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January No. i* embellished by
Rpteudid engraving*, a fashion
and 8vo other engravings, each
i hseif. - Among the contributors to
tmber, are Mrs. L. H. Sigourney,
raribit* 8. Osgood. Miss Hannah F.
Mm L. Maria Child Mrs. E. F.
J. Bayard Taylor. Park Benj*
rs, Mary S. B. Dana, N. P. Wil
■ fi! Bryant, Mrs. Emma C. Em
nd many other writers whose gro
ts have litund (aver with tbs put>
[*hU number commences a new
■ Now is the time to subscribe.
3,00 a year.
he Ladies' National Nagnzine. for
y, is a splendid number. The
t one of the very heat month I its in
ion—and only 82 per year Appli
cation, Tribune Budding*. N- York. '
y I not hope, sir,” said Mr. John
tkwell. ol Connecticut, in anmain
e death of Senator Huntington in
tune on Monday, •* that these res
signals of our mortality may
smshiit the turbulence uf an
whatSk and lead us all to the ad<»p*
such a coui»e in the discussion
•ision of the important questions
lives will stand the test of that tri
irifore which some of our numliei
olliably appear during th<, session
Inch we have entered.’’
bill 11 release the prior lien of the
[ton this road, and to relay it with
it, iiassetl the Senate on Tuesday
I is therefore a 11 w. The pass tge I
Mil is imlee ! a cause ofgratulatlou
citizens, and we hope the Direct*
urge the relaying as fast as pos.
We are satisfied tbat it the r>»«d
•rly constru 'ted, the business up
ill he rapidly increased, and the
M prove exceedingly beneficial to
.—[Hudson Republican.
i exchange pu|ter has the following .
once s«w in C.uinecticut one of ihe
rcsl barking darkies imaginable—
lace was so black that he couldn't
when it was morning—Ins wool cur*
■i tight that it made him round shout
1—Ins nose was so Hal and greasy
lie had lu pui tartui his fingers when
anted to blow it—his stuns were so
[> tie couldn't go ill rough a coin .field
iiul Rjtling ilie stalks—and Iiis heels
so long that he couldn't go down
vitbout tying a couple of slou<-s oil
i fo< hallnsi. He died young of mm*
item, wtucn coinin' •need in Ins leg*,
mar turnce of ihnr being loo crook*
jr ihe liloo.J to find its way up turn
A them"
)R \L SUA ■dUN.—A Iriend of ours l'iv
leceullt in a public sleigh from New
i to New York, seeing that no amou.it m I
gthCtt',,d'l nuke one id lie hoi sea increase
used, pru|i"se<i that he should he 'Irealed.'
lat end, at Ihe first slopping place, a pim
[Was poured down ihe animal's throat,
larse- shook an he si at nieh - n* - luieul'
Icsenilv he started off al a high speed,
t he kept tor seveial h mrs without ahale.
Tin- drirer ivas delight"'! • I wnuldn’
nghs it.' said is. |’ls ihe firsl lime I ev.
> mitral tried onto a hoss ! Il
i whtpoiu’ all to muhin' I*
ris-vl9r! stall up. Are you xuilly. or nol
y ?
adh, and do von ihink I shall do the wort,
) j*irv. when they are paid for that same ?
them find it run.’
Donation I'ariv will be held el thr;
■Mr, Hsasnn’s in Soil'll “trift, i.n
rxduy- the 30 h of December inn —
fid it he si or m v on that day, it will
ifereed to »h« 3l*t ins*. The triends
>. Hen*m In general, are part >eu*
r invi'ed to alien I. “ The Lord lov
I cheerful giver."
tehftrld. Dee IS. 1817.
Jt^Th» Irii'rnli* of the Re* Dr. PUL
J6r pmpnn- bavin* n Potation Party nt I
■ dwelling hooae. nn Friilny. th«- Inst
y Of iJoci'inber, coninv ncin* nt 2 o’
xk P. M. _,
The Lite tfield County Tp.mpf.r
ick Societt. will hold it* next monthly
eetiu* nt *Vt»rren, tin 4ih Ttn-wln v in
^c«*intH.T. J. f'ATI.IN,
S -cretHry*
(yj-Tbose i idfen-uble position* assumed by
ponrnt* to native *VH and knowledge, are
tenable from the very weakness «t their tup
rfer* The known promptitude of the dr
ive effer- of
Brant’s Bettu9It0
it* enemies troni its path, and happily
a feeling of confidence in alt who sre
peculiar beneficial effect in all con
an Scrofulous Complaint*. 33
* -— —
Sac b Me. May 25, 1815.
Bro^/ee—Dear Sir—The Hungarian Bal
bevniid all question,* m od perfect and
kirahlc pieparation tor the Innc*. I hav •
in my lamily and in my professional
(•a none lhaa two years, with the
uniform amt entire suc.-ea*. in case* nt
Pulmonary Disease, and I can eonsrien
reenmmend it In all who are afflicted as
certain remedy lor such disease* with
I am acquainted.
In Trinitv Church, WolenttviH*. on the«Tth
for the Rev. lb nry Zall. Mr. Burr
vilte. of Wateitown. and Mis* Jemima J.
of the former pla-u.—At the eume place,
tha same, on the **••>u '• Mr, J.mea A-h
of Litchfield, and Mm* Lucinda Bqiith ol
-lie. ■
By a second poor Express Whilh arri
ved last (Monday ) night, hr* r.Ccivgd ad
vice* from New Orleans to Hie afternoon
id Mixidnir. 13th nisi. The new* from
Mexico. rwived by an arrival at New
Orleans, is very inportaut.
Senor An«va had he* n elect«*d Presi
dent- The MexiCMU C ingre-s has broken
u|i in Cnhlusion. and the mem Irene wen
retinna from Qie-r.-tsio in diagu>ae. But
the neat important—miniulv imtMiruni.
intelligence bv our Express hi me arn-x
of Geucnls Worth and Pillow and lief
Duncan, by order ut Sen. Scott. The\
are charged with re® cting in no nnprop
er maimer upon .h* General in Chi<*i
of the A meric,ill army. The charge *
founded upon their corrc*|>oiidcuce which
hud lulleu into hii hi mix
O^-Samui i Russell. Ksq, of Middletown,
has been appointed President of 'he New
Yoik and Boston * Air Line’ Railroad Com
pany. William P. Bin rail. Ksq . of Bridge
port, is one of the Oirec ors. Th« mute it t
be surveyed this winter
ETThe Bakers had a r noint time’of t
in our Court House last Wednesday eve
niog- The Court Roam was crowded, an
those popular vocalists acquitted ihemseive
The annual meeting of th*- American Ai
Union was held at the Broadway Tahernach
on Friday i veiling last, the number n
memheis repotted » a- t'b'f'C There xrer>
distributed 272 painting, 50 silver and 250
bronze medals.
5(yThe Western paper- item with thrill
ing accounts of unprecedented freshets
PUBLIC MEETING. - Bantam Division
No. 25, Sons ol Temperance, will celebrate
their first Anniversary, by a public meeting, l<
be held.in Ihe COURT ROOM, this [W«dnea‘
day] evening. Dee. 2ttth. IS47. BrotherG. H.
Hollister, Rs<| , will d-liver an Addiess. The
public are respeclliilly invited to site id. Ex
eicises to comm nice ai rt 1-2 oVInrk.
jVl OTICE.—All pe-sons who have gits
■LV e.. ibcir notes tom--Treasurer ot the
1st Ecelesms'icrtl Soeieiy lor pew rent,
nnd all who have suis-rilnd towards the
payment of the d- bis-d said Society,are
requested to pay the mime on or In-tore
the Isi of January to Charles Adams,
Treasurer, or to
ANDREW BUELL, Collector.
53~A1I pets-ins hoi.lint; ord,-is against
mod Society are requested t » present them
for pa) ment.
Litcluield Dec. 28ih 1847
Money Found !
WHICH the owner can have b/ calling at die
l ost Office.
Dec- *y. 1847, 33 3w
r|^ HK subscriber wishing to to elope hit bus
J men* pooii, «*flcrp
tr»t great bargains I-o
A Urge .lock ot
B-nnd Cloths, Ca-«;mer«s, Satinets,
Veaungs, also Silks and Velevts
lor hoiiiible,Bibbonsthirhd.
Cottons, Linens, Umg
ll.ons, Alu-lms. I.’mIicih-s,
iMu-lll i e L on S,Cam
lincs and llos.ery,
all at extreme low prices, and aim- ft any ar
ticle of
MY ©©(DM
lound in o,unity stores.
The Good* are In be fold, and the induce
tnriilf In purchasers Is great ,-ven il their resi
dence is very distant Irom inis place. Cnui,
ii v Meicliants wnl do well in call and exam
QtHn addition In the gocrls the aubarriber
has nil hand a good assortment of
Waggons. &, Sleighs,
a targe awoilment ■ f aingir and d ruble
BA&N8 - S 3£!
stan S Tsrieiv of Cooking an«l Parlor
also a large lot ol Ltinini »nu iww nn.w
Watertown. Dee. 2Sth, 1*17. 33 <tw
At a Cnuit of Proii - n.>i.»- u «t ...
ami I'nr Hie o.Mrit'l ol Kent, on the lUth
day of De viniier ISI7.
Present, J. C. Hatch. Esq., Judge.
This t mirt appoint* John M. Raymond, Esq,
•i| said Kent, Adminiatralor on the Estate of
..f PHILO HARLEY, lalenf said district. de
ceased. and all w» six month* frotyt this date,
a it hit. which tune the creditor* of said deceas
ed may p e«enl tiieir claims to the aaid admin
istrator or be dehat ted a reeoverv. ,
The said atlnunisiraior is required to give
not ire ol this order, by causing the same to be
published ina Newspapet printed in Litchfield
and posting a o„pr thereof on Ihe public sign
post nearest where Ihe deceased last dwelt, in
eaid town.
33 3w Jtutgf.
At a Court ol Probate holden at New Milford,
within and lor Ihe district of New Milford,
on the 181 h day of Dece nher, 1047.
Presenl. DAVID t. HANFORD. Eeq, Judge.
Estate H PATTY M MERWlN.lele of New
Milford, in said di trict, deceased. On motion
of ihe Administrator this Court doth limit
and allow in the creditor# of tain eatale si*
month# from the date hereot. in which In eg
hibit their claims to said administrator or be
debarred x recovery. Ami Ihi# Court directs
sanl administrator to give notice ol Hie time
so limited nv publishing this order in a news
impel printed in Litchfield and by posting a
copy thereof on the |>uhlir sign post nearest
Ihe’plare where the said deceased last dwelt,
in mid New Milford and one other public
A true copy ol Re. nrd.
55-All persons indebted to mid estate air
requested to mske immediate payment h
33 3w Adminitlrmlar.
Estate sfGEORGE E. HALL of Bethism. in
the district of Woodbury, an aaaigaiug debt
The Trustee, hv and with the advice of the
Court ol Probate lor the district ol Wondbutv.
doth appoitfl and employ said George E Hall,
as agent of the tiustee lrr the sole am* dispos
al of said eslate.undef iheennlrol and direction
ol the trustee, in accordance with aa act peas
ed in General Assembly. 1637
r jf
U Cheap, Cheap. 2
U'Oentlrm m and Ladies, now is
be time to rave your Sixpence*.*£(
\S I, the subscriber, h ive just com
leled a I borough repair <4 the will known
• rid Mill .tu Shepang River, about half •
■nle went ot the Village of Washington, al
vhich place I am now prepared to enter on
hehu-nne-a of Milting,and 1 hope t« doit in
itch a maimer M fully to ulidt the public,
t'here are in the null four run* ot stone*, in
■•>«n del order, and I am willing to engage
hat the work shall be done a* well, if not bet
er than al any other mil! in the county Please
all an I give me a fair Itial ; and if it i* not
June a well a* a* any nfht-r mill, all charge*
rill b mid, i< I have got one of the first hand*
t tli- Milling business, a* become* with the
• ■*1 ■ ecniiimentialinii Irnm the Me**r* J I. It
.St ta.no*. New Milford, who are considered
In. I in Milling—likewise, from the upright
'it ner*. Merchant*. Mechanic* and Laborer*,
vim whom he wa* aquainled,
•4 B.—Now the gates stand ready on a pivot
o hoisting. It i* hard to keep them shut ,
r the mill i* in such good repair lor grinding!
• >w gentlemen and ladteaall yon have (ot to
• >, i* to drive up bvlnre the Mill door. and you
• til find a Mil er ready, al all time*, on short
■ itl ream liable notice to do up your grinding
I the he*l manner. Corn and i!nhba cracked
•nd ground together al anytime.
N. it. Now f>r the nitnble*ix|ienCe
Teans for Grinding.
Fifteen bushel* of Bye ground lor one bush
I—{even do lor one halt bushel—IV’hrat
iuckwheal and Corn, all ground after the
•anie rate. Corn taken on the ear. and shelled,
iddled and fanned, if railed lor. at (he same
rale as abov •. Provender any where nearly
■quilly mixed, a* to difilrei.t kind*. Grain
will be ground at the rate of twenty bnsh-U
••I one. ten lot one hall.and five for one quar
ter bushel. This von may depend on finding
tgreea: le tn the terms a* above *pecified, by
weighing or otherwise, if you pteasa. II not
found so. call on me. and not peddle it to the
tniblir. a-td all damage* will be paid Do it *•
s-Min as possible and not delay over 4 week*—
•hortet if oossihle. Plaster will he ground for
one dollar per Ion, if not of 'he bard kind.
I w sh tn return thank* to the public lor
past favor*, hoping for a continuance of the
will he none at the Sawmill lor 20 cents per
hundred. I»r rash, nr barter at rash prices, pr
lor d^ehills. taken for the amonnl—and all le
he satisfied with themeastiiemrnl oftbe stuff',
wt en taken trom the mill—and not to lay over
3<l da.s alter it nas been sawed, without set
tling up the saw hill. Sound limber sawed for
one quarter on shares. If not settled in 3<l
■lavs inteiest will ha require,! from date of
I have just added to my machinery an im
proved ''mnl Mill lo clean Grain, and a Scour
ing Mill for hulling Buckwheat and a sieve fo
tnaili Hie hull out of the bran.
Washington Nov. 14. I % 4 2*1 f
1 tent ion !!
THE Subscriber lias on hit ml nnd offer
for s i!e
200 o>ns Novn Scolin Blm* Planter,
5li0 tills. Genesee nnd Rochester Flour.
1000 bushels Rock Suit.
do. Turks Isluml.
51)0 bu„s Sulitta dir
2d h-tghs prime P. K Molueses.
20 blls New Crop N O. do.
With a (urge snu-k of
© !R (D (C 18 1 a 21 3
. 9
to numerous lo mention, to wlnci, your
utteiiiioii is purlieu I trlv Mtvited.
PI iinvil>, Dec. 23, 1847. , 82
Iron, Steel,Nails,«fcc.
BI1A O&A&S 4l 07.
No. GI Front st., corner of Ferry si.,
H AYE now in store, and offer for
sileon liberal ierm«, a complete n*s«»rt*
mnit uf Ini*, Stru, Ac. comprising in
English, Swt-ilc-s und Amerienn Bah nnd
Holt IroD
Mitt Shotting, any Jk length required
Baiiti, H"0,i, and Scroll Iron, sll mx-s.
Fml mid !>qiiincsl,i r«Hls, various qualities
Oval ami lull oval Iron,
brazier's Boils, all >>iz<*s.
English ou t American Sheet Iron, No
IU to 26.
Norwegian and Horse Nail Boils.
I lor*** mid Ox Shoe Shapes.
Pipe Box Iron. Iron Axletrers, Cart slid
Wagg»n B >x**s.
Carriage Springs, Iron ware.
Mailable Iron, Carriage bolts and nuts.
Sleigh 8lt*a*a,-H,ns ■ Nails.
Blacksmith's Bellow*. Fire Brick.
Cost Steel, all sizes and shape*.
Double Shear Steel,
English Blistered Bleel.
American do *1 .
Spring steel, Swedes Steel.
C<>. kmg Steel, Anvils and Vices.
Ciowb..rs, Mill Cranks, Files, Rasps, be.
A constant supply wt Old Colony Cut
Nails and Spikes 29 3m
w unrig'
mmm * echtjo rs
AND make mur purchase from I heir ren.sin
ing slock of COATS. VESTS. sud PaNTA
LOONS, which consists uf over 1## choice
selections of various iisllerns and six lea ui
Goods, which will tie wild at a verv small ad
vance from cost. OVERCOATS can he bought
at piices rar ing Iron ,3 13 lo|I5 50. Pan
lalunns. Iruoi ftl 50 l» f¥- V-eW, If. m ft 30
to f6 35. OVER-ALLS ran be houghl lor
*1 ceniaa pair. OIL CLOTH suit* lor f3
All garments offered lor sale w ill he pa**ed
off as low aslhoMof Ihassm-r description can
he bought in any market in New England, no
romoetit «n excepted. f«r competition is de
hert in respect either to qualii* or prices, in
this extensive branch of badness.
II v< a disbelieve, CALL AND REE.
Norfolk. Dec 8. **t
JUST received 300 Yards nf fashionable'M
DeLaines. small figures on green, black
maroon, and black grounds, which we shall
sell for 30c pee verJ.
fro/eoflsi/fe Csd Mere.
Buck Wheat Flock of »uperior
quality far SBle bf ,
THE Ezewttier Cotumiltebal The LafM field
County Agr unburst Society wfll meet at the
Mamdon Monte, in Litchfield, on lh*2d Tuee
d.gy. Ilth dey ot January IMS. at lOn'rlock A.
N. ; dt whirl time and |4ace all cnmpetitma
tor Premium* an crop* are hereby notified to
appear with Heir certified statement* and spe
cimen* oljhi-i; rrn(m according to the regula
tion* ol the -Sutiely.
Record in 2 Secy.
Lilrhfttld. Dec 23, 1847. 32 3w
NOTICE.—The Board of Relief for
the"1 ow i * L-irnfi<-H.will meet at R Smith**
U S. Hotel, on Monday. Jan. 2d, 1816. at 8
o'elock in the fi.renoon, tor the purpoae ol
hearing all ap|>eal* lr< m the doing* ot the A*
*,<**»ra of raid town, on Ihe lint <>t 1S4S, and ot
adjusting ami equalizing raid list.
37 Board of Belief
NOTICE.—Is hereby given that ihe
yraessor* and K<mid ol Re.ief ot the town ol
Liich6eld will meet at R. Smith s U. S. Hotel,
on Monday Jan. 2d, IS IS, at 8 nVlnck A. M
h r the purpose ot making abatement* o( poll*.
Ihe correct ion and regulation of theliali of lh<
Tow n, and l« do any other business which the
law tequirea.
!. • - • LUC I US TOM PK NS
< * jiBsrMsors
Hoard of Relief.
Litcnfieid, Conn. . Dec. dih, tal7, 30
- Upon the,pcl;ti»n of Anna Dolby of G "hen
io.a-id i-outnr. preferred to the Super or Court,
neat {•> lie. held a' L lrblis'd, within and fur said
county, igt the. XI Toewriey ot February. A. D.
IMA, pravujir for a divorce frwn her hu-hand
Stephen D dhv, on the ground ol halw'nal in
teniperonee and int derable cruelty. Ordered.'
that notice of 'he pendency ot 'he af<>rraaid pe
tition lie grvrtttuthr oai* Stephen, by pa'dieh
ing thia order .if n dice in a newiipaper pnMiab
inl in raid Lichfield, at lead three week* con
wecniieclv. the last publication of ,| d nolice to
lie at le»*t three eeK» before tha «e.*sion nf
an id Superior Court,
Dated at 1,'iehfieM, ihia tSd day of Dec.. 1M7.
23 3w Ainraiil Clerk <>f »ii I Court.
EG OS 2 3' Hjoasa, ~
WOULD particularly call the ittenMon ol
the auhlic In an examination of the
he is npw off-ring, embracing almost
everv dewir.ihle pattern of COOK. PARLOR.
BOX, and COUNTING HOUSE Stove*, many
of them entirely new model* nalenltd in D47.
aurpawsmglt beatililnl. Also on hand, a lot of
which have been Will further improved. The
reputation of this note ia too well known to
need further recommendation
both cast and wheel iron, of all deaci iptinna,
on hand or made to older, of fir»t rate malepU
ala,and for lisaotv nnU chs Benge competition.
Bmots Pipe. of-every dii-eription.
Stotb .Blacking, a first rale article.
Stovk Panw, with covers.
HoLiidw Wars
Covet*. TiR. Rod Sheet Iron (Vsre, &c.fcc.
all of which wifi be * >ld at the triy lowest
Lifchfit Id, Dec 7. IA47. 30tf
N B.— Ml who have out Handing accounts,
n m.leariue. ary piiticulai l» requested to make
payment before the 1*1 of January next.
Selling off at a rea
sonable profit! 1
cent chcnjter than some merchants
that sell At CASH ! ! !
WE will gel| the remainder of our
1**11! 1 and Winter
D^OOOUS, si aui-h price* a* will rfe/y
competition, consisting of
Broadcloths, Cangimeres, Satinets,
Vesting., Alapncas, Motts, de
Caines, G ngliam*, Calicoes,
and lot* id desirable Golds
ftJ-We will cine* off theae good* CH JAP!
for Cd*H, in nrilrr to make room fora large
stock of
Spring (jJooHs,
which wi'l he wild m due lime, at ou' reason
able CHKvIP rate*,-*-also world* of
at orieethan the Cloth ran be bought
elsewhere, for ftp* CASH! -CO
30 3w vVoleottville Cash Store.
*■ f.'g*—t—;-—
Iron Bank.
The Iron Bank will pay the stock
holders six per rent, interest on all *ubstri| -
li a for lhe capital Mock, of said Hank, pain
inadvaure : if aanl anharripiinnf are paid in
Ion b» fore the I si die of Jiomrv next.
ftp Discount day*. Monday* and Thurr
d »*.
. R- M. S. PEASE,
Fr'.U Village, Voa. 1.1311. invt 1*1 Jan
» NOTICE -Taken up. «.n
Mte-JSlh ol November.one r*d
i ear line <TEFii, no artificial
mark. Th# cwoer is rnpieaiad
to prove property,pay charges, and taka her
•way# tv
Harwinion, tic S, IM1. *303e
AN exi***ive aaanrtment of DRV GOODS
and GROCERIES is keot good hr weeklv
vddiiiona from the New York and Hartford
maikeia. and i* passed to the nolir# of the
uorrhaaer with pieeaaie.
Norlotk. PeCrl841.___301 f
T1 ROCK INTO the encW
I) sure of the #ubn-riber no
BEn or about the l*> of August
' Ms* in a sutler in* rnnriilion. a
dirk red two year old heifer
Marked with a slit in the right ear The own
er i# remieelei to prove property, pay charges
wmi |||U| (Ml tVfVv '
i WMhanr.QnMb lMr fufti .
’ Jr <>»» .mtr, ■ • ■■ ■■
IMHri I af Woodbury, aa , Prubale Cowl, Dae, 1
43, IS <1.
E-tale of George C. Hall
■>f Betblem, in Mid District .an assigning debt'
nr.- The Trustee represent* the E.t*le mao *•
aw and prays lbs appointgism of Commission.
en thereon.
Ordered. That Commissioners to receive
tnd Sl inline lha claims of the creditor* of said
Estate, be appointed at the Probate Office in
Woodbury, on the ad Monday in 4annary,
1844. al U o’clock foienoon, of which all per
rons in interest will taka notice, and appear,
if they aee cause and he heard thereon.
— Notice.
rHE Cmirt of Pr.ih itn fur the ilistricl of
id' Kent h*t« limit* d tnd allowed^ month*
triNiithw itgte.f.r th»- exhibition of claims
tgamst the Es ate of
Into of K**nt. deceased, represent' d in
ailv'-nt, nn I b i appoint***! the suhnerib
mi Ci.miuissioiiem, to tweivc and rxsm
in** a .id claim-*. We, therefore, give no
tice, hnt wh will m**ct :•« the Inn of Pl**r
pont Edward* in said K*n t, on the 7th
>1 • V id Mnrch nnd on tin* Bill dnv otJuie
1849, nt 10 oVI.s-k A M on curb of s id
■lny«, fo ■ th** purpose of ait tiding to the
daiiea »fa *id appointment.
O. H. St JOHN.
DTAH petnotl* indehml IftllMI rS'HIC
»r<* n-qu st'-d fo m.iku iui'iie.li tie pays
Hi ut >u
323#’ Adinimsti nltir.
Al a Court pi Prohate h'dden at Haiwint nt.
within au\l lor the Dis'iict of Harwmton.
" on Ihe 91 h dry ot December, 1317.
Precnt, Le\vU Smith, Esq., Judge.
On motion of John Scorill. Adminis
trator on the art* e of ALVA SCOVII.L. late of
Harwmton. within aaid district, deceaend ;
this Colin doth appoint the -Jillh day nl Decem
ber 1817, at 1 o'clock P M , at Ihe Probate
Office in said district, lor ihe hearing, allow
anre and sell lenient of the Administration Ac
rotint on-aid estate—and dotn direct said ad
ministrator In'give public notice In all person*
interested in said estate, to ap ic r, it they see
cause, before said Court, al said tune and place
to he heard therein, by posting said order ol
notice on a public sign-poal in said town ol
Harwinlon nearest the p'ace where the dereas
ed las' dwelt, and bv advertising the same in
a newspaner printed in l.ilchfield.
Certified front Record,
*1 3w LE VIS SMITH, Judge.
District of Kent, ss., Prohate Court. Dec. 6th.
Estate if LEWIS St JOHN, late of Kent,
in said district, deceased.
The Court ot Probate lor the district of Kent
hsth limited and allowed six months troin the
date hereof,for ihecreriitorf ot said estate, rep
resented insolvent, in which to exhibit their
claims thereto'; and has appointed Mvrun
Harrison. Yaq . of Cornwall and Pierponl Ed
ward*. Esq. nl' Ke.it, Commissioners,to receive
and examine *a>d claims.
Certified by
Clerk ol said Court.
The subscribers give notice that they shall
meet at the dwelling house lately occmiied by
Ihe deccand in Kent, on the 3d Monday m
lanttarv and Ihe 6th day or June 1817. at HI
o'clock A. M .on each of aaid day*, for the put
pose ol alt‘iiding to the businesi ol their said
oo v* Commissioner*.
District of Kent, sa-, Probate Court, Doe. 8
Eg'ate of George W. Bull, late of
said district, de -eased.
THE Conn of Probate hath limbed end al
lowed S'X m milts Iro n this date for Ihe credit
ors of said esia'o. repreeenied insolvent, in
which t" ertub t 'hair elaints 'liere-o, and ties
sptsiiuied John C Rerrv and John Sindh 7)10,'ll
said K'-m, conuti9si"nars to receive, examine,
and adjust sold claims.
Certified by
1 J. C. HATCH, Judge.
The subecfibers give noi:ce thet we wlH meet
at t « Isie residence of the deceased. (Jeorge
W. Bit I, on the first Monday in March and "ft
ill* hr Saturday in April nest, at I o'clock. P:
M.,on each >f «aul dav«, to abend to ihebusi
w«ofu.,.ppo.„.mant joHvr, R
Kent. Dae. lit*-. 1847. 80 Sw
Selling off at COST.
THR subscriber* having made
new arrangement* I" hmintw tor ilw com
ing year,are di*|Mtaad lo wild ih.ir »liw
•lock of
prerioui in the let Marrh. IVr pare * ft m •»
mrimenl. a atnrk amounting In fr< m dig in
Te* Thnvmud Dollar*, and all wasik nl
thuae wiahiii* !<• purrhan. i» lo rail anil lonk
lor Ihrma- lvca. Suffice it toaay w have
Blue, Black nnd Brown Cloth* for
Over Coat*, Casimere*. Vestings,
SlinwU, Black and colored Al
pnccas at any price, Queen'*
Cloths, Mer.noe*, Orleans
Cloth*, Orleans Plaid*. Lj
onese Cloilis, Cnsl m-re
Plaid*, Rep and Cash
met e l)e Lanes, Winter
Gingham* 42 inches
wid-*, such as every
lady wants; White
k Red Flannels,
Canton Flan
nel*, Colton
and Phirtingv, Calicoes, Fringes,
Gimps, lists, Cap*, Muirs, kc.
Geese Feather*, a constant sup
ply on hand, and warranted.
Ready Mad. I.' lot hi ft* ol pffrv iprion on
hand, or made In order. M brat attita Ihe |iur
chaa-r. J^Tkaihifr good- mum be aold,
0T« etiM* • rnnrignment
500 ffA!EES W1MS2T3
AA'D CHiLhHrJiTs |0- * H O E d ! ! -fit
in ha wild for trhal Ihe. will bring. Alan a fee
Cane and Wwd Seal Cha r-.
(0>Wetited fur Ihe atp»* Good*. C»«h. good
Credit. Lumber. Bmur.Cheeee. hr. h .
W ilenllTille. Dee. 10, 14*1 30 Aw
PcarotATKB Paves just received
* »*r khmnt
*»... t*\i <A w - - -vt «..* r
- - «i#r ~‘wm
CLOTDixci isnunort
For year* the Fi st ani ONLY HOUSE
which bus mi he ml to that Pup
whir St stem of
For Gentlemen’s Clothing!
IS that widely known, and universally
Clothing Enrosrua,
OiK Hill,
W, Simmons, FwyriSm
The excellence ot the plan which ha a*
ICInallt designed, and whieb
lias been by him so succea
fu lly prosecuted, is not
but to some extent
Approved by the Trade, at least
So far ns tl e IMITATIONS lately intro
duced give evidr n v* of their ap -
probation of ths only true
and perfect system
which *
Every description of
—AT THE— 9
Lowest Scale of Prices It. „ V
The E>egji..t ilisjil iv ni Gmtds at
Embracing ihe l.uesi importations from » *
Are Muiiiititriureil under his own pe.rsufl
ulsu|MTiiitendenc« and direction ’
uud affords to gentlemen
who would save
upon old \
prices full
90 TO 40 CBVT1
is the pur« In se of a good Suit of eloflMS
Well dot 6l WeU Made
A Complete oppor'unity ol selecting fra«
ihe largest stock, Every Variety of '
isiuE&aisr? MLGKmxvm,
Dress (« ood s t .
JV*btc in the United Slatet ! ~
And which may be had by
Ill MfldltlOII to II , , ,
c&Httcrn'* criotftrs,
Than ran lx* purchased at nny nther eep at
abiishiiienton the face of the Globe, A
zb-s»l ~ \
Thun even ever offered before, at > I
P. S. Vlrile-tala Traders, look if
this. Thousand* of dozens el ,
Coats. Punts. V!*sts and
Entrance at No 32,<
”lwT^0fo-udgu^- rAaol/^^: „ ,r.
Wool Oardiflf,
luring done to order. , .
The subscribe rs hereby give noli
the public generally, ihni, having
their machinery in more complete er
ihi.n ever More, will continue to cant i,
manufacture Wool and Ihm Clotk, |
the shortest notice, and invariably to I
der. Trusting that from their long a
peri-ncc an>l continual application
and to their business, the public will I
M-ureil that all inducement* herein f
out will he fully rcaliz.*d. THeif i
f« luring will consist ns usual of
Cloths, Satinets,Stocking Yura* all'
ind cotton, uml wool Hairneta, *
Also, a full assortment of the
name,I goods of xll rotors, qua!it ieoepi,-i
description*, kept constantly an hand m/
*»|e by the piece or single yard, as cheep
•s can b-< bought eisewhere,aad WgtBlli%J),' *
led in all can* * for service, .
Merchant* fornishi d any n mountef the ”
• hove gisxfs on ns reasonable terms ■■•m
'hev ran biiy'» souifar article in Hr ttf'
York or any oth< r markets where they of
course run their ri*k if u good or poor a;*
lirle, 4 or <t moot* iiin«-s givea if requieM,"^
N. B,—All fulling short of a fulfil In** t
of utiy orders intrusted to oor cere w«U <
receive the promptest attention at tbw
shortest noti:r, '* T
Bantam Fulls. May 88, 847. t t.
_ WdlcliaBkir
AT his «U stsna •
East street, k«-.-* <
on hand a gosd sawn r.«
men! nf ...
Jew elry, and other rfesii able goods ueuallyAey^ *
•v Jewelers, which will be sold inaait ■
I. - SILVEH SPOOL'Sotthe beat %■*!>• j
v atwavson hand or made lo order. , ,
m»- ^m. *jrc3M aoaa ' |
•f every drscriptios carelully repaired.. tfedk
varranled dune in the beet manner Charg'd’
( «<roidn>gio repairs} at the loweet raf e>,
-Hemline dope ai short n.its.
l.iIrhAt-ld. August. ldJ* vtd ,
The suSecriber having bean appointed " HA ,
orary Paeietary of the American Art IWa*—
•anow receiving subscription* lor that Inititgtisn;
and enro ling mimea ol rn.ee deeiroua of beeeflkf
ing mend** r*>. The annual distribution of pa.pr?
■nga eaecuted under the auspices of iha r
•anil take place >n Oe.-tmber neat, and f
in itset suiliciem indue, inent fur me
■oaay nothing of ihe heauii'alaada^
rr.v.ngs 10 a Inch each member ia eu.il
The American Ail (Jn>on waainniirpnrargdfT
hs Ugia'» lure of the Plata of Sow Yerfc*V§
ihe peomo'ion of ihe Fme Ana in the UlRtf
State* The price ol meiubenhia ie 93. wWflp
a.titles the member t>> ail.hepcivilegeeafthoMpi
stituott. Tim income of the An Uniog (be w
.ear a.l IflidS. and MS pawning*. nmi
raised, varying in price true* 913 to 199. wgja
distributed by lot among the membera; • nd agflt
■.ember .g th.it rear receive* a copy nlthalMp
cd nmgnificeui engraving, *Pir Walter ftnMgk
parting si.k hr* V\ ifr.’ The inducements ;• If.
cone .somber* thi«yearers arilf saare •rtMthp
In addition t-> .he duwihuli. snf (he *au»' Bat
her ol point ilea, 830 Hronae Made'* will ho
ributad, a<*d each umu.ber uHl rsttin -in*
1 lame #..g*a* ing* ! .
The ii*'H' me* ting and diet riba* km ws_“ » Cb
p'aee on the 8<th of Ih' tisWr. The pro, • »* a
a m«.st lavor.ib e l mo 'nhe. ome member*
Gn. Puerto M. Wnaou ia fnsii.. r «f

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