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t' tY. State ; .ill any of said Coin-
panit" violatiair the provision of this'
civlioi. fltu.ll forfeit its riirltt to any ,
further loan that it might otherwise!
be entitled to nailer the provision! uf:
1 lli (U t.
Ssr, Re it further cna-ted, ,
That each ami all of said Cmnpaniis :
it" nlmll nvnil thcuisrlvcs of the pro- I
msioii l tins net. fiinll receive on 1
lliti.' roads, respectively, f.ei
ears from anv railroad connec
(herewith ill this Shite, ami transport
1 hi. same, without tlel.iy , ov er said
road without changing the load or
lo.idt thereof, and return t he said ears
to the phfe from whence thev were
1 alien on the return trip ot the same
train, if practicahle ; an! fir each
JremtitcJ ear so reeen fit, said i',un-
pauy receivinir
shall p
at tiie disposal ol the ( ompaiiv Irom
,. '. 1
winch the treishleu cars were talj'ti
::ii eaua
,,,t. ;'
irs. 11
Witliui its no'.vcr an ! the cli.ii's
. fir
transportint; the iVeis'it contained in
said car or car-" .-hall not exceed t!ie
amount or price charscd for similar
freisht transported by sucli Company
iti its own cars, the same distaii 'e.
1 ver the sa ne portion of th?ir road ;
pruviJcd, that 110 Company shall be
;eiuired to receive such cars on their
road utiles. constructed of the same
Ktias;: with thei ovv:i, and are, in the
oninion of their superintendent or
nst nt, in good condition, and of sulli-'
eieill PI t tllilil 10 pri on ei 1111- l.iij I
. . " , ,,' ,. ,i ,. 1
required: nor shall an Lomp.vnv ' I
c..... i
rcqu.red to receive .. transport ine,
i-.ii-s in . "i""V 1
.' ...... .ll.im f '
to tilt
' cl s'ot tif it - OWll 1
Sr.e. J,.. lie it further rnaetcd,'
Thnt should either of the four Hail- j
road Companies named m this act j
fail or refuse for the l'a'-P ',f '''y j
n 1 f .1 I
av after the pas-aire of the same,!
to atinlv fo- i's rateable share of the '
loan herein provided for, and upon '
the term and condition-' hereinabove 1
stipulated, then it shall be the duty
t.t the Auditor o, 1 none .vccoui is u
divide and loan the hare so retimed
.. . . ,. 11 ii: 1.
),v such Company or Companies, w ,ucl- 11
equal parts, among the other Compa-1 perfectly demonHtrable that the nppro
11 ies named in this net, that, may com- proprintion of the fund by the State
ply with the provisions of the ame.lto hewelf in the first instance was a
S,;c. Bo it further '"'.'l-ldear caseof c,,,:, and iti loan
named in this act tJ.at shall borrow'
or receive money under the provisions!
if the s.'ime. shall be held to have 1
ii-cepted, and to be bound by all of its j)(,rliuollJ If it was the case of a pii-! every kind which have been multi
provisions nnd lequisiuo!.,; as fully , imHvill,lal 0 body bllt a pttid I plying and magnifyitig for several
to nl intents and purposes, tu though ' ' 1 i'" . 1. n . ti .1 ,.
thev were a part of the original char-1 attorney would venture to delend it. , years past. It will yet take another
icrofniK-h Company. i The State, a all admit, wan but a i old Hickory to crush out the cor-
Skc. Hi; it further enacted, j TrutPU of tin fund for the benefit of rupting political inlluence of these
That this ad shall take etlect and be ; tjje Chickasaw Counties. Instead of concerns.
111 lorce irom a:et auer lis jiassagc.
'SAM''AND "SAMBO." j carry out the purposes for which the
Tit le- this hea 1 the Courant defines fui was granted, as well as the wish
its pasilioti. It h:u '-t i i ideas." So j es of the parties interested, she votes
that paper m ist noleiimly declares, . the fund to belong to herself. That
and we losn in time it. making a oor- j -u tie .j, j vain language.
reetion oftheinti.nation recently made Wlia w. lMcml u? Jf oue man
111 our columns, that the paper lind; .
only -one idea." It ha two-we ac-, holds money 1.1 trust for the mainten
ecp't of the amendment, and every , ancr, support and edu-ation of his
line must be amused with the Coiir-; neighbor's orphans, and instead of ap
anfs own explanation. 1: m h.-ielly ! ,vinj, m ,nonrv to ,!lOHe purposes
ihis : 1 , ' :. ..... 1 -. .,
1. Sam.
I. Sa'iihi.
'11 I-. I . . . 1 ... ...
lie' CU It. lie Hies US IIIISl ion ai'llll" HI'UIU H"t HI i-mii.i hw.mi . . ,,, . ,..i. . ii. ,, 1 C!
, '. , , 1- 11 1 .., 1 y communicate the true situation ot: Invalid Pension Bill was pnssed. Sev
suiiu; length, and coitus to following him.' ct that is exactly what the 1 J . ;........... .1 ...: ; i ..v, rv iJi-.n.,at!..
. .
conclusion: ,-,,., i
W e have tt'ti the tiro trims , Ive-1
, ,. . . . ' ,
mil) icaiusm anJ Aimrieaiiism. is
he-c any clashin- between them ' !
. ...... 1 .
Not the sligiitest. 1 liev are orormrx ; s
there is no
arthly necessity lor the
slightest collision.
Tin 11 are a annul
ii i ..,.; tirnis : sucii boys as it
v.uld glfi ' leu any laihcr's heart to
! 'e; such bjys in only a bad man
m-.hiI! wi-.li to set a lighting. Let
Sim did Siiii'hi keep good friends.
There is no necessity for jealousy or
The deal-' twin-" have font: in together-
Who would "set 'em a. light
ing?' Nobody. And lhe:i win will
get into the sauif bag? Few we ap
prehend, unless it be those who were
born twins, ol that same stamp aim
position thus
The editor delends Ins 1
'Color is not the trouble."
"Thick lips and woolly hair arc not
the objections." i
"We should consider color, iu,,,; or
odor matters ol no accunitl.
"But the Caucasian variety is n
better breed, of better l.raiu. f.etter
moral traits."
"And vve would breed the
Then he falls into the sublime con
elusion which v. e have just quoted
nb.ivr, viz., "we have the two
ideas" Republicanism (or Abolition
ism) has our heartiest sympathies,"
the superiority ot iw'.irf; Aiirricniix "
and .Sv(4e-- 'they arc brothers,'
In! them keep good friends, and he
("leelares that these - boys' "can whip
anything at the North if fhey do not
quarrel." The team is yoked then
with "Sam" and "Sambo." "Boys,"
have you "sedli" the. nviNS?-- Hartford
(Conn.) Times.
Here is truth unveiled. On the
.-.Mtlmi-itv of the Hartford Courant,
Americanism and Republicanism at )
tie North are twin brothers and " 1 an-
.r :" nt that. This is only the !
a. kuowlcdgnemt of a truth which we
well Knew brlore. n was saon
oneKisive v iu the election ior iwran-1
. . . . . e .1.
.r. and the .Souther.. Americans ;
iMiow the tact to lie bo ai ie.-i ine ,
leiiflers ot the order here tio. 1 et.
strange, to say, they continue to amli- (
in .i,ri .t. .... I .. w" . iruir -V1IIIII-..
cm brethren! Thev are doing all m
tht ir power to foster and cherish these
jiti cious Yur.k'.c tirivt, by their war
fare upon Ilemoeracy. M' m. Appiv! .
Land Warrants.
Land warrants continue iu active
demand, and have advanced, as an
ticipated in our last report, thirr
cents per acre, inej
f . . . ... 1.:
st nt high pri-
.-es have induced persons who have
ii-en holding up during the win'.er
srli. Vesitertl'iy and to-day la-g
tjiiali'.ities vveif I'.rt I.;. oil-. t i! It is
. -tiniMtrit that lliere are over ei-lit
iinitonn'l .n re.' of warrant.- now out
. ,,, l;n i. in- ' it" ler Hi-- l it'- i :
,,, .. ! "':.''' .e -.
:cr.M. Kif'TS
. . -
:'::;,:tiii: ADViiirrtsiiii.
THl'It.SDA Y. AI'lilL. X teoii.
Merchant nt Mi'tnn'iis mid other
convenient p.. tat will scarcely hnd a
!U ro il'icietit lacdinti n eoiienutiica-
tins vv.iu the r
1. t .
than tie Ad ve; user. Its circulation,
. .
111 iij i.i...i..ii
now cim-i.Jeraulc. ami '-.ipiaiv inerea-
in-r --h m eomaieii-l it to the favor .
MativiKi '1' ef th" Cicumei-cial 1
an 1
- '
Xno acaool X UI1U tiuestion.
We direct attention to the lettor of ' Countv School funds arc nuw larsc
w- . - 1 t n t '...,rl, tli..r..r..v.. ici. 11 1- the fiti
our Senator, (ol. J. II. Jierrv, hi re- eaoush ttiereloie we uk ine niaie,
01 milium, vim..i.h. ii hi, o I
ference to the disposition made by the instead ol requiring ol us the Kailroads j
Legislature of the Cliickasaw School' to pay this interest, that it may hcj
fund, and in vindication of his ei.utve '', that is udd.d to the priueijiul '
upon the question.
No one we
tu 1....:...... . . n..
nutm win iiesimic 10 ctuu-t:uc tui.
'.. . ,
Kerry the merit of having been aetua-
, , b,fit ofmotive8 nnd 0f ha v-'
ing honestly endeavored to promote
. . 1 .1.. .i 1 ... .,. '
. .
111 iioiusu eiiocuwicu 10 iiuinoie
the best interests of his constituents, j
But while cheerfully according to
0r faithful Senator an opportunity of
defending his course, it is due to our-!
ur i imiiii 111a luiiiai, 11 n uut iw wiu-,1.
, ., . , ,, ,.
l"al we r"01llu res our uis-
'nt from his views. Some weeks I
hack we toidv occasion to denounce !
,,ie neiversion t.fthe fund which wM 1
wy . (.OIltompIlltioni but wWt.U
. ' . ,
t0 tlll Kailroads in the second as clear
a care of jm ri'irsiim. In fact the thing 1
is io transparent that arsrunirnt is su-!
: proceeding to execute the trust and
I ue puis 11 1.1.0 iii-iiiviii jiiiium; jiuiv
to use for his own private purposes.
...1.. .......I I r,r.t nvf 1 - H n v u ' limn.
Sute diJ hi' lhc fir,:t tirc,inn of thu Act
. . , . ., , .., , .
which we print at Col. Lerry s request,
. ' .
W e call that act by the same name it
11 t.- 1 1 ,1 1
wouiu on ciiiicu 11 id iiu iiern jici jic-
itrated by an individual rmbexuenunt.
The loan of the money to the Rail-
roads was but the consummation of . lluSr 01 e.mc.w u. .u-.m m
the deed. It is useless to say that this ! co"ny Virginia, held 0.1 the llth.n
was the j.roper direction to give to it, at'"- ""onS thc rcsolutioiw adopted
untl that it now pavs eight per cent. " loU-wms:
Thc Legislature ought to have distri- "Kcsolved, That thc open, frank
, , .. . . ' and able annual message of President
iiuiuil in? iunu umong me v anous .
tcrested-le, them regulate
counties mi
it ihetiiselves and in their own way ,
and then it would have paid ten per '
cent, nnd been in the hands which
were entitled to it. We differ from
our esteemed Senator when he consid
ers the fund sat'ir as it is than if dis-
tributed to tho counties. In fact we
think it. plain that the fund has now j
nf) P.xifU.ll(.e nt fll. Who is;
,, ... a ,
Doittid ior 11- 1 ne nunc- -o lor ,
sue can on.y cniuraei a ueoi u.
.manner pointed out bv the Constitu-'
K, , . . ,1
contract a debt in tho
tmii. It . eanuot be pretended that this .
law complies with that manner in any
one respect or attempts to tlo so.--1
Tiie Charters of the id 1 Union Bank j
did attcmn! to follow thc Constitution,
' biit not having done so,
were properly held by the
her bonds
J pons
j vanished
'maws of four
down the capacious
Railroads: and the
Chickasaw Counties can only look to
the sense of justice or charity of thc
stale whether it will ever be paid.
xvli,(. of whv (t)f u, funA
pr ur ill ni!iiiii- linn lii.ll t.ii.iii i i I il-
"titute, let past experience answer, ,
ana wnrtiier r ial is a better lix tor the
rnn: l0 jr
;l,t,(j un(j(
for himself.
bound to the Chickasaw beneficiarks
for the find? We say they are not.
They w. bound to the State. Accor
ding to this law fhey borrowed the
rnr.ney of the State from the State,
and to thc Xint' alone they are nc-
eomititblc. They had no dealings
with the ('hiekas.nv School fund or
those interested m it, and are iu no
wav hoi-nl to if or thein. They an
i.";tn i 'o 'ile- Sl:itt- alone. ;.,1 if
l'liau1 I.' ep on in their pre.-e::t lirec-
- ... ..1.
mo ijfonic to rnnsiuine no nt'iii a-1
. t i. 11..
-airi.t them. Now if the State is in- all these things start up like the ghost 1 ""m V'V cnHe,luenc -s o meirconuuci. ol(, W01.jwas,t00 narrow a sphere for ly and ferlessly, completely overvv net- j ,,,-,.,. , Let him balhe i,,s person ..
debted fortheChickasawSdmolfundJofBanquo, to add lustre and glory to '"f ;
. , ii.p renown of Millar 1 Fillmore ' , prejiKliced iii.-.n, w ho lioteneU to one jonty. : ny(, Un0n the eloquent but inn"
,t is a hundred times more certain she , t,,e rt ,,ow " ol -U"arJ 1 1,,mo'1 ' ; 1;llf hiB speech to-day, to escape con- We refer to Professor IIollovvay,whose dav Wy ns,embl(,(1 to sllm lip , pKoiTwhirh have witnesseU
is n lrbted for the Union Bonds, con- Instab'litv""of Know oth- i v'cti'"' ll,ilt "r (:V('''nlnt'nt nas no desire it is to benefit mankind; unsated ' th(.jr victories, and exchange con-, tnt, m()!.t giyrious ami the most mourn-
and a . J tie act is the mint is . . : couisc ui.ui to uiaiiurwuie oiien- nv trie counucss cures nis ineuicineu j sratuialions over me resuu. anu en-1 c,, ....... ,,r nr nlsnet untu
in than if distributed and " 1 " v " .' i.uarcy, woniu ne no less distasteful to and wherever tuey nave peneiraieu, , oy 31x Worsen; next came sundry uis-: ... ),...
cr the control of the people ! ' r. " , V 1 ?,h if. ; ... n T linl1 V w",,n,:nt .t,mn woul'1 Aiocnmt has given way to their hygeian tinguished Iventuckians, who took an tUfl ,
, . ii , , " . . .. n - .ui, ut, t,uiiiiiii uinii.-o.ii. i.,(i,w.u VmKnhlv ihnrr tirr not i aciive pari in me eiecuon, aiso in a i. i. ,v,
we leave every mat. to say ,, a book of platforms lor compel.- - influence. 1 robably the.e are not 1 I u'
Well, arc the Railroads t ion fo the 'veto messaires' published The Know Nothinff Platform. half a dozen newspapers in existence . ,'.... , "
t!ie hi.-torvofthe char-
twins ol'th-.! M
femphi.HHii'J Charleston
, , , ,
nstrnteil .several years
1 Railroad tleiYlt
ago as sever:.! othrr"nctn upon tin
statute hook cotifen-iiisriipon them
, privilege and rights denied tu in.li
: vi luats testily yet
of the act we are
and as the history
now fpeakin of
come in to confirm and corroborate.
Now what will h:! the upshot of the
matter. For four or five years thc
interest w ill he paid on this fund pub
lie attention will be directed to other
matters public indignation at this
iirem nt outrasre will have died out
the tminty hcliool lumis will have
been increased .some lew thousand.
.111 :e- 11:1 irii'ii cc vi 1' r h ' I t
ddla:s. And then we will hear as:''i 1
of the St.-.:.-,
tha horse-leech's erv of "C ve.llrArt,V1Vit fro ffc P,ln,,..i,t.i.i a h .,.i '
Give." 'Raihouds are sond thin" 1
swat turns vast imbue Olessinss
whv don't the people t tieouiase them ?i
.', .... 1 . .1. I
a7V w .gronnuitf u.iiie. lac
b.u Jen t f the payment of the inteiv.-t
jolihe I hirkiusavr School liiiiil the
I'i LUW lit -till II V( C gk W. l,
-c.1,0 ,t..t.. ...,,1 ;ii i........
uutuvi um unnn.ii, '-tiiit; inn
;, . , 1 . ,. ,
have no right to complain, lor our,
1; 1 a.c i.r. 1. 1.. wi..i. ...
debt to her will be increased by the !
amount of interest-
r:i.,.... .1. .,- ,:,.J ...;n
uiiiuuiil ui iihi-i mc viiiiiuii it 111 j
have no right to complain, for the
State's debt to them will be increased
by the same amount and the needy
children w ill have no right to coin-
ui.inji ii 111 ii.i. t 1 i.iv 1 v v...
I . . ,
plain, lor is not tneir iunu aireauy
'large enough?" So it will go; and !
like our friend Col. lierry we leave our i
,,roi,h,sv to time. 1
The fact is there arc a scries of vast ;
monopolies growing up 111 this Coun-
try. When Old Hickory cast out thD
devils from the Monster lhiuk, like
all evil spirits of the kind in the days
of early Christianity and ever t-ince,
they took up their abode elsewhere,
and found congenial homes in tlie
enormous chartered cornpnnies of.
President Pierce.
The Democrats of New Hampshire
are enthusiastic in their admiration of
the message of the President. At a
! late Senatorial Convention in that
I State the following was one of a series
of resolutions:
'Resolved, That we welcome, with
increased admiration of the man, the
Message of tho President of the Uni
ted States. He darc fulfill his vvholo
duty to his country, defend the Consti
tution and the Union, in all our rela
tions, foreign and domestic, and time
Olll looinciliouw micicsta tu 111c uiiiinn-
tuted authorities, however such com-
. . , , , ..
munication may be received, whethtr
' . , 1 .. 1 .
j with manly and patriotic hearts, or a
llrmtnr a spleen.
O'At a large and enthusiastic mec-
..! .1 c r-l fil.l
1 1 lerce vinuicaiing aiute tou cousutu -
;to I) 0ai.e country and the rights of
. :.i:,: Qta, .!. atit..
the States, cannot fail to excite a re-
sponsive throb in the heart of every
patriot: and Ins administration, hav
ing been in strict accordance with the
sentiments therein expressed, receives,
as it deserves, our cordial approba
tion." Millard Tlilmore.
"Cm. Scroogs, of Buffalo," testifies
Millard Fillmore "is a member of
, ,: , ,. . . ,
fl... f I1.1I. . unH tlnif hKll'!ld nrjfvfnf ami
11I.J I lAlvl , UI... 111,.. .. II..,.,., ...,
;;...j : u-,
p.tl.ticip!ltca i his initiation,
;,t0n Orsan.
'fo which the
Augusta Constitu-
tionalist says
"Recollections of dark lanterns,
travelling down a lonesome alley and
up a winding stairs, swearing never
to reveal the existence ot tins Order
! or the number of persons present
1 abjuring all foreigners and Catholics,
and the husbands of Catholic wives
The Russell (Ala.) Recorder, in an
article on the changeability of "Amer
icanism,'' so called, makes the follovv
i i ...
. . ..
1. ui, . , ... . . ., .... ... ,.. .
III.IMVIHI9. .in ''"-"" "
...n.iii., i.t.-i .. rr.,.,.i
one niter
while. e nave. or. an mpte.i v,
atl milted
'' M' "r " '-" " ;- "".
ha ve no doubt that a book imbodying
the lllatlni'ins illlll resolutions i.l the
great American
party, Would
fill iniiiv n-i.ru nnd
till many pages, anil
ages, itim
compare .avormy-.ii M.c-vviiu
i' it. ;
young Uible.
From Wasliinjton City.
fi ine ..l,9V, I user nun wrrur. u
I he correspondent ol llm llatllinore . I ,;.-., I,.l ,,1 ,; i.l..tl, ...... ,,r I...... ,..;. ...... V,,' " i.r lenirot iifiliseitses in Mr-it nnil liftv trims was urn 111 honor ....o.. innlf. nnrl i-.rnvitled.
n. omV. ..It .n.--. , i..... ..... .u:..i. ...:n 1... c i' . .. . it n . tvu .1... ' nrl... .-..tm... B..l.w...a,l ll-oilmi.tinr,. 1... ;..nl,..a ironnrntlv. fill
rv, .1111111;; mi ui. .ui,i iti..,r..-. . ifii, inn. 1.1; 1 1 it k. ifc 1.111 ui; inunu the hiootl. llollOWiiy . HIS, oil uicwi i'.v .i.v.,, ut.i,.,. .... 1,1, ..i.i xie ue was ii iiiii.-iiwii-. f " ' pelt
The Senate, chamber was thronged ; satisfactory to neither section of the :,.mitrai.v act Moecificallv upon the aelivercd and icspouuded by taeshoats sore to the communiiV and n
of. cany hour this mo. iiiiiiT iu an- country. It is not vxrrKcit ir.ough on ' .... . , ... ,. of the assembled thousands. Then in tht'public nostril, nnd that I" o
. ..ipatim, ".il Z- spelcb o? Ju, the Kansas qucstio.Xui.Ue North. "imr Kau'", " t,W Uf,d "' the vast multitude peacefully dis- era! -entiment of Canton dc,tU
' i'f: I'l- -cat subject of t'lenad il . oticeds too much to the Xorlfr "','i4 " " " " persed U -r.-n.ovaf' . . -
,,, 1 i.,r 1 " 1 nun li-il'irm' I" p 1: ;ici-rptlih M the Seinh " tiny ipriiiij In evtevual di-ra-e th- inr. tru!. UK K' 'I'V l!e .in.' a Ne l.iial
auditory has not ntttuided t!ie Senate:
' si"' 4he day f the illustrious trio,'
Clnv, Webster ai Calhoun.
I Senator Douglas speech waJ. in
every way, equal to the expectation
V, i ' i .i i- fi.
of hi lnendu and the lear of his op-
i m
Humored Eetircmcnt of CoL For -
ney from the Union.
Wapiiimistosi, M.areh !i7. It in ru-
mured that Col. Forney has retired
from th VashitlSto '"' oil ae-
count of his preffrcnee for Mr. Buch -
! 1 m
Tcle?rathiC DlSDatcheS.
a 1
; AftnlVnL Ur I lit O I CNmLn ClrlJ,
Four Davs Later from Europe.
UoirroN, March s7. Tho steamship I
Emu ha arrived. She brin-s dates i
.. ,:...-. 1o , ,0,1.
The cotton market is firm. Sales
for one day, f.t)l bales; Jiiauunj?
Orleans tid. Considsadvanced.
Flour advanced tid.; Corn (id C'i la.
. r 1
Aloiun- active; Lxchutlge ill London 7
Very few circulars have been re-
ceived' by thl HtHamer. Private let-
trsiiiiote rairUrleans Ot: llour ad-1
' vfiiu'cd tid('ils.; Corn active; Wheat,
- ' I" t '
, . , r 1 . 1
advanced HO! Id. .Manchester trade
., 1 ,ej Provisions iren-
"uv llnchanired
- j
There is a commercial crisis at Con
Nothing has been heard of the stea
mer Pacific.
The pteamer Washington had arri
veil 0111.
. , . w . n . I
ved out.
a uinner was given 10 mr, n ucnan-1
on, on the 11th 111st., at which thatj
" ' ... . i
'""i V. L""!" .
the difficulties between the United
States nnd England. His speech w as
received with great cheering.
The White Works at Sebastopol
have been blown up.
The navigation of the Danube has
been re-opened.
Twenty commercial houses iu IJtvr
geu, Norway, have failed.
Nothing reliable from the Peace
Conference has been received. , It sits
daily. Rumors very plenty.
Fifty thousand British troops were
reviewed at Balaklava on the Wth
A Brazilian brig-of-war captured
the schooner Maria Smith, which was !
attempting to land slaves on the coast
of Brazil.
The ship Wurtemburg, from New
Orleans, arrived at Liverpool on the
Uth inst.
The Canada arrived out safe.
Trade is satisfactory.
XXXIVth Congress-First Session.
Wasiiinoton, March 27.
Senate. The Naval Board mat
ters were made the .special order for
Monday next. The Judiciary Com
mittee was instructed to inquire into
the expediency of allowing writs of
error from inferior Federal Courts to
Supreme Court in criminal cases. The
eral speeches on Douglas' Kansas Re
port were made. Adjourned.
House. The Committee of For
eign Relations was instructed to in
quire into the expediency of remod
eling the Diplomatic and Consular
System. The consideration of the bill
defining the rights of voters and the
duties of Commissioners of Elections
in Washington, was resumed. At five
o'clock a motion was made by Mr.
Cobb, of Ga., authorising the Ser-geant-at-Arms
to summons absentees
and compel attendance. He said the
1 " ..
lowing to the u
House was left without a quorum
the minority. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio,
hurled back the charge. Adjourned
without further action.
. .
Senator Brown,
Of this State, addressed the United
States Senate on the 11th, upon, the
questions of difference between this
11 1 c uiii ntiiv "- - -j
Government and Great Britan. Theal, earnest and eloquent appeal to
Union says he sustained "with great
ability thc views of Messrs. Marcv
and Buchanan." The Washington
correspondent of the N. O. Picayune
refers to his speech, saying
Ex-Gov. Brown, of Mississippi,
made a most forcible argument in the
11r1 nf-a rA.lulr limiTiniT mv ihiioAinliint
. v.,,
.tf tin.,... i; .i ... n .n .1... , ,n,f nnn,,
irivji.tiitx-iiiimii.ii,iii:iiiii. ibli;i-iitiLiiiM:
. . Q
businesa 111 the United States, and the
subterfmres of the British Ministry in
endeavouring to relieve Mr. Cramp-
(ton, his confederates and principals,
ding officials unless they are recnlled
by their own Government, and, by the
way private letters by the recent
European mails, seem to indicate,
with a good deal of positive ness, that
ii iio event vvill the letters of recall
,IR umM y Uie nit isn uovern.nent,
i us ine oilieials tleem it less disgrace ,
:t!to be dismissed bv our Government
than recalled by their own ; while the
j recall, under the tlemand made bv Mr.
Tilt; iollowiiifr extract from the or -
nn of ultra aD0iit50llil,ln in 0i11O) thc
;:,.; .: ...Ill ;,-..... I.
, v..... ... u, ...... i., . , , i ..in.-
' I el-J u.iin.. i.ln nf url.nl Ii tt.ni.ekl ..f
. " -'
. ,, i,pm ,.f .- ,,.
a(lou(. , Philadelphia .
...... ....... i. .v........i..-
i ,ik. ,
, t.'ii mi no iui' iMaitui ui iciuifn iu
the slavery ouestion it is an imnrovr-
men unon the celebrated twelfth see -
1- . - . m . ' l . - -
f UipU-v A.lv.nixr.
k tin- poor si. fc. ,tiy i:er Jv,
.,whi!firtuii l...ri.lraiierr -ttk.viiU1Uv.!
Atl-.tm with tvipea tliat nevrr prove tru.-:
' m i i . . . i ii , ,, l. .
jOlt UncUt tmte.1 v Jjalii.H you
' l. . . . . . ....
I "'I'' nnnmmmuet. wimnHiiit hi lirapsu.-r.
i VVIiilf hi ahrivrlM old Krart nravafi!r lurnuir.
, ';i! "k. iww nir -tt t.i- ..ui:
i )' urhi.j bccumw i. 11 sm.
i Tli young aiiJ the M, tli wat in I tlM-itay,
, At thr.lir.iwoi tl.u cl. tli..ir.lf..ti .11 (kiy;
! Fii nnunrm. tine Miwe.aiiJ guulm-M .4' heart.
j"Biiwt Wulof men ix.r little iart;
I Yihi run easily us. f,t ymt kuI u ith the tiilr.
Iik mm? Issue lucHf Luw tuwli Mill they
In a Urtcr vf hearts tl.is frt i tho(ar.!!
And liu Ue the iiilit. or the nMkl.'U m giy.
Who coineii tu the mart, hut hat nothing to pay.
Haw trmm i thia aaion for jieri'.hiiiy liit.
Wh.-i., if soul were tr-m-eribej ami the truthfully!
Tl-ttiwjoy-rflifr a u .t lht and .old:
They are hid in the heart, ai.d de!l in the mind
Forgiving and loving in I. elini; relinej.
rher. Viny. tuu. in a. fi.m: we love to do ud.
1 1 knuwledge in.-r.iu.ins the auul'a rkhet wd;
I In all thai i lovely, rwlfemii mid aweet.
n ... .1 , 1 .1 . 1 , . r
j Inejrthii tlKian.lrluriiia that arelaidatiiurfiet.
, in hieonvva.daiid uuwunl, the mhe.t cl all,
i ''or "s a i''i'aure that never an pall,
; " ult.y the piea.iire.in Ru.i; we .an tind.
" .. ..u... ..r
it 1 11 1 1 1 ii. 1
next term. In the ease of State vs.
Kose and Dr.ovvn, for the murder of
Donely. the Jury brought in a verdict
v.- il.A Uii.. t; .! . . I?.. ... .ruiW,.
tor the lalu- hndilig ltose piultj ol
lnurJer iH tlie first degree, and Ih-ovvn.
0flniinBlaUghtf. The ease was ably
argued on both Hidesj.viessra ureen iX
WI.it.nore, appearing tor the State,
aud Messrs Reynolds & Kitiyou, and
Wrny for the defentla.it A new trial
has been granted them. Jacinto Re
publican. Hon. Danl. B. Wright.
The citi.eiu of our town and coun
ty were favored last week with a visit
from our distinguished and talented
Representative Danl. 15. Wright. We
were glad to see him in fine health.
During his stay in our midst he ad
dressed a large audience at the Court
house on the Kansas question
commenced bv alludiuir to the threat-
eniiig aspect of affairs in that Territo
ry, and said that it was the proudest
boast ot this country that no citi.en
had ever been executed as a traitor
to his country, that the abolitionists,
with a million of capital to back them,
were already entrenched at Lawrence
defying thc arm of the government.
The President was pledged to execute
the Law, and the first gun fired by the
general Government upon its citizens
would sound the death knell of the
Union. He prefered settling this ques
tion by the more quiet and peaceful
means of the ballot hoi, hence he was
before his fellow citizens to urge them
to emigrate to that land and aid their
Southern friends in maintainingSouth
ern institutions there, lie refered to
the importance of making it a slave
State, and showed the vast influence
it would have in moulding the insti
tutions of Territories adjacent to it.
After giving a glowing and beautiful
description of the country its fertility,
its broad plains and beautiful rivers,
he proceeded to state some facts to
show that it was adapted to slave la
bor. It was true cotton could never
be raised there, but then those other
great products of slave labor, Hemp
and Tobacco, iu the raisingof which
slave labor had been more profitably
employed than in that of Cotton, were
well adapted to the sou ot that lernio
, . .,,..- i,..,,i,. Oollincr
there at from V2 to 1,C00 dollars and
were hiring at from 2 to 300. 1 his
didn't look as if slave labor was profit
less. After showing up the present alarm
ing aspect in which abolition presented
itself, and drawing a beautiful con-
Irjt l.nhi'i.n th 1-eliltivtl avsteins of !
,.,,,1 r.knr 1. concluded bv
Southern men to give material aid to,
! this great cause. Jacinto Republican. I
A Glorious Ambition.
Said thc Scythian ambassadors to
. . . -
I Alexander. "If your person were as
' ...
,. .t 11 11
......l.d.'n.i. nm nhnn tliOU'AM vrfltllll
1 . .. 1.1 ...., 1.1
not contain you
nr.. i. :..
iour midst a conqueror whose ambition
u as boundless as Alexander's. Thc
have accomplished, he is now actively
...r....i ;n ......,,i,,t:,,i,;.ii..r il,.. tront-
1 IILl.lK' II 111 itiwuut.Miii.iii mv
,. .i n
.......t . fliaoaDa 1 11 Hi I a nntt lltlV I .fill
1111.111 Vfl UlC ...-. .... vuui.v.
quest antisuonigauun ni r ins uijjciv
... . , l .
j the conquest and subjugation of the
varioua maia,iies that alllict
the hu
. ' ' learned by public benefactors. Among
CP The Circuit Court'for this coun- J tliat das3 1,6 hM lon stooJ P-re-eI,li-tv,
i- -till in .eUio.i. The ease of!ncllt- alld il U PerhaF not tou ,,mi:h
the State vs. McLin, and the State vs. tu ay that hi- European and A.nc.i-
Bewshave been continued until the!ancentrJ,n,inafact'jrle-'a"Stnd'
Tho trophies of his Bkilli'is honor, Thomas Dyer, the Mayor
'.l... :.- .... n : .)....... k.-
man race.
w ,CS,U"
' , i - r u
!,! tu he found in cverv re 'ion of the
,earm, ior ins rcnu-un;. "'""'r"1""
- -
.that have not borne voluntary testi-
: ,nony to the wonder-working efficacy
! 1TI1..... llilla nn.1 (tintmpnt It
iui uuuunnj phi.- v.
. i . 1 .1 : 1
ti;Lsiierloiore oeeu iiit - uiiieiuiuuui
, .
,,., nt t pvrn the most nomilar;
' plaint against even the most popular!
medicines, that they were mere pal-
i . ! .
."aiives, re..e,,nS pa... tco.pu. nj ,
! perhaps, but never reaching the via
' n r-
Ointment is uej o an iiiixi'iiry to
'the JML. and it nauitive eifects are
scarcely less rondi;rful.
.,.!; .nu.rlinii.! Iml.l r,s
I . ... .
they may seem on no id grounds.
I ' e
t VI 1. ...... a-..a...T. r.ii. tl...... ... 4 ...
r n. muium iumh hi . t..-
missions of the faculty-
ill the t ate-
iiieuti of standard medieal jieriodieals parties l contract in writins for t!
ion both id of the Ailautic in the lment of any rati, of intenvt a',';
(I 11 .c.i exceeding ten per cent. i.(.r .,,.,.
I published acknowl .lse.nentsot thou- ;u
I Hands of grateful convalesernui and llerw;f.
last, hut not least, mi f ir as our priv ate ! Sr.c. .. lie it further enacted.
convictions art coiicerned. in our own this net shall be in forte fai.a t,,.
peronalexperiUuce and observation.. f its passase
I To tho man whose profouhd re- ,S " J: e ttiurtr t na .ie 1, Tin
L ..:... ,1-1 i;,l ,1"ir" UIMl" this a,t,l,al! not 1(.
.science liavts resulted in the produc
tion of ituch uuequaled curative.!, and
w ","H: "-"-" ll""unl"
; uave uuiueu uu mi iiuuuii i vtij m-
1 1 I'.tr. I .t .1 I :.,
habited region between the Uquat r
ttj tue J0i4.! the homage of the world
1 . ,,M neAx.KA u. Wher
ever h ha travled Lin joariieya have
'resembled u triumphal progress, and
J the most haughty of Europe's aristoe
! racy have been proud to asist ut his
vve hope he will become n citizen of
'a laud where the only titles recognized
! 1,.. l,n tttl t re-noer mill fr,.,.t i 1 1 1 ,
evens, lie is now a resiaeni ana
.W ....... ,-VV.. j
London, and tl) Jlniden Lane, Ne,v,
York, are doing more practical good
J than all the medieal colleges of Europe
. . . .
, a mcr eu comb ned. .Vf) lurk
' .. v
Uad!l ; J
' CapitalKentucky Know Noth-
Decidedly the best practical legisla
tive joke which ever fell under our
notice, came off a levy day since - in fi j of the gtate of Wie
the Legislature of Kentucky. Ihe;"w " . .
Senate of that State is Know Nothing 1 . , . ,' . n
in the proportion of ab.ut three to ; 1 1 Assi. ant Geologist Dr L.
two. At the period to which we ul- w' . 11 very , hoi tun,
1 . . ' Lv.ien tho I liu tii'ifr Inl- n tiini' thi,i 1 I
lude that grave body was engaged in
the discussion of that portion of the' counties ... . onrotoe ..ppic
Governor's Message relative to Fed- 1 t-hanuniro. tawamba and the w.m
eral matters, and a long siring of rcso- rl' ol A m.roe. on the It it e;
lutions of the culvert stripe, were ; e "f t!'y 1 ;nl'ee nv .
introduced and pressed to a conchi- i ll! V00'f.c'1
Hion. At this stage Mr. Martin, of. Agricultural examination winch that
Floyd county, a Democratic member, . l,,n tlon cl-tuc Mate ol Mis iss!V,
took a copy of the Constitution of the ca be, sub.t.iltt d to. All iho-e .e.
United States, and transcribed there- w. take an interest in a Geo
from the following passage: ! oBicnl suryry ol the Mate who dcs.rr
1 t.,. w.Kia ' to confer with the Olheer ol the survev
should ever be rcuuired as aqualifu-a-
J 11 .IU! CX , .1111. IIW ,
. ., ,.in,. iini.ii,. t,.,.t 1,1, 1,., -
the United States. f tc-1l: w,0. "e " J.le t0 P.nt ut .-:!.
Never dreaming, as it would appear, ! ,'''nllll('s wuw "'.'.lts of interest fil
th is was a "resolution" which ev ery ! ttl(; sun ey es,,ecia ly loss. I remain
one of them was bound by the most te;, ;e to be found.or who possess
solemn obligations to observe, these j collect.oni. or single Ppecitnt-ns oImk-I,
K.N. worthies fired up immediately, , ''na.ns are requested to inform the
braced their nerves to resist this em-! Af"1 .r '..'Vl
missary of the Pope with his p.pi.lic, 1 . I''" d.rreted to the P.y -e
heresi,, and mSignantly roUd K.plcy. Jacinto,
We quote from the Frankfort 1-
man: ,
"Those in favor of endorsing the
Conntitution were Messrs. Barlow,
Conklin, DcCourcey, Edwards, Gillis,
Hardin, Headlv, Hogan, King, Martin.
Matthewson. McFailand, Silvertooth,
Walton, Wells 15.
"Those against it were Messrs.
Bucknor, Bullock, Burton, Collins, ,
Gillis, Edwards, Haggin, Harris, Hay,
Howard, Irving, King. Kohlbass, Rip-;
ley, Smith, Sudduth, Wadsworth, Wil-
liams. Woodson, Wright- SJO.
"All of these gentlemen are Know
Nothings, par excellence, and by this
vote they virtually nullify the clause
of the Constitution of the United .States
of which the resolution was a correct
copy verbatim ct literatim!"
; . . . 1 1.. .1 .. 1... :..i...
ims is linquesutmauiy u,c r
of the
LUC HUUPUII. aV ttD it ti uilim-
Side Democrat
Correspondence of the Louisville
Chicago, March 5th. 18af.
Messrs. Fiuitors: Yesterday was a
I glorious day for constitutional Dcmoc -
racy. 1 he entire Democratic ticket
was eiectcd by five hundred majority.
j In the past history of Chicago there I
I never has been known so much interest
1 111 political matters, ana so mueii 1111-
.... , 1
portance attached to an election, at
the one that has just come oil. Abo-
... . IT-
htionism, lvnow Aoiiim''isi!i, jiainc
t : .... t ..11 tlm
t r t. . 1 1l,l.n
l.nieilil I .llelT St n II P Will Illlll .'1 t.ltC
..i... : i ..
; , . , .,
anu uemonani on ine tnuei. im
Democratic party mat every foe bold -
, robe themselves in the laurels no nobly
. , .
1 An immense procrs uon was formed
1 ...
1 ryteiidins- near two miles, and nre-
' ' ; . .
ceded hy six bands ot music, which
made the city vocal vvith patriotic and
- 1 national airs. Next to these followed
six white horses; then a carriage with
1 eitict, in an uprii ciirn.iL:e liianii u
i 1 " . . v
- 1 several distinguished Alder.ncn.ilrawn
icniiic uiu Miuituinuc wu im
. nnnM atpmill( rin t.
, thc aifTerent inscriptions on the bun-
' n.. 1 i.ntieeil thi f..ll..ivinn-
Aholit'llin lltllllisheil .
- i ---
i f i rairn m M.mn
r " ' :
Ilemoeracy triumphant.
' IS'lutd rights to all c. fee. i,,,,:,, ,,, 3tH.l(.tly nnd openly vwXe.-
When the m-ocession arrived at'ni-mrr in nronrJate abolition s1''1,
- , ),.a,.born Park, a salute of one hun-
Laws of Miss" ue if pj.
A ACT to authorize partic.
traet in writitts fur the r..tc
t -r.
.Sti TiiiN 1. lie it cra.'tcd v tV;
lli.. ..C Vl:
That hereafter it shall be lawful 1,
........ ... .... . , .ilSfi,i. 1,...,
npijneu 10 air. rontract Ii' ictnti.v..
4rkacas News.
Vve clip the followins piu'f'grai;li.
from the Napoleon Sentinel oft!r
,'lst ult.:
"Arkansas is destined to be 'one , r
the .States,' judging from tiie nirnher
of n. overs now in our city. Then
cannot be less tlian five iiuiiared t ;,,,
Srants here now, hunting hoiue in
our int.-rior."
A negro woman called Sail,- ..,.
1 : ... i'..: i e.i
iomijiiik iu mr, ri -uier 01 UHS VK'llillv,
n-ave birth a few days since to fi
children, three girln and two Lnys..
' What COllllty Clll beat this?'1
111. nil, nil. in 11 lyj i'l. i.e.",'(,;(.!
a day or two inee, a imPt niuulur
11. id remarkable head that of I'm
chre, a cel'.brated chief of the Cret !.?.
The singularity of the head cou-i.i, :
in two perfect mouths- a front ati.l
rear muidh. wilii a double tu t of aim
tieiitors to eat-H. It is a rcaiarkal.V
fact that it made no difference in L;f
eating or feeding operations wh-..-!i
mouth he used, as either ale w ei c,i
the suma purpose; but whenever !i
imbibed from the rear lnoulh drunk
enriess ensued much sooner than if In
had taken it by the front. Such a ht
is worthy of the study of nnatomy 1 1
the medical faculty."
JlUt. Llll' V ItlH-ieiH ivi lli l.'Mt nun
and with him to examine lands.
, 'rais, ores, marts.
' '"' l,ry,"lMl.v a'"1 u'a""
. tell 1 1 Pi I til.
The New-stumers of Pontotoc. Ti:
pah, Tishaiiiingo. Itawnmba and Ml:
roe counties will please copy th.-i
notice once or twice.
University oi'MifP. Mai eh 50, li1.""!:.
- - -
Let Kim'Alone !
According to the New York Herald.
Mr. Fti.i.viuiii:, after regaling hiiiir.nl
with a fox-hunt in the Papal Domin
ions, was at last account on the c
of departure for Palestine. The lit rati
thinks that it will be at least three
months before he can possibly hear ( I
! his Domination for. the Presidency, at: I
signify his wish in connection with it,
aim c
ind concludes with the Mgs;cHiion i"
, . , , .. t0 -he
. .
him"' nnd communicate 10 hir.i tl"'
event which calls him to ltud tin'
; fclr;'"'
clearly of that class which the Poet
refers'to in the followins lines:
- h' i;;nninre i hlissi
1 H loll V to UK WiKt
; unfortunate victim of Enow
: o!)nlg cxperimt nt should be k'l'1
! i-rnornnt of the Haerifice.to which lie
has been devoted, to the very msi
metit. Let him enjoy the pleasure
, ni en es
of Palestine and the ovations 01 n -
, ,lirl.
.'';';,!, ,...,.ri, frt rc-rvWe the ''
jIIL, intelligence rith the
., r,
1111 cx-President ! Let
(mi'im- nirionn- t ie saert u ruins "
liii,rnt. fwistrn fill
, 1 II 1TC 1 .1111011 tile
lauen siiriut s
; fallen s u int s of the llolv ( ilv uiin
11' irriftiis nnr i ii I iiuii i'
enl nniiliiinlnlinn can brace his mind
, t0 ,rea j'ul ordeal he is called h
.....t i;uti .ill hopes
M V f ill J IllllUjuie'i ,
earthly grandeur, and patient y sui-
mit hiinse to tlie uievito""
i : . i.;l If, mnhis ArP'"'
" loco an .i.LO nun . ..... -.-y . -
i:Seryed,Hiin Eight ! .
A mnn bv the name ot Mlieeiot".
; w;is r(,cl,ty tarred and leathered
.... i. i .1 l... Iiiilc'
('niitnn vtisq nnd oriiert'ci o
- niiTOii,.i,iss., itim unn .
, Lvil(.h Vlim0!ir thc rai,chr,U fore
; ,1 n ti. nf.xt dtv The follewue-
from thc Commonireaii
pecifications of,chargts e
found guilty
he had been bonrdi"Jj-'
, nnl JtiU0,IIf Willi i OlOlitK-o
tin',s of (1,.Cpncv an.f propriety.
r, ., , . . - c. ,1 in fi-pfllK'"1
j I llill UO lUlQ WITH i.'un- ,
I ...1.1. .InvM. WltlK''"'
coinmunicauon hh ,
. (h irrr.it i"
warrnnioi law.r.nu i" -. f-,
inrv of 1'ieir morals. 3d, lliatnei"'
mcnts, contrary to thc statute n
- ,- - r ii-

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