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' TKKtp,*Gl\
wt r. u- nvm.
Oft in childhood’s rosy boors
Musing by tbs rippling streams—
Culling m.m fheir banks Ihe Unwin,
Radiant with tha mornings beams—
Have I wandered, sad and lonely,
Thoug bifii of Ihe scenes of yore.
Dreaming of loaf Ir.ved only,
Dreaming, dreaming evermore.
Golden twee of rtfismory linger
Round the apdt where o'ft I’ve played ;
Forma of loved ones, once familiar,
Many years in death ha»e laid.
But they’re with me new os riser,
Soothing, as the momenta’tee—
Oh that'ties like these should sever,
Oh that thua our lives should bo.
Like Mile bubble <*n the fillin’ain,’
Or the dewy tear of morn,—
Like the mis< that shrouds the mountain,
Giving joy to every song.
Are those dear old scenes of childhood—
Childhood’s -guileless, sinless veers,
And Ihe cottage by the wildwood—
Onee again they bring back tears.
Ma»s'ibd—On ihe tOih nil. in^tennebUnk
pon. Maine, by Rev. C. W. Hey woed, Mia.
Amanda Mann to Mr. A. R. Nott, all cf
The following poetical correspondence is
laid to have actually passed between the
above nami-d couple, and to have been the
tons fide “ proposal" and “ reply.” The fact
that they Wire tltv-jteratc punamra, makes the
statement'more probable. The last s. arris,
we presume, waa added by our correspondent:
Oh, that I could prevail, my fair,
That vUre Unite o«r lot;
Oh. 'ake a man, Amanda Mann,
And tie a double '’knot.”
Yoor cMnens drives me to despair—
For what shall I do ) ab, to hat 7
For you I’m growing iliin and spare—
For you I’m a “pino MU.”
•If I ahould hear that you had died,
’Twould kill me on the spot;
Yet only yesterday 1 cried,
“ Ah, would that the were Nott I”
The “chords" and tendnb df nty heart
A round theefondly “twine”—
Amanda, heal thia aching smart!
Amanda, oh be mine !
These very terms, as I opine,
SUggeat united lot*;
'■‘Let'* tie, then, dear, these “ cords” and
“ twine,"
Into hymenial knots.
‘This life, we know, is hrit a span,
Hence1 have been afraid
That I should atill remain A. Mann,
And die at last—a maid.
And often to myself I say,
'On todking round I find
There’s Nutt, * men Hi every way
Just suited to my mind,
I fain would whisper him, apart,
He’d make me blest for life—
If he wcult! take me to his heart
And make A. Mann a wife.
Love nst, my mot her often says,
And so, too, says the song—
I’ll heed the hint in future days.
And (see Nott well and long.
Then, oh ! let Hymen on the spot,
His chants around me throw—
And bind me ir. a lasting knot,
Tied with a single beau.
And now 1 give myseit ro you,
And thus unite our lots—
And tie these “ cordi and twine,” into
A ftoz- n little Nntta.
Up i' the Mumming.— Don't lie m bed
"these beautiful tiniriiiiigs till six nr seven
o’clock. Up with you with Hie first blush
*of Aurora—when the young day first looks
in iijMiii the world from eastern hills cur
tained with the grey drapery of lading
"night. Go out and hear the early song of
the winged choristers of nature, waking
into sweetest melody the whole nir around
yon ; inhale the invigorating breeze laden
with the perfume of countless blossoms a ltd
fresh with morning dew ; watch the deep
enitig crimson til the Orient as the “ great
Orb of day” rises to kiss the rtwy cheek of
morning ; walk into Hie fields tv he re every
thing is beautiful, lovely and full of life, and
4/ you do not find Morning as we have pic.
lured it, you will, at least, find health, re
newed vigor of mind and body, and spirits
•light and cheerful as the new-born day.
'I^HE Ox THAT wouldn’t STAT KlLI.ED.
-—Ttie Detroit Advertiser tells the lollow
ing good one of a farmer in that vic niiy,
who drove a very fat ox to market, expect
ing ’hat the nnuttal when killed would yield
some 12 or 1300 |shiiiiIs of heef. He Sold
the ox; the buyer drove him off, and at
'night came hack represent mg that the ox
had been slaughtered, and ofleted to settle
fir it, but showing an account of its weight
winch tell abort the expectations of the
■farmer, who insisted on seeing the ox, and
alter examining and weighing which with
the talloiv, lie was forced to go home, tl-o’
'not more limn hall satisfied, with the inn
•ney in his pocket. During the night alter
his return, the‘dead ox came back to bi>
yard alive ami well, having btoke not o
tlie butcher’s enclosure! and the next da'
•n Uw* tLx....... . i _ ( ■ *
ine ramier drove me aaiitenx track to town
and offered loaellhim to the same butcher,
Who, having H issed the animal, eyed the
new comer rather suspiciously, mid con*
■eluded that k waa lie who had been aoid,
'bought the Ox at a thumping price aud paid
lor him, thig time.
*The Wiatnaitckei Patriot Editor mattes
merry over the miatake ol a Sliangl e hen
Ilia, that has been “netting” Ihr 5 weeks
on two round stone* and a piece oj brick!
der anxiety (quoth he) m no greater than
at she will hatch. If ii
rd*-ihet hen i« not for
lid ofoura got a valentine
opened” heauufullv. I‘i>h

In a little village in the Slate of Hosier
ditiit, in the year 1844, there was “ all sort*”
of excitement concerning Ihe ducrines of
ilia arch deceiver Miller. For months tie
Midnight cry, followed hy the Morning
Howl and the Nonnday Tell, had circulated
through the village and aormundtng coon
tie* to an extent not even equalled by Mr.
D’h celebrated apeech. Men disponed of
property lor little or nothing. The women
were pile ami ghastly from watching and
praying, or at least, timae wlnt believed in
the coming ascension looked as il they were
about haff over a second a Hack of tlie
•Chfha and lever. There were, however,
some “ choice spirits’* {not choice in theirs,
however) who notwithstanding rhe popu
larity of the delusion, would not enlist under
rhe manner of me sscentioniais.siid among
these was a wild, ha rum scaruin blade,from l
down east,"by life name ufCaleb Newham.
Now Caleb was as hard a case as von
would meet on Ihe fourth of July in Texas,
—always alive for fun anil sport, of anv
and every description, and a strong disbe
liever in Mtllerisiii.
Tlie night of tlte third of April, was the
tiine agreed upon out west '(hr the grand
exhibition of •* ground and lofty tumbling”
and about ten o'clock of the night, num
bers of the milleritea assembled on the outs
skirls of the town, on a little eminence,
upon which the proprietor had allowed a <
few trees to stabd. In Ihe crowd, and the
only representative of hie race present, was
a free negro, by the name of Sam, about
as ugly, black, woolly, and rough descend
ant of Ham as ever baked his shins over a
kitchen fire.
Sam's head was small, body sod arms
very long, and his legs bore a remarkable
resemblance to a pair of hams, in lact, put
Sam on a horse, his lej»sclasped around his
neck, his head towards llte tail, and his
arms clasp ng the animal's hams, and at
ten paces off you would swear he was an
old set of pitent gearing.
Tlie leader of the Md'.eritea owing to an
ancient grudge lie bore him, hated Sam
' like smoke,' and had done all in his power
to prevent his admittance among the4 elect’
but all to no purpose; Sam would creepir.
at every meeting; to night there he was
again, dressed in a white robe of cheap
cotton secured to his body by a belt, and
shouting ami praying as ioud as the best of
Now, on tlie morning of the third, Cahe
had, with a deal of perseverance, and more
trouble, managed to throw a halfincn hemp
cord over the- branch ol an oak, which
stretched its long arms directly over thr
spot where Ihe Mtllerites would assemble;
one end he had secured to the body of the
tree and the oilier to a stump some dts
tsnre <ffl
Anoui len ii'chick, wnen ine excoemem
was gening “ .-ibmn eighty pounds to the
inch,” Mr. Cube, wrapped in an old sheet,
walked into the crowd and proceeded to
fasten, in as secure a manner as possible,
the end of the rope to the hack part of the
belt, which confined Sant's robe, and having
succeeded, sloped to join some of his com
panions who tad the other end. The lew
stars in the sky threw a light over the scene
and in about a minute nr two the hoarse
voice of Sam was heard excla:ming:
“Whoop! Whoo!! I’se going up just
now. Wlio-o- uii!"
And sure enough Sam was seen mount
ing in the “tetherial blue.” This was
however, soon cheeked when he cleared,
“ terra firm” a lew feet.
“ Glorv !’’ cried one.
‘ Hallelujili V cied another.
Shrieks and yells made the night hideous.
Some fainted ; others prayed, and not a lew
Now whether it was owing to the light
ness of his head, or the length and weight
of his heels, Sam’s position was not a
pleasant one; the hell to which Cabe’a curd
was attached was bound exactly around
the cen.re of gravity, and Sam swung like
a pair of scales head up and heels down, at
the same time sweeping over thec.owd like
a pendulum which motion was accelerated
by his strenuous clapping ol hands and
vigorous kicking. At length tie became
alarmed and wanted to come down.
“ Lor a massy!” cried he, “just lake up
poor nigga to urn husni, nr let l.im down
easy, easy. Let him down again, please
uni Lor, dis poor niggar will go straight
home to urn bed, ngli-h !”
And Sam’s teeth chattered with alright,
and lie kicked again more vigorously than
| lie did before, bringing bis head directly
downwards, and Ina heels upwards, when
1 a woman shrieked out—
“Oli, Dear brother Sam, oh, take me up
with you.”
She sprang at his head as he swept by
her and caught him hy the wool, fetching
him up * a standing.’
“ Gosh, sister,” cried Sam, “ lef go urn
poor nigga’s hair.”
Cabe gave another pull at the rope, but
Ihe additional weight was too much, ine
belt gave wav, and down came Sam, his
head taking the leader of the saints a ‘leel
er’ juai between the eyea.
“ Gosh, is I down again?” cried Sam.—
“ I is, bless the Lor! But I was nearly dar
—I seed de gate.”
The leader wiped his overflowing pro
bo»c a, look Sam by the nap of ihe neck,
led him to the edge of ihe crowd, and giv
ing him a kick, said :
“ Leave you cussed ha boon ! You’re so
"fly, f lenow'd (key wouldn't let you in.
Use o» Slander.—That slander is often
beneficial io the |>ers»n slandered is indis
putable* We recollect an anecdote in point.
A matt somewhere nut West was e'ecied to
I Congress. He was totally unqualified in
every respect for the position. A friend at
Washington once salted him—
” flow'lire deuce did vou manage to get
eleced?” *
** I stole r pig.”
“ ll:i 7—what?—how?—is stealing p:gs
considered a qualification for Congress?”
•* No—hut as soon as it was known, the
palters on Pother a>de took it up, and ol
course-nurn ha-d to defend me. A great
noise was made about n—tee caked it an
aiieinpi to destroy the spotless reputation
of an innocent man for parly puriMNies—
•he people got roused and I got in.”
At the next election lire -nppmtent was
elected. Hia friend meeting hint one day
asked hint how it happened.
*• Olt! blast the feller,” he replied j “ he
smelt the rat, and got the atari ot me. He
stole a thttf."
Answer to Advertisement.—Testv
Lawyer.—“ What ’a your business, my
friend?” 3
Exile of Erin, (six feet four in tire stock
ings.)—" Share, and -didn’t Tim Mulroo'
ttcy’s wife’s Imaband tell me that yer hon
or was wantin’ a hoy!”
Lawyer—" Do you calf yourself a hoy?”
Exile.—” Why, you inurihering outd on
athawn, do I look like a girrel 7”
JOB _ k
ua aaa aasaa salaam®,,
Frederick 9. Bseman,
Attorney and Connseler at Law.
Office in Seymour’s Building,
Litchfield. Conn.
Attorney and Connseler at Law,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Litcuhrld, Conn.
Office over Dr. Bael'e Store, re.
cevttly occupied try the late Gen. Bacon
D. E. Bostwick. IB. D..
Dr. BOSTWICK has removed his
residence to the House of A. C.'Smith,
South sL
Litchfield, June 3. 1858.
Gkarles Os Beldens
Office Seymour's Building, South street
Sept. 10, 185 2. _
David F. Hollister,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
c. m. HOOKEIC,
OFFICE** hi* evidence,3d Dwelling north j
hi the Bank. |
First building south of the Mansion House
D?..tiers in
Also in
Manufacturers of Sunlics, Doors and Blinds.
Turned work, vis : Newel Posts, Bed Posle,
Table Legs, Clothes Posts, Hilcli Poets, Ac.
Also on hand, mahogany, cheiry, black ival
nut, maple, whitewood, Ac. Planing—limber
and plank pluned, boards and plank planed
and matched at short notice. Office, ne*»r
Railroad Station, Waterlury, C.-nn.
E. A. LUM, Agent.
51 BROADWAY, opposite the U. States
Bonded Warehouse, Importers and Jobbers of
Rich Silks,
Paris D;eas Goods,
Shawls, Gloves,
White Goods,
Ribbons, &c.,
invite the attention of Merchants from all aec
t:ons to their unrivalled assortment of
imported with soecial reference to the wants
of first class buyers, and in three important
particulars, vis; Taste, Variety and Price,
believed to be unequalled.
Me»ara. E L. A Co., having been engaged
in this business for many years in Philadel
phia, where the latte is not unlike, in many
tespecta, to that of the Northern and Eastern
Slates, they would call particular attention to
their styles, many of which are controlled en
tirely by them.
It having been (pmarked that our busirest
ia almost exclusively Southern, we would beg
leave to say that our goods are ndapted to ev
er» section of the United Slates, Northern
Southern. Eastern and Westarn, and that in
slyla and price they will bo found equal Is anv
other House.
On and after December 1st, next, we shall
mscupv our r aw Marble Warehouse, now be
ing eroded. No. 55 Chambers Street, 4 doors
from Broadway, droctly opposite the Park.
July 6, 1853. a
Fancy Dry Goods.
BEFORE you buy your Spring purchase,
examine a Bradford’s in Wolcotlville the
prettiest, cheapest and most fashionshlo lot of
Black Silks of celebrated Manufacture and
warranted not to crack, from ,87 to *1.37 D.r
yard{ beautiful 'ions. tie Laines from 13 ttiVg
Cts. Snallev and Borsge de Lainea from 13 i0
37, Lawns and French Muslins from 6 to 35
Gingham. of new styles 13 cts per yard
Calicoes ot every shade and price
EMaaoiDxaan Comaas. UHDamtxv.,
Cmbmcsxvts, I.(faints’ Waists, Edging. u„d
Iiiteriiiigd, long and short embroidered Mitts
hid, .ilk and lisle thread Gloves, black ailk
and fancy Shawls—in fact, a lull assortment
of choice Good,, CHEAP, under *£%*£>
I purchase, va: Cash and Exchange. Trv
me, and prove what 1 aay. '
ICT* Butter wanted ni exchange.
Wolcotlville, Ct.
clamation ot every one who examines Brad,
ford’* Minima and Lawns. Splendid color. I
«d pattern., fresh from the auction rooms of
i Msw Ynrk, sn Slow going wuli a avs«_,*i
prices which astonish oven the shoppers At
■ Dry Quod*. A G BRADFORD,
W olcoltville.
THE undersigned, having jaat returned
from Market, with a fnll and complete ae
eortmcni of Boole and Shoea, unaurpaaaad
for beauty and faehton, srlsc’ed with great
care and attention in reference In the Spring
and 8ummer trade. Among our large stock
may be found every new atyle known to the
trade, many of which are magnificent in the
extreme, and, altogether new in counlty Our
•rock ie very large, atylea beautiful, quality
beyond diapute and we are bound to aell at
all hasard.
We therefore invite all, in thia and the
neighboring town* In give ua a cad, aaauring
them, that they will fi»d that which they have
long aought for, to wit :—the height of fath
ion. beauty, and durability combined, in
the article of Ladioa, Gents, Misses, boys
and Cbildrena B-'ots, Shoes, Gaiters, Oxford
ties, Polka*. Jenny Linda, Monterey Cush*
man, line, Ac. Ac. At tne Old Brick Store
fiiat Door West of the Court House.
Li'chfield, April 85, 1853.
Marble Mannfbrtory.
PERSONS in want of Monuments, Head
Stones, Tablets, Ac. can be supplied at our
establishment with as chaste an article, and
«« cheap at* at any other esrahlislwnent in the
•talc. A large collection of Designs of the
principal Monuments in Philadelphia and
Greenwood 'Cemeteries ^ also « collection of
English Designs, which m ilh those of our own
draughtirg, makes one of the best collections
in the state. Please refer to Dr Samuel Bnol,
Dr A S-Lcwi* or Dr C M Hooker.
S. WARREN, Agent.
Wsterbury, April 1853.
THE Subscriber being very grateful for1
the past liberal patronage bestc wed upon'
him would most respectfully call the atten
tion of the Ladies to bis Niw and Splendid
Stock of Spring Millinery, -consisting of ev ,
ery thing in the line of Millinery at vcty low
N. B. Repairing »nd Blenching done at
short notice, and by the beat of workmen .
THOSE nice New Siylts Pointed Collars'
and Chim< zetla can be found at
THE Ashes of Roses, a color so desira
ble, and all other kinds at (!
Cloves, Fans, Threads, Needles, Muslin
and Cambric Edgings, and Inserlings, La
dies Dress Caps, Dress Trimmings, in short
you can find, most articles kept in-a Fancy
Goods Store, a‘few doors west of the Court
House, West Main Street.
Litchfield, April 4 1853
HAS just received a large assortment of
Spring and Summer Gonos, consisting
of Broadcloths, Cussimercs, and Trimmings
of all kinds.
Also--Ready Made Clothing, consisting rif
every article in the Clothing line, and hia
•luck of Clothing is all hia uwn manufacture,
am) warranted, io give the beet satiafaction.
Furnishing Goods in a great variety, and a
large assortment of Small Checks for boys
Clothing, which will he sold cheap for cash.
Small Profit, Ready Sale, Good duality,
and Low Prices, is the Motto. Come and
see. First Store East of Wheeler’s Hold,
West Street Litchfield.
N. B. I will not he undersold.
Litchfield March 24 1853.
3000 pieces of Paper Hangings. Alsu, 100
pieces Oil Landscape and plain Curtains.
Now’s your lime fur Bargains, at
BRADFORD'S, Wolcottville.
Leonard Stone
RESPECTFULLY nfter* his services to
the inhabitants ol Litchfield and vicinity, as
Joiner and Carpenter. Also has an assorN
mem. ot Pine Lumber which he will sell
cheap fur cash.
Geese Feathers.
THE subscribers have mane arrangements
to keep a constant supply of a first rate ar"
tide of GEESE FEATHERS—selected and
packed with great care by ourselves, in pack*
ages of from SO to 50 lbs ; and wi'l furnish at
all times any quantity from 30 to 1000 lbs, of a
quality they will warrant as good as the best
and at as low prices as can be purchased ol
equal quality in the Stale.
Winchester, 1853.
OF the latest Fashion, just recei
ved from New York and for sale
by the subscribers. Also flack
and Drab Hungarian Wool Hats,
a good at tide for common wear mil of which
will be sold on reasonable terms.
Litchfield, March 31 1853.
JBL dc JT jwaycon
Continue to build Church and Parlor Organs
which they can furnish to Societies or to in
dividuals on reasonable notice and of any
site cr pattern.
Also, Melodeona with all the late improve
ments, which for richness of lane and durahil
ity are very much improve*.. Having every
facility for manufacturing to the beat ad van
lags, with experienced and skillful workmen
in all branches of the business, we ere confi
dent that we can satisfy all lovers of good
music. and most respectfully invite ell who de
sire to purchase to sail and examine (01 them
I'atcsi—Melodeon style from $45 to $75
Piano style, an elegant article of furniture $100
Wolcottvil'e, April 4th, 1855.
South Street,
HAVE just received l rum Pan* and New
York a large assortment of Gentlemen'a
, DRESS goods, _
tar aupenor lit any in ihia tnaiket They
nave every thing in the shape of Clothing
which the public wish, and that Inn, at pri
ces, which will astonish the natives.
They have an extensive assortment of
to which the attention of the public iere
spectfully invited.
D*Those furnishing their cloth can have
garment* cm and mad* in a *tyle which can
not be rivalled in fashion and w<>rkm*n*hip.
Culling done at short notice, which will be
warranted to fit.
Remmember the number—fjcy 1 South-st.
Litchfield. Dec. 2D, 1852,
Store Stand For Sale!
rlE Store. House, IjOt. and nppurtennn
4 nos thereunto belonging, situated in
Litchfield three door* west of the Court
house, formerly occupied by Lyman J.
Smith and now occupied by H. B.Richards,
for a Grocery and Provision Store, is of
fered for sale, and will be sold cheap. The
terms of payment can be made easy tn any
one who wiahea to purchase. Enquire of
Litchfield, Ja t 24th, 1853.
A PURE Article, manufactured and for
sale at the Bantam Fulls Oil Mill
All orders promptly attended to.
03*Cash paid for Flax Seed.
Bantam Fulls, Sept 1. 1852.
Hartford, Conn.
Monuments ind Tcn'is of American and
Italian Marble, Baptismal Fonts,Mu
ral Tablet a,Ur ns, Vases, Mantles,
Table Tops,Italian Tile for
Floors, &c, constantly
en hand or furnished to ordet.
Hartlord, Jnne 1st j
H JACKSON hereby gives noticethat
• he continues to DYE Over coats
Pants, Coats, Stockings, 'Ladies Dresses
Shawls, &c,, at his residence, one quarter
nfu mile westof the CourtHonse in Litch
U* All orders thankfully received and
promptly attended to.
{tCFCash paid for all kind* of Furs.
Litchfield,September 1,1852. 17
rNVITE the attention ot the musical pub
lic,to their new style of Melodcons patent
ted by Carhart. Having everv facility fur
maoufacturingto the best advantage,wiih ex
perienced and skilful workmen in all brunch
es of the business, we can furnish Melodeons
from 4 to 6 octaves With all I he late improve
ments.and ol the best quality, at the lowest
price possible Orders are solicited,with the
assurance ot prompt attention.
Woti-oMville, April 1st 1851. 2
THE subscriber has just pur
JHm chased in New York a largo as
sortment of Hate, Cups, chil
dren’s Beaver Hats, and every
thing usually called for in his line—of tire la
test Spring Style. He would invite all in
want of articles in his way to give him a call
■it his old stand three doors ivest of tne Court
Hats of any quality, site and price furnish
ed at short notice.
Cash paid for Furs.
Litchlield, March 22 1853.
Naugatuc Railroads
Summer Arrangement, commencing May
9. 185-3.
trains oCt ot Bridgeport.
FIRST Fre-gln Tiain leaves Bridgeport
for \Viosied at 5 20 A. M., connecting at
Stratford with the 5 00 A. M., Train from
New Haven.
Second Freight Train leaves Bridgeport
for Waterbu'y, at 8 30 A. M. connecting at
Stratford with the 8 IS A. M. Train from New
First Passenger Train leaves Bridgeport
for Winsttd, at 10 30 A. M., or on arrival of
the 8 A. M. Express Train from New York,
connecting at the Junction with the 10.10 A.
M Train from New Haven.
Third Freight Train will leave Bridgeport
for Weterbury, at 4 00 P. M.
Second Passenger Train leaves Bridge
port for Winsted at 5.23 P. M., or on the ar
rival of the 3.00 P. M. Express Train from
New York, connecting at the Junction with
'.he 5 10 P. M. Train from New Haven.
Fuat Passenger Train leaves Waterbary
for Bridgeport at 5 25 A. M , connecting at the
Junction with a train to New Haven, and at
Bridgeport with the 6.35 A. M. Train for
New York.
Second Passenger Train leaves Winated
at 7.1-5 A. M., connecting at The Junction
with a Train to New Haven, and at Bridge
port with the 10 IS A M Train to New York.
First Freight Train will leave Waterbnry
for Bridgeport at 1 PM.
Third Passenger Train leaves Winated at
1.45 P M connectin' at tbs Junction with a
Train to New Haven, and at Bridgeport with
tbe 4 38 P M Train to New Yo'k.
Second Freight Train leaves Winated at
IS 40 P M.
A Passenger Car will be attached to each
Freight Train.
Bradley’s Slag*- Irom Woodbnry, South
bury, SouOiford, and Oxford, _w.ll connect ai
Seymour (Humphreyaville) wiih the SAM
Train down. Returning, leaves every day on
the artival ol the 5 S8 P M Train from Bridge
port, and on Tuaedaya Thursdays and Satur
days. on arrival of the 10 30 A M Train.
McNe-U Stage from Watertown, a ill con
nect at Waterbury every day wth the 8 30
A M Train down. Returning on arrival of
the 10 30 A M Train from Bridgeport, and
on Saturdays from the 5 88 P M Train,
Fenn’a Stagy from Litchfield will connect
at Litchfield Station with both passenger
Trains each way.
A Stage lor Hiteheoekavil.e, Colebrook
River and New Boston, will leave Winated
every day on arrival of the noon passenger
Train,returni"t; to the 7 IS A M Train down.
|Q» Freight will bo way billed aa usual
f ont each Station for New York, New Ha
ven, and Bridgeport
PHILO HURD. Superintendent.
Bridgeport, May 6, 1853.
©atoukp rnmnnu
CHAIRS, dee.
THE •ubacribur having taken the eld
Bund, occupied by hia father, H. J.
Linaley, for the laat thirty yeera, u a Cab
inet Ware Houae, bega leave to inform the
public, thu t he haa on band e eery large
aaaoriment nf all kinda of Furnitnre of
hia own manufacture, auited to the coun
try market, end having fhcilitiee, aecood to
no ealabliahment of the kind in thie part
of the Stale, for manufacturing any nrticie
in hia line, to order, with despatch, and in
the best style of warkmarahip. leela assu
red, that he can supply customers both as
to quality and price, »n bettor terme, than
can be obtained elsewhere.
In hia assortment will be found at al
times. Superb Sofas, at leas than city pri
cee. Mahogany,and a large number of oth
or kinds of Rucking Chairs, and Chairs ef
all kind-, tables, bureaus, Secretaries, and
ether articles too numerous to mention.
He earnestly request all wishing to
pur base any thing in his linn to give him
a call, as he ia determined, to make it for
the iolereat of all to purchase at his estabs
lishm er, on account of superiority in the
artictea, and cheapness in the price.
Woodbury, Feb. 22, 1853.
' ■ IHE subset iber has made an arrangement
i with vVm, Hovey lor the sale ollnscel
ebrated Straw and Corn-Stalk Cutter. 1 shall
sell all sizes ot his Cutters at tne lowest cash
prices wholesale and retail. By purchasing
these Cu'ters. Farmers and Mechanics will be
able to save their stork It out slat ration. A
great variety ot New Yoik & Boston PLOWS,
Sytheg, Pitchforks, Manure Forks. Bog and
Potatoe Hooks,Shovels.Spades, fee HARD*
WARE ot all kinds, Door Tr minings Hand
and Circular Saws, Files. Nails and spikes of
CROCKb.RY and TIN Ware, Brass and Iron
KETTLES a great variety.
Stoves and Pipe and Furniture, a great va
riety ot the tnoel approved pal let ns.
Furnace Casting! of every description—
Mill Gearing of all kinds—Watei-Wheela,
oveishot, piteh-backand piessure—everything
in the Iron line can be had at the shortest
notice at Baldwin's Furnace.
Above all, Baldwin’s Improved Railroad
CHAIN-PUMP are taking the lead of every
thing in ihe pump line. These pumps are
sure to give satisfaction.
Being located on the line of theProvidence,
Hanford and Fishkill Railroad, pumps are
sent to any part of Ihe United States at the
shortest notice.
Turning Lathes and Turning Engines.
Machinery of every description made and
repaired. Paatirula. attention paid to getting
up new PaMerns nf mavhinery, water wheel
governors, horse powers and thiasliers, wood
saws. fee. fee.
The subscriber flatters himself that hislnng
experience wil l enable him to give sat isfactiol
in all the branches of his business.
(tO-Call snd see. Don’t forget the placa.
WANTED—100 tons sersr iron
Washington, Conn., Aug 19
Widows and soldiers ic.
BY a late Act ol Congress the Widow* and
minor children ot officers, non commis
sioned. officers musicians and privates, both
■ettular and volunteer of the war of 1612 and
of the Indian wars since 1790, are entitled to
five years half pay.
The Widows of all revolutionary pension
ers though married since 1800 are entitled to
pensions. My terms f< r procuring pensions
are liberal, and my facilities such as to guar
antee success. I would invite all persons who
mav have claims on the Government to give
me a call. All advice free of charge.
HENRY BGRAVES, Attorney at Law
Bridgeport Bower Company.
rjIHlS Company ate about erectng, in a
1 central loci'i.m.several buildings, each
Four Hundred let-t in length, filly tret in
width, and three stories high, for the purpose
ot lett.ng out propelling power and room to
such manufacturetsas may desire. They will
be provided wilh liom three to five bun
dled horse fower and will have accommoda
ions lor about 1000 workmen. Applications
(or Power and Room may be made personally
or by letter to either ol the subscribers.
if. JTIerriman,
At the Old Stand.
_ irr*OlHH HAVING procured an assistant
rVaichmakei and Jewelet. will
BMhBHBM "iiunui to do any and all kinds
ul waten repairing and watch jeweling that
may be inti listed to his care in the best mam
nsr and on teasunabliterms, no pains will bs
spareddo give salisfacl inn toevery cusiomvt
Tbankfulfor past favors hewouldsolicit thr
conlinuancenf the public palionage. Also,a
choice assortment ot Watches. Jewelry and
silver Ware at low prices for Cash.
Litchfield. Mav ISM l>3
JYetc Firm
OSBORN <fe CO. hnving puiclta-*
■de aed I he store cf Good* of Samuel Buel.
J. D.. will continue the sale of Dry G'-ods,
Groceries, Paints and Oils. Parliculai atten
ion will be paid to ihe sale m Drugs and
Medicines, all of which are warranted pure.
VII sales will be superintended by Dr._E.
)sborn, whose lor.g experience shall give
The subscriber would respectfully offer
liseervices io the inhabitants of Litch
ield and its vicinity ns Physician and
Surgeon. E OSBORN, M. D.
Litchfield.Sept 151852
Fine Gold ft Silver Watches. Jewelry
Fancy Goods &c.
At the Old Stand No. 2 Exchange place,
THE firm ni Blackman Sf Sanford so long
known at the above place having dis
solved, the business is now conducted by the
subset iber who will be happy to see all who
visit me city either for business or pleasure
It is my intention to keep a larger assortment
than has eve- t—en offered in this place, which
will at all itme.be Ireelv shown either to the
purchaser or the curious.
My Stock of Jewelry is very largeand em:
bracing every style in fashion.both fineGoU
and plated.
Ladies and Gentlemen’s Gold Watches o
every description, quality and price, from
$20 to $200, and Silver Lever, Lepine, and
Verge Watches of every quality that can be
warranted to keeptime. Silver Forka.Spoons
Knives. Ladles, Cups, Sugar tongs, fce^a largo
assortment always on hand- warranted as pnra
as coin, and at the most fashionable style,
silver work ol all kinds made to order.Jewelry
and Spectacles made and repaired. _ .
Wedding Cards, Visiting Cards. Seals.
Piste?! Spoons fix. engraved in a super,or
,, Vpfna Watches, repaired in the moot perfect
manner, and warranted in all cases to perform
well, Walct es sent by Express or otherwise
for repairs will receive immediate at lent ion.
l 1 GEO. 8 8ANFORD
No 3 Exchange Place.

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