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18. i iOItU, Editor nnd 1'ropnetor,
SATURDAY,;' AUG. 30. 1884.
rot: PMsMDiOIT,
" 6 INDIANA. .
Coy. Cleveland's Letter.
Tkereis but one opinion among
non-partisan and lair thinking men
as to Gev. Cleveland's Utter of ac
ceptance. H is an honest, manly
and concise document, which can
not rill tq arrest the careful censid
ertion oftheptiblie mind. It is
Vigorous in its logic, beautiful iu its
diction, para and upright in. its tons
and breathes sound democracy in
ever; sentenoe. No man bat a
fcood and true demeorat could haye
written itand no good and true
getn.ora' can read it without in
tior.ini; it. T;ic reform governor of
LJew Yirk selects the kernels from
(ho ku$ks of great questions of ia-(Ci-'esl
to the p.3ople'aal distribute s
directly to the intelligent masses.
11 is vjewa of u government by the
peo.pla and for the people are most
lmirh!y expressed.
On til a H-Lole,, lie latter of Gev.
Playeln 'i is sou I, boi;est and man
ly. It i a Diiioiiraiic paper,
fauuded in democratic principle
aitddasthe paiiy. With it the
ar'y can well af:'d to go into the
f jjUl Inr nu!t govfri;3nl wilh
Sf.js cfciiviriion tital i heir candidate
a.n able nun un l a true expound
er if ihpir prty principle.
Hop. Henry S. Van Eaton was re
IM friinattd for congress by the de,
iroprary pf the 6'h .Mississippi Dis
triot, hj acclaniHtioa oa the 21st
i iKt, -'
ll-n. . M, Stephens, uf. nominee for
, li fc-iiiltntiul elector, will make a aneeeh
a: ?ip1cy nest Monday nigbt.--iNe,w
Albany upp;p, ism. .
; Demot-miie clubs have beea or
ganised. i all the Supervisors dis
uicU in, 1'ippah county ,"' and stilf
l (pod -rk goes en.
W 11 v, s Ward, otlitfcrdf tha Vw
York liid-p-pdent, a.ud oilier nde
- tpudfnt lh publicans w ho went to
JJ iffaln t ike a forma! investiga
on of the charges of iiuierality
aaint uv.;itvfland, say, tha.
",' m e j:nni to in tiOt'pnx ot
U metier n'ld the charge is a men.
sir- lis fn'f"Qny."-:V '' , , ;
, .
, li:.fi. h ,P- Kiinbroiich . has
fbuni'd hin rallied'-from Ash
, in.!(tVn.!;rtiiyi; 0tfurJ, La
jti. ..... , . r . i . u.,
fit S ''""V ft!a Uiiwii conn-
y, X.'t; , U-.tl,4i!liy. b,ii.w.!f(n Walter
iV . 'i y ll.tit.j n, tin fanner
ml ;i.td i lh-.' fm...--,-. .V ) p.-irtlcn-
Uri. ' " " " " "
Judge J. B. Morgm, Ilia 'demo
cratic netuitieo for to irrs, ad
dressed a large crowd hi I he court
house in Kipley tu Saturday last.
At the conclusion of tlte !i!r;'s- a
f'Riplej Central Deiuopruiic Ciub,"
was organized by the election ci
J no. T. Murry, President; L. Fegsu,
first vice president; T. 0. Willis
2nd vice president; L. P. Smith See
retary and J. T. Finger, assistant
secretary. On meir,berhjp, a com
mitte of fivo was appointed, as fol
lows: Dr. W. D. Carter, Dr. E. N.
Hunt. 4. 4- Sadler, Jno. L. Wal
lace and J. C. Spight. 181 rmes
were enrolled as member., of the
club t begin with.
Uons. C. J.Fre'rick and W. A.
Boyd were, oa motion, invited te
address the, rlub at its next regular
meeting, Saturday n.ht Augui
30th, 1.384, at 8 o'clock. '
Frost ft?ll ii Ne.w York, C-oijnccticul,
Maine, Vermont, nisd New Hampshire,
on Sunday night. Soriom daui.ye
done to corn and vegetables in many
The surviving members of Oo. B
23rd Mississippi Regiment are re
quested to mst at Dumas Tippah
pouaty Mississippi on September
2nd for the purpose of.attewding in
bedy the reunion to take place at
Kossuth Mississippi en September
3rd. R. I. Hill,
Captain Co. B 23rd li , Rag.
Tho crop reports are not se
favorable aow, as they were a few
weeks ago. The late oorn especial
ly is reported to be seriously injur
ed by tke worms.
iika, miss.
The Magnetic Ri vivalist, the Rev. Sam
Jones, of Carter.-villt, Ga., at
Work Akhiu.
CorrespoadeccQ of the Appeal.
Icka, August 2G. Iuka has had,
during the past week, tho grandest
and most gracious revival that ever
was conducted iu hsr mibt. Old
men and old preachers whose heads
have grown white in the harness,
say they 6w sights hero this wee!;
that they never saw before. Tin
Rev. Sam Jones, of Cartarsville
Ga,, by appointment, commenced a
series of sermons here on (no night,
of thi'lSth instant at the.Slelhadist
ehurch in this place. After the
second sermon it was apparent that
the church, which wa.3 the largest
house in town, wao not near large
enough to acQmiaodte the peo
ple. Hence, by permission o.f Ulaj.
R. H. Alien, the kind ower of the
Spring lot, a stand was erected and
seats arranged in the beautiful
grove there and services were aflsr
that time hell there, The congre
gatica eontiuued to increase until
it was estimated by many Sunday lo
consist of 2000 persons. The Rev
Sam Jones continued to preach sev
en days, and as a fruit of his laoorc
there has been about 100 conver
sions. A great number have ex
pressed a desire to join the various
churches of town, and quite a num
ber will connect themselves to
churches in the cauutry. The
whole corurcunity and sair-omidinp
country is tul'y aroused on the great
subject of religion. Jones, is cer
tainly a remarkable quo, and is do
ing a wonderful atnouut of good.
He lsft Sunday night fou his home
in Carterville, and as the people of
Iuka bade him good bye their pray
ers wept up to God for his continu
ed usefulness and his safety and
welfare. The meeting is still going
on and promises Tnuch good yet,
Wefaavebad.no rain: now for
early four weeks. ' Everything is
dry and dusty. We have, however,
a very flattering prospect for good
crops throughout this section.
A free trial of Prof. Harris' Fas
(iUe treaTinent for nervous and.
physical debility in uien an fo ld
of Harris Remedy. Ca.xsS,t. Louis.
J Oii.Vrf a: CUAXUHHS.
From Oxford Falcon, 23rd.v''
. L-ist Salunlny, at Iarmon
churt:!), Tip;.ih c-yiniVj tl;e conres-
sioaui canvass, im this iHslnC., was
lorpially qpaned b? a joint discH
sion beiwweii Jnde Morgtn and
General GVnlniers. Jultf ilorgan
Had the openiiij spsec't ad atonce
dispellod all loara rf jis frienil? that
he would not prtwa. an equal te
General Chalmers as aa exporioaOi
ed public iafeater. Ilis discassion
of th-a great public issaes no1? be
fore the peeplti was clear, legical,
masterly and sfatesraan'ilce, and at
enee established his ability an J f.t-ne-"S
to fill the pesition to whidi he
aspire?. An Appeal currrespoad
en!, who wa presant at the dweas
sion, giv tee fu'lowing acoosat of
Ti'.e little brirndier foliated in
stumblin?, uncertain vay-forfne
hour a;jd . - (inrtr. sJlukii ut
ter jtio;ij-h-u at fiAsl '. riiia tke
enthusiasm that hi hil eip?te 1
amo'ijr t!i co.lsrsl
fro;n qn drink ?a l-i
ViWn s93t I
a-ba!ued of th can -er-j Vc'e; t '
spee.:h was er.;ld a 1 !; i:i d: j
"ii at. T!i lii!e eenertf !.n" cer-1
licly lobt hj "worm curd," !3r
his anuigi-.mtnt of Ike desa.temy
of his intivo stale was a failure.
Lie referred to the Mississippi 12
isla?uo and cnliDisad tlisir aetioa,
or rather betrayed his ignorance by
saying "that the lejUhUre had do
iiateil a lar;e b uy of ft:ie land-3 iu
tiifl YiWia Dc'lta lo a Uriiish land
comnnuv wiiose lieallnn,irtera are
at London; said the lands were tak-
)n from the widows and orphans of
Mississippi bbeause they were too
;ir lo pay taxes and givn lo Shi?
rich coinp iny and exempted J mm
taxation for ten years. His re
marks on the tariff, in aiuwer to
Judge Morgan, "'ere simply-a re
hash of hisspeeuhin congrasson the
same question. :
Judge Morgan, in a reply of half
?n hour, completely crushed the lit
tle general and showed thatiastead
of donatiag the land and exempting
it from laxatioi, tho legislatare had
specially provided for the laud to be
taxd at the then assessed value fur
fivo jearj and duly chartered a com
pany- authorizing them to hold the
Wnd bv purchase or otherwise, and
read a letter from tfce Attorney
general of the State showing that
the lands so purchased by the com
piny were now agv.n forfeited to
the StatA for no a paymjr.t of taxes
and that the ownorj would gladly
soli his e.'juity of redemption for the
money actually paid by him for the
rite caatigahon of the little Inde
pendent received at Harmony will
not be easily forgotten by the peo
ple ot that neighborhood, and we
sarewdly suspect the general him-
elf will not forget soon that before
an aiiiencs c; npnad of his old
friends in tha sweet long ago lie
was charged by the brilliant Mor
gan with being th hired and paid
ageut of tho Republicans te disor
ganize the Demc-eracy of the See
ond district and to turn his back
upon his old friends and eonaticu-
eats, and eouli say never a werd of
denial Sumly it the general has
any of the preud spirit hi race had
he fait badly when he saw the en
ihusi.vsin and heard the cheari that
were given with a wJU tojiis oppo
nent when he told how ha rushed
to the telegraph cilice with the uen-
gratulr.tary message.
"FlVt Tiilow
Olultners to LUust Butler, oth in,
Shako," whan the result of the elec
tion waa asoortyined two years ago.
Ihc dny wiil long be remembered
by lha Democracy Of Tippah, for
their champion successfully met ev
ery argument made by the bpposi
tion Oiiiididte, and fearlesslyplant
ed blow 'after blow between his
eyes, and when hU rejoinder .(of fif
teen minutes closing debate) begae
his bewilderment was made ovi.dent
lo all by his apologies lor his igao,.
ranc of ihw a.-ts of the legislature,
and bis attempt' to conciliate the
coliirud ' iroters present by telling
he that J R. Lyimh had forgiven
hi tn fiir swindling him Cat of ,hi-J
q,ea,l in. Congioss; and when tiiir
wa csl it 1' tint i sialic word was
spoken nor a i;!i?or given tor the
g'n-M'al. Tippiii enun'ycan be re
lied on for 1000 majority lr the da
tuoorary. DBMOCRAT.
a s;ir or EXPKafKniCM.
I hive mat with a goo I many poople
la joining u'er lifj's varied way ;
I'vi eutjoimtcrjd tli-3 clover, tlia aLnplo,
The cribbed, the grave aud the gay,
I have traveled with beauty, with vir
tu, I have booa wit'a the ujly, the bad,
I have hugged with the oass who wow
And wopt with
the ones who wore
One thing I have loaraed in my jour
ney Xo'cr u jadge one by what he ap
pears, The e,Vos tUat soeai sparkling with
langh tor
.O.tbjfJs to keap back tlte tears,
And Siig. saijvUtfijujom faces
U. L-. otiea ;h? souls t'lat are vila,
,TC-I- ' J-' isantMiis airrran cuecr-
s ; :e tree?; from gaile.
A.; 1 ;-a,-ie i ait ti bok for par-
In '.'iH'ofonr frail hnmaa-kiiid,
la b-aits the mast gentle aud loving
Soiaft blemish or fault we can find.
Dutyat l have ne'er found tho croi- '
So law, so depraved or so mean,
-lint h:iil . some good impulse some
Ta.-,t 'monj his bad traits might 'be
And, too, I have learned that most
We make aio us brittle aa glass,
Just lot a revorso overtake ua
Our'TrieiidV ou the "other side"
But, ah ! I have found some few loval-r
Some lieirw ever loving an. I ti us 1
And the joy an 1 the p3ioj they have
brought mo
Have cheered ma my whole journey
Ripley, Miss., Aug. 17, 1S81.
fid. Advertiser:
I daire to propound
a few questions to Argus:
1st. Was not one of jour editors,
to-wit, Mr. John Bright, present at
the discussion between Morgan &
Chalmers at Harmony?
2d. Did not you then hear Judge
Morgan explain that he, while
Chauisllor, raised the penalty of
tho bonds of all the Chaneery
Clerks in his distnat, and th.U ho
raised them alikk, both as to dam
oorats anil greenbackjrs, and that,
iu doing this he was staling out the
duties of his office in accordance
with his oath and in the intercut ot
the public; and did not Gen. Chal
mers say that he had no reason to
doubt Judge Morgan's werd?
3rd. 1'hon why did you pubLsb
in the next issue ef your paper
that Morgan raised the penalty of
tlia bond of Mr. Blann in order to
beat hna oiit of the office besause
he was a greenbackerr
4th. Do you mean by copying
from the "Blade" the charge against
Morgan, ot raising the boud ef
Blann, Chaneery Clerk ef Desoto
County, and which you heard Mor
gan deny uud Uen. Chalmers admit,
to circulate a falsehood because
you did at originate It?
5;.h. Having hsard ,it proven- U
be false, then why do you still give
circulation to it? .
Glh. Do you think that such a
course is the only means by which
Gen. Chalmers can be elected!
7th Do- you endorse all your
correspondent says el the breaking
8ih. If you are in favor-of pre
testing the "infant industries" tit
the worth why do you and Gen.
Chalmers so. bitterly oppose pro
lining infant industries in Missis
sippi? . , ...
8th. Doyoa know what the Brit
ish Land Co. is? "
Uh. Don't yon. know that there
is uo Buck company in existence.
and that wh.en it does organize, if it
ever does, uod own the swaiups in
the Yazoo I)lta that the act char
terms: if, requires it, 'te piy .taxes
on its laudi'lbu same as otiiur peo
!?? "''','.' . ' -
10th. Don't you know that Gen.
Cualni'.rd nU'vOd a miatake vvhju ho
said the act chartering lha British
Land Company donated the lands
to tho Company - and took it from
widows anil orphans?
11th. Do you call this one -of
"the burning truths uttered by the
b.old, fearless nd irrepressible
12th. Didn't Morgan make Chal
mers admit at Harmony that, he
was net posted as to the last acts of
the Mississippi Legislature?
13th. Wenld Chalmers have boen
a Republican now, if the Demo
crats had have kept him in. con
gress? 14th. Was not Chalmers a "bold
and irrepressible" Democrat until
ha was beaten for Congress by
Lyneh in the Shoe String District?
15th. Did Chalmers ever find out
how virtuous and honoit the re
publicans were till ho was employ
ed by them to split the Democratic
party in Mississippi?
ltjth. Do you believe tho whites
of Mississippi are dishonest, do you
believe they are fool!? Then it
they are neither dishonest or fools,
haw is it that you and Gen. Chal
mers have the impudence to ssk
every body to join you in your new
faagled idea of riding iu to office
and power through the credulity of
thg ignrant colored man?
17. Do you think it right to tax
tho peeple of the South te make the
rich richer at the North?
18th. Why don't the republicans
and Gen. Chalmers appoint compe
tent tseu and nven of worth and
merit to hold tho offices in the gift
of the appointing power?
13t,h. Why did Uaa. .Chalmers
appoint or have- appoint id an igno
rant colored lara &i pastma&ter at
Ne w Albany whea then wr num
ber of white men Uiere who are
hi-tiiBSt and capable? Was it done
for ths public good, or was it done
for political eileet?
20th. Da you think that -it is
right and in accordance wilh the
theory of :;r government to ap
point nv. 'i t- o.fice lor political ef
fect? 21st. Do you bohevo that you
and all others in Ripley ought to
have a voice in the appointrnont of
a postnuster here, or do you think
that Gun. Chalmers ought to do
that thing himself withftut eousult
ing the wishes ol the pt"p!e?
22d. Which do yon think ought
to con'.r.'I our sounlry, intelligence
aud integrity, or igi)araie aad
vies. "QUIZ."
Mr. li. F. Foud,
Ed. Advertiser:
There is a demo
cratic club bow organized in near
ly every voting precinct iu this
And as a means ef disseminating
information among our people in re
gard te the pr.-vrross ol tha canvasi
in all sections of the country, and
ef distributing nowspapers and oth
er documents among tha different
clubs, I would-icspecU'ully suggest
that tho various clubs appoint del
egates, at every regular meeting to
visit other clubs.
Tho reports of 'these delegates to
their own clubs after visiting others
would be both laterestinir and in-
And Mr. Fiditurl would modestly
suggest that jou keep a standing
announcement in. your paper of the
time and place of tho moating of
the several clubs for general con
venience. I tako it for granted
that every club will have reg lar
meetings at least every two, weeks.
I think each club should have an
executive committee ef intelligent
zealous men, to procure speakers
for every meeting, and to send ns an
advisery coimcil to the President.
In conclusion I wish t nay in be
half ofCentr-i! Democratic Club,
that other clubs are cordially invit
ed to attend oitr meetings in Ripley.
We will have gapd speakers at ev
ery meeting. -
. lJres. 0. 0.
The most delicate persons enjoy
takiBg Entry's Little Cathartic
Pills,'. They' restore color, give a
wholesome appetite, put new life in
a brokea-down body, they are pleas
ant to take and their. action is very
mild. Druggists' sell . them. 15
DoSote County is in a blaze of
enthusiasm for Bright Morgan f 1 r
Oongrcs.", and will roll up a'sweop--ing
majority for its favorite sun.-.-.
I Vicksburg Herald.
For the 'eyas or
Tue proinrietor of tfcU olobratel SMjj- '
dine justly olatmi fsrH pap.-iorllw Ttr
nil remedies vr cfforH to tkj paill, trm -the
HA5EHT03M of Aijui ii Vr, or ehU
and Fever, whttbtr cf i'.vj.-'. a t.r.g rttae.
ing. Es refers to tia tw'.Ai Vutcra mA
Boutharn oountry to bsar h!a teislmcny tt
ths truth of tfts suordoa tint in no esse
whatever will it fo.il to ours U die dirts,
tions are ttriatly followed and canied t -In
a great many oaaej a rlngls isu kt 9
been aaffloient fcr a tare, end wkola Uai,
Uei hsve been cured by a oiagto bottle, wife
a porfeot reatorntien of tie general health.
It is, bowovef, prudent, and in amy eat
r.oro CDrtain to diva, if its is eontiawd
in lualler doses for a vree'a or tvo after lb
ai3fa?e has been tho ted, more especially ,
in difiaolt and lccg-etanaing cuoet. Ctn.
ally tbii medicine will not reqnire any ai .
to keep the bowda in (pod ciacr. fihenlj
. the patient, however, retire a oetiuirtla
meditina, after having taken three or fsnr
dosei of the Tunis, a nnel9 doie of i DLL'S
UIX'S SASSAPAELUA U tfae eld aa4
reliable remedy fw impnritiei of the slood
and SoroMons cifiotlonj Dhj JLJxg of
Bood Fariflers.
m. jomr ptju'8 vissrTAstB vetas
SESIEOTibB is pieparod in the form of
candy drope, attxaetiv M the iff& act
pleMaat to &a Ute.
8M1TH'8 T0M1C 8YRUP,
Vha Popula' Remodlsa of the Der
trino!j jl OSloc 831 Buta St.. l8BI3V!tlE, Wi
Of THt
i(4 ;
A. V. PAO,
Kov. 3, 1S8S Ir.
,J'?wg'Tfircta-8amaBBja m 11 1.111 "
The "Ripley Advertiser" and the Lou
isvillii "Weekly Courier Journal",
One Year for only 32.00. Tro papers
wr nine more man mo puce et
By paying us 2 GO you will receive
for one year your home taper with,
the Coi;jiiicR-Jot;i:Ai.', the represents
live newtfi.ipcir of iho Pomh. Dcrae
cralic. nnd for a TtxdJ tm Kavbiuie
oii!y nu-.l tho host, brightesit . and,
ablo.4 famil WMkl'.-'ia lin tin ired
SUitc3. 'J ho itv who cltwii-a- to examinei
a sa rml v copy 0 f Li; e ( .'o.u m ex. J uu a u
can do so at lire .M)ice.
AIT tv;i':t ' lVrT!, IJV'
t u M w.8sl 3 V ,if ail the J ivfiiloiifg,
ol tu U. S. "i U Jiin,cst. liauc'.-Ji'iiiesl. l:(;.-t,
lonkcver told for lc?-i Uwi ii..-eoiif prl--a
The f isUflt wlUiijr boo'c In A n ii-U-n! Jm
mcn?e irfHs to ajr, nt. -Alt iirollLeut
llPOIlId waul it, A urn.-. i I n.....ix
es-iiilgont. Tcriiis I'wb. si u.i. '.ri'JiotiK
Co. I'm-.laiiil Mn.inc. '
make tndlns rlTucHnu,!
eueeraii, ana DuMtnatinf tn I
soeletr. It eonvrrn Bpntwinsr
Ijr clrls lsto loving luotbom, I
ttiunuiL-ni ant;-Uitcin, 6ud bceo
ttiul womoo. 1
- Veto's v;:::ecfca?3
orreete all doraarraieiaU
I ll DBilM tO Whinh tlim
I nlijeet, quiets tbe nrvcev
' pnruiea tho blood, uni ..
tBlHy.aiia biiuree olvar aou.
' ploxtona.
la more timnttlng tbita .
wine made from grapes, more
lliMlfflt..nn.l. 1
nan any prep- .
nriktlonnr irnn I I. it .
...umn I
UltOKlcate, lint In ni tuni. '
s I-nrc water to too fctest
I Send for our alxtjr-foar pece
J piunplilct, telliutf all aboni
. It. Aadreaa . ..
I Tlio Chtl ahokr Xtan ina Ces,
V t,'aut(auiau,l-onB,
1 f?:?. v.-,
tit 13F.0GGISTS

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