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The Ripley advertiser. [volume] (Ripley, Miss.) 1843-1897, June 06, 1846, Image 3

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capt, nMir,h 11. v,m.i;kh.
Tills fiftlipf is Hfifl i,f ihri"i fr pini mIik Ii
i aUlf nf war will kriiitf frmri our i iix ii
tJrr. i Into uiiillil li'it'ftiij with (lii
mtiiriiMi, in which hu luxi nfiri rvi'iy mi),
vndcr tin command, and In during Uvtultn in
cutting his wr J hi. J ayiof f miip, have ex
cilid in Ilia piibllfl imhd (truii dvutg ti Lrmw
mora of Iiii H lho muw (fi,i.ili!iun ho
i'usnlly ' hoiwrably apnkuii of.m Hon,
UrFn' Journal df Idu iMiuf x too. lid I
tmlivouf l fiiniftori my, from whence do
wcnil into Iho rionda war, wliem in Atmtral
campaigns h diHlii(MiK.liccl liiiiMfif by In In.
irepid Lfnry. In Isli he went to Tuna, nnd
during the Invasion of tint rrpiibiia ty Urn,
Wcilli ho win marked for hi bold Bid darina
. a . - . 1
conuuoi. Aiior ins Mexican gonorai ntui re
treated from Han Antonio, anil when ho lay upon
(ho Rio Hondo, Walker and Capt. MeCullotigh
crawled mrougii ma camp ona nigra and spied
OUl III" pomiioii, o"u iiu nuxi uay, WIUI tllO gal
lant I lava, led the attack imnn In. mi. ,.,,.,.,1
...... . - ..--. ..... Iwtl naiu,
Ho tlion joined the celebrated expedition against
.FuIJor Km Ice.
tV AM C iiiiioiii ,1
I to ii l.i urn v. i
' ...I lyojy Hln, , N,.pff,
loiINU liuniMt
A I ln VV
J& SfMrfayol.Mjy Hj,,(
I iUfi f11 ,'M, "'
l It v3 '"' '"'''r i'
ft oil
TIMUhy VVnnJhtO, ,f HiIVol,i(ifl
'' ul 'I'lpiiKil 'niiiy, In lloiMuio
fftfcijwiitii. I. iiil im tit A .liriinii.t mi
""'h I'm Miiilcrin.d.oi, ih Cm in t,
MM liolM MVlflil, llrn-..r, Nntlffll ihr.
i(.r pivi-ri ta ail .i'fnfi ,viii(f r laima atrni.,i
rum nrifft inhri i.i rnM tmwtw Pill i ittfi. t.mitvt v flutr.t
I I II' lilil U.il.... ! .. . 1 1
iiira ri.iii .i.rnon.iirfl r -t tuna o,h,. t.,t,
worn piHiiiM, nlioul It vr.f i.l
AMn.lt..! I . - ...
BV unu nirnii roil II III I il rnj.m,,,! .... i
lllllfl l1tlllclOllD.llllllltlltl l.ol
Mid iipjfro Ixrcniopieil tn roi,,f, forward. ..fOKr.
proprriy, pay Larjrca t,k0 i,mgw'tytM
ii v tv iii vv ui it nmi l fin in Lai !ipm.,im
IlKMtV IMllllVKiiv
.f.iiii ..A 'IV i. . '.
Ma.EUlMft-.niif J ' t,,MW-
- ' r I i I
"- iivvv ,'i'i"r
"'W VNIMV Will lf IMfri-Ml,
roof- imV.
if nut KHaif.
Minp. anil nn tint nmrinntr nt il.m ...
battle, he. with tlirco otlicrs humrr thn .l
ncoutof Iho rxanswaa taken nriaoner ami "orcof! bo undrrancd
flUv J.h ll ft-i-iiu
A D.MlNlinitAJ'Oir.S no rci:
i ii.o April Ttfui i-.tfj, ,,f tl.o I'nhmo
3d. ;".".rt of ''PI'sli Colnty, iii i l,u Ktato
Of iMlMIHSIliiil. l.o(li,rl,y A.l,,,,,,,.,,
. . , . I . v.,v, iiuMiiiin.ti ntif
HAl.H. ,.u u,u "' 'h;imII, cm iho rntatn I
Vviruioandin pil,usnro f)f B dlW0 of n 2r
no I ruuaty Coiirl ol Tl.em.n,:o Coun- Kntato to pronont the iiai.V fu oavn ..I d
ty, Miflraippi, rodo at the May T. ro. aulhtiiiicaiml. wiu.i .... . L ',, u l' ,u.'
- I . w lii'U IMLf'l JHIIill IIV
- 1
A T Til Its It Y A T I, A W,
N j I' f" ',,i In IM wral riurt of (,n
"4 41 M'W'lllll J,,, I, ,1.1 ll.ulro l. (I'l'. M
kwiw.iy i"jij.
TTT .' -"f
A I) M I N I iJT It A TO ffa
. - ""I. .....w-.ww, mum. UIU Lit,
pcout or ino oxanswaa taken prisoner and . """""'Knvu. uoaruian of tho K. "aw, or the eamo will bo barrd
carnca wun tin nanus tied Uohmd him to tho .7' , AK,n Wl" n ondny JOHN I mm-av
hoad.auartoraof Gcn.Ainniidia. n.n m;,..., 1,10 uy of Juno next, between iho i....,,: . . .f,vA
gonoral question d him Bs to tho Texan forces, f,rCTcr'd .'a, proceed to acll, at tho Court April li.h lb ia 19 Jw Aumms''rat"r'
andwhon Walker informed him that tho Tcxane He I,u0r',!1 l-''o 'J'own of Jacinto, at public . . :
y, on fane Creek JL"tl1 ulJ"r ' at V,.T
- ...... in ui liv t VAIIIIC
had only three hundred men, Ainpudia pompotjj.
ly repnoo: "uoea that audacious handful of
men presume to follow mo Into this etron" place
and attack me?" "Yes," eaya Walker ; "make
juurocii ujiucni upon mai Buoject, Uencral,
iney win lonow you into hell, and attack you
were." no was, wiih his coiorad. then
marcnou, a priaoner to the city of Mexico.
at aaiaao, with tho lamented Cant. Cameron
and Or. Dronnen, ho led tho attack upon the
(vutiiup, uvurpuwereu mem, ana marched for
lexaa, wnen, alter eating up all their horses
uu uiuiur, b:iu living tor oays upon tocir own
lying and boinr in paid Hunm
to wu: j'hc
2isA8i Sf)TE:i..
fj nave fciientd thn nbom I uun fur il.n
ii ''"""""I'l'ion of l.unrilor, and all wl..i inny
co proper in r.aJ!. Him my iniomioii to
' l,,'"iiniiy in thn place, nnd duly anil
intprrai will prompt inn to hcun mm good a
im m the i in, try will afljrd. The following
''"'''f'1 l"l,;oi.r,pr tour t
4 Without, . .
" IIIOlllll, i
loilgjti, :
Mati A Ihrxe nil tii-.t '
" '" i.ll.!...
i " lllO,tll, J ' J
Town 2. of I
Vvet of the N. IK. of Seen,.
LJIlirf! 7. W.rat ...:.u m i
L.uuiBtcuniy win do required of purchaHerR.
..AfXN AKIN, (iuanlian.
may IS 10.
'Hi"""' uf " iiisou t arn. ivn; nn
I"- aillD L,rifk. Ill miliia Mni-tf. 11
A 24,o-.y ,f2rtr.'.
rr.ANDr Chtrioa; gcir.g elf at cxcruciatcin-
jw iow Kioea, uy j, u. 1lkeb.
ou...u,vn, .,IU ,0r oaysupon tiicir own v,reeK, iu miica north East of Kip. lt d too pure to be drank oniJ hD n,
uriae, eurrendered to tho Mexican Generals sorrell mare, 8 year old, upwards of eick. to them wo ioullnv S.A Z
Alcrcicrand.Ortair,). lie was aain marrhnrf 5 'lands hie, branded nn h. L . 11 ,,..em, would 8.aA ' c?me. d"nk
1 cttuuiUCf
r O iu iu i c - via
Haiaao, wncre, with his comrades, he was oado wun lU0 lclt LO
to draw li tllO Ce e!irated h ark han Iminr,,
aim every lonui man was euot. 1 ho ;c that
. . .'V.W...W..U'
mained of tho Toxans wero marched to the
castio oi l'erote and tho city of Mexicn. Hfrn.
wLiio working on the streets in that city, he
was etrucit oy a Mexican corporal for not work
107 fS3ter. U'hCD With llin tnliln ho Lrnr..Lrn.l
down tho corporal, which caused tho cuards to
beat bun nearly to death. Ilia lifa was a lon
. . J : i r , , - . o
ihiiu uriij.'Bireu or, ana upon
with two companions, scaled
prison after nightfall, and ma
as, over a Ciatauce of raoro than a thousand
inaeb' li i nc. however. I ,r rrnt nut of ti.n
country, they wero twice more imprisoned, and
v,u i.u.u iLuciuu gmeir escape, vvnen Ik
reached Texas again he joined Captain Hays
wuu, witu jiiiuBu ciunrn. nrmni with rn
peaung pston, toujht So Cumanches, and de-
feated them, leaving killed upin tho ground.
Hero IValkor was run through the body with a
Cumancho poar, !mi his life airain despaired
in. e now near ot inm with VO ivxao, at
tal king 1,600 Mexicans, ami all perishing in
battle but bimnolf" and 8ix oihors; and their, to
crown his wonderful, life of daring, ho cut his
w ay, single handed, inio General Tsylor's camp
from Point Inaboi.
To euch uiu Texas is iiuK-bioil for her eman
cipation from Mexico. Few aa they aro, they
havo won her liberty, and have imraeuouuiy
mnint&incd it for ten years asainRt alt tho boas
ted power of Mexico.' iV. V. Ulobe.
fl m .-mmmm
t!ayS0ih 1S13 25-1,'Jt
Ul; Appraised to S'J5.
ye all cf it," for sale by
J. U. Walker.
1 K I . . unhv Miloo M,lu, i;..: m.,.l
. . . .. r-J uu i.j cn
io Kiver, 13 miles North East of Kmley, one
bay mare, about 5 voars dl. inr in V.
eoaa.someeaddle pboIs. loft hind mot wnit-
(f P the very best quality, es low as uual for
W 'f by J.U. Waikeb.
"ay, ioju.
t were Oil Hip 2ml di ri liVhrnarn
- j
"htaSr" "BhthipBboutlhanAiS VVu7E,'cre " 2T of, February
his recovery, he, Appraised to $30. April 15. llff. 6 ' W -343, appointed Adraimatrau of Chris
a the walls of hiS N AKilOUK. Raixrcr t' . l0,;ier Kk"ni deceased, by tLe IVo
do hm way to Tex- Jay Oth lgi3-22-3w ' J ' ,bat0 Coarl of Tiabemioga County. Thosi
than a thousand havinir clairaq arfain..t R3i,f Raiai ,,n
J.I'JII 11(1
HID 110
IU 01)
a :)
: 1 0.1.
1 50.
75 00.
ti 00.
. a a.5.
-'ioc,k feed.
Liberal deductions made for families
at my bouse. 1 would wtHin f,i- n,
icnco ol paascnffOM, going u,at th. Stage
Uhicc for thj 1 u-cumbia hue, is kept hero.
Rip.'ey, Feb. 21it IS 10 lltf
V WAI.Ilrt
A ; ( A t. V O M M 1 ,1 A O ft
M I', li V II A X T N .
71 Vinni'str,,t, A'im t)rt,am.
I nri( in in nil......... .... ,
l' -r, ,i I'ltMl n Ul(f nale or
P.'..' o,',,r' "'"r l,i).i,rj iM
I llfrlmnu khil HI.,,,,,. I .... , ' .
M... . i. .M,.,-il l. ilMTt'fiai Ul0 lillll
.N,,''' ?" ""wivii-fr p, Forwardim! o
aroim Mil, h p
W Lt u m ... ill .... I - .1
Advamw on L'otlon ,. u ii,, ,i...-
MemiihiK. I In will hr. f,.,i .. .i.., . 1
iu. -.iiiniir, Villi., UCl. 1, 1'J. 0.11
Kl-ffiR lo
C. A. Ohkim. J
W. Younu. t Il-.u'ov. Mim.
, - - , - y
Praise: Lojljyc Lottery.
CitASD Lotot of rat State of Mnwi.mt
Claaa'No. 20, for 1810.
O be drawn on Saturday, the (Jtli day of
Juno next, at Natchez,
Ono I'rizo of : :
TAKEN UO bv Stilh Jm L-aon i;u,r i
South of Riolev. ,'i w hi to A- hi
alao one sandy colored svw, marked fmooth
li op en me leu ear, atu underbu in iho ri"ht.
Also 2ishoais some B or !) momlu r.i.i o.?,i A
pigfl, something near the color of the eow.no
other brands perceivable, All apnraised to $20.
. , . i- "ft-HUUK, lunger.
Feb. 21st 19-lfJ 11 3t
Having dajra, against eaid Estate will there.
ore present them prooerlv authenticated with.
in thO limn nrfF.rrihpil ht hn. ... . I ,.n k
forever barred. Those indebted to eaid I!cti!r.
TIPPAH Couktv. t
Ltreutt Court, AJarcA 7rw, lf-10. is Jj t will plcaso make cavment. wiihont i1Atv
i ,'....
i eoruary lm I'J-10 10 Ow Ice 7
laa&c V. Joorc,
Henry T. Kurkcr
FT21lli;j Jjy came the parties, by their At-
la Mo hiB bill of dincovory upon .,, , . J
e & Co., and Isaac V. Moore, the IJ b andcrBigned at tho November term
.bis case, requiring them to anawer L Vrhe rrobate Vovn of 7'ippab
ect forth in said discovery, and it ,ora r .,unV i,J 's.eiee'ppi, having obtained let-
KN the JJrU i!liaday in September 1B-1G,
By at the Court iiouce Door in lha Town
. cf Itipley, Mis., I will sell the following
Judgip'T.ta f.ir the Couts duo thereon:
J. & T. G AnJcteen vs. Wm. (). Limine,
dated Oct. lfct 181 1, amt of judgment 87002.
Kanhin it 'cI)ona!.l vs Jno. ii Coic.lien, da
ted October ;id 1311 amt of judgment 00.
Wm. Arthur uao 'Wilson & Cobb va. Wm.
Went, dated September 'U Ji 1613, amount of
jurigmeiit 81 51.
Wm. r. Uonncr ty wilo Juditn vs Henry L..
Machcm, dated April 2nd iGM, amount cf
judgment $y00 (Kl.
Ervin Price vs Jno. W. Thomj s' t dated
October 2d 1811, amount of judmen- CI 53 42.
A. C. HLAIit, Sh'ff
ol Tippah CVunty.
Juno Gih 1310 20-Sm
' Kslray
SHAKEN up by L. W. Dalton, iiving 0 miles
4 South of lliplcy, on tho Alberson road.one
strawberry roano Horse, supposed to be 9 years
old, white faco and jaw, hind legs white, bran
ded on both thighs, but not so that it can be
made out; Appraieed to 825.00.
W. M. AllUOUS, Hanger.
11 l1orucy-,i stJ leave ia granted the Defen-
U.IUI uj nie nis oiil of dirscovorv
PiaimiiFin tliis
. I i . l C? -"-"'
uio marges act rorth in said discovery, and it
lpuarwg io ttie eatiafaction of tha Court, that
tti&Mid Isaac Pearce .f- Co. and tboe.id laaac
. tuooreresido Imv i tho tim.tr, i
r.( M::.:r . . A . "-"'-" villi u(ic
u iuiBw.taippi, bo mat mo ordinary rrocees of
li.df Kitrmnt fi.nn.nnrf ,iam . .- -..
v. raaiitu u.uii Liieiu. j is orcer
ed bv the Court, that publication bo made in
the lliplcy Advertiser, a newspaper printed in
said State, once a week, for Two months suc
cessively, notifying the said Isaac Fearte & Co
and the said I.;aac W. Moore, that said billot
Discovery Um been filed, and that unless iliey
anawer the eamo bv tho next Term of this
Court, on the 4ih Monday in Keptember
that the allegations therein contained, will be
taken as confessed and will be iwed as tceunio
ny in this suit.
May Cih lW-22-2,n
. v . v. .in in ikiriiMnn nr. . m -,,. . r
'ii . mo Minn; iu .aines
ing aO peroons having churns sg-ainfct ehI decdl
orfsein iiiotii in tde time prr:riued ly law,
nraJii uplioB will L f.UJ in t.r -Pf tlirir iu-
covery; aod all persons indebted to eaid deed,
are requeued tocomo forward and make ect
tlement immediately, ca I am dotermincJ to
wind L'pliio luiu.ef o as noon a3pcssib!o
GEOhGE a. pgelbk.
, . ,o , Ad.hiui6t.-atcr.
i-ec. i j.n ioiZ Uvv
jTrrAKEN up by Sherrod Harris, living3
l rr-ilos !:onlicast,of Spring Hill, on the
road leading to Uerlin, eao black horse.
S years old last Spring, some gear maika oa
the shoulders; Apprised to 25. Sept. 23.
TA KEN up by Wm. Morgan, living 6 miles
north west cf Itipley, one black filley, 2 years
old last epnng; Apprised to 820. Sept 30.
N. M- AKMOUK, Hanger.
October 4lh 1S13 40 3w
Tj" ETTEKS of Administration having been
M granted to the undersigned on the Es
tate Of Josenbua Ifou-nlt. Atr . nt Iho
uctober term, 1S4j, of tha Probato Court of
lippah County Mississippi. Notice is there
fore given to all those having claims agaiast
. ll
" 0,(;W)
" urn
" 1,000
' 3(K)
44 2(H)
" 100
u nuniDers 12 drawn Ballots.
tioa which m.iv hn hpoh hu
j - - - - vnu lj kiiu
scheme, which can bo had by application to tho
Manager' office, or to Mr. F. Crane, Main
street, Natchez, or to Wm. E. Eppe, Ripley
Miss., Agent. H'hole Tickets 94,00, Halves
$2 00, Quarters $1.
ItrA Package of wholo Tickets. 25 io num.
ber $100. warranted to draw ft.V). loss it
per ceut.,and may draw the four Capital priiee.
wuicu wouia do92:uuu. x'acRagca or Halves
$50, and packages of Quarters, $25, war.
ranted to draw half tho purchase money as
above described.
An approved Bond has been given for tho
paymciit of ail priaes drawn in this Lottery.
C. F. HATCHER & CO, Managers.
Wm E. ErpEs, Ag.int, Ripley Mi.
(TrTickcta may bo had at tho Advertiser
ESTRAYS Tippah County.
JTETAKEN up by C'emment R. Briggs, two
H Steer, one a dark red, with some white
1 , i.n i. .. i .. if. i. , .
sm. Lstato to present them, duly authenticated a smooth crop and swafluw.fbrk in the right ear
Within Ihfi li.-no iirp.-rriln-.i1hB I,... nil,..,.,.l,n.i 1..1.:. ... ., 4 "r
i,., , , - ' . . I uiiwLi jii m lot. iei., inu omer a y ww.
bey will be forever barred frtM,;r,. I with a ball face, threo while feet, branded w " J
LORENZO JIEWETT. the oitei- ffH .n ihf. Bi,l' L.,i,.i ....7u .
Adm,n,mntor of said Estate smooth enm off each ear: Aooraisod to
f . M hi nniniTB'ii..
Deem. 13th 1315 i 6w
Tiwah CocNir.
Viri-uit Court, March Term 1S40, btinq 23:k
lay rf March 1848.
Thomas Jones,
vs. Attachment.
John W. Gibbons. )
THIS day came the Tlaintiff, by Attorney,
and it appearing to the Court, that an
Attachment bath been duly issued at
tho suit of tho plaintiff, against the Estate of
the defendant, for the sum of Three Hundred
Dollars, returnablo to this term of the Court,
and is now pending in said Court ; and it appear
ing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the
defendant has removed and resides beyond the
limits of this State, so that the ordinary pro
cess of this Court cannot be served upon him.
It is therefore ordered by the Court, that un
less the said defendant appear at the next term
of this Court, on the first day theroof, to be held
for said County.at the Court house, in the town
of Ripley, on the 4lh Monday in September
xt, and give bond as required by law, and
plead, judgment will be entered, and the estate
attached will be said. It is further ordered by
the Court, that this order be published in the
Ripley Advertiser, a newspaper printed in said
tate, for the space of Six weeks, notifying the
oofendant of the pendency of this suit.
M.. d.?,Aody- W STRICKLIN, Cleek.
May 9th 184622 Ru,
linseed Oil.
J first article, just received and foreale
may7isi5 ';: .B.WAUE.
T Iho Wav Term. IPlfV rt n,.,t..
' ' - - . , . n.t . ivusm;
l-ourtoflippahCcuntv, in the State of
fi3siiup', Letters cf AdmmiM.-!ian
were granted the undesigned, ou the Eutato of
John Tabler, deceased. Notice is therefore
givea to aK persona having c'ainw againrt eaid
Estate to nresant them, nronnrlo nii:i',.ni!:,.in,t
wiuoc the time prescribed by law, or the same
win oc oarreu.
Administratrix of sati Estate.
A!ay Oth 1615-2.'- t'vv
THE STATE OP Missnstssmr-i i
liahemingo County.
Toell vnsons inUrrstrJ in thr T.ar.th Tmi.
menttanU Hereditaments of B. J. Kner deed.
00 aro hereby ciied to be and appear
before the Probate Court of paid Coun
ty. St. tiitf I 'niirt l-ii-i!-uit lltnnmf nn ihn
J ' ...w .V'l.t. .,w w . ' ... .11, I V U' v.. ... w
urst Monday in June next, then and thereto
answerthe petition of S. O. Gibbs, Executor
of the Estaio cf eaid decedent, for sale of said
lands, tenoments and hereditaments described
in said petition, as lying situate aud tieing in
eaid County of Tishomingo, viz:
8. E- Section 17, Town 5, Range R, Eaet;
S K Section IS Township 5, Range 8, "
S W 1 iScction 8, 7ownship C, Range 8,
N W I Section 17, Township 5, RarTe rj,
K 1 Sor.tinn 151 Tr,..,. n ,. m ..
J ."' mirutlllliu, IVailgU ,
I'M i section lo, 'l'ownh:p 0, R
Rann-o f
Township G, Range 7,
S Section
. . ... . 1 M ,
a VV J Section 4-1, Township 5, Range 8,
E I Sectiou 22. Tuwnshin R.
8 W Section 11. Townshin fi. RiTnim V
S E 1 Section 32, Township 6, Range 8, "
n w $ section ownstup u, Kange 7,
S E Section 23, Township 5, Range 6,
for the payments of the debts of said testator,
his personal estate being represented insuffi.
cient: and to show rannp. if inv inn ran. mho
, j j . . j
so much of the said lands, tenements and here
ditaments should not be sold, as will be suffi
cient to pay the residue of the debts of said
decedent, and further to do and suffer such
things as shall be considered and ordered in
the premises by the Court aforesaid.
Witness, Hon. A. II. Weir, Judge
f L S.l Sic., and the Seal of Court affixed,
the 7th April 1840.
Test: CUISLEY 13. KEY.
' Clerk.
April 25th H40-20-5w . fee 12
prrUE un.Icr3igtieJ, appointed by the Fro
f I late Court cf Tinria'i Cunntv. MiwiisRii.
'" ti. at tiia Febr"irv Tor.n lsi;; !,...,. r
LCTHCioHlOners. to rtceiVO tnil rvnmmn oil
claims of the several c reditors cf tho Estate of
Richard McDonald, deceased, Boprceented in
solvent; will meet at the Cireui; Clerk's office,
m the 'i'own of R'pley, in said County, on the
3rd Satu rday of every Month, until the f.rxt
Monday in August next, for the purpose of at
tending t!i3 eaid creditors, and bf receiving ani
examining tho said claims, who and where tho
Ham creunot3 are rcretiy nuiiucd to tnrg i;i
and proove their said claims respectively, e-
gaiuotcaid Estate.
EANliiL liONT.
February 5;h !.?I3 9 Gw j
TAKEN up hy Richard M. Ala.'one, living
2 i.wee North weet of Ripley, 2 work steers
: . f, u'"' u,,u wuu feo euies, white back
and bulli', foruo whito in hi.i fr.rnho.i ...,.-..i
with a crop and two splits in tho left ear, crop,
pht and undeib.t in the right.
Tho ctbsrhas biack cides, white face and
bellv, marked with a rren and IS Til it in K a..i.4 .
car; both appraised to 820.
N. M. ARMOUR, Ranker.
March Ilhl8-:(J-ll-3t '
j - v.... j w u n
TAKEN up by Samuel Scott living 1 mile
North cf Salem, one bay horeo rni!e, no brand,
collar markiJ, ftiiiht in tho right ear, fuppoecd
to be 5 or G years old; Appraiscd'to 825.
TAKEN up by Orria Deck, living 2 miles
South of Salera, one dark bay mare, 4 years
old, 14 hads high, no brands, had on an old bell,
with a new collar, low in order; Aprs'd to 20.
Taken up by Lewis Nabora, living 1GJ miles
North Uf -slnf Rinlew. on thn Winrrn roaii. nriA
- i j "ow '
horso mule, dark mane and lad, branded on iho
leil 6Di'Uiuer wun mo leuer Vi.. yr
Appraised to 30.
N. M. ARMOUR, Ranger.
May 16ih 13-10-23 3 w
TOllEKEAa, Loiters of Administration
V4? on the Estate of William McLeod, de-
l"7' vr,u graniea io itio undersigned, at
the January Term, 1310, of thn Probate Court
o. i ppah County, State of r Mississippi. All
persona bavin? claims sminst ihn t
taid decedent are hereby required to exhibit
tho same, vi!(n.i i.'iotimo limited by law, or
U.c tsine will be barred.
Administrator of eaid Estato.
January iu..'ii5'ioo0w
l . he M ehchant's Dau-ghtek. A beautiful
lovel, by Miss Ellen Pickering
hfifir155'8' 0,mnieps' by "Cruikehanks
tmnnelf. Grotetaiu-tu . -Mw
3. The Mohiac VVnuK-pna lV Vrvi.n t
tfullale, from tho French of Madam Geo.
4. Schiller's Geeat Romance The Vision,
5. Romance and Realitv, and other Talcs.
byT. S. Anhur, Esq. - .
Any person sendinn ua oki? tvtt it ,c
win receivo the above choice Novels by mail.
Editors copying tho above will be entitled
to the liooke. Address
42 West 4th st. Cincinnati, O.
U hitc Lead.
TFjtfBE and unmixed white leau received and
for sale by - J. 1. Walker.
Ripley, may, 1S41.
i fttt bv vour rono bridles, as may buy a
sT; tiae double reined bridlo asiow as you can
a rope one by calling at Kmcs cnier.
Ripley, may, 1810.
!!TI1E undersigned respectHHy tenders his
professional services to tbicilizcns of the
vicinity and surrounding countr. He may be
found at his residence, on the old Cotton Gin
Road, one mile North of Wa!k'8 mill, wben
not professionally engaged.
J. P. B1RRY, M. I).
Tippah Ct'y, April 1S40.-
2' tho March Term. 1310. of the Pro
bate Court cf Tippah County Mississip
pi; Liuuers oi naumiisirauon'wero gran
led to the und prHined, on iho Estate of tlzo
Kiel Lindeey, deceased. Notice is therefore
given to all per n having claims against said
l'.staie to Dreflsnt them nronrrli nmhnntiraoH
within tho time prescribed by law, or the eamo
.. :n i. i ......
iu uu oarreu.
March 14th 184G 14-Gw
Printers look here!
THE undersigned i prepared to furnish to
order, any style, eizo, or pattern of Wood
l vre, equal in tverv respect to any manufac
tured in Hie United Stales, at very low prices.
Our Types are accurately cut, and warran
ted cot to become injured by any usage to
winch types are ordinarily eubjocted. The
woods we use are mahoghany, box wood, &c.
grained, and eo prepared as to defy tho action
of water or the atmo-phere.
Having just completed new and improved
machinery, we are prepared to fill orders at
the shorted notice; and being practical printers
and one of us having nine years' experience as
a job printer alone, we flatter cureelves as to
our ability to give satisfaction in every case.
QTPapcrs that published the advertisement
of Palmer it Co. can hava their orders filled by
us. And papers publishing tnis. advertisement
to the amouni of 65, wilt receive tbeir pay in
type when throe times tbeir bills is taken out.
Editors will please send papers containing the
advertisement, that we may know where to
send the specimen eeeets.
5. H. corner Sycamore and Third sft.
Cincinaati, O , Jan. 1319.
ESTRAYS Tippah County.
SHAKEN up by John II. Norton, Jiving 0
rk miles North of Rinlpv. nnar ffm ln...
. , j w . UlUV
ran! .1 .,.-., I mn.A ........ ,.,. '
w.io bui 1 .. umiv, Duijjuseu 10 oe u years
old next spring, no brands perceivable, a wart
on iho near sidtJ of tho neck, and a not on her
right fore leg; about 11 J hands high, with whita
hind feet; Appraised to $50. '
ALSO, one Grey mare, supposed to he 9 or
10 years old, no brand?, left bind leg haa the
appearance of having beoo hurt, a small black
e;put on her back, about 11 hands uieb: An.
praised to $10.
Taken up by Andrew Prater, living 5 miles
South of RioIeV. a small sorrnll hnrio. ciinniMuJ
to be 4 years old last spring, blaze face, hind
leg white up to the hock joints; . Appraised
to 20.
N. M. ARMOUR, Ranger.
January 3rd 1810 4 3w -
EisTRAY-Tippah Couuty.
TAKEN up by Jesse Williams, living
miles North of Ripley, one sorrell horso
with a blazq in hia faco, blind on his left
side, left bind foot white, also slightly hipped on
the samo side. 14 or 15 hands L
, -vr.rusvw
to bo 8 years old next spring; Appr. to S25-
K1 aVS a Illlilff ii
January 17th 1916-6-3w 6
AT the December term 1845, of the Pro.
bate Court for Tippah County, Hiss.
lienors oi nuiimusiraiion were granted
to the undersigned on the Estate of M. n.
Stout, deed. All porsona indebted to said Es.
tate would do well to settle immediately, and
all persona having claims against said Estate)
will prebent the same in the time prescribed by
K lata. rm lUlt mill riA K 1fnrl
vj iaw ut iiicjr Iflll U9 UOIItU,
- Adm. of said Estats.
Deem. 13th 1515 2 Ow

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