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ED r
VOL; 39.
NO. 10.
PS w
IV, EJ J.-j-p-y--
K, F. FORDa 'Biiiw ud ruUisker.
One cepy one year, - 01. SO
ftne copy nix moaUhs, ' - T5
tlue copy three month, - 40
t Inserted at one dellar per sqnar (one
sell) for the flrst Insertleu and fifty cents
ui each subsequent insertion. .
. Legal advertisements UwertediUihe rates
fixed bylaw. - .
Aimoi noiijt candidates tor beat or nty
efflerg, two dollars and a half; Countv. fire
dollars; District sad tftate, teu dollars; tu-
erarlably in mlvaime.
Tlia SUw York HeralsUay thai
ihoxo precious sueraheU,, the Blame
jriatiHgers, in their desperation., -are
atruggiiM,; to :-tadjr'Mi)r
reputoJbl than aiieuMl.tes U fatter
th. HU-jpQnrAtcty a.rid jrr-ele-vut
chiirgo Mating to iorrnor
ajlevel'atid's pmal character.
They .cuu 1.19 however, pre the
Key. J.I'. Newman ,ito tht ear-'
vice.. That goueMetua, whilt tons
juirari ly y i v g at iibUagvyaM thon-;
jised the' Chicago Urald to ,de
, jiuuim'-b fale 'iapr inlet-views
purporting to have been
Jield l.!!u i:pt:ii 'Ills Subject.
JfunOotf, UU)VltJ'e jvutlie rae
sitter lie urofesies warm admir-aton,
Mk' he knows nu!imi.g wh-dtevar
and h urtli,itul flolfcing irttat
ever 4rrigiiry ,0. '8 Fiv1 V8
Hon. Rjw4I l Flo wr, who wai
(Cleveland' itisl rlf at (a Nw
York, nay J he will support the dam
ociatie nomination heartily, and
frfliots ihHt" Olf?iwill carry
Ue'wTork hy 5),009 iujorHy.
XNw Yrk.fwU1 MTit
reported to day fhl Mr. FiUea wa
apnealfd ro for aiel, ad promised
1oin'riV.ul 50 000. "J'hase inter
sted in Gev.dJjeela-neV candidacy
fv that BinoaM 4r fflly abnut one-
tenth of wUl 1494 of (ireynloiiM
will jB-slually 4iud tcnr h
su'.:eei ot tl diiiocr-rii prty."
The Jtey.
Sam Jiti .C.! Werk1
Hidrjf(ul Kwival,
Correspond sca l tht Appal.
OowiiTii. Anr1' St . Th Re
am Jnei, 0urgia, rriv4 in
,ur city two R B1 bfiR
preaebini:, ni ciid up fo
W(.tn!ay nigh !', iJ? ,,n!,
d m-oniy-nia wrmoni hi
Jhvk: To mj w Jm1 a Mial i
not sfl'n inlly tre t -nable
unless they Mrd Sw J
Jt was the mvt mplU waken
ing that f ver oticarred i tbii
i'on of tfew country Th ehurche
h..aa relived a iteveri
aw wtw -----
ifri, nd fins hva hn con
Vict ed and covaftd by s:re.
arli.t wa ha t called tiiu
Jiart'est' aites ia t! " a'tg7 have
beeaooayerni. Jlr. Jmm UI u
r,a MoKday aisht, lt, but the
fetal)!! ji "P u lhi
Veen con verted, irlw all cillZu
olCuriath. O-ia (futU:a who
livain a far niFS , hut lp
i.iUi is ani'iMsr tho- cort
r'" '
Is barind9l, bst-M
.ou.xn in a re iiM Pit ol
AH ih Veliki dnoMinaiani, I
think, will ba reiwlarcefj, by tfc
euayert?., Soma hare alraady ba
raciva4 UU tha Baptiit aad tha
;yrabytariaa Churchas. Tka min
)8tari present ara tba RaT. T. I'
d.barne, ol tht Old School Prasby
'tflriai Church: tlia Bt. J. D. "J
'w: II! Steele, af the Cumbflilaad
TUurch: the Rar. J. A. Baweo, of
the Metliodiit ' pic pjf Church
lUthVandth'tRaT. R. Yeu, of
the CuJberUBd I'raibyUrU" canre..,
a cii of Corintft. Ha not knew
whan the weeUngilI eU.-- "
For any' information ia regard to
exhibits at tho New Orleans Expo
sition, address 8. A. Jonas, Aber
deen, Una. '
Ciaveland, Utadricks & Morgan
Eathvislasm Over the Nominatien of
Jadge Mortaa-A Flattering Oemen
atratiea. t
Special to tho Appeal. 1 -
Hkrhanbo, August9. Tha eathu
siasm aad delight of our people
over tht nemiaatitn tf Jaija J. 13.
Morgan for Coaireis, was nunifest
ed last aight by an oatpoUritij of
his neighbor and frieais, both
white aad colored, in an impromptu
lerosade. After raugie by the band,
Maj.T.' C. Doekery, oar worthy
sheriff, ai spokesman, expressed the
setimenta of the cjewd in a happy,
coetiramUtory sf tech, i udje, fiior-,
i;au replied in his usually forcible
aud aiiialy style, dsclarias in the
course of his romarks that bis noue
itialioa r'a the reiuK not of his
penqnal njertt or popularily, but
waa rather a couiphmnt an I aa
honor t ight to be pail by the
Oeiuacjrata of tins tonsression!
Oinirtct to tho gatlant Oemecraey
of old OdvtA, who, since the stormy
dj' I hare W tlie " front
r.tJia h;tve auver lost a battle,
i.n tke eaqe of good forerniweat.
Judce Morgan's anbliili4 integ
rity aad war sympathies with the
people 01 1 1118 nave wuu ir miiu
. . i . r . u:.
la maul unbounded coundetice of
all the people, and note the pro'difl
lieu, Umi. J$di I hat when
the Movrmber alectien shall have
voms rud, the reinrus will ahow
Tor Morgan unch a sweeping majori
ty that Ihe little bn' will bo
most wolully di.';grei and
kneolted clear out of tha rh. Af
tr th Jad,'o had spoken, he very
cordially invited ail present to par
take of a uioit enjoyable repait,
kanlily prprd by his acca nplish
Kii wife ad daaghtor. The repnH
over, stirring: ap!iea were mad
by A. S. Bachanan and others,
when the crowd, Klirred to the wild
est enthnaiaitn, gave three cheers to
the EUCC888 ofUleveland aad lien
druks aad '.he gallant J. B. Morgan,
and retired to their h uass, mare
than over determined to roll up a
majority ef 2500 in this eoanty for
J, li. Margaum November next.
Tho revival of religion commenc
ed by Rev. Sm Jouos, over two
weeks ago is still in progress with
reiulU Mprecsdnt8d in th chursh1
history of Oerinth. Uiider the earn
est appeal" ot Mr.Jo.ies the zeal of;
ibe iH're aetive church mombcrf
was aroused U fever heat, the luke
warm became wanned over and he
west hardened sinners were nreus
d to a true sene ol their condition
lu grr wr iwut,i..
peniecoMalfell on all alike-, old
men. young men, woman and chil
,n hv the score wont up daily
- j ;.i,i t. invnxe the aid u
and .iiji'ii-j -- -
thoir bBJlf, an 1 eouver-
aMnfd-iilv occurrence. List
m. i... nicht iba last time Mr.
miJMUH 11 ' M
ofliciafotl. ninety fire new
.converts came around him at 'hi
..ll Tha leading churches of the
t n itr la fir I II be eonsiderably strength
-,.,t and i.b mural condition ol
t!oria'th ereatly improved by thi
.tie nt. Up te present wnnng
( Wedn?sdy) 125 hvo been flonvert-
i Th MiMelinus are carried on
mainly by our local ministers aui
. " i
u ik.' irnw(is are not
n4 " w T , , .
large the interest u anaoea.
Oerintb Herald. .
Mai chez Democrat.
South Carolina tea cured ia a
fruit evaporator has been proneuiic
.J h London ex. tr oiu1 i any
Assam, Indian or. Ceylon leas. It ?
ih.orut that with experience in Us
preparatioaitcaa be made eaal
the best Chines - "
who have tea plants ceatiniie their
experiments. There 11 a great bpa
ot tea railing io the. Sen th. - t . ,
The latest crop reports from Toxai
indicate a yietd of cotton equal to if it
i,iat vrtirs' croD. ana
does noi ewoj """ j
tbo yield of corn will , be above
average.-f Avalanche.
Turn the rascals out.
- j
Mary had a little duds.
Hit basis ware white as tnow,
And every where that Mary wal
That dude was aire to go.
Ho walked with her Irom school one
day; '. , " ' .
That was against the rule,
'l'is most improper that a girl
Should have a beau at ashotl.
Her irate father kicked him out,
And down the road he went,
Swift as a dart by bowstring sped,
Nor lingered worth a oont.
"What nuke tae dudo joyo-Maryf
The jealous girU tfeay cried; .
"0, Miry loves tha duie you kuow,"
A sour eld naid replied. ,
Method for Putiiuu up Fruit:, far New
Orleans Ejcpoaitieni
For sound hard fruits-Apples,
Pears', Uharriai, Plunn, etc , take
alcohol and S pure water. For soft
fruit loathes, strawberries, etc.,
take f aleohal and pure water, put
ift jars keeping the jm well
filled with the fruit and fluid, and
UHderlo aever, set away w a
drk, cool place, and eximina fre
flaeatly. rtiawin'g any specimenj
which luvt becew dafocVivo.' Jetr
will be furnHuei to collectors as
soon as we can possibly gat them;
in tho meantime, e any jars you
nny have en hand, in order that no
valuable speeimes be lost. Pur
chase alcohol from local druggists
on best terns voa ean, and send
reut;hr to me at Mdisn Station,
Mii?., and the sar.i will be paid.
11. E. M.sKay, Chief (Jolleeior.
HswtfATHH Diet a t imfrsqiwnt.ly
hai quite a' mueh to do as oxposuro in
producing rheumatiaa. lUe folloiy
big liniment rejipeisgjl forma.
when oua has tl ; Two tablespojnfuls
a fnaator oil and one teamojnful of
spirit of turpoutiue;heat th to poth
er, then rub liard tha part tiTocte I with
piece of fl-innal aaturatei with the
mixture, aul bi I on thj flviusl upon
retiring to ba t, will s.vtui'ite 1 --yith tin
Winn preparation. Ls.vi a jiies U ne-
om.Ttondad m a frequuiit curj for acota
rheiimitiam. Tik3;i tablopo) ifil to
twicd tha qui:ititt of cd ter everx
hour. Ex.
When any business mun or firm with
draws hig adveitisenieut from the pa
per it it a euro sign that he is failiug.
A standing advertisement m a borne pa
per keeiisyou introduced to the people.
Non-advertiser are acid v.u thought of
iu a business point of viJW. Many such
tnen iifi.se out of busiuess circles for
the want of patronage, simply from the
fact that they arc never thought of. ex
eept when seen.
Kossuth, Miss., July 231,1384.
Owing to the uneasiness through
out-our comin unity ou account of
smnll-pos through some sections of
country, noiioe is hereby given that
the reunion of the old 2!d Mississip
pi Regiment, to bo helii at this
place, on the 6th of August Is post
poned until the third of September.
Co. D. 28rd Miss., Regiment,
Cenmitteo of arrangements.
The Now York Herald, which is
doing splendid sertict for tho dem
ocratic. tiokt thus,, tells, whoso
matt.Rlalno is. "A-feehle attempt
has fce3u made to prejudice work
ingmen against Gov. Cleveland by
charging that- he is frieodly to mo
nopoly. Then why are mo most
.Aai rn ab mon oonlists. such
gwuipi '" ---- r '
Jay Gould, Cyrus W.Kield, Resell
Ssge, 4 others againl..him and for
Blaine? Gould has declared viht
ke is "perfeetly, satisSed" wi h
BJ aine, and Gould never mistakes
his man."
' Chalmers is crowing
Logan! Ex.
for Blaine and
Aruvoli failing, try Weu-3' Hl:I,Tn Ea-
ft Bnfn, MervM, AMmMh, rjTer.lrirtneyi,
imta.i AoL'BauaU)dIavl(ioco. Curai
0) HeJcho, Fever, Afiue,Jliillo,
Kice to hike, trae mnrit, unoquolcd for
TORPID , LIVER and .Night
Sweats, Nervous Weakness.
rWalarTa. Leanness, Sexual iJccline.
Sl.oO por bJt., 6 for (55.00. at Dnwrfsts.
Itemorlraiile Ciirhs of Catarrh of the
BlaJJcr, Inflammation, Irritation of KM
jwy an;) 1 :b.ilcr, Stoao or Gravel Dig
tost oi tha Prostate UlatHl, Dropsical
PnoiUnCT, Femalo Diseases. Incontin
toce of Urfna, all Dtoeases of the Gonito
tli inaiy Organs in either sex. For Dn
b&iltli or Unnatural Dinchargeo use
uIeo "Chanin's Injection Meur," each $V
V'X Mit'lill.13, eithnr contracted or
hcranta'f taint, uco Ohapin'g Conatitu
ti m iiittoi Kyrup, St.OOpcr bottle, and
Chapln't SynhUitio DJls, $2.00; andCha
pin' SyriWIitio Salve, 81.00. 6 bottlce
Krnip, of Kills, 1 Balve, by Express on
receipt of S10.C0, or at Drurgtots.
K S. Wua Jortwr Cltv. NT J., V. S. A.
IUuslTntfl bv tho one of a Bugcy msile by T. T.Haydock, which Is not only tho IuJIri?
BuV-rv In this picturp- bat THE l.EADINU BUGGY OST AIIUHICA. J
Hvctmvli'8 Stiletv King boii ann tnua nneei. abk yvmr demur lui mo T. .
HAYitOCK SflGGY, with the Hojdock Safety King Bolt aud Fifth MUevl.
Jjfe is insecure riding over any other.
(Tbii ptetor ill In foniUhaJ oa Urf Md, prtntad l dCMi ityU, to mroB wlw will as n te fhune it )
IKCMeTAKP.1 ip. P. JEJTZ1D001Z1,
"ifotol'fitffttalr Cor. Pima aad Twelfth Ms., CWCI!t5A7I. 0.
Prck's Put iit TubtilrChioBid Ear Drnms otire Deafnrgs in all atiigcs.--
Kecommemlsd by seicatific mon of Kurope and America. Write for ilium rated
descriptive book and testinio lbile Irom doctors, judges, ministers and promi
nent mm and women who ljave been cured, and who take pleasure ia 'i coti
int'udiiig Uifim. They are' unseen while iu use, -comfortable to wear, and make
permaiKiut cure. Address, WEST k CO., 7 Murray Street, Now Turk,
A"-eiits for Seutli and West. (April 1U, 13S4 ly J e f (irr.,50.
t". Tr lffrt-'
. ...
'Tfes fm feists
teBBlle:cd bynnrf r.irsxailliiltota
;. DifRASILlTY,'
theee valoaWe fahir are embodied lo a
marked degree in T Abvahlk.
v - ftnofac'turod by tne -
J'jIt 29 184 6,n a til A f m SCO '
J ail iJ, IDHi om f m a. i -f
- - "i - ( .
l mjj
- -r
Wa an S o U H.. AntDnatl. tpart-AirMW
tea. Mounted Portable Engine, with Mill, i tt
'airiae, Sa ft track aad way, 1 ebanttanewi
lovr aet boad-blooka, tt-ial arbor, ehanfee
' teadi aawyt oantrela taed-lever and bead lHoeka
, . from ono position. CO-tuca U4
-): aaw, 60 ft b inra a fly bolMeir.
f 11 fov'-biM, Cm. I-hooka, w(rfv
! i Dvtib-nor.oM. wit eunpiate nr
1 omiraUou, 1 11.00 oa eara. Rm
f aTO8oaklJs.l001eM. HKtue
1 vrlinMirHitfrinntiieBW lw
til to elirlit t Ion and keep p
'i Bttrn fcnrt for otArn la. (
: 1 It. W. "AVJ1 fie HoNH, t
flJauulnotiircrs all fltyloa Ant
?rntio F.iigln"from8t(i;i(iO II. 4
(-...niT.j yuitovaand haii(tera, j
4 Jihv 3, I'r'ol Uw.
SovxiVv vvXVvfc ,ttvvt
Bh ck-Smithlng, Whgon-mjiktfgr, Re
1 niriiig'of all kinds in Itom ttnd '
. v . iWoodwork. . . - , .
Liicps in stork Spokes. FtHos,Tlow
' bandies', Thtinble-Sktdiia. Nrth "
-f .ri mailt ' Flows CW, .
. i Iron and Steel.
Swingle Trees, 'No k ' '
JTokea, Wxigou-aoat SprihgiEtc.t Etb.
i i 1 1 1 'r'i .',..
Machinca, &c, repafrtsd in tha
BEST STYLE ancf itaie
is .in.tX!RTlji. itnJA
I will be glad to see my fr" rails ;tu l ihs
, ni l:. I. ...(...,., H. 'C-.l
-May 14, 18i-ly.- " -'
Ail ludepundoiit Dfimocratie Ksvrp&tvr,
F.3. Nichols, IMllor.
Till! DVILY A V A I.AiTG U U ri'liv red
i. i ...... I ui it , .: i., .ii r.-. e ftn I
for six niontlA; 2.5'J for throe . jiiantis.
TUB VVKKKXV AVA1.A Ntll iO-Oua-taiiiK
all iiiiuoi'tiiit new of Tim wv. k a-.Ti-
Jvultural, couimenriul iiiid e.'iuii inem-y
uiultci' Tevmri uiuil, l.uo jjc.1 uiiauai.
Address alUettV and telegram to . ,
' - ' ileujhls l'eiiii, -
f -t
for m epca rAriurtta.
m4 wvrsNMSud O e effes' ereel
xliWn at irU gWAeja
HlntHlrM4lir1W ,
iaJf.figwtyef i
TSt CfltAT MUTMERN ttmt,
fij lEal teii,'
"bwx.t trnwir itwj
"Ml Altff tkoteto Utlutiit
t VM tnr n4 tVM.
JBiT8V HtHlTMr' it!
tiW Dm "Cfurli.rr attuct.
WV Carr'j, T-iA tVf, J'
4 of !iirurieii ms fcwtoinsicrf. 1
T- .:. r? Tl.. iMgi-M (M Kit sa
rV-aff y uemkw Al l-'ftisay. '
jf a rcsru t cs srcotttM cgcv; roa ,
l4Jn- "Tin CeMritunw!," iil.ii.ia, ;
1 aul hiiiiio edition of bin life; wriiti n at bis
own homo, with his co-operittioH and nvL
SIuuu, oy tue niliuwacn wiuui ion. ,.
gest, cheapest, hanilsoinest. best. Klegantr
ly ilbutraied. Costa mere per eopy to man-
uraeture tmin the otner lives mat are sola
, for tyvlce its price. .OaWelbl all. others ten
to one: One of one agents made profit of I
I overbad 'tb'enrst' ay. A bar vest f gold
' will hurCiyiM:! hv averv worker. :All nnw
tiiiuns nine uy sruuiu u ctiii.a iui pt73i.no
etc., :oa fi-L onttit, wbkli iiiclHiks large
prospeutus book. .Act quickly ; a du.y,jit
tue bum is woitn a wcca ai um nii-ii.
II, HAM.kTX & tV, l'ortland, .JiiuaBi
July l'J-
3m.' ' ' " " ..
a' -"M
A 44BoUi,ae)
U...,.w--tik to.-al Street, til.
dialcis in Tiie, Pre"-", fffrar wmen, arm &a
kin.ls of PfHiilng ftiaterlf.lt, both Xew aad
Beaond-hand. A correotfd Bat of pru.-ee ie
auul wa kly, of all tun tdriij on hand ft dale,
fmurH of wliich asfl conume bargiuunj via bo
Bwiled f on application. . t
Wo cwu ftnJ'.h Jiytlilns fwa I)iUi 6
' a ryllmUsr l'vwi.
KS - A
W . id
ft " I-
TTsolosols Mnufctnrcrs of atl-Mod's of Oyn t ud
Top BUGGIES and B01D CilS. rt I
crerywborc. V7rite for etloguo aui prka kt
We dsn rouiufoeturo a full tUuM)f CCTTEM,
lnclndtng SwoU Body, rortland, 8asr Boa
t to seat Portland and Poaey SleigW
.Send tor cut and prion before percluatii'.-
SAL1KAZOO. lick.
Jnly ffi. 1884 fm sco - '
A. T elfohnoen's,
Horth. Bid of Fjibllf Btuaro,
saFLiT.Mtt. , (
a week at-home, !5.00 entt
.pOfwe- Pay abeolutejy enre. Ke
ri-ic. Capital not required. Reader, if yn
wa. :t businrss at which persens of either
sex. yetmg or old, can wake Rreat pay all
the time they work, with absolute certain
ty, write ter particulars t H- Hali-kit
Co , l'ortland, Maine.
Tlie1 Ripley AdTertiser? and the Lou
isville "Weekly Courier Journal"'
Oitc Year for only $2.60. Two papsra
, tor little more than the price ef
one. , j,
H y paying as $2 60 you will receiva
(.-" one year your home paper with
tho Count! Joubnal, the representa
tive newspnper M' tbe Senttir Dumo
emtio and for a 'J'ari ,for. Kevemi
on y... and the bet. biibtent and
ablest family weekly in' thi Uabel.
Sflstes. Those who Jtire te examine
ajifimplo copy of the Cpvriek Jocuxal
can do so at this o.ce.j, ,
, K-.."?'AJt
iSfrlS SMiVE FilLS
. l7wdthnwbouttliaooiuitt7
. tf Aed Uis prejed .
Tlsa Best Lfcar Kcdlcba ta tlia Y.'orll
1. &
Fo OripiiMT. PolaonOM Drnsu, knt parelr Vtahl,
nf nnd mwbia. Pmswitood eo by Pti,tiKvii4. A
iin enre for lover OowplaiBt, KO'Ol" t1
Bowi)a,Porlfvlnitttio Wood, OMiirfmrfinm MhImmI
. I'rfM A perfto cure, for HlcB Awntlitph.,,
Juoatlpstwat Bad all bltlooa Jlurr.
Bold by Pnufglrt. For Pwnohlur. et'., Mi.ir.a
u jb. avaX eo, ie eeda fu. a. i .
v aiy 5, 1384 6tn c A eo.
'it. f . . " . ,
om. TtirOill, Lao. IoJ id, p., rort ...
10 aifirai.llliilMitad(aolhaM rt" b'mUa5j
mM',ww. ! ......ii t
a... .,... ill HOn .'Ml UXIt. o. :
vlo wb.1 inn, Wirt-'-.i uoiHi,. wi ?, "jj''r T j
i jV.-cV-A .... , - .V,
I? t
y t

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