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? ?* '?"--- - -""I
Cunctuiltd from tupplcment.
nd s?'u.d y ?i J a lu, write at Maiudiac i&me d?y?
by I |> ni
I.r>ve MancSac every Monday, Wtdneaday ?nd
EPrd y a; 11 * m, arrive at DonalJaonvilIe ?xtnc days
by 9 p m
| i9l? From l)oi aldaunville, by Pain Courtevill*,
A a...H..i!?n It I Vnrrt V lit* Kriiik
tin, Chariton. Jranerett'*, New Iberia, fct Maninsvil
e, llrean's limine. V-i in llinnvillr, and Grand
Co e in, to Opelou>aa, 131 inilei and back, three
time* a we- k I
Leave Dimldsnnville every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at 3 a m, arrive at Opeluusas every j
Thursdiv, Satwd?y and Monday by 6 |? in i
(L^-ave Opel'wiu every Mo day, VV'tdnesday and
Saturday at 3 a in, arrive at Donalda inville every |
Wednesday, Friday and M-nilay by 6 p m I
3913 Fiom I'latj-iemine to Oprlnusas, 100 mil's
and back, thrre times a week in vie mboata. The i
schedule of arrivaia and dcpartuiea to b_- proposed <
by the bidder (
P. opovala f ?r armi-weekly service will also be
c >n -idered j th? sctiedule to be s'a'ed as above. (
39(4 Kr in C inton by W. odUid, lLrhiuf'on, (
Greens urjjli an t Oik Grove to Franklintou, 67 ,
miles and hm k, once a w> ek i
Leave Ciin'on eveiy Thursday at 9 a m, arrive at ,
Frankli t >n newt day by 6 p m t
Leave Fr.nklin'on every Tuesday at 9 a m, arrive ^
!at f: iiin n n at day by b p m
5915 F.pin Clu ion by St. ile'cna, Marhuryv I' *, j
Swiei Wi crmid Fine Grove to 51adisonvil:e, 76 ?
li ilrs ami track, once a v?etk ,
1/*ie Clinton eveiy Sunday il 6 a m, a: rive a' ^
Madisnnv be n xulav by 6 p m j
Li *?<- Mi i-onviHe i-verv Tuead<y at 6 a m, ar- i
live a- C i.0 n neat ?Uy by 6pm ,
5 116 From Si. I'id ciavule y Jackson, Clinton, ?
It icIiUi (I II II and Kim 11 ill ! > J.itiei ly, 56 mi lea an I ?
bark tlir. e Ului'K a wrea, in tan hois r coai I) s, b laem
S'. Franciwdle ami Cni.toli, 24 Uii>?, lite (
rtkid.ic O 'Ce a week ?l) sulkies I
Leave St Francisvilie every M?nd?y, Wed e- #
day ai d Friday at 1 p in, armu at Clin on same days |
by 8pm i
L'-ave CI hton evi ry Monday, Wednesday and j
Friday at 5 a m, arrive at at. Fivnciavillc same da,, a ?
by I i in ?
Leave Clinton every Saturday at 6 a in. arrive at h
Li e iv aamr days by 5 p m . ,
l.ea?e Liheiiy eviry Ju idiy at 6 a m, ariivv at r
CI uiuii shi e .1. \ s by 5 o m ^
5917 Fio.i fct. Frami ville to Point C> upee, 4 ,
mi Hard back, tnree lines a w. tk, on horse and in
busts ,
Li-ave ^t. Franc iiville Tuesday*, Thursdays and (
It tur '?y? hi 0 h >>? htiivc hi I'Ollll V'VUpcC asillC |
il v> b) 11 h m
Lac Point C' upee Tuesdays, Thursd-ys ami
Situ day* hi 2 p in, arriie >t si. Fraucuville hhiiic
d ii? >> 5 p ni
59 8 Frtuu Ope oii'UH by Phqiiemine Brulee.
and i-iuc im11 ii '? Kc.i y iu lla lou's t erry, 120 miles
i a d b ck. once u ?rtk
Lr??e 0|>el ut*.. uvery Tuesday at 5 am, arrive
at Ballnii's Kerr) next Thursday by 8am
Leave Hallow's Feriy evi i y Fiiday at 8 am, a' r'.ve
at l ipc'dUHti nexl M inlay by 12 in
59'9 From Optimist* by \\ ash'ngton, Bayon
Clnciit, llo mesvide and Cha iey v.lle to Alexandria,
9 J unlit an I bilk, ihrre tiiuts a week
Li m Open usas every Sum ay, 'I'ue day rnd
Fi da\ it 4 i in, arrive at Alexandria Ltxl days by
10 p m
I e ve Alexandria eveiy M inday, Thursday and
Saturd y at 4 a in, ariivc at Opi.lousai Lcxt u-y
by lOp m
5'J2r From Ho'tnesville by Bordeaux to Msrk<Tidc,
29 m lea and I ack, on e a wc k
l.'H?e Hnlii.esville evt') M inlay at 6 a in, arrive
at M it k-vdle same d y? by 1pm
Li ave M rkstille every Tutuday at[5 a m, arrive
it llolm-'Ville same day s by 3pm
5921 Fro u Vernal ioiivi leto 1'erry'* Bridge, 25
mileh and Lark, owe* week
Leave V. rmill unv i le > very Tuesday at 12 m,
arrive ai Feny's lb i 'ge same day bv 6 p m 's
Leave |\ ny's Bridge ev. ly'WuineM'ay at 12 m, s
irieat Vern.ill onvlle san.e ?'ay by 6pm 0
6'.)22 From Alexandria by ALrksvdle, Minsura ?
hi i S mm-poit iu Fuit Asams, 81 mi.ea and b.ick, tl
twic- a week
1-.. -_.i , i i?? _,
Leave Atixanora every i ucauay aim rumy ?,
1 p arrive at Fort Adam* every Thursday and h
Sunday b\ 6pm J.1
Leave Foit Adams every Tuesday an<l Saturday
at 2 p rn, arrive at Alexandria every '1 k'ir*d?y and '
Monday hy 4 p m
49tIH Kr, m Oililc rlnl>*"Lc and
Cioutietsvide to Nati hitochea, 74 milt* ant back, '
three ti rs awiek
Leave Alrxai d ia avery Tuesday, Thursday and !
Svnitav ?t 5 a m, arr.ve at Natchitoches next days 1
flj by C pin
Lc,. ve Nat I itocl.es every Tuesday, Thursdiy and
Paint-day at 3 a m, arrive at Alexandria next days ' 1
by 6pm
51/24 Fri m Alexandra by Durvh'y fheek to liarliioi.bury,
t.U miles and ha k, once a week
Leave A exandria tv.iy Mmi'iay at 6 a m, arrive '
at Harriaonhurg next day by 5 p hi
Leave Harrisonburg every VVeilnrsday at Cam, "
arrive at Alexandiia next day bv 5 p in
5925 F'rom Natcliitochi s by Adairs to F'ort Jesup, 1
25 n.iles and back twice a week. v
I eave Nalcliiloclie* ev< iy Tuesday and Saturday
it 4 a m, arrive at Fort Ji sup same d?ys by 12 m. A
Leave F'ort Jeuip every 'I u> sday and Saturday at *1
lpm, arr.ve at Na'clntoches lame daya by 9 p m. ?
5926 From Foil Jeaup t>y Tarboro' and Negrect c
to Lones Ftrrv, 29 miles and back once a week.
Leave F'ort jesnp tv ry Wednesday at G a m, arrive
at Lones Ferry same day by 4 p m.
L-. avr Lowe. Fcrty every Thur.-day at 6 a m, ar- c
rive a' Foit Jeaup sui e day by 4 pm, b
5927 From F'ort J? sup by Grand Cane, Sumner s
Gr. .ve and Shrtivesport, to Greenwood, 10J miles n
ai.d back once a week. 1 "
il Leave Foi I Jeaup ? very Wednesday at 4 a m, ar- b
live at Gtcenwuid eveiy Friday by 12 in. *
Leave Greenwood evi ry Fridaf at 1 p m, arrive '
l| it Fort J. sup eveiy Sunday by 9 p m. 11
69'.8 From liusaeilville ?>y Mount L banon, Man- "
jiing'.*, IGndo'pti and Campii, lo Natchitoches, 76 "
miles and ba< k oi ce a w eek . "
Leave Kussillv il: eve.y Tuesd>y at 5 a m, arrive 1
,1 V.I elilnr lies II, XI d V t)V W I) m ''
Leave Nkt Ivtoches every 'I li.ii rdry at 5 a m, ar- ! I'
live a kii-mi lit illr next <Iu\ a by 8 p m. |v
59.9 From Marrrnn'<org to Natchez. CO mi Ira *
hi <1 hat k t w ice a w cek; one nf tin- ti ips to run by a
S cilv I I ml, I ens-w Kiv r. Wutir ProofLanding, ''
ami \i a is. and tbe o'her by Tri ity. P
Lt ave ll?ri isonbnrg eveiy W'edi esday and f?atun
ay at 5 a m, i rr.vc at Natclitz eiery Thursday p
ami Moiidty lay 12 m.
l.tave Natch. z ivery Thuratlay and Monday at 1 I)
p tr>, a rive ?t llanisunbirg ncx days by 9 p in. ti
I59J0 F|oni Harrisonburg by Coptuliag.n Co- u
Inn.I> a and Caldwell to Monroe, 76 nnl-s and buck,
once a t?et k v
L- ?ve tarri'oi burp evety W'ednesday at 4 a m, ,
an iie at Monroe next day !>? 6 p ir ^
Leave Monroe every Friday m 6 a m, arrive at (|
j|| II ,i risimlnirg i ext day by 6 p m ft
5931 From Grand Uulf by New Carthage and v
Itioi tlioiid w Mdl gau'a Mend, 8J milts and buck, (J
once *nk
Le-.ve Grand Gulf every Ti.eatlay at 5 a m, arrive
at Mi ligaii'a Iteml next day b) 8pm
j J.iavt Mih'gtoV Hand every Thursday at 5 am,
arr vr at Giai d G.i I m-xt day by 8 p m j
59 >2 Fr. m New Carthage to Warrenton, 20 milts
and bsck. in ce a w ? tk j
ILetV New Card.ape every Thursday at 5 a m,
atr.vr at \t arreiron ??inr- day by 12 m '
Leave Wuirenton rveiy Tiiuiad ) at 1 p m, arrive
at Ni w Carthage same day by 8pm
59J3 From .Monroe by Mount Atrial, Colvins, ,
q i?j, Rn-at IIv I r, Mount I eb> non hihi Mindi n to ,
Overtoil, 94 no lea-nil b ck, once a week (
Leave Monroe every Saturday at Cam, arrive at
Ove. ton every Molt ay by 12 rn
L?ave 0> erton every Monday at 1 p m, arrive at
Monroe every Wednesday by 6pm j
I Jj 5924 From M on roe by enterprise to Farmersvibe,
33 miles and back, once a week
l.i ave Monroe eteiy Friday at 6 a m, atrive at
Fa> mersv lle same days by 6 p m
L rve Fom rsvil'e every Siturday at 6 a m, ar- 1
rive at Monroe tame days by 6pm
srsct.t orrtcn.
Propo?a'v fi r Mipplyin; tbe following offices at
a sum to be nsmeit, and sobjert to the condition ot
bemg limited to tlie net piocee.U ot tbe office, are
i.ivited: c
Hal ze to be supplied bom New Orleans, 105
Ibilea ai d bai k, t w ic a week m steamboats.
Day on liougi. Fraii ie from Bayou Rouge, 10 miles
?nd tuck, once a week. r
lie Iwood H ove to be supplied from Mount Wi>
l'i>K> 5 miles ami back, once a week.
(spring Dili to be kupplod irom Cheney ville, 15
mil< ami back, once a wrtk1
lie Village to be supplied from Point Coupee,
d Uiilck a ,d liack, once a wet t.
1. Seven minute* are allowed for opening and
cloning lite mails at all oliice*, where no particular
lime i* specified! but on railroad and ktoambual
routes there ta to be no mure deity than is necessary
to deliver anil receive the bags.
2 The mail it to be conveyed in pr'fortnee to
pas engrrs, and to their entire cxclution, i. ila weight
and bulk requ re i'.
3. A preleience is to bo given to passengers
wrought in the connecting mad lines over those
Uavclling In any oth-r.
4. Host Office banks, msil bag*, and die special
igents of tile Department, on the exhibition ot thei.
.ri dent als, are to be conveyed without further
durge on n a I lines admitting ot such,conveyance.
5. Mail agents are to conveyed without chaige
>n the principal railroad a id steamboat line-., where
lie size or i|?e ma is ami uie nuiitoer or rue unices
sill leq lire iheir employment l>y the Department,
mil in llut ca-e a separate apartment fur the a?sortng
and safe-keeping of the mail, is to be provided
>y the contractor under the direction of the Deurtment.
6. In all rases, there is to be a foifei'ure of the
?ay of tli j trip, when the trip is not rut ; a forle.tuie
d at least oin-fourth part ol it, alien the runn tig or
irrival is s > far behind time as to io>e the connection
vnh a depending ma-lj and a forfeiture of a due
iroportiun of it, when a grsile of?e vice is render'd
nferlor lo that in the contract- These fotfciiurt s
n-y be in tressed into penalties ol higher amount,
iccord ng to lie nature or fi?qurncy of die failure
.nd the importance of the m.il.
7. Fin s will be imposed, onlrss the delinquency
ie 'ati-lactoiily explained in ilue nine, tor In l-ng
ot-k-lrom or di liver at a post oflic., the m <il, or
my pirtotit; for suffering t to be w.t, injured
o-t, or d strut ed; fur conveying it in a place nr
naimer tint espose* t to d< prcil,.tu n, loss, or in
urV; for lefusing alter demand to c live) a ma I by
my coach, ra Ir al car, or st. a i boat, wticb the
ontricinr r. en ailv runs on the route, lie vim I the
I> c fied number o< tripsin tie con racts and loi
iot arriving in ill l me si t Ami fur settn g up >.
tin'niiig- mi express 10 tr.<iitmit cuisnietcisl iiiuili
[riiie in advan e of the n.a a penal y will be ex
icteil equal lu a q urui'j p y
8 Tne Poslma-ter Gentr 1 may annul the con
la t for (rjeatd laduies; lor viola r.g the Post
?IH:eliW>; fur disobeying the instruct.on* t.f ilir
levari men ; fhr r? fu*mg ti di*ci a ge a carriei
*h n r. qmred by the iK par men'; h r ass going ttu
!i?nt act without ihecortsent of die Posiu a-ter lien
ia', or for s.tung up or running an express a>
The Pos'manter General m*y slier tl e contrart,
iil l alter the scln du e, lie allowing a pro rata Inirense
of compensation, within the reainctiusa im
iosciI by law, for the additional service rt quired,
>r for ill increased speed, if the employment ol
iddilional stock or carruis is rendered necessary
tit the c.i ntiaclur may, in sucli esse, te inqu s i the
niinrsc', on tuni ly notice, if be prcf. rs n to die
banjfe- lie limy a so discontinue r curtail the
ierv.ee, he al owing one month's extra piy on the
nriount dispensed with,
10. phe ) a) me .is will be made through draft*
in post offices or otherwise, after the expiration ol
acli cjuarti r, say in February, May, August, and
11. The distances are given according to the hest
nformaii'in; but nu increased pay w i I be all iw. d,
it.i uld tliey prove to be greater than is adveitised,
I the plicesare cornctly named.
12 The Postmaster General is prohibited by law
rom knowingly umking a cnntiact lor the transput-ation
of die ui.il with any person who shal have
o ler> d into any combination, or propos d <o enter
to any ciuii'uii.dion, to prevent the making ol any
nd for a m il Contiact by any other peison or perons,
or who shall liave rnaoc any acreenn id, or
hall have givi n or pi rfurmcd, or promised to give
r perform, ai v consideration tu do, or not to d ,
nyll ing whati v^r to induce any other person not
i> tnd lor a mail contract.
13. On coach routes where ih? present contrac'or
hall besupcrsedtd hv an Underbnlder, who mm
nt have t c stage property requisite for the per-;
irntance t fthe contract, he shah purchase from the
.resent cunt actor mic'i of his coaches, teams, and
larncs's beb.nging to the route as shall be needed,
> id m?y be sni aide fur the SCIViCe, at a lair valuaoii;
and make pa;, nit nt ihcrtf r by ri asonable mI'alments,
a> li s pay bee ines due, u less the present
contractor si.all continue to run stage* on the
rotl'e. Should diey ii t -gree us to the suitableness
jf the prtqierty, li e t-ruis, or the security, i acn
mav cl in se a oersun who mav siwint a di id. anil
htirritcisi >n -ha I be fina'; or the Postmss'er t.ental
will name the umpire. Should t >e undcrbulder
<il tocompy, Ids bid wt I be off. rtd' to the conructor;
bui sliould li tltcbne it, ibe piop s?!s u
lie tin b rbid.ler wil be accep'ed unconditionally
'he untlet bidder slu-u'd give early noli -e of his in
Ention to take or not t? tak ibe .'lock, and if the
tt<-r, of Ins lessons; and tne |u esent con'iactor i*
9 dirti rmme, on tlie first application, whether he
all sell it or not.
14. A bid rec-ivied after time,Mo wit: the 11th
ipnl next at 3 p m, or without the guarantee rehired
by law; or that comb nes s-veial route a in
ite sum of compensation, cannot be con-id'red in
ompelition with a regular proposal, not adjudged
a lie extravagant.
15. A bidder may offer on coach, railroa 1, or
leamboat route-, where that transportation is diffio11
or imprai I cable at ci-rtabi s.-ft-ons, to sub t tute
orse or wagon conveyance, or to intermit seivicc, a
pecified number of days, weeks, or months, lie
ay propose to emit an otiicc that is inaccess hie, or
i not on the s age road, the railway, or at a s'eain- j
oat I inding, as the case may be, or he may offer to
ubstitiite an inferior mode of supply in tin h esses
le may propose cliff, rent days and hours of departre
and atViv I, provided to more running time i
skeit, and it is obv oils that no mad connection or
t lit r pubic accommodation i>? pr juniced. lit
i iy ask for a specific I number of days for more
uniting time t > the li ip at certain seasons of pen-!
ar bad roads. Hut beyond there changes, a pro
osal fid- set\ice finerent from the adst itisein lit
nil pn Vi lli ill II? n[ i iiii Mien ii III I unipeoi iuii
nth a regular bi<', not set aside fur extravagance;
n I whe e a tiid contains any ol the abi ve altera
uns. the r dis?dvantag< s will be estimated in ci maiing
it with oti er proposals.
lti. Tliere sltould be but one route bid for in a
minis* I.
17. The route, the service, the yearly pay, the
urtdi r'a name and reside ce, and die name or each
?snil?er ol the ii m, where a company nfl'trs, should
e distinctly stated.
18. Tne fo lowing is the form'of the guaranty
ill ch kliou d be fnied, the first blank with the
amc of the guarantor, the second with that of the
udder; and the third and fonlth with the btg'n
hi g and U rmin "ting points of the route ; and alti r
eing date I, should be signed by die guarantor,
vho must Oe shown by the written certificate of a
. Minister. or other <nut Iv satisfiCtnrv test mo
ial, lo lie a man of property, and ablo to make
nod lna guaranty. This guaranty, so certified,
iltould accompui y each bid.
"The undersigned guaranties that il
lit l> d f >r carrying the mail from to be
cctpted by die Postmgster General, shall eti'er
ii'o an obligation pr or to the 1st day of July
iext, with good and sufficient sureties, to perlcrm
lie service proposed.
" Da'ed "
19 The bid should be sent under seal, addressed
o the First Assistant FoMmasler General, wnli
M ail Proposals in the State ol ?written on
he lace of die letter; and should be tie pitched in
ime to be receive I by or before the 1 -1111 Apr,I next,
t 3 o'clock, p m.
20. I he contracts ate to be executed before die
st July next.
Post Officii Drpartmfnt, Dec. 14, 1H41.
\ V Whatman'* Drawing Papua of various hiZch.
Bristol Boards, assorted s zes.
Drawing Pencils, Sable anil Camels' Hair Brushes
Khoads ?fe Son's superior English Colors, in bon a
f from one lo tour rows.
Large boxes of Colors, with complete assortment of
olors, brushes, pallets, &c , for sale by
Agent for J. K. Derrick.
Pennsylvania Av, between I'2th and 13tI. sirs'a.
lov, 2b.
J rirrlvMl at the office of I lie Commissioner of In
dun Allan*, until 12 o'clock on the 30< h day ol Dr
ceinber msi, lor the supply ol 1, Kk> Northwest Gun*
to Iw of American manufacture, and to correspon I in
irveiy rispecl wuh sainpb * win. b will he eibibilel al
| i ho War Department. Oim lialf I In- quantity will be
i required fortheserviceof IrM'i. >nd tti< -ther lor 1M3.
The lira! Joinery lo be made on or eet. re the day
j of May, 18-13, ua follows : i
At New York, UiO.
At St. Louts, -lot),
j The second delivery lobe mad. at the aaioe points and
at the aanie period in the year 1843.
The Guns will be subjected to the usual proof und
inspection by an officer of the Government to be ap
| pointed for ilie purpose, on whose certificate that the
contract i? fully cainplnd with, payment will be .nadiin
the years 1842 and 18411, respectively, after thl
j Guns shall have been delivered.
| Contracts will be made alter the bids are opened,
, and bond* require I to be executed for a fuilhlul efl'ecui
lion of the contracts
Dkp.uitment op War,
2Id Xuccmbcr, 1811.
nov '23?l30thDec.
American Sentinel; National Gazette, Philadelphia;
uml the Republican. at Cincinnati.
Medical notice.?w mi sub anu ujfticud
icith IXteatt.?The Suhacriher prepares medi
cinea that will cure the following diseases: .Cancer,
without cutiin^ it; Consumption, Deafness, anil all
diseases of'the E ir-; Piles ami Fistula; Snoiulu, commonly
culled the Kings' Evil; Stone and Gravel; Asilii
ma; White Swellings; Dyspepsia; Rheumatisms; Gout;
Kroncheti*; Inflammations ol the L.v.t-r ami Lungs;
Inll.uniiiatory Soie J'hro it; lull animations of the Eyes;
Fevers ami Agues; U eers of the Legs, orany Eiup
tions of the Skin, ami Diseus. a of Wniuen.
Or. PURCELL his, hy indefatigable labor, for
years, over lire*, glasses, uml ri toils, with great 11
, enae, made the greatest discovery lor the preservation
of the lives of men, from the awful and external
outing disease* ol the Plague ami Yellow Fever, that
w.t* ever made hy uny man or nation tu the p esenr
i day. Lavoisier was the greatest chemist that France
has produced, ami lie was u great chemist indeed. Sir
Humphrey Davey was the greatest chemist that England
has produced. These great men, and all the
chemists that ever came before them, h ve been looking
ami laboring for I he uied.cine that Providence was
pleased to reveal to me for I ha preservation of the lives
.il'llo .-rn.illl,... 'I'lim mil.l,o.l,I.. IIu n or...
ventive anil a specific in Plagup, Yellow Fever, Small
PwX, ami all contagious di-eases in nature.
A man t>v iking a table spoon lull of the medicine I
! in the morning, las ing, may go into on hospital where
|ieo|ile are dying with the Plague or Yellow Fever.? j
t ie may lake the hick man hy the hand, and turn linn
in lu? lied, and shall not take the disease? and if the i
strength of the patient is not exhausted the medicine
will cure him This is the first public notice I have
given of the discovery of this Medicine. and I do noi
| intend to oiler it for sole at pri sent, as every one
J knows the weather at this season of the year puts an
| end to the awful effects of the Yellow Fever,
j M v object ut present is to inform the public, that in
case the d seasc should return the next year, that the
I people may he informed that there is a medicine, as |
; ..bove described, to be had. I would advise Captains
; and M< rc bonis tending to the countries where the;
Plague'in Yell >w Fever ii prevalent, to take tome o!
: my medicine with them. 1 also prepare medicines that
; will effectually cu e Hydrophobia, or the bile of any
i rabid annual?or the hue of the most poisonous snakes, i
! if applied to time,
Dr. P. can destroy any of the fatal poisons, and
i their deleterious effects, that can tie obtained from
Animal, V egetahlcs or Minerals. I can also depiive
J all the Corrosive .Acids of their poisonous and delete1
rious i (frets in an .aslant.
i THIS MEDICINE. ? 1 gave this medicine to Dr
Hare, Prolessor of Chemistry in ti e University ol
Philadelphia?a gentleman 1 consider a li.'st rati
; Chemist,, to see if he could analyze it and ascertain its
com|K>nenl parts, lie tried all the tests that could he j
tried, and cuuld not ascertain its component parts.?
Nor is it in the power of any man to asceitain the 1
component purls of ibis medicine except the pro
r>The above Medicines are to be had hy application
io Dr P U RCELL, Jefferson street, Georgetown,
I). C. dec 7?fun
' < 11 li ouiwri' rr uurr* ior hum1 iiim mriJi ni ntu*
JL vtl'c, Prince George's rnuritv. Mil , consisting of
ACRES. It is situated nn the B.tllliuoie and Washington
railroad, nl the Bellsville dr|Mit, twelve miles
! (an half horn's ride) front the latter place, and thereI
tore convenient to thin market. It consist* of woodj
land, mead iwr, and upland, the latter capable of produ
cing and is now hearing excellent crops of coin and
; tobacco, and the meadow, in good season*, producing
00 to tit) tons of hay. The farm is well supplied wiih
water, and has upon it u house and hnrn. The rail
; road divides the meadow from the upland.
1 will sell also my stock upon it, consisting of horses,
cattle, Berkshire hogs. &c.
: Washington, July 31, 1841,
Laws relating To the publiclands,
for sale by F. Taylor i-n two volumes,
; containing also instructions issued from time to time
| troni the Treasury Department and General Land
| Office, with judicial decisions, and official opinions of
the Atlornies General on questions arising under the
i Land Laws?with engraved plates, maps, surveys, Iii|
ilian reservations, Ate , &c.. Prepared by order of, and
for the use ofGoveinment. A few copies only for sale
by F. TAYLO R.
LUSBY & DUVALL, Merchant Tailors, ad-]
joining Newton & Gadshy's hotel, Pennsylvania
avenue, desire irgjicctfullv lo rail the attention ol j
citizens, members of Congress, and strangers visiting
the Mc rnpolis, to a choice ami well selected ass >rt 1
' ment of superfine Cloths, Cassimeris, Vestings. Bea I
! ver cloths, &c , which they will make up to order in \
the most superior an.I fashionable manner at moderate i
prices, lo uddilion lo the above, we have many other]
ii * k i r < i! 111 * n rl it* !ds fur irrril Irmcnn lu-nr. such as silk 1
arid Marino Shirts nnd Drawers, Fine Linrn and
Muslin Shirts, Scarfs, Cravats,Stocks, Hdkfs, Gloves, !
Suspenders, Hosiery, Dressing Gowns, &c,?ull of
which will he sold as cheap as they can be purchased
in the District. dec. (i ? 3iawifdw
INK AND Will 11NU FLUIDS.?Superior English
and Aimrican Wiping Ink ; Steven's blue, I
hlack, and brilliant red Writing Fluids in large and
small jugs.
Arnold's Copying Ink.
Terry's British do. do. For sale by
( Agent for J. K. Derrick.)
Pennsy'vania Av., between 1-tli and 13th streets,
nov *33
PAPER?PA PER ? PA PER?Just received from
the celebrated Franklin Manufacturing Coinp'g,
Richmond, Va, 500 reams of nil invoice of Wining,
Ledger, and Envelope Papers, equal to any of the
Northern manufactories for durability, &c ; varyiny ,
from $2 50 to&1 for Letter and Cap Papers; 'Si to
$5 for siipeiior line Envc'ope ; ami ? '.) to ft 12 for Demi
and Medium Book Papers. The principal pari was
made to order, and invites the Depart men Is and ol hers
to call ami examine. 1 intend keeping a regular sup
plv on hand. This being the first attempl to obtain
Station* ry soutn ?>i ine ruiumar, x?iu v irgiuia currency,
we nil know, Is not bad to take
Also on linrnl, n general assortment of Papers from
| the principal manufactories in the United States, for
sale on reasonable terms
Pennsylvania Av. between I lib ami 12th streets,
dee 2
-A pronounce Levy's Circular Pointed Metallic Pen
to be the best in the market."?A etc Yurie Courier
anil Enquirer.
"As we are often obliged to scribble against time,
we prefer Lery's llruad Pointed Pens; which set vi
our purp >ses better than any pens we recollect to hn
; used.? Huston Mercantile Journal.
For sale by F.TAYLOR.
I july 29
A 1 r A M111 .N (i i Tin HOUSE, No. 223 Chesnut
i VV stiect, next doot to the Masonic [Jail, Phlladel
phia. II I' HART WELL, Proprietor. This new
anil splendid house is now open, and fitted up in tin
most fashionable stylo for the accommodation of grni
tlentcn and families.
1 The location for health and convenience, to places
of fashionable resort or business, has no superior,
while the parlors, dining-rooms, and chambers, will
bear comparison wi o any similar establishment in the
The ladies will find in it 'nil the quiet and elegance
of a stately private mansion, and the gentlemen every
luxury that may he expected from a hotel of the first
class in the city of Philadelphia.
' The proprietor hopes, hv his exertions, to merit a
liberal patronage for the Wash ngton Hobse, and to
give entire satisfaction to all who may honor it w t't
| their company. march 25-tf
att <'o>i?ii??hinih'? Orrice,
December IS, 1841IjROPOSAI.S,
sealed ami endorsed, will be received
at tlii-, otiire until threr o'clock P. M. of
the 15th January, lrt4'J, for manufacturing, furnishing,
and delivering twenty-four hundred Mattresses
lor the use of the Navy, tot be delivered a* follow* :
HOO ui the Navy Yard, Charles town, Massachusetts
H.iO at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York ; and
8 itf^it the Navy Yard, (Josport, Virginia,
on or before the 1st of April, 184:1.
The said Mattresses must be six feet in |cnglh,
twenty-eight inches w idc, and made of the purest imported
curled horse hair of the first quality. The
ticking to he of American manufacture of the best
quality?either of . Inio.skrag J'icAing, or equal thereto
; the gross weight of each of the said Mattresses
to he eleven pounds, or nine pounds of hair without
the tick. The hair must he uniform in quality, and
nerfertlv climn ill ilk mil; ..Il,I<i urlmn imnnrtwi! -Ii
Mattress is to have a ootton cheek cover of the best
quality, with tape -trings atone end, so as to be taken
off and replaced at pleasure,
The said Mattresses to be subject on delivery to
such inspection as the Commissioners of the Navy
may authorize or direct, and must be in all respects
perfectly satisfactory to the commanders or commanding
officers of said navy yards, respectively.
Bonds, with two approved sureties in one-third the
amount of the respective contracts entered into, will
be required, and ten per centum, in addition, will he
withheld from the amount of each payment to hi
made, as collateral security for the due and faithful
performance thereof, which will not be paid until the
contracts be complied with. After deducting ten per
centum, payment will lie made by the United States
within thirty days after said Mattresses are inspected
and received, and bills for the same presented to the
respective Navy Agents at Boston, New York, and
Norfolk, approved by the commanders or commanding
oliicers of said yards, respectively, according to
the terms of the contracts.
I All the said Mattresses must conform to, and be in'
quality equal with, the samples deposited in the office
HI the Commissioners of the Navy,
j To be published in the National Intelligencer,
Madisonian, tllohe, and Army and Navy Chronicle,
District of Columbia ; Boston Atlas and Boston Morning
1'ost, Massachusetts; Express and Commercial
Advertiser, in New York; American Sentinel and
Pennsylvania!!, in Pennsylvania ; Baltimore Patriot
and Baltimore American, in Maryland; and Norfolk
and Porthmouth .Herald, in Virginia,
dec. X!1?dtl.ithJ.in.
For (he Medium Steamer.
PROPOSALS, sealed, will be received by the Navy
Agent, New York, for the lollowing heat
quality li'/u/z Oik Timber, \\ huh shutl have grown
on land within the influence of salt water, viz :
3d floor timbers, 100 lirst fullocks, 100 third fut'
locks, to side 10j inches, and to mould from 0 to 10
inches, and toshipe as per moulds, which will be
furnished. About 3,000 cubic feet.*
I - OUW CUIUC It'l l III plallK MOCK.
Also, tin- I allowing best quality long leaf, fine gram
Suullurn Yellow /-One, viz :
32 beams, 18 to 27 teething, solei! 13 inches, mouldeil
12 lie-lies, licit size 12 by 10 inches, lu i-pting 3
inches in '27 teet, about c. ft. 1,005
31 beams, 12 to 27 feet long, sided II) inches,
moulded 10 inches, nett size 10 by 8 inches, to
spring a* utsive, - - - - 517
2 beams, 27 teet long, 18 by If) inches, to
spring 12 inches - - - 400
1 imber lo make 2,800 tunning feet of ledges,
t! by 4 inches tqu ire, (nett siz*',) - - 770
Timber to make 000 running feet cartings,
0 by (i inches square, (nett size - - 410
2 pieces 28 leet long, 14) by 24 inches,
(straight) - - - - 151
Flank slock for plank, water ways, iStc - 0,175
c. feet 0,470
130 White Oak deck knees, 121 hackmetack deck
Proposals for the While Oak to be received until
'l'lio supplies are In lie delivered at the I'mled
States Arsenal, near Philadelphia, tor inspection, in
! equal monthly portions, and the contracts are to lie
lu till led mi or belbro tlx.! lit day of July, 1H1-.
'."he proposals must lie in wiiling, sealed, anil endorsed
" Proposals, 'anil must reach the Oll'tce ot the
Commissary General of Purchases, on or before the
I'tliiluy ot January, l^l'J. No proposals will be reeeiveil
afler I! o'eluek of that day.
Security will he required llir the fulfilment of contracis.
Commissary Gcncial of Purchases.
Commissary General s Ollice,
Philadelphia, December 17, 1H11. drc2I-tJl7
\\T ANTED, for the repairs ot the Potomac Bridge
VV the following while oak Piles, vu.
3l! pieces, 111 fret long,
72 pieces, 111' feet long.
10-1 pieces, 17 feet long,
lid pieces, II feet long.
J.VJ total.
All to he (l.itlened or hewn on two sides, to I . . le,
ten inches thxk ni each end, and perfecify straight
elivcrahle on or hefore the first day of April next
Proposals will he received until the I Ot h day of January
next, by the subscriber, at Georgetown^ D. C.
Major Topographical Engineers,
dec t I?dl wA'endl lllj'an
/ n i.i I VA i'lUN, MANUFACTURE ANt*
Secretary of the Treasury?Senate Document ?120
pages with Notes and Tahles. A few remaining copics
toi sale by F. TAYLOR ; price 37cent*.
| may 4
Jlsi 1J, cruiber. I o he delivered on or before the Ut
of March ro x(. For the Y ellow Pine and Kiipch un|
il the 15ih January. To he delivered on or before
\ tlic 1st April next, all at the Navy Y'ard, Brooklyn,
| New Y ork, subject toits inspection and measurciuent;
price |?'r cubic fool delivered
A ny further information from the Constructor, at
the Yard.
Navy Agent's Office,85 YVatrr street,Dec. 8, 1HII.
dec 21 ? d J.iii 1
P ROPOSALS will be received at the office of the
Commissary General of Purchases, in Philadel1
phia, to furnish the following materials and articles
| for the United States Army, for the year 1812, viz.
Blue cloth (i-4 wide, dyed in indigo and in the wool
Sky blue tw illed Cloth (i-4 wide
Unbli ached Cotton Shirting, 7-8 wide
111. ached do do do
1 Flannel of Cotton and Wool, 7-8 w ide
\ Cotton Flannel, ."1-4 wide
I nbleached Cotton Drilling, 3-4 and 7-8 w ide
Bleached do 3-4 w ide
Uniform Caps, for Dragoons, Artillery and Infantry
l'ompoons. for Artillery and Infantry
! Hair Plumes, for Dragoons
j Bands and Tassels, do
i Aiguillettes, Artillery and Infantry
: Worsted Sashes, do do and Dragoons
Shoulder Straps, do do
Do (brass) for Dragoons
Epaulette*, Nun. Cuui'd, Si.ill. Artillery, and Inl'unl
VV.,,,11, n hnlf Slnelinc.
Laced Bootee*
Leather Slock*
Blankets, ii 1-2 feet lone, 5 feet wile, weight 4
Mi-ial Cap Equipment*, for Dragoon*, Arty., and
Felling A ics
Drums, complete with Sticks, Slings and Case*
Worsted Binding and Cord, of all kinds
Common 'l'cnts
Wall Tents and (lie*
Hospital Tents
fainting and Strapping Knapsacks
Casks and Cooperage, for one year from 1st April
(The quantity and number of these articles will he
determined'hereafter )
The wh le are to bo of domestic manufactured materials.
Patterns of nil the ri quired Wool'eii and Cotton
Cloths and-articles, are deposited in the Commissary
General s office, in ll is city, for examination.
Sample of I he Woollen and Colion Cloth* will lie
sent to any ninnulheturrr on application to this Office,
hy mail, and such information given as inav he desired.
The Bootees are to he of fight sizes, and the Caps
of Ar'sizes The sixes and proportions of sizes w ill
lie slated in the contracts.
(tn the samples and patiernaexhihited tlie contracts
will he founded and inspections made, and no art cle
will he received that is inferior to the material or
workmanship to, or does not correspond in every respect
with the pattern on which a contract is founded
(>ii>|jo? >1* will be received at the office of the CoiniHl??ionrr
ol' Indian Affair*, until the ddlb day of Oe
oembcr neni, at one o'clock, I'. M , for furnishing the
following kimmI* lor the u?e of the Indiana :
Mackinac Blanket*, vuiiou* aire* and color*.
Cloth* of different Ijualily and Color*
Slroud* do
Flannel* do
Woollen So ks do
Yurn* do
Lin*ey* and wur?ted Guitering do
Calicoes, assorted qualities
Calico and Flannel Shirts
Bleached and unbleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting
womesiic i. iihku, r iaiu* an i re ripe*
Cotton Shawl:) anil Handkerchiefs
Black Silk Handkerchief*
Hewing Silk, assorted color*
Cotton and Linen Thread*, assorted color*
Chinese Vermillion
Head*, amiortcd
Pipe* do
Pin* do
lira** and Tin Kettle*, assorted size*
Tin Pan* and Cu()S
Pry in it Pans
Fire Steel*
Hritannia and paper lined Looking glasses
Awl*, ussolted *
Buttons do
Bras* nail* assorted
Thimbles do
Sci'sots do
Gimlets do
Table Knivi s and Fork
Pewter Plate*
Fish Hooks and Line*
Coillh* aHsorted
Nortliwesi Gun*, Powder Horn* and Shot Pouches '
Gun Worms ami Flint*
Half Axes and Hatchets
Gun Powder and Bar Lead
Knivi a.
A schedule of the above articles, with samples, mnv
be seen al the office of the Commissioner of Indian
AHair*, in Washington, exhibiting the quantity ol
.'ach article requited, but the right is reserved to the
Department to alter, increase, or diminish any of the
articles nursed in said schedule*
The amount of money to be applied to the purchase
of these goods will be about 5r70,0O0 00, oI |
w hich some 830,000 will be wanted en the seaboaid,
and the residue in the west, and good* of American
manufacture, all other thing* being equal, w ill be preferred.
The contractors will be required to deliver
I hem nt such times ami places as may l?e designated in
the euiilracls.
A separate contract will be entered into for the ,
tr in>|Mirt.ition to the several points ol" delivery.
Bonds with two or more i-urelies, the sufficiency to i
be certified by a U nited Slates .judge or district attorney,
w ill be required lor the faithful perlormance id the
contract, and payment will be made after the contract
is completed, upon a duplicate invoice, accompanied by
the certilicule ot the agent ol the Government uulho
rued to receive them, th .I the goods have been delivered
in good order, and in conforu iiy to the contract
and samples.
Ufkk ?. of Indian Affairs,
?Md November, 1*11,
To lie published in the B.v?n Atlas and Morning
Post, Boston ; the New York Express and Journal i
of Com oercc, New York; the Americun Sentinel i
nnd Nuiional Gazette. Philadelphia; the Madtsmian, <
Washington; the Patriot, Baltimore; the Bulletin, I
St. L"uis. nov 2d?d30thdec
t'Kc'fuaztL.S. 1'Oic uiAiTTTvui (
Post Office Department, / '
December 2(/, 1941. i>
QEA LED proposals will be received at the Post
lO OHice Department until the 2lth inst , at 3 o'clock
P. M , fir the following dtscriplims of binding for
the period of three years fiOlll the first dav of January, 1
super royal nianK noons, mi iuii nussm, lenu iineu,
extra ruled, with printed captions and headings ol
columns, with spring lucks, lettered and numbered.
Same, without captions and headings, and hi h alphabets,
separate or annexed.
K.urie, in call, with extra Russia bands. i
Royal blank hooks, in lull Russia, feint lined, ruled
and lettered, with printed eupiions, spring backs, and ;
indexes separate or annexed.
Same, without indexes.
Same, without captions, and with indexes, separate
or annexed.
Same, in calf, with extra Russia hands.
Same, without ruling. i
Same, in calf, with extra Russia bands, with and
without ruling. I
Demy blank hooks, in full Russia, with spting
hacks, ruled and feint lined, with indexes, separate ur
Same, indexed, hut without captions and tuling.
Foolscap blank books, in full Russia, with spting
backs, feint lured and ruled, bank distance.
Same, in naif Russia, feint lined, and ruled to pattern.
Ruling quarto post pajier ed, and feint lined to oat
tern, per quire.
Ruling cap paper red, and feint lined to p
.Ruling demy royal and super royal red, and fetn
lined to pattern.
Ruling demy royal and super royal red, and feint
lined to pattern, with printed captions, per quire, for
all the above.
Folding, stitching, cutting und quarter binding .1 ti,to
is.txxi copies of the Laws and Instructions, should i
the Department order their publication.
Specimens of blank books, now in use, may be seen i
in the various i litres ami divisions of the Department.
The paper will be furnished by the Depart- ,
The bids for binding books must specify the price :
per quire. ' ;
The price must be annexed to each item contained |
in the advertisement, and n > bid will he considered ;
which contempla'es more than one price for any one j
article or kind of work.
The Department reserves the right of proscribing (
l,? ,?ir..,n. f.?.C..W,I Iini?.i* -?.l riitii.i. -it r
.... .....v.. ,* , * i
Tho bids must be accompanied l>y ample testimonials
of the ability of the bidder to |ierform the work.?
Ten per cent on the price of lite w. tk executed will |
be retained, as security for its faithful performance.
A refused or failure t execute any work in due i
lime after it is ordered, diseegnrding the instructions
of the Department as to the manner of its execution, '
slovenly execution of the work, fading to aeceiint for ' I
or to return on demand paper lr ioh d o- to he bound. i
sn list nut in g ol her pa pi r, or any other at'empt to evade I
the true meaning of the eonlruet, will he a f rleituie | of
the contract and of the ten per rem re'atned.
Ptopo als should be addressed to the Postmaster '
General, and endorsed " Proposals for Binding." t
Dec.it?did. I
Will promptly and faithfully attend to any profes- i i
sional business entrusted to bun in Western Illinois, i
and the liver counties of Missouri and Iowa, above i
1 Iannibal. j i
IP*} Particular attention given to the collection ol j i
Dkuih. I I
liefer to Hon. George Evans, U. S Senate; Iloni , .
Elisha II. Allen, House, Representatives. julyl-t
DEAF AND DUMB.?'i'lie undersigned respectfully
requests the ladies and gentlemen of this
eitv, and others, to buy the Alphabet for the Deaf and 1
Dumb, and signs for I he tigun s price *25 cents for
one card. Applv to P. IV J ROGER, born deaf and
dumb, at Mr. Win. Morrisons julyl-Ill. 1
London souvenirs foe ism.?The B..,,k
of Beauty,small quarto size; Friendship's (I florin"
; the Keen-ake; the Pieturesoue Annual, are
this day receivift' firtf sa'le by F. TA YLOR, togeiRifF
with ? valuable ami varit'il collection of richly lllininril
anil 01 nnmenled hooks embracing the most esteemed
among English literature. not. '20.
NI-.W S I'ATII ).\l ll\ W I ISt IImi. on,,oner
and dealer in Stationery, is now opening the
most extensive assortment of English, French, and
American Stationery, that 'has ever been offered in
the Distiict, and wlneh ii not surpassed by any nthi r
house in the United Slates. To a due appreciation
of his stock and the qualities of 'he articles, an in
speclion is necessary, and which he resjiecifully invites
at Stationers' 11 ill, where a strict uniformity cil
dealing is observed An enumeration of the articles,
fie , will he given in subsequent advertisements.
dec 7
\ I It -I' It i I I 1' S I i i VI'. II \V I" I wards, High
i *- street, near Gay, Georgetown, is now ready to
supply the people of this District and ol the surrounding
country tvith the Air-tight Stove, to the best of
his ability. Dealets supplied at a 11' >era I discount.
Mr. Edwards is now my sole agent for tins District.
As far as my health and occupations allow, I
will see that he sells the genuine article. All others
are "humbugs.'' 1
nov 9?wfuv ISAAC ORR. i
Post Office Department, ,
Drcetnbrr \i, 1 - I ,
SEALED PROPOSALS Mill Ik- ree.n, , ,
Post Olfice Department until th*'Jlth u
at 3 "'cluck P. M., for furnishing the Mum
scription of Stationery lor the |? r.od of three v, . ,
from the let Jay of January, 1H|J
Best hand made Folio Pout Paper, plain
Same, feint lined, common distance.
Best hand-made Cluarlo Post Paper, satin fir,,and
of linen, laid and wove.
Best hand-made Cluarlo Post, plain whiti
finish, laid and wove.
Same, feint lined, common dis'ance, laid and w i
Best hand-made CAunrlo Post Pajs r, Idue,.,
finish, laid and wove.
Same, feint lined, common distance laid m
Beat machine-made Folio Post, plain.
Same, U.uarto Post. plain.
Beat hand-made Foolscap, plain, satin linnh i.
of linen, laid and wove.
Beat hand-made foolscap, plain, satin fir.n-li
and wove.
Same, faint-lineil, common distance, laid art'
Best machine-made Foolscap, plain while.
Same, feint lined, common distance.
Best Draw ing Paper, 27 hy 40 inches per s'.n
Same " SO hy 52 "
Tracing Paper IS hy 21 "
Same " 215 hy lis "
Best super-royal huff Emcl?j>e Paper, HUouih -
Best super-royal wlii'o do do' J,
Bc.-l hand-iou.le Su|er royal.
Do do Iti yaj,
Bi st hand made D in.
Do do fflio.u' i.
Do do Foolscap.
Best Opaque No. h(?, per thousand, weight no! !
than 8 oit per hundred.
Beat elarilied Clutlls, do do >1
Melall.c Pens, pet dozen, Perry's and Gi...
Bed Office Tape, price per dozen for each iiuu.'oer
Cut-glass Inkstands, large size, per dozen.
Do do small do
Ink, MaynarJ and Noyes, back, in quait bolti< - I
[K-r dozen.
Do do do in pint do I
Wafer*, [ or pound.
These articles are all to lie of tlie very best quality
which can Ire hail frinn ttie best manufacturers.
A sample or specimen of each article of Hlst'onr r,
must accompany the pro|M>sil of ear h bnliler, aa <1 the
contract will he given to that one who, in the j 11. ?
merit of the Portmaster General, nlleis the Inst ?i ,
e es at the lowest |irice. The samples of the surra*-ful
bnliler will he retained by the D p. itim lit, anil
the art eles delivered under his contract will be c. inpared
with theui, arid rejected if infeiior.
If at any tune ur teles of inferior qualty be fur
rushed, the Department will proceed to | urijaar i , r,
lor its immediate Use, charging the contractor v,t
anv dilTercnre of cost over the contract price.
No hid w ill be considered winch conle.i plate- in
than one pi ice for any one article.
Each | roposal must be accompanied by ample te-t
miu.iaU of the atiility of the bidder to tuilii the >
Failure to deliver articles promptly when order,
nr oi a qm.l.ty inferior to the specimen, or.arty a '. ; i
to evade the liue meaning of the contract, ? I
considered sutlicii n! cause for us tbrf< it on . m
ten per cent, on each payment, which will be e ..i n .
lor that purpose.
The Proposals to be addressed to the P..-tin -n r
General, and to lie endorsed, " Proposals f..r M .'
cry." JJecD ? dtd
Proposals for Timber for building tlie . i . (
If am win lie received at the Navy Agent's < ?t?i- e. > a K
York, until the 5lh day of December, 1811, agie.
lo the following
3t?l Piles of Yellow Pine l inher, ll> inches ftjuar. - uj
average length 4*> feet?for main Dal.i.
l!M Piles of Yellow Pine timber, I I inchi s square
?average length 3ti feel ? for main Dam.
45* Piles of Yellow Pine timber, Id inches s.pi r;
average length 3K feel?for side Dams.
7d3 Piles of Yellow Pine timber, I'd inches rquar.
average lengili 30 leel ? lor Slo el Piling.
I facts of Waling Pieces, for main Dam, of WI:
Oak, I foot square?total length !*!<; feet.
d sets of Waling Pieces, lor Side Darns, of Wh .
Oak, 1 fiHit * H inches square?total length 1070 le. I
3d cap timbers of White Pine It5 feet long and lb
nclies square.
11,134 feet board measure, of 3 inch white j in.
plan K.
All,the above limber for P.les to be of good s.-nr
yellow or hard pine, free Irom large knots a r,d j-I.? i and
suitable tor grooving and timing as sin-el |-m :
Two oil lie Opposite edges ol each |de In ho nr
hewed straight and parallel, and a llrrd sale i
sawed or heWed straight and*square wiih ilie . '
two. Tile fourth face to be hewed or saw - -I n
parallel with the opp isite si?le so a- not to dt
more than one inch in the width ol the |1 ' I
dimensions to he as follows ; The first i - -.1 hi I.
piles to bo of lengths varying from Id to Din'
to average at least 13 feel j-tlrc llneknes-, ia. on
the parallel edges, to be not less than I 1 n- i
rr than 10 inches, to average about 13--ai.
width not less than 10 inches.
The second lot (of l'Jl Piles) to vary in lor.:
31 to 3si, averaging not less than MO toil ; 11;. r
noss on the parallel edges not h ss than I'd n r nlban
II inches;?and the width not less ill ii 1
inches. ,
The third lot (of 43s Piles) to vaiy in h r in- i
30 to 40, averaging 3H fei t; the tliicknes- on l . |
lei edges not b-ss than II nor more than II i - .
Id inches-; and the width not less than Id .n,
The, fourth lot (ol 7d3 Piles) to vary in ii i 33
t<?3?, averaging 30 feel ; lhe thickness . n II-. I
el edges to he not less than 1 I nor more lh
lverago 12 inches; and the width not Itss than .d
The $trinr or vating pieces for the main Dan. t,
af good, sound, straight white oak timber, In .n
rawed 12 inches squaio, and in length vaiying li
15 to 33 feet.
The whole amount furnished to be l-^Tb l.in '
The tralivp pieces for the side ibims to he Id
nches, hewed or sawed square, of g--od, s i
itraighl w hile oak timber, and in lengi lis v i .mg
23 to 33 feet ; the whole a nount to he lu*,u In.,
The 3d?0/-sl.i he of good sound Wl.i!i P..n I
'ii' froln si a e aid l.irae knols, In wail _.,r s.-witra'ght,
101licit. ; qua re and I s i)a i |..r i?.
The I'l.n.k in he o'l \\ Id i me I siu.ijht
ind square edged, fr e Iro n i irge nois, .. inches in
hick nfss; anil in lengths not less I ban d3 h el aoi.-uht
4,431 boaid measure.
All I he above limber and plank to dc'iv rri'J on mi
vliarf or wharfs, within the I S. N.i\v ) ml, .N.
Vork, as may he designated, and subject In llie u. p
ion and approval of such person as may b>- ?i-hei>
be engineer ; one-fourth uf the yellow ur h r I
o be delivered before lite dllll day of Jain . I -1
me fourth before the d3lh of I'eliruaiv
naming half before the 31st of Maie'i, I- 1 .
icr for the mam and side dams and alii ei
delivered in the follow ing order, viz
1st. The Timber for the Main I ham.
iM. " " " Si.le I> tin*
3il. " " " " Sheet I'iIihj:The
Oak Waling pieces to !>o dellK red on r
I he first <1 ay ot April, an. I I he White Pine t i
Plank before the 15 h of April, IM2.
The right reserved to receive a less portion '
offer may embrace.
Ail y .1
Navy Aofnt's Ortic r, )
New Vork, Nov. Hili, i*U. <i
Note.?The time of delivery of the tihovi 11
is extended as follows: ?
The first foutth on the "J'nh February
The second foutth on 'Jtllh March
The renvi ineler on 1st May
Offers riTrivnl until iMi Dtr< rttber. w lib
Mate the | rice |?-f ftilnc foot, or running ti.ot, ti? t
rasp may l>r, ami should slate whclln r sawed, Count'
hpwpil, or reiioli Imweil. i iiVcrnl.
UftBKIM' (' W I. I MODI'. Navy Am "V
Navv Aooiit- Office, ,\? W York Nov -.."p | ? I i
dee i I dllaw iiMth Dec.
5 'j- Tlie (t olte !\1 a distort i.in, and Norfolk ariitl'
mouth ( V a ) Iter dd will please copy
XTF.\V BOOKS Lives of eminent no ! I
b.\ I 'ante Petrarch Uocoacio M i mvcI'i i?
Lorrnzi tie Medici,. Tim-i, Quarint Viiton.i
and Goltloni. in two volumes Pv M iritmiin' Iv \
Shellev, and S r David Hri ??'er
The Secretary of Man lo,aw Hi, or the So , ;
renre, in 'J vols by Met". r111v
Harnabv Undue No II, with illu-tration
Just published and for a ale by F. TAYI.OII
for circulation to tlic subscribers to Wit \\ ?v< .
culaltnjj Llbrrry eo %

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