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The Litchfield County Temperance Society
bold it annual mealing October 33d 1830.
Wee called to order by the President and
prayer we* uftned by Rea. Mr. Vail, ef Milton
Delegatee ware present from Geaheu. Tut
ring! rd, South Frrm*, Plymouth Hollo#, New
Preston, ..lilton, North Cornwall. South Corn
wall, West Cornwall, Kent end Sooth Canaan.
Heard the report o( the Secretary and Treas
urer. It was voted tbatm committee of fire be
appointed to nominate officers lor the year en»
f suing. Rev. Mr. Mjoio, Her. Mr. Veil. Mr.
Clarke. T. L Hart and Juliua Hart were nom
i The Committee after e short session rep or
M ted lor President H. BALDWIN, Esqr. ol
■ Washington.
Vice Praidentt.
Thomas Mills:*, Tnrringford.
Myr»n Harrison. C. Bridge,
f H P. Merwin, Goshen.
C. Besml Canaan
R M. Hotchkiss, Woodbury,
R. Battel, Norfolk.
J. Wyard, Plymouth.
T, L. Hart, Recording Secretary.
K Goodwin, South Farms, Correspond ■
1 log Secretary.
Samvel H. Dudley, Milton, Treasur
Which report was unanimously adoped.
Afternoon Settion —Heard the repoits nl
the delegates, alto of Mr, A. B. Clark. Co.
Agent- Music by the choir.
A most eloquent and powerful addrets was
delivered by Rev Mr. Wile, of Pleasant Val
ley Hi. Y. Also by Rev'. Mr. Moore, <it Tor
ringforit. Meeting adjourned to meet at West
Cornwall, on the fourth Tuesday of Nov.
T. L. HART, Secretary.
fcT. Louis, Nov. 13.
News from the Great Salt Lake.—
Captain Stanbury, of the Topographical
Engineers, and party, arrived last eve
ning on their return from an exploring
expedition to the Great Salt Lake. They
left Fort Leavenworth in May 1849, to
survey and explore by order of govern
ment, the region of Utah mountains from
Fort Hall in Oregon, to the valleys of
the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lakes.—
The party were upwards of twelve months
in making snrveva, Ac, and have returned
in good health. The Mormons aided
them all in their power, and are spoken
of in high terms by Capt. S, and party,
for industry and adding a cultivated ter
ritory to the Union, where ordinary civ
ilization would not have reached, and
where we need a thriving and agricultu
ral population betmen the two ocean
possessions. Capt. S. left Salt Lake
City on the 21st of Augu^T At the
outskirts of the town, the first train of
Mormon emigrants was met, and after
wards he encountered daily trains, all get
ting along very finely.
It is estimated t tat 1,200 wagons will
have reached the City of Salt Lake this
season from the Stales. The crojS are
all good in the valley. Capt. S.’s party
were charged by a war party of the
Snake Indians; but no harm was done,
fcr they discovc
made to receive
not Utabs with whom, they were engaged.
Sioux and Cheyuce Indians were seen in
great numbers, but were friendly. The
Cheyunea are at war with the Utahs,
«d the Crows and Snake Indians with
e Pawnees. In coming, Capt. S. met
with J. Owen, Sutler at Fort Hall, whose
train had been lobbed by the Crows in
South Pass. Livingston and Kincade’s
train were men at Fort Bridge, on 15lh
September. The first U. S. mail arrived
at Fort Bridge on the 9lh; the second
was met on 17th Oct. near Ashe Hollow.
Captain Tuttle’s train was met on the !
27ih, 35 miles beyond Fort Kearney, and
Richard’s train at the head of Little Blue
on the 28th. A train was to have left
Salt Lake City about 10th September
for the States.
Massachusetts has gone over,root and branch,
to ihe allied enemy. Particulars will be giv
en w'h»n Ihs official r-t'irn* reach us,
— -a- - - -- - - - - -
I EJEamine the Goods
TT is well, fur every person 10 advertise
.L wliat commodities he has for sale, and it is
better for him to have al least whal he ad
uenises. Mow some keep many goods in a
newspaper, bat the place lor them is in the
stole. We Weep some Goods fnruur-'ustomers,
and we Hunk thousands are Hie better for
good bargains obtained at our famous stand.—
Now tor us to undertake to enumerate what
wa have, and state the number of yards and
quarters in each piece, would be rather too
great a task—loo much like the famous Tax
List. We raher have our friends come and
look for themselves, and we sav come and ex
amine. You will find us at home on every
article. We do not expect you to buy without
you get a good bargain, it ia for our in
terest »s w-ll as yours, that you have every
artiele as low as can be altorded, and we in
tend you shall. Please to recollect that we
are opening a large lot of goods this week from
New York, purchased under particulai advan
tr es. Among them high colored Muslin de'
Laines and other Dress Goods, Carpets Cotton
and Wool. Also the largest assortment of
Biots and Shoes, ever offered in this market,
but de not take our word for it, Examine.
Wolcottville, Oct- 30.1830. 3w25
ITt HE Rainy Season has now commenced
J. and persons perambulating the “ Dig
ging*" are very likely to get wet feel, thereby
oaming troublesome'colds, Which not noire
quemly keep their owners backing all winter
To gnird sg ilivii *ueh a ealamitv. go at once
to ALVORD fo BROTHERS and procure
« pair of tbuee tight and fashionable Rubbers,
which will enable yon to travel with perfect
security from wet.
Also jurt received* n large assortment of
■ IMU Mi ShOfifi.
Woteettville, Oct 39- fiw
Tot Me.
A Farm lying in the Sonth west
■ part of Litchfield in the society
■ !!!!mI of South Farms, containing
JllllHL 125 acres of land. Said form
1ja suitably divided into Meadow, Pa-iure,
Wood and Plow land, being w«ll fenced and
in a blab state of cultivation. On said
form is a new Dwelling Hoase. also four
Biros, She J, Corn House, foe Any «ae
wishing to gatehaae^ #ill do well to Call
I »od examine for ibamaelves.
I jjarESftVwMttK
■ l,bseh!>evoatbep«2»«
SHj y o
Cornwall Hollow, Oct 90,18-50
In St. Andrews Church, Marbledale, on
the 7ih in*?, by the Retr, James L Scott.
Henry Morehouse, of New Milford, «o Cor
nelia Caroline, eldest daughter ol Hiram
Bissell Esq,, of the same place.
In St. Andrews Church, Marbledale, on
the 5th Inst., by the Rey. James L. Scott,
Edward Hunt, Jr., of New Milford, to Ma
ry H. daoghter of tne late George Sanford,
Esq , of the same place.
In St. Andrews Church, Marbledale. on
the 12th inst, by the Ree. James L. Scott,
Solomon T. Morehouse, to Mary, daughter
of Henry P>att, Esq., all of Marbledale.
Successors to Dr. Nathaniel Booth, late
OFFER for the sale the following goods,
at prices which will ccmmand the in
tention and patronage of the most close and
economical purchaser
500 lbs prime Turkey Opium
3000 do Cream Tartar
2500 d<> Carb Soda
2000 do Epsom Salts
5 cases Calabria Liquorice
2000 lbs Rail do
1000 do Gum Camphor
300 do Carb Ammonia
300 do extra K J Rhubarb.
300 bbls Camp Logwood
3ll0 do Si D do
50 do Redwood and Nicwood
50 do Bar wood and Peachwaod
25 do Camwood a .id Ked Sauders
50 do Fustic and Maple Bark
2000 do Oiubro Madder
2000 do Blue Vitriol
5000 do Copp< ras-2000 do Grd Argols
1U00 do Bi Chromate Potash
1000 do Madias Guatemala, Caraccas
and Manilla Indigo of the finest giades
mi i /
1000 galls Bleached W inter
80Q do Fall
500 do Olive
1000 bleached Winter Whale
500 do bleached Fall whale
b00 do do VV iuter Lard Oil, exttu
lOuOdo do Fall do
101)0 do unbleached do do
300 do Neats Fool Oil, all of which
has been selected by us iu New Bedlord and
New V.irk, and which we warrant to give
entire satisfaction.
10,000 !bs Atlantic White Lead
5U00 do Bedville do
1000 ill* English do
10 casks French and Spruce Yellow
10 do Veu Red—5 d •bpauish Brown
500 lbs Terra de Senna burnt und ground
500 <io English Dmp Black
500 do .-tmencab do
3o0 do English Trieste,Chitieseanti Am
500 do each, Mineral, Paris, Brunswick
und Saxony Greens
500 do Blue, Green and Black Smalts
150 do Uuramaim and Antwerp Blue
500 do ludit. Red—100 do Rose Pluk
000 galls English Linseed Oil
500 do American do
500 do Spirits Turpentine
20 bbls extra diy Whiting
5llU lbs Red Lead nnd Litharge
000 do Umbei in lump and giound, dry
1300 do Refined Lamp Black
500.do Common do
5oO do Chrome Green and Yellow
10 Casks Rouen Stone—3do Pumice do
lGO lbs Vandyke Brown—500 do German
Black Lead, Flake and Cremts While,
Frankfort, Black, Orange, Mineral and drop
Lakes of all qualities and shades.
100 doz extra and Common Paihts
50 do do do Whitewash
50 do Fiat Camels Hair, from 1-2 to 5
50 gross do do Pencils, Eng
lish and German
Flat Varnish—Quill bound, Painters'
Dusters, Counter Dusters, Hair, Flesh,
Tooth, Nail, Shoe—extra and common.
Scrub, Glue, Horse. Platers’. Paste. Print'
ers’, Graining »nd Badger Brushes of every
description Are agents for a large manu
factory, and are prepared to execute orders
for any kind or atyle.
500 Ih* Red Chalk—1000 do White do
S casks Aephaitum
10 do English Sal Soda
30 kegs Salt Pet re
800 lbs Sal Ammoniac
50 kegs Emery ail numbers
5000 lbs Flower Sulphur
5 bbls Camphine
500 gro*< hung, jar. bottle and vial Corks
300 lbs Nutmegs—300 do Cloves
<t 200 do Cassia
5 cases English Reined Borax
5 do Mex Jet Lead
80 packs Gold Leaf, diflereat shades
10 do Silver Leaf- 25 lbs Bronzes
300 Bath Brick, Euglish
5 cases Gum Shellac
3 bbia Superior Bay Rum
28 reams extra Sand Paper
10 bbls Brimstone
1000 boxes of English, Fiench and Ameri
can Window Glass ol the best brands
Plate Glass of all kinds for carriage manu
100 carboys Sulphuric, Nitric, Muriatic
2J do , Aqua Fortia—10 dipping Acids
10 do Mur Tin
Old Rum,Gm, Brandy, Port aad Maderia
of very sapertor quality, suitable for inval
ids and medicinal purposes Byass* Lon
don Porter and Brown Stout, Campbell
Scotch Ale.
We are manufacturing a very superior
quality Burning Fluid, to which we would
cull the attention of russiueri. It baa been
well tested- aad in every case it h>s given
entire Ihlieteciloa. We Mr ag-irte A., the
sale of Booth’s Qopil aad Jams Vara •ah,
which is tar preferable to the New York aad
Newark VaroUhea. 2$
7^ COWLES fcLEfmtM State st.
• .
r open on Monday, the 2d of December |
next. W. B. RICE, Principal.
Norfolk, Nov 4th, I860. 96
At Si cti a Fair.
T7* OUR Bushel* Ladies and Mines Sheen
_T <Sp little out ol style.
Wolcouvilie, Nov. 8th, 1860. Swill
THE subscriber would inform the inhibit*
ant* ol Litchfield anil vicinity that he ha*
taken a shop in north street,nfrar Caningmn**
foundry, where he wilt do blacksmi'h work at
abort not ice and rn reasonable term*. Pai l ic*
ular attention will be given to horse shoeing.
Litchfield. Nov. J1 1&50. *3w2tf
A LL persons liable to pay taxes in the
ri-Town ot Norfolk, on the list ol 1849, ate
hereby notitied, that I will meet them to r»
ceive the same at the house of ,James M.
Cowles on Wednesday the 1st, and at the hotel
it John A. Shepard, on Thursday the 2d and
tnd at the house of Busbnell Koapp. on Fnda>
he 3d day of January next, flom I to 4 P. M.
u; each ;.f said days.
N. B. All persons neglecting (his notice
must expect In pay travelling fees.
LEVI P PHELPS, Collector.
Norfolk, Nov 4 1S50 3w29
Fire! Fire!
IN consequence ol the late fire, Mrs Daniels
will sell htr damaged good*cheap. Splen
did Millinery, Velvets, Shirred and Plain Sat ■
in and Corned Silk Hats. Feathers, Flowers
and Bonnet Ribbons, together with a good a»
sortmenl of Fancy Goods. 7he ladies ol
Litchfield and its vicinity, are solicited to give
her a call. 29
MRS. DANIF.LS, beg* leave to return her
smceic thanks to ihe Ladies and Gentle
men ol Litchfield, for their kindness sympathy
and assistance, rendered her on ther night ol
the fire. 29
Broke Into.
THF. enclosure of the
subset iber, on 1st of
November,a red year
ling Bull The own
er is requested to
prove property, pay
charges.and take him awav,
Harold brown.
Bel Idem, Nov. 12th IK>0. *3w29
fT7HE Committee appointed by the town of
L Goshen for that pm pose will meet at ihe
house of Wm. F. Osborn, or. Monday, the
18th inst., at Mineas Ives, on Wednesday,
the 20ih inst.. and at the Grocery of Nelson
Austin,on Friday, the22d, to contract with
those wishing to repair the roads or high
ways in said town for the term of five years
from the first of December next, according
to the vote passed by said town, Oct. 7th,
1850. The fiieeting to be opened at 10 o’
clock on each of said day.
Willard Gaylord, I
John JVX. Wadhams, > Committee.
Alex. Norton, j
Goshen, Noy. 5th, 1850. *3w
To Rent.
THF large Store, situated in
the village of Wateitown, for
[. m' llv rcoupied by A, A GHd
HUH ley It is built of Briek, in
ill j'illl '*,e most substantial manner,
^-,1 - -mJ-L in modern a'yle, it hasgnperi
»r advantages lor doing a large and profitable
business. Enquire of
Cowles & Leete, Ne.v Haven,
A A Gridley, Naugatuck.
27 H. Curtiss, Watertown.
Daguerrean Gallery.
ri^HE undersigned has le-opened his old
X looms in lit. Town Hall, where mimaliirrs
•• true to the tile,” may be obtained by making
immediate application, as his stav is.imiled.
Woodbury, Nov. 11th 1850, 27
THE Subscriber otters
for sale (he farm on
which he now resiles,
consisting of 9'J acres
o< land Said fatm is pleasantly situated on
each side of the Litchfield a id Canaan turns
pike, two miles north of the village of Goshen,
lour miles from the county seat, fi"e from the
depi t of the Naugatuck Railroad at Wolcott*
ville, and nine from the West Cornwall depot
on the Housatonic road. There is an Acade
my in the villase of the first repute, a district
school within 30 rods of the house, together
offering facilities for educating a family rarely
1 his farm is and has been for years used for
dairying purpoees, and for one of its size is un
surpassed by onv other in the vicinity. The
stock »n the farm will heso.d wiih it if de
sired by the purchaser SAMUEL IVES.
Goshen Nov. l-2ih, 18-">0._2711
To Dealers In Crockery And
Glass Ware.
THE subset ibera, Importers and Dealer* in
China, Glass and Earthen Ware, have
just received a large assortment of Gold Band,
While and Raised Figured China; Mulbury
While Granite, Light Blue, Flowing Blue, C.
C. Colored and Edge Earthen Ware; Turn
biers. Lamps, Specie Jars, Salts, Castors, Can
dlestick*, and ever v variety of Glass Ware.
The attention ot Merchants is respectfully so
licited to our stock ol the abive kinds ol
goods, which we will sell at the lowest New
York priees
BOOTH Jt PECK. No. 9 Vail Street,
Sign of the BigPilcher3
Bridgeport, Apr. 15, 18 50.
Berkshire Mutual
Pittsfield, Maas.
Between 15 and 50.
•2,00 per roar, draws 92,00 per week,
3,00 3.00 “
400 4.00 “
5,00 V» “
6,00 6,00 “
Between 50 and 65.
•250 per week, draws *240 per week.
WO 4,00 “
6,25 5.00 »
7,50 5fiO ••
MERRICK ROS8. Preiident, HENRY 8.
BRIGGS, V President, B. F. Johmoit,Secre
tary, P. L. Pans, Treasurer, N.J, tViuos, Ex
amining Physician
Solomon L- Russell. Merrick Ross, James
Francis* B* F# Johnson* N.J. Wilto.t. Josiah
Carter. P. U Fjjge. Henry 8. Briggs,L. C.
Theyer, A. Hj^gKBNCEa
His Excellency. G, N Br.gg*. Rev. John
Todd, D. D.. Rev. Bradley Miner, Hon. Enug»
II Kellogg, Hon. Thomas F. Plunkett, Tho<iw
D ir lot, E<n. i*rtf*lleid ; G-tr IF. P niner, E*q
Lee ; E. 8. Hawks, M.D, North Ad*m*.
All Cemauuieatioa should be addr*j*ed,Po«
MI BRADLEY haareeeiv
>-d a great variety of Milline
i.v Good*, including SilU*.
Satins. Vet vet*. Ribbon*, La«1
c*«, Glove*. Collar*, Cap*,
Belt Ribbons, But on*. Comint
Hair Hand*, Kiboon* lor Dree*
Dimming*, Clonk pattern*
Ladle*'are paitirutarly forked t# call and
Litchfield Nov. tlih 1830. 27
subsciibei* liave itmovetl their Stock
X ot Goods, to the Stole tercnlly occupied
by Mes*rs. Unite* & Well*, next door vre*t ot
the Mansion II..use, where ihey are ready to
wail on old customels and new.
November, 13 1850
Is hereby given, that the Copartnership
hitherto existing between Joseph W Hurlnutt,
aed Warren P llurlbull, has this day by mu
tual consent been dissolved. All pet sons in
debled to said firm by book or otherwise are
eqnesied to nuke immediate payment to W.
P. Murlbiill, to whom the said account* and
claims have been transferred.
(feJ*The business will be carried on by War
ten P. Huilbtrt, at the old stand.
Not folk, Nov. Dih, 1850, 3w27
To Seamstresses.
ANY, number of Men’s Shirts, Bosoms
Collars, ip, furnished to he made up for the
New Haven Shirt Manufactory, by
Bounty hand,.
TX ER.'ONs cot it led to Bounty Land under
the act of Congress passed September 28,
ISoO. are hereby notified that the subscriber
his received tnstrucinns from the Depart,
menl, ot the manner and form of anplving foi
the same. 1 have also prepared printed
Rtank', and am ready to attend to all who wish
Terms, from #1 to $2 50, according to til
nalure of the applicat inn
. lc , HENRY B. GRAVE*
Lilchfieid. Oct 19. 1S50, i
THE Subscriber continues to
manufacture 'heir justly cel
ebiated pump, wholesale ami
re.ail. fedtars fUnplied in
with the best
ing of pumps,
lube, &c., ev
otders for pump eastings, chain or In6e filled
at I he shoitest notice, and sent to any part «.f
f tne United States, at the cheapest rates,
; Also the best assortment of Stoves to be
lound. consisting of the best air light cook and
l parlot stores, with every variety of pipe and
cooking furniture to make a stove complete
Box and Shop Stoves
Aho Furnace castings of every description,
consisting of Water wheels,over shot and pitch
back; Mill gearing, a great var'etv, Machine*
rvcas'ingsof every kind. Chilled Sleigh and
(’utter -thoes mad • any length to suit. Plough
Castings, Sec. Scc. All nrdets for castings
promptly filled. Furnace at all times in ope
Seley's Patent Waggon Co ipling*. for heavi
or light waggons, a very superior article —
Waggon Makers are invited to look at it and
rv it. Machinery built and repaired, either
heavy or light, for cotton or wool, in the best
manner anc upon the most reasonable terms.
Call and see. Wanted 50 tons of old cast iron.
Washington, Conn , Nov 8th, 1810 eow
* I
Now is the time to buy cheap!
rHE subscribers have on hand and for sale
the largest and best assortment nl Stoves,
for Kitchen. Parlor, Office or Shop use. ever
before in Old Litchfield County. All of which
will be sold at price* so low a* to astonish the
native* entirely, All we a*K of our friends
and the public generally i* a personal exam
ination of our stock, a* we feel confident that
we can seM to all who ate in want. Our
'Stic* Rur in'i* open at all hours of the day, lor
the inspection of the public.
?0*Stove Furniture and Fixtures cons
slantl.v on hand, together with a large assort
Hall Building,
West Corn 1850.
_i _
^ It *1111? MoUa
Prepare for Fire by Insu
rance ! !
11 HE Subscribe* bemgan authorized Agent
. nt the •* Merchant, and Farmer* Mutual
Fire Insurance Company” of Worceater Mas?, j
'ffera to eiwuie
“ Building* and Merchandise"
not extra hazardous—at very low rale*, for
the term of Iron one to five year*
S ft. LKONsON, AgeaL
Litchfield.Dec. tS4«.
Broke into
' J'HE enclosure of the subscriber, on or
1. iibout the :45th of October last, a red
yearling heifer. No ufubcial mark- The
J DAYTON continues to manufac
ture SERA i’ll IN KS and MKLO
DEQNS oi me very best quality of
I tone mid eortuvmship. li1»Ser»
pliines arc mad* upon principles entirely
new, and are not infei.or to any inaile or
used tn tl'b cvn rtry.
LOD/iOXis admiunl by the mo.-Toom
peient judge* '•> In superior < o,ac> Melode
on now in use. It < as < k AAnviard simi
lar 10 that of a iVfuo or StiM|.niti*t The
Case is ol Rosewouu. Illnrk Walnut, alul
Mahogany, and is well dm shed. Themne
is very smooth, and . can lie made loud or
soft by the use of the Swell Pedal. It is
well adapted to quick or slow music. The
Bellows is cons't need on a new and im
proved plan,—it works wMi a Pedal, and
with but little inconvenience to life perfor
mer. It is easily made portnble by lolding
the legs underneath.
N, B. These instruments are well udnp
ted lot an accompaniment to chuich choirs
us well as for parlor use, and as they are
made in a strong and substantial manner,
he subscriber feels entire confidence in re
commending them us udurubleaudeflRtieut
ICt* Tlte public are invited t* call ami
examine them.
R3»Pi.«nos, Sertip.nnes, and other Mu
sical Instruments, tuned and repaired.
WolcoUvIlle, Conn, July, 1819.
To Families and Others
Visiting New Haven by either Railroad
HyypiooDi? |
Invite inspection to their stock of
s the best place in the State to purchase
Our patrons are from all pails of Connecti
cut, to whom we disttibute the
In the Dry Goods department no pains i i
spared to fill up the assortment. We
have the best fabrics and styles.
Are searched far desirable articles for fain
ily consumption, to supply
extensive demands.
At the present time we offer a splendid
stock of
MERES for Gents—
all kinds,
For Mourning.
Black and Colored, for Dresses, a epic ml id
new assortment.
Carriage Maker's Goods.
109 Chapel'st , New Haven.
J. C. Howard, M, L, Priucipal and
IT'HIS School having been necessarily
1 suspended during the past summer,
will be re-opened on Monday, Dec. 21, in
the spacious building a few rods west of the
Congregational Church The budding has
just been extensively re-rnodelea, and fur*
nished anew, for the express accommoda
tion and convenience oi the school, and the
principal will enter upou his luhots with
an increased desire to render his .school
pleasant and profitable to the youi g ladies
arid ge<tt|caaen who rnujr attend it,
The length of the let ms, expense* Sic ,
will cuKtinue the tame as lor several years
past- 3w2ti
Warren, Nov. 7th, 1850.
ALL person* liable m pay State and Town
raxeam tbe totfnot I'ornigtan.mi the a.
•awunent listol theye.rlWSt.are hereby mm
Md that I will receive the same at the store ot
smith m lorrmglbrd on Friday the ISibof
Nev. next, from 9 to 19 o'clock A. M. At ib«
.« » «N. Robert* in BUrrvirfe, from i to 4
tb*.»»th«#ibi|itnbBr next. Ami at the Hole
irfChae'fHkorcb, from I u>4 w’eltwkF«Al.
wb« negUct hi pey tiieir taxes r 4
nr belaipp*. day- meat taiict.bfif bgW
KWH W. COOK, Coffee tor tf State an
Tuan* Taaae ■ • Ji« t**PH ic
. Tetnpme.Ort. MIM . L
«*r* .*«•*•€ ‘MkmS T *i**~ 9 "
At • coun ot pr..uaie IroliVa at Plymouth,
«ilhiu and t<>r ihe Uistricl of Ply mouth, tut
the 12ih day of October, A. D lodO.
Pre**m. Jajwia Jammhkn Kh>. Judge
ON AlorrUN .1 A in Tin inn Jr Executor
on (lie esm* < | James Lynch, l*»«.l Ply -
in.mih, wntiiin «.id Dimiici, de«W{ To .*
a.'dT *"‘al.*,X ...be allow..!
a id jmSffedwwthe,rr*drt«i«„i -aia estate to ex
liitnl i heir Claims against Hie same iodic Ex
ecutor ; and (tTiertg :hai public mlitebrgiven
of ibis order by aHvcm,.„K ... • nawtpap, i ,
published in Lnrllflrl.l, and hy prating , o py $
theieol mi ihe pubic emu |,osi in gaid town U ’f
Plymouth, neaioai Ihe place where the deco*- **
ed last dwell, teriifi.-d |i. m Record/ 1
*3n2d ELISUa JOHNSON, Judge.
Al a Court oiT Probale holdeu at Litchfield
wiihiu and fur Ihe District ol Litchfield.cn
Ihe 19(b day ol No/. 185<!.
Present Oliver A. G. Todd, E»q , Judge.
ORDERED, dial Ihe Adminnuiilir-‘
Estate of Alary YVadbams lale of Gowpis .
hi said District deceased, exhibit hi. admiim- -»
•ration accullut with said Eel ale to ihisCoUit *
lor adjustment at ihe probate office in Lilchfitd
on 27ih day ol Ciott miwi I8AU al 10 o’clock
in ihe lorenoon. And dial all peisons inlet -
esled in said estate may have in.lice iherer.i,
said siiuiinixuaior w lit* cause I his order to be
published hi a public newspaper primed in.
saut Litchfield ami also post a copy thereof on.
Ihe public sign )n>si nearest Ihe Iasi residence
of Ihe said deceased in saiil Goshen.
A l rap cirpy of rtcoid,
Aiiesl ... *
29 Oliver A G. ToDd. Judge.
—— --.—r
At a Court ol Piob&te liohien al Litchfield,
within and tut the dial net"of LitchheUI, on
die 7ih Jay ol November, A D. 1SS0.
Present, Oliver A. G. Todd. Esq., Judge,
E-TA I Eot Slcphcn Biuwell, lale of Litch
field in said District, deceased, Ihe.
I ah minis! inter represents the estate insolvent'.,
and prays ihe appointment of Commissioncm
thereon—Whereupon, Ordered, that Commis
sioners to receive, examine, and adjust ihu
claims of the debitors ot sain estate, be ap
pointed at tha Pr bale office in said Litchfield
on the 27ih day-of November, 1&50, »l 9 o'
clock in ihe lorenoon ; and that ail person*,
interested in said eslatemay be notified the/e
of, die Administrator will cause this ordei to
be published in a newspaper printed in Litch
field, and post a copy thereof on the public
sign-post, nearest the place where the de
ceased Iasi dwell in said ti wn.
A true copy of Recoid
_ Oliver A. G. Todd, Judge.
District ol Litchfield, *». >
Probate Court, November 1st 1850. <•
ESTATE 61 Nelson Hrewster Esq., late;
of Goshen, in s»id District deceased.
The Court of Probate for the District- nr
Li Ichfield, hath limited and allowed six limft* '
from the date hereof, foi the Creditors ot Xaidr
Estate, represented insolWh't, iinwhich te ex
hibit their claims thereto ; and-has appointed
Mineas Ives and John M. Wadhams, oftaaid
Goshen, eomniissioners toreceuuuml examine
said Claims. .^'Certified
OltVER A. GrTOTD, Judge
The Snbscribeis give notice that they shaft
meet jMie office lately occupied by- the de«
ceased in said Goshen, on the second Mondar
in January and ftfilit day of May, A. Dt, 1851V
at & o’c.ock in the forenoon, on each ofsaicf
days, lor the purpose of atteuding on the btfui*
ness of said appointment.
JOHN M. WADHAMS. 5 Domm’rx.
All persons indebted to said Estate are re
quested to make immediate payment to
_2d_J-_l - GAYLORD, Administrator.
At a Court of Probate holden at Litchfield,
within and lor tho District of Litchfield,.on
the 1st day of Aoveinber, A. D. 1800
Fiesent, Oliver A G - Todd, Esq. Judge.
JOSEPH i. GAYLORD, Administrate* on
the Estate of Nelson Hrewster Esq. late
ol Goshen, withiB said District,deceased, bav.
iog represented said estate insolvent, andgir
enhiotice to all concerned, to appear before this
Court the present day, at 2 o’clock, afternoon
to ite heatd relative to the appointment of
Commissioners, and no one appearing, This
Comt doth appoint Mineas Ives and John M.
Wadhams, ot said Goshen, Commissioners, to
examine and adjust the claims of the creditors
ot saiu estate ; and also doth decree, thgt six
months from this dale be allowed them to ex
hibit theii claims to paid Commissioners,' and
doth direct tnat public notice of this order be
given by advertising the same in a newspaper
published in Litchfield- and by posting a copy
thereof on Hie public sign-post in said lownof
Goshen, dearest the place where the deceased
last dwelt. Certified from Record,
20_OLIVER A. G. TOPp, Judge,
At a Court c.t Probate holden at Lhyfflntd,
within and for the District ol Litchftefd. on
the 31st day ol October A D 1850.
Present, Oliver A. G. Todd, Esq. Judge. -
ON TRoiiou ol the Executor of the last will
and testament ol Norman Ltman, late
of Watren. withilt said district, deceased;—
This Court doth decree that six month* bo ah
lowed and limited for the creditors of said es
tate to exhibit their claims against'I be same
inthe Execuior ; and directs that public-no
tice be given ol this order by advertising in a
newspaper published in Litchfield, and by
poetiii* a copy thereof on the puplic sign-post
in saiu tewn of Warren, nearest the place
where the deceased last dwelt.
Certified from Record,
_ OLIVER A. G. TODD, Judge.
Al a Court of Probate hidden al Litchfield,
within and (■>,- the District of Lichfield, on
Ihe4lh Jay <>l November, A. D. 1650.
Present, Olivjcr A. G. Todd. Esq. Judge.
Lj' STATE of Nathan VV ard, Lite ot Lticb*
IJj field, in said District, deceased.
The Administrator represent si he estate In
solvent, and prays Hie apt.ointment ot Com
inirMiouera thereon :—Whereupon, Ordered,
lliat Commissioners to receive, examine, and
adjust ti e claims of the creditors ot said eshite
be appointed al the Probate Office in said Litch
fi-id. on the 21th day of Njvember, 1850 at 1
o’clock in the afternoon ; and that all persona
interested in said estate may be notified there
nl, tlie administrator will cauae this order lo
he published in a newspaper printed inidlch
field and post a copy thereof on the, 1
sign-post nearest the place where the i
ee last dwelt in said Li.chfield.
A true copy of Record,
District ol New Muloidm. i.
Probate Court, October IT 1650 i
JT’ ST \TE of Eli Roberta, late of New Mil
XJtord, in aaid District deceased.
I’he Court ot Probate lor the District of New
Milloid, hath limited and allowed six wombs
Irom the date hereof, lor the Creditors of said
Estate, to exhibit their claims for settlement.
1 hose who neglect to present their account*,
properly attested, within said time, will bo
debarred a recover. All persons indebted to
said Estate are requested lo make immediate
payment to
95 IKR'J-HA R.-)HERT< Es-nnrig.
Curtis is- JYktrth.
Meridea Insurance Vgeaey
XClna, Protection, and Hartford Fif# inatl
rape# Companies, Hartford, CL
Washington Co -Granville, N. Y.
JWWi Concord,N H. > v£
^emnecrtcut Lite, Insurance CotnpanjHarU /j '
Philadelphia, Health Insurants* Company.
Philadelphia, TT '

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