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iiuriiir-ni ii 1 i i i n iiiiiniiwi in ina mmaaaiaianiiwni m
L 1 aJ:J , jj i
i i ,,7T 1 Th ..' " T""
ti copy one year, . - - ft.se
ii cw nix moatkx, . ts
Os copy three months, . 40
t Dwertcd at one dollar per square fene
acu; iw 'bus auBr iuQui tivn ana liitv ciantu
J ereech subsequent insertion.
I ,egal adTertUements inserted at the rates
!icd oyiaw.
I AnneDoeIii'caBKcrates for beat or otty
oBces, two dollars nds half; Countv. five
ASIsrs: District and State, teu dollars: In
variably in adranoc. " ' A
A (350.000 FIRE.
Tiepak- Cesntr Democratic Eaecutlre
, . Tt Committee.
Meets Iltand-Srd Mondays m y
irymn.th. MnwBitas; O.J. Fredei
Jfk, chairman; II F. Ford ani L if.
.Secretaries; F. A.. Wolff. M. J
;unett,L, Marraon. M. p. Low
tit, W,aBi iijre:W. H. Wig
jujton, J. F. Merris, W; 0. Falkner
f. A. B0d;L. J. NBe, Dr. Jno
. a EVnii tl' , ' ilKcOord & Co, groceri., W.
A. A. Wall. 0. M. Thurmond. -Ti. ... . '
Horticultural Hall is a good an
wpl1a, and will remain the per
nun ettt property of New Orleans
after the itxnositien clesos next
JUy. Tho reef covered with mtn
end glass presents a substantial ap-
pstrsnee. The gf een-honse, 250
fist long, is ready to receive plants
The afairt kail, GOO feet log i fees
of pillars except the ifenr u prijf lt s
list support the hih zUs to war.
Under this tower there is la bo
ftsntain throwing a stream of water
JOleet high.1 Titers ii a resurroir
at leal t a dozen foot deep an 4 forty
is,tiadimetor twill of elid mason
rysad set in the $t4 ready lo r-
HWa grand fnnlaia. Ckaira
. . . .
1!iai( aau irees ara naw beiH'
Tironght Irani feras "oitutri-ts to lt
jliuad ia rJarticultaral Hall. Tfaa
xliibitioB ff CoreHirv and ai'Uriaul-
in will be tta linwet -avar aeon ia
Anarica. ,
Wo place at our hoa V to-day, Jh 1
J. B. Morgan for C!iri'c39. lie is a
good ma tll -right on the tariff ques
tion arid sWnld he e)ei:td. G-u. Ch:il
mera earned this countv two year ago
V ISSTydtca' ' , Judge , Morgan can
ot oa lOb majwritr from Btnton
He may get more. Ashland Regit
ter. Dkmorkst's Il.tntTR it Mortiii.v
MiOAZian for Sejjtma'wr ii an ex
tiemolj useful an 1 cnterlalniug number.
The tales and poems nr ex'iiileat, aud
ThaEngHali Calhcdrala' "The Ro
mance of the Century," aal "Seeing
New York." by Jenny June, are articles
of unusual interact. Tusre is m'icli 1
llint will prove Tory useful ia (he housw i
The Ponteffice and a ITanber at Other
Buildiafi Destroyed ia Grenada.
Grenada, Miss!, Aug. 16;--At:15
tkii eraaing the alarm ef fira wi
taunded aad arerybody ruihad to
and fro ta fiad aat whara it was.
Tha fire arigiaatad in tks furnitare
heasa of Garaar A Co. on Main
street, but how it is impassible ta
find eat at this writiag. The build
iag was a large frame. There was
a good breeze at the time aad the
fire spread rapidly ia all directions.
Going tenth it caught S. II. Broi
er's saloon, and next deer was tho
Rao lirery stable owned by Header
p Celv aad cxteufiia.jr to the earner
destroyed Fhenix Hall. On the
north frerti whore it started tha fira
keen eanght Mr. fowell's tniiliaery
tore, Hughes & Nanee, druggists;
Hamilton, dry geoda; Brannam &
Goodwin, druggist; (Jrillis & Dun
ean, dry goods and groeeries, and
dowa Depot street, talcing ia E. F
Wele's saiooa, 0. J. Austin & Oe
dry goods, and the lionsa owned by
the Farmers' Mercantile Company
On the wast side of the street, frem
wheneo it remmeueed, it look in
every building frarn Fargnson's lit
ery stahle to Thomas Bros.' eeraar,
a solid block, and including N. C
Snider & Sua", jankers. Fram
thence it stretched west, taking in
all the buildings en the west side e
tho square, reaehiHg the corner 0!
Green street, destroying the pest
office and in the end burning ever
fcniliiirtg aa that row. Such a scene
is seldom witnessed. The square
is blockaded with gods, while huu
drd.H of people are quislly laokiug
en at the ravages of the derourin
elemcHt witheal the least power to
arrest them. It was impossible to
t a correct list ef these burnt eat
tonight, beeasse the town is wild
with excitemcHt. Tha lets is esti
mated at fully $1250,000. 3&r. Roh
art Milhrt's less is probably the
Ai I bade her goed ight
Could I help just one itealingl
me noon mallow light,
Ai I bade her good night,
On berfaee shone se bright,
These red lips reroahng--
As I bade her geed night
Conld I help just one stealing?
Te take ealjr one
Ad then say "Good nightl''
(flow quiekly 'twas dene!)
To take only onel
Next time he'll get none;
For I don't like it qaite
Te take only one--
Aod then any 'GeotJ nightl"
To those who do net Adrertue.
heaviest, about 110,900 six busi
nets hoiiKes witlisat a dollar's iruu
rxace. Urer two tnirJs of the uu
smesi poiiioB et the town is m
Pxtrbsox's for September
opens with a perfectly idyllic steel-en
graving, "in Areauin; 'ixuess vvuo n
Is' ''. The double ixed fashion-plate
h also fr-'tn steel, olored by hau l.
Mrs. Lucy H. Ilooper is "PctirsonV'
fashion correspondent in Paris:" the
only one, we believe, who keeps a cor
respondent there, lieaee the fashions
are always the latest and most stylish.
leld.in-the way of fancy-work d j Xh- 8tarie in this nasmbar ara nauaa-
fashion, and the illustrations add great
)y te the attreliruess of this uumber.
"Medea," a fine oil palatini fro.n the
xriiinany"N. Siohel, foniH the front
Tho bureaux under the interior
Department that will contribute to
1he exhibition at tha World's Indus
trial .Exposition, .are the Patent
effi'e, Indian Bnreaa, General Land
Oluee, Bureau of .Education, Deuf-
Wnte'AiyjnBi, Peain OfBoe, Vni
led l?s' Geelogi'l Survey, Bu
reauflf Etkaelogy, Saiithsenian In-
'titnUo, jfatienal Unienw and the
United States Fish Commissi'.
Thechivalry and patriotism of true
democrats has been nobly evinced in
'two cases which ;have recently come
innder pur observation. In a district
;in euf own Stite an active canvass was
made fey one of Mississippi's noblest
BonsIonv M M. Watson,. who, find
ing that his opponent was prohably the
choice of the party in his district, with
drew from the contest in a most manly
letter rging . upon bis'., friends the
warnf alud hearty support of the dense
:rat was his opponent for the nora-inati(Ax-
His whole heart is now in the
success Jpfithe man whom a majority ef
I his district indicated as their choice.
I Katchca Democrat. . 1 ,
I , ': I .:,.. il- n. 1 .
For nay information in regard to
, xhilfits at the New Orleans Expo
fiition, address S. A. Jonaa, Aber
j dsan, ?jV.-.-
I Turn the rascals out. -
ally good, even for "Peterson," and
range from love stories like "Lord
Ara-W to comic ones like "Juba at
the Wake," and tragic ones like ''Creole
Blossoms." How such a magazine can
be supp'ied for only twodillar3 ayer,
and ranch less to clubs, is a miracle ; we
cau only explain it by its enormous
circulatiea .Specimens are sent gratis
to get, up clubs with. Address Ciias.
J. PgTaitseN, No. 306 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, Pa. .' '.'
Tho Philadelphia American sees
a hepefal sign for the future of the
Seata ia the fct that the interest
in public education is Inoreasing,
and the appropriations for it are
larger. "Even Louisana increased
its appropriation by $140,000 erer
that of last year. In many parts of
the 'South the pnblie schools are ex
cellent and of improving inality,
aitheaghin none are they adequate
to the needs e the ichoel pepnla
tien. There is a growing cenvie
tien that education mast be tho
foundation of industrial progress in
the southern states, and also that it
is a mistake to wait for a man to be
sent io prison before the state on
ertakei te see that he is taught a
A. J. Baker, one of the representa tives
of Lafayette county in the State
Legislature, has moved to San Angelos,
Texas, and given up the practice of law
to engage in the hardware business. .
"Sing, business muse, the dark and
tioietiii tate .
Of him who'labors but. that he may
wait: . ,
The piles of goods heaped up within
his store.
Which caif't be less and never may be
the man whose life has lost all for
tunes prizes;
In fact the man who never advertises.
So simple, and $0 vainly! Splendid
nri.:-i. 1 1 - -. 1 ' .
n uicu oanemeni a n irraaiates ana re
Plate glass show windows elegantly
auch lovely chrks, cashiers and all
the rest,
Served bat to show him how the public
The style of him who never advertises.
Tfe waited, and all waited clerks, cash
Sidesmen, saleswomen, sueh delightful
dars, .
Impatient waited all the season
With precious little for the crowd to do.
1 he public saw toe fact there s no de
nying : -But
passed the store without a thought
of buying.
Business was dull, but salaries and
Went on till cash and credit both were
Theilly merchant hoped his luck
would turn,
Until the sheriff closed the. whole con-
Now, at a pittance, which his soul des
He works for oue who always adver
Ashland Register: Judge B. T.
Kimbrouh has broken up house keep
ing at this place and will make hia fu
ture home at Oxford where all com
munications should be addressed to
reach him. " While- his friends in Ben
ton recognize this step as conducive to
his own interest and due to the bar of
Ihe district yet Iheypart with him with
regret ;'
Hnhodfor Patting as Frnit for New
Orleans Exposittou.
For sound hard frnit Apples,
Pears, Cherries, Flaws, etc., take i
aleobol and pure water. Forseft
fruit Peaches, strawberries, etc.,
take i aleensl and i pure water, put
in jars ' keeping, tho jars well
filled with the fruit and Said, .and
uuder elese sever, set away in a
dark, cool place", and 'examine fre
quently, removing any' specimens
which have become defective. Jars
will be famished te collectors as
oen as we can possibly get Inem;
in the meantime, use any jars you
may have en baud, ia order that no
valuable specimens be lest. Pur
chase alcohol frem local druggists
en best terms' you can, and send
voucher te me at Madison Station,
lliss.,and the same will be paid.
11. E. U:KA7, Chief .Collector.
'The zoological garden in connec
tion with the World's Exposition
premises to be 'something fine.
rofessor Laoghammer ef New
Mexico Writes to the managers that
he has formed a collection ef bears,
deer, wild cats, red foxes, antelopes,
beavers mountain liens ana numer
ous small animals, jtnd means te
send tkern te New Orleans to be
riven to the citizens : zoological
garden when the exposition closes.
All the wild animala common to
the South and . Central American
States will be exhibited thereby
intersstiae feature of
the great show. ""
"ftough 01 Uats" clears out.Itats, slice:
Kongh oa Corns,'' far Corns, "Duuipng.
Thin pepsin , "Walls' Health Eenowcr"
restores Utuith and vigor, oures dyspepsia,
&e. fL
Kougli 011 Toothache," Instant relief.
15c. , ,. '
Ladies who. would retain freshneRs and
viracity I'cu't iail to try "Wrll' Health
Ecnowur. .. " . - . .
"Bnclui-rjaiba," great kidnoy aud urlna-
ry euro.. . , ... .- : . ,
Flies, replies, ants. l)od-bncs. rats, rhine '
cleared out try 'Koagh on ltato,' 15c.
Eoiipii- ea Couarhs.".' tfoclien. ism li
quid, 85c, 1 n-.. . J
For chrldrtn. slew In ilRvelnnmmir. nnnT
and dellt-nte, use "Wells Health Renewcr.
LDentist" Tooth Powder.
' . : 'jRipley,; Miss
' .' 141.
Black-Smithing, Wagon-making, Re'
, . pairing -of alt kinds'in Iron and
'. Wood work.
Try it.'
Keeps in stock Spokes, Felleos, Plow
handles, .Thimble-Sieiiis, North- '
"! ' cm-made Plows, Coal, ' '
. " , , Iron and Steel.
' ' Shafts, ' - '
; l Swingle-Trees, Neck"
Yokes, Wngon-seat Springs, Etc., Etc.
Machines, c, repaired, in the .
,, BEST STYLE and at the
Nervoae Weakness. Dvsmnnsin. R
Debility cured by "Wells' Health ltonewer.
Mother Swan's Worm Svrim. fnr fcror. '
lBiiucBn, worms, consHpaiion ; tastoiess.
25c. . - . : ..; .
Stinging, Irritation,1 all Kidney and Uri
nary complaints cured by "Bucha-paibo.
I will be glad lo see my friends and the
publie generally at my Olb Sxasd.
May n, milv.
Hight Kweats-,.fovor, chills, malaria, dys
popsia, ouredhy'rWelU' Jlealth Renewcr.
My husband (wrilee a lady) ia three
times the miin since using "WoUs' Health
Benewer. ' .
An Independent Democratic Xewxptipcf .
-F.S. Nichols, Editor.-
THE DllLT AVA LAWOBlt-rMrvered
by mail postpaid, 10.OO per auaum ; 5.o0
for six lnoutlis: 4.60 for three months.
taiiw all linDortaut news of th wi-i k
1 puH.i
If you are failing, broken, worn out and , matter. Terms by mail. 1.00 uot mrniJ
nervous, use "Wells' Healtii Kenewer. 1.
Prevslence of Kidney csiuplaiiit in Amer
ica; 'CueUii-piiiba'' is a quick, complete
cure. $i.
Address all letters 'find telfi'ranx te ' '
;'!.' Mf w;'hls, Xtun,
j 1
In s
" it!
'4 ; Uj I ft jiia.-in.wv.. -jJ J
, 7-
. w ujvj
Ulustrntoaliy the una of a Bumty made bv T. T. Hnyriodi. which la not nnlv Min Tin.im
BugtY in vhis pioraro, but Vila I.KADIIti BKSGY OV AMEKK!. Hi-.a
BAYBOCK BIIVUV. With dm HnvrWt Bnlntv irfno Rr.u .,a u. ,
J . I M.ug vw,. HUU CUIU I'UCVl.
Life i) iDeecnro riding orer any other.
. (ThU pkHn aw bt hrgWMd on ewS, fclnled hi elecagl yH, Is tafOM bo will afru lo Itiu h.)
tnwcLosBBTinr.1 T1 T TT A 'VTinn'f
Wbolcxttlo Price Ma. Cor. Flam enit TirelfUi KU., ClifCINKATI, 0.
Wholesale Munfncltirer of all toil of Opw jwS
Taf. BTJOOIXS ana ROAD CiBlH. htmtn r-.nUS
- ormjrnhere. Write for eetrtlogue kuil (licollat,
iXS'B WQBS.ArBOUMr..t: , -. ;
Wa Ulan m.nnniftlrA tt full nA nt rtlTTrw'
. Including Kireil llody, Fortlud, Squ V ,
. too tsat Fortlud Mil Poney Sleighi. ,
toad for cats and price beforo pnrohulng. '
Jul v ?C, 1884 6m sco - .';
Peck's Patent' Tubular C'lahioned Ear Drum cure Deafness in all stagec
EecoreineiHled by seieutifie men of Europe and America. Write for illiiki rated
dcserlptivo book and tcstimoaials irom doctors, jndfres, ralnistore and promi
nent men and women who have been cured, and who take pleasure sV. ;Tcon
fltendnig lliom. Thoy are uuseeu wliile in use, romfortible to wear, ami make
a permanent cure. Address, WEST & CO., .7 Murray Street, New York,
AgenjM for South and West. f April 19, 1881 ly c e f ar 5,50. '
I III ll I ISSjP - ;!
(9- 1-9 I
Cs' " ,
Tto Few' ftim
, TakeeODiriderailbfr.iiri'aaeorseiueilnliisfaitatiM
' . tnrrlu orClthw ITrlvgws. era
. ; Ji Attm 1imIi1 featurca are embrxlitj In a
marked degree in Twi AorxNct.
' iceratnta bt h " ',s '
Jnlr 29j 1884 t5in-g m k f ,m isco
s mm mm mu
war iJTjj! Mid 6 imM &&tmf rf
KA toi tJ fwtwsV tv (Si '
. oltlwW.awueiiwj.aujij sl .. .
sia-wt mtM
8w hm mi AtaO, Elect.
"B5TSY- WettTM-S- a&o,
kl!d b V-" dt-l .1
. t WtM ef larffifrtc ?a( B!f"r.&'
T ' t Cast IVM.. "
isb a roar m,n trtemn mi t' .'
Adifcta "Ike Coafu.V Ait,u "
1 - . .....
.1 1 i
authontio edition of his life: wrl:. tin nr. Iiih
own hoine, with his oo-opcratioa aud as-
isutuua, Dy we renowned (toodrioh. Jjr-
?esr, encapese, haiulsoMiest. best. EleBant
y illust rated.' Coats more nei' oonv to tnan.
ufacturetburf .the otlieri; ires that am enld
(fortwice its uriooi -Oatsells all olhara ten
to one. -One of our nbeuU Wf.ilc a pront of:
1 .ovr me nrso syi ' A'UMrveso t gold
I will be ralix4 by evjiry worker., Mi w
nnal inTwf! PpiHrir. A BW-Sna ' M5u?n8 l,,?'t'ec,. tfly. Terms free,
m ewuMtwuo 'iMuyuwo j ' ( mow noerw ererosemi. "Save val-
uiiViv uiiiv oyeciiuiiursi) eoiits lor postage,
eic., .on I'lse, OiilliC,...,wJlich , luelndes large
jrn-Ospootus hook. Act iiuielkty: a day at
Te Jo!incarc,
Uoilk Sido of Pnblie Square,
Nov. 4, lMtlf.
$66 ir
week et home. S5.08 outfit
Pay absolutely Bare. Mo .
risk. Capital not required. Bcader, if yo
want business at which perseaa af either
sex. younger old, can make great pay all
tiie lime tney work, wittt absolute certain
ty, write tar particulars to 11. Haiaett A
Co-, 1'crtlancl, Maine.
r MP .i-.WWWMieWiailMMWfJ
Tho 1 Ripley Advertiser" and the Lea-j ,
isvilla "Weekly Courier Journal"
Que fear for only f 2.60. Two paper
for little more than .the price of.. , .
. . .one. . .
By paying us $2.60 you will receive
tor one year your home paper with
the CoiiKlcn-JouuKAt, the representa-
tive liewsimpep of the South, Demo-
craMj -.andi'o-ra Tariff, .for Revenue ..t
opiy, Mna iue , oesi, , ungniesc sua
ablest fariiily' weekly in 'the" United '
States '- Thbsfe who desir to examine
aamplcopy of the Coukikr JouKaaa, ,
can da so at this offlce. .-
., '.. .' .OUB UUDBS. " .
VT oflVr an 8 to 10 H. P. AntnnMMe, apatftWKw
tug, UomiMd rortAbla Rngioe, wis Mill, 14 ft
raniaca, S3 ft. triuk and wars. S stmaltaDHKii
lever net head-blocks, SVIfish arbor, S (bangee
leeai tswyx eouirow letxi-icmir an biwl.bleka
irom 01.0 poem, cu mu aoiui
a aaw. Ml (u S im MMnir,
I oiri'lon, ?I1(V) on (kis. Fn.
Bi no on Hie ifa, S100 loss. Brsgn
will burn slabs from tiso saw twa
. to eiuat fpt Iouk athI hew ua
elrvn. f-i.'-s. rf(.! $.
II 1VYV. or. w.rt,
Mi.nutal irtirs nil atylm Alitor
matiu 1-..-.BM f '.i'ii";' S tSO0 H. Si
htUn, HiiT8, iuifl hajifrra. ,
May 3, 1884-12m.
srs mm pills
i . 1 Used throuvhotit tho ooenrr l
, ron oviiAt .e xn .t y), -...
. , r' ADdtauaprored . i ...
Tfta Bed IJfcsr Ksiiio ta fils Wa.-:!
aii aixl Mliovble. IriwndeTentoFnymtM'iiM. A
' pneifily onto for Xnwnr Uoinilint, Kptrnhititiisi i4
H)UI,Piirifvitvili TUvk1 Oif.n- '"r cIm
"1'Anit. A irAant mr rr Hik Frsdiia
iTleaarilfent.lOaffl JtiBad Mil Ixllintstl liilaMae-alaMrtja- .
$ii H()M Ly J"'nMrritw. For Pntmphiotut, bwi., aHJTrwei
VJuly 5, 1384 Ct a 0 co.
, .lY?.' , r!-- IVarr-M-a.
ssrtU(VAU V.A7-i J. QJ vltaUU. JfUlDCh ff I'M, Ai.i iMl iUaaiNI. IlUi UMO, jaj (K.,
July 19 3m
Mareiwyr jKtee, napi paisar ovSi "A5. U rRt
tlak-.- v-t3 Li a E. 1 V itift, H.X. .
dmlai3 in fyw, P'V-"8, P.Ter .' :', ajd
Isia'la of t'iHni.'4 t,, ;5ri...s, bvisi i-nr utA .
ISooond-iiwid. A corroctcd jt oT. r-ricee is
Btwl wev,k'.r. of .11 ri-'t.'n J pi U- ba soin j
(rO'Kh ot' wli!- U !rc. wo luvj-in) te
nailed froe o ftjiiMkiaiWuu, ' ' 1
; ," - - ft CUIml-vr PiMJia - . 1
el! a
1 toh.uvar, r rue nmEi
? BiiM. j. rmev. J
iL-, As
si.-4, Urn 73
Sf -4, mii.-f .
A'.rf-a W. . t M 1

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