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.1. It. .ItIN ICS, Kditor and Proprietor.
'wclvp line*, or less, three insertions, - <'0
[ nliiiililiiioiialiiit.frii.nl, - 25
oyer advertisements at proportionate rates. ,
A liberal discount inudc to those who advertise by
id ye ir.
* 'r Subscribers may remit hy muil, in hills of sol nt
hanks, posturepiid, at our risk ; provided it shall
.(.ear by ;i jiustrnuslcr ? certificate, that such rcinilnco
has boon duly mailed.
ait.v per annum, (in advance,) - - $l<* "(I
lie tri weekly jier annum, 5 00
or ix months, II 00
i eel:Iv " - - - - 'J
All li tter* must lie uddlrssrd (lice of postage) |
' i lu> editor. ,
l'oslm.idcrs throughout the Union ure requested to '
t as our agents. 1'hose who may particularly ex - ]
t themselves in extending the circulation of this pa- I
r, will ii"t only be allowed a liberal commission on
tins remitted, but receive our warmest tlpinks. ,
i'i ' i ?????? i
51 ' 1 From Iluntsville hy Trianu, Someiville, 1
tout's, B mint springs, and Locust Fork, L? Vil- ]
age Springs, 87 milts ami hack, once a week
.Leave lluntsv.llc every Wednesday at 6 a in, ar- 1
* e at Village Springs i cxt dajs by h p m '
Veavo \ illage Springs every Friday at 6 a in, ar'
e at liuntsville m xt da)* hy 6 p m '
'.otoj From Iluntsville by Whiteshurg, Lncy
niing*, Mount llill, Oleander, Martin's Stand, !
g>unt -vilIt", V n'lsge Springs, Mount I'inson, and
vet n's to Klj ton, 90 miles and back, time times a '
: lek iH four horse post coa lies.
L ave Iluntsville every Tuesday, I'hursday and '
titurday at'J a in, arrive at Klyton same days hy 1
d p in
Leave F.lyton every Sunday, Wednesday and 1
iday at a m, arrive at lluiilsville same days by
: p 111 i
5403 From lluntsville i?y Cobb's Store, New |
ope, Oottonvill , Ckysville, Marshall, Van Buren, t '
ayltsvi'le, I! ill Flay, Missionary Station, (?j. to
um?, 11.) miles and back, three times a week in j
iiir horse post coaches
[See note to 5406 ] j '
le ave lluntsville Mondays Wednesdays and Fii-j
ays at 1 a tn, arrive at Rome next days by Id m
Leave Home Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri- i
iys at 1 p in, arrive at lluntsville next dai s by Id J
m . ' I
5404 From lluntsville by Loneville, Wiodville,
inta, llellefonte, Oak (iroie, Bolivar, Rocky
prinp, and Battle Creek, Ye. to Jasper, 83 miles j
id b irk, twice a week in twohor<e coaches
I,eave 11 untsi iile every Wedius 'ay an I Saturday
8 a in, arrive at Jasper next days by 8pm
Leave Jasper every Tuesday and Friday at 5 am,
live ?t lluntsville next days by 4 p m
:>405 From Uun'sville by Shoalford, Athens, Ro- i
.-rsyille, Alaroiion, and Masonville lo Florence, 71
de au l bark, three times a week in four horse
Leave 11 uiitsville every Tuesday, Thursday and
a'nrday al 3 a m, arrive at Florence same day * by
) l> ru
L- ave Florence every Monday, Wednesday and
; id ty at 3 a in, arrive at lluntsville same da) s by
J p m
-16 From Iluntsvifle by Mooresville to Decatur,
I miles and back, six limes a week in lour lioise
l.iave IIuntsvillc daily, except Sundays, at :i am,
rive at Decatur same days by 11 a ni
leave Decatur daily, exctpt Sundays, at 1 p m,
'rive at lluiiisville same days by 10 p m
1'ia posa's for tri weekly servic will he cnnsilr'cd
I'r ipcsals for a direct three times a week mail ,
( n (luntti's I .and tig to Decatur in steamboa's,
i I be coiiii ered; al-o in four hor>e coaches, or in
> 1 orse coaches via Somerville.
3 167 Fiom ll. il fonte by Scraper's and Larkiri's ;
(i k tu Salem, I'e. -11 miles an 1 back once s week.
I.c (ve llclh futile every Friday at 4 a ni, arrive at
id m same day by 8 p in
I.(.ave SaUrn every Saturday at 4 a m, arrive at
ielle (inte same day by 8 p m
5108 From Bellefonte by Claysville, Marshall,
cech Drove, Re I Hill and Brooksville, to BlounuII
, 65 miles and back
Leave,llellefonte tvery Saturday at 12 in, arrive
IJlounLvillc evei) Monday by 7 a m
Leave Iil iuntsvillc tvery Monday at 8 a m, arm
at llellefonte tvi ry Tuesday by 1 p m
5 4-Ul) From Bell fonte by llawhngsviile to Gavles
it e, 43 mil, s and back, once a week
Leave M. Ilelbntc evety Tuesday at 5 a m, arrive
t (lay lts\ die- same days by 8 p m
I. aveGayjesville tvery Wt dnesday at 5 a m, ar\
at lb- lit fonte same days by 8 p m
5410 F orn Belief nte by Langston to Lebanon,
i) i i en and back, once a week
I." .ve 1! Ilelbntc every Thursday at 5am,ar'ne
1 I bauori same days by 8pm'
I e-avc 1.1 banon every 1'iiday at 5 a m, arrive at
II fonte same .days by 8 p in
bill From Loving's, by Bolivar, Coon Creek,
nd Crow t.'re k to Winchester, 55 milts and b.ick,
< < in two wet k i
I. ive Loving's every llier Widnesday at 5 a m
n.v. at Winclu nit r next clay by 12 m
I a ave Winclic sier every other Thursday at 2 p
i, i r ve .i i.ovings next <1 ;i\' ny i ]i m
.*> 112 From Firkin's Fork by Bridge's Tan Yard,
'icn'on, I. rkinsvd'e, Santa, Langstoti, 11ilii?m*M |
tore, ami M< ltonville, to Marshall, 57 miles and
*ck, once a wet k
l.o >vc I. irkin's Folk every Tuesday at > a m, sriw
at Manhall next day by 11am
l,c!\ e Marshall every Wednesday at 1 p m, arrive
i I. i'tin's l-'ork next day by > p m
, 541 o From Marshall by Wamnton, Oltandcr, 1
oa h drove, and Someivdle, to Decatur, 53 n ile,
op h: ck, twice a wet k
l."ivr Mai shall eve ry Sin,thy and W? tines 'ay at
a in arr ve ?t Decatur ncki days by Mam
I. i Dtc.itur every .Monday and Wednesday
t 1 p in, ariivu at Marsha I next days by 7 p ni.
I' i po-nls |i> tii wtaklj stage seivice will be
oiisi I red.
3 111 From Marshall by Beech Grove, Aurora, |
'. m.i ttsville, and Cove (.'rot k, to Jacksonville, 65
i ! s jul hack, three times a week in stages
I a o Marshall every Tin s lay, Thursday and
nut'oay at :i a m, arrive at Jacksonville same d y?
. II p m
I .five Jacksonville every Monday, Wodnesdiy
ii'i I Ve lay at 1 a in, arrive at Marshall same days
y III p m
."> 11.1 From Woo lville to I.arkinsville, 12 miles
nd.hack, twice a week
1. .11 c W oodville Wedncsd .ys and Saturdays at
a i , arrive at J ,ark insvillc simedav by 1U a in.
I.-, ve I, i kinsvilSe Wednesdays and Saturdays at
1 a no nrriv at WoinUillo same days by :t p in.
.5 11 > From Somerville by Cedar Plains, Houston's
,iore, Oikvdle, Moulton, Mount Hope, and Newurn.
to Ua soII Villi, ti l inies unit back, once a
1 \ St.mt r\illt* i verv Tue day at 6 a m, an ive
l I.' v. Ill lb- VI line 11 ?
I. :iv<- Kuhseilville tvtry Wednesday at 2 pm,
riivc at biurnerville next day by 7 p ni
5117 Frofli 'lli under by Brookcville, and Poplar
. >\ to IU nnettsville, 40 micsand back, once a
1. avc Oleander every Tuesday at 5 a m, arrive at
b iiiu-tlxvilh- same day by 7 p m
l eave , IP nnettsville every Wednesday at 5 a m,
ei i\ < at O eaniU f same day by 7 p m
5418 From Decatur by llillsbo o, Courtland,and 1
";!it<>ri, to Tuscuiuhia, 44 miles arid back, s\
in s a v bek in I inroad cars
I e.i v 1 )ei atur e\ < r\ day i xccpt Sunday at 12 m,
rrive a'. Tuscumbia same days by 5pm
I. ave I'Uscambia every day exci pt Sunday at 5
m, arrive at Decatur same iIhjs by 12 m
5 ! |'J From Athens by (l.lbei tsboro, and Prospect,
t i n;, to I', kten, 29 miles and back, once a week.
I avc Alliens every Friday at 8 am, arrive a
11 ion same day by 6 p m
l.< ave hlklon every Thursday at.6 a m, arrive at
itliens s uiie day by 4 p m
5 I ?() I'rom Courtland by M niton, Camp Spring,
In i n 11111, l .ldridge, I lai vt \'s Cross Itoads, New
i x itgt< ii,and Nortliport, to Puscaloosa, 127.miltsj
n 1 back, three time# a week n tour horse coachesI
.cave <' on 11 l.i n< 1 Moiidm ?, Wednesdi>s and Fri.iys
at 4 -i in, arrive at Tuscaloosa m/Xt days bv 6
I .cave Tuscaloosa Mondays, Wednesdays rn-d
'ralajs at 4 a in, arrive at-Courtland next days by
p m I
54'21 From Hrirkville by Leighton, to La Grange, I
13 miles and buck, twice a week i'iv
I .cave Hrickville Wednesdays and Saturdays at H '
1 n?. arrive at I.a (i ran ire same divs by H a m oni
I.eave I,a Gtange same days at 11J a m, arrive at 1
Itrickville same days by 3 p til at
5422 From Florence by Tuscumbia, Hussrllville, j I
Toll Gate, Pikeville, Moscow, anil llorder Spring, | Kn
Mi to Columbus, 1 'J2 miles anil back, t/liree times a I
week in four horse coaches I tov
I.eaVe Florence Sundiys, Wedn sdlys and Fri- bat
Jays at .5 p m, arrive at Columbua Tuesdays, Fridays I
and Sundays by 7 p ni ) j arr
Leave Columbus Mondays, Wednr'silays and Sat. I
urdays at 4 a m, arrive at Flounce next uays by 6 riv
p m ' !
I'ropos.ls to run after leaving Uussellvdle by Fill-! am
ton, Cottiu Gin Port, Aberdeen an I Colbert, to Co- bat
lumbus will be considered. I 1
5423 From Florence by Bartan's ami Waterloo, :it I
to K.vtpirt, Miss., oO miles and back, once a week. 1
Leave Florence every Thursday at ti a m, arrive ' 5'a
it F.aslpo-t same day by 5 p in j t
Leave Kastport every Friday at 6 a m, arrive at j to ,
Florence s,me tlay by 5 p m in t
542.4 From Masoovile by Lexington, and Sugar I
Creek, Tenn., to Pulaski, 40 miles and back, once a Sat
veek by
Leave Masonville every Thursday at 5 a m, ar- I
ive at Pulaski same days by 5 p m tlay
Leave Pulaski every Wednesday at 5 a in, arrive in.
it .M asonville same tlay by 5 p in I
5425 From Pikevil e by Fayette, c. h. to New s'uL
Lexington, 42 iniles and back, once a week. | '
Leave Pikeville every Friday at 5 am, arrive at PL
New Lexington same tlay by 8 p m I
Leave New Lexington every Saturday at 5 a m, at I
arrive at Pikeville same day by 8pm I
5426 Prom Fayette c. li. by Anbury, Millport, Liv
Providence and Yorkville, to Columbus, 50 miles i
and back onco a week. II"
Leave Fayette, c. Ii. every Thursday at 8 a m, we
arrive at Columbus ntxt day by 12 m. I
Leave Columbus every Friday at 2 p rn, arrive at . rivi
Fayette c. li. next day by 9 pm. I
5127 From Harvey's Cross Iload* by Walkerc h. Li\
to Blount Springs, 69 miles and back once a week. i
Leave ILrveys Cross Bauds every Tuesday at 5 Wi
a m, arrive at Blount Springs next day by H p m. Hat
Leave Blount Sptings every I liursday a* 5 a m, out
art ive ?t II .rvevs Cross [toads next day by 8 pm. I
5428 From Blountsville by Murphrie's ValUy to rivi
Aslivilk-, 3d m 1 s a:ui back once u week. I
I -I'.'ii'i-. llldiuil .l lie eeerv' \Veillles.l;.\' at 6 a 111. art'
:>ri ive at Ashvi le sime day by 5 p m. "
Leave Ashville every Thursday at 6 a m, arrive mil
at ltloUntiville sain.: day by 5 p m, I
5429 I'rum Elyton by Tru-s, I.ittle (tali .ha, : >la
Springville and Mouut Niles, to Ashville, 46 miles 1 I
and back once a week. La
Leave Elyton Saturdays at 6 a m, arrive at Ash .1
ville same days by 6 pm. I Wt
Leave Ashville Friday sat t> a in, arrive at Elyton to I
same day s by 6 p in. ; I
54IIO From Elyton by Monti vatln to Maplcsville, 1 at >
52 miles and back three times a week in four horse j I
coaches. > at)
Leave Elyton Mondays, Wednesday sand Fridays, ' i
at 5 a m, arrive at Maple ville same days by 10 p m. , Mc
I.' ave Maplcsville Eutsduys, Thursdays and Sa- j a w
turd ays, at 2 a m, arrive at Elyton same days by 7 ; I
p m. a i Ft:
1'roposals lor two horse coach service will he I
consi-'ered. | at
5431 From Tucalot si by North Fort, Kefir rm and i
Carroliton, to Fickensville, 53 miles and back three j Uii
times a week in lour horse coaches. am
Leave Tuscaloosa Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sa-I we
turdays, at 7 p m, arrive at Fickensville next days j I
by 12 m. | Ca
Leave Fickensville Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sa- I
at 11 a 111, aiiirc ut TUSLaU w~.. -1 by
4 a m 1
Id T;.n?..1nMon Use McVulli'j Qivl .lllllPfi Dii
boro' to Klvton, 5ti miles hihI back three times a I
week in f'.ur horse coatdies. hit
Leave Tuscaloosa Tut sdays, Thursdays and Siturdays,
at 2 a m, arrive at Llyton same days by 7 IV
p m. on<
Leave LKton Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I
at 5 a in, aarive at fusculoosa same days by 7 p m. ijv
5-133 From Tuscaloosa by Carthage and llavanna 1
to Greensboro', 40 miles and back'lhree times a , at I
wtek in four horse coaches. i
Leave Tuscaloosa Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sa
turdays, at 3 a m, arrive at Greensboro' same days
by lpm. .
L> avt* Gieensb ro' Sundays, Wednesdays and
Fridays, at 12 m, arrive at Tuscaloosa same days by a
10pm, !,. ?
5434 From Tuscaloo-a bv Mar's, Scottsvillc, Centnville
and Handolj b, to Maplesville, 65 miles and 111 !
bat.k three times a vv< ek in four horse coaches.
Leave Tuscaloosa Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays, at 5 am, arrive.at Maplesville same days ...
by 10 p in. 1 "
Lrave Maplesville Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sa. , '
turdays at 1 a in, arrive at I uscaloosa same days by
6 ii m.
1 riv
5435 From Tuscaloosa l>v Foster's, Huck Creek, |
Knoxvil e, Springfield, Clinton, Mount II'.bron, , a(
Gainesville and Sumpterville, 1 > Livingston, 75
miles and back three tiinev a weik in two horse 28
Leave Tuscaloosa every Sunday, Tuesday and r;v
Thursday, at 7 a m, arrive at Livingston next days |
by 10 am. . rjv
Leave Livingston cvrry Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, at 1 p m, arrive at Tuscaloosa next days ilnl
by 4 p m. dis
5436 From Tu-.ca'oosa by Romulus, .Luia, I'lca W(.
said tirove, Henevolt, Cochrans Mdls, I'ltasant |
Kidge, Vienna, .lamrslovvn and Smiths Ferry, at
to Gainesville, 68 miles and back once a tveek. I
Leave Tuscaloosa every Thursday at Ii a in, ar- :,t
rive at Gainesville next day by 5 p m. 1 ;
L< ave Gainesvi le every Saturday at 6 a m, arrive Fa
at Tuscaloosa next days by 5 p m. w<5457
From IVk'i sv be by Nashville to Colum- |
bus,Mi. 26 miles and l ack six times a week in four arr
horse coaches. I
Leave I Lkensville every day except Sunday at 1 at
p m, arrive at Columbus same days by 8 p ni.
Leave Columbus every day except Sunday at 4 a (ir
m, arrive at I'ickt nsville same days by 10.a in. bai
r>-l >S From l'ickensville by Hope Vienna, Pleasant
Uidgo, Clinton, Springfield, F.utaw atld Krie, to a*Greensboro',
78 rriiks and buck three times a wee k
in lour horse coaches.
Leifve l'ickensville cv?.ry Monday, Wedresdaj
and Friday, at 11 a m, arrive at Greensboro' tuxt
days by 1- ni.
Leave Greensboro' every Sunday, Wednesday
and Friday, at 12 m, arrive at I'icki nsville next
days by 12 m.
Proposals to carry in two horse coaches will be 41
5439 From Greensboro* by Macon, I) em epulis, arr
Spring Hill, Linden, Montpelier, Nan d'alia and j
Pineville, to Collet villc, 91 n.iles and back dtrcc | "r
times a week in two horse coaches. Pe
Leave Greet sboro* Tuesdays, Thtirsdtys and Saturdays,
at 2 p in, arrive at Collet villc Thursday s, i arr
Saturdays and'Mondays, by 11 a in. '
L? ave Coll'eeville Mondays, Wcdtusdays and Fri- at
tLys, at 1 p m, arrive at Greensboro'every Wetlnes. ;
day, Friday and Sunday, by 11 a in. *"a
Separate proposals lor lour h >rse post coach scrvice
between Greensb >ro* and Demopolis, nod two Cl>
horse coach servic between Demopolis ?nd Coder- '
ville, will be con idered. an
5140 From Greensboro' by Perry c. Ii. Hamburg
and Valley Cre< k, to Sclma, 48 miles and '
back three timrs a week in four horse coaches.
Leave (iri < nsbdro' Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sa- 6 I
turdays, at 2 pm, arrive at Sclma neat days by 9 a
mi Cri
Leave Sclma Tuesdays, Tliur day's and Satur tia
day-, at 4 p m, arrive at Urcen-boro' next days by Stu
11 a tit. <;h
5411 From Greensboro' by Pickens Mills, Union- I
tow n and South C me Hiake, to Prairie Ml nil', 46 arr
milts and back tnee a week. I
Leave Greensboro' every "Wednesday at 2 p m, at.
arrive at Prairie Illufi' next day by 5 p m.
In In ;
[.cave Prairie Bluff every Tuesday at 5 a til, are
at tlrer..sbi.ro' next day by 11a m.
>442 From Ivuuxville to Union, 7 miles and back
:e a Week.
Leave Knoxville every Thursday atp m, arrive
Union same day by 5 p m.
Leave Union every Thursday at 12 m, arrive at
oxville same day by 2 p m.
>14.1 From Mount Hebron by Hopewell, Jamea>
n ami I- airfield, to PickensviUe, 3(1 miles and
tk once a week.
Leave Mount Hebron 'every Wednesday at 6 a m,
ire at Pickentville same day by (1 p n>.
Leave I'ickensvlllu every Thursday at C> a m, ar-1
e ut Muuut Hebron same day by 6 p m.
>444 From Livingston by Jones' Bluff, Moliger
I Daniels l'raiiie, to Futaw c. Ii., 36 miles and I
:k twice a week.
.cave Livingston every. Monday and Thursday \
i a m, arrive at F.uHw c. h. same day* by 5p in.
Leave F.utaw c. h. < very Tuesday and Friday at
in, arrive at Livingston same days by .5 p in.
>445 From Livingston by ltlull|iort and Belmont
Demopolis, 24 miles and back three times a week
wo horse coachi s.
Leave Livingston every Tuesday, Thursday and
urday, at 1 p m, arrive at Demopolis same days
8 p in.
.e.ive Demopolis Mondays, Wednesdays and Fris,
at 5 a in, arrive at Livingston tame da)s by 12
'ropnsals for four horse post coaches will be coir |
i44t"> From L'vingston by Merlin and I'leasmt
ins to Linden, dd mil s and bv k once a week,
.cave Livingston every .Saturday at 6 a m,arrive
Linden same day by <> |> in.
Leave Linden every Friday at 6 a m, arrive at
ingston sam days by (i p in.
>417 From Livingston by I'aynesville and Mingo
oma Mi. to Dukvdle, .14 miles and back once a
.cave Livingston ev. ry Thursday at 6 a m, are
at Dalesville same day s by 5 p m.
Leave Daleville every Friday at 6 a m, arrive at
ingstnn same day by 5 p m
>44S From Livingston by In'ercourse, tie-ton,
Ilium's Ori s* Itoads, Mount Sterling Ararat and
ry ton, to Washington c. h. SI 111 les and back
:e a w? ck
.cave Livingston every W?dnpsd<v at 5 a m, aro-lt
U'l?l i.urlon e I, vt .1.., h.,V.
,eavc XV* binghm c. b every Kri .y at 5 a m,
ive at Livingston next <lay h\ 6 p rn.
449 From Gaston by Alamufcha to Marion, 25
es ami back once a week.
,eave Gaston every1 Friday at 8 a ni, arrive at
rion same <lay by 6 p in.
Leave Marion every Saturday at 6 a m, arrive at
.ton same day Ivy 4 p in>450
From Linden by Laurel Mill, Slld-ah,
> dardsville. Air Mount, Mutt's and Grove Mill
SuggsviMe, ti-t niib s and Inn k once a v ot k.
.cave Linden ? very \V< dues.lay at 6 a m, arrive
vuggsviilc next day by 4 p in.
.eave Soggwille every Monday at 6 a m, arrive
Linden next day by 5 p in.
>151 From Linden bv An'in Ii, White Ma I and.
Kinley to I'rairie Bit; 11*, ill) .imiL-s and back, once
Leave Linden e?y ry Saturday at C> a m, arrive at
lirie Blull* same day by 5 p in
Leave Prairie lllitlF i very Frid iy at 6 a in, : rrive
Linden same day by 5 p in
545- From Linden bv Dayton, Boston, Farmsdale
iontown and Liberty Mill to Cabal a, 65 miles
I back, twice a week to Dayton, and once a
ek tb residue
Leave Linden every Tuesday at 7 a m, arrive at
haba next day by 11 a m
Leave CabaLa every Wednesday at 2 p in, arrive
a._ _ ?. a r 1 c ?
Leave Linden every Thursday at 7 a in, a r ve at
yton same days by 11 a m
Leave .Dayton every Thursday at 1 p mj arrive a'
iden snm day s by 5 p in
"> 153 Fi um Nai alalia by Shi.b'h Centre and I over
acli Tree to Monroeville, 62 mile> and back,
;" a wcek
L ave Nanafalia every Wednesday at 7 a rr>, ar
e at Moil roe vi II nest day by 5 p m
Leave Monroeville every Friday at 7 a m, arrive
S'anafdia next day by 5 p m
5454 From Harryton by llulierta and I. ndau,
as, to Quitman, 36 miles and back, once a week.
[, ave Harryton every Saturday at .4 a in, air.ve
Quitm n same day by 6 p in
Leave Quitman every Friday at 5 a m, arrive at
rryton sune day by 6 p in
5-135 From I'incvillu by Tii'irahoma, Mount Pt< rp,
Hip ltock and Qu tinan, Mrs. to Pauldinp, 82
It sand back, once a wick
Leave I'ineville i very Satut'dy at 6 a in, arrive
Pauldinp in xt day by 5 p m
Leave P.iuldi p eveiy Mi inlay at .3 a rtt, arr.xe at
leville next day by 6 p in
5456 From 1. berty ti ll by Cambridge and lloppie
itto to Portland, 2(1 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Liberty Hill every TIuiimLv at 1 p ni, are
at Portland same day by .7 p in
Leave Portland t very Thursday at 5 a ill, arrive
Liberty lldl same day by 11 a in
5457 From Piny c h. by Jericho to Centreville,
miles and back, once a week
Leave PeiTy c. h. every Thu sday at 10 a m, are
at Cehtrcville same day by 8 p in
Leave Centreville i very Wednesday at 6 a m, are
at Perry c. h. same day by 4 p in*
54.58 From Centreville hv M,u.i..,...ll .
i, Wihonvi'le, 11 a persville, Kimul|pt mi I Marville
tn Talladega, 8- miles an 1 back, once a
Leave Centrevillc every Sutur lay at 5 a in, arrive
Talladega n< xt days by 6 p in
Leave Talladt ga every Monday at 5 a in, arrive
1,'entr^ville next days by 6 p m
5459 From Columbiana, by Mineral Spring and
v eiteville to Sy lacauga, '25 milt s and back, once a
Leave Columbiana every Wednesday st 6 a m,
ve at Sy lacauga same day by 8 p m
Leave Sylacau.a every Thursday at G a m, arrive
Columb,ana same day by 3 p in
5100 From Moiitevallo by Woodsboro', Cedar
ove and Hranebviile to Asbvil!e, 92 miles ami
r.k, Once a week
Leave Mnntevallo every Friday at 4 a m, arrive
Aslivdle next days by 8 p m
Leave Aslivide every Sunday at 4 a in, arrive at
mtevallo next diys by 8 p m
5461 From llenneltsville by Mount '/. on, Van
i ..i......... i>~?i
...., , i?i?w imi^v ire, > aiieylieail, i.oig's,
Ki>i g I'.iwn, (ieo Kenton and Wauhatrhie
Lookout Valley Ten. 'J3 mile* and back, once a
Leave Ht nnettsville e" cry Sunday at 6 a m, a; rive
Lookout Valley every Tuesday by 13 m
Leave Lookout Valley every Tuesday at 1 p m,
'ive at Uennettsville every Thursday by (j |i tti
51(V3 From Uennettsville by Uosenant, Asbville,
ken Arrow, Cropwell and Kelt's Creek to Hatrsville,
58 miles and back, once a week
Leave It nnettsville every Wedn-s lay at 6 a in,
ive at llarpc; ville next iLv by 4 p in
I. : vc II irpewille every Friday at ? a nt, arrive.
Hennettsville next day by 1 p in
5 161 From Jacksonville by Lad'ga, state Lin".
. Cave Spring and V no's Valby to Rome, .">3
les ami back, three times a week in two horse
it lies
Leave Jacksonville ev< ry Monday, Wt dnesday
1 Friday at 6 a in, arrive at Home next days by
Leave Uomc every Monday, Wednesday and Fr
at 1 p m, arrive at Jacksonville next days by
i in
5464 From Jacksonville by 11 sbrn, Terrapin
trek, Cbildersvdie, Cedar Muff", t.aylesvill . CuN
Creak, Teloga Springs, (Jeo? Laky etto, W o !s
i'n ii, Alder Itranch, Ten. and Walnut Hill to
veland, 135 mil s and hack, once a week
Leave Jacksonville every Wednesday at f> a to.
ive at Clevi I ami next Saturday by 13 m
L-ave Cleveland every Saturday at 1 p m, arriw
lacksonville next Tuesday by 6 p in
>465 From Jacksonville by White I'lains, Co n
in ' 1 ' 1
KDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1841.
ifiive and Oikfuskee to McDonald, 45.miles and
bark, tw.ce a wet k tl
Leave Jacksonville every Monday an I Friday at a
5 .1 m, arrive at M I tonal I same days by 7 p m w
Leave McDona'd every Sun lay and Thursday at
5 a in. arrive at .1 icksonvilb- sunn davs bv 7 n in n
5466 From .1 tcksonville by Alexandria I'ite, utid l>
Kelley's Spring to Talladrga, 40 miles *tul back,
iliree t'm"s a week in two horse coaches
Leave Jacksonville every Monday, Wednesday I'
and Friday si 6 a m, arrive at Talladega same days
by 5 p m a
Leave Ta'lad ga every Tuesday, Thursday and p
Saturday a' 6 a in, arrive at Jacksonville same days
by 5 p in ;t
5467 Fr m White Plains by Cane Creek and t
Kemp's Creek to C'arrollton, Ceo. .50 miles and back, tl
once a week '
Leave W1?it? Pl.ins every Wednesday at 7 a in,
arriv e at Carrnllton next days by II a in ''
Leave Carro'I'on eve'-y Tbnr-day at 1 p m, arrive '
at W'liitr Plains next day by 8 pm
5468 From Ah xaidria by Onatchie and Ten Is- tt
lands to Ashville, Wl miles an I back, once a week, h
Leave Atle\ 'n Iria every Tor -day at 8 a in, arr ve
at Ashville saine days by 5 p in P
Leave Asbv lie every Wednesday at 7 a m, arrive *
at Alexandria same day by 4 p m ' 111
5469 F'rom Ta ladtgv by Kelleys Springs, Hickory
Level, Oakfuskee, F.astvdb- and Laurel llill, h
(is., to Ilothr-rwot d,8'J miles and back, once a week. 4
I.eive Talladega tyrry -Monday at 5 a m, arrive
at liotlit rwor/d next day by 6 p ni
l.i ave Hothrrw.aid every Wednesday at 5 am, I
arrive at Talladegt next iljy by <? p
5470 From Tallailega by Cliinnibee Factory L
Shoal, McDonald Hoauuke, Weebadk'-e and V r b:
non, Ceo. to La nge, 89 indes and back, once a
week in
L' ave Talladega every Saturday at 6 a m, arrive
at I/ivI'ance next day* by 7 p tit "
Leave l/i Oral pe every Monday at 6 a in, arrive
at T illstdi ? i iv x< days by 8 p in al
5171 From Talladega by M untain Spring, H illative
and Horse Shoe Urn I to Chambers r. h , G9 A
naih s and bark, o ;re a wi ek
Leave Talladega every Tl ursdayr fit 6 a m, arrive P'
at Chambers c. h. n xt d y by 5pm
Leave Chambers c. Ii every Sa'urday at C a m, v|
arrive a' Talhdega i ext day by 5pm
5172 From S icapatoy by llrownsville to Tal'adig't,
.>7 milis and back, once a wiek
Leave Socupatov every Wi dnexdav at 6 a in, ar- 'h
rive at Talladega same day by 6 p in
Leave Talladega ev ry Thursday at 6 a in, arrive d:
t Sor?p i:oy sain-day by 6 p ni 111
517.5 From llo-kfont by Socspat y to Vonnrsvdlc,
21 mi'e-. and back, n e.e a week rt
Leave Itnekford every Wednesday t 8 a m, arr'n
at Yoitngsvill. ?ame day by 4 |> in
Leave Young-viHe every Thursday at 8 ? m, arrivi
.ii Itocklbn! same day by 4 p in al
5)74 From M I) maid by ltoanoke, Mount 11 i? koiy,
( bombers c h , Cns?iia , Wacuochec a d I) >- a'
y ei to Columbus (i t 79 mile- and bark, twice a week '
I. avr McDonald I'uevl.ns and Sa'iirdavs at 4 '
a m, arrive a Columbus 1 inirsdyys and Mondays
by 12 in
l ine Columbus M inlay- and Thursd: y at 11 bi
p m, unite at Miln.i, Id Wii'iicmI. ys ami S..tu ^
days Ivy 8 pm
5475 Fr om. I tudley ville by I'opl.ii Val'ey, lleavcr ('f
Dam, M Doitnl I and Laurel Ihll, li o. to Carroll- 1ton,
>5 miles and b eh, once a w. > k
l eave Dudltyiillc ev< ry Monday at 6 a m, ar- 11
live at Currblltoii ne-t day b, 7 p in Vl
I.e;ive Carroll on every \\ educsd ,v at 6 a nr>, :?r-;
rive at Dndliyvdle next day l>\ 7 p in :ir
517n' From Cms; u by Mount Jtffcrsen and Au '
burn to Tuskegee, 39 miles a <1 back, < nee a week. ^
I."me Cusset.v t very Saturday at 5 a tn, arrive at
Leave 1 uxkeg e every Friday at 5 a tr, arrive at "
Cu--eta ante day by (i p m
3 177 From Chambers c b, b\ Fredoni i and V,.r- '
no i. (ieu. to I.a Orange, 39 in I s and back, once a .
Leave Chamb: rs c li. every Wedn sday at (5 a ni,
arrive at I.a (irangx* same day by 4 |> ril I'
I. ave I .a (irange every Tliurs-Uy at 6 a in, ar-:
rivi Cli ui.Iters c li. same day by 4 p in j n'
a ir . F kiii Colombo*, (ten. I y I'Jertird, Crorketts- "
v 11 ', Socetv Mill, To-kegee Ooss Keys, Cuba- "
hatcbie and Mount Meigs to M > tgomery, 88 milt s ;
and bai k, d aly m four horse coaches ! ^
I .cave Col mbus daily at Tt a in, and in winter at j
31 p m,-arrive at Montgomery same days by 11 p m, i ar
a in] in winter next days by li) a rw
Leave MoiiC; mi'ry d dy at 1 a m, and in waiter II
at 1m, a live at Columbus son" dby s I v It p if), (i
and in \> inter in x) il.vs lay 6t a in I In
.5479 Fifth) Columbus|,y I dice Shnals, Florence,
Ceo., Ipivint n, Ala., Franklin mii 1 tffaula, Coo., to in
Fort Caiin s, 7-1 miles and b-mk, t.?i "e a week in two
bor-c com lies 6
I.I vc (I "lurhbifs Foe-. !: y s and Fridays ,.t .7 a 111,
arr.v -at Fort (.a ins next !,i\ by ft p m Si
Leave F it Oaines I'liurs 1 ,ys and Sundays at 5 \i
a m, arrive at Columbus next days by (i p in \y
54.89 From Columbus by Salem Qpcllikun and
Coun'j Line to Dade, die,'65 mi! s and bai k, once a M
L: ave Columbus evi ry U'edie sday at 7 a in, ar- at
rive , t Dade) lie next day .by 13 in
Leave Da b ville every Fliur day at 1 p m, arrive L'
at Columbus next days by 5 p m CI
5181 From Fu-kegec by Caliber, Union Spring, t \t
Alt'.-1 foil"a id .M sso.ii i to A1 ntii'i llo, 53 miles and
luck, (tin c > week r.t
l.ea.c Tusk cee evny WodnAday at 9 a m, arriv
:.t ,M n'ict llo next d y le. 8 pm, ar
LeiV'M nt.eell i r.y< ry Friday :.t 6 a m, arrive
a'i Tiisk' g,.' n \ day by 13 m an
5183 I en Fiiskegcy by t p'aup and Tal.iss
to Wctumpk.i, 88 miles an ! back, once a we? k i |\1
Leavw I.eskt gee , v? iy I'll iisday at 5 a in, arrive
at Wetinnp'. i fame <1 ix by 8 p m r;,
Leave \Vi ''inipka , ve.y Wed'nes lay at 5 a in, ar
"iv at Fuskegee 'able day by 8 p rn p]
54S3 F' m I'pb upee by I'ine Cr vc, S ticliahatcbe
. I'ert lb aiders,tn, Cold 11.11, Oak llowerv, at
and < u i a to \\\s! Point, (.a, 5 i miles and back,
once a u ei-k i at
l.eai, Fj.a.iiipee eve v Friday at 7 a in, arrive at
West.P.out i ext i!ai by 13 ill to
I,. aie Wist Point i very Satur.la at I p ni, arriv
at Cplnupd in xt d ,y by 4 |t in !' a
| ' ,i; 1 it 1 C. irry 111.- Ill ill tbl ,-e t I es a IV, I'll,
in tiio l.ms- coebies, and to commence at We- ai
t'lmjik n ill be consiil, red
.') l From .il mint M gs by Line Crec.it, Val- co
v.tdi. Cnion Springs, Abeif.ul, Missouri, ton, j ro
an,1 .White Oik Spring to Iriviu'.on, 9J miles ai d
back, twice a net k \\
I, .1.1" Mount Mci(;s M niuavsaittl I'liurs 'ays at (i
,i ni, rrive at Irwin ton next days by 8 p in ii\
Leave Irwintnn WhIiu'mI tys and Saturdays at ti
a in, arrive a' Mount M o^s next day* by 8 p in 11
a r i Fro.n Montgomery by 1'in'llala. Hickory
tifove, Sandy It (life, Krkvi'le, tirrenvilie, Acpvi- gu
tv, It'irnt Corn, (tlaiboi in , Sim kton and HLkely, ; tin
to Mobile, 19.i milts ami back, d.i.lv, in tour hoi si:
ci .iclies , ar
Leave Montgomery dai|y at 11 p m, and in wint.
r a' 11 a in, arrive at Mob le in .17 J hoii s, by 1JI i.t
p in, an I in \villta;r in -IS hours In 1 I a in
I. :\\v M itiih* <11 ly a' 1 p m, and in winter at j..
pin. ariii-at Montipni ry in 36 bars by 1 a in,
in i in wi ner in Iiouim t>y lla m
IT 'pnsalti to run t ic nviil i n this route, vii ().
Hi^neville, Claibo.n, he, are invited. Hidders.
are desired to name the int'Crmedi te points. Also (.
proposals to carry on the i ivi r road to (llmrch Hill,
thence liy the most Convenient road hading from /ti
S. Ion to (llalborne N IV, of M unt I'leasant, to
t:i tibi nv, Ste., u ill likewise he considered. Hot- t?t
h r- t i name the intermedia e points.
Fro.n M mtgoniery to llaynestille, J I milts ,t
and hack, th: cr times a week in iw'o horse t oac t le
ave M n'rriM ry M unlay s, Wudtiesdayi add St,
Fridiyaat 7 a in, ariive at ll;iy nesville same days
In J |> m ' it
leave liny nrsviltr Tin sd iv, Thursdays an I Saturdays
at 7 a in, ari ive at M .ntgoinery same d\v? at i
by ' p ni
iri^ i, Iiaiiaii I ii?i iMTUljmittinr ? *?
- NO. 10.
l'ro0?"!i^?om7r,^.!Lac:'nv^'t poi?.' ?"
II'', to Pony c. Ii., 78 miles ami back, once a week. a
Leave Washington every Wednesday at 6 a m, [H
rive at l'erry c. h. next day by 7 p m m
rave Perry c. h. every Fruity at 6 a m, arrive at
rashington next day by 7 p in 2(
5496 From Selma by Woodlawn and Plan'ersville
i MapltsvillCj 36 miles and back, three times a ai
Leave S-lma every Monday, Wednesday and a
ri lay, at 10 a in, arrive at Maplesville same days
I'Spm ar
Leave .Maplesville every Tuesday, Thursday and
aturd.iy at 5 a m, arrive at Selma same days by 3 nl
5497 From Selint by Cahaba, Cambridge, Prai- aI
c Mull', Canton, Wilcox c. b , Black's Binds,
ell's Landing, CLdurne, Mount Pleasant and Ten- m
v, to Stock'on, 137 m Ks uud back, twice a wtek.
Leave Selilia M indavs and FriiLvs nt 10 a m ?p.
? .. -- -- y. aI
vc at Stockton, evety* Wednesday and Sunday by
|> m ' '5
Leave Stockton -Mondays and-Fridays at C a m,
rive at Sclma Wednesday s and Sundays by 1 p ni. m
5493 From Seln.a t>v Cahaba, Humes, Fleasant
II, Farraursvil e, Hraggs and M iniiinglntm, to m
r enville, 7 1 mi et and back, twice a week in two ?
>rsc coaches
Leave Selmi every Monday and Friday at 10 a
, arrive at tircrnville next days by 6 a m
I. *ve ti.-eenville every Tuesday and Saturday at '
a tn, afrit r at Sclma next days by 2 a in
5 199 loom L'ahaba by I'o Hand, Kclimond,
tow I!.II. Worn ck's, Mount M >riah and Uidgei'o
to Al .nn nation, 67 ttidcs and back, once a I
it !l
Leave C .bt'oa i t .ry Thursday at 6 a m, arrive at
I niniiigham next d iy by 11 a in
Leave Minninghain every Friday at 1 pm, arrive
C-aliaba next day by (i |t m
5500 From Frairie Hlull, by Fine Hill, Mctbrl,
nwer I'e rch Tree, VIt cbones' drove, (irove Mil1,
lai ksyi le, Colleetile and \V.irrior llridge to
isbingto.i c b. 90 mil s mi 1 hick, once a week
Leave l'rairie Flull every Tuesday at 12 m, ar/'
at U asliingto 1 c. h. next Flinrs I y by 6 p m
Le 1 v e U elii.gt 11 c. b. ev iv Friday at fi a m,
rive al Fi a 1 it* ttlt.fl* next Sunday s by 12 in
5501 loom Hellion t 1 M tint Willing, '22 itii'es
d back, out c a week
L* <v.*e it nloo tvery Fridivat 1 p m, arfiveat
on t \\ illitg same day by s p m
Letve Mount Willing every Fri lav at 5 a m, arit
at lienton satne day by 12 ni
5202 F.nm ll.vu sville bv Robinson's S'ore to
easalit Mill, 18 mih s and back, one'e a vvi ek
Leave llayn sville every* Mi n lay at 5 1 ni, arrive 1 1
I'leisant lldl satire day by II a lit
Le'ave Fleasti I I ill every* Monday* At 12 m, arrive
II vnrsv la* -a >*,e day bv 6 p m
o.Vuit F inn I lav nesville by Church Hill and Rcn11
to Si Ima, 3.5 mileand back, twice a week
Leave Ha , 1,1 sv I 1 va ry Monday and Friday at 6
in, arrive a St-lim ram days by (i p in
le ave S* lira every Tuesday and Saturday at 6
ill, -i! rive* a' I lay nesville sum* days by (i p in
Fi'opO'.als lor In weekly service in two horse
aches wili lie considered ; also to commence the
11 e at Church lldl '
j.aJl From llayuesvill* liy Fra ic Hill and Mt
i ling to llr.tgg's, 2 ) miles and back, once* a week.
Leave Ilavuewdl * 1 very Tbursday at 3 a 111, ?r*e
.'t 11 n.'g's same day by 12 111
Leave I'ragg's eveiv Thursday at 1 p m, arrive at
anesvillc same day by 3 p in
5.5 1.) From Haynesville by Hi kory (irove, Aris,
Frosp ct Ridge and 1'ioy to Moiiticcllo, 72
I * ....,1 n.,l- . .. .. -.?i
[, wo II i\ nervilje (very \\ < tlnr *<1vy at 6 am,
r ve Mo;tt cillo in \t il by .5 p in
li ivc Monti*- H> < v. ry i i iJ.iy ut 6 ; ni, arrive
SI uit H .il ii xt ibiy by 5 p ,m
. "> i From (. o niille by Mamii'^ha it, IbirgM,
I i . \ I nton, N'orr.kvillc anil Wilcox r. Ii to
uit i, .'.I in I' * ami bark, once u week
I. ;ivr (inoiiv.ile evi ry Frilay .xt 0 a m, arrive at
into . in xl ray bj 1 p in
l .c iv Canton every S tiinl.iy at J p in, ivriive at j (
criu ill ii- xt i! iv bv b p 111 I
.Villi" From (iic nvilie by Miblletovvii to Monte- |
mi, 41! mi to* an 1 link, o n- a week I
I .cave tiri-diviUe t v iv Sun.lay at 4 ? n, arrive I
Monti Ztim i sam< <biv by 10 p m [I
I avo Mott'f mum ev. n Mi?n?l.t at l a in, arri
(.ri ii \ i I ' - * run il y < y |J p >n
' oH Font til--' Iivile by M.lh'iila .t i (i i|iu s "
re, -I11 nb - ami b i k, oner a vvt ck
I v It i .v lie iv i'V Sun lay 'It 5 i an vo
t, i . . . ilav by T p ni I
I air (.ii;. k', o . i-vi i \ Satu(<! it' at 5 a m, Ottc
iv o :? Grin nv ill s me day by . |> rn
?.VI'i I'rom Montictll i by Lnu.sville, C Kyton,
le roil "r.v??rr . i.. nil KnineI y anu Uliurcll 11 lit,
k! run ihence by Lowndrsboro' to If ay nesville,
rill he cous.'Jercd. (
.5487 From Montgomery by Washington, Veron,
Mulberry ?nd Hurnsvdle to St Ima, 48 miles and |
ark, three t mes a week, in four horse coaches
Leave Montgomery Tuesdays, Thursday and
aturdays at 3 a m, arrive at St Ima same days by 3
i in
Leave Selma Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays (
t 10 a rn, arrive at Montgomery same days by 10
i m " |j
5488 From Montgomery by Wetumpks, Coosada
nd Kingston to Maplesville, 05 miles and back, (
Hire times a week in four horse coaches, two of
y trips via Coosad i and Kmgston and one trip via a
ittl - Fork and Chcsnut Creek
Leave Montgomery Monday", Wednesdays and t(
'riday- at 4 a in, arrive at M iph sville same days
y 9 p m a
Leave Msplesvile Tuesilai s, Thursdays and Sairdays
at 4 a in, arrive at Montgomery same days p
j J|9 p m _
5489 From .Montgomery by Wetumpka, 'I urn- z
ike, Kockford, M oitsi Ivunia .Springs, Sylacanga,
Veewokaville and. M rrdisville to l a !odfga,88 nnles a|
ml I) ick, three tiin- s a wei k, in two horse coaches.
Leave Montgomery Tuesday", Tliundiys and Sa- n
irdays at 7 a in, arrive at Talladega next da)s by
I'? ... , "
I.eave Talladega TuesLys Thursdays and Satur- 4
;>ys 4 7 a m, arrive a* M?ntgoin' ry ir xt days by
P m ,, p
5490 From Montgomery by Carter's Mill, Pine
ever, aim i.iuiKi umie 10 .vimiiceiio 57 milts and a
nek, once a w i k
I,eave Montgonv tv every Wednesday at fi a in, |G
rive at .M'?iiticello next day by 12 hi
Leave M n.ticello every Thursday at 1pm, ar- (j
ve ?t M mtgnm. ry nt zt day by 6 p rn
5491 From Montgi m ry by Sharpsville and Ti- at
a to Argus, 34 tni'es and back, once a week
Leave Montgomery Friday at 7 a m, arrive at t(J
rgus same day by fi p m
Leave Argus Thursday at 7 a m, arrive at Mont- p,
ornery same day by 6 p m
5492 From Wetumpki by Jladeville, Dudley- gj
lie, and Chamber- c, It. to \V< st Point 75 mdes and
rck, thrie times a week, in two ho-sr coaches y
l.eave Welontpka Mondays, Wtdnesdays and w
ridays at 10 a ni, arrive al West Point in xt days
V 4 p m r;
l,<-a?e West Po nt Mondays, Wednesdays and Fritys
at (1 a m, arr vc at Wrtumpka ii^x' days i y 12 u(
Prop sals for semi-weekly horse service will be
rnsidtird. ar
5491 From Clusnut Creek by Waxabatcbee to ar
ofumbi iii i, 32 miles a id back, once a week
Leave Ctn snnt Creek every I'btir day at 7 a m, ,]i
rive at Columbiana same day by 6pm p,,
Leave Columbiana every Friday at 7 a m, arrive
Chesnut Cretk same day by 6 p in -p
5494 From Washington by tirave's J .a iding, and |,,
owiulDsboro' to Ilayneivilie, 22 miles and buck,
iree t ' nt s a wttk
Leave Washington Tuesdats, Thursdays and Sa- ;4t
r.lays ut 12 in, arrive at llayntsville ssin days by
P ta t?
Leave llavncsville Wednesdays, Fridaysand Sun- p
iys, at fi a in, arrive at Washington same days by
I m at
5495 From Washington by Kingston, Indepen nee,
M Iton, Hamilton, Woodlawn and Perrvs
W iIIiMills on mid Finoryavil e to Abbeville, YJ n.ilcs
a'd back, once it wet k
Le ive Momicello every Thursday at 1 p in, arrive
at Aobiville next ilaya by 5 p in
Leave Abbeville every Wednesday at 6 a m, arrive
at Mouticello next diys by 12 m
5510 From Monticello by Troy, Gaines's St re
and Cauleysvillc to M mtezuma, 05 miles and back,
once a week
Leave monticello every Thursday at 1 p in, arI
live at Montezuma next day by 5 p m
I.-.ve Montezuma every Wednesday at 6ani,t
arr.ve at Monticello next day by 12 in
5511 From Monticello by Fca Itiverto Dale c li.
4.1 miles and back, once a week
1. are Monticello every Thursday at 2 p in, arrive
at l> ile c. li. same day by 11 a m
"e Dale c. h tveiy Wednesday at 2 p m, ar- ,
j iticello n< xt day by 1 la in
"i> c ,ii M Clayton by M dway, Uainbtidjfe,
c\,,, to Columbus, Geo., 75 mites
331J |mm
L'; Uee and Saiidlon -day, at 6 a m, arrive
?n I once u week
L. at e Clayton every Wedne. - arrive at
't t olumbus next day by 5pm
Leave Columbns every Friday at 8 a n '
-Lyton next day by (i p m
Fr-,lkl'? to Columbia, 25 miles ai,u
l air, once a week
Leave Franklin every Monday at 7 am, arrive at
_ nbia same day by 1 p m
Leave Columbia every Monday at 2 p m, arrive
t Franklin .same day by 8 p m
5314 From hale c- b. by Saw Mill and Abbeville
> franklin, 52 miles and back, once a week
Leave Dale c. b. every Saturday at 6 a m, arrive
Frank in next day by 12 m
Lt ave Franklin t-vei j Sunday at 1 p m, arrive at
lale c. h next day by 6 p in
5515 From Dale c In by Bridgeville to MouteUina,
01 miles and back, once a week
Leave Dale c b. tvtry Tuesday at 8 a in, arrive
I .Montezuma next d*y by 4 p in
Leava Montezuma every Thursday at Sam, arve
at Dale c. h next day by 4 p m
5516 From Montezuma by Brooklyn, Sparta and
lievilie to Burnt Corn, 59 miles and back, tw ice
Leave Montezuma Tuesdays and Fridays at 1
m, anive at Burnt Coin next.days by 6 p in
Leave Burnt Corn Mondays and Thursdays at 6
m, a rive at Montezuma next days by 11 a m
5517 From Sparta by Evergreen and Starling'on
i Greenville, 57 milt sand back.oucc a week
Leave Spaita every Tuesday at 1 p m, arrive at
reenvi le next day by 5 p m
Leave Greenville every Monday at 6 a m, arrive <
Sparta next day by 11 a in
5518 From Spi.rla by Nathansville and Floridaiwii
to Pensacola, 82 miles and back, once a weelf.
Leave Sparta every Tuesday at 11 km, arrive at
snsacola Thursdays by 12 m
Leave Pensacola Thursdays at 1 p ni, artive at
purta Saturdays by 1 p m
5519 From Burnt Corn by Tnrnbull and Rocky
lount to Allenton, 54 miles and back, once a
Leave Burnt Corn every Wednesday at 6 a m, arve
at Allenton same day by 6 p m
Leave Aiienion every Tliuisduy at 0 a m, arr.ve
liurnt Corn same day by 6 p in
552(J From l!urnt Corn by Monrdeville, Claiarne,
Gosport, Suggsvdle, Jack-on, St. Stephen's
id Pleasant Valley to Washington c. h. 81 miles
id hack, twice a week
Leave liurnt Corn every Wednesday and Satur?y
at 6 a m, arr.ve at Washington c. h, next days
f 6 p m
Leave Washington c. h. every Monday and
huis.l.y at 6 a ni, ariive at Burnt Corn r.ext days
> 6 p in
5521 From C. fTeeville by St. Stephen's, New
'akt field and Mount Vernon to Mobile, 85 m les
id hack, three t.mes a we< k, in two horse coaches.
Leave CofFeev lie Mondays, Thursdays and Sairdsys
at 12 m, arrive at Mobile next days by 10
Leave Mob le Sundays, Tucsd ys and Thursdays
4 am, arrive at Coflecville mxt dajs by 12 m
Proposals for supplying the following ofiic-s, at
sum to be named, and subject to the condition of
ling limited to the net proceeds of the office, fti
Fort Decatur to he supplied from Montgomery,
) miles and back, twice a week.
Forkland to be supplied from Krie c. h. 6 miles
id back, once a week.
Fullers an i- i ,. I ? 11 -_:i 1 i i.
turn it wiiiiuii.ii uiiiciauu uauiv.uiivc |
G ennville to be supplied from Florence, 6 miles
id back, once a week.
Minton's Grove to be supplied from Clinton, 8
iles and back, once a week.
Mixenburg'to be supplied from Forkland, 5 miLs
id back, once a week.
Newborn to be supplied from Gicensboro', 9
ties and back, twice a week-i
New Prospect to be supplied from Erie, 12 miles
id back, once a week.
Oak ley to be supplied from Madison Cross Roads,
miles and back, once a week,
l'inckneyville to be supplied from Brownsville, H
iies an ! back, once a w eek.
Sbaron to be supplied from Chambers c. h. 9
ilcs and back, once a week.
FOll JANUARY, 1842,
ndcr the man.ic;< nu'tit of J. I'UALEN & Co.
To bo drawn January 1st.
I prize of $25,000 | 25 prizes of $1,000
1 do H,0O(t 25 do 6,00
1 do (>,000 I 25 do 4tK)
1 iln 5,000 | 25 do 500
1 do 3,8H7 | IM do 200&C
,? UUie un/ 11,(HO ?VXI S 5fw ,n>.
75 niiuiln rs?13 drawn.
?"25,000?'20 of $1,000?300 of ?100
Fifteen drawn ballots out of 7S nos.
Lowest li nos. prize ?100.
C lass No. J.
To be drawn January li, 1812.
1 prize of ?20,000 20 prizes of ?1,000
1 do 0,000 30 do 300
1 do 3,000 100 do 150 i
1 do 2,000 300 do ]00&e
I do I,'210
Whole Tickets ?K ?Halves ?1?Cluaiters ?2.
rtilieates of Packages'20 Whole Pickets ?100
Do. do, '20 Half do 50
Do. do. 25 IPuarter do '25
?30,000??lo.i no?'25 of ?1,000.
Class 343.
I prize of ?30,00(1 I prize of. ?1,000
1 do 10,000 1 do '2,500
I do 0,000 1 do '2,0(H)
1 do 5,000 | I do 1,717
'25 prizes of ?l ,(MI0.
Tickets ?10?Halves ?5?Uinarters ?'2 50
Class 210
srt.EMitn SI IIKMK.
1 prize of ?30.000 I do 2,500
I do 10,000 1 do 2,220
1 do 0,(100 20 do 1,01 Ml
1 do 5,000 10 do 500
I do 1 000 10 do 100
1 do 3,(KM) I 17s! ill) 3(10
Wholes ?10?Halves ?5?Uitarlers ?'2 50.
SCHOOL FUND. < lass 25.5.
SotneUiinii I'.xira.
?30,00(1? loo uf ? I itoo? 110 of 200.
-I'l l MOO Si 111 mi .
72 no. Lottery nmi 11 urawn.
irand <'?.iiinl of $30,otto l (lo 81,400
,]o I 'lo 1,31)0
,1,1 5,000 1 do 1,200
do 2,500 i do 1.11 ID
do 1,880 100 prizes of 1,000
do 1 ,r?00 110 do -JIM)
Wholes 812?Halves $t>?Ctuarters $3,
In any of the above Schemes?
Certificates of Packages in Wholes 8130 00
Do do Halves 05,(Ml
Do do dunrters 32 50
VII orders from a distance will meet with pro i jl
Address R. FRANCE
A){crit for the Manage

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