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a cAirttA nr
TlflLL be Riven at
M field, on Teesdaj _
August t%h and Jftth;
ces Jans- Crosby. < • graduate of. Mis N*» York
Ins'irui ion fur rhe Blftid;! rbe musie crnnnused
by Prof. Geo. F. Rail, aider whose direction it
will be given on TbOTaMFkveitirig.
Concert to commence precisely Sf quarter
• before 8 o’cluckffTickci* 25 eehts;W- Us had
at the door. Children half-price if aecoiRpasied
by parents. . Wah esch iickel will be Riven a
*“* ~»*i *
M« >trec(or and Conductor,
•"“g-iy-57 --
i r
. ”S^JS^eifowwS,bf *1?/. £K»
awl formerly tap Mf. Freeman of this village—
„tsjf[rw,u *0"* i*id Horse la Hie e«bs«;fibi§
**l'on 'bet may lesd lo his recov
ery dllfbe suitably rewarded. - "1 j '
PtasnlssiBe, Date lies. Co. N. Y., Aug. 18/55.
District or Litchfield, ss. )
CRT, August Rial. 1855 \
LLIAM LORD, of Litch
<)» assigning insolvent debum
. the Trustee of said assigned
|«aw exhibit he trusteeaesou«( to this Coort
-or adjustment at the probiie-offiee in Litchfield
odlbe 4th daw oi September, 1855, si 9o’clock ;
Truetea will give notice of■
Certified from Record s
Quince*, PeAcbts, Tonaiors, ~
OR any other fruit may be pssserved in 4
rrfcplly fresh stale lor years without sugar
or other preservative jlropertr, by the use of
Hod few’s Pntept self-senIfog Can.
This is Hie* only positively setf-seafiug 'C*n
•"•rbt, as all niffers require war. solder or
cemsm. They are acknowledged by alt who
sttfspsnt the aoatett.sdfnst and most convenient
Cans in use. full directions for putting up
*«4«tshles, Ac. will s-company tbe caiu.
•war sale wholesale and retail hr
Manufacturers oi Plnniahed Tin-Ware,
Beshman St, earner oi Gold. K. Y.
Catlle mr Snlc.
YMYHR subscriber offers for stile, on and
1 90th instant, at his residence in
•G-when, Six Hundred Head ol Cail'o—300 head
2** Yearling» and 300 head ol Culvsa. Thoau
flute reeled will do wall to look hi the stock
Oodben. August Itih, 1855.
Peaches, XiBolons, 6lc.
W1HL l»« received fresh from New
York -through the season, by the *ub
■eriuer, and will In- sold at the fowest market
ynce, in larse «r small quantities. Every other
fruit sii its season.
t ..Li- , , » WM- WHEELER.
Litchfield, August 14.1855.
IS hereby given to the residents and non
renidenin liable 10 pay Taxe* m .1*. town <tf
* ornwall ilint I have receivi-d a warrant m
collect a ia« of ten (Iff) cent* on the dollar on
V* "* «< l«51; nfao, a milnary tax.
I will idmii (hem at the following place* to re- ,
rein M.d taxes: on Thv.rs.lay, .<«,*. fob,«
Myran JiawWa Stow, Cornwall Bruise. from
Socfoclt A. M. «n|d II M., and at M. Seer* &
Son • Store, on the Plum*, front I o'cI.kVum.l
4 »*• M : on f nday, Sept. Tth. ai .he Store of
tin-Urmwal! Iron Co.lrom 6 oYImfc a. M. until ,
“5i:«s?svf ;*• “•™‘£'™"
All iM-iaoaa negfccung to pay thorr **xre at -
•ncli tiim * wilt be liable to pay legal Ice* for
10 ^'"“kAI.PH 1. SCOVILl.K, Collector. It
Weal Cornwall, August 13th, Ittufi, f
" Medical l.istiiniioii ol Yale College,
rail IK Course of Lectures for 18S5-56 ,
Ji. will cumnien' e on Tltursday, September
pith, and cmitmuc lour mootb*. .
ItgxjAMtx >tr.i.rMA!t. M. I).. L.L, D-, Professor (
Kniettiu* of Chemistry nnd I'harmncy.
Km Ivu. M. 1>., Ptof, Kinentua of Materia
Mnliea nnd Yhempeetif*. .
Jo* atm an K Tintrr, M. D, Prof, of the Princi
ple* and I’racttre of Surgery.
Turotnv P list.as. M. w., Prof, of Oli»t*trir».
CtiAtt.es Hooker, M. D.Pr-d ot Anatomy
and Puyamlogy. _ ....
Hknry ItaoxsoR Mr. D., Prof, of Materia Med
ica and Tlieritp* uttea
WajtTmMToN lloogrR. M. D., Prof, of the
Thsfoy and Practice ol Hirsic.
Ilctriam is Sili.imaii, Jr., M. D. Prof, of Chcm
iatry and PtiarmaW.
Lecture foe*, WX.flO. Ma'ricu'ation, 96 —
(•radoa'ion, tlft
Oil AS. HOOKER, Dean ol ibe Faculty.
New Haven, July Hth, 1855.
f^LOCR.—*5 bids, of Extra Ganeace, in
barrel* nnd bage; alio, Graham, Hoinony
Bud Mice Flout.
McNeil, k Rramar.
Crockery and glass-ware.—a
splendid asaonment just rew-istd at
McN. ot o H*
New Shad and Mackerel, in I'M* half hhl*.
and knit. McN k B.
F1NHK Ccart of Probate for the District
JL ot laielilield hath limited and allowrd six
months from the dale hereof for the creditor*
to the estate of HELEN E. BUELL, late of
Litchfield in wml dttrtfet, deceased, in which ro
exhibit their claim* for «I low* nee and nettle
menu Tlvoee ne«ieciing to present t licit aeeonnt*
within mid time, property nitrated, will be de
barred a reeovsey. All prison* indebted to »«ol
t state are requested ro make immediate payment
t„ A. 8. LEWIS. Administrator.
Litchfield, Aagu-t Mi. 1855. 16
AT a meeting of the “ Pronrietorsof the
Ore-Bed in Salisbury.'' held at l.shevtHe
m the second Tuesday of May, K>i, it was
Reraised, that whereas Oark-w T. < ollme
claims to he the purchaser from Forties M»n*r*
of ft 80.*FIU» Shares id the Capital Stork «t said
proprietors. and it is allcdged that the certificate
t-ir said shares has been tear or destroyed hr
itme or accident, mid cannot bn procured lor
cancels non—that lira Secretary procure t* he
putdmhed an advertisement f,tr si least *»*
weeks to a newspaper printed in the county of
* S.oehtield. civ ins notire of aiid claim by said
IVdltaa, and requiring nil persona «h<* may hold
or have any maim to said certificate to note
nouen «4 their amd claim m the Secretary of
said corporation, and to produce a a id certificate
nr forfeit the state.
A mi* Copy nt Record:
Attach * J. H. HUBBARD, Secretary.
Sfotice. -
THE Tex-Pejrrs of tlie town of Plym
outh are hereby notified, that the rate
brlls for a State, Town and High wav Tax of
III rteen cna on a nods ron the Or»ndl.t« of
J*H. and also a School Tax ol on# «#,«•«• !
dollar on Grand List of ISM, w in my baWda F>r
c.tiled ion. and l will meet them at iheMlowm*
ptscua 10 isrciva their 1 axes on Tkursdav,
Annul *3d. at lira p.«;-office to 1 errvviile ; on
Fruiav, Antusi <4ih, al ihe Holed of A. B. < nr*
i s*. PtemduthCentre ; ami on Saturday, Aus.
i-Vh, at lira Shorn at A. II. GiHrarS P<ftm»u»*i
t follow, (nun 9ti'eteok A. 51. till < o el<*k t*. M.
AlIppaM art'winr to l»y their raxes at
each t mes wtll be liable to pay legal expenses
. e0kc,*AMi» H. GIMM'RF, Colletior.
Plymouth. August *h, IS5A _
1*U:A< HF.D COTTONS 7-8 tine. 39 rsrda
- IS for 91,00at N.A f. .^BKRUJT S.
l\MiSS GOODS mat receivcd.one caw one
%r py"ft r
«A * **
K>e« ili Ule State
ot the pattern:
autacluring Co
make easting:
price! than thej
employed in »ht
may be to wan
i? depend apor
non, and are re
^ u, A. J. bRjJVJiLL, Agent
Norfolk, Augnet 1st, 1893.
——.:«i— --- ’ ' v- .
Groceries, Prarisions Pish, Ac.
TNMT AY be found at the store of the sub
43TJL scribef in SouihStrert a good assortment
of Gr->c< ries, Provisions, Fresh and Salt Fish,
Oymetp, Ci«m9, and substantiate and refresh
Pe • whicU will prove wor»hy the
those in the hunit of eating and
diinJun#. New Goods 4/0 received every week
BROKE into the enclosure of the sub.
ecriber on or about the 2d ins’am, four
Yearlings—one Steer with white spot in l»re
bead and soma on his back, and three Heifer*
all bright red and one with white stripe on one
eide of forehead and white tip of tail
The.pjmor is requested to prove property,
pay charges and take them away.
New Preston, August 7th, 1855.
V Y at the Old Bnck better than anywhere
else f Because cask buys cheaper than credit.
Whvcnn you Imp Bey's’ Calf Boots ah cheap
at retail as they can be bought in the city at
wholesale t Because we have them oh hand,
and they must he apld before the season is over.
And why is it. that you may buy Cent's Patent
Gutter*, dove T»p, Enamel do., English Tup.
Buckskin do, Pet-at Bronte Top Union dr,
Cplf and Patent Slips, atp! all kinds of Gent’s
Goode, better than any where else 7 Because
the season is now far advanced, ai.d a large lor
remains to be cleared out. to wake room for (he
Fall campaign, which will open about (tie first
Why may you bay Ladies' Getter*. Congress
tipped and foxed,and Buskins, ulain; enamel*'
led Ties, Jenny Lind's. Son tag’s Slips, and a
h-»si ot othera. vend and fancy articles, at the
Old Brick, hcner than anv where ei*e 7 Be
eiiiier'ihoy were bought in New York at greatly
reduced prices for Cash, and we are bound te
(CU them accordingly!
And tii|pllv,Wby,oJi why i«ti, that ererr thing
in our ring of irnde may he hnd of the Subscri*
here for the RT Rnamr.^j at greatly reduced
prices. *or the next lour or live weeks? file cause
we have got a larger ami h.-tier Stock than can
be found in tee County We devote nut whole
time to our liusinere. and interfere with n me.—
We are bound to give our patrons the benefit of
low pr ce*,in consequence of bard timee. We
are making clearing out aa 'es ofevcrythiuu in tho
Summer lice of G mde. We therefore most re
ipei tfullv invite all—ves, one and all. to piriict
pate in rhe fun of buying at a Ices per ceul. iftan
rvrr More.
Come fro-n every na'lnn. Come from every way.*
Due Stock isla'se enough. Ac.
Lite) field. August 1.1855
No. 5. Weil Main Street.
HADShLT/S I.IMK, fur sale in »nv quantity
nt tho Xaugatm* Railroad Depot or nt S,
It A’» .Suite, by SPENCER ft ADAMS.
I AA KEGS Tremont Iron Go’s Nails it
A VVP reduced prices, just received hv
«?. ft A.
rosar Ion* in St SPRNCER ft ADAMS' .nd
see their Ism arrival of Boots and Shoes.
- ■■ - •*
rC'cfioopef than ever offered before, at
S. ft A *8.
TEST received, Sft hide- Portirieo and refined
9 Sugnts id atf grades, at S. ft A’S.
SALT is cheaper 1 80 Sack* Dairy and llay
Suit just rec’d hy S. ft A.
IAHK Court of Probate for tho Disirict I
ol Salisbury has limited nnd allowed six
nonths from this date fbr the creditors ot the
Ktinio of JESSE SMITH, late ol Salisbory in
aid district. deceased, represented insolvent, in
vltich to present their claims stratnet said estate
dr aHwwaitee to the Commissioners on as id
ate—noil has apiwimed Robert N. Fuller and
Milton Hubbatd ol s.ltd Salisbury Commission'
>rs to receive and examine said claims.
The siih««fibere give notice that they wilt ■
meet nt the lata residence of the deee urd on j
lie 8ih ilayil November and theSth o' Jainiarv j
taxi, at ten.o'clock in Dio forenoon, on each of ,
•aid days, for the purpmc of attending to the
Junes of sahlappointment.
mIlton mriJB.utD, \ atouon.
Salisbury, July 9th, 1865.
The people most, hate Light! i
BY calling at SPENCEH ft ADAMS’ you
can lind ihoseeclebratedMitCheli'aCandl#*
put up m boxes for family use. •
A'so, Sperm, Adamantine and Tallow Can-I
tiles. Aug. 8th. |
JUST rec'd, 80 do* mmc «f Putnam's patent
a«U*adioentMt curiam Fixture*, which are
a<> much admired by tlewe who are ustns rtt#n».s
For sale l,« SPENCER A A DAMS.
August **th, 1865.
£> jw HUES. ExtraGennesee Flour, ju«« ree’d
mt O hv Sit A.
W Also, flesh corn meal everv week.
THE subscribers would return their
(hanks for the very liberal patronage
with which their 3tore ha* been favored in the
paat—and they hope by constant attention to
the wants of the trading public ahd by a system
of faw and honorable dealing to retain their
share of the trade. Our stock of new Goods is
Imrgc. which we are selling at amall profit*.
Oor Grocerv department i* full and complete,
and we Crel'cmifnlent of our ahtlity to satisfy a»
who purchase of ** that they receive tltcir
money'* »»rlh. Call and decide for yourselves
before purchasing elsewhere.
South Norfolk. April 18, IMA
k Spring Shan't*.
THE largest assortment of Spring ond (
'Snmtner Sha wls ever offered to the people ;
ofUretfiel.l c'nmfis now ready for ealnbipon
at ihe Gr,t»i7# Nrpie, r<mipnwr>8 a *«•
fortmertt nlCrai*eHinwl»,|Uainand embroidered
Tltibetfdo.; plain and figured of ah colors and
■g*3gHl2? ’“t- .
* Jtjhre J\*e» Good*. t \a
THE mthsrrib.tr ha# again wtiwmcd from
NeSr Ypth with a large aod wtdhehierird,
assortment dl- Goods at unparalleled f«» pn*»,
»i«t i * t. , ,
SO piece* Engliah Print*, * M Ct#.
MO “ \r •* “ 8 1-8 M. Z
St) ** ’Eojdishawd French Mndin*, *11 price*
WC yards RwetmilV nd-tumefi r'il|«JmnvSl op
100 ** Hhregc Itel.niur fil-t emts per ymd,
Wiib nott>v other Goods too numerous to iiWtt*'
turn. Call aniNatisfy V'uraclvee
ft oleottvillc. May It.
ProietHoa from I.(shining!
TATIS' Patent Improved Ligbtnroo Rods
" " —the best article i* the United Slater,
for juie anil put wp by !
,0r ' ' 3. \V. COKE.
NorftgL done 1855. _
GVANO ami Super Phnspnte of Lime—one
of the then pert tent intent that can be used.
Farmer* are invited to try i«. ¥»r> »*l?hy^
South Norfolk May Mb »».
V i i »•^ * “ *
m i
■*- " ~~
t.~ IMI;JW,.;.,, ; =rs
•Vtu? •irratigeuienl $j ,
■}- * June 1*53.
THE subscriber would inform hfepatverrs
and friends from Abroad that- e» he has
* nut been aide in close up his business thisSpring.
■J ■* 6c intended**, have done, has concluded !<i
’ continue tii*buaiu*8swuoifory.ear; as heretofore
keeping hi*, usual variety of. Good*, yrtifeb aie
;<•** 10 surpassed J»y *j,i tcounlAr Store—
tHhoijgb three may be come dealers who ha ve a
I larger quantity ot some kinds W Goods, but to
find the variety here is the place. Jipilo goiulo
paeftealaM would be useless j all ihm is neces
sary to say w, please call for iifhat yes want,
and yon wdl be very sure to find it. and at a
price that will inJu-e you meal! again. Cash
customers are solicited, as they are the ones that
help us to buy our Goods so c heap, and they are
the ones tiiat wdl reap a rich reward if their
purchases are large.
A word |0 the lovers of good Tea ! If yon wish
for something in that line warranted to suit, here
is the place to supply your warns—for 34 een>s
per lb. you can have that which is warranted to
draw ereen, and for 40 cts something richer;
| from 50 to 56 that which will make music in the
dullest company if freely used, and some a little
hiifwT for extra occasions. For proof, please call
ami trv ii. , ,.
W^l’iodlice taken at the highest mnrkrt nrice.
8 £. f. PECJK
**7 ? rr ~ ... ...:—
/aW7’E are satisfied front tv I tat we beat
T * 1 hnt some ot our hrethen iu trade are
giving out the idea that we do not take any kind
or produce. Now this is a decided mistake,
and We wish to say to our Farming Friends
that we do lake all kinds of Produce which yuu
have, to dispose of- And also that we have
made arrangements with two of the largest
Urocery K • t » b II ,h m , „ , ,
in Litchfield County. Messrs. Palmer A Hopkins'
and John Scovill, E.-q , by which uur.c os turners'
can have their Groceries at lesa prices than they
can be bought at auy other eauUisbiueut.
Gentlemen. huvinn made arrangements
for lp« “Inner Man,” we would, invite you
to c|ll and examine our splpiqfid stock of
Dry Goods*
Whteh we are selling -«t the luwnt rates, an
gentlemen being on your prndai-e of all kinds—
»ud also bring your wives and daughters and all
the rest of the family, and we assure you that,
you will be well paid for vour visit.
Yours, Respectful hr.
Corner Store, Wo'cottrille.
Another Arrival I
MORE New Goods just received at the
** Granite Store.” The proprietors of this
Establishment would again remind the public
that they hove received during the past two
week* large additions »«» theft- Stock <rf (foods,
and are now prepared to show to (heir customers
as large and gootfan assortment as can be found
in the eoonty.'
Among the Goods jdst received can he fonnd
more of tho«e Choice oil hoilrd black Silks nr
one dollar per yard, striped fancy Silks at 50
cents pw yatd and upward*; o!*», mote of those
French Lawns and Berazgs, Trimmings, Ac.
all colors and style#.
Hats and Cats —In this department we afe
thoroughly “ posted,’’ having a very large as*
snrtment of everything in that line,Which we
can sell at astonishingly low price*.
f'Aitrr.Ts a\d PArcn-rfAxeryos,—Out stock of
Carpetings, Paper Hanging*, Ac. is now quite
largo, and in that department we defv competi
Granite Store, Wolcoitville, June II, IS53.
___kt :i
Prices Reduced!
New Spring and summer Goods,!!
Call and see them —Pint door tail of Court llourt
WOULD call llie attention of tlm inhabitant*
«i this ami (he neighboring town* toon*
»f ihemusi complete assortments ot American
• nil Foreign Dry Good* ever offered in ihia
market, at print that will defy competition,
People at home and abroad are resnectiullv in
rited to call and egnmine Hie stock lor them- i
iclves, as we are determined to sell at a very i
tniall pnfii—that ibe tide whruti has beeti turn- >•
liPa'nT*?™*? oirntmoc so«-*.
Muslins,Organdie*, (Wages.Challtrs. Barege
DeLaities. Chailie DeLninee, plaid fig d airiped
mil plain DeL tioes.SW'S* and Spotted Miiahns, '
Bishop and Victoria Lawns, plain cheeked ,
Cambrics, lie. A large assortment nt Good* lor
Utah mu! Boys'* Smnrnrr «r«r!—rlald
0»««imeres, DrabD'I'.tc, Farmer’sSaiin, Mohair .
Alpacca, blaek silk and worsted Serge, figured
inti plain Vesting*. Broadcloths of superior '
lualtiy and varimis eo'ors, Doeskin and plain
r'assimerua. Irish Irinen*. emhroidercd Curtains,
inmifiunc >111 tints, hoavv and fine Sheetings,
bleached Sheetings, Tickings, Demins, si Hped
and checked Sliirtmgs.'iaimrts, Tweeds, Ki-n
■ <i--ky. ■. Paper U mgtngh Carpets. Oil C'o'hs
door and carriage ma's, cheese Cappings, &e.
In purchasing the ab ive (Inode m n*« t ork
the past week we liai e been able to dike arivan
• age of the recent etnraordmary depression in
loreign and doineslic manufactured Goods, and
are therefore .able luofier themat a an»l rniur
linn from prices of Good* purchased in the early
pan of the season. , _ ,
We can now sell Merrimack and Cm-heco
Prints of »hs best quality and stvles at 10 ct*|
genuine Hamilton and gold medal DeLames at
Is; printed Lawns one vard wide at 6 cts ;
French JaCOHCt and OrjjnndiesMusUti aj 19cf«;
Appleton heavy Cotton at 8 cts; bl d Cullon at
Sets, and most other Good* in proportion
Also on hand a full smck offlrecrea. W ooden
Ware, Crockery tind Gles* W«re,l ea Se»*. kc.
all of which will he aoW at lh« lowest price h>r
ca*n or produce—and purchaser* tony reat ns
snred that no niin*pre*eniatiou* will be made
either in quality or pf'ee.
Litchfield. May *W, 198#.
Watchrs, Jtwrlry and Fancy Goods.
All. BALDWIN would lukr this opportu
• n<ty ol informing his friends and the
puldic that he has again returned from New
York w'lihjaneh and llill assortment ol Watches
Jewelry, hr.. He solicit* a eonnnuanee «f (he
favors mi bountifully shown him the pay! year,
ami will spare no efli/ris to site good saiiiactom
to bis customers. AU goods and w ork rarianint.
Watcbss-—A go'd hunting dctstched lev,r,
fttll jeweled. Wears is flee and gold rapped, for
$15: silver hunting English patent levers, dr
lacheii lavera with and with, ut bun-mg rase*,
aiicres, escspernems.quarterns, Ac- with prices
10 sttil the customer. -
Gent's gold «$trd £b*ins. p»W vest Chains.
Ladies' eliStietsn Cliatns, stiver Guards, gold
and silver VwafHooks. grdd and stiver Spec
titt les, gold Prns in gold and ailver Hinders,
[go'd and silt er'Thimbles, gold necklaces and
lMsrt lee«. loekets. pencil*. sterVe buttons, bnooWt
j studs. rtilTpws, car rings, brensiptus, fob hackles]
; an#*eais»%i*ket*. alide», snaps, rharass, keys, j
, Ac. &C With mr a*ock ul Gouda thus largely |
[ rep'cn'shcd and selected with great rare, I leel j
I confident I ran tell HI as good a bargain as can
i he had snv where in the country. Give me a
.call. No charge lor *~j~^UDW|S.
A FEW more of those extra gold Tens, in
i» silver Holders, for ft. , . .
Also, a aew lot Scotch P"l»bie* end Se«mg
BiWs, at A. & BALDWIN N
Or. Stephen Jewett* Medicines,
CONSISTING of Health Itetluffhg IJitter*,
k> I'u'tU msrv Elixir, and Strengthen os JJ«**
for, mar he fattid at the store of the subscriber
True experience prove* that it is contrary to
nature that any single aruoe or compound can
cure every distase, and ir a'so pr<»ves ibu*
nothing has ever hern found to *o qpei'bially
eradicate disease as Dr. Sicphcn Jewcit sjunlv
* an.l highly celebrated family medicines prepsr< d
bv Slopin' n Jewett—each designed and unpar
alleled uxtbeperawtoews relief and eufe ot alt
diseases tar wrhi h lltey ere ree- mmemlrd ,
originally preparedJwr one of the most[/OccvS**
ful aed eminent physicians fliai ever lived,
used and recommended by eminent pliysntSns
Of ;lw presb«M day.
No Family should he without them, for npon
thepi firm sod true treiiente can J’e P»e^j
Stationery. .. „
AN assopment of Letter. Note and Car
Paper, lawyer’s Paper, Ink. Pens, Ac..«
1Wn" ‘SSsmVZ ttKAMAiw
LiU bftsU, May Hm, VS55.
M puulic to the occurrence* that almo9( da My
come tmder mv *»teerv»tioi* «f peddlers and oth
ers paionag off their glass lor •* Scotch Pebble
Spectacles. at enormous prices, hm novae
thortzed ttxsny from J. Ackley that he has no
tnurehog agent or peddler w ho Carries htsp, b
«*" m th>sStale—so that those •>.« buy of litem
da u at a great risk; ami these who have bi.sght
have the eomionahle reflection that thev have
noihing afler all but common glass. I would
again mate that it may be easily and simple
tested if you have the glass by touching your
bps or tongue to each successively and observ
ing me 'empera'ure ol'ihem-wtbe pebble always
preserving the emperatere of si oh e while the
glass will bemurir warmer. They can only be
bad in Litchfield of A & Baldwin, si. has »n
hand a full and complete asonytincnt td nil die
numbers and will be happy to show them to any
who wish to examine either eia of curiosity or
with intent to parchase.
„ „ ■ . A S. BALDWIN.
N. B. Watches and repairing done by hims-ff
always with neatness and despatch,
DRY GOODS are selling cheaper at
BR ADFORD’S thm. *• ever have seen
them sold. Call soon lor bargaius.
SCYTHES, Snaths, Rakes and Forks —
Farmers! If is for your ndtrautage. to call
.at Bradford’s, Wc|eu>tvi!le. IDs assortment is
complete in the above goods
PARKER’S Celebrat'd Horse Bakes.—
Jtt-t received at Bradford’s in WolcuStvillr |
one more lot of these superior Rake*.
PERSONS whose recounts were due
ine 1st,of Janaary. 1835, and are still tin
settled, are requested and particularly invited to
c vlt on the sttheeriher before the 80th of-July
next, for by so doing they will Itutf something to
their advantage.
, . . E» «. A a BRADFORD.
W elcottatlie. Juae 23th, is».
“ •$»*
“If St rangers and C<**po*itor* from neigh
i boring yithrgei who pass through Welcott
ville—W,, give Notice ! By calling at that
extensive Drv Goods Eatabiistinient south of tho
bridge vmr mn see every variety of the latest
style* Goods tjte world produces—and \* ill at
orree commence buying, tor reason of finding
them at from half-price in what they are worth
only In exchange, we are giving the highest
market price (hr large quantities of Batter and
Eg?*—»swe have an established agency in New
York where it is at once disposed of.
Tltesedxtraasdiaary’sdvimtRgos’Tiir the public
benefit can .irttr *®o«cr he jn|tie widely known
than through the’utediutq of anis extensively
circulated paper ‘ -
% - *■ & E; A, BERRY.
Wslcottville, June 18th, 185J.
MAD River Mills ColTee in 6, Sand Mb.
c“!>s »l 5. &A’S.
PORK, Lard, Shad, Mackerel and Codfish
jalwaygto (>e found at S: & A’S.
Nf.kV 0001)8 now opening at the Granite
Store in Wolcottvilie, by
A GOOD assortment of Carpeting. Floor
(Oil Cloths, Floor Minting*, Drugget, &c.
[tan be found at the Ornntte Store.
Wolcottvtlle, April U, 1855.
1 -— -— i-,-; . .. -
.) ft SACKS of Dairy and Hay Salt at
June letlh
|i^ I H .—Pickled Blue .Fish, Jlnlibut and
l -tMackerel, at BRADFORD’S.
Jutte Ithh.
— iv ;_ *
Spring Stples-1 S*M>.
IT<N8Uj4c BRAMAti have on iiand and
-T i. are constantly receiving an assortment of
he vanetidrnf I!nm and Capa now
ninng w hich are OeniaU—1—ZZTZZ
tflea. \ It 13*
fjL WARM from Boston ha* been received
md is for sale at Ihe Shop of the Subscriber, at
musnallv low prices— consisting «f ^Pitchers,
htgar Hiw'ls. Sp ion Holders, Cream Cups, 1
inner Plates, Preserve Plates, rta piers, Goblets,
?gg Clips. Lemonade Cups, CandtesHcks, Mo
assed Cups, leu different styles Tumblers. &e.
ky. which the public are invited to call and
■ xatninn.
83* \ goad assortment of Cook anti Parlor
'TOVCS, Tin and Japanned Ware. &c.. &c.
ilwava oi) Iiand. J- W. CONK.
Norfolk. Jon. 1, 1855. ______
Tbfy lime Arlved J
A NOTHER cose of those fine Muslins
-im. at 12 1-* cen-a per yard. For panic dars
Widc-ittville, Mmy 2<bh. 1865,
#000 vt!». 'if Fall Rivrr Print*, last co'ore—
•J pre’e 6 I -4 cts Where 1
At BRADFORDS, of court*.
May 2Stli.
GOOD New Orem*' Pnsrnr, lB lbs for One
Dollar, at BRADFORD'S, WolcottVttte. |
LADIES Take Notice !-»IU*t received, 50
more of th*»se fashionable M anti Has and
Capes, at BRADFORD’S. ,
UAStOtlS pu> in the best order and warranted
at CUOSSMAN’S Shaving, Hair-Cutting ,
and Wig-Making Room, over Dr. Beckwith
Drug Store, South Street, Litchfield. J
BROWN Sheetings and shirtings—another
lot 4 4 heavy brown. « 1-4 cts, at
N. k E. A. BERRY 8.
Ladies' riding iiats.—A good assort
ment this day rec’d at JACKSON’S.
M*y 30th, 1855.
Pure white for »«i« bv
ft. D. NORTH WAY fc CO.
Linseed oil r-r ra'e h» ;
8. D. NORTltWAY k CO.
43 UMMLR HATS for S cent*, worth *3, by
J5 S- D Nu«tu»ay A Co.
Black 8 ilk M.
JlfsT fectfvi-d > large asuae (hi anl of choice
bl-ick Silks of the beet wanutaciure, winch
we hie disposed to sell ai very low prtcrs;
Aleoj a goad tstoiwmi of Fsertcb l«awn*i
li ratei, Ac. of (tw best atyiee, adopt, d to ilic
searpu. fan |m found at the Granite Store in
Mey 1st. 1855.
PAINTS, OILS, CLASS, Ae. ran be found
in anv quantity at the Granite Store in
May 1st, 1355.
A GOOD assortment of Farter flats and
Caps jest received at the Gtasrre.
IF you would like to boy Good* at /air plicae
call at the GaAsrrc. _
McNF.lL A BRAMAN ore receiving a
cnmidetc anvutnicnt ut I'mtonm,Grenada,
Straw and Palin Leaf Hats of the latest s«yle».
JURIED Apples and Patches, at^ ^ ^
LORTfXARWS Snuff. Scotch Smiff, Ac.
Also Mrs. Q. B. Miller’s Sinoknit! Jsnd
Chewing Tobacco, at 51. A IPS.
CROCKRRY and Glass Ware, a splendid
assortment, at M. A IPS.
-r- gj O s T:
BETWRRN Wolcoitville and South Cana at
one Tr.u»! Real, wnh lour and sitk lim
ntsaebed. The finder will be liberally rmvardo
by Having the same with the s»b«cnl»or.
A. G IRlADFORIVJWute.ttvine.
WifittaBd To«J)m«
MADBto order,«tCMjM^iMANd8 Shot**
amt over Dr- UooS
witb’s Drug . *
' *-lk
esassassa^si«.±j>. ■■ ■*■■■
\t&L May l*f.
third arrival
Henry fflerriman & Co,
CenteV S<fna r fe V
nvilw diiry, Conn.
WE are n w prepared i-> show oi:r customers
of the Namainck-Yalley the.besi selected
and most complete .at^urrijif m, of -Fancy and
Staple Dry Go >♦$,J, Cnj-tain Materials,
vinmty. * "S - ■ .
Our assortment is unusually large and well
selected, I (ting frequently replenished from the
New \ .irk nnit&ofrwiitlhtMia, -Wo are almost
! we are enabled lo olier them at unusually low
wnmesaie epufejatU , .
A call pot-eCjiecnully Solicited.
* B 2Vo trnuhU #i> *Ar.tt» Goods.
»- Farmers’ produce taken in exchange at
cash prices.
•Tuetian Or/n f*. \S
Waterbary Carpet Store.
Henry Merrlnian & To.—Center Square.
Wf E have now rcSdv for A.'ttiifiit’iuri life best
* f assortment,of Carpet (fo als evfr oflVrcd
in this city ; roost of them are received direct
from auction, and comprise tome entirely new
aud elegant style-:
Taimstry and Velvet.
Tapestry Ingrain.
Lowell Ingrain.
Fine and Super. Ingrain.
Union Carpet.
Oil Clnth'Jwifnm! Carpets from 3 to 18 leef
wide, Straw Malting—plain and fancy of all
widihs. Drugget, Stair Lfncn, Manilla, Rope
and Wool Mats, Stair Rods, lie. fcc.
Our arrangements for purchasing are tinsur.
passed, and w* defy competition in any city in
the Staig.
Every article warranted as represented.
Waierburyf May I.
OUR assortment is now unusually large and
well-selected, romprising every variety ol
new anddesrrahlr styles adapted to the Spring
•*«' Summer trade.
BiscIh R’g oil boiled Silk, the genuine stticle,
warranted not to crack ; (Jlucie Silks, some very
detpraldc styles s India and Foulard plain ami
fancy, strlprd and plaid, elegant pullet us.
Wool IVl,.lines. all col irs.
Bersg.- DeLuines. Challie DeLaines.
Printed Lawns and Muslins, \
r Poplins, black and c,,|..ri d Alparcns. j
U ilh »n immense slock ol Trims and Gtn£butns
just purchased, many o| them at a great suert
tice lo the importers.
,tr . Center Square,
*V aterbury, May 1st
Clothing. Clothing. !
Ol'll assortment is now complete.—Fresh
arrival from New York and Boston.
Cows.—Gent's Frock, Fixicktee, Mark and |
Business Coat* o| every crade mid quality.
I’asts-—Caaaimcre, plain and fancy ; Sufjiietl '
Jo do Tweed, Moleskin and (.'intoned#
VesJs.—Marseilles, plain and Isncyy Satin j
^-i*rnFs"V“ “'""“"i wdli a niW stork I
Gent's ShiriV? -WW* Crotmve «
Seek Ties and Scarfs, tlosirWTImnWnfwU**. j
md Shoes, Hats and Caps, fcc. fcc.
Every nrilcle petlilnriic to a Gentleman s .
Wardrobe, from the “ crown of his bend to the (
lo'e of his fool.” can be lbu"d at ibis < s:al.l sli
Hint. Weekly additions during the season.
‘■"‘“'"■’ilKSliV MEMfiMANACO.
Center squarr
Waitefhury, May l»t.
Ready-Made Clothing.
DO you wt.-li to hitv Oirmeivs djenp t
Call at BRADFORD'S in WoUSottville. ,
Brown Sheetings and SIiirtiug5* I
IF v'U Want anv nf those one yard wide goo I
Brown Sheetings at C I 4 rents per vtird,
3 HMDS mot* of those New Orleans ?tt:>nr»,
13 pounds for 51 id. at BRA DFORD S.
CHEESE CAPPINGS, Strainer Cloths and
Amiutio in fresh supplies,^ios^rece vr-d at
S' MORE of those all won! Embossed
25 *3 Tabic Spreads, price ^'j ,'y'p,j]{[)• s° “
S' a/i Yard# ntote of thohe Irish l.incn'rem
OVU nants*5 cents, at
LADIES Grass Clbtb Skirls, chesp. hr
N. & E. A. BERRY'S?.
SOMETHING new—300 Gem’• pitem Col
lars 5 cents each, at
At it Court nf Prahote, hot dm at If no Mil/inl
within end far the Ih'trii t if Sew Milford, on
the 6Ik dan of Aufin.l, 1356.
Present, 5yo Tavf/rt, E*q., Judtre
Estate of eZra noble, t»ie «i New
Miltord in said District deceased.
Tlic Administrator represetn* llie estate insol
vent, and pr iye the appointment of Com mi-sit>n
I ire thereons whereupon,ordered, that Comoiis
; si.mers to receive, examine and adjust rhe claims
ol tl^ creditors ol said estate, be appointed at
ilie Probate Office in said' New Milford on the
,Hff'li day of August, 1355, at 9 o'clock, m the
forenoon ; and that nil person* i me reared in
said rafale may tie notified thereof tfie Admin
is'rator wilt cans' this isdcr 1«» fie published in
a newspaper printed in Lien-field, and p >sf a
; copy thereof on the public sign prat nearest the
‘ p'ace where the deceased Iasi dwelt ill said
New Milford. A true ropy of Record.
Distriet nf Sew Milford t* Prohate Court, Jane
Tab, 1*55.
ESTATE yf IRA SQUIRE, late «f New
Miltord ill Said District,- deceased.
The court of prolm'S for the district of New
Mil ford hath limited mid allowed -ix m«t)th>fr«ni
tire d**e here**! lor tlie ereditor*<if said estate
to exhibit flieif claims lor seiBrmenf, 1 hos«
who neglect to presert thetr accounts properly
nttestcil,'wiih;ji rani time, will be debarred a re
covery. All person* indebted to *aid estate art
reouested to mnke immediate payment to
requesteu ^3,,^ BaBB1 TT. Execmtff.
At a Court of Pnlutte hakim at Pii/nututh within
ami far the Ihntrirt of Plymouth, ah the 23<i
day of A I) 1855
Present. Awmi GidmSss, Esq, J ltd nr.
ONotation nftlie Admii'MratrHi’ii flte e'staft
of JOHN II IIROOK-S, late of Ply mom J
nitltin Sit'd district, deceased :
Tina court doth decree that si* m mths lx
.Tll.mtd »« I limited for llie efeditors of sail
eStatetoexl.ib . their claims again-: the same n
the ftdrmn*»ira'rix; amf direct* dial public notici
be even <>f this order by advertising in a news
paper 'Mihfished in Litchfield and by posting <
copy thereof on the public sign-post in said (owl
rtf Plymouth nearest rhe iitac.' where the dc
ceased last dwelt. Certified from Record:
9 AMM.4 GIDOINGB. Judge.
Set ring Mnekiuc.
*4 MACHINE of Grover & Biker » pal on I
jn perfect order and but litt'e used,may h
r hfd U *»> le-i than cost, S^hl for wuutof use
i> tfEftpr*af this office. - *'
) t biubfifliJs* ISsb, 1555.
ar njf ■
alHB subscribers take pleasure in in
• .forming the public that they have taken
'be, ”r?'"c Store, lately occupied by George
11 Wadbams where thev intend keeping con
stantly ouhaiid « very large and well selected
! stock ot Goods ol every description.
Having jus* returned from‘New York, they
are now opening * new and splendid assort
ment of STRING GOODS, anil feci.prepared
to liner greeter iastuer»e*ls to the public then
they have been accu>i, ionl to notice., One ot
hrm having nsided in New Yoik for the past
eighteen venrs. and being thoroughly scqnnint
cd With the market, they arc coniidcnt that tbejr
la Clinics For purchasing Goods cannot he sur- ,
passed- Having one large room which is to be
II AMilmi. .they are prepared to offer in that
dep wtmen. extrrordinary inducements.
Tocy will lie reviving weekly new additions
to their slock, and shall endemor to make it an
object for ALL to call and see them.
83T Traduce of ail kinds taken in exrhnnss
fot Goods. WOODING & LEWIS
AVolcottville, April 9th, 1836.
.WHOM AS H ftfCHAHDS respect
fit fly returris Ins sincere thank* to his
numerous c >st miora and friends for the patron
age bestowed upon him the past seven years.
Confident that lie has established a name for *
qellmg Good! cheap, u is with pleasure he
presents the following programme Tor the
Spring mid Sommer Campaign J
assuring his friends that his stock is very large
and will be sold at prices satisfactory to the
closest Layers; a large assortment of E/enah,
English. German and American Broadcloths at
all colors; black and fancy Cussimcrcs; black
mixed and faney Sminetts, Tweeds and Cnsh
meretsol any co'or ; Vestings, consisting in part
ol hulk fancy and white Marseilles, black satin
and fancV'Silka, new rt*4ea; ami a Inrge ns-'nr>
ment ol Trimmings—which will be made up to
order at short notice ahid warranted to give
satisfaction or no 'ale. '
! Wordy-Made Clothing.-eIn lliis department ho
claims precedence, from the fa tribal theC leak
ing is all manufactured al home,' of rood mate
rials, and the superior stylei* which it is made
will always 8eh it re tlrrm a ready and satisfactory
sale. Famishing Good*—embracing a large
assortment of Shi. ts,Collars, Stork*, Ties, black
and white si'k mid black kid Gloves, (dark and
Isncv silk Crkvnts, Ho*ierv, Suspenders, gent's
white and fancy Handkerchiefs, Umbrellas, and
| bvs ol other article* too numerous to mention.
Gentlemen furnishing their cloth can have
their garments made in good stvle and war
ranted to give sat sfnetion.
Cutting done at short notice.
| Litchfield, (West St.) April 41th, US 5,
« A Little Stove Well Fllle.1.”
New Spring Goods!
Near C. S Church's Hotel, YVolcottcHle.
\G. BRADFORD would respectfully
• inform the «<ki I people of tliis pari of
I-ilchficId County, that among nil the changm
ot the mercantile community m these parts lie
yet remains at the same old store, and although
he cannot boast of Granite and other fine exti -
nor appearances, yet, if tnodtrtt) would permit
he would speak ol the splendid stock of Goods
who'll is I,, be Ion ml inside of his e.-ta Llishment.
The unprecedented low prices el,Goody in tho
markets ot New York ami 11 wton has induced
the subscriber to vt*tt tlinsn p'aees, front which
im lias jusi returned with n Inrge st.iek of the
cheapcsi Go,»ds ever nljjied to a discerning pub
lic. The subscriber is placed In n situation to
sell these Goods m lower prices tliait the same
qoality of Gooos were ever soltl before. If cheap
Good* and nllentinn to business ate inducements
for you to call I shall await with pleasure tho
opportunity to dispense greater bargains than
.VoU Imvo been in the habit of getting lor the
Butt r, Eggs ami (‘lieesc wanted in any quan
Wolcottville, April 18, ISJIl
In One Vol.,Crowil (Innrto, *f ll-VJ
g^- Cmita'mirtf TIIRI'.E TIMES ll»« intfitor fhuml In anjr
wilier Kojfhali Dictionary enmpUed in thl* country.
Q. & 0. Merriam, Springfield, Mass.,
Jnd told btf all BvokjelUrt.
14 l5tvmoiof;ic,Ui pare miry#u-.:/ thin0 that
\a$ bet/4 done for th$ liAflish Lanr/wt;*.
« Entry tcholar knows its valuo.”

« A very valuable work *— • jtBcassrfT TO
« The most accc&atb aiul meuablb Diotio*
arv of the language.”
“ An a* vrltx rlapse before any other Die*
tionary of the Language will bo required."
Li* D., of Scotlandj author of
“ Ch. Philosopher,” etc
“ It* reputation i* todtly eztritdsd I doubt
not tlii* edition ha* received essi-n'ial improve
ments from the able hand* it hat passed
W « Dlst DtpxifUiO Dictiobabt in th* English
<• AccuHAra and Kr.UABi.it in giving a j
exhibition of the Language." fHPW1 V.
■ Language.”
s i v
! JjCo'ixA.-cLjJ
I' » — - •;___
And thirty other member* U the United State.'
if . .JB4
| President of the United Staten

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