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VViien Fortune puninf by flint wiy*
“ If l ow frm> to Wkit,
•< Alu!” «rW Low. **r** •»* yeffcuud
A presentable dish 5
Bet here are »w«*#,a/«m*r see,
Aad several lutle/<X fish. *
My leek of late has been eo bad,
That I, who caught so mnny,
Now think myself supremely blew,
That I have netted any." * '
“|Ti» even «bf” replied the nymph,
. •• book ntthy broken tackle;
No fish hut tprati and Jloundert, boy,
Will find thy not n shackle :
Tbv atm has lost its wonted strength,
Net* needest thou be told,
Thy net is much too slight for use,
Unless its links were gold.”
The sod look’d grave“ come now,” cri’d she,
“Til weave thy net afresh,
And sea if any living thinij,
Resists my golden mnskr-7
Depend upon it, fish will bile.
In spite of wind or weather,
If thou will only throw in nets
Which I have wove together."
And so-it prov’d—Love fish’d away,
At ebb and flow of tide.
And user drew a plenteous store,
When Fortune’s nets were ply’d;
Rut if by chance, through vanity,
He chose his own light red,
The fish would nibble, break away,
And disappoint the god.
Genius rushes like a whirlwind—Talent
Marches like a cavalcade of heavy men and
heavy horse*—Cleverness skims like a
swallow in a summer evening, with a sharp
note and a sudden turning. The man of
goaius dwells with nature; the man of ta
lent in h>» study; but the clever man
dances here and there, and every where,
like a butterfly in a hurricane, striking eve
tty thing and enjoying nothing, but too
fight to be dashed to pieces. The man oi
talent will attack theories—the clever to an
will assail the individual and slander pri
vate character. But the man of genius
despiseth both, he heeds none, hollars
none, and walks forth an example1, that
" eagles fly alone,—they are but sheep
that herd together.” It is true, that
should a poisonous worm crose'liis path,
he may tread it under his foot; should a
cur snarl at him he may chastise it; but he
will not, cannot attack the privacy of an
other. Clever men write verses, men of
talent write prose, but men of genius write
poetry.— Wilson’s Lectures on Poetry.
Fetch the Doctor.—The late lamented
Dr. Baillie was allowed to be the most at
tentive man to his patients in the profes
sion ; but nothing annoyed him so much
as to be sent for to attend to trifles or fan
cied illness. He was called one evening
*to attend Lady H-: he immediately
repaired to the house and found the Lady
in apparent good health. The doctor,
however, prescribed a gentle opiate, evi
dently endeavoring to conceal his chagrin,
and then made his rotreat; but he had
scarcely reached the bottom of the stairs
when Miss H—— called from above,
" Dr. Baillio, pray may mamma eat oys
ters for supper l” “ O dear, yes, Miss,”
was the reply, “ shells and all, if she pleas
es.” —
The First Oath*— My lads, said a cap*
thin, when reading his orders to the crew
' on the quarter deck, to take the command
' of a ship, there is one law 1 am deter*
$£■ mined to make and I shall insist upoti its
being kept j indeed it is a favor which I
f nsk of you, and which, as a British officer,
I expect will be granted by a crew of Brit
ish seamen. What say you, my lads, are
you willing to grant your new captain one
favor 1 Aye, aye, cried all hands, let’s
know what it is, sir. Well, my lads, said
the captain, it is this; that you must allow
me to swear the first oath in this ship.—
No man on board must swear an oath be
foro I do} I am determined to have the
privilege of swearing the first oath on
board. What say you my lads, will you
grant me this favor 1 The men stared,
and stood for a moment quite at a loss
what to say. They were taken, says one,
' all a-hsck.' They were brought up, says
another * all standing.' The captain reit
erated : Now, my fine fellows what do you
say s am I to have the privilege of swear
the captain so kind and prepossessiog, that
a general burst from the ship’s company
announced, Aye, aye, sir, with their ac
customed three cheers. The effect was
good—swearing was wholly abolished in
the ship.—English pa.
I HE pasture of the subscri
ber, on or about the 7th of
iber instant, a Pair of
_ l^upposed to be three
1 years old, one a red, the other black,
owner is requested to prose property,
pay charges, and take them away:
& Canaan, Stpt. H, 189* 15
Whoever has lost the creature, end wildcat!
upon the subscriber and pay charges, can
have her. LUMAN BEACH.
Milton, Stpt. «, U3t_
jgYthe subscriber,^msr about the toti
iP nrooerts and navinc chargee.
* «: %
THE building.occupied lor this institution
ora pleasantly situated in the elevated
and healthy village of South Fern*, four and
a half miles south of Litchfield, Conn. Ad
famish convenient buildings far the whole es
• Hie course of instruction in this institution
embraces Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Ge
ography, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Com
position, History, Logic, Mathematics, Natu
ral Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, the
use of Globes, Mapping, Book-Keeping by
I Double Entry, and Declamation.
The morals and habits of the pupils are at
1 all times under the inspection of the Instruc
tor. The period of instruction for a year will
consist of forty-eight weeks, divided into two
terms. There will be two vacations in each
year, the first two weighs from the 15th of
April, the second two weeks from the 15th of
October. No reduction will j»e made for ab
sence except in case of sickness. Pupils will
be received at any period of the term. _
* The text books used in this institution ace
the Bible, Barber’s Elocutionist, Bascom’s
System of Writing, Daboll’s and Colburn’s
Arithmetic, Olney’snnd Woodbridge’s (large
edition) Geography, Murray’s Grammar,
Jaimeson’s Rhetoric and Logic, Whelpley's.
Titler’s, and Webster's History, Day’s Math
ematics, Playfair’s Euclid, Blake’s Philoso
phy, Comstock’s Chemistry with Blake’s
questions, Bennett’s System of Book-Keep
ing, Webster’s or Walker’s Dictionary, Ha
zen’a Speller and Defiuer, and Murray’s Ex
ercise. Number of pupils limited to 25, and
no day scholars will be received after the
anove nmnoer is compieu-u.
Preparatory department, £100 per year.
Higher do. 120 *• “
including board, instruction, trashing, mend
ing, rooms, fuel, lights, beds and bedding
each pupil to provide his own books and sta
tionary. Terms of all'tint received by the
year made known on application.
School Teachers who wish to review their
studies, and such young men as may wish to
qualify thumselvcs as teachers, will have that
attention given them which they may require.
A teacher of Writing is constantly employed.
This Institution is permanent, and is conduct
ed hy the Proprietor, and rests solely upon
his exertions for its support. -No labor will
therefore be spared to have it maintain that
standing and receive that liberal encourage
ment it haa hitherto received.
South Farms, Sept. 4, 1832 12it>13
Cloth Dressing*
Ezra ferriss and lyman Rich
ards having entered into Copartner
ship in CLOTH DRESSING, will enter
upon the business immediately, at Mr. Fer
riss' stand, near the Church in Milton. From
their acquaintance with the business, and the
satisfaction given in former years, they hope
to receive the patronage of their customers.
Milton, Sept. 18, 1832’__
Three Cents Reward.
RUNAWAY from the subscriber on Thurs
day evening the 20th inst. an indentured
apprentice to the Shoemaking Business nam
| ed Thomas DcDonald, aged 17 years last June.
' Said boy nWs bound to me by the Overseers
of the House of Refuge of the city of New
Y.ork on the 5th day of May laBt, and without
any just cause has left-me. This is therefore
to forbid all persons harboring, trusting, dr
employing said boy on penalty of the law.—
If any person will return him to me ho shall
receive the above reward, hut no charges.
Litchfield, Sept. 25, 18S2 16
T^OUND in the stable of the
X subscriber, on or about the
Oth of September instant, a
jLJL. bay horse,
about fifteen hands high, a star in his forehead,
with three white feet, twelve or fifteen years
old, and a spavin on the near hind leg.
Snid horse is in the possession of the sub
scriber, who requests the owner to. prove pro
perty, pay charges, and take him away.
Sharon, Sept. 19, 188t *16
. Xp ROM lira subscriber, on or
KvN* X about the first of June last,
two Yenrling STEERS—one a
SHhitfHtaai bright Red, with high, slim
horns, and one a lightish Red, no artificial
marks. A reasonable reward and charges will
be paid fur said steers, or for information
where they may be found.
| Litchfield S. Farm, Sept. 18, 183S 15
THE Court of Probate for tho District of
Sharon has allowed six months from this
date to the creditors of
late of Sharon, deceased, to present their
claims for allowance to the subscriber, admin
istrator on his estate.
Sharon, Sept. 12, 1832*16
Ruth St. John’s Estate.
THE Hon. Court of Probate for the Dis
trict of Sharpn has limited and allowed
six months from the 22d day of September,
A. D. 1892, for the creditors of the estate of
late of Sharon, in said district, deceased, to
exhibit their claims against said estate for al
lowance to the subscriber.
By order of Court.
» Administratrix, with the toiU annexed.
Sharon. Sept. 22. 1832_ 13
THE Hon. Court of Probate for the Dis
trict of Norfolk hath allowed six months
the date hereof lor the creditors to the
i cUIm IW0,1^’ dccwed< t® exhibit their
m nrrmnt Those who neglect to
, SSTJgLrSK: ,;;£**•
wmujen coSTaEE?'
I ?SSESl Exmurix.
» DtorJolK, Aug. 90, 1X82 »t0
w /
For iVv./ AT-^ oiJK.
^D^jad^lfl^Ceackes, via Norwalk,
TlflLL leave Litchfield every Monday.
▼T Wednesday, and Friday mornings, at |
4 o’clock, by way of Woodbunr, Sonthbury,
Newtown, and Redding, to Norwalk—and
there take the low pressure Steam Boat CIT
IZEN, Capt. John Brooks, and arrive in N.
York at 11 o’clock the same afternoon. Fare
throogh, 23.50. nimir,r,.T
(E^The Steam Boat CITIZEN
leaves Ncw-York, foot of Catharine Market,
at 6 o’clock A. M. Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, and arrives at Norwalk at II a. m, j
There passengers take the Coaches, and ar
rive in Litchfield at 7 P. **•
N. B. Agent for the Proprietor in Litch
field, Orlando Wadhams.
Jsitchjiel'l, April 19, tC3*. » t/45
Mail Coach Line.
Through in one day to NEW-YORK or
ALBANY, by way of Poughkeepsie,
WILL leave Park*’ Stage House every
morning at * o’clock, and arrive in
Poughkeepsie in time for passengers to avail
themselves of the Boats for either New-York
or Albany.
For further information inquire of
at Parks' Stage House, Litchfield.
May 10 t/48
Through in 24 hours—32 miles Lan
THE mail Conch leaves Litchfield every
Morning at 4c o'clock precisely, (Sundays
excepted)—arrives at Hartford at 11 o’clock.
Steam Boat leaves Hartford at IS noon for
New-York. J. PARKS.
Litchfield, April &_ 43
New-Haven Steam Boat Line,
Fare from Hartford to New• York, inclu
ding stage fare, $3 00
“ from New-Haven, * 00
j. -/r:
THE Steamboat SUPERIOR, Capt.San
ford, and the new Steamboat SPLEN
DID, Capt. Beecher, commenced a DAILY
LINE between New-Haven and New-York,
on Monday the 27th inst. The Superior will
leave New-Haven every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday, at 12 o’clock, noon. The Splen
did will leave New-Haven every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at the same hour.
Returning, each boat will leiive New-York on
the alternate days, at 7 o’clock A. M.
The Superior is well known to the travel
ling public, and needs no commendation. No
pains or expense have been spared in the con-1
struction of the Splendid, to render her in !
every respect a first rate boat. It is expected
she will equal the Superior in speed, and in
other respects it is hoped she w ill be thought
worthy of her name. The Captains and the
Agent will not bo wanting So their exertions
to promote the comfort and safety of passen
0'^“ Excellent Post Coaches and Horses
are always ready on the arrival of the Boats,
to convey passengers to Hartford, Providence
and Boston.
New-Haven, Aug. 28,1832 12
umaAr uuuus.
OFFERS to the public his entire stock of
DRY GOODS, at reduced prices, and
some articles at cost, which will afford an op
portunity for those who are-in want of Good9,
to avail themselves of many good bargains.—
His stock consists in part of the following ar
ticles, viz
Superfine black, blue, green, olive, fine and
common Broad Cloths, almost every variety
of color and prices; fawn and mixed Cassf
meres; blue Sattinetts; black silk velvet,
do. Florentine, fashionable London, Mar
seilles, and light col’d Valencia Vestings;
Gentlemen’s white Nansonk, black Italian,
and colored Cravats; black blond gauze Veils; |
English thread andbubinet Edgings and Foot
ings ; 4-4 and 5-4 bohioet Laces; linen Pock
et Handkerchiefs, bordered k plain; muslin
Insertions; 4-4 black Gros do Swiss, imita
tion Italian lustring, Marceline, Gros do Na
ples,Sinchews, Sarsnetts aod colored Satins ;
colored Florences; colored French Muslins;
French and English Ginghams; mourning
Calicoes; English do.; light and dark Chint
zes; Furniture do.; 7-4 and 8-4 black, and
white, b 7-4 scarlet Merino Sbawls; Poplin b
Thibet do.; Valencia (black and scarlet) do.;
fancy crape, gauze (very rich,) oriental, and
Warsaw (embroidered) Handkerchiefs; Gen
tlemen's Hosiery, buck and horeeskm Gioves;
horseskio do.; 8-4 b 18-4 damask Ta
ble Cloths; 8-4 damask. 8 4 birdseye, Ger
rnan, Russia, and 8-4 oot Diapers; Marseilles
Qwhs; FurmtareDimity ; Satin Jenna; Oa
naburgs; Burlaps; figured Floor Cloth—
-GQjtfDGTJC GOODS—bleached Sheetings
and Shirtings; brown do.; Bed Ticking;
b ue apron check, plaid, striped, twilled and
E£,Dj£,0*h"B*5 brown J**D; blue Calicoes,
The public am invited to call aod examine
bis stock of G*ods, as they will be put at pri
ces which will make it a great inducement for
them to buy.
LUthJkU, Aug. 8, 1898. 8
Just Received, from New- York, at tke
Drugs and Medicines,
r? O ELECTED with the nicest
4Kmm & care, and purchased for cash
°W at reduced prices front the import*
HI ers—offered at a smalt advance
from cost. Also, Surgical Instru
ments—a large variety of WINES, cheap for
their quality. Tamarinds, Lemon Syrup, An
natte, London Porter—Paints, Oils, Lamp
Oil, fcc. fcc., comprising a full assortment of
all articles usually offered for sale at such es-f
tablishments. (£?" Particular attention paid
to the prescriptions of physicians.
Physicians and all others are respectfully
invited to call and examine prices and quali
ties of the above articles, and we doubt not
the most fastidious may be satisfied.
Spirits, for medicinal purposes only.
Doct. JOHN STONE, who has been a
Practising Physician for about 14 years, hns
the principal charge and care ot the establish-]
ment, and we feel the most entire confidence
in his integrity, carefulness,and ability to give
N. B. Opium unusually low, and its prepa
rations consequently eheap.
T.itr.h field. Mmi I. 1
PURE LINSEED OIL, manufactured
in this County—Labarraquo’s Chloride
of Soda, with directions for its various uses;
Chloride Lime, Hibbert’s London Brown
Stout—with many other articles, at the Drug,
Medicine nnd Paint Store of
Litchfield, July 11. 1832. 5
Clay's Itch Ointment.
'■‘NOR. pleasantness, safety, expedition, ease and cer
JL' tainty, is infinitely superior to auy other cure for
that tormenting disorder.
Price 25 cents per box.
Clay’s Stomach Bitters.
THEY will be found in nil cases of the following
description to give relief:—Nausea, Heartburn,
Vomiting, Costiveness, Weakness nt the llrenst, Pain
n the Stomach, Loss of Appetite, nnd all other symp
toms of Indigestion nnd Flatulence, hind as a nervous
cordial, is not to be surpassed by any thing.
Price 25 cents a box.
Pearl Tooth Powder.
THIS celebrated Powder needs no recommenda
tion—every gentleman nnd Indy should be in the
constant use of'it, if they wish to preserve their teeth
from deeny, and have them nppenr of a beautiful pear
ly whiteness. Price 25 cents a box.
Sold by Samuel Buel, Lee Sf Beckwith, and
ApothecariesHall, Litchfield,and at various other
places in the county. D. .CLAY.
June 23, 1831 lv3
Books and Stationary,,
WHICH they are determined tn sell as
low as can be purchased in Hartfordi
or Nety-Haven.
Goodwin & Galpin._.
P. S. Cash paid for SHEEP SKINS suit
able for Book Binding.
Litchfield, Jan. 5, 1832._ If30
- E. A. LORD
HAS on hand, and is constantly receiving
from New-Ywrk, a good supply of
Books and Stationary,
which will be sold at New-York prices, and
cheaper than they can be purchased in this
In all its varieties executed in the most tho
rough manner,
Manufactured ol good paper, and on short
RliANKS—« complete assortment-7
constantly on hand.
()3^ Cash, and the highest price, paid
forSHEEP SKINS% suitable for Bin
ding. 31 _Jan. 12
Stage and Steam-Boat Line
For New-Haven and New-York.
Fart through from Litchfield to New
York a Dollars.
THE above line leaves Parks’ Stage House
every morning (Sundays excepted) pre
cisely at 4 o'clock—arrives in New-Haven at
half past 11 o’clock.
Steam Boat leaves New-Haven precisely at
IS o'clock, noon—-arrives in New-York at 6
o’clock same afternoon, at the reduced price
of $3,00. For information ioquire of
Litchfield, August SO14
ALL persons liable to pay State and Town
Taxes in the town of Canaan on List of
1881, are hereby notified that we the subscri
bers will attend at the dwelling house of John
B. Reed on the »th day of October neat, at
*—■ — nL 2 M tL — LwanMua maa^ a^, „
wine o cmcK in ine iorvnmwi, RimH lira HKtctd
of Major C. Peck at onoo’cloek in tbe after
Oct. 10th, at 0 o’clock bs the faecasen. and
at tbe store of Andrews It Stevens at one
o’clock ia the afternoon of same day. AU
I Hortons neglecting to vettla said taxes by said,
time must expect to pay Ives.
John B. Rxxd, ) _ __
Seek no B. Giclett, | Cojfeetvre.
Canaan, Sept. 18,1894 *15
1*50 Reward I
STOLEN from the waggon oft!
O- her last night, between 7 and_
while standing oilier thin shed of Mr. Parks,
in Litchfield, n small TRUNK covered with
spotted Seal Skin, containing Four Hundred
and between flfcpHriy *nif Hiffimf Hillars. prin
cipally notes sf the New-Raven and Hartford
Banks—a gold s gold and silver Watch, on*
green broadcloth Coat, a pair of drab Panta
loans, a Silk Velvet Vest, and various other
articles of small clothing. The above reward
will be given for the recovery of the property
and detection of the thief, or one half for ei
ther of thenf. Any information may be di
rected to J. Parks. Litchfield, or to the sub
scriber at New-Haven.
TAtchfield, Sept, at, 188*IS
Just Received,
At the sign Drugs and Medicines,
Drugs and Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Wines, Porter, &c.
OLD Port and Old Madeira
WINES, in bottles or on
draught—Pure Holland Gin, Cog
niac Brandy and ‘wtliVr spirits as
medicines—Congress Water, foe.
all which will be sold very low %r cash oC
good credit.
” Litchfield, Aue. 18 TO
New School Book.
have just published,
A History of the United States,
To which ia prefixed
A Brief Historical Account of our English
Ancestors, from the Dispersion at Bahul to
their Migration to America.
Bv Noah Webster, LL. D.
The follotoing are from among* the numerous
testimonials in favor of the work which have al
I ready appeared:
We consider Dr. Webster ns eminently qualified to
prepare a work of this kind. His extensive acquain
tance with the early history of nations, mid especially
our own—the result of fifty years of investigation—is
the best pledge for the accuracy of his statements;
while the personal knowledge of the events of our re
volution mid the establishment of our government,
Riyes a freshness and interest tu his narrative, which
are rarely if ever to be found in the pages of a mere
compiler. We therefore cordially recommend this
work, ns udapted to general use in families & schools.
President of Ynlo College,
Prof. Chemistry, Mineralogy, Sic.
Prof. Rhet. nod Oratory, do.
Prof, of the Latin Lang, mid Lit. do.
Prof. Didncliu Theology, do.
Pastor First Cong. Church, N. Ilnven.
Principal N. Haven .Female Institute.
Pastor 3d Cong. Charch, N. Haven.
Ncw-Havcn, July 17,1833.
New-Haven. July 20, 1832.
Messrs. Durrie & Peck—I have taken some pains
to acquaint myself with the character of Dr. Webster's
" History of the United States.” It is, in my opinion,
a work of great merit, and admirably adapted to the
purposes nliko of our public and private sehnsls. It
will nut injure the reputation of its illustrious author.
1 shall immediately recommend it to the Visiting Com
mittee lor adoption into the higher classes of tlitf'Lnn
caslcrian School. Yonrs respectfully,
Principal of the Lancastrian school.
The Committee nf the School Society in New-IIa
ven have concluded to introduce Webster’s History of
tho United Slntesinto the Lancasierian school, and to
recommend its use in the other schools in the New
Ilnven School Society, ns a useful and concise com
pend of history, well adapted for juvenile histrnclion.
The volume contains ninny facta not contained its
any other History, and as y school Imok lias the advan
tage of combining at onre, with the exercises of the
schools, a knowledge of our country and its institu
tion*.—Co/m. Herald.
Tho work will not fail to meet with n welcome re
ception whenever it is seen.—N. Haven Palladium.
From the Rev. T. Marsh, Into Rector of 8t. Michael’s
Church, Litchfield.
This certifies, that I have perused “ A History nf
the United States,” written by Noah Webster, LL. D.
It is well calculated to benefit the rising generation.
It gives an intuitive and correct view ol the most im
portant events unending the discovery and history uf
North Amerien. It is adapted to the wants, capacity
and taste of youth. 1 hope it may find a place ia eve
nt library, and especially in our High and Common
Schools. The purity of ns.style, and the correctness
of its facts, must plouse every patron of science, and
every friend of virlne and humanity. DocL Webster
was the first man who succeeded ia uiieatptiog to an
alyse or parse the English language. Ha has dona
more to explain its true principles, to investigate its
peculiar idioms, to trace iM etymology, and banish its
corruptions, than any othsr|tPrson that ever livetL—
His name ought to be revered, and his philological
writings ought to be studied, by every classical scho
lar, and more especially by every American, who ia
disposed 10 pnirunixe learning, or encourage religion.
sept. 3,1033. TRUMAN MARSH.
From the Rev. Mr. Hickok, Pastor of the First Con
gregnlional Church, Litchfield.
I hnve examined to some extent Dr. WehMer'a
History of the United Suites, and nm highly pteasgrt
both with the pkm and execution. While Tl is tnU
nently calculated lor the improvement of the youthful
mind in Common Schools, there is also much rafunble
information, both of historical fncls and philosophical
nnd philological disquisition, which renders it profita
ble to more mature anti cultivated intellects. I can
not but hope that it may have a very general cir< illa
tion. ' L. P. HICKOK.
Litchfield, Sept. 4,1832.
From the Principal of the Litchfield Female Academy.
I have examined, with much pleast. e, Dr. Web
ster's History of the United States, and have beets
i highly gratified with its plan and execution. As an
elementary work for our primary schools, itsucBassce
any I have seen; and whether read ns n close nook,
1 or partially committed to mgmorv, will ho equally
uvelul. JOHN P. BRACE.
Litchfield, Sept. 4, 1333.
For Sale by
E. A. Lord, and ( i itrtifidrf
Goodwin to Galfin, (
September 4 _
LEMON SYRUP. Chloride tr Lime,
White Mtuterd Seed. PMft Li****.
Porter, Varnish, Oliva Oil,
Atom, Copperas, Paints. Lto
rectified OILS, PAINTS,
Blaise, Pepper. Spice, Nu
from ninety cents to seem
all of which! togetheT^wtth a previously pur
cbased stock, will be mid tor emit or good
credit, at a fair profit, (but not at coat,) to aM
partem who find it tor their intorot to be
stow their patronage.
Litchfield, July *«i 183* 5

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