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It. r. FORD, Editor and Proprietor.
SATURDAY. AUG. 16,1884.
or jjy' you.
B. MORGUkff,
Thafloa. J.B. ilrt Dema
cretie nominee far Congress 2ad
District Mm., will addreu his fel
lew ci'izeiB qf Tippj) panely, at
tha felloviag times aad places;
Datjias, Tuesday 4u , 19, t ihi.
Orizaba, v. wight" $ 'clock.
Bin lit., Wed., K go, mad.
Ripley, aight 8 a'cleek.
MeeresMill,Thari., 21 apon
Falkner, light " $ t'eleck.
Tiplersville, J rjday .$ 22 icon.
, Saqdiliir, sight K" ga'pjeck.
Cloiing out witk a graad Hurrah
and datnaeratia boeu. at Kjpley at
jgatw'day iky 33 td.
Com tat ararybadj.
T ...
The World's fair was started ai a
cotton caaUaaiai. Tha iadaitriai
part ii saw by far tke larger aaa,
bat tkera will he a big cattaa ax
hibit nevertheless. Twenty En
glish manufacturers et catton na
hjuery will make a peculiar aad
significant display such as tha warld
has never before see.
About 1;05 o'clock Monday, af
ternoon (h residents af New York
and vicinity were startled by a la
tere shock, af earthquake laitiag
ebeutjttn seconds. It was alia alt
at FkiMelphJi, Btaa and ether
places,- ;
A Mormon organization estab
lished in Hickman county, Tana.,
3jearsage,waibrekea. p Sunday
by thaki!Uag.af,al) tka.Ildari
(three in namher) by a band . af
. wuei meg,
Tha anogt delicate persons cajey
taking Emory's Littla Calkartie
pills. They restore Jc,ele,r, give a
wlioltsoina appatite, put nw Jifa in
a brnkaa-dpvn bodjr, tkay ara plaaa
ant (a take sad tkair aeliaa ii vary
wild, Drf staff ; tha.-15
Ooa. A. 11. Wait, andar kia awn
ligaatura, daaiai Ika rapartpab-
4ienaa in maaj papin tba.t k will
import Clfad far raiidant,
rr-3:- a, nun.
Tba gar axkikit at tka Warld'i
fair, af Iba pradaati af taaiiaa
and Ueiioa ; prawisat ta ba tka
31 .t . mpiBia yat laea. Viaitan
daring Vttsmtti. tui Janaary will
r ii-ti (In Warld' xpoiitjoa
$ 'da WiUesa tha manfc:
tuiv vNu-Sif,
(I W
la anathsr column will ba found
wbat leaiai ta ba a rathor axtrava
gaat aoaouneement. That of '.he
koldiagof a World'i Indattrial ;id
Oottoa (Jaataonial posiioi, to
pa at jo Qrlaasi, Uocamber lt
of tho proioat yaar, fad coutjuning
far tha piod of itx ojpatbi. 'Tba
world jf kaow to ba a jrary fair aiz
ad bady, kTiag a good many caan
triea and a good many p.oopla. An
ttxpouiioa covemg it woukj pa a
baga aadortakiag. Yot front f hat
wa kaTo laarned of tha vy prld's x
poaitioa, it will coina paarer justi-
fyiag iti dttigaatiaa tbaa ayaa iti
projector! coqld hara anticipatod.
Tho ftpprti of iti prfgro8i, of iti
doralppnioat, of tha popijUr, 1
aiott uaireriai iutorait it i axcit
jag, of tke ifpreuiot of tha paopla,
Statai, oral al tha Territorial, aad
of foroijjn couatriai, in tkair prepa
rations far raprf aaatatioa ,ia it, ara
limply wonderful. No olhar an
terprua at the kind evar Uunehatl.
kai baon raseivad witk themwala
rar and antbaiiaim.. Kvan the
great Pantaanial ixpQi)oii fl87G,
11 already javorskadowoci by it ia
tho magnitude it hai already obtain
ed, and tka ahafaiter and range of
exhibit already laoarad.
Th.il exposition i held by tirtut
af m act of eeagren, under tka an
ipicea af thfl gepera) govarnment,
(wkijth ha appropriated $1,300,000
for Hi pprpogei) tho National Cot
ton pianteri' .nouiatiou and the
lity oftfevr Qrleaaf. 4pproP"
tioai for iti benefit have been wade
by tha principal States of the Da
iea, by aameroai eeaatiei arid cit-
iei, and y iar4l waif a
Wei. .
fha iqaia baildmg, now about Sta
iihed, it the largest itracture ever
erected, poTPriag 33 acrei of apace
aadarqne raqf, Tke HorticMltural
Hall, alio nearly completed, if tke
largett bnil4ig Tr 'prPl4 for
the purpose, being 603 feet I ong by j
194 in width- In the center tewer
it it arranged to ihow 0,000 plates
of fruit. The government bailing 1
willafKialf ba taach larger than
the majority fifwhat are termed
great expeiitieq building, it big
m feat leag by feet in width.
Thii knilding will contain the Gov
ernment and State exhibits. Many
ether etr-uetarei will be eraeted.
This exposition givei every prom-
iie of being lbegreatat4adgraud
esta?ar keld,
Gen. Ckalnjers. in feU ipeecb here
last Thursday night, said ha wn not
a Republican, bat the erowd who
listened ta him thought athtrwise
as be rqade a regular oM-faili-ioned
Republican speech or a'
least what we waqld take to be one
Jackiru New lliniisippjan,
Mcmphin, Nelaa It Braaswick Railroad.
The day appointed for the sale of
this road l,aa passed without a sale.
A bid of $250,000 v made by Qui. T.
W, Harris for the creditor and the
property knocked off to them. But tha
bid "'as afterwards withdrawn, an I the
propei ty a second timeotfored without
result, there being no bid to the last
minute of the time liiqitsd far the sale,
whon it was anuounoed withdrawn. A
sale of the road at 1350,000 would
make ik cost a purchaser 453,000
estimating the post of cempletion at
1200,000 more ; which would amount
to only $10,OOQ a mile. Cotqpcttnt
judges estimate its vlne, complete in
ruuniog order, at - SQ.OOO per utile.
What next is In doubt. Hollv Springs
South, ;gth iast, . . '
Pytptpsia in its went form will
yield to tka asa of Carter's Little
Nerve fills aided by Carters Lit
tle Liver Pills. They not only re
lievo preseat distress, but streaitb
aa tka stomach and digestive anna-
ratai. - . - : "
It s stated that Mrs. . Iaugtry, the
English beauty and actress, has taken
Steps to procure a ditoree In order to
become the wife of Freddie Gobhardt,
the yauag New York millionaire, whe
has never ceased to manifest bis devo
tion to her, in every conceivable man
a.er, slave she (Irnt; pawn to Aneiioa.
-An narovettent in wheat
prospects Is noted in all Lrapn
chantries, with rpagjiiflceftt bar
yeitipg weather. ,
In oar issue of week before last,
we published extraits of-letter,
written by M's . Werdie tlunt ta
her Iriaadi at beujie from .Washing
toa City,' aad tins week we have
been permitted to publiih extracts
of letters written by bar at Elti
raorje, which wo giro balew and
whih we tbiak wi) weJJ rapay pe-rial:
Ut 5rst sfteroeoa ia Baltimore
was ipeat at Draid Hill Park; it
eansfsts of 700 aares on tka extreme
aerth weit of tha city, said ta pai
sess mere natural beauties than any
other, in, the United State, Oa
each tide ai tho raaip entraace are
large rases filled with flowers.
There is a lake for boating with a
loyely drive l njiUsa-eund. Vou
weald iipagine yonrialf at seme
fashionable wateriug place, tfwr as
yea ride' along you meet gaily
dresod parties fn verv'kiad of!
conveyanee, trpm urge carriages to
little . Jpg carts; also naaijy aa borie
back and the hycicles at sverv
turn. There ire grounds for base
ka-ll, fact ball, Jawn tennis, croquet,
ete. The principal attractions to
visitor! outside of the seenery are
tbp Maryland Building and Man
tien House witk its large eorriders,
arii chairs and zoological collec
tion. TI)P former contains a fine
asortraent of specimens of natural
history. In the zoological collec
tion there are a number ot camels,
eagles, parrots, monkeys, bears,
sea lions, coons, wolves, ete., in ad
dition they hive 800 head ther
oagh bred south down sheep. :
PaHerson park, in the eastern
part af the city, has a great dear to
interest one; there is a small lake
and row beats a friend rowed me
around several times there's a
spray or fountain in the center that
throws the water twenty feet hitfh,
two lovely swam, Jack aad Jill.
We taw them eat, fint washing off
everything before putting it in their
The ceniorvaterr (largest in Bal
timore) it filled wiih tropical
plants, the date palm, banana, In
dian rubber tree, screw palm, coffee
plant, ferus, ete. Four of the most
beautiful parrots and two monkey
live here and I've no doubt enjoy
tbeuuelvei as much as though in
their native freedom.
The.qrtreis erected by Gen.
Ross ia 1314, against the threaten
ed invasion of tha British, still re
mains, t is covered with glass a
neat raMiag aroand no one per
mitted to walk on it. Tha view
from near by ii grand, you oaa see
tor miles down ths Chesapeake bay.
Washington's monument is of white
marble, 200 feet high tha 'base is
00 feet square and 24 feet high sur
uieunted by a Doric eelumn SO feet
in diameter at the base with a spi
ral stairway ia its interior a statue
of Washington 13 feel high oa tep -the
view from this lofty-padoiial is
the "Monumental City" is alto-.
gather beautiful, .divided injo, two
nearly equal parts by asmallatrearn
called Jones' Falls, crossed ft nu
merous bridge?, There are at least
200 churches, 8 Universities, eol
leges, public tehoqli to Number of
125, and State Normal school, three
theatres, ah opera house, muteum
aad many lae public building.
Tha most imposing of hiyi the
new eity hall, lloccapiei an en
tire square of ground near the ren
ter of ike city and contains the va,
riui municipal offices. The Ityle
ml avukitecture ji the Renaisianca
entire outer partiea is of white
Maryland marblethe inaer walls
aad floors ara af knek and ate fire
proof is four steries high Uanssrd
roof of iroa,. with a dome and a
tower of iron ba a marble. basaj ns
eing ta the height af 24u feet. .-The
council reams ara furnished mag
HlBceaUy Urgs oil! paintings
Chandeliers, oarpeti, mlrrarii leur
tains of the Gneitr-prettier though
smaller, than the Senate and Mouse
pf Represeatatives ut Waibingtoa.
fhe layer's ofijee and private par
lor are furnished oUgauliy the
cost or it is estimated at nearly $3,
000,000 dollar: The Ktuda ii
pretty; at ks tep en stained ghui is
a moaumeat and arouni is written
'The City af Baltimoie." The Pea
body Institute, endowed by Geerge
Peabedy of Luidau with nearly a
million and half dollars, has a con
servatory of music, gallery af art,
library, &c. It is closed uatil 1st
What interested me mere than
anything was the Lexingten market
on Saturday night. It covers three
squares in it yeu eaa purchase
anything to eat from roast turkey to
a pij'i font lit up at night and
crowded with people hurrying hith
er and yn-bayiag and selling
eating and drinking. I saw huge
fibb cut up.aad sold by the pound
lobsters, crabs", and all such edibles.
In fact it is a grand bazar where
yeu can get anythmg to wear and
everything t eat.
We walked down- Lexingten
street, the paradise of shoppers,
and Charles stret, the fashionable
promenade, also, Baltimore, where
tne great wholesale houses are.
The shop windows were resplend
cut with everything that is bought
and sold in a great city.
My friend took me to the opera
twie. The singing and masie was
excellent the acting perfect. The
-Grand Dutnesi," by Oifeabach and
"Gir.fli, GirofU" by Leceqq and I
must net forget to tell the children
about "Buffalo Bill af the Wild
West." That aas a show sura
enough. . Firit the Mexicans
mounted, on poais were brought in
he ring a4 iutrodusedj next the
cowboys an :kit poaiei, then the
Indian mounted apd lastly Hon.
W. H, Conti, !is 'iBuflal Bill,'
How they did ride! Two of tba
eowtejs rda "bucking ponies."
Oapt. .Bogardis and his four ions
gave aa exhibition on their skill in
shooting. Ike Captain shut the
"flaming pigeons" on the wing with
out missing one. His eldest son
hott a hell target (never missing
a shot) with a Winchester rifle,
held it sideways upside down
between his legs and lastly lean
ing backwards over his father's
kaee-ralso shot with gun over Lis
owe head ud never lailed to hit
the mark. The other boys did their
parts nicely and the youngest, siz
of Lenoir, had a small g m, shot at a
brass ball twice and bit it both
times. Tk-'n tha old stage coach
lumbered in drawn by six large, fat,
black sleek mules the driver and
another man 011 top with only one
inside passenger, When nearly
half way annnid the ring ihe Indians
attacked them set fire to the ceach
wounded the passenger and the
wsy they did firej Well tha cow
boys came and drove the Indians
off with more shouting, whooping
and holloa ing, which was very ex
citing. They brought in some buf
faloes that they lassoed add some
Texas oxeu whiab the cow boys
rode'out then a negro, a Mexican,
an Indian and a row boy all rode
four donkeys at the top of Iheir
8pet d,each in his awn peculiar way,
which made everybody laugh.
The last thing on programme was
the Indians attacking a white man's
house out en the prairie wdunded
tke man, stele his pxaies, set fire to
bis eabia aud about to kill his wife
and son, when the. cow-boys came
upon them with snot and shout that
drove them howling away.
Have met manyleaaut people,
old friends ot mother's, and all re
gret that I cab remaia only ten days
aqd insis that my visit shall, he re
peated at some time ia the near fu
ture. -.. '
A free trial af Prof. Hams' Pas
tille treatment far nervous and
physical dehilily ia men can be had
oi Harris Remedy 'Co.,' St. Loaii,
The Bareaa of Education in its
exhibit'at the Philadelphia Oentea
nial made no pretension to' com,
pleteness of detail, the exhibit was
a mere outline. The display at the
coming World's -Fair at New Or
leans wilt be simply perfect in eve
ry respect.' livery kind of school
and school appliance will be fully
exemplified in every QQnceiya.U!a
way, . ,
M. Ep;ron:
I gee that Judge Mor
gaa has kindly consented to assist
in organizing democratic dabs in
this county, and will address the
public on tha politicsl issues of the
hour at tha various preciacts at an
early day
Ia view of the traasce a lent im
portance ot electing a Dani'iratie
Preiideat ef the United States, and
also of recovering this congression
al district to the democracy, 1
would nrga the voters to turn out
aad attead "en rr.asse" the appoint
ments of Judge Morgan.
It is desirable to kare a large
democratic club organized at each
: And I would suggest that nil the
members ef the county democratic
Ex. Committee, and all the county
offleeri, make their trraugements
fer the purpose af taking the grand
'rounds with r bu 'gallon t and ' de
lerredly popular standard-bearer,
Judge J. Bright Morgan.
Tippah roade a magnificent start
on ''Flag Raising" day, aud now let
every man do bis whole duly by
keeping his shoulder to the great
wheel ef Reform, low tariff and eee
uemia government generally.
Kepestfully, J, y. M.
Ripley, Aug. J4, 1884.
Ex-Uev . J. L. Alcorn, yielding to
the wishes af all sorts af people, in
tha shoe spring district, has sob.
seated to stand for Congress as a
leraa champion, lie is a man el
splpndid ability and will be a streng
spoke iu the wheal of the levee in
terests as a Mississippi Congress
man .--New Mississippi!),
Oeneral Chalmers and would-be
Congressman John U. Lynch buried
the tomahawk here last Taarsday,
aad smoked the cilunfat of peace
after their long and bitter estrange
utent. The speeches mde by these
distinguished statesnen" at the
West Jackson Engine House Thars
day. niihti iairly avefjUowed -with
compliments ous far the ether;
Chalnjer complimented Lynch,
and 'Lynch, not to be outdone in
ciurtey, ojmplimented Chalmers,
and sa ran the hours away. U wa
a regular gAia of,
Tickle ma Johnny, tioklu me, do ;
iTou tickle Bun au l liun'll tickle yuu.
They ply d this Li.eraji.inj; gru
of ceuip'iinaiiu iu the prestenc of
an admiring audience. It was very
affucting, sa much so that it
brought the tear even unto the
eyes of the pictures on the wall
The highest compliment Ljuch
paid could pay, in his opinion--his
while 00 worfcor, Ci l ner. w
when he ;sa;d' that the la) tor's'
speech was as good a Rrtp.ubl on
speeoh as he could have in;
whereat Chalmers wu seen t.
smile an jneffible sniila of atiila
(ion, and it was generally noted
that he smiled almost audibly. In
good troth Lynch seemed to think
that if he was not Ly nch he woiild
be Chalmers er as muoli liko him
as possible, aad Clulm-srs evid-sn'
ly thought the saraa as to Lnj"h
We never saw the "courtesies of the
occasion" flow asfreeiyas festal'
wine before; but yn a pol'.iea'I lae
feast occasion as that w is. tbbw'ino
af good fellowship i naturally ex
pected to 0w, mir should ii exeito
the least surprise. Like'lho pnce
of God tha frueraal.embracoinent
o( the two worthie ab )vs n i-u I
after ths Inng'ari l bitter foud "be'
tween them, "suroaosath
sUndins Jioksea Njw" Mi,sH-
uinnin it
Ham Carter aad Chalmers "made
op tee." Ham said he would go in
the Second District and make a
speech rar Chalmers, Chalmers re
turned the courtesy by laying he
weum make two for iim in eisa
ha ran for Congress in the Third.
New Mississippiaa.
Times Dsmocrat": The atotem?nt f
Surgeon General II uniltoU, "thtt ther
ie not and his not been a case of eit.hr r
cholera or yellow' fevor in the United
btates. and his reasons far believing
that this country will escajja fm n lutb
diseases, will be icid with ititeibit by
the people ev..'ryv:ieru. '
3. JOSi EslL'S V
Or CHILLS and FEVtR, j
4ND ILL SHMist PltIMtS.i1
The vroerUtar of tbU sslsVntsl ta4W
ttnt justly eUlraa for it s injMriorltr ever;' '.;
all Nm(has effcjr4 M ft puklU Set :
th SAFC CEfiTAiy, HlZtn ana fEE-
MASKS I ems of Agsa aad Fsver, or BliUli
and Fever, whtthtr of shark er leaf etaaeV .
ins;. He rIs t the aiire WeteratA4
Boutharnoouatry Mbfiriln tetiaenyte
tbe trath ef ta essevUoa tta la a ease
whatever will it SU te ewre it tke Sine- .
tions are rtriatly teUewei aai eoavled eat.
In a gnat man? caaes a atajle aeae kae ' .
been nffioicnt Ust a ears, aad waale fcmi.
JiM have keen eared fcy a eing-ie tettle, with
a perfect resteratten ef tae caaetat aealttu
Jt U, hewevr, pradant, ana ia every eaaa
' sure eertaia So ovue, i( iti we 1 emtieiaei
ia emallor dwaet tor a weak er twe aOr the
disease' kasiMsa akeviked. aer eapeolaUf
is diiAoalt aad loDs-sunaiag eases, Ben
ally tkla aaii&iu U1 set raaire aoj aid -te
keep tha bowiU ia good order. Phealet ,
- .be eatieat, however, require a eathartie
meduina, after haviag takaa three er fear
' doeei ef tha Timia, a tingle deee ef IVLIf
YBOITABiB lAimT SOU wUl he soft.
flfiant. . -a
, BUIX'I IAISAPAE1XU W w eM aa4 ' .
tellable remeir for iaparttlal ef she Weed ' "
aad Serofnleos aJhetleike-tB Xiag of
Bleod Pariflara.
U prepared ia the for ef
eendy drops, attraetlv te tht cigtkt ee4
(leataat to ths taete.
on, oroiiwr &xjx,'o -
TDe eepertar Raanedtoe ef the Aay. .
Prtacfpat OBoa, SM Nata St.. lOPISVMXe.Il
.4 '
Not ii
Of Kentucky 7nlrrattr( titnftotiv Ky,
BMaatjaa au eia aiy woe-a ia ma jmtt. Ha wasmsiaau
Ttma M aorapkte tha rtl UHploma Bwadaeoa Ceaaraw beji ft
weea. AvecaM Total CM( laolaeMag TnleUej, fteiof ItoohiMj
EoaxdlnafmV.(. Ttoarpky a iriltf. UWavrOejaM
tea. LuMei reoeiveol. i,oOa aoMaaafi ffrndaatea. Otw M
pupiw isun ywsnr it) iia)H Ja af a
ewueuoat ia or uateoJiy ajttl lBvxtvl4eutlU
f lev ;iff axel 'ty It)
aj, trsMB) M RMew.
HpeBisvI eonrees lar Teste here Md Biam Mra. Cnjverett
iHomMv su
1 tW -Tea
filplomt) pretest W4 h te arsvleiahee. TVU b-.nutthjl dry la aoaet
for ita BMlihrttnoae a4 aaetetf, in4 te on Usvllat; fiutroe-aa.
Fall feewfoet aawtma Jap. tVfc. for otrcetswa aJh4fctl perlUvis
, 1;, BMUK, i..xUik)., sj.
Auv'l i ,
.IU oli Too. fop .
Fiiwx mill Home
11 c. Sa'ae.N t,
50. a..U, .: ,
by hiiiii-'
Sim in, :
Il'llll-IK. JnUo
liii'C on (. to
f-r-t rta w!,c .-( p a Jnh oi' ft nr. 'A-
(je t w-iiU"tl. VffH;i for eiivnNrri. .-
Aug. !, 1884ly ft f.
at, a iSmji i 1 i
Modloiaa or Btaah Xraa(ht le
saaaUkwtwe4 at CkaataiuMfa
Toaa., 7 tha td.atlc.1 rMp
ead by Dr. A. Q. Blaunone, fat
the aiaanfantag af kia 1 1...
MediolBf , ae early as 1S30, at Ue
aw dm vaattaaoefaA -
ADAnmua. at. !.. ,m f
H'i,:'t!?,r2,,n . ca-ftwiNwii
1 hi. j r?.1.
aianq it to the tinmic aa ..
ff-A' W. mmmom ktmrnir. gnd avj,
jnLJ.."ow "nedioine nUa
oj jou la the genuine a4 orUuual. .
aa uuute by In, Bimmo v"u
. that fameni Rna;j tar tn.1
atlnatlnn n . . .
tton, Live, Complalat, aa4 a
Wver Dtaeaaaa, has ba tn
eonetaat tiee by the pnblle r
nttj yea, and la mmra popalav
, to-day than ever bfor. Bay !
ne but M. A. IhoUfard Jo.'f
ainfHnfbl sa.
tm-ed hytheChatlAtt, Me.ll.
Olu Oa iki.
Jw Wrapnor.
taokane b, tuuil, iirteoa

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