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In bis lately published volume ol
Weturee on “ the moral aspects of city
Mfc,” Rev. E. H. Chapin says—
** There sre young men whose sole
conception of enjoyment is concentra
tad to the word “IV—who grow
fast, live fast, go fsst on the rood to
destruction t with their own folly for
a locomotive, and champaigne and
brandy for tbe steam power, convert
ing themselves into liqour casks, prop
ping up door posts, I tanging over rail
ings, sod startling t lie dull air of night
with ifcketty melody and drunken
whoops. There am others, half fop
and half ruffian, who divide their time
between tbe favorite racer and the pel
pugfliM, find whose idea ol a milleni
um probeblr, would be that of the 4th
A Persian merchant complaining
heavily of some unjust sentence of the i
lower court, was told by the Judge to
go to the cadi.
* But the cadi is your uncle,’ urged
tbe plaintiff.
' Then you can go to tbe grand vi
' But bis secretary is your cousin.'
‘.Then you may go to the sultan.’
1 But his favorite sultana is your
* Well then go to the d-!.*
' Ah, there is still closer family
connections,’ said the merchant, as he
left tbe court in despair.
An irishman being asked for a cer
tificate of bis marriage, bared his head
and exhibited a huge scar, which
looked as though it might have bean
made with a fire-shovel. The evi
dence was satisfactory.
T. H. Richard'8
Custom and Ready-Made Clothing
A fm doors west of Iks Court-Homo.
JUST opened, a large assortment of English,
Freach, German and American Broadcloths
of all hoes, shades, colors and qualities.
Cassimebes,—English and French black Doe
shin, together with the greatest variety of fancy
Cassi meres ef aesr and fashionab'e styles; black
*nd face*satis and silk Vestings, Marseilles and
summer Vestings of every description, which will
4>e sold by the yard or made np to order to suit
/purchasers, is the best manner and warranted to
give entire satisfaction or ns sale.
Clotsiho.—A splendid stock of the latest styles
•sad beat manufactured Clothing; and 1 will ven
ture to say superior in qeirfiry to any stock ever
Ottered in this village. | have marie ex ira efforts
this season to manufacture such clothing as the
public demands, from nicest broadcloth dress and
truck Coats, Mack and fancy cammere Pants
»»tia apd silk VesU, down to the good commor
service able tweed sacks; and a large arsorttneni
•sf Trimmings, which will be sold cheaper tor cash
than can be bought sire where.
Ftmmsmno Goods— Embracing a large assort
ment of shirt a, Collars, Bosoms. Cravats, scarfs,
stocks, London Ties,black kid and silk Gloves
‘Hosiery, silk Handkerchief*,Porrmonnaies, sus
penders, Trunks,Valises Carpet Bags, Umbrellas
etc. Gentlemen furnishing their cloth can have
their garments made in a style not to lie sur
passed in fashion or workmanship and warranted
•to fit. I would say term friends and she public
that it is mv aim to sell Clothing that will give
perfect satisfaction to the wearer. Cutting done
at short notice. Spring and summer Fashions
received. T. H. RICHARDS.
Litchfield, March 25,1854.
-- ^ _
or THE
BE it known that we the subscribers do hereby
associate ourselves together as a body politic
and corporate pursuant to the statuie Laws of
the State of Connecticut rel.uing to Joint Stock
vorpoMootta—and the following are our articles
■of aaSMeiatton and agreement:
Article I—The name of said Corporation shall
’be the •• Hoturir Mamwacruaiito CoaraNv.”
Af*l *"7?^ cjSP''*l Woub *f said coiporation
shell be Fatty Thousand Dollars, divided into
Mates of twenty-five dollars each.
Art. 3—Tnejnjtposes for which said corpora
*'®" •• iprtabltahed are to manufacture Cuilery
*n9 Goods coinp< sed in whole’
r -wn, steel or brass, and to buy. se l
kinds of shads, wares, merdiand
nTiHgae, and to purchase and
as may be necessary for
prosecution uf trie business
—_i La we Of the Sta le of Cnn
_ to joint stock eorporati -ns arc
referred to and made a part
of association ; and said cerpo
mod under said law, ahull
. irements of the same,
corporuti.n it located ut Lake
—“^ af Lucha.Id and Buie of
to these articles agrees
- *hare* of the capital stock
annexed to his name; each
five dollars, said shaves to be
lie Directors shall call in the same.
Lakeville, this6th day of April, 1354.
No. of Shares.
One hundred end sixty
One hundred and sixty
Co. One hundred
One hundred
»'* A ■’ __
New Spring Goode!
IN AS received a well-selected assortment of
XI Spring Goods—consisting in part of the
following: French and Knalish Broadcloths, plain
and doeskin Casaiinere*, Serges, Tweeds, black
Silk, white Flannel, Linen Sheetings, Drillings,
Strainer Cloth* Jacquard Diaper* Cambric Sileiii
Gloves, Hose, Knitting Cotton, Carpeting, Drug
get, Ac. Also, an aasonment of Ladies’ Dreaa
Goods suitable for the season—among which
may be found plain and figured DeLaincs.Cham
braya, DeKege, Ginghams, Prints, Ac., Ac.
By continuing the Reudy Pav system we shall
be enabled to sell the above Goods at a small
advance from cost. I
PSr Most kinds of produce taken in exchange |
for good*.
Litchfield, March 28tli, 1854.
New Spring Goods
BEE hive:
COMPRISING a splendid assortment of Dress
Goods, Shawls, Trimmings, &e.—among
which are Fancy and Mourning French and
American Mus!in DcLaines plain and printed,
Berege DeLaiucsand Veil Bareges assorted col
ors, black and colored Dress Bareges and Chally
Bareges, DeRaize and Persian Cloths assorted
colors, 4*4 printed Lawna and Muslin Robes;
French and American 4*4 and 3-4 Calico Prints
a complete assortment, and 4-4 Mourning and
Fancy Gingham?; Bishop and Victoria Lawns
and Drapery Muslins, Book and swiss Muslins,
Nansonk and Plaid do. White Jackonet, sarsanet
and colored Camhric do, do and colored Berlin
Cords and Dimity, Paper Cambrics assorted
colors and Jeans, Nankeens, &c. Super black
and fancy Dress silks and Trimmings, white and
brown Linens, Diapers and Napkins, ] inen,
Damask anrt colored French Woolen Table
Covers ; swiss Jaconet black silk and Lace
Edgings and Insertings, wrought Muslin Collars,
sleeves, l ufls, &c. Black and assorted Kid
silk and Lisle Thread Gloves; silk, Colton and
Lisle Thread Gloves; silk, Colton nod Woolen
Hosiery of every description; shirts foreale and
to be made up. Als.i, 'Woolen, Linen and Cotton
Carpeting and Floor Oil Cloths. Also, Flour,
Groceries. Crockery, Geese Feathers, &c. “as
cheap as the cheapest,’’quality considered.
N. B. Butter and Eggs wanted, at the highest
market p.ices Also, work on shirts as usual.
S£r Also, Insurance Agent for numerous
Companies. S.N. BRONSON.
Litchfield, April 1S54,
Batlkereitt & Trowbridge,
•merchant Tailors,
No. 1 South -Street, Litchfield.
HAVE just received from New York n large j
assortment of Gentlemen’s Dress Goods, '
equal to any in tlie market. They have every
thing in the shape of Cloths which the public
wish, and that too at prices which will suit cus
tomers. They have also an extensive assortment
ofCravats, Collars, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Vest
ings and Trimmings, to which the attention of the
public is invited.
Those furnishing their Cloth can have
garments cut or made in a style which cannot be
rivaled in fashion and workmanship. Cutting
done at thort notice. All work warranted to fit.
Remember the number— I South Street.
C. G Buttkerritt. James Trowbridge.
Litchfield, March, 1334.
Cfl Boots, Shoes,
,1] .Gutters, Rubbers,
W*«Ofc Jrst irevived, a new and spten
1 did assortment of Gent’s French call Boots, extra
| fin* gill tops; common do. of superior quality ;
Gent s calf, kip, and thick Hungarian Boots,
double soles ; Bovs’ calf, kip and thick Boots; a
good assortment Youth's do.; Gem’s calf and kip
Brogans; Ladies’ fine silk Gaiters; common do.;
Ladies' low priced Jenny Liod Boots; Sontttgs,
Ac., Ac-, all of the latest fashion. Judies'enam
eled and goat-skin Boots; Ladies’ and Gent’s
Rubbers—a superior article; a good assortment
children’s enameled and common , shoes. Forty
sides oak and hemlock sole Leather, morocco
linings, bindings, Slc. ; shoe pegs in any quantity,
•hoe thread, etc, all of which will be offered lor
cash, at the very lowest cash prices.
Cash purchasert are respectfully invited to call
I and examine the goods.
I #3T Main Street, a few doors west of the Court
House. samuel Clock.
Litchfield, Nov. 2d, 1833.
A 4k J Dayton
Continue lo build Church and Parlor Organs
which (hey can furnish to Societies or lo in
dividuals on reasonable notice and of any
sis* cr pattern.
They also manufacture a very snperinr ar
ticle of Melodenos, at Wnlcoitville, where
they have an eaunsivo Waier Power and
Factory, and every licitily for manufacturing
to ittp bust advantage. Many years experi
|•n^e^»t^*^es them confident that they are now
enabled fooff.-rtu their friends and patrons an
i nt'icle not interior to the best ; and tliey mean
that their Instrumenta shall keoa time with
the march-of improvement, and their prices
Wolcotlville, June, 1854.
Jane Livingston 1
Henry Livingston j
Litckfitld County Superior Court, August Term,
UPpN 'he petition of Jane Livingston, of
Salisbury in said Couniy, returnable to tire
Superior ( oun io he holdeo nr Lit. htiel j, in and
for said County, on the ihiid Tuesday of August,
1854; and proving for a divorce Irom her Wbs
' band, the said Henry Livingston, for reasons act
forth in her petition on tile dated the tlnriWuy
of Mnroh, 1854.
It appearing to and being found bv the sub
scribing authority that Henry Livingston, the
Respondent in the above entitled and foregoing
ease is out if this State, and removed in parts
unknown to the PeiitioneT, no lhat personal
service of ihe petition in this case canu >t be
served upon hint.
It is therefore ordered that notice nr the pen
denev of the foregoing cause b? given the-aid
Henry Livingston by publishing this Order m a
newspaper publisherf in LitchBeid m said Count?
wwkRsuocesa.VcIv. the Iasi put.|icn.ion to hi
ofAu^ia^ l854*ek*Pr‘0r,° **'e ,hird Tuesday
Dated at Litchfield. April 12th, 1854.
5* Clerk of said Superior Court.
OF NORFUI.K and vicinity, cun find at
tne shop of the subscriber, the oe*t article oj
in the county, ready for the Spring Trade.
Abo, STOVES of the best pattern in market.
Otis patent Insulated Lightning Hods, Hydraulic
Jtame, kc.. See.
. ter All kinds of Job Work done es usual.
* „ f . J. \V. CONE.
Norfolk, March 1,1854,
Mf or * • 4
h* JP' i,'Jofch •
—HIM "
coll the attention of the Ladies '<» examine
her new assortment of fashionable Millinery.—
Silk and Lawn Hat* always on hand.or made to
order, at abort notice; fine Florence and French
Straw Hate, very nice; and a great variety of
common straw, cheap; a splendid assortment
of Ribbons and Flowers. Capes and Head
Dresses ; Embroideries ol every description:
Alexander’s Kid Gloves; LadiesMits, long and
short; and a great variety of Dress and Mantilla
Trimmings and Fancy Goods. Mantillas ready
made JQr All kinds of Straw Hatsand Bonnets
bleached as usual.
Four Doors West the Court-House ; West Maim St.
Litchfield, April 25.
Litchfield County
Daguerreian Gallery!
First Building South the Mansion House.
PICTURES taken in this Gailery are ac
knowledged to be unsurpassed either in this
country or Europe. The Crayon, Illuminated
and colored Daguerreotypes taken if desired;
Miniatures and Portraits copied. Or. hand at
all times a beautiful assortment of French Cases,
Gold Lockets, &c.
Terms moderate and satisfaction guarantied.
__U. JUDD.
At the Old Brick,
— First Door West of the Court-House—
MAY be founl a new stock of Boots and
shoes, spring fashions for 18f>4. We are
now prepared to offer to the people of Litchfield
County altogether the best and largest stock of
Boots and shoes that was ever brought in thia
town. Our stock consists of every variety of
style imaginable; it would be useless and impos
sible to name the different styles of so largo a
stock as we have at this time—we therefore soy
to all, coma and see for yourselves, for our stock
only need be seen to prove the truth of what we
say. Not approving of the humhuging system,
we would here say, ns to prices—iney shall be
uniform, some as high as the highest and Bom/e
as low as the lowest.
We would here in this hu able manner tender .
our heartfelt thanks to all for their past favors,
and most respectfully invite them to give us a
call before thev make their spring purchases.
Litchfield, May 11th. 1854.
N. B. We have a few notee and accounts on
hand of which we ehould be most happy to dis
pose at cost. SCr A word to the wise. &c.
M. & T.
IS 54.
Great Inducements to Cash Exchange Customers
HAVING disposed of our Grocery department
to Mr A Palmer, we shall continue the
other branches of our former business at our old
stand. We expect to keep a much larger as-1
sortinent ot goods than heretofore, and our ‘
friends, may rely upon finding a good assortment
of goods which we pretend to keep. We shall
inlurm the public from time to lime of bargains
in new and desirable goods we receive; we shall
continue to take in exchange for goods butter,
cheese, eggs, &c. We would also say to our
Irenes that we are satisfied that by thusdividing
our business we can show them a much better
assortment of goods and at far less prices than
those who continue on in the old track ot keep
ing a little of everything without being able to
show an assortment of anything which other cus
tomers may want—'’oping that we moycontinue
to merit the patronage which the public have so
liberally bestowed and for which we would re
turn our hearty thanks.
Wolcottviflo, April 1364.
New Jewelry Store.
THE most desirable and beautiful selection
of Jewelry ever exhibited in this ebuntv. The
subscriber bns just opened n new store it. South
Street, over Dr Beckwith's drugstore, where he
will sell every description of Watches. Pms,
finger Rings, earRings Pencils, ladies’and gem’s
gold watch Chains, Bracelets, cull Pins fcc.&c.
KT Every de criptton ol watch work and re
pairing executed with neatness and despatch.
FOR SALE at the Mills of the subseriher in
Washington, Grain, Meal, and Provender,
I’laster, Clover and Timothy Seed, Jco , Sic.
Chain Pouf.*, wholesale anti retail: Hovey’s
Straw Cutters and Corn Shelters, Plows and
Scrapers, Furnace Castings'bf every description,
Mill Shafts and Genring, Water Wheels, Sic.
KT Machinery of all kinds, built and repaired ;
Shutting, Pulleys and Hungers of everv kind.
In store. Dry Goods and Groceries, Nails and
spi.es, Hardware ami Cutlery. Sh tvels, spades,
Martuie Forks, Hoes. Pitchforks, Coil Chuin and
Rope of various sizes.
Wonted—Scrap Iron in any quantity.
Washington, March 1854.
1 Yards Rag Carnet.
l UUu H. M KRR1MAN fc CO.
-Waterbury, April 25th, 1854.
»- ■■ — -- - --■
Moots anft Shoes.
AG. BRADFORD, ol Wolcottville, hat'
• just received a lull and complete assort
ment of all kinds of Ladies’ Gaiters, Shoes and
Buskins; Gent’s Boots, Gaiters, French Tie*
and Shoes; Misses’Boots and Shoes: Children’s
Shoes of all kind*—of the I a tot styles and best
quality, which the public are respectfully invited
to examine.
Wolcottville, April 82, 1884.
Carpets !
WE are now receiving from market some
splendid styles of Wool, hah-Wool and
Colton Carpets, which we shall sell at low rate*
Wo|cottvills, April 1854.
WA Blacksmiths!
ANTLD, several good blacksmiths and
strikers, to work on Axes. Also, good
able-bodied men to grind and polish. Apply to
V30 _ Coll in tv ill*, Conn. _
THE subscriber, thankful for the patronage
the garni people ol Wolcottville and vicinity have
favored him the past season, would respectfully
inform his friends and customers that he is now
receiving in at,>re the large*! ami most desirable
assortment of Goods ever offered for sale in this
county. Cos* and Exchange A* still the motto.
Kr Good Goods sold at my usual email praSu
... , ; A A. G. BRaDFORIX
Wolcottville, April 7tlt, 1854.
NEW and advanced Prices were adopted at
the New Haven &ht« Manufactory on ih«
Ast ol November last. Tlte under*tuned will
furnish work in any quantity to those wishing
employment Aevord fc Brother.
Wolcotlviilc, February 8,1854.
flVVIO * oo.
isiwani am jomus or
millinery goo D8,
Having Kemoved to thair New Stars,
No. 7« Charters 8U.N.L
Pint Door Wmt if Broadway,
Will keep conatantly on hand a large and com
plete assortment ol
Hilk«, Klbbsns, Orapss, Velvet*,
Flower*, Feather*, Lace*,
And other Goods in their line, of the latest and
moat fashionable styles, whieh they otter to
purchasers on the moat favorable terms.
03r Special care given to filling Orders.
wm. M. OEOIIKAir.
HAVING taken this House, the subscriber
is prepared to extend to travelers and others
the beat of accommodations “ for man and beast.”
Tiie Hotel is located in the pleasantest part ol
the village, and no effort will be spared to reader
it at all times a desirable home for those who may
visit the place. To the members of the Bar ana
others of Litchfield County, he has only to sav4
that the reputation the House has possessed tor
the last twenty years will be fully sustained.
Connected with the Hotel is a Livery Stable,
where good teams may be had at any time.
Litchfield, May, 1834.
Drugs and medicines
Falls Tillage Drag Store!
THE subscriber will keep constantly on hand
a complete assortment of Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Burning Fluids, Window Glass,
Dye Stuffs, Brashes, Perfumery, Oils, Extracts,
Essences, Ac., Shaker Extracts, Roots & Herbs,
all kinds of Liquors, Botanical Medicines, Pat
ent Medicines, Groceries, Fruits, Toys, School
Books, Fancy Articles, &c , &c.
Physicians will be supplied with Medicines at
a small advance from cost. Merchan's and deal
ers will be supplied with all articles in the Drug
lineal the New York wholesale prices.
Falla Village, Jan. 10,1854.__
—And Gentlemen’s Furnishing Store.—
A. Berman
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
the inhabitants generally that he has just
opened a large and splendid stock ol
consisting in a great variety of thin coats made
in the best ana most approved stales, a large
stock of fine frock and dress coats of the best
quality'and newest styles, a splendid assortment
of black and colored cloth business coats- Also
every kind of fine and common spring and bus
iness coals, a splendid stock of black and fancy
cassimere pants, black and fancy sattinet pants,
all of which are of the latest styles and made in
the best manner; a rich and choice stock of black
and embroidered satin and fanev silks, fincy and
black cassimere and worsted Vests—the styles
are the latest. Also a large stock of Gentlemen'*
Furnishing Goods consisting in neck and pocket
handkerchiefs, while shirts made in the best
manner; also merino, flannel and canton flannel
shirts, blue orrrshirts, every kind of drawers,
'cotton and woolen hose and balf hose, suspend
ers, umbrellas, coops, &c. &e. A. Herman.
Fall* Village, May 1954.
WOULD inform his friends and the public
generally, that he has opened a
Vear J. Brewster’s store, where he is prepared it
■supply all those in want of anything in his line
on the most reasonable terms, as he has a large
■<tock of well selected Goods, such as
Sofat, Tete~a-tetes, Lounges, Marble Top
and Mahogany Center Tables, etc. etc.
8ST Ready made Collins of all sizes constant!}
on hand. J. REMMELE.
Falls Village, Dec. 1853.
B1SOHOFF Oil Boded Silks.
Plaid and Striped do
- Foulards do do
Barege D«I,aine*.
Muslin DeLaines—plaid, striped and plain
Plain Persian Cloths.
Striped do do
Embroidered JRobps.
- do in white.
French and English Muslins.
Ginghams—light and dark colors.
Calicoes—English and American.
All for aale low for Cash or Exchange,
'^Twentieth Annual Report of the
Fire Insurance Company,
JULY 4tb, 1853.
Whole, amount of Cash .premiums
received, 22,814,20
Whole amount of losses and expen *
ses ol the Company, 19,231,14
Cash Balance now on hand, 4,783,97
Increase of cash en hand over last
year, 1,272,04
Present Capital or Fund of Ihe
Company 20.l20.3fi
This company has now been in Successful
operation 20 years, during the whole of which
lime it baa never made an ossessment upon the
members ol the company, and has at thiEtitne a
;ash Fund of 84,783,97, safely invested and
Hawing interest, the amount ol interest received
ip to the present time, being.more than 81,500,
ind from the public fav<>r every where bestow id
upon it has within the last two years increased
w cash fund Iroin 82,127 41 to 84,783 97.
The Directors of this company are confident
[hat the plan of Insurance adopted by them wiH
meet with a hearty response from all intelligent
riends ot the principle ol Mutual Insurance
This company insure only in this state and
ake no risks on Mills, Goode in stores, shops,
?tc., or in exposed Village or city properly, bui
tonfine their business entirely to farm property,
end isolated buildings, and their contents—o
which not more than 92000 will be insured oh
one risk.
This company will adjust all claims with
promptness and liberality, and if at any time a
lunerenee should arise between the parties, all
<uch difference will he adjusted by indifferent
persons in the county, each party selecting one,
l n’l'V* they do not agree, a third person
shall be chosen, and the award of all, or any two
of tliemishall be final and conclusive.
Officers of the Company,
J. G, BECKWI TH, President,
SHELDON OSBORN,of Hat winl«n, -
General Agent*
agents of the company.
Leman W. Cutler, Watertown ; Daniel B.
8rins«niide, Washington 5 David C. Sanfcrd,
New Milford ; Rutin Fuller, Jr. Kent j Rich
ard Sinith, Sharon j Frederick Kellogg.Corn
.vail; Joseph I. Gaylord, Goshen ; William
M. Bnrrall, Canaan ; Donald J. Warner, Sal.
lahnry ; S. D. Northway*, and John Dewcil,
Norfolk j Henry Jones, New Hartford
Oeorgo D. Wadhama, Torrington: Lewis
Smith. Harwinton ; John C. Amhler, Bm Idem;
John Aherneihy and George B. Forest.Wood
bury j David C. Whiuleaey, New Preston ;
Ren hen Rockwell. Colehrook j John Hins
dale, Winated ; 8. Y. St.John, New Canaan {
E. Thlmadge, Plymouth.
Persons wishing to get their bnildinga in
mred'can apply to cither of the Agents, or to
lie Secretary.
J. G. BECKWITH, President.
.'Ja«AM Whitino. Secretary.
Litchfield, July I8k3.
Latest Spring Fashions.
A COMPLETE assortment of Goods for the,
Spring and Summer trade has bean rac’d
at the store of the enbeeriber, among which may
be found Black and Drab Beavers/ Caps ol all
kinds. Panama and Leghorn Hats and Straw
Goods in any quantity, Children's Hate and
Cape of every description, &c., foe. He is re
ceiving additions from New York weekly to
hia stock, and can thus furnish new styles ns
toon as they appear in the N. Y. market.
Litchfield, April ST.
Late I. R. Bronson fo Co.,
Booksellers, asd Stationers
BOOK BINDERSand Blank-Book Man
ufacturers. Alao.dealersin ovary description
•f IV rapping Paper.
Waterbury, Conn.
A large assortment of CUaeical, Theologi
cal, Miscellaneous, Medical and SCHOOL
BOOK3. American, Engliah, and French
Stationery, at wholesale or retail. BLANK
BOOKS of evei y description on band or ntda
to order.
|C3*Old Books re-bound,in plain or ele
rant style. Merchants, School Committees,
Teachers, Ac., supplied on the most liberal
terms. [july 6, 1853—9
Geese Feathers.
THE subscribers have made arrangements
o keep a constant supply of a first rata ar
icle of GEESE FEATHERS—selected and
tacked with great care bf ourselves, in pack
iges of from 20 to 50 lbs ; and will furnish at
ill times any quantity from 20 to 1000 lbs, of a
quality they will warrant as good as the best
ind at as low prices as can be purchased oi
'.'qual quality in the State.
Winchester, 1854.
New Jewelry Store
* Would respectlully inform the
inhabitants ef Wolcottville and
vicinity that he has taken the store of Mr
Hungerford, near the railroad depet, where he
offers for sale all kinds of Jewelry,Clocks and
Fancy Wares generally, on as favorable terms
as can be purchased elsewhere.
1C? Watches, clocks and jewelry of every
description repaired and warranted. Old gold
and silver bought and taken in exchange. A
share of patronage is respectfully solicited.
Wolcottville, April 18th, 1853
In great variety, for ule by
! 10 State St, Hartford, Conn.
THE Store of the Subscriber will be weekly
replenished with New Goods, from tbs
New York, Boston and Philadelphia Importing
Houses, and from all the principal American
manufacturers. Among his extensive assortment
may be found all kinds of
Letter, Cap, Drawing, Note and Fancy Papers;
White, Buff fi Enameled Envelopes;
nPapier Machs, Rosewood, Mahogany <f Leather
Writing Desks, Work Bores, fir.;
Cloth, Leather and Papier Mache PortefWos,
From SIX cte. to $8.00 each;
All styles of Card Cates and Porte Monnaiet
Wallets and Pocket Books ;
Steel, Silk and Kid Purses; Bankers' Cues;
Lubin's Celebrated Genuine Perfumes;
Farina's Unrivaled Cologne;
Bridal, Glove fi Handkerchief Perfumed Boxes,
Budding Blocks, Wood Alphabets:
Velvet, Iron, Tin and India Rubber Toys /
Pearl fi Ivory Tablets;
Crying Babies ; China, Wax and Rubber Dolls;
Games too numerous to mention ;
Magnets, Masks, 4' Magic Lanterns;
Hair, Cloth, Hat, Tooth, Nail 4r Lather Brushes
Gentlemsn's Dressing Cases;
Shell and Horn Dressing Combs; Ivory Combs;
Ladies' Companions, Spool Stands;
All kinds Rubber Balls ; Vesta Lights;
BbrmonicanSi Pickwicks, Sand Toys, Tea Bells
Opera Glasses, Toilet fi Traveling Glasses;
Thermometers and Barometers;
Tooth Powder, Hair Oils, Toifet fiS having Soaps,
Chessmen, Dominoes, Back‘Gammon Boards,
Chessboards; Dice; Checkers;
Sewing Birds, six kinds, from 37 ^ to 63 cents ;
Psnknives, Scissors and Shears ;
A splendid assortment of
Gold Pens, in Gold and Silver Cases,
Sled Pens, F(/bg Styles; Pen Nibs and Quills ;
letter Seals or Stamps, all styles;
The best of Wax, warranted to burn free;
Water Colors, from 6 cents to $4.00 per box
Fancy Paper and Glass Boxes ;
Transparent, Porcelain and Paper Slates,
A large assortment of Visiting fi Wedding Cards:
Stationery Articles in general;
Every kind of Legal 4r Probate Blanks;
Wedding Stationery and “Fixins," best qualities;
Patent Blot Pads; Diaries;
lodgers, Day 4r Cash Books, Journals, fie.
Blank Notes, Drafts, Orders, Due Bills, fits, fie,
Letter Copying Presses, Books fi Ink;
Mathematical Instruments ; Blotting Papers ;
Paper Folders and Paper Weight*; Erasure;
Newspaper File* and Wire* ;
Mouth Glue fi Mucilage; Indelible Inks,
Black, Blue, Red fi Violet Ink*;
Inkstands, of One Hundred different varieties /
Aix of the above described articles can be found
in greater profusion and variety than elsewhere
in New England, besides other articles too numer
ous to mention. Call and see for yourself. They
will be sold at the lowest prices, either at whole
sale or retail. Particular attention given to
the Pane and Emuire Trade, at 10 State
Steer, Hartford, Ct., by ELIHU GEKB.
W Every kind and style of Job, Card
and Book Printing, by Steam, executed
aa heretofore. Large additions of New
Tm and Machinery are being made
this year, to the already most extensive
Fruiting Establishment of
ELIHU SEEK, io Stats si
O BtaUii^SSiMt
Vg/ 18 doing more to alleviate In.
uk mao suffering in this country
'hen all other medicnea of the
*** Wnd. It is a safe, ears and
pleasant remedy for
Saltrheum, Inflamation of the breast.
Chilblains, SoreNipples,
Chapped Hands, Sore Lips,
Barns and Soalde, Pimples on the Face,
Cuts or Wounds, Breaking oat and Son*
Biles of Insects, on Children, end
8ting of wasp or boo, all diseases of tho
Pilre. Skin.
lO* Warranted sure care.
Prepared and sold by
Wholesale Depot, C. V. Cuensnan, No.
81 Barclay 8t., N.T.
8old in Litchfield by A. C. SMITH, and
•old by some druggist or merchant m ever*
town and village in the State.
Marble Manufactory.
PERSONS in want of Monamenta, Head
Stonea, Tablets, Ac. een be supplied at oar
establishment with as chaste en article, and
** cheap as at-any other establishment in the
state. A large collection of Deeigne of the
principal Monuments in Philadelphia and
Greenwood Cemeteries ; alao a collection of
English Designs, which with those of oer own
draughting, makes one of the heat collections
in the state. Please refer to Dr Samnel Bite!,
Dr A S Lewie or Dr C M Hooker.
S. WARREN, Agent.
Waterbary, April 1853. , ,
AW» WINTER 00091.
THE undersigned, having just received
from Market, with a full end complete ee
sortment of Boots end Shoes, unsurpassed
for beauty and fashion, selected with great
care and attention in reference to the Felt **
and Winter trade. Among our large stock
may be found every new Style known to tha
trade, many of which aro magnificent in the
extreme, and, altogether new in country. Our
stock is very large, styles beautiful, quality
beyond dispute and we are bound to sell at
all hazard. *
We therefore invite ell, in this and tha
neighboring towns to give us a call, assuring
them, that they will find that which they have
long sought for, to wit :—the height of fash
ion, beauty, end durability combined, in
the article of Ladies, Gents, Misses, hoys
and Childrens Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Oxford
ties, Polkas, Jenny Linds, Monterey Coals,
man, tiea, Ac. Ac. At the Old Brick 8ton
first Door West of the Court House.
Litchfield, April 35, 1854.
Bfangatncl Railroad.
Summer Arrangement, commencing May
l7ll), 1854.
FIRST Freight Tisin leaves Bridgeport
for Winsted at 5 45 A. M., connecting at
Stratford with the 5 30 A. M., Train from
New Haven.
Second Freight Train leaves Bridgeport
for Waterbury, at 8 15 A. M.
First Passenger Train leaves Bridgeport
for Winsted, at 10.35 A. M., or on arrival of
the 8 A. M. Express Train from New York,
connecting at the Junction with the 10.15 A.
M. Train from Now Huvco.
Second Passenger Train leaves Bridge
port for Winsted at 5 40 P. M., or on the ar
rival of the 3.00 P. M. Express Train from
New York, connecting at the Junction with
the 5 30 P. M. Train from New Haven.
First Passenger Train lesves Waterbnry
for Bridgeport at 5 35 A. M.,connecting at the
Junction with strain to NPw Haven.
Second Passenger Train leaves Winsted
at 8 15 A. M., connecting at the Junction
with a Train to New Haven, and at Bridge
port with the 9.35 A M Train to New York.
First Freight Train will leava Winsted
for Bridgeport at 11.40 A M.
Third Passenger Train leaves Winsted at
3PM connecting at the Junction with a
Train to New Haven, and at Bridgeport with
the 4 30 P M Train to New York.
Freight Train from Wit.sfed to Bridgeport
tnd intermediate stations, IP. M.
Bradley's Stage trom Woodbury, South
bury, Sou'liford, and Oxford, w.ll connect at
Seymour (Humphreyeville)wiih the 850 A M
Train down. Returning, leaves every day on
the artival of the 10.35 PM Train frontBridgo
port. No evening Stage after Ibis date.
McNeils Stage from Watertown, will con
nect st Waterbury every day with the 8 00
A M Train down. Returning on arrival of
the 10 35 A M Train from Bridgeport, and
on Saturdays from the 5 40 P M Tram,
FentgASlngefrom Litchfield will connect
at Liiwifield Station with both passenger
Trains each way ; and with the Morning
Train to Winsted.
F. L. Allen’s Stage from Bethlem will non *■
noct daily at Waterbury, with the 8.15 A. M.
Train from Winsted, returning on arrival of
the 10 35 A. M. Train Trom Bridgeport.
A deduction of five cento it made wban
Tickets are purchased at the offices.
C. SPOONER, Superintendent*
Bridgeport, May 17,1864.
Store &tand For Sale I
T rTE Store, Ho use, Lot. and appurtenan*
*- cob thereunto belonging, situated is
Litchfield, three doors went of the Coart
house, formerly occupied by Lyman I,
Smith and now occupied by H. B. Richards,
for a Grocery and Provision Store, is of
fered for asle, and will be Bold cheep. The
terms of pay meat can be made easy to any
one who wiahea to pnrebaoe. Require of
Litchfield, Jan 24th, 1853.
Bridgeport Bower Company
tpHlS Company ate about erecting, iu u
JL central location.several building*, each
Four Hundred leet in length, fitly leet ini
width, and three sioriea high, fortheperpum
of letting out propelling power and room to
such manufacturer* a* may desire. They will
be -provided with from tkkkk to mi hu.
died horse power and will have tccpmmodu.
lions lor about 1000 workmen. Applications
(or Power and Room may be made personally
or by letter te either ot the subscriber*.
BY U l*te Act of Congress the Widow* and
mi nor children of officer*, non commie*
■ioned. officers musicians and privates, hot*
regular and volunteer of the war tfUISsjd
nf the Indian wars since 1700, ara entitled tu
Eve years half pay.
Tha Widows of all revolutionary pensions
era though married since 1800 arc entitled tu
pensions. My term* lor procuring pensions
tr* liberal,and my facilities such as to gears
snlae success. 1 would invite all percent whu
mav have elaime on the Government to gtve
me a call. All adviee fraeolCharge.
HENRY BGRAVES, Attorney at Law

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