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QtrK'H' U htfort tht iift That ih
Whigs bv evsr avowed in iipriiori (
-f epaeis payments tjr lb buih and ilir.
fore is ruJiationt of Lm.it notes, wUh
depreciated flirreby
iVr uhifitrt the pfoj.lf, Thai the
above parsgraph, endorsed by itit Aberdeen
Advertiser fiom ihe Hernando i'hrnif, con
tain! nol on word i f mib from beginning
to and.
Tun Mosmwm New Era says
We learn by a gm'l,,i..n from Warsaw
lhat a mcelii.g of ihe peup'e ' Hancock
county hat been culled, t be held at Car.
thage, to lake into consideration ihcir rela.
tiona with the Mormons. Ii in Mid that a
good deal of excilement exists against them,
and apprehension of a serious riot ami
outbreak were entertained. The people of
Ihttl aectioo of tho Stale are at heartily
lired of iho Mormons as ever the Miasou-
t tuna wore, but they have suffered them to
obtain eo strong a foothold that no power
exists which can deprive ihcm of their
fse?ainii8, or induce them to abandon
their present residence.
Thd last intellligence from this province,
tads us to to look for a renewal of hustiltiea
wnh Mexico, at no very distant diy. 7'he
Secretary of the Co iinnsionars appointed
,o treat wiih Mexico, his returned to Mcr
di with tho terms propped by SihtW A'ina
A pissenger on the Forest, who arrived
day before yesterday, informs us that the
terms a proposed are as follows:
Th Yucatecos are to collect theii duties
according 10 the i)ie,tit hum, and their
veiiuml inferior regulations will be cocitin
tied.",..' ; ,'.;' ' ' ' ' '
Their troops nrcto nid Santa Anna in
foreign war, and he will retain come Mi-xi
r.an troops ul Lamina.
' Wo , take it . for grinted the Yucateco
will not submit lotheso terms, and ihou
fan'a Anna will send his troops down on
ihem again. In connection a man of war
had arrived at Cauipeac by before the For
'" st suiled, wi h dispatches. What wiTa the
n Mure of these disp itches, no oho knew,
hut , was generally believed that ihe inig
i..n w not a fpacific i ne, certainly notjii
the .YuCiiecos so-med inclined to r jed
terms proposed. N O Tropic ilk
March was once travelling in a tgi,
cnirh, and wns much annojed by garni
lous old maid. After ascertaining his name,
fhe inquired if be belonged ti such and such
a family of Miches. 'No, madam, ; I do
nor, nor to any r.ih r family that you know,1'
was his reply, in a feharp and abrupt t no.
Oh,' says the nnu'qijaied T.rin, "iheit'e so
much acid about you 1 suppose you tprung
from the Craubury marshes " "If I did,
madam," was the prompt retort, "Pin fi
saute for a goose." The lady was silent the
rest of the journey.
from a visit to Carthago, slates (hat consid
erable excitement tsists inlfaoemk county
on account of a groa iifsgj committed lj
holy J . tfuiitu, upon the Collector of thai
It seems that Joo had taken nAV-nce 11
the co'Uctor on account of the iiunnir in
which ho had discharged his duty in ref
erence to loine of the Prophet's lota in
Nauvooj and during a recent visit of the
collector In that city, ha waa attacked and
cruelly beaten by Joe in presence of sever.
ul hundred of his faithful. Tho collector had
been quite ill fur tome weeks, and was
scarcely able to travel at the lime the
outrage waa perpetrated. From the atate
ment, we ahall not bo surprised to hear of
Jue's sudden disappearance shortly.
The Missouri Sentinel of ihe 16th inst ,
rays; Mr. Thomas Cumly, and the horse
upon which he was riding were found dead
in the pra irie, about five miles couth of this
place on Friday, the 18 h inst. It is be-
lieved that they were killed by lightning
during the storm of the day previous. lie
has left a family to deplore his loss.
Another Brave Old Oak Fallen .-
James Draper, one of the stout heurts of
'76, died at Warrenton, Ga.,on the 14'h
nil., aged 83. He en'ered ihe army when
only 18 years of age, and waa with Gen.
Green at the hatileut Guilford Court House,
and in m:ny other engagements during the
a dangerous case.
A surgeon being once sent to gentle,
man whihad receiveda slight wound in a
duel, sent his servant home wiih all possible
speed, for a par'irular plaster; and on his
appearing very uneasy at the delay, the
patient, turnit.gn little pale, said to the
surgeon "Sir, 1 hope there is no danger!"
"Yes, indeed, there is, answered the
''isciple of Galen, ''for' if the'''' fellow don't
m ike h iio, the wound will heal before he
returns " . v
DIED On Thursday evening, the 2 1st
instant, at ha If past 10 o'clock, at the
R I'lkv hy, Isaac G. Southern, of conges
live lever. '
Mr. S. was a resident of this county, and
left home for the purpose ., of attending '
religious mee:ing some ten tniles west of
'his. Ha had just recovered from a spe
hi mi kiu'sx, nnu uecoming inuispoed was
compelled to ak.p on the way. On being
able to travel, he started to return home
and reached this place on Sunday evening
latt. He was a member of the Campbell
ite Denomination, and expressed himsel
prepared for u'paih. Medical aid was prompt
ly called in, and during his illness, we learn
that every necessary attention was shown
him .
A correspondent of the Arkansas Intelli
gencer, writing from Bayou Menard, a few
miles from: Fort Gibson, on the 25 h July
aays:-A rumor has reach'd Foit Gioscn that
the detachment of Dragoons under Capt
Boone, which left that post some weeks
since, on an incursion in the western prai
ries, has been heard from, and that they are
Buffering dreadfully. The weather ha,d
"been excessively, hot. r several of the men
' had died, many more were sick and unable
o travel. The flies in countless myriads
r were so bad on the horses that ' th ey were
completely broken down, and the Captain,
in consequence of all these difficulties, had
: been compelM io encamp some two hue.
rdred and fifty miles west of this, and remain
.until his men and horses had recruited suffi.
n ciently to enable him to get bark. This
information . wti , received through some
t Creek Indians' ; ' ' ' j ':''
per "lb
iHonaon Outrage. -The . Jacksonville
; Illinoian of the I9ih ulf. says A gentle
man of this town, ,who has just returned
Racuii, hog round
Baggine pfr
Bale Rope perlb Ky
Butter Fresh r lb
! ' Goshen r
Candles, perm
lo ' tallow raid
rnstirifts ; " M '
Cho. se ' - "
Chocolate M
Coffee, flavana " "
Do Green, &. Kio
Do Java t
Co.n Meil, per bsh ,
Corn " "
Fish. Af.t.keref no 1 pt bhl
- Do ' " 2 44 i "
Do ". 3 " "
' Dn'ed Herring pr box
Flour pr bbl . f -k
Gunpowder " kep
Hay 100 lbs
Iron, Bar 1 ' Jb " "
Lard '
Lead Bar , ; .
Ltme , bbl
Molassel, " ' gul f ''" '
Sugar House
JMaits lb . ", ; S'. ' b
Oils Linseed gal 1 12i a
Sperm Winter , eal 125 a
: Tauners - bbl 20 00 a
Pork bbl.. .
Bulk Pork i ,1b . - 2
Potatoes Irish bdfhel ' 50 n
Porter London dos . 4 30 a '
Do PitUburj ' bbl r, j 8 00 V
Rice . lb 5 a
SaltGr. Alum sack ; ,. 1 75 a
Do Liv B'own ' - 2 25 a
Do Kanawha bsh ( 40 a '
Segars Spanish 1000 : 10 00 a
Melee box ' 50 a
Sugar ; i ' lb .1 .r 5 a
Do Loaf " 12 a
Tobacco Ky 6 a
Do Va M 35 a
Whiskey Rectified U gal 17 a i
Do Wirt' (lis " 25 a
White Laad in oil kg 1 75 a
14 a
6 a
1G a 25
25 a
10 a
3 a
20 a
9 a
9 a
18 a
25 a
10 a
10 00 a
7 00 a
00 a
1 00 a 1 20
. 3 00 a 4 00
7 50 a 10 00
, 40 a 50
V 5 a 9
5 a 6
6 a 7
62 a 75
S3 a 25
371 a 45
i 7
1 25
I 50
22 00
8 00
5 00
10 00
2 25
50 00
. 75
i'i 45
s 20
2 00
To tht Vofm rf 'f7", Voftotoe, 1m
faptttf, J'anolii, JJtXofn, 'Wrr, Votihamn
and Murthalt Cuunt'tri,
1'fLK W ClTlllSSI
Tl.s f-aUUtitre at fUlate
raltrtl lon havln provided that f C'l rk
of Ida Difltt ( ImnrrfT Court, U i ll (,t d t y (U
(fopl, I, lisvlrn bftcoma a Candidats for
lhat cfTicr, liattadopftd tlla moilo of procnlini
ray name before tht people of the Diitrict, from
the fact that it will not b in my power to urn
and Lroomt penonslty acrpjainted with
all my fellow citiient, from whom lam solid
tirf suflrare.
The first and hlghett of our earthly duties i
the support of our family, end to this end I have
been niott snxiouily and industriously crigHged
in my profession, until much affliction and ill
health havegrently impaired my ability to un-
I ll. .BIt,nlli JuIIm Annnitfl Afl wiih ilan.iP.
suit, and imperatively demand that I shall desist
from the labours and etposure consequent upon
my professional avooafioni. To discharge this
duty then in my case, I must abandon it , if it is
possible for me otherwise to procure the means
for its accomplishment. Believing that both my
education and pursuits in life, together with a
desire closely to apply mytelf in tho discharge
of the diuy that may be incumbent upon me,
will fully enable me to fill with entire satisfac
tion to the country the station to which I aspire,
I confidently appeal to a generous public for
their suffrage and support.
I have for many years past been a resident of
Holly Springs, and have become pretty general
ly known to the citizens of Marshall County
By such a character as I have formed among those
who have known me longest and best, I am wil
ling to stand or fall. And when tha Inquirj
which is proper and right to be instituttd in
regard to all Candidates for office shall he made,
L he honest Is he capable Is he faithful to
the country? If the answer, so far asl am con
cerned, shell not be satisfactory, it will be the
duty of every patriot to vote against me, but,
if on the contrary the rep'y shall be in Iho nffir
unlive, I may justly hope to receive the confi
dence and f upport of my fellow citizens.
As the office it entirely disconnected wiih the
political questions of the day, I shall not even
allude to the position which I occupy in regard
to this subject. To you the selection which is
to be made, among the Candidates before you,
may be a matter of but little care -to me it is
a matter of vast interest and importance: and I
trust mat tne examination ana enquiry which
you may institute in regard to the character and
qualifications of those who are running for this
office, will lead you to the conclusion, that the
discharge of its duties, and the interest of the
public, Jn connection with them,' may be safely
entrusted to ;' , - - ' -
Your ob't servant and
telJow Citizen.
Holly Springs, Augs't 1843.
Wo sio Niiih m,i to ano'riinre Oil
f. M)0 lUVIH , a CWid.i'6 m rep.
rcstnt Tippah County in the nunt rrgulsr
session i ih Legislature, at the November
Ion Vn; at CiiANtiixm,
W ere auihcaiid to announce Ilr.uv
111. KIKsov, I so. of IiMri'ir;, a, a Caiii.'iddte
lor Vice (Jhsticellor, at the next election,
I on Vick CiuMKLiott Ctrnx.
OrVVe are au horized lo announce I)f
JOSDi'flO. Walker, o Holly Springs, as
a Candidas lor tho oflice of Clei k of the
Chancery Court of this District, at the No
vn ruber Klcctioti.
(rVe arc authorized to announce W,
It. KIMHKLL of Ripley, as a Candidate
for Clerk of the Vice Chancery Court for
this District; composed of the Com, tics of
I ippah, Pontotoc, Marshal, Lafayette, Po
nola, De Solo, Tunica, and Coahoma.
Foh Policemen
We are authorized lo announce Col.
Roheht N. Chuistian as a Candidate for
the oflice of Puliceman, in the 4th district.
For Phobate Clerk,
03rWe are authorized to ancounce Wm
McUEE Esq, a Candidate for the office ot
Probate Clerk, for Tippah County.
Fob Assessor of Taxes,
We are authorized to announce WILEY
HAMILTON, as a Candiddte for re-elec
lion to i.ffice of Assesor of Taxes, for Tip
pah County, at the November election.
Foil Ranger, ' -
J. F. FORD, is a Candidate for the
office of Ranger of Tippah County, at tho
next general election.
OILL practice in the Circuit Courts of
Tippah, and the adjoining Counties .
All business entrusted to his care will receive
prompt attention.
07-Office in the Court House, up stairs.5
July, 29th, 1843-40 3m o
(T0fBse basement story of the
Court House, adjoining the Circuit Ckrks Office
Tishomingo County Circuit Court, April
,' Term, 1843.
Jesse. George, )
vs ( Bill for Divorci
Rachael Georjety
(rtitsiivsM Mitr.
Memphis I) ink
Oilr Trnn.sfe notes
U H lln.k Notes
New Orleans
Mississippi Union It ink
Other Mississippi money
Checks on Philadelphia is 2 a 3 prern
U a 3 pliJMl
1 fit
I A 3 Jit
M a U) dia
10 die
par tu 3 fi
10 m die
CO a 70 dis
illcclicnl IVoticCi
ptctlully tendurs his services to
Iho ciiizens ol Ripley, and vicinity
in the various brasci.es of lie
And hopes, by strict attention to his profes
sional duties, to merit a liberal chare of
public pairotiage. ,
(Krllis (Mfice is the same heretofore occu
pied by Laird, Ellis & Wyman, where he
may Mall times be found, unless profeat
aionally Bbsrnt.
Oct'r, 15th, 1812. I3,n.
4&ueen Ware
l ea Cups, Plates, Dishes, and Bowles for said
lowforcashby J. B. Wai kis.
4 rKCTACLrs, Raz us and shaving oAr, for
iTOsale at Kings corner, low for cash by
' . n mtr . J --
Ripley, may 1st 1813. n
TTftniwcirt and Spanish Cigars of a first rat
M"GUlity for sale at Kikos corner low for
J...U U., 1 I ttr
Ripley, may 1843.
Just received, and for sale a fi ret. ruftt n.l.'ld
ofwoLAssis. tall at Kirgs corner.
Eipley.May 6, 1843.
Court of Tippah County, Mississippi, ffllHE Plaintiff having filed his original
ranJ JU- bill for a divorce "a Vincula Matri-
A T the July Term, 1843, of the Probate
, Letters of Administration were era
ted to the undersigned on the estate of John tnonii" in the Circuit Court of said
Wells, deceased. Notice U therefore hero .Count ; and it appearing to the court lhat
by given to all persons who have claims ,he defendant is not a resident of this State
against said estate to , present the 6amc,M' '8 therefore ordered by the court, that
pruiicriy Buuieuiicuieu, wunin ine time pre- p1""11"" " "lo penumg oi uus cause oe
, I 1.1 I I A
scriDea oy law, or the same wilt be barred. mnae m ,no K'P'ey Advertiser, a ISewspa
, , , , John L Welij, per published in the Town of Ripley Mis
A Miles A. , Wells, Adminis sissippi, for six successive weeks; and, lhat
Y Joseph M. Wells,) trators. "n'ess the said rielendant appear at ihe
Septflmber, 7th 184346 Cw next Term of said court, to be holden at the
Court House in the Town of Jacinto, on
I AIIaOIIMG the second Monday in October next, and
milJE undersigned tender their ihanU plead, answer, or demur to said bill, the al
u to the nublic for ihp virv lihoml nniJ legations therein contained will be taken
ronaee heretofore extended to rhem. "Pr0 .conrowo. and a decree granted accor-
and would be grateful for a continuance of ,0 ,he Prayer of tbe complainant.
he same. They still occupy their old
stand on ;the South-side of the public
quare, where one or :both of them may
always be found. All work entrusted to
them will be promptly executed for Cash
or good Cash Notes. Cutting and Repair
ing done on the shortest notice for Cash
only. . .. t '
September, 2nd 1843 45tf i .,.
J A. TAYLOR, Clerk
July l'2th 1813-40-6w-pr' fee $10
!.. fmAKEN up by
. , JLL ( Amos - James,
I a , 1 one sorrel marf I
i.flax mane and tail,
HOLLY : tsssFH Y JSPllLyGS, Mi
fft Take this method of informing my friends
A and the public, that I have taken charge of
the Union House, formeilv, occupied bv Mrs,
Urutt where I shall be pieasen to see and enter-'
tain tnem at ail times; and hone, bv strict atten
tion to tneir wants ana coroiorts, to merit tlieir
patronage, vs ;s ,
Holly Springs, Jan. 1st 1843. ' .' '
rlB AO.. V
TTBY virtue of a Deed of Trust, executed
ILD to me by Wesley B Kimbell, and
duly recorded in the Probate Cleik'a
Office of Tippah County Mississippi, on the
bth day of June 1840, in Deed Book O
pages 508, 500 Sf 510. 1 shall proceed to
sell at the Court House Door, in the Town
of Ripley, in said county, on Monday (her
25thday of September, 1843, the following
lands in Tippah County vizr , - ' -
n " I ot cec S5I, in T 3, oi It 4 East,
N Wj : s , AQt -T3, H4 ,;
8 W i S T4r. T 3, - R 4,
NE 1 S II, T 4 R 3,V
ALSO, the following Town lota ic Ripley,
via; Lots No. 1, 2, 3 4, in Block No 51.
ALSO, the undivided half of the follow
ing described , lands lying in "Tishomingw
countv, Miss, vizf
S VV i ofSecJfi, T; I, R 10 -East.
N Wi 8 M T J, R 10 rt
The lilies to the above lands and lots
are believed to be undoubted, but selling al
Trustee, I shall only convey such title as
is vested in me by said Deed of Trust. '
h , :, t, Trustee.
March, 18ih 1843-21-Cm ;
Liquors. -.1 ,
Wins; Cum, Gin, L'ogniao and Champaign
Braudies, Anisett and Oold Corilials,
all of the finest quality, bought express
ly for thi market and for salr by .
may, 1843. J. B.Waieer.
Ciieese and Crackers, for sale at kino's
corner by . . J B. VValkeh '
TW", ENTiNf, Sweet Oil, ' Calomel, Caster
II Oil, Jalap, Rhubarb, Godfreys Cordial
Parasroric, Spirits Nitre, Thompsons JSya
VVater, Cinnamon and Aniseed Oil, Camphor
ami rJntemans Drops, by
nipiey, may jo4J.
J B. W
T,,, right hind foot , white. RTIHE undersigned has just received and will
hairs on he mane, , 14 handi .keep on h and, a s-inply of the following,
, . a ' Celebrated and Popular Medicines, Visi i
am ssi taiVt s la
rvia. TB1W IIUII d VII JMW mm A : a. TIC. M.SUUll . , i
.-u j u. a z .. u. -eienraiea aaa ropmu
j ..,, ort.u 1041 , ; I ur. Mounts- ccieDraiea uie ruis a. rnosmx
sedto $33. &u. August JUtn 1B4J, , Bitters, .i t -n.wu. rW rt.---.
TAKEN un hv Jamns Kinnev. livino 2 :!.Dr Boggs' Tonie Mixture, Nerve , and Dona
' - - r j j n w 1 .in a monr . . . , '
miles west of Ripley, one yoke .of oxon, fir. firaggs' Tonid and Anti-billions Tills for
one a jed and white, some white on his back rever & Ague. . n :
and belly , the bnsh of his tall white, mar. : p'- Compound Fluid E. of Sarsapa
. . . ,J ' .. . . - i. .. ... . nlia. , ....
ked with a slit to eacn ear;;, tne outer a -ah orders for Ageneies mtst ba addressed
dark brindle, marked with a swallow fork (post paid) to ur. J. Boggs, Fairview, Mis.
in the riaht ear. and a Crop off the left sun General wholesale Agent soHb the Undersigned
c? . ' t
posed to be 9 years old; appraised to $30.
September, yd
Airiit for TinntihCountv.
Riplry, Januaryt 1 18-13, . .
' Just Receireil and for sale Copperas, Indie-Ok
Pepper Spice 4c. by r' ii iJ;B IVai kkr.
V Kpley, may 10, lti43,m tt i.r
TflAOWDER, Lead aiid;SH0T ji'.st seoeiv d
Ifand for sale at Kings corner jnw for cai
Ripley, May 1st, 1843. Kr!?. vv.rie'l
' RtCF.ivinr Bhii for srjo n etcellent articla
Of SW.KT WlNfJ by ; J.B. WALKtai
Rinluu. Mnv R 1 ill
GOOD colTceabd sugar for sale at Iving'a,
corner, hy J. B. Walker.
- April 2, 1843; "j .fV' .r ;...
A first rate article 0f LoNrW ". and Po ,
TEs. for sale at Kiacs corner bv '
: "arranted to keep the feet Wuiin ,wt:h
cut whikkov: ft sa'.a.l'v'
, J. B" W'aiiIv -.

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