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By the use of these Pills the periodic attacks ol
Kervous or Sick Headache may be prevented ; and il
aken at the commencement of an attack imme
diate relief from pain and sickness will be
They seldom fail in removing the Xausea and
Headache to which females are so subject.
They act gentry upon the bowels,—removing
For Literary Men, Students, Delicate Females,
and all persons of sedentary habits, they are valua
ble as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving
tone and vigor to the digestive ergans, and restor
lng the natural elasticity and strength of the
whole system.
The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long in
vestigation and carefully conducted experiments,
having been in use many years, during which
time they have prevented and relieved a vast
amount of pain and suffering from Headache,
whether originating in the nervous system or from
deranged state of the stomach.
They aro entirely vegetable in their composi
tion, and may be taken at ail times with perfect
safety without making any change of diet, and
the absence of any disagreeable taste renders it easy to
administer them 'o children.
The genuine have five signatures of Henry C.
Spalding on each Box.
Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Med
A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on receipt
of the
All orders should be addressed to
501 y 48 Cedar Street New-York.
Or to WEEKS & PORTER, Boston,
Sole Wholesale Agents, for New England.
Ai these Testimonials were unsoliciUd by Hr. Spald
ing, they afford unquestionable proof of the
efficacy ol this truly scientific discovery.
Masonville. Conn., Feb. 5, 1801.
Mb. Spalding—Sir :
I have tried your Cephalic Pills, and 1 like them
so ivell that I want you to send me two dollars
worth more.
Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom 1
give a few out, or the first box I got from you.
Send the Pills l>y mail, and oblige.
Your ob't servant, James Kennedy.
Haverp. rd, Pa., Feb. 6, 1861.
Mb. Spaldixo—Sir :
I wish you to send me one more box of youi
Cephalic Pills. I have received a great deal of benejii
from them. Yours respectfully,
Mary Ann Stoikiiouse.
Spruce Creek. Huntington Co., Pa., 1
January 18, 1861. J
H. C. Spalding—Sir :
Yon will please send inc two boxes of youi
Cephalic Pills Please send them immediately
R.-spectrally yours, Jno. B Simons.
P. S.—I have used one box of your Pills, and find
I hem excellent.
Bblle Vernon. Ohio, Jan. 15, 1861.
Henrt C Spalding, Esq.:
Please find enclosed tivonty-five cents, foi
which send me another box of your Cephalii
Pills. They are truly the best Pills I have ever tried.
A. Stover, Belle Vernon, Wyandot Co., 0.
Beverly, Mass., Dec. 11, 1860.
H. C Spalding, Esq :
I wish for some circulars or large show bills,
to bring your Cephalic Pills more particularly
before my customers. If you have anything oi
the kind, please send to me.
One of my customers, who is subject to severe
Sick Headache, (usually lasting two days,) war
cured of an attack in one hour by your Pills, which 1
lent her.
Respectfully yours, W. B. Wilkes.
Reynoldsburg, Franklin Co., Ohio, 1
January 9, 1861. J
Henrt C. Spaldi.no, No. 48 Cedar Rt., N. Y.:
Dear Sir : Inclosed find twenty-five cents,
(26.) tor which send box of “Cephalic Pills.”
Send to address of Rev. Wm. C. Filler, Rey
noldsburg. Franklin Co., Ohio.
Your Pills work like a charm—cure Ileadache al
moet inslanter.
Truly yours, Wm. C. Filler.
Ypsilanti, Mich., Jan. 14, 1801.
Mb. Spalding—Sir:
Not long since I sent lo yon for a box of
Cephalic Pills for the cure of the Nervous Head
ache and Costiveness, and received the some, and
they had to good an effect that I tout induced lo tend for
more. Please send !>y return mail. Direct to
A. R. Wheeler, Ypsilanti, Mich.
From- the Examiner, Norfolk, Va.
Cephalic Pills accomplish the object for which
they were made, viz : Cure of headache in all its
From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If yon are, or have been troubled with the
headache, send for a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so
that you may have them in case of an attack.
From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I.
The Cephalic Pills are said to be a remarkably
effective remedy for the headache, and one of
the very best for that very frequent complaint
which has ever been discovered.
From the Daily News. Newport, E. I.
Cephalic Pills are taking the place of all kinds.
GLLE will save ten times its cost annually.
gj?*“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine !”
As accidents will happen, even in well regu
lated families, it is very desirable to have some
cheap and convenient way for repairing Furni
ture, Toys. Crockery, Ac
meet* all such emergencies, and no household
can afford to be without it. It is always re .dy,
and up to the sticking point.
H. a.—A Brush accompanies each Bottle,
•o®* 26 cents. Address,
„ „ H-tNItY c. SPALDING,
So. 48 CEDA.E Street, New York.
__. , CAUTION.
P*™°n« w* attempt
is oe the outside wrapper; all others am twlnd
Baff ooin»V»feitS. 44
BANE-STREET, Wateebuet, Cobb.
WE have associated Mr. F. D. Wells of
New York City with us, and hope, by his
acquaintance in market, to make still greater in
ducements for our friends to favor us with their
We shall open every week the choicest styles
and qualities of GOODS from the Boston and
New York Markets,
Especial attention will be paid to the Selec
tion of the most elegant DRESS-GOODS, and the
latest and most fashionable Spring Mantles and
A large Stock of Linens & Housekeeping Goods.
HT" Cash and Low Prices.
Largest Dry Goods House in the City.
March 11th, 1801. _tf47
riVHIS Medicine has, and is proving itself to
1 M be the most valuable remedy for that ter
ble scourge,
that has ever yet been discovered. The fees!
mode of using it is to bathe the throat, neck and
chest every hour with the Balm clear, and at the
same time, or oftener, take it inwardly, mixed
with molasses or syrup, as strong as it can be
swallowed comfortably, in tea- spoonful doses of
the mixture. During the severity of the attaek,
the air of the room should be kept quite moist,
by vapor from water on the stove.
Besides the above, this Balm is the best FAM
ILY MEDICINE one can have in Dysentery, Di
arrhoea, and Bowel Complaints, it is almost in
fallible. Its efficacy in curing Neuralgia, Rlieii
inatism. Tooth-Ache, Headache, Fevku and Ague,
and Bruises and Lamenesses of all kinds, is un
therefore be used with perfect safety ; and your
own experience is the best testimony that can be
bad in reference to it; therefore,
PROVE IT FOR YOURSELF, for it is a reme
dy to be at hand in every time of need.
A Pamphlet containing full and specific direc
tions how to use it in every case of disease for
which it is recommended, accompanies each
This Medicine, like all other valuable articles,
has been counterfeited ; therefore, in buying, be
particulas to observe that our label bearing the
fac simile of our signature, is on every bottle ;
and also that “ DR. E. C’S BALM" is blown in
the glass.
Price 25 cents.
Manufactured and sold at wholesale only, by
122 State-Street, Rochester N. Y.
Pierpont & Co. also manufacture and keep for
i for the cure of Costiveness and Functional Dis
eases of the Stomach, Liver, and the Digestive
Organs generally. Their success in curing these
complaints has been so great that they have ac
quired the lamiliar name of “ Cuke All Pills.”
Price 25 cents.
pleasant, but effectual remedy for Worms. They
not only act as a Vermifuge, but are the best
phvsic a child can take.
male Medicine, for Obstruct d Menstruation, &c.
For full particulars, see small Pamphlets, which
accompany eacli bottle.
Price $1.
A. C. SMITH & CO. are appointed wholesale
Agents for the sale «f the above Medicines, from
whom Druggists and Dealers can obtain supplies/
March 26, 1861. 6m-49
WE are this week receiving a large and very
choice Stock of Foreign and Domestic
DRY GOODS, of the latest styles and very cheap.
Black and Fancy Silks, Poplins, Mohairs,
French Prints, Ginghams, &c.
Kentucky Jeans ; Ticks ; Stripes, Check, Den
ims ; Bleached and Brown Cottons ; Towellings,
! vc., &c.
I Linen Towellings; Napkins; Table Spreads;
Crash, &c.
.a Ladies' & Gent's Trunks, from $2 to $10.
Carpets; Oil Cloths, and Paper Hangings.
Wooden Bowls ; Tubs and Pails.
Clover, Timothy, and Bed Top Seed.
all kinds of GROCERIES.
Codfish and Mackerel—and lots of other Goods
-which we think you will find as cheap and dt
xirable as can be found here, or in adjoining towns.
(IP Cash and all other kinds of Produce taken
in exchange. Respectfully,
Litchfield, March 26th, 1861. tf-49
L. SCOTT & CO., NEW YORK, continue to
publish tbe following leading British Periodi
cals, viz:
The present critical state of European affairs
will render these publications unusually inter
esting during the forthcoming year. They will
occupy a middle ground between the hastily
written news-items, crude speculations, and fly
ing rumors of tits daily Journal, and the pon
derous Tome bf tbe future historian, written af
ter the living interest and excitement ot the
great political eveuts of the time shall have
passed away. It is to these Periodicals that
readers must look for the only intelligible and
reliable history of current events, and as such,
iu addition to their well-estadlished literary,
scientific, and theological character, we urge
them upon the consideration of the reading pub
The rcceipt'of Advance Sheets from the Brit
ish publishers gives additional value to these
Reprints, inasmuch as they can now be placed
in the hands of the subscribers about as soon as
tbe original editions.
Per ann.
For any one of tls four Reviews. $3 00
,Fer any two of the four Reviews. 6 00
For any three of tbe four Reviews,.... 7 00
For all four of the Revjews,. 8 00
For Blackwood’s Magazine,... "00
For Blackwood and one Review,. o 00
For Blackwood and two Reviews. 7 00
For Blaekwood and three Reviews,. 9 00
For Blackwood and the tour Reviews,.. 10 00
Monty current in the State tchere timed trill he received
at par.
A discount of twenty-five per cent, from the
above prices will be allowed to Chibs ordering
four or more copies of any one or mere of the
above works. Thus ; Four copies of Blackwood,
or of one Review, will lie sent to one address for
$9 ; four copies of the four Reviews and Black
wood for S80; and so on.
In all the prmeipal Cities and Towns these
. works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGES.
. When sent by mail, the Potthge to any part of
the United States will be hot Twbstt roc* cents
' a year for “ Blackwood,” and but Foubteen
Cents a year for each of tbo Reviews.
N. B.—The price in Great Britain of tbe five
* Periodicals above named is $31 per annum.
March 18th, 1861. 48-1m
Litchfield Mutual Fire Insurance Ce.
THE Directors of the Litchfield Mutual Fire
Insurance Company, in submitting their
26th annual report, propose to submit therewith
a brief summary of their operations during the
quarter of a century which has elapsed eince their
organization, for the purpose of determining
whether the Company has fulfilled the design and
expectations of its founders by affording the con
venience of a central location in our County, ex
tending facilities and resulting benefits by means,
of agencies established in each town, and still pre
serving a just and uniform rate of insurance, and
by avoiding the assumption of hazardous risks by
ageDts, by subjecting all survey, of property and
applications for insurance to a Central Board of
Directors ; and thus furnishing to each member
of the Company a safe, economical, and “ home"
insurance company, at equitable rates, and secur
ing the resulting profits to the insured, as their
common property.
How well the principle ot mutual insurance has
been sustained, as an economical and reliable sys
tem, will appear from the following statement
of the operations of the Company during the 27
years of its existence :
The following statement exhibits the amount
in cash received for premiums, the amount charg
ed on the Company books, reserved as a guarantee
fund, and as a basis for assessment, if necessary ;
and also, the amount of property insured—which
we have arranged into periods of five years, while
our policies were thus extended ; and three jearB
for the subsequent period, the last being the pre
sent term of insurance :
CashRec’d Chg’dPrems. Am’tforlns.
1833 to 1838. $3,704.52 $14,761.90 $814,958
1838 to 1843. 4,634.91 18,669 62 967,863
1843 to 1848. 4,098.63 15,470.61 743.320
1848 to 1851. 3,109.91 6,230.06 600.956
1851 to 1854. 9,913.30 19.862.61 1.815,217
1854 to 1857. 14,339.59 28,679.19 2,520.952
1857 to 1860. 14,345.31 27,416.70 2,741,670
$54.146 17 $131.090.59 $9.906.153
Of the amount of Cash received for
There has been paid for
losses and expenses to
this time.$34,127.31
2 Dividends of 10 per ct.
paid on year’s renewals 641.80—$34 769.11
Which deducted from the Cash receipts
leaves.$19,377 06
Amount received for in
terest on loans last year $1,187.00
Due from Agents and
Cash deposited. 4,563.30— $5,750.30
Cash Funds.$25,456.86
Of the amount charged on the books,$131,090.95
there has been cancelled. 1.03,469.88
Which with the Cash funds.$27,621.07
And money loaned as aove. 25,456 36
Makes an available Capital to meet
losses.$53.077 43
Received for premiums, deductiug
Interest account... . 1,187.00
Deduct losses aud expenses. 2,988.56
Balance resulting to Fund.$2.^4.40
Of the Property insured.$9,906,153
There has been surrendered. 7,248,979
Leaving still insured.$2,657,174
The Company have no unpaid losses nor claims
of any kind against them.
They have never made an assessment, and dur
ing the past year, have made a dividend of 10 per
cent, on tlxeir renewal of policies of insurance,
which they will continue through the present
year, and probably for the future
They have a by-Jaw which prevents the assur
ing of any risk, which, in any contingency, in
volves the loss of more than $2,500 of property.
Hence there can be no apprehension of any future
assessment. The funds of the Company are loan
ed on bonds and mortgages, and other securities
where they can be made available at ai.y time.
For the prevention of fraud, and as a protec
tion against over insurance, the Company pay
three fourths of the cash value of buildings, which
is usually, (deducting the foundation.) the full
value of the property destroyed—and also, the
full cash value of all partial losses on buildings,
and on all personal property contained therein,
within amount of the insurance. The Company
have inserted in their “ stereotyped policy’ ’ a pro
'vision, by wnich, in any case of disagreement in
relation to the kiss or damage sustained by tbe in
sured, tbe questions arising therein shall be sub
mitted to three judicious and disinterested per
sons as arbitrators, selected in tbe usual way by
both parties; or if either party neglects to ap
point, it shall be theduty of the Judge of Probate
qualified to act, to make such appointment, whose
award in writing, after a fair hearing, shall lie
final. This has been found a just, prompt, and
very satisfactory method of adjusting all claims of
a doubtful character, avoids all litigation, and is
not expensive. The financial affairs of ihe Com
pany have been managed with the most rigid
economy. The expenses have been mostly for re
newal of policies and the compensation to agents,
(not exceeding 10 per cent.) The incidental ex
penses of rent, postage, and other services, have
not exceeded seventy dollars per annum The his
tory of theCompany exhibits the fact, that stren th
and eminent responsibility are necessary to render
a Company prosperous, and give it the full confi
dence of the public. Under the Five Years sys
tem, the Company barely existed with a cash sur
plus ; but under the present system, and for the
ten years, it has not expended 40 per cent, of
its annual cash receipts, and has become one of
the strongest Companies in the state. Other mu
tual Companies charge from 5 to 10 per cent, on
the property insured, on which they receive 5 per
cent, in cosh, and the balance in notes—present
ing a large amount in notes as capital. Our Com
pany have contented themselves with charging
only the amount usually charged by Stock Com
panies, and have not made the insured responsi
ble for more than they would have paid in cash,
in annual insurance. To estimate, therefore, cor
rectly, the benefits which have resulted to the in
sured on the mutual principle, we hare only to
add the cancelled and uneancelled premiums
charged on the bocks of the Company with the
cash received—making an aggregate of $185,
236.76-. Deducting the losses and expenses, ($34,
127.31,) and the balance, $151,109.45 has been
saved—thus taking as an example, a detached
risk, at 40 cents on $100. less than one-filth of
the premiums has been used--making the insui
ance cost less than 8 cents on that sum for each
The Financial Summary of the operations and
condition of the Company, after 27 years of expe
rience, are the best argument which can be ad
duced in favor of the system of Mutual Insurance,
and should satisfy the most incredulous, that it
is both profitable and reliable, when judiciously
managed, and at the same time, sustains theemi
nent responsibility of the Company, its claims to
public confidence, and its adaptation to the cir
cumstances of our community, for such risks as
can be legitimately assumed by the Company.
In behalf of the Directors,
J- G. BECKWITH, President.
Officers of the Company for 1860-61: J. G.
Beckwith. President; J. Whiting, Secretary ; G.
C. Woodruff, Treasurer; Sheldon Osborn, Gener
al Agent.
Directors—J. G. Beckwith, Jason Whiting, Seth
P. Beers, A. S. Lewis, Sheldon Osborn. Abijah
Catlin, Cha's Adams, H. R. Coit, Philip S. Beebe.
13 !
The Early Lights of the Litch
field Bar.
A NEAT PAMPHLET, 40 pages, octavo, con
taining biographical sketches of tbe follow
ing eminent members of this bar :
Patridge Thatcher, Daniel Everitt.
Tapping Reeve, John Allen.
Barzillai Slosson, Daniel W. Socthmatd
John C. Smith, Nathaniel Smith.
James Gould, Noah B. Benedict.
Asa Bacon, Elisha Sterling.
Jabez W.Huntington, Phineas Miner.
Leman Church.
By Hon. David S. Boardman of New Milford.
Published, and for sale at this office. Price 25
cents per volume. 22tf.
OF -The Enquirer, who propose visiting
Waterbury in quest of SPRING GOODS,
arc respectfully invited to-call at the
and examine the new Stock of Paper-Hangings
there displayed, and to be sold at the lowest
prices. WM. PATTON.
Waterbury, March 18th, 1861. tf 48
Match 26th, 1801. tf-49
rgio BUILD or BEPAIB, and do yon want
-M. secure, durable and cheap ROOFS 7
If >o, boy
They can be p it upon new or old roofe as cheap
ly as shingles. Send orders or letter* of enquiry
H. £<• WLNlx.
West Qoshen, Conn. t® tf
Tar Remedle. are carefully prepared umlor lhe dlre^
aapervision and inspection of Prof. HUMPHREYS, In order
to'meet that (treat and long realised wan, of the P“bjJ**
namely, remedies for all the more common and simple *11
m A moLUnrt reflection Will show that « «*V tmjiortty
diseases from which we suffer and die, were, *t their com
mencement, simple and trilling. A mere oo''1. o^Sht diar
rhea a pain In the side, or a headache, or hoarseness, at
first easily cured and subdued, in time becomes a consump
tion, a fever, a dangerons dysentery, ®.r0“I> °' th"
disease, which all die powers of medlclne fftli m arrest
Herein these remedies supply a great public wairt. Being
on hand, simple, ao yon know at "ncewhat to take
Dleaaaot, so as to cause no repugnance—safe, and hence
occasioning no risk, while the curative effective 1*>»MW
and certain, they are taken, and at once the spell Is broken
End the danger allayed. _ „
Other Homeopathic Medicines, however care(l^ ^ J\r<£
pared, or however full and extensive the Manual to whleh
you refer in order to use them, always require study and
care rut examination, and always e»ve you In doubt as to
the remedy ohosen and the result. Such examination or
study and such doubt is always most unfriendly to the sick
or ailing, and especially to be avoided. Nay, it often strike
at the very foundation of success, and prevents a result
which, with confidence in'the remedy, and hence persever
ence in its application, would have been easy.
Experience has amply confirmed the use of these reme
dies for families and private persons, as being tub bbst i»
Thousands are and have been using them for some five
years past, in every section of. the country, with almost
invariable success. AH speak in the highest terms of their
simplicity and certainty, and among our hundreds of
agents the uniform testimony is, that they give good
satisfaction to their customers.
No Pries of Single Boxes—cents
1.—For Fever, Congestion, and Inflammation—
Heat, Pain, Restlessness.■ • 2®
2—For Worm Fever, Worm Colic, Voracious Ap
petite, Welting the Bed. ..- - • - - - • ■ - • ••■ •“
S—For Colic. Tsettdng, Crying, nn.1 AVakeflilness,
Slow Growth, and Feebleness of Infants.......... 28
4—For Diarrhea, of Children or Adults, Cholera
Infantum, and Summer Complaints.^ ...... 28
fr-For Dysentery or Bloody Flux, Colic,
Grlplngs, Bilious Colic, Fall Dysentery.. 25
4— For Cholera. Cholera Morbus, Nausea, and
Vomiting, Asthmatic Breathing..... 25
7—For Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis,
Tnfiiienia, and Sore Throat..... 25
5— For Toothache. Faceaclie, Nervous Pains, Neu
ralgis, and Tic Doloreux.. . ...... *®
,_jpor Headaches. Sick Headaches, Vertigo, Rash
of Blood to the Head. .■ •••••■ 25
to—For Dvanensia. Weak, Acid, or Deranged Stom
ach, Constipation, Liver Complaint. . 28
11— For Suppressed Menses, or Scanty, or
Delaying. Green Sickness.. 28
12— For Leuoorrhea or Whites, Bearing Down,
too Profuse Metises.• • • •.... *5
IS—For Croup, Hoarse Croupy Cough, Difficult and
Oppressed Breathing..••• 2®
J4—For Salt Rh nm. Crusty Eruptions, Erysipelas,
8i**il*i llarher’* Itch..... ... ... .23
15—For Rheumatism, Pain, Lameness, or Soreness
In the Chest, Back, Side, or Limbs...15
1®—For Fever and Ague, Intermittent Fever,
Dumb Ague, Old Inveterate Agues.. 60
IT—For Files, Internal or External, Blind or Bleed
ing, Recent or Obstinate.50
18— For Opthalmy, Weak or Inflamed Eyes or Eye
lids, Failing or Weak Sight. 50
19— For Catarrh, Acute or Chronic, Dry or Flowing.
Cold in the Head, Influenza. 50
20— For Whooping Cough, shortening and palliat
ing it, or Spasmodic Cough. .50
21— For Asthma, oppressed, Difficult, Labored
Breathing, Cough and Expectoration.50
22— For Bar Discharges, Noise in the Head, Im
paired Hearing, Earache. . 50
28— For Scrofnla. Enlarged Glands and Tonsils,
Swellings, and Old Ulcers. 50
24— For General Debility, Physical or Nervous
25— For Dropsy, Fluid Accumulations, Tumid Swell
ings, with Scanty 8ecretions. . . 50
20—For Sea - Sickness, Prostration, Vertigo, j
Nausea, Vomiting. 50
2T—For Urinary Diseases. Gravel, Renal Caleuli, !
Difficult or Pdfciful Urination. 50
25—For Seminal Kmissions. Involuntary Dis
charges, and Consequent Prostration and De
bility.100 !
29— For Sore Mouth, or Stomacace, Cankered
Month of Adults or Children,. 50
80— For Urinary Incontinence, Wetting the Bed,
too frequent, painful, or scalding Urination. 50 !
81— For Painful Menses, Pressure, Cramp or
Spasms, at the time; or Itching and Irritation ;
Pruritis.. 50
32—For Sufferings at Change of Life; Irregu
larities, Flushes of Heat, Palpitations aud even
Disease of the Heart.100
A Case of Twenty-eight large vials in morocco, and
Book of Directions.$T 00 i
A Case of Twenty large vuw, In morocco, and Book
of Direction*.5 00
A Case of Twenty large vials, plain case, and Book
of Directions.4 00
A Case of Fifteen Boxes (Nos 1 to 15) and Book of
Directions....... 2 00
A Case of any Six boxeh(Nos. 1 to 15) and Book of
Directions.. 1 00 j
A Large case of 2-oz. vials, for Planters and Physi
cians.15 0 j
We send these Remedies, by the single box or full case,
to any part of the country, by mail or express, free of
charge, on receipt of the price.
N. B.—The boxes Nos. 1 to 15 are small size, Nos. 16 to
81 large size, and in making up a $2 or $1 case this must
be remembered. The vials are uniform in size and price,
and in sending for a vial-case, no attention is necessary on
this point.
Look over the list; make up a case of what kind you
choose, and inclose the amount in a current note or stamps
by mail to our address, at 562 Broadway, New-York, and
the medicine will be duly returned by mail or express.
Humphreys’ Specific Homeopathic Reme
dies for Horses, Cattle, Sheep. Hogs. Dogs, &e.
The case contains ten Specific Remedies suitable for all
diseases or ailments to which domestic animals are subject,
together with a complete manual of directions for use, so
plain and simple that every fanner or breeder can readily
use them. The remedies are put up in large one-oz. vials of
of liquids, and the entire set, and book, will be sold at $S.
Single vials, with directions, at $1 each. Sent by mail or
express, free of charge, on receipt of the price.
Price of book singly 50 cents.
AGENTS WANTED for the sale of our Remedies in
every town or community in the United States. Address
562 BROADWAY. Nkw-Tok.
fold by C. B. Maltbie, Falls Village; J. Catlin,
Xortlifield ; A. St. John, Kent; G, F. Alford &
Co., Hitcbcocksvillc.
k Try It! Try It! 14
• ; A Radical Restorative of Insensible ,,
Jj I’respiration. jj
p It is a fact, beyond the power of contra-M
'.diction, that it is infallible in the cure of :
T Burns, Scalds, Nervous Diseases, I
■ All Tumors, Piles, Scrofula, '■
‘ Erysypelas. Chilblains,
Sorb Eyes, Quinsy,
■ Croup, Uueuma- :
i tism. Colds,
' Cold Feet,
• Liver
■ Complaint, :
- Asthma, and all
• It is rightly termed All-Healing, for there j
•is scarcely a disease external or internal that;
•it will not benefit.
^ For sale at the Grand Depot,
^ No. 143 Fulton Street, New York, fs
jJAnd by all Druggists throughout Hie Unitedu'
, States. J. McALISTEIl, T
^ 143 Fulton Street, N Y. ^
f. Agents wanted immediately to introduce
Ajit into families, who may receive it on iibe H
flral terms, for cash. 3m47 **
IS manufacturing and can supply at short no
tice the best article of
Sashes, Blinds and Doors,
can furnish the best of
of all sizes and thicknesses and at the most rea
sonable rates.
He is also the sole Agent for Litchfield Co. for
“ French’s Conical Washing Ma
the greatest invention for washing of the age. ,
It will wash six or seven shirts beside several ar- ,
tides of handkerchiefs, collars, &c. in six min- j
utes. I can tarnish these machines at the near- j
‘ est depots or at my factory at $10 each. It is ,
the same price of the machine in New York.
West Goshen, Jan. 34, 1861. « If ,
_____*- <
CT just received by F. D. McNEIL. ^
| JJXTBA Sugar House Syrup£ ^^.g
Of New Milford,
■v? OULD respectfully inform his customers
IT and the public generally, that be has
completed his New Store, and tilled It with as
fine an assortment of Goods as ever wer- collect
ed together among the hills of New England.
Treat having purchased bis Goods at low fig
ures, will take great pleasure in selling them
Treat’s Stock consists of a great variety of
Cotton Goods, Dress Goods, Cloths and Cassi
meres— cheaper thau ever before known. 20,000
Yds. of choice American, English and Frencli
Prints, Embossed Table Covers, at half price—
Elegant Piano Covers. Balmaral Skirts, Hoop do.
—1000 Yds. Crash—Toilet Quilts, &c. &c.
Treat keeps a large and extensive assortment
of Hardware, Carpenter’s and Joiner’s Tools—
Paints, Oils. Glass —GROCERIES—Iron and Steel
Nails—and und endless variety of other Goods
not mentioned.
Treat keeps and sells the best FLOUR that
comes into the State, culled ‘* The Ladies
Friend.” All Goods sold aro to be called by
their right names, and no unreasonable amount
of Gas wilt be displayed in order to effect sales.
(gf* Treat has 600 Yds. of the cheapest SILKS
ever seen in the State.
Feb. 27, 1861. tf-45
WE keep constantly on hand several brands
of Flour at prices from $6.00 and upwards.
We would invite attention to 'he
For which we have the exclusive sale in this vi
cinity. and evety Brand of which is warranted to
give satisfaction.
People in want please give its a call.
Goshen, Oct. 23d, 1860. 27tf.
tfse the Best !
DU. KENNEDY’S Medical Discovery, D:.
Brand reths Vegetable Pills, Herrick's and
Ayei’s Pills. Dr. Hanson’s Cold Powders. Ray
mond’s Arnica Liniment, Arnica Strengthening
Plasters, Arnica Ointment and Arnica Salve, All
cock’s Porus Strengthening Plasters, Wm. Por
tion’s Worm Lozengers, Tobias and C. F. Peck's
Horse Liniment, A. Mull r’s—“ sure remedy.*
Eye Balsam ; Smith’s P via tine Leather Preserver
for Boots, Shoes and Harnesses. For sale l*y
Dr. M’Lane’s
\\7'E beg leave to call the atten
tion of the Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most pop
ular remedies now before the pub
lic. We refer to
Dr. Clms. M’Lauc’s Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them as
universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.:
For expelling Worms from the
human system. It has also been
administered with the most satis
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
For the cure of Liver Complaints,
all Bilious Derangements, Sick
Head-Ache, &c. In cases of
Fever and Ague,
preparatory to, or after taking Qui
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the above men
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
Fleming Brothers,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they have been success
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided time and attention to
their manufacture. And being de
termined that Dr. M’Lane’s Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they now hold among the
great remedies of the day, they
will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough
manner. Address all orders to
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa.
P.8. Dealers and Physicians ordering from otbert
than Fleming Bros.. Will do well lo write their orders
distinctly, and take, none but Dr. 1rLane's, prepared
by Fleming Brtnt., Pitts*turgh, Pa. To those wishing to
give them a trial, we will forward per mail, post paid, to 1
any part of the United States, one b«>» of Pills for twelve
three-cent postage stamps, or one rial of Veuniftigo for
fourteen three-cent stamps. All orders from Causda must
he accompanied by twenty cents extra.
r Sold by druggists and country merchant
A Rare Clianco
rjlO purchase the right to manufacture and sell
“Van lloesen’s Challenge Washing
in the Counties of Litchfield, Fairfield and Hart
ford, State of Connecticut.
Obliged to sell part of our Patent in order lo
procure means for carrying on our business the
above Counties are offered for sale.
An examination will convince any one that
our Machines possess many qualities superior to
any other.
Simple and easy of construction they are easily
manufactured. Useful and accomplishing their work
they are readily sold.
This is indeed a splendid chance for any man
to make money.
Circulars with full particulars forwarded im
mediately on application to
43 New Haven, Conn.
T'hOUBLE EXTRA SYRUP, very nice at
Farm for Sale.
APB1HE Lovell Farm, formerly owned
A by John B. Lovell deceased, is
now offered <or sat . This faim is
situated in the town of Sharon, five
miles from Wapau on the Harlem railroad, con
taids 126acres, all under cultivation, and is ac
knowledged to be one of the best farms in the
town Theie are on the premises, a large and
commodious Dwelling House, nearly new, two
Barns, and other out buildings, all in good re
pair. The farm is well watered, in a good state
of cultivation, and is in every respect a desirable
There is a wood lot of 21 acres, belonging to
the farm, which will be sold with it, if desired.
For further particulars address the subscriber.
Lcedsville, Oct. 20th, 1860. 27tf
Sjor’s Haraaprilla,
And for tbs apeedy core of the rahjolned TuieUaa of
Scrofula and Scrofulous Affections,such
as Tumors, Ulcers, Sores, Eruptions,
Pimples, Pustules, Blotches, Bolls.
Blalus, and all Sltln Diseases. ’
Oakland, Ind., 6th Juno, 1859.
J. c. ATEB k Co. Cents: I feel it my duty to ac
knowledge what your Sarsaparilla has done for me*
Having inherited a Scrofulous infection, I have suffered
from it in various ways for years. Sometimes it buret
out in Ulcers on my hands and arms; sometimes it
turned inward and distressed me at the stomach. Two
years ago it broke out on my head aud covered my scalp
and ears with oue sore, which was painful and loathsome
beyond description. I tried many medicines and several
physicians, but without much relief from any thing. In
met, the disorder grew worse. At length I was rejoiced
to read in the Gospel Messenger that you had prepared
an alterative (Sarsaparilla), for 1 knew from your reputa
tion that any thing you made must be good. 1 sent to
Cincinnati and got it, and used it till it cured me. I took
it, as you advise, in amull doses of a teaspoonful over a
mouth, and used almost three bottles. New and healthy
skin soon began to form under the scab, which after a
while foil off. My skin is now dear, aud 1 kuow by my
feelings that the disease has goue from my system. You
can well believe that I feel what I am saying when I tell
you, that 1 hold you to be one of the opoetles of the age,
and remaiu ever gratefully. Yours,
St. Anthony’s Fire, Rose or Erysipelas*
Tetter and Salt Rheum, Scald Head*
Ringworm, Sore Eyes* Dropsy*
Dr. Robert M* Preble writes from Salem. N. Y., 12th
Sept., 1459, that he has cured an inveterate case of
Dropsy, which threatened to terminate fatally, by the
persevering use of our Sarsaparilla, and also a danger
ous attack of Malignant Erysipelas by large doses of tho
same; says he cures the common Eruptions l>y it con
Bronchocele* Goitre or Swelled Neck*
Zcbulon Sloan of l‘rosi>ect, Texas, writes: “ Three bot
tles of your Sarsnpnrillu cured me from a Goitre — a hid
eous swelling on the neck, which I bad suffered from
over two years.”
Iicucorrheea or Whites, Ovarian Tumor,
Uterine Ulceration* Female Diseases*
Dr. J. B. S. Chsmilng, of Now York City, writes ; “ I
most cheerfully comply with the request of your agent in
saving I have found your Sarsaparilla a most excellent
alterative in the numerous complaints for wliirh wo
employ such a remedy, but especially In hkmale Diseases
of the Scrofulous diathesis. I have cured many inveter
ate rases of Leucorrhoea by ft. and some where the com
plaint was caused by ulceration of the uterus. The ulcer
ation itself was soon cured. Nothing within my knowl
edge equals it for llieae female derailments.”
Edward S. Marrow, of Newbury, Ala., wi lies, “A dan
gerous ovarian tumor on one of the females in my family,
which had defied all the remedies we could employ, has
at length been completely cured by your Extract of Sar
saparilla. Our physician thought nothing but extirpa
tion could afford relief, but he advised the trial of your
Sarsaparilla as the last resort before cutting, and it
proved effectual. After takingyour remedy eight weeks
no symptom of the disease remains.”
Syphilis and Mercurial Disease.
New Orleans. 25th August, 1*59.
Dr. J. C. A TER: Sir, I cheerfully comply with tin* re
?uest of your agent, and report to you some of the effects
have realized with your Sarsaparilla.
I bav<* cured with it. in my practice, most of tho com
plaints for which it is recommended, and have found its
effects truly wonderful in the cure of Venereal and Mer
curial Disease. One of my patients had Syphilitic ulcers
in bis throat, which were consuming his palate and tho
top of his mouth. Your Sarsaparilla, steadily taken,
cured him in five weeks. Another was attacked by sec
ondary symptoms in his nose, and tiie ulceration had
eaten away a considerable part of if, so tlmt I Ulieve tho
disorder would soon reach his brain aud kill him. Rut it
yielded to my administration of your Sarsaparilla: tho
ulcers healed, and he is well again, not of course without
some disfiguration to his face. A woman who had been
treated for the same disorder by mercury wus suffering
from this poison in her bones. They had become so sen
sitive to the weather that on a damp day she suffered ex
cruciating pain in her joints and bones, She, t< o, was
cured entirely by your C-arsaparilla in a few weeks. I
know from its formula, which your agent gave me, that
this Preparation from your laboratory must ben great
remedy; consequently, these truly lenmikublo results
with it lmve not surprised me.
Fraternally yours, G. V. LARIMER, If. D.
Rheumatism, Gout, Liver Complaint.
Independence, Preston Co., Ya.. fcth Jnlv, 1559.
Dr. J. C. Ayer: Sir, I have been afflicted with a pain
ful chronic liheumutism for a long time, which baffled the
skill of physicians, ami stuck to mo in spite of all tlio
i umedies 1 could find, until I trietl your Sarsaparilla. One
bottle cured njo in two weeks, and restored my general
health so much that I am far better than before 1 was
attacked. 1 think it a wonderful medicine. J. HIE AM.
Jules Y. Getchell, of St. Louis, writes: “I have been
afflicted for years with an affectum af the. Liver, which
destroyed my health. I tried every thing, and every Ailing
failed to relievo me; and 1 have been a broken-down man
for some years from no other ranee than deraugaueut t-f
the. Liver. My beloved pastor, the ltev. Mr. Kspy, ach ised
me to try your Sarsaparilla, la-cause lie fald lie knew you,
and any thing you made was woi tli trying. Py the bless
ing of God it lias cured me, and lias so purified my Mood
as to make a new man of me. 1 feel young again. Iho
best that can be said of you is not half good enough.”
Sclitrrus,Cancer Tnmors, Enlargement,
Ulceration, Curies and lSxfoliatiou of
tlie Bones.
A great variety of cases have been reported to us where
cures ef these formidable complaints have resulted from
the use of this remedy, but oiir space here will m>t admit
them. Sotno of them may be found in our American
Almanac, which the agents below uamed are pleased to
furnish gratis to all who call for them.
Dyspepsia. Heart Disease, Fits. Epilep
sy, Melancholy, .Neurulgiu
Many remarkable <hits of these affections have been
made by tlio alterative power of this lueditine. It stimu
lates the vital functions into vigorous action, and thus
overcomes disorders which would be supposed la-yond its
reach. Such a remedy lius long been required l*y the ne
cessities of the ja-ople, and we are confident that thia w ill
do for them all that medicine can do.
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral,
Conghs, Colds, Influenza, Hoarseness,
Croup, Bronchitis. Incipient Con
sumption, and for the Belief
of Consumptive Patients
in advanced Stages
of the Disease.
This is a remedy so universally known to surpass any
other for the cure of threat nml lung complaints, that it
is useless here to publish the evidet ee of its virtues, lip
unrivalled excellence for coughs and colds, and its truly
wonderful cures of pulmonary disease, have made it
known throughout the civilised nations of the earth.
Few are the communities, or even families, among them
who have not some personal experience of its effects —
some living trophy in their midst of its victory over the
subtle and dangerous disorders of the throat and lungs.
As all know the dreadful fatality of these disorders, and
as they know, too. the effects of this remedy, we need not
do more than to assure them that it has now all the vir
tues that it did have when making the cures which have
won so strongly upon the confidence of mankind.
Prepared by Or. J. C. AYEB &. CO.. Lowell. Mail.
Aoksts.—A. C. Smith. Litchfield ; Hurt Broth
ers Si Co.. Went Goshen ; Freil. Uourdinitn. New
Milford; Pratt, Foster & On., West Cornwall:
H. C. Gregory, Cornwall lhidge ; A St.John,
Kent; G. H. Chase, Sharon; Smith & Ensign,
Morris. lyU.
Ground Plaster,
QAA TONS.—The subscriber kecpscon
iWV V stantly on band a good supply of a
superior quality, which will be sold at $8 per
Litchfield. East Mill, Jan. 1st, 1861.
C.I. HILL & SON’S Celebrated Family
w Flour, for sale by F. D. McNEIL.
New Milford Village .Lots for Sale
riNHE subscriber now offers for sale several
JL very eligible building lots in the village of
New Milford. The lots are beautifully situated
frenting on Whittlesey Avenue, and upon the
new highway running north towards the ceme
tery and containing from a quarter to one and a
quarter acit's each. The terms of purchase will
be made reasonable and easy for purchaters.
A rare opportunity is thus presented to secure
a pleasant location and residence in one ol the
most delightful villages in Connecticut.
Dated New Milford, Feb. 15, 1861. 44 tf
GENERAL AGENCY, Office at New Milford.
Capital represented—$12 000.000.
'Etna Co., Hartford, Capital and
Phoenix Co., Hartford, Capital and
Surplus...;.•••• 600,000
ConneclicutCo., Hartford, Capital and
Surplus.. • • • 250,000
Merchants Co., Hartford, Capital and
Surplus,.-.. 250,000
City Fire Co., New Haven, Capital and
Surplus. 500,000
Home Co.. New Haven. Capital and
Surplus,. $200,000
Home Co., New York City, Capital
and Surplus,. $1600,000
Hartford Mutual Co., Cash and pledg
ed Capita), . 700,000
Litchfield Mutual Co., Cash and pledg
ed Capital. 150,000
Conn. Mutual Life Insuranc Co.,
acquired Capital.$3,500,000
Chaiter Oak Life Insurance Co.,
Capital and Surplus. 500,000
The subscriber is also authorized to effect insur
ances in various companies not specified in the
foregoing list
All applications made to me will meet prompt
attention, and losses will be equitably adjusted
and promptly paid. GEORGE LOCKWOOD.
For Gentlemens’ Wear.
CONSTANTLY on hand a good assortment of
Broadcloths. Cassimeres, Vestings Wrappers
and Drawers, Collars. Neck Ties. Hosiery,Gloves
Ac. at prices as low as the lowest.
Dec. 26th. A. G. FERR13S.
Burning fluid and camphene
Keceived fresh every week, at
BALDWIN'S,South 8t
Sept.21. 22
AN aperient and Stomachic preparation oflroa
purified of Oxygen and Carbon by combus
tion jn Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the highest T
Medical Authorities, both in Etiropeand the Uni
ted States, and prescribed in their practice.
The experience of thousands duilv proves that
no preparation of Iron can be compared with it.
Impurities of the blood, depression of vital ener
lty, pale and otlieiwise sickly complexion* indi
cate its necessity in almost every conceivable ease.
Innoxious in all maladies in which it has bean
tried, it lias proved absolutely curative in each
ot tlie following complaints, via:
In Debility, NHavocs Affections, Emaciation,
Dyspepsia. Constipation, Diaubikea. Dysentery,
Incipient Consumption, Scrofulous Tuberculosis,
Salt Rheum. Mismknstruation, Whites, Chloro
sis, Liver Complaints,Chronic Headaches, Rheu
matism, Intermittent I evers, i imples on the
Face, &c.
In cases of General Debility, whether the result
of acute disease, or of the continued diminution
of nervous and muscular energy from chronic
complaints, one trial of this restorative has prov
ed successful to an extent which no desciiption
no written attestions would render credible. In
valids so long bed ridden as to have become ter
gotten in ttieir own neighborhoods, have sudden
ly re-api eared in the busy world as if just return
ed from protracted travel in a distant land. Some
very signal instances of this kind are attested of
female sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent
marasmus, sanguineous exhaustion, critical chan
ges, and that complication of nervous and dya
peptic aversion to air and exercise for which the
physician lias no name.
In Nervous Affections of all kinds, and for rea
sons familiar to medical men, the operation of
this preparation of iron must necessarily be salu
tary, for, unlike the old oxides, it is vigorously
tonic,without being exciting and rverheating ;
and gently, regularly aperient, even in the most
obstinate eases of costiveness without ever being
a gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable
It is this latter property, among other*, which
makes it so rcmnikaldy effectual and permanent
a mined) for /‘lies, upon which it also appears to
| exert a distinct and specific action, by dispersing
; the local tendency which forms them.
I i Dyspepsia, innumerable as arc its causes, a
single box of these Chalybeate Tills has often suf
ficed for the most habitual cases, including the
attendent Costiv.ntss.
In unchecked Diarrhoea, even when advanced
to Dysentery, confirmed. iFinnciating, und appar
ently malignant, the effects have keen equally do
[ cisive and astonishing.
| In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength,
debilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which
I generally indicate Incipient Consumption, this
I temedy has allayed the alarm of friends and phy
sicians, in several very gratifying and interesting
In Scrofulous Tuberculosis, this medicated iron
lias had far more than the good effect 01 the most
cautiously balanced preparations of iodine, with
out any of their well known liabilities.
The attention of females cannot lie too confi
dently invited to tills remedy and restorative, in the
cases peculiarly affecting them.
In Rheumatism both chronic and inflammatory
—in tlies latter, however, more decidedly—it has
been invariably well reported, both as alleviating
pain and reducing the swellings and stiffness of
the joints and muscles.
In Intermittent revere it must necessarily be a
great remedy and cnerget' restorative, and its
progress in the new setth ments of the West, will
probably be one < f high renown and usefulness.
No remedy has ever been discovered in the
whole history of medicine, which exerts such
prompt, happy, and fully restorative effects.
Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisi
tion of strength, with an unusual disposition for
active ami cheerful exei cise, mmediately follow
its use.
Put up iu neat flat metal boxes containing CO
pills, price 50 cents per box ; for sale by di ng
gists and dealers Will be sent free to any ad
dress on receipt of the price. All letters, orders,
' etc., should lie addressed to
i H. 13. LOCKS, Si Co., General Agents,
l.v24 20 CtiMit St., N. Y.
IXTe-w Soolis.
JUST received a good lot o| Juveniles presents
ami Gilt Bonita foi the Holidays, the remain*
I tug stock of old Books will 1 c sold »v y e’eap
Commercial Note Paper in quanti y f.« m n to
20 cts. per Quire. Subscriptions hr the N V.
Independent received at $1.25 per annum. Har
per’s Monthly Magazine, $2 and all the leading
periodicals at the lowest rates.
Bid lies and Testaments are kept more particu
larly ?o accommodate the poor and are sold at
Cx'nt. Testaments from 7 cts to $2 per copy,
(hides from 80 cts. to $0 each, a good supply on
hand. Orders for Bonks promptly attended to
Pioprietor of the Litchiield Bookstore.
Goad flews for thosA uffllctcd
Woah. 33yos.
JUST received, a supply of the celebrated Ger
man Eye Balsam—piepan d by A. Muller.
It is doubtless (lie best remedy for any kind of
Weak Eyes ill (lie world—it lias cured hundred*
■ if cases which have been pronounced Incurable
by the most skillful Doctors in this country, and in
OF the best quality,
for sale by
Sept. 13. _ 21
Ilin.in Jackson, Agent
Litchfie'd Co, Hat Store.
HAS just received a large and beautiful assort
ment of Hats. Caps Gloves, Mittens and
/ms for the Fall and Winter trncle. All are res
pectfully invited to give meacall. I intend to
I sell cheap, “ large sales and small profits” is my
Ladies’ Furs, a good assortment ; also Buffalo
Kobes, Just received.
Don’t forget to call on Hiram JacksoD, Wsst
Main Street. 28tf.
Chestnut Shingle.
June 2. 7 9] BALDWIN’S.
And those affliceed. with.
The undersigned, now seventy-five years oH,
lias for years devoted his time to curing his Par
ishioners and the poor ta New York ol these,
dreadful complaints, which carry thousands to an,
untimely grave ; he has seldom failed to cure all
who have npplied to him for relief, and believing,
it to be a Christian’s duty to relieve thoso
abroad, as well as at borne, bo will send to thos*
who require it, a Copy of Prescriptions used.
(Free of Charge), with directions tor preparing
and using the same. Also rules on Diet,Bathing,
Ventilation, and Exercise for the Hck, they will
find these remedies, a sure cure for Consumption,
and nil diseases of the Tiiboat anb Loses, Five*
and Ague, Constipation, Heart Disease, Dra
pepsia. Nervous Debiutt, and Female Com
plaints, and he hopes every one afflicted will sent)
lor a copy, as it will cost nothing, nnd those suf.
fering should apply before it is to late. Then*
Prescriptions are used by the most eminent Phy
sicians in London. Paris, and New York. Thoa*
wishing them will please address
81-lyr l2m. Williamsburgh, New York.
Any Article of JKWELRF,
CHRISTIAN REINHART offer* hi* entire
Stock of JEWELRY for $1 for each article ;
which cost from $1 t«,$8 each. Any peraon baa
the privilege of selecting any article they may
desire, for the above amount, regardless of the
origins] cost. This afford* those wishing to pro
cure good Jewelry, an opportunity that they may
never again receive. The sale shall continue un
til the entire stock ts disposed of)
Litchfield, March 12, 1801. tf-IT

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