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Fm tbs Southern Tnbuus
Ws!tSs n ' r *' ho " goes it lo-dajrl
Middlio like suly. lhaok you Mister «tiw- My mind
a rerelria over the Ulk we but tother day
children. I do try to do s»jr best torts 'em.
like IS beer sensible tblke ulk in s
if I dont egaactly agree with '
,SMt o«r
,»4 stsrsys
to me like anything elm: you
stock oa hind whoa you ate youag lo lant yoo
tike •
Why. la Sahes! I kaaw a heap of people that ji«t
a lift ti»*
coaeatc Squire, your idem oa odocaliou atot
I it *
... exactly the thing ao how. Yoo
ki*d o', that the brain of a human ia tantamount to a
You lot your boya grow up ia parfect
iaio it
till ihey'rs a doaeu yuan old or to. and
I mi »«'
* voo hoist 'em off to eehool. thinking that aa
1 * k,, got years OB their side, all they have to do
on the hooch of a school house, and
i- to set down
dr »k is lamia whole guipa at a time, like a thirsty
Wall, and ziel 1 * b ' >at h * ,f l«®" 1 <•>«
. „r more account when he's twelve or four
of a »«y « ■ . -,
than When he a an o. eight»
and 1 maintain that its all owin to the kind o'
he'a had- Now every thing in this land and
nation needs care, exceptia wild cattle and wild In
and in things that wa have to deal with, they
•bow the natur of their bringin up. Do
children ms wild an till a ccr
in in id,
,o* Wet u. h* yo« r
,nd then Wm* >■ up tn Uwf
Hin age
H wont do; it wont do.
„ tar. lilt!« by little snd emmUntly st it. or while
Ihr them to grow big enuff ia body
rspk in their temper* and rii*p»aition*.
curbin of 'em no how. Talk about
You meat fetch 'em op
joa're wailea
Ihe* '«* l"' *°
that tk*r* *®
bent «W enough—I tell you they get old enough to
Urn habit* mighty «on,and if you neglect 'em they'll
hid habit* aa tore ae falhn off a log. I dont
slip into
n ,raa lo sty tha* <►>»*<* ^
the less! There's generally s good influence
cited by the www» f M > f»*""'®*- lo keep e kind
•' cheek on ell the mankind about 'em. I reckon its
of vartue that goee out from 'em. thel makes 'em
owdaceous—not in
a sort
sich God blessed criUurs ss they are.
Ifosvsever, ta I was sayia.lbe minds of these young
runs *H to waste desperately, for want of
tare and suilsbility in the Cxin ef'em off in a proper
perportion of i*i«*- In trainin a dog lo tricks, you
begin with Ihe pup while be is young, or else its
And * hoy that» twelve or Iburteen tint no
no JO
rbirkrn in the wayt he'« fot into lb# |b«hion of
think I heered you complain of your young folks for
IiivR of books and newspaper« about on Sunday's
tnd »ich like odd limes: Aeeortin to my notion lhat's
jiat the properest wsy of epemlin their time. It
■hows a good natural taste and a kind o' refinement
of mind which is the very best security in Ihe wide
world for (heir honesty sad good behaviour.
How's that friend Simon, how io i*. that merely
kaowin «bout book knowledge is a goin to keep «he
young varments out of miochiefr
Why in several ways. Squire: In the first place.
tsrnm depesd« upon liink snd jm in perportmn as
you bring out thefkiui. you improve ihe character
and conduct sf people. Most of tbe bid behaviour
among young people »rises Horn pure tboughtles«
ue«s: Ihe miwl has never been vslecaled to Urn how
lo have rrflrctioa snd consideration. A human has
two ear*, and two eyes, and only on« mouth; and that
mean« aeeortin to my notion, that natur intended we
should take in lamin by several wiya; and moreover,
that we ort at least to know four tune* as
st e can tell.
:h aa
Why. la Sahes! I kaaw a heap of people that ji«t The
tarns the thing right abaut. and tell* four times as
mnrh aa they know.
That's a fart. 8qaire. but natur never intended it
ao. Now some people only vally education for the
pride, and vanity, and distinction of it; coaaiderin
that ila only fit to maka Layer* and doctor*, and
member* af legialamr. and congress, out of '
Well, that'« me rgsactly,Simon, snd what uee oo
airth hat a plain Armer to know ao much.'
What uaet Why t beep. Edecatuw aa I waa e
anvm give* a body a ci
trachea 'em to have a rulin (»war n«ev their own
•pirila; makes 'em reflect, that the time, object and
aim of life is not ao much to get into high place*. ••
to Urn to be content with eich thing* ** «hey h *'
,1 of mind; *t*d when
view of the
got. Education give* Milan
people'« minds »large, they git a true
rale duties they hate to perform in life. Any body
that has aich right view« of lift. LL* by no means
•elfish, but consider, what he ean do for other*.
Doea'nt charity begin at home, Bimont
Yea, Squire, it begin« thar, and then travel, out to
l,elp. and aaeiet. sad do for other,.
To sum np the hull matter for «hit osce. I consider
education ae a alow thin* and a coatiaasl thing. A
child needs good instruction and good example* set
before him. II« need« Lraia. not eo much for the
sake of Lraia aa for the improvement of hi* mind,
and the npea ta ont of his bcihtiea. He needs Lraia
not so much to make doctors and lawyers, and eon
ont him. aa to make him fit to be like a man
and to be a rale gentleman— sad a rale
gentlemen aeeortin to my view, is
that h*i a
pmpee regard lo tha right, af other«.
Well may be ee Simon, bat we'll talk more «boat it
\ Gkntlbm**-—'"G entility ia neitbor
in birth, manner, nor faahion—but in thr
mind. A high sense of honor— a deiermin
■non nererto litho a meao advantage of an
other—an adherence tu truth, delicacy and
politeness toward* thoao with whom you
feste dealing«—are the essential and diatin
g; ta «hing characteristic« of • gentleman.
—People who have tiaen in ihe world are too
Apt to suppose ihey render themselves of
conseqaeoce in proportion to the pride they
diaplay, end their want ofeltentioo toward«
«base w ;, h whom ihey come ia conlacl.-—
5Pk.. . ..-.-ihle natatakw, ill-bred act recoil,
j«,ik fore «gainst it« perpetrator»,
Cv foodirng t
(hem, and to quest ion r *
(rung superiority lo which CV?
ly eoiitledA geatleotao mu.® 4
get himself. Eves when thrown i r '
meetings, public dtn.era, or otheV
ion«.) into miacellareoua society, he (%- n |
maintain hi« own poaition without either
succumbing to lb« ariatoerecy or descending
the vulgarity by whush he may be aur
rounded. It has been said that "there I« ■
prallem tall way ol heiag a blackguard
we do not advocate the morality of the max
im, but we quote it in order to ah->w how
well grounded ia the idee that geoitUy e«n
he preserved uoder even the moat d.mdvan
tageoua phaaea of our action«. Airuegeo
tie mao is one whose mind ia elevated and
enlightened, whose education or acquire
men'» are liberal, who« manners are eaay
sad polite, and who« conduct is honor»We.
ft« an honest man is the nobleat work tl C«
•oi» • grntlemao lb« fie«*» achievement ol
* w it station.
iTor Rl-txb
A Styptic wmrrn wn.t 5
■ ■_r La«o*®t VaeaatA — Taka of
hraady or common »pirtta. two «woce*.
Caatilé »oap two draehra»; P®***r
drachm, acrapa ibe »oap fine, aod diaaalte
iiu or TW«
tl Ml the brandy. thvo add tha pol ash,
m>i it «*11 together, and keep it in a close
phial. When you apply it let it be warmed,
and dip pledgets of lint, and the blood «rill
immediately congeal; it operates by coagu
lating the blood a considerable way within
the vessel. A few applications may be ae
cessary for deep wounds, and where limbs
are cut off.
We see from the Nashville papers of the
17th inst., that a rencounter took place in
that city, oo Saturday, the 11th, between
Robert Porterfield and E. Z. C. Judson,
which terminated in the death of Por.erfield.
We gather the following facta of the case
from the Nashville Whig: Judson had sta
ted that he had criminal intercourse with
Porterfield's wife; on b-mg informed of
which, Porterfield sought an interview with
Judson, who denied ever having mad« uuch
statement. He afterwards admitted to an
individual, at whose office the interview was
held, that he had made the statement, but
to prevent the Porterfields Iront taking his
life, he had denied it. The affair might
have stopped here, but for tbe (act that on
Friday, Judson and Mrs. Porterfield were
known lobe alone together for a considera
ble tune at the grave yard in the vicinity of
town. On being informed of this fact, Por
'erfield, who is said to have been n most
confiding and devoted husband, exhibited
evidence* ol deep mortification and distress;
>nd on Saturday, while walking with his
orother, met with Judson near the Sulphur
Springs, where a roncoatre immediately
ook place. Three »hots were fired at Jud
son, he backing the while, professing a dis
inclination lo shout. After the third shot,
oe fired and shot R >bt. Porterfield in the
forehead, just above the right eye, of
which wound he died about 11 o'clock that
A large crowd aoon collected in and
around the Court House, where Judson, who
had been immediately apprehended, had
been brought before an examining court.—
I he Court was in the act of picturing an
order of commitment lo jail, when John
Porterfield mode his appearance in the court
room, and the cry burst from the crowd—
"make way for John Porterfield — let him
kill Judson!" The sheriff attempted lo pre
vent Porterfield (rom committing violence
upon Judson, but waa unsuccessful, being
overpowered by the friends of Porterfield.
Drawing a revolving pistol, he commenced
firing at Judson. who started in a run out ol
ihe court house, Porterfield in close pursuit
tiring at him, to the City Hotel, ana up the
staircaae ol the Hotel. Judson, in hopes of
effecting his escape, jumped from the porti
co of the third story, and fell to the ground
stoned by the fall. He was then, without
further molestation, conveyed by the officers
to the jail.
About ten o'clock that night, a consider
able crowd of peraous proceeded to ihe jail,
and against ihe reinonsi ranees of ihe jailor,
possessed themselves oflhe keys, seized Jud
and proceeded with him lo the public
square, with the intention of hanging him.
The rope with which they attempted to
hang him, broke. Reason had by this time
began to resume its sway, and Judson tsu*
finally carried back and delivered into the
hands ol the jailor, by ihe aarne party who
had taken him pul- Hi* situation is some
what precarious, rendered so by ihe bruises
he received .—Jackson Republican.
Text: 'Owe no man any thing.'
Keep out of debt. Avoid il as you
would war, pestilence, and famine. Shun
wuu'd the devil. Hale it with
Abhor it with an entire
it as you
a per fee I hatred,
and absolute ahhorrartce. Dig potaiuea,—
lay alune wall.—peddle tin ware,—*» any
thing that is honest an useful, rather than
Aa you value comfort, quiet,
independence, keep out of debt. As you
value good digestion, n healthy appetite, a
placid temper, a smooth pillow, sweet sleep
pleasant dreams and happy waking*, keep
out of debt. Debt ia the hardest of all
task .maulers, the crueleat of all oppressor».
It ia a mill-sittne about the oeck. It ia an
incubus on the heart. It »prends a ^ cloud
over the whole firmament ol a man'« be
ing. It ecliptea the aun, it blots out the
stars, it dims and deface« the beautiful blue
ofthosky. It break« up the harmony of
nature, and turns to dissonance all the
voices of melody. It furrow* the I'orehrad
with premature wrinkle«, it pluck« the eye
of its light; it drag« all noblene*« and kind
liness out of the port and boaring of mm.
It take« the soul out of hi« laugh, and all
stateliness and freedom from hit walk-—*
ljume not under its accursed dominion.—
Pass by it a« you would paaa by a leper,
or one «mitten by the plague. Touch it
not. Taste not ol its fruit, for it «hall turn
to bitt*rness and »«be» on your lipa. Fi
nally we say, to each and to all, but we
«peak especially, to you, young mco, IW
out ot narr.
run in debt.
n |
Fit fob a Law»«a.— Aa old lady in
a Iked iaio a law
Detroit a few day* ago w
yar'a office, when tbt following eonveraatioo
took place. r
"Squire, l celled to sen if you would Itkr
lake that hoy ' n * k • • *«*7«
'"»TV boy appear« rather young madam.
How old ia h*-1"
•Seven year* air'.
•He is too young—decidedly loo young.
H - ve you no boya olderT
" •- yea air, I have several; but we con
i 'a make farmer* of them. I loW
eluded a- , hotlJ ,hl this little "dl«»* would
,f vou would teka n
No madam he ? ."•JEK hot why
ta much better
mener th* «tudy of the ^
do ym. think that tkt# ko»
clculatafl for e lawyer th,™ your
■Wk,. T" «'• * " I" 1 *T" B " M
04 teil : - h " £
„„.ij ifo hke all o««u» i * h '* "* ^
' and impudent a* asy
and nuw he wilt^ take
lay hi* band* oo!"
ail Se wa* *® uc y )
critter could he;
every thing h« can
Ot Drr.—Tkei e-fcdy fai f* •"
last Sunday, becauae ibe »malet i
. bttrt powYaUy.
The Slate of „Vivmaippi t Circuit Court.
Pontotoc Couuty,
Wm. L. Dogau
March Term 1840.
Attachment lor #101 46
golomon W. Carr
f ■1UE8DAY Mareb 17th, 1846, This day came
JL the plaintiff, by Attorney, and it appear
ing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the at
tachment ia this cause lias been duly examined
it ia thereto re ordered by Ihe Court, that pub
lication be made four weeks sucestively in the
'Southern Tribune" a newspaper published in
the town of Pontotoc, notifying (be defednant,
that unless he appear at the next term or demur
to said attachment, the property attached will
be told lo satisfy the plaintiffs demands.
A true copy from the minute« of said Court.
R. W. BELL, Clerk.
April 4,1846-4 w
fANAKE.N op by Moaea Wages living fifteen
■. miles N. E. of Pontotoc, a sorrel horse
about fiflren and a half hands
, appraised to fifty
D. D. PRITCHARD. Ranger.
high, with a biaxe
dufla r*.
in I lie face
April 4, 1846—81.
J. A. McNbil.
M. M. Mohuis.
T HE SUBSCRIBERS would respectfully
inform tbe citiceos of Pontotoc that they
hare recently formed a co-partnership for the
purpose of doing a
General I'ry Good Bnwine««.
Their stock on hand, at this time is composed
in part of tbe following articles—all of which
have been selected with great care.
Fine wool-dyed French Cloths,
do do German do
Fine Blue Cloth,
Silk, Satin, and Cashmere Vestings,
Tarifons, (a very rich articled
Ladies dress gopds and head d
Bonnets, artificials, ribbons, Ac
Kid Glove«, a fine lot.
Feather of tbe Bird of Paradise, a beautiful
Carpeting, (a superior article.)
Bleached and Brown Domestic,
Bed Ticking and Cotton Drilling,
Irish Linens, aod Scotch Ginghams,
Prints of all qualities and prices,
Hats, Boots, Shoes, and Cap«,
Saddlery of all deaertptioas,
China and Queeosware. (a fine assortment,)
Together with every variety of article usually
kept in a dry good establishment.
Our cloths, casskneres, vestings, and in fact
all of our leading art ices, we feel no hesitation
in staling will vie with any ever presented for
tale in this market, and will be sold as cheap,
if not cheaper. We call the special atteutiou
of the public to these fact«.
It is the object, purpose, tnd determination of
the undersigned to keep at all times on baud a
well selected stock of goods, and to sell these
goods upon the most reasonable terms. The
subscribers say this in no spirit of boasting but
will verify their words in the sales ihey hope to
N B. One of the firm will leave in a short
time for the purpose of Lying in a well selected
stock for the season.
March 28. 184C.
reste* for Balls.
ffllAKEN UP by W. Tridge* alight Chea
K. nut aorrral horse with a ama'l white streak
down his face aod some wlute ou his nose, with
some saddle marks on Ins back; supposed lo be
six or seven yesis old; appraised to sixty dol
mira with a small
teet and legs black
Lr«. At*« one bright bay
white spot in her furchend,
lo tlie knee*, about four year* old; appraised to
twenty-five dollars.
TAKEN UP by Warren Robbins, living six
miles southeast of Rockyfonl, one dark bay
mare, near fourteen hand» high, five yean old,
with a small star io lier face, no mark* or brands
perceivable; appraised to thirty dollar*.
I). D. PRITCHARD. Ranger.
March 14. 1846.
f|3HE SUBSCRIBERS would rawpectfully
■ ia foras Ike eitmroe of Poototoc that Ihey
have pern.enenlly established themselves among
them for Ihe purpose of doing a general
They are now prepared to execute all character
of work in their line with fnithfullneas and de
spatch. and iu accordance with the latest styles
and most approved fashions. They will be con
stantly in the receipt of plates aod painted draw
ings of tlie latest fashions, and hope from care
ful attention to business, and constant efforts to
please to merit a liberal share of patronage.
Feh. 38th. 1846. BARHAM ft KYLE.
■ S HEREBY given that tbe undersigned.
1 widow aod relict of the late John Murray,
dec'd., will at Ihe April Term, 1848, of the Hon.
Probate Court of Pontotoc county, Miaaiasippi.
make application to have her dower in and to
the following lota in ihe supplemental plan of
Ihe Town of Pontotoc laid off and designated
according to tlie statuta in auch cases made and
provided, to-wit: Lots numbered 17 and 43.
Pontotoc, Feb. 38, 1846.
r a 1 H F. UNDERSIGNED would in fot m the
■ citiseoa of Pontotoc and sorroundiog coun
try, that he has lately opened a school in this
dace io the bouae formerly occupied by Dr. E.
4. Kennedy; now ia charge of tbe Female
The most strict, guarded, and constant atten
tion will be exerted for the progrès* of students
io Ibeii respective department»; and no duty
obligatory oo a teacher, shall fail to be per
W.TIUitli3 (ôîf wwin?as>sy.
Common Eagiiah branche* #8 per
fire months.
Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy,
ogic. Rhetoric, ft®, #13 per teuton
Latin and Greek laagwagea. Mathematic*,
ftc.. #15 per s on« i on.
Thera will abokea contingent expense of
one dollar per scholar for the purpose of sup
plying the bouae with fuel
article*. J- A- rOWLfcK.
Pontotoc, fdtfy «8, 1846.
TzacHzea roe 1846;
E. H Kennedy, M. D., assisted by Mrs.
Caroline Kennedy t , u .
Mrs. Selina Newt am. Teacher ef Music.
Primary bra DC be* per
^S^assd Ctnm. —Rewdiog, Writing, Arithmetie,
and Geography, #t I DO. -
Third Class —Grammar, C wnjx.«Irnc An.
lyai* of Word*, HLtory. Phrhwopby, ♦«-,#*»
.. , Ä .
This Academy preaeata its clawfl» to the peb
Ur upon the loUowiogcooaaleralioo, :
1 The location m healthy and .ufficieotlj m
c-m-* a-—. <» —
WÄt ; jssrjsrst
4. Alteoiioo w given to NeedL Work wtta
Pontotoc, ,Jri**lM*ippi,
'■GIF. SUBSCRIBERS would respectfully
I inform their friends and the public gener
ally. that they bare taken charge of this welt
known house, formerly kept by N. W. Daodndge
and are fitting it up in a manner every way to
suit their accommodation. Faithful and expe
perieacad servants will always be in attendance.
The best table the country will afford may be
expected. Knowing the importance of good
Stables and a faithful oe»ler. the subscriber*
take pleasure in stating that they have both, and
will at alt tintas make this mutter a part of their
pa rticu lar care.
KTThe Stage Office of tbe Columbus route is
kept at the Eagle Hotel.
g il.EVEI.AND ft TAYLOR, have
M.' the pleasure of announcing to their friends
and the public generally, that they «
eeivuig and opening, direct from Boston, a large
and general stock ol goods at their store on the
6onth East corner of the public square. They
invite every one to come and judge the quality
and prices of theirgooda,and always be tore and
rchase before leaving—great bargains are
, particularly to those, who bave the
dimes to lay down. Their slock, in part, con
stats at
are now re

5 splendid Buggy's and Har
A beautiful assortment of furniture, very low.
A " of Qussns wars, China,
and glass.
Looking Glasses, Brass and Woodeo Clocks.
- " Bl'k snd fancy ranimeras,
" Sattinets aod Kentucky Jeaot,
" Bl'k aattin.ailk aod worsted vettings,
" Bl'k silk velvet.
Red. white and yellow flannels,
Canton flannel, cottonades,
Mexican mixturea, balzarinet,
Calicoea, Mouselioe Delanes, Lace* and
Bishop lawns, muslins, cambrics, ftc.
Linen cambric hdkft, ailk do, fancy do.
Thibet and worsted Shawls,
Fancy, kid and bl'k gloves, gimp and cord.
Silk fringe, bonnet and col'd ribbons,
Linen and cotton drillings, burlaps, padding.
Brown tnd bl'd domestics.
Bed tickings and apron checks.
Ta hie diaper and linen table cloths,
Irish linens, fine snd common suspenders,
Fancy buttons of til kinds, spool thread, flax
do, tawing silk, coat cord, twist, binding, Itc.,
I doing* and t riming* of the best article,
Blankets, linteyt and green hocking.
Painted carpeting,silk and cotton unbranas.
4000 pairs oi short and boot», all prices, and
all qualities, direct from Ihe factory of Symond,
Peirce ft Co , Salem, Mats.
Brushes of all kinds, McAboy and Scotch
Capal varnish, bl'k do, Japan do, sponge,
blacking, pel. leather-. bVk, blue and rad ink.
Smces of all kind». Indigo. Madder.Copperas,
Putty, Glue, Spanish Brown, Veoitra* Red,
Rollon Slone.
Books, paper of all kinds, music, quills, lie.
Saddles, bridle* and martingale* wsggon
collars, waggon whips, Buggy and riding whips.
Cot nails of all aizee, .....
Trace chaio* twiated and atraight Imk,
Br't and bl'k log chain*,
8l eel-yards, real cast at eel hoe* and c o m mo n
do; real cast steel spades, shovels, hay forks.
< urt) combs, smoothing irons,coffee mill*.
Colton and wool card», horse cards, ftc.
ChaaelMBd Auger*. Collins' axe«, Hatchets,
Hammers. Butts, all kinds.
Planet and plane buts, butts and screw*.
Butt Tack*, brada and Sprigs, lock», all aorta,
table usd tea apoooa, knives aod forks, erery
prim, pocket koivea. acmsora and shear*, peo
cits. stead pews, too b brush««, needle* ami plus,
snuff boxe*, hair aod wire si/tcrs, tea heule»,
^foùblè^aod tingle barrel guaa. powder aod
■hot, files of al< torts, smith and tlioemakers
rasp«, drawing knives, hand saws. troweL,
n uares, bones. Chapman's beat razor strop*,
iioeae razor*, shaving boxe* and bruahea,
•having cream and soap, heat Spanish Cigars
and superior chewing Tobaoco. Young Hyaoo
and Black Tea», Bio Coffee, ft«- *c.
Pontotoc. Sept. 10,1845.
Pontotoc. Sept. 10,1845.
>9 received a large aod splendid assortment ol
A •MH kYtmßÄ GiXD.Otits,
consisting in part of Beaver, Pilot and Brand
Cloth: Cassimeres and satinets, alpacas, French
and American prints, ribbob* artificials, ladies'
and gentleman , glove*, n foil naaortmeol of
hoatery and a great variety af other article« toe
tedious to mention. ALo a good aasortxeot of
lists, car* and bonnet,. Indie* aod gentleman a
hoot, and shoes, carpetiog, umbrella,, hardware,
groceries, ftc.. ftc Our customer* and the
public generally am invited to call nod examine
aa Stock before purchasing elsewhere aa wa I
are ready to sell aa cheap aa any retail store is ]
the snath. The above article« can be found at j
our bouse in Aberdeen.
nov 15
Adiiiiniwlrator* Notice.
T HE underaignefl having t
of Administration, oo the
Swoeoey, deed. All person* hnvwg
against said deceased are hereby notified
sent the tame, duly proven, ia tbe time pre
scribed by law,or they will be barred.
Jan 10. 1846.
obtained Letter ;
estate of Pete
to pre
Itawamba Cocmtt.
Probate Court—January Term, 1846.
TÄ Ætï
mK :-The north « of sec. 83 to town 8 A
rangé 7 east in said county ....
Ym are hereby notified personally to be and
annear before Ihe Probate ( ourt for said coun
ty at the Court House io the Town of Fultoo
on the 1st- Monday of March next, then and
there »bow oauae if any you can why *a»d land
(except the widow , dower) should not be »old
and the proceed, distributed among the heir* oi
aaul estate according to tbe application of Bur
well Jackson. Adai r of asrt «slate.
John C. Ritchie, judge of said
H ,1
limed 13lb JtB- A. D, HWC*
E. O. THOM A3, clerk.
January 34. 184«.
THfhT flkl-E
ffl puraeanmof the pvovwwwM of * Deed "
I Trutt executed to me, by Abraham Weaver,
oo the 3d day of Sept. 1843, to »ecure the pay
" 7 Üm Note, therein de
d«v. for cash, at the Court Hoese door, is the
of Poototoc, on the l#»h day ef May next,
disposed of by private saL)
No. twenty-four, (34)
(if oo< Prev»m»ri
tbe west belf of
townvhip No eight ® of range No.
of the Chick a taw Meradun «limited io
.lamb, coeety. RICH D E ORN E.
Po<>|oUK , Noe.8, 1815.
rim* ---Q
_tak « -
r.s-'ïï'.'Sr Ä'ÄÄtÄft:
^ —r< . m |, he«« ,nd *plit in the leh «er,
5 K
n Lain
Aniiraiaed ta twenty-five dollar»
oh JsrasoN
of NavhviUe.
Alev J. Out.
of Pontotoc.
WILL OPEN a home in Memphis on the 25th
day of October, for the purpose of doing
ral Grocery business Ttmy will at «
keep oo hand a good stock of the best Goods in
their line. Merchants. Planters and families,
will be supplied at as low rates as by any other
house in Memphis. As they will devote their
atteutiou exclusively to the Grocery besiness.
they feet confident of being able to render satis
faction to a.I who may favor them with a call.
Their house is on Front Row, between Mon
roe and Union street*.
AtMiSDtaJ.DiM would respectfully ten
der hi* thanks to his fiiends and customers of
Pontotoc and adjoining Counties, for the pa
tronage extended to him at this place, and at
the same time invites them In call on him at llie
nesV house in Memphis ,—all see ash it a fair
a gene
all time*
Pontotoc, October 1st, 1845.
711« cheapett paper ever published m America
We lasuetoday the first number of tlie nrw
serre» of Ihe Democratic Expositor and U. S.
Journal for the country , which we consider the
cheapest publication ever offered to the Ameri
can public. It will be puohshed wrekly instead
of semi-moottily aa heretofore while under the
charge of Mr. Kendall, and although It will
contain more than double the amount qf matter,
there will be no increase of the subscription
price. Tlie new publishers propose to furnish
their subscribers with a volume of
816 PAGE,
at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOL
LAR onfy/ Being the cheapest periodical ever
before issued in this country.
Tlie Expositor will coolinue to he a faithful
and fearless expounder ot the true principles of
Jeffersonian Democracy, aa it ha* been under
it* late highly gifted editor, who we are encour
aged to hope, will materially aid us with articles
from his eloqurot pen ; lis pages will be adorned
hy contributions from the most distinguished po
litical writers in tlie United States- Neither
pains or exoense will be spared, to make it wor
thy of being coDsidered a text book for the de
mocracy in future generations. Tlie publishers
intend it shall occupy the high ground sustained
by Niles' Meekly Register, in tbe palmy day*
of that useful publication; it shall be a record
of important political facts, for future use and
reference, as well as an able expounder ol still
more important political Irulba, which will live
through all time, and eventually will revolution
ize tbe world.
We shall unremittingly, aod with the whole
soul, devote ourselves to tlie cause of universal
republican education ; to this end we shall zeal
ously endeavor to reform every college in A
mettra, and establish a system to educate all the
children in the land in tlie saving principles of
American Liberty, instead of, at present, grow
ing up in thoughtless, unprovided
what is even worse, if possible, becoming indoc
trin.ted with tbe baleful principles of English
monarchy and aristocracy, the only system af
education pursued at our fashionable **«*>*• '»«•
at Warning. . _
We shall oppose all monopolies—a high Pro
tective Tariff—partial legislation—aoy National
Bank—Distribution—Assumption of tlie Stale
Debts—with unflagging, unremitting seal All
these as well as oilier Federal heresies, will be
handled without gloves. lo short it shall be vol
ume worthy of being preserved by every lover
of our republican institutions.
We shall pay tlie strictest attention to its busi
ness department, at wsil at to iu editorial.—
Those who with to subscribe may place the most
implicit reliance upon our pledge that it shall be
published and mailed each week, wiih unfailing
promptitude and regularity; no one shall have
tlie slightest occasion to find fault in this respect.
Ctre will alto be takeo to have tlie packages
strongly and securely enveloped, SO that they
shall reach their destination in good order —
With this brief and imperfect outline of our
plan, we submit our claims tu Hie patronage of
the Democracy, with unshaken and undoubting
confidence that we shall be generously tuppori
ignorance, or
Tbe Democratic Expositor and United States
Journal , will be published weekly : each num
ber will contain sixteen closely printed_puge*.
TY TWO to the volume, for tlie unusual low
price of One Dollar per annum, to a single ȟb
ten her!
Gxut Isdcjccm- st to Cu'li xnn Cowra
srira. lo o-der to extend tbe circulation of tbe
Expositor into every part of our glorious Union,
we make the following propoaal*.- Ilia*« who for
ward tan dollar« shall receive eleven copies for
one year; (hoae who forward twenty dollar«,
ahall receive twenty three copies for twelve
iftoottw—reducing the price to eighty ssaanesmts,
1er a volume of eight hundred and thirty two
Mures f Our democratic ftrends arc reapccttul
v requested to exert theinaelve* in obtaining oa
Washington, D. D., July, 3,1845.
I Editors.
. ibcnU't'H • ftisnsitisippt
;jj 1 jAUjau jtiïuaj).
HE subscriber would reapecifully in
_ form hi« friend« and the public een
«rally, that he has taken charge of, and fitted
ap this well known house, io a maaeer every
way suited lo ibeir accomodat too. F aitbful and
experienced servants will slways he ia attend
ance. Homes of those patronising him ahall he
wall provided for at good Livery 8tablea con
tiguous to (he bouse, at moderate rate*.
The Stage Office ia kept at the Eagle Hotel.
Jan. 33, 1845, JAMES JONES.
house aijo sign
•■3HE subscriber would roapeettully inform
lL the ertmena of Poototoc and vicinity tho»
he ha* resumed the buatnes* of Moose and Sign
painting at thr* place, and i* ready to executa
and despatch all work entrusted to hi« care.—
He can he found at CM. Dogan . Ho.el.
Poototoc, Sept 10, 45. M. QI INLANJ
BRO* 1
G F.oc**.wr_«^,-P üf -
Poototoc, Sept. 10, 1845.
Presse« and Typo
E here oa heed two extra Hand P v aw e»,
1 Double Medium Ptem, SmHh't patent;
——Hal do Rest's do;
(/which we will sell at a reduced pnee foe
I 1
Haring *Lo recently mede arrangement* to
pr , nl tbe fssuisvills Democrat wholly m Mmiou
aod Nonpareil, we can leU with one of the a
bove Li ri—. two or three foot* of Bourgeon
and Brevier type, nearly new. and aufficieot for
the esta bliahment of a moderate sized weekly
nwpwr. Person» desirooa to «et ftp a pre*». at
a »mall ezpeoae, would -*o well to grve e* a
Lomseilte. Eenhuky.
TAKEN UP by TWcio« finin % CWv»ot
aorrei mare, » ap mw v d lo be »h*'*®®" "® fourtrrn
year* old. about ffitaae h*ad» Ug 1—oo mai ha
or brand* perce iv,bL. AupratMul tu Tncety
OollÎA D. D Vl.il' HARD,
fob llth, 1846- I.aaaer.
i:\E< I'TORh NALE.
n Y Tirtue of aa order of the Honorable Pro
bate Court ot Desoto Coonty, Special'
Term, December 1845, the onderatgned «zero
tors of the Isst will nod lent ament of Zalrmrn
Jones, late of said county, dec'd.. will proceed
to sell on the fourth Monday in May nest at the
OmM Hour. door of Pontotoc county
town of Pontotoc at public auction to ibe
est bidder, the following described real estate
belonging lo the estate of said dec'd : ts ihn
north I of section 37, township 8, range 1 east
in Pontotoc county. The purchasers will be
required to give notes with suAcient and ap
proved security.
to the
March 21, 1846. td
VV. Gnom*«.
H. H. MkaK
M km nu*, Tfmn.
Jan. 23d, 1845.
I r
M. Bradford.
J. E. Sacroirs 1
Commission Merchant«,
Mobile , Ala.
ft f. VI 4 It Alt I.E,
Jan. 33,1845.
r RVHE subscribers have ju»l received
R from New York and Philadelphia a

Inrge and well selected stock of Fall and
Winter Good*. All of which have been
carelully selected at the very lowest cash
friers, and will be sold unusually low for
The «lock consist in part of Ihe follow
ing articles, viz:
French, P.nglish and American prints of
new style.
Blue, bl'k, plain, striped and change
able Alpacha.
Blue and bl'k Bombazines.
Merino—variety of colors.
Parissian satin lusters, velvet plaid
muslin de lane, chuaana—a new article for
ladies dfrsses.
Bishop Lawn, awiaa mull and jacconet
Jacconet Inserting* and Edging, thread'
lace and edging.
Corda and Tassels—Gimp Victoria caps
Bl'k and white Bobbinet, Mohair
Bl'a thule and green barage for vails.
Cap and bonnet ribbons; attificia! flowers.
Bilk and cotton velvet, W'k sattin and
fanev vesting.
Bl'k silk cravats, fancy scarfs and com
French and English coat binding.
Square and round ailk cord, asaortei
I »raids; bl'k imp. cassimeree, shawls,
blanket nett.
VVafle, woolen and ailk fig'd shawm.
Woollen cardinale, ailk L. C. P. Handk'fr
Woollen and lancy dress hanlit'fa.
Blue bl'k woollen dyed cloths.
Bl'k tweed, union and fancy Caasimerea.
Bl'k plaid and gray mixed sattineta.
Kersey Linsey and Green Raize.
White", Red and Yellow Flannels; a su
perior article of white gown flannel 4-4.
Green, blue end while blankets
Glovea, hosiery, stupenders and um
brellas, bl'k and brown domestic, bed
ticking, aprons and fancy checks.
A large supply of ready made clothing;
silk velvet and leghorn bonnets; hats, caps,
boots snd shoes of all kind«; queensware,
glassware, sadlery, ata'ionary, medicines,
oil paints, and many other articles too On
to mention, which m addition to
their former stock make their assortment
very 'arge and complste.
All those who formerly patronized us
and others who maV now be disposed la
favor us, are most respectfully invited lor
give us a call.
Pontotoc, Out. 30, 1844.
IÜIäT ©Î>D1D 3UyER3!ÏLÂSSrifl3»
w * r ILL keep constantly on hand a well ae
lected »lock of all the articles usually
kept in Dry Good Establishments, which they
will sell vary low for Cash- Their hm» »
sitnated one door below the store of J. R.
Eckford. J** ®
THU NT Nell,*:.
» Y virtue of a Deed of Traat execofed to
ire a. Trustee oo the 15th day of Febru
ary, 1843, lo »ecure ihe payment of certamdob:*
tlierem specified and recorded according to law,
I will proceed to tell io front of the Court llmne
door III tho town of Fulton oo the 15th day of
September next, all the right, title, and interest
which W. M. ML Owen has io and to the Sooth
Weal quarter
7 east.
March 13. 1845.
J. N. W1LIE & CO.
ÿ. t p^r«iTLS^fta )3r r JjDliTff 1*>£>J>1£>3
a » o
Uroftrt Rfpt'baftli,
AVE prepared large aod exlemtve ware
bouae. for the purpurn of reeemog *'
atoring Colton, good«, kc . snd
terre their friend« »fl that wsf, their «bed» are
hmlt aboee high waler mark, CoSes qnrntly will
tie in no danger ef overflow teiermg rextoe o t
iiuutla m »tor«.
«nil Arrftrtjrmrnla.
Pool Ollier, Ponlolfle, I
Jamuab » 34. 1846. j
Arrives —Toeaday*. ThoradaV*, and Sabir
day* at 4 o'clock. P M. M
Closes tame day* at to clerk, p. Mi
columbus Mail*
A rrive«—Tuesday*. Thursday*, and Sutu
dat a at 4 o'clock. P. M- #
CtirlTf——- day* at 6 o elocB, r. m.
TuscuMBtA Mail.
Arrises—On Tuewfot .1 A e cWwk, P. M.
CicMti ume d»y • o clock, r. Sl.
BlPljf.f M A1L».
Arrisse-On Thursday »» « «'cfock. P, A»
ClaaM Oh Tuaaday at C • clock. P. M.
Arrtres— Oe Sunday at 3 o'clock. P. M,
Closes TumJay at ( o'clock. P. M.
feh 51,184«.

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