week.
I .cave l-uuisvillc every Monday al lira, ar
rive at Union same day by 1« p in.
I-eave Unwin every TuaHlay
at 1-ouisville same day by 10'
5759. From llopahka, by Kdmbnrg. Philadel
phia, 4 otladeliah. Cholaoo, Walioiuck. Ilrock
l>n. and < 'ooksville, to Warsaw. Ala., 100 miles
and back, once a week.
Leave llopahka every Monday at 4 a m, ar
rive at Warsaw next Wednesday bv 6p m
1-cave Warsaw every Thursday at 4 am. ar
rive at llopahka next Saturday by 6 p m.
Propoufs to run only from Philadelphia to
( ooksville, are inv iled.
576(1. From llopahka, bv Thomas I on, Kosci
uvko. Planter's, and Stewart's, to Greensboro .
67 miles and back, once a week.
Leave llopahka every Wednesday at 5
arrive at Greensboro' next day by 12 rn. *
Leave Greensboro' every Monday at 1 p m,
arrive at Hopahka next da'y by 8 p m.
5761. From Honahka, by Carthage, to Hills
boro', 30 miles and back, once a week.
Leave llopahka every Tuesday
rive at Hillsboro' same day by 6 pm.
Leave Hillsboro' every ' W rdm sday at 7
arrivant Hopahka same day by 6 pm.
5762. From Union, by Decatur and (iarlands
villc, to Paulding. 4 i indes anJ back, twice a
Leave Union every Tuesday and Friday at 4
a m, arrive al Paulding same day by 9 p m.
Leave Paulding every Monday and Thursday
at 4 a m. arrive at I mini same day by 9 pm
5763. Fiom Dales die, bv 51 an.si. Quitman,
and C'liickasawhay, lo Winchester, 75 miles ami
back, twice a weak.
I-eave Daleville ever) Sunday and Thursday
at 5 a in, arrivé at Winchester next days by 6
p m.
1-cave Winchester every Monday and Fri
day at 5 a m arrive at Daleville next days by
a in.
at 4 a m, arrive
■ m.
at 7 a in, ar
a m,
Bids to carry twice a week between Dnle
viUe and Marion, and once a week the residue
of the route, will be considered.
5764. F.rmn Quitman, by Millonville and I»
ney, Ala., to Old Washington Court-house, 411
miles arid back once a week.
Leave Quitman every Monday it 6 1 m, ar
rive at Old Washington Court-house same day
by 7 p m.
Leave Old Washington Court-house every
Tuesday at 6 a in, arrive at Quitman same day
by 7 pm.
5765. From Wincliester to Leaksrillc, 28
miles and back, once a week.
Leave \V inclwster every Saturday at 6 a in,
arrive at I-eaksvitlc tame day by 7 p in.
1-cave t-eakovitle c* err Hndsf-st .am, ar
rive at Winch.-stcr same day by 1 p m.
Vroposa It lo commence route al Paulding,
creasing its Icugih to 83 mile», are mvilei • also
to run semi weekly.
5769. From I-Pax «ville, by Vernal, Me Mann'*
Gross Roads, and Jackson Court-house, to Mo
bile, Ala.. S3 mile, and back, once a week.
I-eave I-eakaville every Friday at 7 a », ar
rive at Mobile next Suncav by i p m.
I-eave Mobile every Friday at 7 1 in, arrire
aUl-eaksnll* next Sunday by I p m.
Rids for sciiu-wcckly »er« ice are invited.
5767. From Augusta, by McLeod's, and Mis
sis'ippi City, to Biloxi, 97 miles and back, one.
a week.
1-eeve Augusta every Thuiwday at 6 a in, ar
rive at Biloxi every Saturday by 12 m.
Izjrr Biloxi every Saturday at 2 p rn, arrive
at Augusta next Monday by 6 pm.
PniiMiasI, for service omitting Mcl-eod'», and
embracing Pass Chrtstian. are inviled.
5768. Fro« 4'arli'lc's Mill*, by Elhsville and
Claiborne, to Paulding, 49 miles and back, unce
a week.
1-eavc Carlisle's Mills every Thursday at 1 p
in. arm-# at Paulding next day by 7 pm.
I-eave Paulding every SaluKlay at 5 a m, ar
rire at Carlisle's Mills next day by 12 m.
5769 From Columbia, by Orangeburg and
Santee, to Williamsburg, 31 miles and back,
once a week.
I-eave « olumbia every Friday at 4 a m. ar
rive at Williamsburg same day by 8 pm.
Leave Williamsbuvg every Thursday at 4 a
in, arrive at Columbia same day by 8 p ».
5770. From 4'oluinbia. by Fordaville, Spring
Cottage. Riccvdle, ILbolocbitto, Gaioesvilh ,
Pearling!on. and KluebUboro'; to Pa»» Chri,
tian, IU. miles and back, once a week.
I-eave Columbia every Saturday at 6 am.
arrive at Pa»* Chri»tiau oext Tucwlay by 11 a
m 'l-eave Pas» Christian every Tuesday at 1 p
m, arrive at Columbia neat Friday by li p m.
5771. From Montmello lo Brwkbavra, 22
mile, and back, twice a werk.
I-eave Mouhcrllo every Wednewlay and
Sunday at I p ». arrive at Broukbavrn same
JjV b\ *J p in. . _
I-eave Brookbaven every Wednesday and
Suoday at 4 a m, arrive at Monttcello tame
***577-h From Monucello by Mf. Carmel, to
W illiamaburg. 32 »«lea and bork. once a week
Leave Jtfoniiccllo every Wedoesday at 7 * ro
arrive at Williamsburg same dav by tin.
Leave W illiamaburg every Thernday at 7
a m, arrive at Monticetto same day by 6 p ».
Query: It ibis roule needed ' _
5773. From Westv.lle by Georgetown to Cal
latio, 34 »ilea nod back, once » *«**•
Leave Westville evovy Saturday at 5 a m, ar
nve at Gallatin »me day by 6 p «•
I-eave <îallai» every Sunday at a a m, arrive
at Westville same day by_ 6 pm.
5774. From W estvilie by ltalrigh
ing. 68 mile, and back, once awcek
Leave Westville every W edecsslay ,1 6
a m arnve si Paulding next day hv 4 pm.
1-eavc Paulding every Frtd*y at b » ». am
at Westville next day by 4 11 m.
5775- Fio» GalLim- by 6rookt.iv*«.
sille and Oak Grmre, 1-a.. »0 t*«u»st«*o, IUr
miles and hack, three lime* a
Leave Gallatin, every M.mdav. Welnesd-y
Fndav nl 3 p »• arrive at t «rvingtt» neat
Inesds*. Friday,at»d 8uinl«y b- -1 p m
Cot ingto*evcry Monday. '' <diwwlay,
Frols* , at f> p m, arrive at Gallatin next
Wednesday. Friday, ami Sspkffihj 9 p »• ,
Proposa» to carry but twice a wiekare iovi
to Pauld
I-ca* c
' 5776. From GalLl.n b) i lande '.
and iiurtiMiton, to Port Gtbsoo. 4i imtes and
and back.once a week
arroe'aM'ocTU.bsJTLxl day by 4 P »■
Izmve Port C..Um. every Tor -1»* at a » »,
oa. iwjs.i.tteaïo-'«- —
ave Hamburg every Freda V »tip».»
_n ■» -nt-v ( (lav hv 4 I* ®v
WedocUv st 10 a ».
I-ca*e tltsmoargwvwvy vvmmr — • v—v—
rust llill, to Kingstoo. 27 miles and back, once
a week.
I-Save Natclwz every Friday at 6 a m, arrive
ut Kingvtnn same day by I*} m.
lo-ave Kingston every Friday at I p
rive at Natchrz same day by H p
Proposal» to extend lu Liberty are intileJ.
5779. From Natchez, by Cold Spring, Wood
* illc. and Laurel Hill, loi., lo M. Fraocisvillc,
61 miles and back, three limes a week.
I-eavc Natchrz every Monda
ami Friday at I! a in, arrive at
l-e.ivc St. Francisvilie every Mouday. Wed
nesday. and Friday at I p m, arrive at Natchez
I next days by 7 p in.
Bids lor tcmi-weckly service arc invited.
571*0. From I lolmcsvillc, by Liberty, Toler'»
Onlrcville, Mount Pleasant. Kclicrtown, and'
Wbitcvillc, to Wuodville, 74 miles and back,
twice a week.
lo-ave llolinesville every Monday and Thurs
day at 6 a an, arrive at tt uodviile next days by
^*ave Woudville eve
■lay at I, a m, arrive at
by ( p m.
5781. From HolmesviMc, by China Grove, to
4 olumbia. 33 miles and back, ooce a week.
I*ave lloimesville every Thursday at ti
arrive at Columbia same days by 6 p m.
I-eave Columbia every Wednesday at 6
arrive at llolmesville same days by 6 p m.
57«f. F rom Wood ville, bv "Prackreyville, lo
Fort Adams. '23 miles and back, twice a week.
Leave Woudville every Tuesday and Satur
day al 6 am, arnve at I ort Adam» same days
by I pm.
Leave Fort Adams every Monday ami Fri
day at 9 a », arrive at >Voudvillc same days by
4 p in.
m, ar
». M r dnesday,
St. 1'runcisvifle
12 in.
ry Tuesday and Satur
llolmesvdie next days
a m.
a m.
Proposals for supplying Iho follow lag rffice* at
a sum lo be named, and subject to toe condition
o( being limited to the net proceeds of the of
fire» are invited.
Bolivar from Napnleou, Ark., 20 miles, ooco
in two weeks.
California from Oakland,6 miles.oncea week.
Camden from Offahoma, 6 miles, three lime,
a week
Delia from Helena, in mile*, once a week
Dailey's Cross Ronds from SMuxxo, 6 miles
once a w eek. '
Dumas irom Ripley. 15 miles, once a werk.
Greenwood from Carrollton. 16 miles, once a
Oak Ridge from Holly Springs 13 miles, oacc
a week.
Prairie llill from Columbus, 13 miles, once a
Prairie Point from Pickensvillc, Ala. 7 miles,
once a week.
Rocky Mount from De Kolb, 7 miles, once a
Silver Creek from Yazoo City, 15 mile*, once
a week.
Spriug Hill from Salem. 6 miles.once a week.
Spring Rulge from Jackson, 9 miles, once a
Tacaluche from Holly Springs, 15 miles, outc
a week.
Tchula from I-cxiagton, 15 mile«, twice a
Troy and Preston from Grenada, to mile»,
once, week.
Utica from Cayuga. 8 mile, twice a
Victoria from White River, Ark.. 1
a week.

mile ooce
1. Sum minulcs are atlowtsltur opeaiu; -Mi de
sis; Its- mail» *1 all offi. «» w here ■•> part.iahu naui
loprcdwd; but on radfuad and suombtMl ruwu a
lb. r. 1» lo be BO more delay Omo u accuui) lo de
in«!» and receive I he hag».
2 The m ill 1» to he coaveyed in prefetenre to paa
«rngers. and lo their sol.re e.«elusion, if its weight
ud balk requue a.
X Post office blank», mail bags, ami the rpccul
ageats of the dei'.irlmeoi, eu the rsbitMi.oa or their
. rvdcuii-is. are lo tie con*eyed w.thoul Awthcr. hai^e
on BMil line» admitting of snebeeavcysBr«'
4. Mad agciiU are lo be ronteyed wilhont char,«
Ibe princi|Oil rail road and •tranalmal tinea, a he««
the aile of ihr inaila and the number ef I he offices
will ns|Uirr their employoaenl by the department; md
n ihm rase, n »epBralr apartment for the a»Miri.ui>
-ml safi -kee|iing of the mail it le be prouded by I bo
I nnirarter. und« r the direruon ef the department.
5 In all caaea. there ie to be a forfeitnre of the pay
of 1I1« trip, when Ibe trip la not ran; a forfeiture ef al
liaalone-fimrth part ol il, when the running or nr
oral I» to lor behind lime na Ie lone ibe ronneiion
» ilb a ileia-nding mail; and s forleiiure of a due pro
imrt.on of if when a grmie of aervu-e ia rendered ie
lfn..r 10 thaï m Ibe contrai l. These lorfrilur- s aiav
he iucreat»l into penaltxia of tun her a
mg I« the nature or frequency of ibe l-iliir, and ibe
impedance of the mail.
i flees will be imposed, unless ibe delin') ne «try be
satisfactorily eapUieed in dill lime fo> failing to lake
from, or délirer at a post office, tbe mail nr any part
of it; to* »uttering it to be wet; injured, lost er de
slroyeil; for conreynif it in n place or manner that
1 «paar i it tode| roitauoa. loss, or injary; 1er re fsei eg
»Iter demand Ie i onic* a mad by any coach, radioed
car. or steamboat. » hu ll llm contractor rrtsiarly
runs Ml the roelr. beyond Ibe'specified number of
trips in the contract; and for not arming ti the l ine
aet. Aad for eetling npornieningnneapreeeietr. Be
lUdiiaoeee ia adiar.ee .8' ibe mffil. e
i -realty will br »«acted eqoal lo a quarters pas.
7. 'The i'usl Master General may amiul the ro*
irset for repeated failures, for not»Im« tbe peat of
tier laws; for dimbrymg tbe inatrwctHMia of llte dc
,anneal: for rrlbstn, to dwrkarge a earner when
required by lh» depertmenl; for aaotgemg '
irect witboot Ihr rensrnt of tbe Peatmast»
UT lot setùeg np or runsiag an esprem as auopssid.
Ik The Postmaster General may otter the contrai. I.
and alter the eubcdal«. b» allowing n pro rau m ere ,an
of compensation, within the nwlneltoos imposed by
I., for the additional servir» required. or for tbe
• - ' nâ -of oddtthMMl
I aecord
.lork or carrier« i» mul« rest necc-aosri;
tractor may, <n such css», retinquish the
timely notice. H ho prefort H to tbe cbsaire. Tho
i'u.i j t - 1 — Gvnciat may also ilos oslteii« or csrtul
the servie», be sltowing ont mouth #*»tra pay nn Uw
contract, ou
,j q-fit ,,syments will be mail« fbnmrk draft« nn
j ,ifih-csur utherniM'. after the capirelH-a ni' such
quarter say in Fvrbcnarv. Msy. August vnd Noynmbar.
10 ThadteCaaoM are givnn nor
nformsi.on; tmt »" mcressed pay
sbonld they prove to br greatrt than is ad-rrused, if
■ ntsces are rorreclly nanted.
1 1 'fb* Poatmasier Go»«Mai is prohibited by Uw
o-u. koo.- ioxiv mskins aroutvact for the traaspor
!?t"n of .He m*il with any p»mua who .Ml hvv. ca
.. .t .m,, anv comfosation. or peopo-i-d lo enter i«M
so. comb nsf'.on. lo fnvffia lbs mskmg nf any hid
foi am-'t comraci by any other person or persona.
,r » bo shall have »«Site any agTw-me««. or shaft bava
-i,ro or pevfor-jted. 0» p e nny test in *v*e "» petfovm.
^- , toi- iirt-t.oa looo, nr no, h»«io- anything whst
infiacr any other perso» noi h- hd for s malt
ralticolvr Silennon is called to tb JAk
the set of I83t'. ptoiiilniiaj i-nimusM
Fß* , A* , tÄ5r,.^ *'cr ,«e. to,.. ,be »h
A r I aievt, atVaW "< «Itbon« tbe gaarsntee reqowoH
I w ar (bat comb-nra anresnl-
raant-t be conanh-rad ta r irnp im
lo the best
ir * <H
Ui ai lowed.
. ..*• pi
rag t nkt I • il Jb**® S mr_ , m . - - iit'ä r -,
Mon wdh a m^nlat pm ; »»n l. u« adjodgre! to be »a
1 rTSfyfo "ff>* w h»re «b» irsnaporu«.«,
Ic-'.u.' for » llte «!»»*•'••••*•"« » dfficafc »» un
1 i-jh'» si I»» »»»«« h
« -it of -vrUiCVS'*«
g-j motbr# of *•
om I a« fir« tiM '• m-e m tk «f
.Wi ts«« an >«•;•
», -bsmotejm
-'Ote-ë-2 1 :isr. r,
j jm «-
„ ,»,iss. wa— . un* , » - «hml* ba* rosé«
4 ■*
r I«* iit'iaiii •»'fbêtfp A
* f 4«. rr
- « '
!m«y »•I**"
Stag«: ro ,1 lbs repnaj.iw st » s«»>ante
viL vom m.v bn ; nv b* maj o*m *n
s ... «
sagnly is ate b
and ban», of *• •*«
,i i .. m fun
«mated ruuanama nrathrt
U» mat *sb for
ma s t itrjsbrn i
„ ,_^ _

I ^Yf 5pnir* tiif
•ilvftt nr 1
.a cni| liX

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